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I was wondering if anyone had any reasources about how to go about digitally painting backgrounds. Theres tons of stuff about how to draw people but its tough to find anything decent regarding backgrounds. How would I even get started on trying to paint something like pic related?
search for thumbnail painting on youtube, that is the secret key to learning backgrounds quickly
How good are your understanding of values? I would recommend you scrub up on that, it's a real eye-opener and will help you understand how to structure your backgrounds that will then help you with your paintings.

Id say theyre pretty basic. Hopefully this video will help me out with that.
>front stuff dark
>back stuff lighter
This is one of the most overused tropes I see illustrators (specifically digital painters) use. I'm not going to say these dark to light environmental values are a bad approach to composing your environment, but I've noticed that it's all some people know how to do.

Dark to light backgrounds aren't always the best solution, and stuff in the background doesn't always have to be lighter & more desaturated than things in the foreground.
I'm actually convinced that there is no such thing as a good environment/landscape painting tutorial.

>Hey there guys! Welcome to my tutorial!
>Alright. Lets make formless blobs, you know just feel out the shapes of what you plan to do
>Now time to wip out the custom brushes that you can find in the description for 20$
>There is no link in the descriptions
>Oh btw this whole thing is in TIMELAPSE. Now let me tell you about the time I accidently kicked my girlfriends dog right in the cunt

fuck youtube tutorials.
>stuff in the background doesn't always have to be lighter & more desaturated than things in the foreground.
it only really applies to large landscapes, atmospheric perspective its called

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