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All this talk about why western comics are bad and manga is doing as good as ever...
why doesn't someone just make a better american comic that is on par and appeals to the same audience as manga does in the west?
Forget the publishers, just post it on twitter, pixiv or something.
If one random dude in his bedroom can make a manga in japan and become successful, then so can one everywhere else.
>unrelated pic to grab attention

nobody reads comics because they're bad

nobody worth their salt wants to do comics because nobody reads them
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amerimutt ZOG ideals need to completely killed off. Total extinction. There's no saving it.
japan has a lot of communities and site for posting small indie comics whereas the west barely support the practice besides webcomics
and i fucking HATE webcomics
People do, it’s just difficult to find because there’s really no good way to reach an audience. Most are hosted on personal websites no one will ever visit. Also, it’s just difficult to justify the time investment. There’s really no industry for it. Even if you get popular; no publisher is likely to sign you. Trying to monetize your own IP is awful too. You’ll have to compete with hundreds of scammy bots willing to steal your IP for quick t shirt money. Self employment tax is killer too, if you start making any real income.

In Japan you can at least delude yourself into believing you’re going to make it one day. There’s “some” sort of industry. Terrible light novels about vending machines and pig-neets get anime’s, even. Maybe your work will too.

Here? No such thing.
The problem with American comics starts at the American people. Nobody wants to read the shit spilling off the mouth of pathetic narcissists obsessed with tribalistic "politics".

It's not a western problem. France, Italy, Spain and now even Mexico, Brazil and Chile have comics with world-wide appeal.

It's not even an anglo problem. Canada and Australia have much lower production volumes but put quality where they lack quantity. And the UK still has a presence in underground/subcultural production that's not all force-fedd tranny propaganda.

Soon America will sacrifice a significant amount of their net worth and population for Zion, maybe then we'll be able to enjoy a renaissance as someone else takes over the west's cultural hegemony.
Here's the thing. I'm not american, and the american culture war seeping hard into all american media hurts it's reception and popularity hard worldwide.
American entertainment not even that long ago used to deal with much more universal and relateable themes despite having it's recognisable identity, but by focusing on uniquely american issues foreigners don't care about or can't relate to, they're slowly but steadily alienating and driving away global audiences.
So yeah, /pol/-shitters will whine about muh diversity and woke shit, but it is still true that american social issues and commentary don't hold much global appeal, and american media is likely to pay the price in the long term as media and pop culture from other countries are on the rise.
1) you'd be competing with mangas that are already good and appealing AND already popular

2) without financial support you can't really compete with the manga industry just do niche stuff

3) you don't have as many platforms or opportunities as in Japan, pixiv is more popular for art in the west and English works, while present, are sparse

4) you'd need to actually make something good

I can see someone doing something like those Pixiv comics that are 1-4 pages long with cute girls or some weird concept and then it going viral but very few people are actually doing it
Merry is the only creator that does something like that and is successful
It's nearly impossible for Americans in the modern day to make something both sincere and self controlled. Even if you got a platform to market your work and funding to work on it, the content itself will inevitably reek of modern America. Japan itself is full of all kinds of personalities, but their collective mentality is a courteous, considerate thing, which values self control and pragmatic appeal. The people in the US who have somehow miraculously preserved the sincere pleasantness of classic selfless americana are generally not involved in the arts currently. Because the arts especially are full of cynical or self righteous degenerate "free spirits" who use the lofty ideals of liberalism to excuse their selfish and egomaniacal behaviors. Either that or they're brainrotted coomers. What kind of product comes out of artists like those?
>dude, drugs, dude I'm tripping
>i got drunk and slept with a stranger (5th time)
>cute? classy? no, woman is a sex big booba monkey bununga
>sexy? feminine? no, woman is man and breasts are sexist
>piss shit fart vomit blood and guts are a good joke
>I'm a cynic who hates everyone around me and/or myself
>roasting and being a smartass is peak comedy because I am very clever
>I am above classical morality because I am very clever
>I am above idealism because I am very clever
>In fact, idealism is bad because it reminds me of what a lazy terrible rotten piece of shit I am
>pop culture reference!
>holy shit bro that social commentary totally btfo "opposition group"
>time to write a story! *pulls out mandated anti-racism/sexism checklist*
You get what I'm saying.
And worst of all these vapid spiteful depressed narcissists are too far up their own asses to admit it. They'll even get mad if you point it out or call you a prude even if you're simultaneously reading manga containing sex, violence, blood and cynicism but handled with the care of someone who is self aware and reflective of themselves.
Man you people are fucking retards, with your navel-gazing simplistic "le americans be this way, japs be this way." Why do people run off at the mouth about stuff they're clearly ignorant about?
Why do faggots reply without an argument?
Americans dont have artistic standards aside from mass appeal.
This anon gets it
>i fucking HATE webcomics


Reads like classic grass is always greener weebism. Par for the course around these parts.
>If one random dude in his bedroom can make a manga in japan and become successful,

That's not how becoming a successful mangaka works though (rare exceptions like ONE notwithstanding)

The typical pipeline is you submit one-shots to magazines and contests, and then after getting some of those published, you can pitch your idea for a series to a publisher.

You can also become an assistant to a serialized author, and get on-the-job experience before even getting a one-shot published.

American comics just don't have the same kind of infrastructure and clearly established path to success that Japanese comics too. It's not just about the content being produced.
>don't have the same kind of infrastructure
does the American industry have ANY infrastructure? I'm pretty sure you only get in by knowing someone, and then it's pick your capeshit poison. then make the next green incessant green lantern/spiderman/batman iteration for $40 a page. There's no structure whatsoever you're essentially just taking commissions from a comic publisher
They should hire japs and make bunch of spiderman manga like in good old times, it would sell so much
there are cases of doujin works on pixiv or twitter going viral and then getting picked up by magazines

a lot of popular series actually started off as one-shots so they're not just for portfolio

doing at least some assistant work before getting your own serie is generally standard practice

other than these caveats what you said is pretty much correct
this anon will never feel the warmth of another human being...
>they'll even get mad if you point it out
Kek every time
Yeah it's not the content, it's the presentation and intention behind it.
Using gore and sex to tell a heart-wrenching story through fantastic art is acceptable.
Using gore and set to promote your politics through calarts "ironic" cutesy shit is cancer for the soul.
Yeah doujin is like unpaid internship, it's still a clear path into the industry unlike memerica where you can't get hired at all if you're not the current pet faggot of some middle management cunt at marvel/dc HR.
It's baffling when you think about it. A shit ton of westerners read manga these days so the market is clearly there. And yet there's been no proper attempt to even simulate a fraction of the Japanese's pipeline. Surely if they can vomit billions for some empty promise of rockets to mars they can very much shoulder the cost of building up a generation of artists and customer base at a loss and monopolize a whole industry
File: 1595480832768.png (3.39 MB, 1365x1586)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB PNG
>not porn slop
>not romantic slop
>not capeshit slop
>not manchildren calarts bait
>not homofaggotry trash
It won't sell therefore it's a waste to even try
Also anon here gets it
While the japanese produce and buy every slop imaginable, that even novels get animated or the nth isekai trash about some kid who gets isekai'ed with his smartphone, is overpowered, has no flaws, and gets the cliche harem gets a second season for some honest to god unknown reason, except that you could argue that it actually sells.
Even then, most of the jap anime/manga market is based on selling merch to obsessed/autistic fans, so the anime/manga is just a means to an end.
This is also a pretty good post.

While eastern manga/anime are pure consumerism that there is always something for everyone and even does good in the west, western comics are all about ideology, politics and pushing the new meme order; or rehashing the same old characters over and over.
You could say that those who make comics in the west, don't even like comics and don't have a shred of professionalism or intellect.

Just seeing the usual retarded replies that try to insult but only come off as butthurt, already should tell you that the average westerner is an absolute faggot who fully injected the identity-politics kool-aid into his brain.
How is doujin like unpaid internship? It's not an internship and some artists even make a living out of it (although most don't)
It's a simulation of your ability to work within the industry and a trial of your marketability. And artists while companies are permissive with new talents making a little bit of money with doujin, if they keep at it long term they start catching C&Ds and get shunned by their peers.
because the only read weeb shit manga
and the only western comics they've read are capeshit and ignore any other comic that wasn't capeshit that got popular
I cringe when 4channers talk about sexy feminine women because 99% of the time they mean some kind of loli or stinky tomboy dyke with bad attitude.

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