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File: 1424085175397.png (243 KB, 627x578)
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>make a good stroke
>accidentally delete and replace it because i'm used to ctrl+z everything

art feels thread
>get into the zone
>put out one good sketch after another
>months later, still can't get into the zone again
>Draw till 6 am
>Everything looks amazing
>Go to bed
>Wake up -
>Forgot how to draw
>smoke weed
>things look great
>wake up tomorrow
>it's shit
tfw i dont use ctrl z
tfw youre all bad
>drawing and in the zone
>girlfriend wants to hang out
>have to turn her down because busy
>feel bad

>doing nothing and bored
>girlfriend nowhere to be found
>hmm, maybe i should just do some figure drawing
>get well into it, really FEELING THE FORM
>still using ctrl z
oh shieet i thought i was the only one
She just came back from sucking off some other guy

>good original design idea
>no where to sketch idea
File: 1454118584602.jpg (7 KB, 250x241)
7 KB
>working through erik olson perspective series
>have to sit through him working in digital files with the grace of an 80 year old who types wwwfacebookcom into google
>dont want to skip parts incase he says something informative
File: 1343228564796.jpg (67 KB, 500x661)
67 KB
>the part where he starts drawing over photo's
I think I ended up watching that at about 4x speed
>be reclusive, innovative master
>decide I'm lonely
>teach a few workshops
>for the next few years students and students of students release DVDs of poorly executed and explained techniques I taught without crediting me
>climb back up to the mountaintop and board up the windows of my cave
>consider getting a doggy
>used to tablet pc drawing
>sit down with paper and pen
>make a bad stroke
>tap the notebook with left thumb
>nothing happens
>want to draw
>get scared
File: 1486510768205.jpg (38 KB, 800x715)
38 KB
>my head has clear patterns how to do shit
>my hand doesn't do anything that my brain tells it to do
File: time.jpg (53 KB, 550x366)
53 KB
>wake up to free day
>"I'm gonna get so much drawn today!"
>fucking around
>already 6pm
File: 1480601257686.jpg (38 KB, 700x500)
38 KB
>go to sleep
>before falling asleep contemplate in head how "from tomorrow forward I am gonna draw every fucking single day and become the best of the best"
>wake up next day, play videogames, fap, eat and shit
Use weed for coming up with ideas not executing them. Though I find coloring usually comes out better when I'm stoned but not the actual drawing process itsself
>tfw broke the cycle
How did I break the cycle? You ask? It may seem hard to believe, but it was quite easy. It didn't require a ton of convincing. It didn't require a ton of thinking. It didn't require a ton of energy either. It was much simpler than that. So simple in fact, it may seem hard to believe. So I don't expect you to believe me nor will I try to make you believe me. It is up to you whether or not you will want to believe such a thing. A thing that may or may not seem possible even within your own hands. That is to just draw. Take out some paper and a pencil and draw.
File: wojack.png (164 KB, 544x308)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>making progress slowly, can see a noticeable improvement in my art
>feeling kinda good, far from making it but hey maybe there's hope
>stumble upon an artist whose digital illustrations are absolutely amazing, and whose style is very much what I'm aiming for
>find out he's the same age as me (in his early 20s)
>mfw I'm not gonna make it
Not that anon but this was ultimate cringe friendo
File: 1470815982215.jpg (47 KB, 364x366)
47 KB
>Doing pretty well
>Realize I'm painting on the wrong layer
>spend two years procrastinating and hardly ever drawing
>decide this year I'd just do it
>just did it
>still doing it

I can't explain how. I just did it.
Ever god damn time
>yrs of not drawing
>finally decide I'm going to learn no matter what
>actually read/follow sticky
>drawing everyday this week
>slowing down, uhoh
>no direction of what to learn next
>afraid i'm gonna give up again
>its only a matter of time
>Draw something, on a total roll
>go to bed
>wake up the next morning

>>>holy shit what the fuck is that did I do that o h n o
Not exclusively using one layer

Not. Gonna. Make it.
single layer painters are veterans, artists in the making should always use layers
>drawing self portrait
>wow loomis didnt teach me to construct ugly asymmetrical face goblins
at that point you need a teacher my pal
Wrong. Veterans should use multiple layers, and beginners should start with single layer. Actually, beginners should start with traditional instead if they can afford it.
>wasting your time with traditional when learning with digital is way quicker and cheaper

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