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Is this the place to get ideas for a tattoo? Since tattoos are just someone's art on the skin was my line of thinking at least. Anyway, I was thinking of the DS3 sun on my shoulder, going down to the forearm into a sleeve, the rest doesn't have to be dark souls themed but I was thinking of ideas of what I could have down on the forearm. Sun is gonna be majorly black with an orange glow and the rest in b/w. Thoughts? Anyone that could hook me up with a design? If you'd really like I could drop my discord and we could discuss payment on there.
My friend was suggesting I have this and use the silhouette of John Darksouls as negative space to fill in later as I see fit, I like the idea but I'm not sold on having a full game themed tattoo.
File: ball of dark.gif (488 KB, 500x250)
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remember that you can always remove that tattoo or make it something entirely different.
Or if you are unsure you can get just some writing tattooed. I plan on getting tattooed "contempt" and "ambition" in latin respectively on my left and right hand.
Remove and remove, cover over it maybe, or integrate into something new yea, I'm not too excited by lasering it off. If I'm doing a tattoo, I'm doing something that I'm gonna be proud of in 10 years from now, like my first tattoo which is the band logo for Hollywood Undead (the dove and grenade) cuz they mean a lot to me.
if you want to get the ds3 sun, I would probably use a design from berserk's eclipse. not only is the sun in ds3 based on berserk, but it would have more reference pictures to choose from.

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