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Looking to learn how to give people tattoos as it seems like a chill, creative side hustle (to use the parlance of our times) that could give me a comfy wage job in the future if my life ever falls apart. I know nothing about tattoos other than they are expensive and pretty cringe and that i can practice on orange and pig skins. Any recommendations on how to get started? Guns to look at, channels, resources. Who are "the greats" in this field and how did they get there? Thanks and have a blessed day
i watch inkmaster on youtube and i know its reality show and they pick the worst people to be on TV but all of them are just fucking dicks
id rather hang out with people from /ic/ than tattoo "artists"
most of them cant even do basic construction and they all just polish turds
Fair point but I'm looking at doing it freelance style. I agree that everyone I've ever met with a tattoo is at least half retarded and too cringe to ever be considered a close friend
File: 1610205949467.jpg (223 KB, 592x447)
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I didn't know what other board to ask abt this on here and i don't go to plebbit so i suppose I'm stuck doing my own research

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