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whats the appeal of this books? kek
artfags getting desperate for any money or what
The average western adult is a moron and is attracted to trends, especially quirky reddit-leaning trends. People who make this shit are just cashing in on them.
You're like ten years late. Yeah this shit is cringe, but why comment on it now?
Also if there is a market for this kind of shit, why not? Are companies that sell adult diapers also "desperate"? If people want it, and you can make it, your practically pushing money away by not catering to them.
old women who cant draw/color but consider themselves artists like doing these
The worst thing about these is bad line:white space ratio. Hideous little drawings, not suitable. It's like adults are so insecure about being perceived as kids, they become retarded and worse than them. Even a dumb little kid understands more white space = more colors. But no, "adults" have to senselessly complicate a simple thing to make it feel like it's a different thing from what little Emily is doing.
i tought its some teraphy shit etc?
It is occupational therapy.
Some way to fool brainless adults without constructive hobbies into doing something other than drinking themselves to sleep in front of the t.v.

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