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From my experience, I've noticed that there is a correlation between art and race. On average, nonwhites excel at art at higher rates than whites. Ironically, most of the artists that these board worships are old dead man who drew carcasses.

Here is an excerpt from wiki: " Between 1890 and 1918, Western colonial expansion in Africa led to the looting of many pieces of sub-Saharan African art that were subsequently brought to Europe"

Aside from drawing carcasses, nude bodies, and nude bodies with wings, european lack in the imagination department, which is why they went around stealing art from more creative regions.
Go back to /pol
Imagine trying to make everythimg about race only to turn around and yell at muh /pol/ for doing the exact same thing

inb4 seething white boy, I am Asian.
>garbage pol bait
If you knew anything about this board you would know we actually worshipped the chad Chinese race.
Chinkoid hands type this
Not Chinese, just a smart white man who’s aware of his inferiority. When will you stop having such envy?
>t the time, these objects were treated as artifacts of colonized cultures rather than as artworks and were very cheap, often sold in flea markets and pawnshops

seconding the chink chads in the thread, this level of """""art"""" was reached by the chinks literally a thousand years ago, imagine being a nigger and plateauing for a thousand years.

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