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File: hyw logo.jpg (259 KB, 1200x1165)
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259 KB JPG
How's Your Webcomic - the p/i/lot episode

Thread question: why did you start working on your webcomic?
Thread drawing challenge: Draw one of your characters playing a ball sport (football/soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.)

>Contact Sheet
(It's a fresh sheet so help us make a new one)

> Where should I publish my webcomic?

CSP: https://mega.nz/#F!5xlV2IzJ!bg8BZB-oYaVrmD31S3fJHw
File: OCsplash.png (3.23 MB, 2400x1800)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
/i/ - /ic/ - /co/ union!
File: page 17.jpg (336 KB, 850x1364)
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336 KB JPG
thriving and all of that!
File: tegaki.png (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
For the people of /i/ who are not familiar with /hyw/ and ask:
>what is "How's Your Webcomic?"
let me introduce you!

"How's Your Webcomic?" is a general thread dedicated to the craft and production of webcomics. Here, anons can discuss and talk about their various webcomics and show their own progress along the way.

/hyw/ originated from /co/ - the "Comics and Cartoons" board of 4chan. But after some troubles, it was decided to try and find a new home for those who wanted to work on their comics, so decided to try /i/!

So come in and share your webcomics!

If you are from /i/ and already working on one? Post it here!
If you are from the /hyw/ threads of /co/? Come on and promote your work!
And for those who still teetered on whether or not to make a comic? Perhaps this thread can help you along the way!

Let's hope this may be the start of a great new chapter for both /hyw/ and /i/.

Oekaki Post (Time: 5m, Replay: View)
were you guys kicked off /co/ or had your threads kept getting deleted? just curious, hope you guys make yourselves at home here :)
The threads were allowed on /co/, but the perpetual cancer of clashing ego's and the community breaking down has made us decide to find ventures elsewhere. /co/ just wasn't viable anymore.

/i/ is much more of an art board and where your works have much more of the focus. A perfect spot for /hyw/!

>just curious, hope you guys make yourselves at home here :)
thanks, anon!
They're repeatedly bashed for doing their work, /co/ is into drama more so than the arts
File: 150.jpg (1.3 MB, 940x1230)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
it just kept dying sadly.

Here's my comic Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury. It's about bards, druids and ancient idols. It's set in iron age Ireland. The story is a bard gets sent to a town that never heard music before. I'm going to try storytiming it in here to see what happens.

I just finished the webtoon action contest entry, that you can read here:

The full comic can be read here:



>Thread question: why did you start working on your webcomic?
My final project in college we were allowed to do whatever we wanted so I decided I wanted to make a comic. Naruto was a big inspiration in highschool so I wanted to make a long running comic like Naruto. I chose to make it about bards and druids because I thought it was cool that they were basically the rock stars and hippy cult leaders of their time. I was going to set it in a fictional fake world but my teacher told me I should set it in the real world.
>Thread drawing challenge: Draw one of your characters playing a ball sport (football/soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.)
I want to draw a soccer comic one day. I'll get around to drawing Servius playing soccer one of these days. Here's an old one of ardi's characters Rau and Azu from the all time classic Story of Fire
File: 3.png (1.11 MB, 940x1414)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
If you like the story of the life, times and adventures of an Alraune living in a small, Frisian village - why don't you read Rooted Together?

just a warning some draw purists might hound u guys if u arent drawing/using the tegaki app. dont let our board drama ruin ur fun tho, cant wait to see ur guys' stuff
I’m working on a little comic about a neet who’s forced to protect Earth from alien golems. With my work ethic, the first fight will be finished by...September.
File: lol, shuttle.png (51 KB, 716x857)
51 KB
>thread challenge
Really appreciate the welcome, and the info too. I am sure we'll have a good time here!
File: tegaki.png (19 KB, 400x400)
19 KB
Welcome to /i/
>Thread question: why did you start working on your webcomic?
I was a bored teenager (16) when I started it, and was still a bored teenager (19) when I stopped it. I really just wanted to prove to myself I could stick to something, but I got bored because of how little progress I'd made in the time I'd been working on it. Big ups to anyone who dedicates time to working on a webcomic. I'll check out some of the ones in this thread next time I have some down time.
This board has a lot of drama too, but don't reply to any of it. Feeding trolls validates them.

Oekaki Post (Time: 34m, Replay: View)
Noticed alot of that MS Paint style in here, love it. Let's see more of the works?
File: train.gif (118 KB, 504x552)
118 KB
118 KB GIF
There isn't enough traffic to make a interesting /hyw/
File: skankfullgif.gif (227 KB, 800x450)
227 KB
227 KB GIF
Read Game Punks

I started it in April after the passing of an artist I once knew here on /i/ when I used to frequent the board back in '07 and that's more than you need to know
Holy smokes, that's an origin story if ya ever heard one. Keep the fires burning brother, gonna check this out!
File: 20220219_115015.jpg (1.06 MB, 1848x2796)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
File: Chibi's 1.png (556 KB, 1500x1000)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
Have a chibi, /i/!
i've been wanting to make a comic about a gay ass man and a black woman pretending that they're married for a shady job they're doing, but it turns out that they're ultra intolerant and they say fucked up shit at each other, and they're wondering if they're serious or not
Ooh, okay. Do you have any concept stuff for it?
File: Natehigs comic des.png (68 KB, 1000x1000)
68 KB
i got this,
Badass. Far from the “spicy Will and Grace” mental image I had.
What’s their job?
super powered mercenaries that partakes in hits / robbery, they're paired together because their powers works in tandem
Basically the dude has the power to teleport people to him when he grabs something related to the person, and the girl has an area around her that she can control
File: tegaki.png (25 KB, 600x600)
25 KB

Oekaki Post (Time: 3m, Replay: View)
File: boob sketch shit.png (936 KB, 1500x1500)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
Sounds like an interesting idea you got there, anon! Hope you get to work on it.
File: le fallback page layout.png (125 KB, 582x1959)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Thank you!
File: tegaki.png (35 KB, 600x600)
35 KB
That is what I said. I also fucked up on the left leg. Hoe's yours?

Oekaki Post (Time: 5m, Replay: View)
File: tegaki.png (79 KB, 1000x1000)
79 KB

Oekaki Post (Time: 13m, Replay: View)
File: file.png (315 KB, 1000x700)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
i'm trying to make it, but perspective's kicking my ass lmao
File: 20220811_172100.jpg (645 KB, 2048x1539)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
File: 20220811_172050.jpg (842 KB, 2048x1533)
842 KB
842 KB JPG
File: 20220623_210139.png (1.31 MB, 3551x1339)
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1.31 MB PNG

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