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File: received_2164921393819348.jpg (594 KB, 4096x2807)
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I am soon to graduate after 4 years of Japanese language major from college ( i dont even like Japanese, parents didnt want me to go to art school so I made a mistake listen to them and study something I dont even like). After college I want to work as an artist for game companies or sth but Im not sure if im good enough to apply for the job. I had some art classes during years in college but I'm still not confident enough in my skills.
What should I do guys?
How do you know if you are good enough to apply for the job?
What some must have skillset do I need to learn?
What if somehow I got the job and couldnt do it?
>pic is something I made recently with sketchup and a litte bit of paint over
Bump, I‘m not really good at giving life advice. Speaking of which, post this to >>>/adv/ too.

In my opinion your skill level seems pretty good though. This could definitely pass as concept art, maybe try more interesting composition.
Move to Japan and become an English teacher.
That skill is good enough for an intern in a game company. With more works in a collected porftolio you could probably have a higher position. If you have any contacts, particularly larger companies, you start there. If you have none, go for headhunters, recruiters and other hr events.

Usually we hire interns from schools directly when they have degree in a related field, then usually they spend 6-10 months as interns, another year or two as junior and so on. If we feel they can’t reach next level in the environment we move them around (some people don’t work well together) and if they still don’t succeed we let them go. Usually for freelancers or self taught we pay them by contracts and usually they are already mid to senior levels. Some of them are painfully underpaid but because of internet fame, freelancing seems to be the preferred way to go around /ic/.

Personally i do some special ui bullshit, but these are the usual situations when our department hire for any positions.

Good luck anon!
I don't believe you made this in Sketchup. I use that program extensively.
I tried SketchUp once and it was such a pain in the ass, I have hard time imagining how to make something other than technical or architecture designs.
If you really made this op I think you're pretty good and will get the job, the style and colors are appealing. How long did it take to make it?
File: out-efraim_rodriguez.jpg (201 KB, 1068x1600)
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Your parents pressured you into learning Japanese? Are you Japanese or something??
thanks for the advice!

I agree that sketchup is actually a pain in the ass to use but once I got used to the tools it's quite manageable. It took me about 2 weeks to sketch concept, paint texture and paint over.

Nah I'm from another shithole third world country. And yeah they pressured me to learn it cause knowing Japanese can make some good cash in my country
don't. you will become a dancing monkey, especially wasting your major for a job that literally every brainlet can get (that particular diploma was a waste of time imho- you either pursue university career, or pass jlpt n1 and hope for best).
>Im not sure if im good enough to apply for the job
Bad. Don't think like that. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. However that quote goes. Apply even if you think you don't have a chance. Put yourself out there.

Also I really like that piece. If the rest of your portfolio looks like that then you really do have a shot at making it. I think the major you picked will help you more than you think, too. Languages are always in a high demand, even and especially uncommonly learned languages like Japanese (I know everyone and their moms on 4Chan knows Japanese but I'm talking about the real world here).

>What if somehow I got the job and couldnt do it?
Buddy, let me tell you a thing. We are all just winging it. You'll be fine. They're not going to toss you in a room and leave you on your own. You'll be given projects and assignments with clear guidelines. Your job is to just turn those guidelines into something. You might think it sucks but I promise you 9 times out of 10, your employer will think it's gold.

Where are you located? I bet you there are some small gaming companies nearby if you really don't feel confident enough to apply at the big guys. You should also make a LinkedIn if you haven't done so already and make yourself open to recruiters. You can actually link to both a website and have media on your LinkedIn profile, so recruiters can see your portfolio when they click on you. For the love of god, do not put your title as "Unemployed". Do something like "Freelance Environmental Art Designer" or something like that.
Hopefully you did a semester abroad in Japan while you was in college. Anyway you have really good 3d rendering skills. I like the color choices you choose in your render too. You should be able to get freelance work if you put yourself out there. Try making an artstation and maybe emailing your portfolio to different studios.
is sketchup good for making models for references in comics and things?

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