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Is the Kid's poetry supposed to be awful?
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i thought it was this book
I suspect not. But Delany faced the problem that a lot of authors have faced when trying to write poet characters — they can't write poetry. He's aware of this, I think. He tries to "fudge" it, doesn't he? In the thing the Kid writes for the child who falls down the lift-shaft, we get a bit of what he writes, and then Delany says something like "he fiddled around, crossed bits out, added syllables, blah blah". So we're supposed to imagine it becoming wonderful poetry.

What is interesting is how someone can be a good prose writer and an awful poet. You wouldn't think the two skills would be so different, but they are.
This isnt his first book that had a poet MC. Babel 17 also did so you would think it would be good in this, also wasnt he married to a poet? Couldnt he just have asked her.

Also i have yet to read this. Is it not worth the 900 or so pages?
The prose in general is garbage, delany is a talentless hack but "ohh he talks about sex and race so transgressive!" he got pushed as someone with talent.
I've found writers even write terrible writer main characters. A lot of them seem to write what they'd like it to be, rather than what it truly is.

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