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Have you been exposed to burn pits, hazardous materials, or dangerous environments while either at work or in the service?

Were there unfavorable health effects after being exposed to these things?

>Nerve agents, Burn Pits, Asbestos, radioactive materials, unstable chemicals

Dangerous / scary shit thread
The dorms I used to live in had an issue with the HVAC system where a buildup of moisture lead to the obvious and very verifiable buildup of black mold. Never got fixed. Also had a real problem with bugs getting in but it's really not that bad when you think about dudes shoveling literal barrels of asbestos or dudes drinking Agent Orange for fun.
File: 69564121_p0.png (141 KB, 840x1200)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
>be workin at a Five Guys
>massive cylinder of liquid co2 used to supply coke machines sits right by the door in the back
>has a big alarm right above it for leaks
>alarms says if it goes off get out or you'll run out of air and die
>be working evening shift
>hear air raid siren-tier gigaloud alarm noise
>customers look worried
>go to back
>co2 alarm is going off
>sniff sniff
>don't smell anything
>go to office and ask manager if it's bad or not
>"nah, the alarm goes off sometimes but I'm sure it's fine"
>be sailin on the Nimitz
>out to sea for a month
>water supply already being conserved
>wake up in middle of the night because starvation and free food >exit ordnance berthing
>strange putrid smell coming from mess decks
>move to investigate bathroom
>cross fingers and hope to god it’s not what I think
>sigh of disappointment as it is what I thought.
>shit literally covering the walls in every stall
>shit was somehow blasted back up out of the pipes as usual
>die a little inside while deciding whether or not to tell higher ups since it’s our head
>smile hard ass fuck
>shake head
>grab snacks and head to back berthing
>lights turn on suddenly, everyone woken up
>”I know one of you motherfuckers got up to piss and seen that shit”
>everyone has to clean it
>no more than one day later, confirmed outbreaks of double dragon all over the ship
>people shitting themselves on mess decks , vomiting on flight deck
>hand foot mouth breaks out 2 days after that
> all hope lost
Cleared a minor forrest fire today in service if that counts.
Burn pit.
Burnt dead animals, dead niggers, trash, biohazard shit, all kinds of shit.
Used to walk out of my tent and it was raining ash like Aushwitz.
Idk I want my fucking money though.
Amazing how that didnt factor into my disability claim, yet fatass retard faggots can claim "muh pee tee es dee" and get an automatic 100% for loterally nothing.
protip c02 has no smell
also demand they get it fixed you could easily get killed by assuming its a false alarm
File: image.jpg (49 KB, 640x641)
49 KB
Jesus fucking christ how horrifying. All of that.

Fuck being on any kind
Of ship

Mycotoxins are the most potent carcinogens on earth by mass. Cause outbreaks of blood cancers in 2nd world type places where industrial food production exists, but little regulatory oversite on storage.
So what the fuck happened after that?

did yall stay deployed out in the water or what? Yall just stayed a floating plague ship?
Stayed and completed tasks at hand
gonna be funny when this happens on a spaceship.

that's a bit more shitty than the standard basic shit-eye epidemics. I avoided the shiteye epidemic because I'm not a dirty fuck and I'm smart enough not to rub my eyes unless I know my hands are clean.
File: 1501911535778.jpg (54 KB, 750x738)
54 KB
You've made this exact thread before, is this some kind of fetish for you or something?
This, I also recognized it.
Yep. It is. And it doesnt attract the standard crayon shiteater attitude 90% of other threads seem to breed
The majority of US buildings in Okinawa have black mold. They tore down the theater there some years back because the ceiling was covered with the stuff. Also, some report came out saying that base water is toxic as fuck. Good thing that shit doesn't hit till we're old as fuck and the military won't take blame.
File: 1528246610748.jpg (27 KB, 705x696)
27 KB
>be me
>have retard friend
>me and retard like to go exploring woods and shoot random stuff
>one day retard friend tells me he got something cool he made
>me and retard go out into the woods where we always shoot shit
>retard friend pulls out two gasmasks and hands one to me and tells me "now check this out"
>pulls out this fucking jar that has another jar within it
>literally filled with bleach while the smaller jar has ammonia
>"uhhhh i dont think you shou-"
>retard takes the jar and throws it across the lake and it smashes against a rock
>put mask on immediately while retard is laughing his ass off as the jar turns into a giant puff of poisonous cloud of fuck you
>he puts his mask on and tells me "That was fucking awesome! Lets head on home now"
>fuck it head home while the gas cloud goes off somewhere
>next day read local paper about a bunch of dead deer and other critters found in woods
>mfw my retarded friend just mustard gassed the animals in the woods
File: 1527389161457.png (253 KB, 600x536)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
>literally gassed the animals

Holy fuck
Lets see that news article anon.

Chemistry doesnt work this way.
Dont post shit like this.
You are going to get yourself raided.
File: LOD-Censored.jpg (207 KB, 1509x437)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Did plenty of burn pit details on our COPs, and also had pic related happen. It is a partial portion of a Line of Duty report, which is undertaken to investigate and verify whether an injury occurred as reported. Basically to determine if the DOD is liable .

Never thought that DOD would formally acknowledged what happened, since my own Sergeant Major who visited me in the ICU denied it occurred straight to my face when I next saw him again back in the states.

I was an anonymous source on a series of New York Times articles on chemical warfare casualties in Iraq. There has been at least 200 casualties in Iraq from direct exposure to chem weapons, and I am one of them.

>Were there unfavorable health effects after being exposed to these things?

Developed Asthma and Sleep Apnea, had non-stop bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis for two years after the incident.

Have nerve damage in my lungs (curiously it is my right lung that took most of the damage). Experience chest pains if I breath too heavily or over exert myself. Can't go near chlorine, developed new sensitivities And occasionally I break out with skin rashes where I had skin burns after the incident (mostly on my face and arms).

Immediately after the incident I had an honest pulmonologist telling me it is almost certain I would get lung cancer before 50, said my lungs looked like a two-pack/day smoker for 30 years. I was 19 when he told me that.

Shit sucked.
I think i remember you form another thread.
Why would someone just go on the internet and tell lies?
We're you the kid in school who would tell everyone his dad was a secret agent or an astronaut?
Probably was me, I don't like to talk about it all too much. Even though I've been out since forever now, after it occurred I was give several indications that I shouldn't talk about it. I'm always nervous that they might do something as petty as cancel my disability payments.

This response completely blew my mind, we'd literally found a by-definition WMD in Iraq, and it was hushed up.

They shut down the alternate route on which it occurred, and for some reason everyone in my brigade afterward had to carry their pro-mask at all times outside the gate (I became "that guy"). But nothing happened of course.
>you will live to see the US armed forces slowly transition into the armies of nergal
>not embracing the filth and heralding in this new future

an army e4 wouldve done it, they should start deploying on navy vessels
That fucking sucks dude
>mustard gassed
I think you should retake chemistry at some point.
Protip: It's not chlorine gas either.
>This response completely blew my mind, we'd literally found a by-definition WMD in Iraq, and it was hushed up.
They are still finding WMDs in Iraq, and no one gives two shits for some reason.
There are even concerns about how much of it may have been in ISIS hands at one point or another.

God damn what the fuck.

What were you enlisted as? Thats a big ass list of scary shit
File: Stay classy Mosul.jpg (377 KB, 1600x1200)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
I've moved on at this point, was difficult for a number years. A lot of vets have that to begin with, but having your dick broken just complicates the matter. I had just reenlisted three weeks prior, at least I got to keep the bonus.

Not surprised in the least, we figured that hajj didn't know what was inside of the canister they used, they had grouped it with two of those tall-boy gas canisters full of propane.

There seemed to be an big increase in propane IEDs, just as the civil affairs assholes started a new campaign to aid locals with gifted propane. Who could have seen that coming?

19D, we were in bradleys. I got it the worst of my crew since I was the gunner. My BC was observing from atop his hatch, and our driver had his hatch closed.

My BC had the worst skin exposure since he was directly exposed, I got the worst pulmonary injuries because the gas was heavier than air, and came to rest in the turret due to our open turret hatches. I was breathing that stuff in for the roughly 10-15 minute drive back to our COP, where my BC and I were evaced. Our pro-masks were buried in the back of our track, it seemed a better idea to just get the fuck out of the area, than scramble for our masks in the back.

BC was back on duty within a week, I got evaced to LRMC in Germany, than on back to my duty station. Eight months of army rehab, before I was medically retired at age 20. Around two years of outpatient rehab at the VA, where I was there at least three days a week.

I'll never forget the words from our wingman Bradley on that patrol after the IED detonated.

Use to be a video (filmed by our driver) of the incident on Liveleak. Seems it has since been deleted.
Dude he just said he is unable to tell much more because it's classified info and he is only allowed to give small info but not enough to find out where and how.
It really isn't classified, it is more of a taboo subject if anything. At least it was when I was still in uniform.
Not anywhere does he say its classified you stupid fuck.
See below dumbfuck

Wow dude. Thats so fuckin scary.

So did it feel/smell like anything when it was in the air?

Do your lungs feel scarred, or is everything semi normal?
Sorry for questions, Ive just always wondered how poison gas acts in real life
File: 1504788448617.jpg (100 KB, 675x960)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>toxic environments
thats one way to spell 4chan
I want to see a government health and safety evaluation for personnel tasked with monitoring "toxic" internet communities.
>protip c02 has no smell
If it's in concentrations high enough to hurt you, you bet your ass it does. Go ahead and vent even a 5 lb. can of it in an enclosed space. It's acrid as hell.
CO, on the other hand, doesn't smell like anything, even when concentrated enough to hurt you.
File: Army dust-off.jpg (337 KB, 991x656)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
Can't recall a smell, we were immediately enveloped in a wave of dirt and rock (which is fairly normal), it was only until our wingmen radioed us that we knew it was something more. We couldn't see it.

Within about five seconds of that call we initially felt our skin burning, shortly after I began having chest pains and difficulty breathing. Kind felt like if you swallowed a liter of water into your air pipe.

Once we got back to our COP, I had a constant struggle going between throwing up and gagging, and trying to breath at the same time.

Dust-off was there in about 20 minutes I think, and I vomited into the face of the medic working on me (felt real bad about that).

Get to the CSH, they're stripping me and my BC nude on the helipad, and spraying us with a fucking gardening hose before moving into the ER. Think they had to improv decontamination on short notice. Stick some pipe down my throat to the point it felt it might come out my ass, and placed these two patches under my eyelids pupping saline water to fight the burning.

That is one thing that was interesting to me, the skin burns and all didn't dissipate when exposed to normal water, but saline water really helped.

Was in the ICU with BC the next five days, until we got seperated due to having a food-fight across unconscious IA soldier. My BC was released to return to duty, and they sent my ass off to Landstuhl Hospital in Germany for a month initially, then back to the states.

They do feel scarred, but only notice it if I'm breathing heavily. Will also have difficulty around things like paint thinner or certain types of cologne/perfume.

Doing a hell of lot better these days than the first initial years, and most days today it is a non-issue.
File: 1527947161647.png (137 KB, 353x334)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
This was more do to youthful foolishness and curiosity a few years ago, but still, surprised me with how close I got to some nasty injury.

>be doing a bit of a science experiment
>using that "air duster spray" liquid that's kind of like a cheap liquid nitrogen when you tip the can upside down to make it not come out as a gas
>fill up a small container to dip things into, have a bit of fun smashing frozen things
>Test with a match to see how flammable it is, doesn't light, so I thought it'd be nice to see how it'd react to a bit of heat
>Didn't know about flashpoints then
>Took a turquoise and orange colored fireball to the face
>Was hot but I felt I avoided damage from the fire
>Suddenly a very, very alarming smell hit my nose
>Smelled like metallic supervinegar mixed with pure hatred
>My eyes immediately began to sting and my skin began to itch, so I immediately washed my face with water and some baking soda, knowing it was an acid of some kind
>Eyes and lungs were seemingly okay, but I had some heart palpitations for a couple days, thought it was just stress.
>mfw I researched it and found that air duster turns to hydrofluoric acid when it combusts
>that filename
>that mos
>that billet
I’m sure you were there a lot earlier than I was but fuck man that makes me just a little anxious
File: hahahahahaha.jpg (74 KB, 674x674)
74 KB
>until we got seperated due to having a food-fight across unconscious IA soldier
File: 1527497605374.jpg (94 KB, 750x562)
94 KB
Was 06-07 myself. It was a fluke, like drawing the reverse lottery. Literally a couple weeks earlier we were giving a ton of shit to one of our guys who started yelling inside his truck "Chlorine!, Chlorine!, Chlorine!" after their fire extinguish accidently went off.

Chem weapons at that point were a boogeyman, something you tell joes to keep em straight. Never in a million years did I expect that to happen.

>U.S. special forces personnel display a paper giving guidelines on how to prepare chemical and biological weapons after searching through a house believed to belong to the Iraqi Ministry of Intelligence in Baghdad's district of Kazemiya, Tuesday April 15, 2003.
> be me, shitty undergrad researcher
> PI calls me over to ask me something
> "Anon can you aliquot the estrogen?"
> but that's shittier undergrad female's job
> "Yea, she got exposed messed up her menstrual cycle"
> only male in the lab so accidental exposure wouldn't be as bad
> "Be sure to wear a mask and gloves"
> only respirator is broken
> just nut up and do it anyways
> develop a cough from the powder and feel vulnerable and moody for the next couple of days
> mfw
File: 1488637728862.png (336 KB, 960x1280)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
>security contractor
>working in industrial pharmaceutical production lab
>director of security instructs me to go to particular room in particular hall way
>put on lab coat, booties, and bouffant
>step through air lock into room
>no one in room
>powder, solvents, and positive pressure suits scattered all over
>step back out
>check room production label
>hallway full of "dea dispensed" bulk material for the batch
>pure bulk oxy powder all over booties

considering you can kick up some dust and OD, I had hoped the security director would have known to not send me there, or would have at least posted someone there until the room was locked down and the dispensed material was moved back into the vault... nope, should have checked the label prior to entry. kicked off booties, told director he sent me to dirty room, left.
It´s weird because i know someone that worked with asbestos for 20+ years without a single problem, he is 88 and even if he gets cancer from it now it´s not like it will make any real difference in his life expectancy.
From what he told me probably didn't use any protection ever.

Then we have my cousin that once renovated his boiler room with asbestos fireproofing tiles and gets mesothelioma 15 years later.
You a Uganda nigga ?
File: 1502691512001.jpg (81 KB, 641x960)
81 KB
So did you go back in there with a gas mask and a trash bag or what?
>walk towards gas alarm and enhale deeply to detect odorless oxygen displacer
I see they're hiring bright people.
File: crystal pepsi puke.gif (685 KB, 500x281)
685 KB
685 KB GIF
>work for a company that rents out surgical tools (Protip: Most of the shit they use in surgery is rented or leased)
>stuff comes back bloody all the time
>find literal chunks of human bone stuck to the instruments
>technically we aren't supposed to clean the equipment ourselves, so we have no real cleaning supplies or equipment
>that means no apron or mask, just some nitrile gloves
>wash that shit off in the sink with some dish detergent and send it to the next client (it gets a real wash at the hospital prior to surgery, but we'd be in deep shit if we sent them something bloody)

And one time
>open a kit
>pick up one of our (hollow) bone drills to check it
>there's still water inside, so I use a can of air to get it out
>black goo splatters all over the inside of the tray and the table
>the smell is so horrible that I don't know how to describe it
>nearly vomit on the spot
>throw the whole thing in a bag, bag it again, and then tell the boss I am not touching it
>wash + sanitize my hands and arms a dozen times
>find out later that it was used on a cadaver (practice) and nobody knows if it was ever washed at all after the surgery

FYI after seeing the way the cleaning operations at hospitals are run I can say I am no longer surprised that people contract infections after surgery on a fairly regular basis.
>FYI after seeing the way the cleaning operations at hospitals are run I can say I am no longer surprised that people contract infections after surgery on a fairly regular basis.
Germ theory is only a theory
File: IMG_82.jpg (822 KB, 1600x1200)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
Have actually spoken here several times before about that IA soldier.

That guy had been shot 13 times, with 7.62x39mm. Three of those rounds to the head, guy was still alive.

IA at that time had a bad habit of sticking a single guy with a weapon and folding chair at route crossings. We'd head out on patrol seeing those guys, only to find them dead upon RTB. We'd call the IA relay station to let them know where to collect the body, those guys were such fucking idiots.

Wouldn't be surprised at all if all the guys in this photo are presently dead.
are you referring to Individual Augementees or something else?
File: 56b9567a8fed2.jpg (54 KB, 960x717)
54 KB
>fresh out of college
>working as a caretaker of a nature park
>basically a combination of a groundskeeper and a property manager
>only employee for the site
>there's a rental facility and house for events and shit
>get an emergency call from my boss
>"Renter's are having plumbing issues, go see what broke."
>it's a wedding rental and the place is full of bridesmaids
>"So what'd ya'll break?"
>"I dunno she took a shower upstairs and it started backing up in the downstairs bathroom."
>check the bathroom
>the room is flooded with diarrhea soup
>looks like someone poured vegetable soup into a paper shredder and tried to flush it
>at least it doesn't smell, somehow
>try to clear the clog and it only gets worse
>get splash back
>the plumber finally shows up
>A tree's roots grew into the septic system and plugged the inflow
>we get the line clear
>mfw I have to spend the next two hours literally shoveling shit stew out of the bathroom and disinfecting EVERYTHING while I'm surrounded by roasties who keep apologizing to me from 10ft awa
>job doesn't give health insurance
>I got a stem degree for this
ammonia and bleach make chlorine gas.
No i doesn't.
It makes chloramine, and in rare cases depending on ratios small amounts of hydrazine.
Huh, the more you know.
Can you throw me a sause?
File: IMG_76.jpg (784 KB, 1600x1200)
784 KB
784 KB JPG
No (if you're referring to the IA soldier, can't tell), just the shit and retarded way that IA spent their human resources. I wouldn't have stayed in any part of that city alone for a $100 million.

They did that at least a dozen times from my own experience, and ended the same way nearly every time.

We never inserted our own alone with the IA (and especially not with the IP), never more than 1:4 if we could help it. Only circumstance where that differed was our relay stations with the IA, which never had more than three Americans. They did fit out the detail with an "Alamo bag", a duffle bag full of varying grenades and ammo.

It was nice to have, but really ran home how vulnerable you were in that detail.

Green-on-blue attack this last week really runs that home.
Base water will be toxic as fuck no matter what base you head on over to. The worst offenders are the ones in Texas. Hard water with so much shit in it it's basically pouring out sand.
File: 1498547683367.png (18 KB, 300x250)
18 KB
this is the type of shit that makes me not want to enlist
>wanting to enlist.

After posting this thread like 5 or 6 times, you read some top tier scary shit that shows you the dark side of what those boys do.
File: Blood Mushrooms.png (405 KB, 2200x968)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
shitloads of chlorine gas

stupid chem students man, it burns so bad, and you think you are getting a cold with all the sniffling before the burning feeling sets in, then it just hurts, it hurts bad
>blood mushrooms

What the newfangled fuck?
The military really does only have two settings for safety don't it?
Yeah you see a lot of nasty stuff.

Does anyone still have that old story from that FOB Medic about the roastie sleeping with the locals and then bringing in her vagina in a bag?

You got it man
File: 1520803344947.gif (100 KB, 260x187)
100 KB
100 KB GIF
>STD's not even once
Old /k/ screencap of some people sharing innadesert stories. Some Anon told this harrowing story about some base roastie who brought her strange vaginal discharge in a bag and found out that the cocktail of STDs she received from fucking people who fuck goats was rotting the wall between her vajayjay and her poop chute.
Work inna print factory doing maintenance and we ended up getting some OSHA fines for this but anyways
>working on a press
>smell what smells like a burning tire
>loud boom in the factory
>small press transformer just blew and set the ink rack on fire
>grab mask from my tool box and fire extinguisher off the wall
>yell at press operator to get the fire hose, throw him my keys to the cabinet
>using extinguishers till the press operator and rest of fire brigade gets here with hoses
>put it out, get back to work on other press then figure out why that press’s transformer blew
Turns out we were supposed to keep the ink in a flame proof cabinet.
File: What the dang diddly..jpg (3.06 MB, 1900x4120)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
File: 1320720680569.jpg (17 KB, 313x286)
17 KB
>tryin to eat muh tendies while reading all this

thanks guys
What the flying newfangled fuck x2
File: 010postable.jpg (1013 KB, 2144x1608)
1013 KB
1013 KB JPG
It's all luck. My grandfather worked in a paper mill (built in 1905) for decades, and told me stories about how they used to just pull wads of asbestos off pipes for repairs barehanded. He's still around at age 80something, and while he's had a couple cancers, he's got nothing significant in his lungs.

Asbestos is probably the least of the shit he was exposed to, between the bad shit everyone knows goes into softwood pulp and the shit rumoured to be around that place...it'd make your fucking skin crawl. Shut down in 2007-2008ish, demolished a few years ago, cleanup on the site still isn't fully underway and nobody quite knows what to expect when they start digging.
the one who caught so many vd's it ate through to her asshole and she had a shit filled cunt, yeha i remember that, dont think i have it saved
I've heard surgical equipment in hospitals can be pretty sketchy and that very wealthy and in the know patients sometimes pay extra for brand new equipment to be used during their procedures.
Shit, I remember this thread
I work at a hospital, and that's the truth...staph. It's everywhere. Norovirus. And the motherfucking flu- the real flu- every year.

And I don't work directly in the hospital itself- but all of that stuff travels.

The cadaver stuff is also true. They organize teaching seminars in the event rooms at hotels, wheel in dead Uncle Harry, put a fake knee in him, and then WASH ALL THE SHIT LIKE BONE AND MARROW down the sink in the hotel. Fucking yuck!
>tfw got a staph infection in my blood at home
think i almost died lmao
File: 3m.jpg (13 KB, 450x345)
13 KB
Be me working as an industrial painter during a coal plant outage. Myself and several coworkers are painting the inside of a freshly sand blasted, living room sized tank that housed some sort of toxic material. We're using an exotic industrial epoxy paint. It doesn't smell too bad, sort of like licorice so nobody's really too worried. I wear a respirator anyway because I'm paranoid about paint chemicals, nobody else does. The next morning they were all so messed up that they had to call in sick for the day, lol.
Post the vagina infection screencap pls
>TL;DR anon becomes a woman for a couple of days.
lol my dude you almost had liquid lungs
Oh god that is horrifying....
I had that screencap but it was lost with the porn in the great SSD crash of 2017.
I work corporate security at a tech company. One time I had to stand post outside a server room that burned up. Not sure how dangerous it was but the people going in to clean it were wearing respirators. I wasn't issued one but I did live nearby and drive home to retrieve my own during a break. Not a milsurp mask with asbestos though, I own a 3M work mask with the smaller filters for those exact situations, pretty much the same as the workers had.

I've also heard of a secure facility where prototype and recalled devices are destroyed. The lithium batteries are non-removable so they have to bend the devices to pop them out. They explode and catch fire pretty often. Everyone who works there, even the guards have massive health problems. Tech company denies everything and doesn't give half a fuck. They even threaten to send their lawyers after anyone who dares file a compensation claim.
Got the old double dragon on the Roosevelt in 2015. 2nd sickest I've ever been. Was back up on deck per demand of my CWO after the next day. Fucking sucked.
I remember dis. Someone post Nao. It was awesome disgusting
I had to burn all kinds of stuff in Afghanistan. Chemlights shoot up into the air like rockets and explode. Soviet stuff burns purple smoke that doesn't leave the ground
thread theme
>try to smell CO2
American education at work.
You clicked the wrong post

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