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Found out recently that 8-bit Integer color space sux due to noticeable posterization.

So let me ask what the best configuration is for:
>ICC profile?
ACES/Pro/WideGamut/Adobe/s/CIE etc. RGB or if you use XYZ fine too.
>ICC version?
v4 or v2.x?
>color depth?
>TRC? (gamma)
>document type for publishing
PNG/raw BMP/etc. Preferrably lossless quality
>document type for master

For me TIFF is pretty good due to: WSIWYG, alpha, layers, ICC profile, and lossless compression although it's not widely used or supported...

TGA and XPM are also fine.
so far JPEG and PNG just works but recently most online services lossly re-compress images over and over again and sometimes even delete the ICC profile like what most normie social sites and 4chan/imgur does to save server space (only if the image exceeds the file size range for decreasing server/cdn and client load).

Tips to avoid these problems and which artist sites respect the ICC and file's checksum?

Do not >>>/b/itchpost if you don't understand any of the shit we're talking about.
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I'm lukewarm at best with color management technology so this ICC profile shit goes over my head, but other than that, I did fall for the linear gamma meme for while. my 2c is that it makes colours mix in a way that I feel is more predictable and aesthetic, but the very extreme lack of dark values is stiffling. I prefer gamma 2.2 or whatever is the standard over linear since I get to have more darks to work with.
You can set krita's color wheel to use 2.2 even if the image has linear gamma.
my setup
>ICC profile?
>ICC version?
>color depth?
16bit (with alpha)
>TRC? (gamma)
>document type for publishing
PNG with ICC profile converted to sRGB
>document type for master
>You can set krita's color wheel to use 2.2 even if the image has linear gamma.
that makes it easer to pick dark values but doesn't seem to change the actual number of distinct values at the dark end.

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