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File: 1552237013911.jpg (32 KB, 500x459)
32 KB
Work day with only a couple of hours to draw:
>art is fun
>decent results, but not enough time to complete much
>wish I had more time

Completely free day with nothing else to do:
>can't bring myself to start drawing
>everything I draw is awful
>concentration lasts 20 minutes max

Please say I'm not the only one stuck in this constant cycle
>can’t relate
I don’t have a job
Probably has to do with dopamine deprivation at work or something desu.
If you're neet for long enough it stops mattering and you eventually start drawing all the time anyway, it takes like 8 months for me to reach that state
File: 1445651615751.png (762 KB, 1000x1000)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
>mfw have free time when business is slow and draw while Mr. Goldberg's away.
I know that feel OP, every second is a luxury when you're wagecucking full time and have less than 4 hours to do your personal things throughout the day and most of the times those 4 hours are invested towards other priorities. What you may do is wake up a bit earlier or stay up later than usual but without sacrificing much sleep.
File: 842436435.png (85 KB, 271x197)
85 KB
Waking up earlier is definitely something I need to focus on. I work 3pm-11pm most days, and I get into a cycle of not doing enough before work, so I stay up even later and get up even later.
And then everything I make sucks anyway because I'm too tired.
From a wagecuck to another, mind posting your work? Genuinely curious what you manage to dish out with the menial time we have.
File: 1574.png (799 KB, 1875x1875)
799 KB
799 KB PNG
90% of what I have is extremely rough garbage that I'd never be able to post here, but here's a couple of sketches that at least look like something.

I really think I need to commit to an idea and try to finish stuff to know where I need to focus on improving, but I just can't do it right now.
stay strong and never give up anon
File: 1557433336196.png (1 MB, 771x807)
1 MB
I know that feel anon fellow wagecuck here too. Sometimes I give myself the illusion of having only 1 hour of draw time on weekends so I feel like I have to force myself to draw anything for an hour
Use thicker brush size for doing lineart. Yours is too thin imo
I quit my job because I realized I haven't improve in years. Instead of drawing i fucked up my sleeping pattern and been just playing video games. Money is not the issue its just ... how do you get back to drawing after years of non stop working. But I digress , good luck anon and keep practicing ... i found that having art friends made want to work more in the past because competitive nature.
This is the correct answer

I tried the waking up earlier technique but I apparently have heart problems and it just fucks with me in the end by getting sleep demon visitations and short out of body experiences that aren't fun or cool in the slightest.

When I was NEET for 4.5 years I was able to easily stay up all day till 2am everyday. This is the fate of getting older.
The feeling that food is on the table, roof over your head and your hobby is *secured (until Waldenstien fires you) might be the reason. Then when you have too much freedom something feels amiss. You're not working for pay anymore. The job has you by the balls.
I wish I could induce OOB experience. Been trying for the longest time
I work 10 hours a day almost every day. I usually work 4 hours on weekends including sundays if i choose to. I draw on my breaks, on the commute back, in between work activities, etc.

I find that you should only draw when you want to. There is a huge difference in efficiency when you actively want to draw. Drawing while stressed or hurried is a sure fire way to get burnt out but having a disciplined scheldule is a way to draw for hours wirh no progress.

When you do have time, walk to a park or a coffee shop. Draw somewhere you dont normally. Maximize your couple of hours by doing shit that geta you inspired.
I don't know about how others experience it but I only had 1 experience where I could control myself and fly around. People would disappear when I get close to them and everyone looked like dark shadowy blobs.

Other than that all that really happens is it feels like something bites tightly at my legs and flings me around the space like an alligator breaking up an animal before it's eaten. Which lasts for about 10 seconds. Followed by paralysis. It only happens if I pull an all nighter.
Hm. I'll keep that in mind. I remember when I started drawing I had this idea that you should make the lines thinner and thinner to improve for some reason... I don't think that anymore (because it makes no sense), but I guess it's still kinda rubbed off on me.
File: 1484928611579.jpg (25 KB, 647x510)
25 KB
I've been neet for 3 years, started properly drawing like 8 months ago, I mean actually studying, etc. It started real slow but now I put in ~4 hours on average a day.
I start a new job on Monday and it's physical outdoor shit. Scared I'm gonna be so tired I stop drawing entirely. Gonna try force 30 minutes after work every day, though, just for dad. But I'm a mega skelly and I reckon this shit'll ruin me every day for a month at least.
Anyone similar position or have experienced before? Super anxious about a job among everything else, doing my head in, kinda wanna decline & just bail and remain neet but I really shouldn't.
Sorry I'm kinda going off topic but OP thread similar as I can really get I guess.
Once you have a full time job it's over.
You've got to get yourself out of that rut, spend more time on your drawings by rending them and defining form. It doesn't matter if you use a monochrome style just render.
>Scared I'm gonna be so tired I stop drawing entirely
More reason to start exercising at least once a week. This will surely increase your energy and stamina. That and eating healthier foods
You just need more variation in lines. Your thin lines are functional as of now, but they'd look better if you put in thicker lines somewhere where the lower values occur and maybe some more thinner lines where the higher values happen.
Just lucid dream bro. That's all an OOB is
Ive been through this. What you need is to make a schedule, art is your job now. Unplug all your gaming consoles and delete all games from your pc. Set a time every morning to wake up and sit at your desk and draw. It will take you a couple months but eventually you'll fall into a routine. When not drawing you should be working out, reading, going museums, etc. Photography is also a good hobby to supplement your art. Whatever you do, DON'T PLAY ANY VIDEO GAMES. It's like candy for your brain and will derail you.
i work in the labor field from 8am to 5pm and still have 8 hours to draw and do other things. I try mostly draw in the mornings after I make my lunch and get other stuff ready. you'll have to sacrifice things like games and movies. it is hard to do but it is possible.
before that, i had 4 years of NEET drawing time whenever i wanted to and I regret not taking advantage of it, but working will make you realize that and hopefully it'll push you to draw more.
No, OOB is a real thing. It's not lucid dreaming. We as humans are capable of shit science can't prove in modern year.

If we have facebook working on telepathy why would you deny the existence of OOB?
Either way I can't seem to do both :/ I always fall asleep
>If we have [science] why would you deny the existence of [unscientific bullshit]?
Why do you feel the need to make your dreams something greater than they are

>literally man is taking what god made by default by playing god and making an alternative to what can already be done by man

If you told a friend 50 years ago that we will soon be able to send messages to the computer and to others by just your thoughts they would call you crazy. We know little about the brain but scientists know telepathy is possible.

Anyway OOB is real case closed.
Also if you want to question OOB why do people all over the world see the same demons in paralysis? Surely this isn't a coincidence. And perhaps the spiritual plane is an actual thing.
Gonna go off topic here (I'm >>3934195) but the demons usually seen at the start of paralysis are products of our own mind because it thinks we're on a threat and the mind shapes what could be lurking beside our bed. Simply put thoughts can easily manifest (like a dream).

Buy yeah they're all valid. The diff. between a LD and OOB/AP is that there's unexplainable shit to discover in the latter (meeting dead people or people you haven't met and knowing true facts about them, remote viewing a different place/ room and confirming when you wake up that a particular object did exist irl (or in the past/future)) all kinds of weird shit. The CIA in the past confirmed doing studies of OOB and there's a current institute right now for conducting OOB (google Monroe Institute)
t. I'm really into occult when I'm a neet but not anymore because I full time work now and I'm always tired
Yeah the remote viewing stuff is all declassified information and freely available to read online. Most people don't care though.
>but the demons usually seen at the start of paralysis are products of our own mind because it thinks we're on a threat and the mind shapes what could be lurking beside our bed.

Sure but that doesn't explain how sometimes I would get a pig/dog "demon" sniffing me and can hear and "feel" its breath. Unless the brain has a way of tricking this sensation too. If so then would it be possible to create a mind weapon that can trick humans into thinking something is touching them through the thought of a sensation? It can go further than this.
>Unless the brain has a way of tricking this sensation too
People can also experience sensory and auditory hallucinations during paralysis.

>If so then would it be possible to create a mind weapon that can trick humans into thinking something is touching them through the thought of a sensation?
Possibly? Right now people are doing experiments that controls a drone/ robotic arm via thoughts/ brain waves so that may be possible
This is actually pretty good anon!
Thanks man. Sometimes I'm able to find some potential in myself but I'm inconsistent as hell.
>completely free day
>get sucked into my work and spend 24+ hours doing nothing but making it work better, forgetting to eat and drink until I collapse from pounding headaches, backaches, bloodshot eyes and exhaustion
>tell myself I'll stop at certain points (finishing character design, finishing 3D model, finishing textures, finishing armature, etc) but dont actually stop until piece is finished
bonus round
>wake up 2 hours after collapsing to fix something again for like 5 hours
Yesterday I woke up and didn't finish my first planned item on my imaginary to-do list up until 1 hour before going to bed.

Then I actually wrote a to-do list yesterday and, despite having woken up 2 hours ago, I have already crossed 2 items out of it.

Not a definitive solution, but yeah, try to have a checklist of things you wanna do.
And include things like "checking messages" or whatever it is you procrastinate on, but put it somewhere around the middle of the list, so you may prioritize some important tasks and, when it's time to procrastinate, you'll not overdo it cause your brain will be asking for more achievement and make you efficiently check your messages in order to get back to the checklist.

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