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File: GodMazingerBoxedSet2.jpg (373 KB, 750x1000)
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What would it take to get a fansub group to tackle this show?

Suppose someone offered $50 an episode. That would be $1150 for the 23 episode show.

I feel like this show is never going to get subbed unless someone does something daring and stupid.
You sound really desperate, but $50 an episode is way too much. You'd probably get idiots trying to do it just to get the money.

On the other hand OP might just get some real translator commissioned. I have no idea how much traslators normally charge for this kind of work though.
>>16679769 not op here
I've been thinking about comissioning translators for some stuff, but I'm not sure how copyright and piracy laws might get me in trouble
>but $50 an episode is way too much
$50 is literally nothing. What are you going to do with it? Go grocery shopping once? Not to mention it would probably take at least two people to do it, so it's really only $25 an ep. It would probably take a week per episode on average, so about $100 a month. Whoa. Be careful about making someone rich.
problem is one person having to pay for the whole series
OP should probably get some friends together and split the cost. I'd pay 10 bucks a week for an episode, for example, but 50 is too much
no idea about rates and how, but yeah I've heard of people paying translators for stuff like this
I know nothing about if there's some secret wink and nod about "now I might leave these on my back porch and somebody might steal them and upload them" or if you just go "dude I like this robot show can you please translate it so I can give it to other nerds online".
>problem is one person having to pay for the whole series
I can actually agree with you there. $50 is nothing in terms of payment for work, but it's simultaneously a lot to ask someone to spend on anime fansubs. I think a patreon would basically solve this issue.
Normally I'm not into the idea, but if it would help some old /m/ series get subs, I'd totally throw up a couple bucks a week if OP had a definitive rate from a translator.
Many subbers, especially the ones who translate older anime, are wary of it. But to be honest, I see groups putting up patreons all the time for current series and there's never any actual legal action against them. If I could translate I'd do it, but I'm in the same boat as everyone else and just waiting for subs.
Ask ARR to do it.
If OP is who I think they are then that box set in the picture is their’s.
OP wants to pay for subs, not for garbage.
File: GodMazingerBoxedSet3.jpg (279 KB, 750x1000)
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Op here.

I was hoping someone would have information on how to do something like this.

I could spend the $50 an episode to get God Mazinger fansubbed, but I don't know how to go about doing that.

The only real chance of it happening would be to get in contact with a known fansub group who does projects like this, like the people who subbed Gorg, or Galient, or Dougram, and basically bribe them to sub this show.

However, I have no idea how to get in touch with fansub groups. They often don't even have websites.

So right now I could be the money guy but that's about it.

Also, $50 an episode is peanuts. I have to imagine it will take hours and hours to translate an episode, time the subs, get it looking professional, etc.
Go to Otakon and bug Discotek about it.
Try these guys
File: NoReply.jpg (66 KB, 642x478)
66 KB
Emailed them weeks ago. Picture related.
I'll drop them an email, thank you for the tip.
This isn't a bad idea for some of the stuff that has gone unsubbed for ages.

I know I'd be willing to chip in on a fund to get some subs done. I'm sure there are others too.
If ou do find a group willing to sub them, make sure to specify softsubs. Otherwise we will be stuck forever with hardsubs on one release, for the forseeable future.
you're retarded
I emailed Hokuto No Gun but their FAQ specifically says they don't entertain requests and it doesn't seem like the kind of project they'd do.

What are some other fansub groups I should email?

A big problem is that fansub groups come and go like the wind. The Shin-Getter fansub group did two episodes of God Mazinger then gave up, and they haven't been active since 2016.

Lots of other fansub groups that did good work in the past haven't been active in years and years.
ARR isn't garbage.
135 IQ, not retarded.
We need a list of things that are unsubbed, incomplete, and have crabstick quality. Availability matters too.
email happyscans
What about asking on the subbing sections of the BakaBT or Anime-Bytes forums?
-Steel Jeeg eps 33-44
-Getter Robo Go 03-50
-NG Knight Ramune 20-38
-Getter Robo 1974 34-51
-God Mazinger 03-26?
-Govarian 09-26?
-God Sigma all
-Baldios 06-34
-Dorvack 34, 35, and 36
-Ambassador Magma 11, 12, and 13
-Daiohja all
-Dendoh 12-38
-Ultrama Joneus all
-Mashin Hero Wataru all
-Might Gaine 34-47
-Machine Robo all
-Jushin Liger all
-Baxingar 20-39
-Sasuraiger 02-43?
-Mechander Robo all
-Acrobunch 03-26
File: laughing lolis.gif (2.73 MB, 328x321)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB GIF
>people paying for unofficial subs
It is technically stealing so I am against it. We do need to give a list of unsubbed things, however.
Aren't these two sites defunct? All I see is a cryptic message and a login screen.
I already donated a lot of money to Happyscans to make sure they finish translating the God Mazinger manga.

I don't think they do anime fansubs.
Listen to my advice and email them.
>It is technically stealing so I am against it.
>*turns around and watches fansubs*
They're private trackers. You need to be a member to get in.
TE spoiler guy is a profesionnal translator so pay her to do it :^)

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