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File: 2huref1.png (3.61 MB, 2322x3284)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB PNG
Do you have model sheets for your own characters or you only do it by memory?
Im gonna make my own settei sheet!
model sheets are a must if you want to draw a character anon
I'm too shit to have my own characters
Model sheets are only for people with aphantasia
I just look back on previous art of my characters for reference, if I ever do forget aspects about them.
I do this.
I draw them shitty when ever I try to draw a model. For some reason I can only match my vision of them in my head if I draw them doing something other than just stand there.
File: hinamatsuri6.png (112 KB, 335x449)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Its surprising how much detail I'll fudge if I wasn't looking at some sort of model sheets. Although a lot of times, looking at a model sheet is a way for me to automate the methodological approach instead of an "inspired" one, if that make sense. Like if I am drawing a comic page, I build the figure, and its easier to look at the model sheet I had and just using it as a "goal" rather than just having to rely on image in my head, if that make sense. This is not the case every time I had to draw them, but sometimes it helps to give me a more concrete image to work toward, if that make sense.
i sculpt my characters entirely on memory because my drawings suck
These are from the "Memories of Phantasm" where did you find this settei?
Found them on Twitter. I'm still trying to collect them all.
File: 1418339601314.gif (781 KB, 500x281)
781 KB
781 KB GIF
God speed, those guys have been pretty talented putting together fan animations, I definitely look forward to seeing more from them.
File: 2huref2.png (2.94 MB, 2816x2920)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB PNG
Here are a second batch. I'm still searching for more
File: 9.jpg (34 KB, 580x548)
34 KB
by memory. and slowly realizing just how badly i've been sabotaging my gains for the past year because i'm not doing it or organizing good references.
>Do you have model sheets for your own characters

Yes I use model sheets for the single purpose model sheets exist for.
Thanks, take this link and put whatever user name after the @
if you click images it's compile a lot of them by page so you can skip the non media post


might help speed it up a bit

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