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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

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File: file.png (621 KB, 964x454)
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there's nothing I despise more than this art style
At least it has some personality and creativity, I’ve seen worse. The Disney-esque ones are my personal least favorite
I never liked Pan artstyle, but I will admit is original looking and does look good enough in comic format or animated, just kinda sucks for single handed illustrations.

Is amazing? No, you can really tell how much he is using "style" to circumvent his lack of skills, and much of his design has no real thought behind and seems kinda done at random, in the case of not thinking about shape design at all and really weird blobs and distorted features that would look better if he even tried to given them a more pleasing shape. But all his characters have great silhouetting, so that's a plus I guess.

The thing is somehow he is lucky enough that he can transform his ignorance in to quite soulful polished turds that give his work a unique look, and that what he coasts on and kinda neglects his actual fundamentals and trying to make his work look good without relying on cheap rendering techniques and graphical patterns. And because is so weird is not that marketable, but at least is unique.

You can tell Pam is a pretty mediocre artists despite all the time he draws because he is kinda lazy on his fundamentals and didn't got proper tutoring on how to improve.
I really like pan's art
I was in love with him when I was 12 lol
I think there's art styles I hate more, but lazy, oversimplified "muh shape language" westoid cartoons are up there.
Second one is tranny lol
File: file.jpg (91 KB, 540x514)
91 KB
for me it's nu modern tumblrina/twitter style with hyperrealistic noses

I remember listening to the podcast like 5 years ago and was wondering who this "Izzy" girl was when all I heard was 4 men talking
what's pan up to these days, anyway
i haven't watched him in years
He slowdown the video production side a lot and I think he was working on the pilot for his cartoon. I'm also aware he worked on the designs for this canned pilot for a mortal combat series.
we all allready know he groomed you neoncaffeine
Post in the fucking artstyle bitching thread, retard
>artstyle bitching thread
stop making shit up
you just made this thread, stop lying
>implying shituber style is orginal, despite the fact it's copied and pasted from other shitubers

god i hate this style; there's something so cut and paste about it that drives me into a frenzy.

>inb4 your style is worse fred
fuck you
Better than Steven universe/"cal-arts" style.

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