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What tools do you use?
What paper do you like.
Give the reasons and if you wanna post work that’s finished then list the pencil/ paper used.
I’m not sure why ic doesn’t do this regularly when posting trad drawings, but let’s change this!
I'm no longer buying Koh-I-Noor products. Their pencils are cheap and noticeably lower quality than other brands. The graphite has a lot of clay in it, and tends to be more "scratchy" when drawing.

The other thing is moving away from those Canson/Strathmore sketchbooks. The tooth of the paper makes pencil look messy almost no matter what. You can get better lines and a better gradient of value with smoother paper.
Yeah, I don't know what happened but everything is noticeably shit from them the past 4 years or so. They used to make some of the highest quality shit.
>The tooth of the paper makes pencil look messy
A sharp pencil and deliberate lines make this a non-issue.
just get a set of Mitsubishi uni pencils.
Most of my stuff is Koh-I-Noor, I don't know what you mean
I think Koh I Noor is like a cheaper version of Rotting, especially for America. Cheaper in both ways.

Also yeah, I have those Canson Artbooks and the paper is very rough... At least for what I do. Problem is it's kinda difficult to find good paper where I live.
Those and staedtler mars lumographic and caran d’ache graftwood And fabercastell 9000 are the ones I’m trying out right now.
Well, I don’t have the staedtler ones yet.
But so far I like the hi unis and the caran graftwoods a lot.
The graftwoods have a lot more graphite in them, see pic in op.
I will be putting all of them thru their rounds, doing one excercise with each.
So far I like all of them.
I kinda hope one brand will have a clear superior advantage so I can settle down and get a bunch and be supplied up for a while.
Anybody else vastly prefer mechanical to standard?
I've got a graph gear 500 in .5
i just use general's kimberly graphite and their primo euro blend charcoal. idk i just like how they feel
Yeah I got a couple of their charcoal pencils and sticks.
I do like them.
But charcoal is harder to control for me so I’m going to stick with graphite for a while I think.
Can anyone recommend something like shitty Koh-i-Noor fibre pens for children? I like the tip on them and they don't seep even through printer paper. But they always come in sets of minimum 4 colours. And I don't need anything except black.
Yeah, that was the only pencil I used for 2-3 years! I recently switched to a rotring 600, and it has such a nice and balanced weight to it. The only thing I miss about the graphgear was that the grip was further from the tip, which I preferred. Drafting pencils, expensive as they are, really are the best...
Why not just combine this with the art supply thread?
There was not one to be found.
There are at least a few tablet threads, software thread, desk thread, a watercolor thread, but no supply general.
Plus I like the idea of a pencil specific thread.
what's everyone's favorite paper for tonal shading? i always end up getting sketchbooks where i dislike tonal shading in them
I s cond this request.
Also just some goog paper for academic style realism.

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