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As a beginner I see lots of tutorials and people saying "fun with a pencil" or "drawabox" are traps and lots of tutorials and lots of people saying "no, do X instead!".
... And I'm overwhelmed and confused.
Can we get a discussion about the most common begginner tutorials and beginners traps and what can I do?
>Just draw and you will get better magically
I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.
Having talent is the first and foremost thing if you want to draw seriously.
What many forget is that Loomis wrote his books back when American/Western schools still taught some fundamentals in art classes. So Fun with a Pencil is a good book if you're a beginner by the standards of the 1930s. Today the threshold is way lower when a student can get an A+ for a 10 second video of them smashing an orange with a dildo. Brent Eviston is being shilled to fuck on this board, but for good reason. His book the Art and Science of Drawing is the best book for learning fundamentals
Dunno fun with a pencil seemed rather simple to me but if it's the contrary I will take a better look to it
>His book the Art and Science of Drawing is the best book for learning fundamentals
Will take a look, never heard of it.
What are other constantly shilled tutorials/books, like with drawabox?
You're making lines and paint look like something else, don't overcomplicate things. Here's the real problem. The school system failed you and you don't know how to teach yourself or do basic research and judge the quality of a source. If I tell you Watson's Creative Perspective is the best book on perspective and you read it and don't understand it, does it mean it sucks? No, it means I had to read 3 other books on perspective and put a lot of work in to understand it myself. That's how good it is.

Pick 3 comprehensive sources, read them, then follow through with the one you like the pictures of. As in, do everything it says until your work looks almost like the example if you squint really hard.

The core skills long before you get to figure drawing are
>basic forms
>basic rendering, ie. how to use a pencil and make pretty marks that look like something.
That'll keep you busy for a few months. Libgen is your friend for free books. Harding's On Trees and Nature is one of my personal favorites along with Arthur Guptill's books on Drawing and Rendering with Pencil and Pen. All of these are stodgy Victorian drawing manuals and these assholes were paid by the word. But the art is invaluable and you will learn how to learn to find better sources for the specifics.

Or download Peter Han or whatever and get the condensed version of how to do the basics of these things and some sense of how to teach yourself. Bootstrapping is hard until you figure out that you're not learning some rote skill but how to instead teach yourself discernment of what will work for you.
Ah that's the thing anon. You're right. FWAP is simple. It's a children's book. That's how poor proper art education is today
I know people were shilling force drawing for a while but that also requires actually being able to draw from the little I've seen.
All figure drawing requires you to be able to draw. Rocks and trees bro, rocks and trees. If you can draw a tree pretty well, you're ready for people.
Take bits from everything you can find and make your own conclusions. We are living in the age of information and it would be pretty stupid to stick religiously to one resource only
A book without a teacher is pretty much useless. Read books AND watch videos.
Also don't be a retard and cripple your own learning by refusing to pirate stuff.

Learning is not a straight path, you'll be constantly bouncing from one place to another
The one and only thing a beginner needs is to draw from life. It is boring and slow and you will be bad, books are just a copium to try and skip to a point where you like your drawings.
>As a beginner I see lots of tutorials and people saying "fun with a pencil" or "drawabox" are traps and lots of tutorials and lots of people saying "no, do X instead!".
stop listening to other beginners who do nothing but complain
spoon feed me bacause i'm lazy
no thanks
File: wat-da-fuk.jpg (6 KB, 245x257)
6 KB
this is so stupid, picrel is similar to what a total beginner will get when "drawing from life".
guess what, at this state they are hopeless and they need actual direction. with no direction they won't learn shit, will get discouraged and then quit.

stop giving bad advice and go back to /beg/
keys to drawings is the best beginner book imo
What is this board’s obsession with beginners lately? Who cares about the theory behind helping beginners if it isn’t your job?
File: ..jpg (7 KB, 278x181)
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I guess summerfag begs want to learn/cope now that they have extra free time
heres some honest advice
unless you get a mentor youre gonna have to go through all the bullshit to filter them out, its just how it works as a self learning beg. good on you for actually questioning stuff, thats already getting ahead of other begs with 2 braincells. next find out your end goal and question everything you do and determine if its relevant to reaching your end goal.
honestly just choose something and work through it and go onto the next thing.
there isnt really a bad choice, as you go through more things you'll stop being a beginner and you'll get a sense of what You value.
just keep drawing and keep moving.

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