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>Learn bones and muscles
Ok but thats not how it looks when the skin is on top, how do I figure that out? Also do (anime) women even have arm anatomy, sure if I was drawing a strong male I can put in all the muscles but I cannot find an anime girl image with anything resembling anatomy other than very detailed tummies and a curve for the outside of the legs
Anime is budget animation. No fucking shit you won't find many with detailed musculature.
>how do I figure that out?
man if only there was somewhere you could go to see people with their skin on
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Anatomy encapsulates more than you probably think it does.
>Ok but thats not how it looks when the skin is on top, how do I figure that out?
>studying anatomy from a life figure doing a pause that will be maintainable for a few minutes at most
t. nitpick

Yeah figure drawing, doing ecorches, etc.
i don't get your point and i'm too tired to understand you. Figure drawing is exactly you how apply anatomy to the living figure
From my experience, anatomy is best studied slowly, taking the time to understand the superficial influence of muscles and stuff, cross-referencing multiple sources.

However, your picrel depicts a figure drawing involving a pause that will only be maintained for like 5, 10min at most, which IMO is inappropriate to properly study anatomy (long pause are less demanding from the model)

Really nitpicking, don't bother too much
i just picked a random image from google man. but you're right
op learning that anime art requires legit the bare minimum to be acceptable. but yeah fr fr just draw people and then push your style in the way that you like the most.
>That guy who studies a bit of anatomy then suddenly all the women he draws have olympic athlete physiques
File: E94UwcwVcAEpB37.jpg (26 KB, 500x385)
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That's why I studied anatomy in the first place.
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Also hello musclefrens
lmao imagine falling for the anatomy meme

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