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File: Jimmy the idiot boy.png (477 KB, 784x816)
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So i'm either an idiot or not good at self directed learning. I've been drawing for maybe 7 years and feel im hard stuck at perma beg level.

I've given a half arsed crack at loomis and attempted a lot of the wiki resources and even tried pumping out furry NSFW bile for commissions as an attempt to make me art better. Nothing is sticking. I think maybe i need my hand held.

Any of you recommend any good free or paid for art courses online? Something where the teacher kinda breaks concepts down like its kindergarten or something? My art is depressing me man.
He truly fell for the self taught meme.
Now to be less mean, what do you think you're struggling with ? Mind sharing some works about that ?
I shouldn't be giving advice because I don't even draw but have you tried Visual Language Core? My assumption with why people struggle to get going with draftsmanship is that they're visually illiterate. Visual Language Core tries to teach you that, it's a book intended for people with absolutely zero familiarity (it's also free, you don't need to pirate it).
>even tried pumping out furry NSFW bile for commissions as an attempt to make me art better. Nothing is sticking
Does that mean you didn't manage to get NSFW furry commissions?

Post work if that's the case, cause these fags will eat up anything as long as you're willing to stoop low enough to weird fetishes.
For starters, what does your art look like currently?

>Does that mean you didn't manage to get NSFW furry commissions?

That isn't as easy as you think it is.

>weird fetishes

Op might not want to be locked in to being a guy that does weird fetishes for money. Unless he's into it himself then it isn't worth it.
You pay top dollar for paid courses not for the access to top teachers but for the chances of observing students who have talent (unlike you) so you can copy their work and leech off their talent. It's a futile effort to try and master how the teacher draws.
Feels good to be in cgpeers while the rest struggle to find reliable resources even resorting to paying art courses that I have access to all for free.
File: ygwycjie73s81.png (259 KB, 610x807)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Picrel loose sketch
File: 9l18uuio7o081.jpg (111 KB, 1200x1600)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Picrel I know I fucked up the face on this one
File: 2e5touuwakq71.jpg (46 KB, 700x1050)
46 KB
Picrel got maybe 3/4 of the way through this and was too depressed to continue
The bar for furry NSFW commissions is really low if you know how to market yourself. Get into dicksword and get known in servers as the furry porn guy and people will offer you to draw shit for them. If you try and compete with the whole internet there is no reason why people who understand what e621 is would choose you as their artist for a commission. I turned a buck or two but it was way more work than it was worth. But it's not real art
This one looks pretty good anon. I'm too beg to really help you out, but I wish you luck
That's a lot of words for "I'm a data hoarder who does nothing smart"
Find better, more inspiring subject matters maybe?

I mean, no wonder you guys struggle to make progress drawing that kind of stuff. Just gtfo, take a pencil and a sketchbook, find a bench or sit at a coffee and sketch around for 2h, 3h straight every day.

Go to a museum, spend 2h looking at a single painting, trying to decipher how it was painted, what kind of pigments/mixes have been used, how it was layered, etc, etc.
File: aweawe.png (575 KB, 1560x1050)
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575 KB PNG
m just a /beg/ too so dont really know much myself
I found copying good artists helps me the most, video courses and books can give you some ideas but stealing things from the art you like seems best to me

For this one I think the body is pretty nice just doesnt match the head
and the hands are lazy

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