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Is it true that curved monitors are bad for doing art on because they distort the image? It seems like a curved monitor would be better because the whole point of it is to reduce distortion.
No, buy one immediately.
It’s the secret to getting loads of freelance.
They are fine.
>big bro gives me his old monitor so I can have two
>colors don't match my other one no matter what I do
It probably doesn't matter that much but it's annoying.
buy a gaming monitor instead
>go to friend’s place
>has 2 screens
>one is blue, the other is green
>it’s not even subtle
>he does color correction for a living
I have three different screens who are all slightly different from each other. I use them all to check if my paintings look good on each screen, pretty neat I think.
>the whole point is to reduce distortion
Image distortion isn't a big issue at all unless you start getting into really large screens. You're much more likely to have contrast and colour issues.

I had a shitty monitor to paint with and once I got something better I really understood the issue of contrast. Basically it couldn't show much contrast or differentiation between darker colours. So for example I either had loosely dark blue or pure black, but nothing in between. Maybe 15-20% of the entire contrast spectrum was almost completely skipped because I couldn't see a difference between them. When I opened old paintings on my new monitor I could see tons of shitty brush strokes that weren't visible on the old one.

It's a rather extreme issue but it's something you have to be aware of. Just look into some decent IPS panels.
a cheap way to check color accuracy is opening your art in ur phone

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