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I'm a beginner at drawing.
I'm a 30 y/o programmer, and got the taste for drawing from making concept art for some games I made.

I'm learning through YouTube channels mostly.

I'm using an app called What to Draw. It randomly generates a situation for me to sketch.

These are some I made. Can you guys point me to what should I study?

Those are respectively:
1- A mage minotaur on a swamp
2- A female half-orc blind ninja
3- A female lizard-woman warlord with a spear
4- A possessed puppet
5- A space-cowboy with a rifle
Elf healer in a cave
Astronaut on a boat
A cleric llama in a labyrinth
The first things you have to learn are:
1. How to resize your scans to less than 1mb file size
2. Prepare analog art for digital view. Try cropping and the levels dialog in Photoshop
For what it's worth OP it definitely looks like beginner's work, but you have plenty of potential to hit the ground running. I especially like the llama in a labyrinth. It shows that you have at least most basic understanding of perspective and the cartoonybstyle, while technically flawed, has character. I also like how you subtly hinted at a reflection with the astronaut on a boat.

That goes without saying that all of your figures are flat, and you obviously have poor proportion awareness. You are also drawing with a lot of symbols.

You're one of the few people I'd recommend Fun With a Pencil. It's meant for pure beginners and it gets people thinking about how to draw things in 3D without overloading them with linear perspective and anatomy.

For now, just know there are far worse 30 year olds out there who are less open to criticism, so I applaud you for your effort for sharing.

t. 25yo that's been drawing for 5 years - never too late to start a new hobby senpai, welcome aboard
Pretty good for programmer art. I think you need to look at as much art as you can and figure out who your "art heroes" are and try to emulate them. I can't answer your question "what should I study?" because I have no idea what your tastes and goals are. What should I study to get from [my work] to [this person's work] would be a little easier.
I'm a 28 y/o programmer and I'm going to tell you what they've told me when I came to ic the first time 4 years ago: you're fucking shit go fucking learn and git gud.

How to ? new masters academy and proko premium classes

You're welcome, and no I won't show you "how better I am" since I still judge my current stuff quite shitty (but way better than few years back)
Why do so many programmers want to draw?
I wanted to do art school but listened to my father saying "go in2 software engineering", so here I am a few years later getting back to my first hobby.
To make games.
I think it's skewed due to the sheer number of people who go into programming
Draw from life. Also, draw from life.

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