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I want to know what the consensus on the newer animations were.

It's no Try

It's no Fighters
i like try.
What do people around here think of Thunderbolt? I think it's fantastic.
>Zeta movie
>Not canon
I see these charts are still trash
Why would it be canon?
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Stay mad
There is no consensus.
File: gundamguide-updated-2018.jpg (2.21 MB, 2800x3402)
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thanks bruh
That's the TV timeline, the non canon one.
The timeline jumping between CCA, F91, and Victory make it hard to even care what happens between them given how short the gaps are but how relatively drastic the changes are.

Not that I would care about Unicorn or Narrative anyway, since Unicorn is trash and Narrative will likely be awful too, but the timeline is stuffed at this point. I don't think any of these things need sequels but if anything I'd rather have Victory get a sequel since it's at least not beholden to anything that takes place after it.
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>That's the TV timeline, the non canon one.
Reminder that you don't need a chart with OPINIONS. Read a synopsis on Wikipedia and watch what you are interested.
Part of the reason there isn't an updated chart is that there isn't consensus yet
the other reason is that there *are* updated charts and the disagreement means no-one saves them


Generally disliked for cartoonish characterizations of popular characters, revisionism / not being canon, and taking so damn long to come out
Mixed opinions, some people think it's all style no substance, others appreciate how grim the characters and situations are
>Twilight Axis
No one cares about it because it's extremely short and disjointed
Not done yet, general consensus is erring on the negative side
Divers is done, and id say the consensus has more been mediocre than negative, a solid middle ground between GBF and Try
First time Gundam watcher. Tried 6 episodes of Iron Blooded Orphans, but thought it was derivative of other shows I watched over the years, and can't even name. The direction is absolutely awful - every scene feels like it was copied from another show, and same goes for the characters.
They are all awful and cliched. The MC is supposed to appeal to edgy 12 yo, and I can't take it seriously. It's a power fantasy for preteens. He wins every fight because he's the MC, and has two girls falling in love with him because why not.

Does this show reflects other Gundam shows? I just finished watching Oniisama e, which was great. I don't have any problem watching old shows, but I want to know if IBO represents Gundam in general, because I can't say I enjoyed any of it.

Pic related, it's a shitty scene.

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