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All 12 boys and their coach rescued from Thai cave-edition
I wonder how much the coach cummed in their assholes.
Oh nice I fucked the title up
File: 1514931477405.gif (2.98 MB, 350x373)
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Fuck yeah
>They will remain in hospital for at least seven days.
>This mean they will probably have to turn down a Fifa invitation to the World Cup final on Sunday.
I thought about that couple of days ago. What if they can't go to the final? After that ordeal they are going to be disappointed too because they can't go to the final. Nice going FIFA.
Additionally they can't even eat all the nice food they've been requesting. They have to eat diluted porridge and bread
Why ?
Don't give heavy food to starved people, it will kill them
Refeeding syndrome
It's not a miracle.
Someone still fucking died.
We couldn't get out of this with no fatalities, so as far as I'm concerned, this whole ordeal is a tragedy with a somewhat bittersweet ending.
I just wonder do these rescued 12 boys love Japan or not
They had food in the cave for the last few days
That deteriorating old boomer who thinks he can save kids inside of a cave just because he worked for the navy that one time.
File: Muy-Thai.jpg (104 KB, 427x503)
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>most people expected them to be found dead, dying and/or hysterical
>they're calmer than a hindu cow even after 10 days in the cave
>world expects at least some of them to die on the way out, especially after that ex-Navy diver eats it
>they all make it out alive and in relative good health with divers confirming they stayed calm without panicking even in zero visibility for hours underwater

We are a strong, hard knock people.
b-b-but the rescue by the incompetent thai authorities was supposed to fail!
based elon was supposed to save the day!
actually they all drowned. taiwanese government replaced them with doppelgangers to avoid media backlash
File: DhcnrdiV4AArw_V.jpg (47 KB, 714x714)
47 KB
based thai boomer
I don't know the details, but I doubt they were fed normal food in the cave. They were in there a week before they were found. That's a week without food. There are certain drinks, gels etc. you can give in these situations.
I think they got MREs
asians don't have feelings so nothing new here
File: Legion.png (1.23 MB, 1051x1025)
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1.23 MB PNG
Feelings are a structural weakness.
This, Calvinists btfo.
State >>>> ind*vidual
RIP boomer.
Wow, finally the media will stfu about this.

Started to get annoying.
They spammed it for everyone ?

I dont feel so lonely anymore
I found the whole thing very entertaining, much better than normal news programming. Honestly they should do this sort of thing more often.

ouh là là

Yes, they spammed it everywhere and at any time.
Fuck the mass media, annoying cunts, all of them.


But it lacked any drama, because it was obviously totally overblown.
No deaths, no further drama, nothing.
File: 1420109174197.jpg (27 KB, 600x600)
27 KB
Yes well, that's very nice, but how long until the medical team does a thorough check up on the boys and it turns out that some of them show mild rectal bruising and irritation, consistent with the medical signs of anal copulation?
File: angered_wojak.png (5 KB, 604x608)
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>gay fantasies

Shame on you
>no deaths
One person died trying to save them
>elon musk complains about his minisub not being used
Honestly didn't expect even one of them to live.
Pretty impressed 2bh. Hardy kids. Coach seems alright, hope he won't beat himself up over it.

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