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File: 1715782001694.jpg (1.6 MB, 1512x2016)
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1.6 MB JPG
What is the thing that you know is a bad habit of yours when drawing but you dont wanna change it for whatever reason?

I draw with my wrists almost exclusively, so most of my drawings are smaller than my hands, so if I try to draw big pieces I just feel uncomfortable at how empty everything feels.
I don't draw when I don't want to. "But muh discipline, you gotta show up, draw at least a line daily, following your brain impulses is le heckin' bad for you" man shut the fuck up
i leave a lot of drafting lines im too lazy to clean up
i draw badly
Im not sure I have a bad habit I want to retain. I've played certain improvment oriented games in the past and have learned that to be prideful over a bad habit is a sin and always in bad faith if you wish to improve.
never decide on what im going to be doing for every drawing session, ie not deciding if im practicing, studying or actually making a piece so i end up not gaining much other than just putting lines on a page, not really a habit i want to keep, i just cant decide which is what i need the mosttpgtg
File: 1690953722699704.jpg (34 KB, 640x640)
34 KB
I draw from imagination too much, and then I spend hours trying to fix a faulty looking hand or leg because I'm too lazy to find a reference that matches the pose and angle I'm going for, and in the end it looks shit and I hate my drawing. So then I start using references and then I rely on references too much, and any time I try to deviate from the reference so that I can only "loosely" reference it and create something of my own, it's back to drawing that part from imagination, which ends up looking shit.
Browsing 4chan instead of drawing
I don't use layers correctly. I know I should learn how but I can't be bothered.
File: tum.jpg (680 KB, 2268x2939)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
>get stuck
>'bahhhh, you get the idea'
for someone who claims he draws, there sure isnt much to show for it and that kinda gets me down.
also drawing on loose paper. makes it reeeaal easy to just up and throw a drawing away and "move on" to the next thing that excites me.
i tell myself theres freedom in spontaneity, but really i think im just lazy
what is correctly? asking for a friend.
Pyw bro I feel you
I gave up learning perspective.
I draw BGs but I no longer give a fuck if it's correct or not
waisting time through a combination of practically never finishing anything, >>7169154, and not doing any technical exercises
I watch videos while drawing, slowing me down to a crawl
I'm not even sure how much I actually draw per week but it can't be much

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