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Been drawing since I was 7. I've made money from commissions, but I don't have a purpose. I studied all the time. I just can't find a thing to stick with. I don't know what I want to do. I don't have anything to apply any of the things I've learned onto. No big dream or thing I'm working towards. There's nothing I care about. I wake up and study. I draw everyday because I'm supposed to. I can't just keep drawing porn forever. All of these tutorials and art books and courses don't amount to anything. Just meaningless work that goes nowhere.

I'm tired of doing "Just draw"
Art is useless if you don't have a reason for doing it, besides making money getting people to cum.
What are your prospects? What did you wish to be when you were a kid? What type of people do you want to work with?
I'm with making money off of losers but if you're starting to lose yourself what is the point of money?

>dear diary, im a faggot that cant make decisions for myself
just be hobbyist then it's not like you owe this planet a goddamn thing anyway; no one honestly cares if you make it or not.
Why not apply it to story telling? I have interesting characters and their plots in mind I sit down to make stuff. I probably wouldn't draw at all if it weren't for my desire to tell those stories.
Wanted to be an animator but I didn't know what that meant. You're just a storyboarder in the industry or work in vis development. I don't really care about that dream anymore.
Zero prospects besides money. And that's only because you need it. After that I can't see why it matters.
Just sucks having nothing to make. There are people who can't draw that talk about how they have all these ideas and shit they have going on in their heads and I can't relate. I just want attention for being good.
Been feeling the exact same for two years
Wanted to get into games since I was a kid so looked around and decided I want to start a game art related portfolio
But then I didn't know what to draw, no ideas, no projects. I know it's irrational, but I didn't just want to generate prompts and use those either. I tell myself it's because I should work with others, but it's just a way to excuse laziness
I've posted something like this about twenty times this year and have done nothing about it lol, except for a single related commission. I'm like that "I just need 600 a month..." poster
I've joined some game jam discords, I look on itch.io, some forums, and I'm just trying to decide on what kinda projects to go for. Once I post/apply saying I want to work for free I'm pretty sure I'll have a few offers to choose from. Then the obligation to other people will deter me from procrastinating........ and things will somehow fall into place :))))
Now of course I'm not going to do any of that. The 'why' at the end isn't worth the effort. Make some assets or sprites for some indie devs? For what? A pretty portfolio to get me some approval on twitter? A job in a soulless industry? And even if I get lucky, get hired by a passionate little team, considerable pay, benefits etc. That's it? That's life from then on, wagie cagie and fruit smoothies after work? Petty workplace politics, awkward discord voice calls?
Two years ago I'd be telling you the exact opposite but now I say; find another area to get a project in. I think by now you are too tied up in this false equivalence of social media points + money = successful project so anything that feels even remotely fun to draw goes out the window because it's not worth it, not the perfect idea, not gonna get you followers, too niche, not niche enough, etc etc
Am I talking shit? I think I'm talking shit
Don't know how to tell a story. He'll if I didn't have commissions giving me ideas I wouldn't come up with anything on my own. I have issues thinking of situations to put characters in. Something about my brain just doesn't think in chronological order.

"Here's a character"
>"What are they doing?"
"I don't know"
Nah you're right. You need money to live. You need attention to get money to live. If what you're doing doesn't accomplish both of those things you're putting in a ton of effort for it to basically be worthless. That's why the redpill is being "good" doesn't matter being interesting does.
>I can't just keep drawing porn forever.
No one told you to start

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