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I need some help. I want to learn to draw animals better. I can only really draw fish, crocodiles, and cows. So I have something to go off of, but whenever I draw other animals the perspective and proportion just seems off. Kind of like the uncanny valley.
Maybe draw from IRL reference if you're not already?
I had many professional artists in my family, and all of them always told me that their animal drawing training at university mostly consisted of going to the zoo, and drawing the animals there. So I would recommend doing that. Just get a nice bench in the shadow where you can see some of them moving around, and keep sketching them thousands of times. Eventually you'll get good at it.
The other thing is to draw your pets, if you have. I used to do this with my dog (while she was alive :( ), kept a large hard cover sketchbook with me, and kept drawing her all the time while she was doing stuff. Even when I went out walking with her, when she went away sniffing around. Honestly I got way way better and faster at drawing dogs from this practice in a quite short time.
Try it OP! And maybe get a couple of animal anatomy books, and copy from them.
Also, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8s6Md4RXqg
Good luck!

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