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This is one of the pages of the comic I'm working on. Can you give me your honest opinion?
File: 03[0].png (243 KB, 500x645)
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This is another page.
My IQ is not high enough to decipher what's going on

It's understandable, I haven't written the texts yet.
Reminds me of Bluefluke
File: 1645659613277.gif (3.23 MB, 540x405)
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3.23 MB GIF
Chris Ware fan?
Anyway, it's very original, pretty phunky phresh, ya know? I like all the little abstract figures and details, hands are well drawn, characters are cute. You got a blog, anon?
>Chris Ware fan?
Thought the same.
It also reminded me Nori Okawa (even if that's not comics).
I like your artstyle OP, do you plan to add some colors?
:) I greatly respect Chris Ware's extremely personal work, but his 'labyrinths' give me a headache. I have more affinity for George Herriman's (Krazy Kat) 'minimalist freedom'.

>You got a blog, anon?
No, but I am developing a website on neocities. I opted for this site because it gives total freedom in the presentation of my drawings.

It's complicated... I feel that the composition loses 'cohesion' when adding colors. For now I only use a gray scale to avoid 'monotony'.
I like this a lot. You fully take advantage of the medium of it being a comic,and have some very creative methods of paneling and composition of the page as a whole.Your lineart is very clean and it compliments the linework of the paneling, and (presumably) the letters, once you add them in. Overall, I think this looks very promising, and would love to see more.

A bonus for me is the cute characters, as they are very cute.
Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words. When I finish the comic I will publish it on this board.
I don't know that author/work, but you're right: the use of extravagant forms is similar.

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