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The what you're watching, reading, buying, and playing thread since the last one is on the bump limit about to be auto pruned.

No namefag drama pretty please
Watched that Five Nights at Freddy's movie last night, easily some of the worst dialogue in any movie I have ever seen in my life.
Going through Mega Man and Bass again, decided to get all the CDs this time around too. Currently finished with Rock’s playthrough and got all the CDs. Just need to beat Wily as Bass and I’ll be done and dusted
File: 1679748855345210.jpg (125 KB, 960x720)
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125 KB JPG
Granbelm, Dunbine, Figure 17
Was about to start Total Eclipse
Shinkenger, really fun and cute. Chiaki gets a lot of focus which is great because hes my fav
Anyway gonna dump my Classic MM rank because might as well
9 > 7 > 6 > 2> 4 > 5 > 1 > MM&B > 11 > 10 > 8
And the handhelds
V > IV > III > DWR > GG > 2 > CFTF
I'm watching this show where Fern is a woman who could be like a mother to me.
I'm sorry it's not /m/ like Ratatouille.
Shangra-La Frontier sure has gotten hard /m/ in the last few episodes.
just got done with brain powered, doing L Gaim

fucking zoomers
Just finished the first season of Log Horizon. It was kinda good, none of the characters were annoying, the ending theme was solid, and it has good world building, but that's about it. When there wasn't action scenes it didn't have much going for it.
L-Gaim is very cool and has impressive animation at points. Too bad it's all coated in 480p artifacing.
what did you think of BP?
Yamato is a top tier franchise. No idea why you're posting that spam pic.
It's Duelrager still on a spam rampage, just ignore and report.
>spam pic
It's an imageboard, what's the problem?
This isn't /b/, trolling is not allowed as per global rule 3.
neither is posting off topic garbage but this thread is full of that already
jannies aren't real
You're still posting off topic spam.
Trolling requires a target, and Duel is not real.
i'm on gundam victory 33 then back to L Gaim, i drop it so i'm going to try it again
I’m trying my best to enjoy this but 16 episodes in and it’s incredibly mid. Can’t believe people rate this as high as Dekaranger, Timeranger or even Carranger. Damn, I enjoyed Abaranger and Hurricanger more than this.
You okay, anon?
Don't humor him.
File: Jeremiah movie civvies.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Watched the first Code Geass movie with people who hopefully don't read this, love me my Jeremiah platonically. Best fucking character.
Sorry, are you going by my torrent/version, and did you bother to get and check my version for me, because my instinct is to get angry at you instead of being thankful and crying. I'm going to ignore the number for the second opening, because I liked the surprise for Mazinger (rewatched the opening like five times please I beg of God that Great Mazinger would have such a thing, for no a/m/ons have denied it)
Uhhh... I'll do my dogshit posts such that I trust you to remind me, but hopefully "Digimon Savers - 29 - KYS NO OPS.txt" does a remind.
Are-wa dare-da, dare-da, dare-da?[/
I want to talk to my anons every day, my Kindanon and my Recanon: life becomes vaguely fucking bearable with them and anons of /m/ and their varying and wonderful opinions and recommendations and tastes...

I wanna be him as a person, he's a sort of ideal you can point at and just- oh man. I wish I took screencaps before his Defining Scene. I will for the rewatch, Jeremiah-sama. I'm sorry I thought so little of you during R1.
why are you so gay
Obviously the fucking spacenoids
Probably the trauma, and lack of socialization prior and reinforced after, in addition to the innate autism that would bring any of the unironically lovely people here.
I answered honestly the last time someone asked why I talk weird...
File: slapped.jpg (154 KB, 1376x993)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
34 episodes into Zeta. It's okay. Very Tomino, for good and ill. Lots of filler, but most of it's high quality. The section on Earth was very dull. Picked up again when they go back to space. Then very slow. And now Haman's finally shown up and there's a plot again.
I like most of the returning cast and Kammile. Nobody else has really made much of an impression on me. Maybe Reccoa. The Titans are all very boring, except Yazan.
Worst of all I don't know who best girl is... Lila Milla, maybe, but she died about three episodes after being introduced...
File: file.png (1.96 MB, 1000x1000)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
Treated myself to the cool Nightstalker version of V-Thor. The different colour scheme really makes a big difference compared to the usual version, and I've never actually built one of the regular good guy governor dudes so that's gonna be fun too.
Watching: your mother, from a tree branch, outside of her bedroom window

Reading: École du Ciel

Buying: Lfrith Pre Production
No, I know it never reveals them because of spoiler reasons if that's what you mean
5 episodes from the end of Danguard Ace and it's a pretty good show, even if the robot fights are really short and often one-sided.
The notion that Leiji Matsumoto disliked it for being a mecha anime sounds faintly absurd, if anything he'd probably be pumped to make a father-son story about fighter pilots overcoming their respective traumas (his dad gave up piloting after WWII because he felt guilty over sending a bunch of men on futile kamikaze missions).

It's not as consistently great as some of the other mecha and Leiji Matsumoto anime of it's time, but when it's firing on all cylinders it's quite a sight to behold.

As for the ARR subtitles they're fairly tolerable, so long as you don't mind grammatical mistakes and pay attention to the cartoon instead of taking the halfassed translation (likely MTL) at it's word.
Having watched Grendizer through equally half-assed mystery meat subtitles has definitely changed my view of subtitles a bit - these ones are marginally less prone to collapsing into jumbled trash, but just like with that show I'm glad that I tracked down the old english dubs so that I'd have a more competent (if extremely corny) translation for over half the episodes.

One of the more worrying things about ARR is that the conversations about their work always devolves into the same talking points with little to no elaboration.
>"Trust me bro, they're fine."
>"Never watch them, shit's worse than crabsticks"
>"Some of them are alright, others are crabsticks pulled straight from the bootleg disks. Good luck have fun."
>ARR representatives going "Dont fuk with russha, we'll nuke you!" in response to any criticism
I get that you should ideally look into things yourself and that viewers usually expect subtitles to not be tainted by the translator's laziness or personal whims, but I'm still kinda surprised that the frequent arguments about ARR usually consist of the same few talking points, with little to no analysis/elaboration/etc.
>watching, reading, buying,
Unrelated to /m/, Linebarrel, Nothing Im broke
Matsumoto did hate it. You can find a source at the Japanese wiki.
>little to no analysis/elaboration/etc.
Do you expect people to go in-depth in every fucking thread he makes? There's like 3 every week.
I was primarily talking about the kinds of mediocre posts I see whenever ARR and their output is brought up outside of their release/shill threads, i.e whenever someone asks "which ARR subs are actually tolerable?" or something to that effect.
I only brought up the official ARR responses at the end to demonstrate that they don't care about the integrity of their output. If anything they seem to have embraced their reputation as a publisher of scuffed subtitles, posting things like "what should we destroy next?" and whatnot.
Yes, which effectively means you're trying to insert nuance into a subject in which there's no room for nuance. Everything ARR releases is garbage by their own admission, end of story.
>which turd smells the best?
ARR releases do have nuances, troll.
Do you have any commentary on those editor notes? Just saying keep your eyes peeled in the end credits of the final episode.
Would you prefer people get into extended pissing contests with a group that already pisses all over half their own work and revels in it? The board has enough issues with that kind of back and forth as it is.
I've been watching Liveman lately, doing a rewatch of Sunred and plan to get around to finishing up Shinkalion after that. Of airing shows, I'm watching Bravern, Noir, Gotchard and Metallic Rougue for /m/ things and Frieren for non-/m/
For merch, I have the Figma Sunred and Vamp-sama showing up soon and the Figma Guyver remake and Missinglink C-01 Optimus Prime whenever they ship at the end of the month.
Not that anon, but they're the only ones willing to fansub at a reasonable pace anymore. I'll take ARR over nothing any day of the week and yes I have seen raws and actual crabstick subs.
you speedwatch anyways, your opinion is absolutely worthless
>I'll take ARR over nothing any day of the week and yes I have seen raws and actual crabstick subs.
So have I, and I wouldn't. Speed hardly matters; there's enough stuff already translated that no one's going to run out anyway, unless they are the pickiest of bitches or actually speedwatching like the other anon alleges.
Good thing I've never speedwatched a day in my life. Of course liars like yourself will always fear the truth.
>no one's going to run out anyway,
I ran out of stuff.
>unless they are the pickiest of bitches or actually speedwatching like the other anon alleges.
Or they want to see something not available, that's always possible.
So option 1, then.
how about you submit a euthanasia request
File: vomitinducing.jpg (294 KB, 744x727)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
As I understand it, they're not a traditional fansub outlet so much as a loose congregation of eastern euro subbers working under the same name, that eventually gave up on their already dubious quality control.
Supposedly their Daimos release was alright, though it has since been supplanted by an official Blu-Ray.

Spitpolishing ARR's trash would be a distasteful solution (using secondary sources is largely frowned upon, ARR might retaliate by spamming the board), but crossreferencing with the original Japanese could make the process worthwhile.
I'm no translator, I'm just spitballing.

I only switched to the ARR version in place of the Italian dub (the American dubs are nice to have, but they skip a bunch of episodes) because I didn't feel right in preemptively dismissing an entire English release while watching several episodes dubbed into a southern European language I only fully understand, beautiful as it may be.
>As I understand it, they're not a traditional fansub outlet so much as a loose congregation of eastern euro subbers working under the same name, that eventually gave up on their already dubious quality control.
It's just one guy.
File: Nono.gif (2.48 MB, 1000x490)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB GIF
I'm currently rewatching The Sopranos as my main show. In between seasons, I watch a non-lengthy anime. Got done with season 1 and I'm currently watching Planetes. Next anime might be either Xabungle or Blue Comet SPT Layzner. I also got done reading Apocalypse Zero and that shit was amazing.
File: ARR.jpg (337 KB, 1393x769)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
ARR is self-admittedly a shitsub group.
This isn't your blog, talk about /m/ or leave.
I did
>Literally even the first frame is a spoiler
Wait, what do I even do about this, what the fuck?
>opening frame is Masaru dying in magma
I don't know, give up, maybe? Some shows are just bound and determined to spoil you. If you really care though, OP2 only has one spoiler for something that happens after episode 40, and you might not be able to tell that that particular one is a spoiler (or what kind of spoiler it is), so maybe start watching OP2 then?
>you might not be able to tell that that particular one is a spoiler (or what kind of spoiler it is)
Wait. Is it a spoiler because you (you, anon!) know what it is, and outside the context it'll be vague for me? I want to watch OP2 literally right now, but that seems like an incredibly dumb idea considering I haven't even seen the next-level forms yet. What do you even call those? Like, everything past "Greymon, Kabuterimon, Cactus Thing" tier?
I never hated Digimon but I think I liked Pokemon more as a kid, and schedule-wise it was harder to catch Digimon airing.
>despise Pokemon now, both the show (Ash looks inbred, Gengar that's not his gen1 Haunter, shamelessly owning a Dragonite and a legendary, the aggressive shit that Disney does)
>getting into Digimon now but it seems incredibly neglected
A post I saw elsewhere talked about
>company has so little expectations of Digimon
>TCG they wanted to cancel sold incredulously well forever, it was their best product
>every time they make a show or game they blow it out of the fucking water (th-this might not be true?)
>they literally don't have anyone as the head of Digimon planning or promoting anything
I feel everything's set up for Digimon to do well if they just get one guy who really loves the IP in charge of all of this. Also uh, asking again what games are good, my friend's playing the one with the village with a meat farm and asked me
>outside the context it'll be vague for me
I mean the one I'm talking about is. The rest of the spoilers in OP2 aren't vague in the slightest. If you need to watch OP2 as motivation to really start getting through the episodes then by all means do so. It's a good story even if you know the final forms beforehand (and OP2 actually doesn't spoil all of them, just most of them)

> if they just get one guy who really loves the IP in charge of all of this
I mean they have Habu, who runs the games. Dude clearly loves the franchise. Here's an interview he did while working on the most recent game https://youtu.be/wmyiPVOih8g

>Also uh, asking again what games are good
I mean none of them are great unless you're a fan. Cyber Sleuth is probably the most beginner friendly, it got people who weren't Digimon fans talking about it and it has a lot of QoL stuff the older games lack

Btw the other day I said I had 2 1/2 showa Ultra shows left. Now it's 1 1/2. I finished Taro and am halfway through Leo. You don't seem to care too much but I bring it up because legitimately, Leo is actually giving Mazinger Z and Zambot a serious challenge for best /m/ show of the 70s
>protagonist of current show is hotblooded but unskilled and endangers people with his reckless actions
>protagonist of former show is a grizzled veteran who's been crippled and lost all of his powers, so he's forced to whip the new kid into shape or everyone's doomed
It's a fucking perfect dynamic to serve as the basis of a show and I can't believe more franchises don't do this
I have four eps left on Tsubasa Chronicle and Tiger and Bunny, not sure which one to finish first. Which would you guys suggest?
Okay I just got to the part where Olibee is introduced. I can really see how this is kind of a thematic prelude to Zeta with its focus on gender relations, albeit I think this show has more of a focus on men's shortcomings so far then it does women's like Zeta does.
Maybe I'll just run into OP2 when I run into it. Either it was poorly planned (or they couldn't make stock/regular footage that gets replaced later like in the masterpiece that is the GaoGaiGar opening) or they intend you to watch OP2 when they want you to watch it... the episodes I have don't have the section breaks, so I'd have to just speed through it instead of seamlessly skipping it
>Dude clearly loves the franchise.
Skimming through it and yeah
>didn't even grow up with it but just took the time to really understand what makes it beloved
Recommended Cyber Sleuth but
"I don't want to play a game that's a milimeter away from being called Cyber Slut"
"a friend played a bit of it and it just looked like Persona which isn't great"
I'll maybe give it a chance if I can run it and see how it goes.
>You don't seem to care too much but I bring it up because legitimately, Leo is actually giving Mazinger Z and Zambot a serious challenge for best /m/ show of the 70s
You make it sound like I'm being mean, it's a bit of a hurdle to get into toku and I know I'm neglecting it, but I don't outright hate it. I was very impressed with the writing in even OG (aged practical effects though...) and I've heard good things about Amazon or whatever the ugly one is. I just remember really disliking Tiga or whatever the red/blue one was on Fox Box. Remember vaguely that it's actually purple but localization or filming changed it to blue? Anyway, having Ultraman be praised as Mazinger tier is a high praise though, I just really hope the costumes and effects haven't aged.
>typical hotblood, except we get that neat jaded old guy instructor + callback to the prior beloved show
Aside from Batman Beyond, I don't remember any other examples of this, even ignoring "former protagonist", this sounds nice, a bonus if it's hinted/revealed that the mentor used to be a great hero too
File: you rn.png (1.28 MB, 1282x722)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
>Maybe I'll just run into OP2 when I run into it
It's for the best. It's not just the final forms that it spoils but also major characters you haven't seen yet (but are about to see in a few episodes). It shouldn't be hard to stay with the show once the plot starts, and you have what? 2 MotW episodes left before that happens? Wild to me that you're stuck right before the point where things start going down for real

>it just looked like Persona which isn't great"
I actually think it's better than Persona (as in the battle system is more complex and interesting while conversely it doesn't have the retarded convoluted fusion system), but I have a very low opinion of MegaTen in general. But yes, they did share the character designer.

>it's a bit of a hurdle to get into toku
honestly I'm the same way and really the only reason I'm getting into toku now is literally because I'm at the point where most of the /m/anime I haven't watched is less interesting to me than checking out Ultra. It took me about ten years to get to this point but I finally reached it

>I just remember really disliking Tiga
I'm curious about this, because everyone over in the Ultra general seems to really like Tiga. It won't be long until I get to it, it's literally the first Heisei Ultra show. If I go in production order, I just have to finish Leo and watch 80, and then I'm at Tiga.

>if it's hinted/revealed that the mentor used to be a great hero too
It's literally exactly like Batman Beyond, the former protagonist is Dan from Ultraseven, you see him fight as Ultraseven in the first episode right before his legs get broken and his transformation device burned
Friends are watching Code Geass and I sent them the picture dramas, but didn't realize I missed a 30min birthday one. Haven't touched most audio dramas either, I hope to get to them this year...
>insane and loyal Jeremiah is the narrator
>also major characters you haven't seen yet (but are about to see in a few episodes).
I have a burning desire for a cool Volfogg kind of character and introduction for some reason.
>hinted that some other Brave robot exists but he's mostly just lurking in the shadows
>he's not even in the opening
>but then he IS
I'm excited for an expanding cast, aside from the main crew and family, the commander and support staff haven't done that much.
>Wild to me that you're stuck right before the point where things start going down for real
I'll watch the cactus episode today, I don't hate the cactus at all but I think it's an immensely silly design made for bullying
And the same designer probably explains the impression my friend got. I might not have that big of an issue since I have yet to play any Persona games.
>only reason is bc you're running out
I was warned about this as well, that if I never touch toku, I'll just run out of robot shows to watch and that'll be the end of it all. I liked Kabuto and don't mind watching it (with friend) but we've been doing other things instead.
>t-ten years of neglecting toku
I'd greatly recommend Samurai Sentai Shinkengers even though I never finished it. I remember just really really liking it as a kid. Great red and blue rangers, pretty pink ranger, and a very fun later-ranger. (and Shinken Brown)
I vaguely know it's very popular and beloved... I just thought the weird face and spandex looked too silly to take seriously. But not muscular wrestling, I ate Kinnikuman up like candy. Let me know how Tiga is when you get to it, I'm probably just very uncharitable to it
>get to see his last fight and pain
Sad.. also I didn't realize he was old now, that's amazing
I forgot how fucking amazing the fight choreography was.
>swords, the coolest weapon
>the ring things fit seamlessly into the theme and don't feel out of place like a blatant toy commercial
>the cgi robots are fine too from memory
>the introduction of the new ranger
>that certain twist that I know about but never got to
>that great villain cast and mystery villain
I cannot afford to pick up a 49-episode series but it's so tempting. I also realize that if the fight sequences for ultra are absolutely amazing, it'll probably win me over. I assume/hope the gross skin-tight spandex means the motions won't be slow and lumbering, and at least the hero can get some pretty good fight sequences (against lumbering costumes probably)
I thought your friends didn't like Geass

>I have a burning desire for a cool Volfogg kind of character and introduction for some reason.
okay you had to have to looked ahead this can't be coincidence

The other reason I'm getting into Ultra is that I have a little bro who actually gave toku a chance long before I did and he's watched most Sentai and Rider stuff but only ever bothered with one Ultra (Nexus). So I'll be sticking with Ultra for awhile so we can compare notes next time I see him. So far the sentai he told to watch were Kyoryuger (apparently the protagonist is obsessed with doing cool new special attacks and literally the first word uttered in the show is "Hissatsu") and Gaoranger (martial arts themed sentai he told me was "the G Gundam of sentai," apparently the antagonist is literally Vegeta)

>Entire opening is just one ranger wailing dudes musou style
was this literally inspired by Dynasty Warriors instead of actual Japanese history? kek

Anyway I told you in another thread, but yeah, if you're interested in Ultra, definitely start with Blazar. It's only 25 episodes (and bizarrely three of them are clip shows - in a show that came out last year). It definitely feels like they crammed the budget of a 50 episode show into half as many episodes. I was hooked in like the first ten seconds, the first episode looks like a Hollywood blockbuster. Also helps that it's a standalone show unlike many of the recent Ultras.
err not Gaoranger but Gekiranger rather
File: file.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
The spot next to wolfmon looks conspicuously empty... maybe the new team member will be green? Aside from Flowermon there's a lack of green. Or maybe they're predominantly yellow, we mostly have red/blue/purple. Or maybe he's a cool ice type character, I can't wait for new friends...
>I thought your friends didn't like Geass
The ones at God's house do, my best friend (whose fren/etc mannerisms I picked up on) I watch stuff with hates Geass
>okay you had to have to looked ahead this can't be coincidence
I use my spirits anon, don't you?
>only have Intuition, Persist, and Cheer in real life
>none of this really helps me but sometimes Intuition kicks in and I feel like Lelouch
Not "eh", this show's amazing. Glad you're getting along with your sibling (I have none) and it's neat that he's watched a lot of toku!
>the protagonist is obsessed with doing cool new special attacks and literally the first word uttered in the show is "Hissatsu"
Literally me, literally our guy!
>martial arts themed sentai he told me was "the G Gundam of sentai," apparently the antagonist is literally Vegeta
Mixed feelings about Vegeta but "G Gundam of sentai" sounds really promising!
>was this literally inspired by Dynasty Warriors instead of actual Japanese history? kek
No, but they're actual retainers to the actual Red lord against pretty much yokai/ancient monsters, it's great fun, and a practically unskippable opening.
>25-ep Blazar
I've brought it up to my friend who's already interested in watching Ultra at some point with me, albeit they brought up that I've pretty much evaded every single attempt of getting me into Kamen Rider and kaijus...
>The spot next to wolfmon looks conspicuously empty
Well I can tell you that the first OP does not update to have the new guy (which is kind of justified by the plot, if a bit reflective of the show's low budget), but he's definitely in the second one.

>sometimes Intuition kicks in
Well you were mostly off the mark. The new character isn't much like Volfogg at all character-wise. However, he IS ninja-themed, so you might forgive me for being a little suspicious

>albeit they brought up that I've pretty much evaded every single attempt of getting me into Kamen Rider and kaijus...
sounds like it's a good compromise then. Shorter show, Ultraman pretty much is a kaiju franchise (it just features a big alien fighting kaijus instead of kaijus fighting other kaijus, but even then there's some of the latter in the Ultra Q related stuff and certain episodes where multiple kaijus show up), and I'm guessing both of you watched and enjoyed Gridman, which is an Ultraman spinoff
I'm about to start Voltes V.
Somehow I have two releases (I hoard a lot) that are visually pretty similar but it seems the subs are not the same.
It's [AP][Simu] and [scs].
Does anybody know if any of them is better or is it just whatever?
>the only updates are for the new forms but that's it
It better make a lot of sense
And even intuition can sometimes miss, okay. Strange that that's the bit I got right though..
>kaiju franchise
I like animals and dinos but never got into kaiju, and I'll reiterate a common complaint of "it sometimes felt too focused on rando humans instead". But hm, I was the only one who watched Grid/Dyna, and I DID enjoy both shows despite their faults. Was tempted to just go with the original Gridman show, but I thought it would be weird to go backwards instead of touching something completely new. Maybe Blazar would be a good compromise as you say. There's a robot dino too..
>"it sometimes felt too focused on rando humans instead"
yeah I've definitely felt that with (showa) Ultra and in fact on account I have to retract the praise I gave to Ultraman Leo yesterday. I finished it today and the second half dropped the ball hard by moving away from the focus on the two MCs and instead just spamming a bunch of episodes about oneoff characters. They literally killed off every single recurring character except the protagonist and a young child he made friends with 12 episodes before the end, including Dan and the entire defense team in the span of half an episode. And then the second half of the episode continued as if this wasn't a massive gamechanging, emotionally devastating thing. It feels like something that happened because the budget dried up.

Fortunately, Blazar isn't like this. It only has one episode exclusively focused on a oneoff character, and it's a fun one. The character in question is a kaiju insurance salesman, which has something I've thought has been missing from these types of shows for a long time
>just a complete retraction
>just all of those pointless deaths and re-focus
Did the head writer/director suddenly change? The hell?
>one one-off ep and it's fun
Shinken Brown...
>kaiju insurance salesman
You know what, that's actually really cute
Leo aired in 1974-75 and was the last Ultra show of the 70s. They didn't make another one for 5 years. Ratings had been sinking with each successive show since 1971 and were at all time lows by the time Leo aired. I assume what happened is that sponsors started pulling out and they couldn't afford to keep paying actors on a permanent basis or continue working with all the elaborate defense teams sets and costumes

I assume this because one episode had another previous protagonist show up and give Dan something he could use to fight with despite his inability to transform (a capsule containing a monster that would fight on his behalf, something that he also had in the original Ultraseven show but evidently lost somehow), and then took his transformation device away to be repaired. Dan dies before ever using the capsule kaiju outside of the episode he gets it in, and the plotpoint about his transformation device is dropped. It seems like things they wanted to do but couldn't. I'm sure they desperately wanted Ultraseven to fight again to save the show; Ultraseven being the most popular of the older Ultra shows. It's definitely my favorite of the showa era unless 80 somehow unseats it. I got started on 80 today. It's a fun back to basic series so far. Definitely an upgrade in the special effects, it almost looks on par with the original Star Wars trilogy
File: Episode 23 Athrun.png (710 KB, 863x605)
710 KB
710 KB PNG
>Maybe Blazar would be a good compromise as you say. There's a robot dino too..
A robot dino kaiju later voiced by Akira Ishida (Athrun Zala)
Didn't get an answer to this so yesterday morning I finished Tiger and Bunny. It was kind of good, but not without issues. Every character that wasn't Kotetsu or his family ranged (also cab driver and soft speaking doctor) ranged from don't do much to outright obnoxious, plot threads barely went anywhere, world building could have been better, it had a hard time focusing on the plot, and the music was stock. I really don't get the popularity of this. Still it had solid fights, pacing, art, and animation. I get fujos like it (can any femanons or gay anons explain what you see in this?), but rivals Code Geass for most beloved anime of all time? REALLY? Still a thousand times better than Active Raid.
File: speeed.jpg (526 KB, 706x1052)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
>it had a hard time focusing on the plot
I wasn't speedwatching, the actual story kept jumping around (first half especially).
>five whole years of nothing
What brought it back from the dead?
A monster capsule sounds really cute-
>no capsule usage after
>no transformation device repair
I thought Dan couldn't fight because his legs fell off, what do you mean he straight-up dies...
Hope 80 goes well though, watched a few episodes of Kamen Rider Gaim with my friend who watched it, I can't wait for the Sengoku bit, hope the dance+Pokemon stuff is over soon. Grape Cuck just got his belt

>voiced by Athrun
I don't know how to feel about this yet!
Was either busy or sleepy, or wrangled into doing non-robot things with close friends (from 4chan dot org) to watch anything robotic... gonna either Mazinger or Seed before passing out, and maybe Seed with food if I watched Mazinger instead
I'm not entirely sure what resurrected Ultra briefly from 1979-1981, but 80 did so poorly that the franchise went dormant until Tiga started airing 15 years later. That's actually part of what Gridman was about; it was a cheap show made in 1993 that was kind of testing the waters to see if it was the right time for an Ultraman revival
You actually responded so late that I not only have I already finished 80 (general thoughts on it and showa Ultra in general here >>22463788) but I'm also halfway through the next show I'm watching, Ultraman Mebius. Mebius is part of the reason I've been watching all these old shows; it's a sequel to every single one of them made for Ultra's 40th anniversary in 2006. And its been absolutely great so far, the kind of show that fills you with hope, the kind where they introduce a dark Ultraman and he's already best friends with the main cast 5 episodes later
Very true to this OP https://youtu.be/gmbbSNWpxfc
>Gridman was something new to see how things were for toku
>was beloved enough by some people for Trigger to make a sequel
Well, I'm glad they made Gridman!
>finished Ultra already
I'm sorry...
>if there's no recurring cast it's just investigating new incidents like OG Kamen Rider
The best part about episodic shows is seeing old faces return to help... heard good things about Kamen Rider Amazon and like, some mole thing or other returns as a friend. Not glad to hear about kids running around, I don't know if I ever liked or identified with a kid-appeal/kid self-insert character.
>watched 340 episodes of ultra
>sequel to every fucking one
I'm really fucking excited to watch Turn A but I refuse to watch it until I've seen everything made prior to it, because of whatever references it makes despite being in its own continuity(?)... similar homework would exist for Kamen Rider Decade.
An evil rival being a friend, that early instead of waiting half the show... good heavens even the opening makes it feel like everything is going to be okay. Despite my "grr the show should be about Ultraman instead of the crew, even though I haven't watched enough to dare dictate what the show should be about" bias, this crew looks really endearing and reliable. And I've warmed up to side-characters and helpers enough that it would be a joy to see any of their vehicles get important intel, land a crippling blow, or even get that week's kill.
Anyone can be a hero...
Was too enthralled by the opening and I forgot to ask: why is it called Mebius while they consistently show a mobius strip
Are you retarded.
Yes but I also didn't sleep
> but I refuse to watch it until I've seen everything made prior to it
In this case I would say it's really not worth it, since most of those old shows are really not... good. That and Mebius itself has been doing a fantastic job being its own story despite a lot of references. It really doesn't expect you to know anything, and even when it does refer to past events, it does so in a very nonspecific way (for example, they mentioned that a returning kaiju that they were facing had killed an Ultraman in the past, but they don't mention which Ultraman, at what point, and under what circumstances any of it happened). Also again I'm halfway through and so far there hasn't been a single character from the old shows that has made an appearance (apart from incredibly brief scenes that had a few prior Ultras). I'm actually kinda shocked that Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra are in the OP when they've been in the show for all of 30 seconds so far

>this crew looks really endearing and reliable
brother you have no idea, it's the best part about this show
Most of the old Ultras had this theme about the Ultramen coming to protect humanity until humans could reliably defend themselves
As the sequel to all those old shows, Mebius feels like the future where humans have finally grown to be on par with Ultraman. Ultraman Mebius has needed help from this support team to win in practically every single fight; the show goes out of its way to show how everyone really needs to work together
As an added bonus, all the planes have their own super modes and special attacks now. It's almost hard to believe this in the same timeline that had all the old planes that had shitty missiles that didn't do anything
File: file.png (1.82 MB, 1920x1080)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
>Dr Hell had to beg Gorgon for help
>the kikaiju lost but Dr Hell still considers it a victory considering the Pilder's pretty badly and unprecedentedly damaged, and needs a replacement
>no guarantee in the "meaninglessly episodic and none of the episodes matter" show whether damage to the robot or lab is going to just disappear the next episode or not
It's a very good show
>would rather build fucking floodlights with chogokin than use it for Boss
Dr Hell has already won...
Also, even though it helped out a bit in the end, I could really really really live without seeing this fucking bird ever again
>Bakarasu is a crow appearing in one episode of the Mazinger Z anime and for a third of the series in Great Mazinger.

I've watched 79 and the OVAs, so it's some half of Zeta and ZZ (and V?), excited to watch ZZ...
>vague enough that a newcomer (like me!) can watch it
>but specific enough that veterans will get the references
I'm glad. Here's hoping oldies return, that's always cool to see even if you don't recognize them or know about the prior show.
>it's father and mother
1) What? 2) I'm sure they'll have their time to shine! Gotta have everyone show up to help out in the finale!
>humanity grew, and is ready to pay back Ultraman and help him out
>he doesn't have to fight things alone anymore
This sounds really really fucking rewarding for people who've watched all the prior shows, that's wonderful! Although uh, let Ultraman take care of at least one or two on his own...
>vehicles have super modes as well
Combining robot that helps out Ultraman or combines with him when- wait, I feel if SSSS Gridman has done this, then it's been done already
File: the big crossover.png (1.76 MB, 1054x772)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
I don't remember that part of Mazinger that well, but it sounds like you reached the set up for the Jet Pilder upgrade next episode. Dr. Hell jinxed himself

About Ultra, I said all that, and in the next episode I started, Father and Mother were right there at the beginning of the episode talking with each other and the OP changed to now feature all the Showa Ultras standing together with Mebius and his new dark Ultra friend. I've heard all the old characters start coming back later in the show, looks like it's happening
Either way I still wouldn't say to watch every episode like I did. They've referred to a bunch of things I've already forgotten (and the references didn't jog my memory). These are long episodic shows that don't have too many major events occurring in them. But the first two shows are worth it. Toeizinger actually feels like it took inspiration from the original Ultraman; that show does have a bit of a weapon R&D theme. Like I said, the old Ultras have the theme about humanity growing to defend itself and you can see them getting stronger towards the end of the show until the finale where Ultraman actually loses and the defense team win in his stead, showing Ultraman that he can finally return home, satisfied that humanity doesn't need his help any longer. Until Tsuburya decided to make Ultra into a big franchise, anyway
I'm curious what the Jet Pilder looks like, I'm excited...
>the OP changed to now feature all the Showa Ultras standing together with Mebius and his new dark Ultra friend.
>I've heard all the old characters start coming back later in the show, looks like it's happening
but it's not as exciting as how this sounds! The entire gang! All the friends frm across teh years!
>the references didn't jog my memory
I wonder how I'll be faring with kikaijus coming up in post-Toei versions, whether I'll remember what it did (and certainly not the name).
Ok I didn't know for certain that he was a sentient alien, I only remember a human being turning into him every week. But that's such an interesting twist, it's not even a sad loss apart from having to say goodbye to Ultraman.
Curious how the other shows did the finale... was Shin Ultraman good at all? Wondering whether it'd be a quick and easy "here's a love letter to the franchise, if you love it you'll love the franchise" watch, or if it's moreso a reward to the fans that've been keeping up. Otherwise Blazar's fine, once I finish the shows for the Seed penalty game (h-he has one episode left come on... ;_;)
>Ok I didn't know for certain that he was a sentient alien
It's actually not really clear or consistent what's going on from show to show
So in the original show, Ultraman merges with some dude's body, and that guy can use a device to turn into Ultraman. However, at the end of the show, when Ultraman leaves his body he wakes up and says something like "what have I been doing since episode 1," implying that Ultraman has been in control of his body the whole time
Ultraseven, the second show is different. The titular Ultra didn't merge with a human, he assumed the form of one (using a transformation device to return to his Ultra form). He looks like the human Dan Moroboshi, but his insides are all alien, so he has to avoid getting medical examinations or people will find out he's an alien
Ultraman Ace made it even more weird when they had two humans combine to form Ultrman Ace, and then halfway through the show one of the humans quits and the other can become Ace by himself. I just don't understand how it works at all

Anyway, that's part of why I was really excited for Leo earlier, it had Ultraseven's Dan, and Leo was the same as Ultraseven, an alien disguised as the human Gen Otori. Both knew that the other was an Ultra and they teamed up, and they both got to shared that emotional bond of the burden of being aliens trying to protect humans, and they also got to strategize about how Leo would fight even if Dan couldn't transform. Just a lot of stuff the other shows didn't have. Shame they couldn't keep that dynamic for the full duration of the show
What the fuck I didn't think I was gonna cry...

Uhhhh I hope he merged with the guy willi- oh okay. Sounds similar to Gridman..
>second one's Fighbird tier but also has to avoid medical exams in his spare time
Does it also have him being awkward and trying to adjust to human society? Is he a better human than us, like Superman?
>that entirety about Ace
Let me guess, internal disputes with the actor?
>bonding over being ayys protecting humans
The first show where Ultraman isn't lonely... like sure, having human friends is great, but it's different than someone being there who truly understands. Really wish they kept that dynamic, it sounds something intensely unique, sort of just being there for each other in a tired but persevering way. Maybe I'm just projecting a little bit
>Does it also have him being awkward and trying to adjust to human society?
No. The show doesn't focus on things like that. However, Dan's Ultra abilities do often make him aware of things that the rest of the team isn't aware of, and he has to find ways to get information across without revealing his identity
Mirai from Mebius is another disguised alien, and he definitely does feel a bit awkward. He's a bit of naive airhead, so his team does see him as a bit of a weirdo. But just as often they get moved by his extreme optimism.

>The first show where Ultraman isn't lonely
Not quite. Ace had the two humans becoming Ultraman right? But that was a huge part of my problem with Ace. They didn't do anything with that concept. They only talked about something Ultraman related like one time and they'd go entire episodes without talking at all. It's no wonder they just got rid of one of them halfway through; they were paying for an extra actor and not getting anything meaningful out of it. What Leo did with Dan and Gen is what Ace should have done
Cagali's actually really cute and Athrun's a pretty kind guy. A bit worried that I don't remember Cagali in SRW but maybe she's just a civilian in Seed Destiny, she's wearing some pretty, so maybe she's a princess just harmlessly tucked away in a castle and not in dirt

Oh, well that's still pretty cute. Cute ayys...
>They only talked about something Ultraman related like one time and they'd go entire episodes without talking at all.
The partners? And they just- that's it? Geez, yeah no wonder.. Yeah, sounds like they got it right eventually... so I guess Ace was a necessary precursor for them to figure it out?
File: 1692615205782803.png (700 KB, 1920x1920)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
It should have been me
File: ;_;.png (774 KB, 865x651)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
I don't know about that, apparently Leo was the way it was because they wanted a more "adult oriented" show after the previous show, Taro didn't do so well in its attempt to be more "child friendly" (never mind that both shows ended up having a lot of episodes that clashed with the supposed intended demographic).

Anyway before bed last night, I got to the episode in Mebius where Leo appeared
>Mebius and crew fight a monster using their usual special moves
>lose, but monster disappears
>Mebius feels a voice calling him somewhere and tells the rest of the team to take him there
>they follow the voice until they find an old man praying at a grave site
>It's Gen Otori, the human form of Ultraman Leo, praying at the memorial of an island he failed to save from a flood in the first episode of his show
>Leo challenges Mebius to a duel and wins
>They both return to human form, Gen says he can't accept Mebius as defender of Earth since he lost to both the monster and Leo
>Mirai (Mebius) looks stricken by this, Gen looks at him and repeats to him the same words Dan once said to Gen himself: "Do you think you can save the Earth with those tears?"
>hands Mirai his old gi and tells Mirai to defeat the monster if he wants acceptance
>They return to base and look up more about Leo
>he never lost a rematch, would train and unleash a new special move
>team realizes Leo showed Mebius a way to defeat the monster during the duel - the kick he used
>Mirai puts on Gen's old gi, goes out in the woods to train like Gen once did
>team drops by to check in, starts a fire using friction method for some snacks
>Mirai gets an idea
>They fight the monster again
>Mebius tries his kick
>Monster blocks it
>Mebius starts spinning and turns into a flaming drill kick, which works
>Gen sees this and is satisfied, joining in to help out as Leo
>They do a double kick combo and defeat the monster

Just an absolutely beautiful passing of the torch moment, I actually teared up.
File: do they know.jpg (78 KB, 958x720)
78 KB
>Does it also have him being awkward and trying to adjust to human society? Is he a better human than us, like Superman?

There are moments here and there where he acts a little suspicious. He does have a strong sense of justice and morality that affects the humans around him.
You're retarded since Taro was very successful and it's the longest running Showa Ultra show. It didn't do as well with older fans so they made Leo more edgy. But it's far from "adult". Ultra/Return/Seven have way more sophisticated and mature writing. When they noticed their formula for Leo wasn't working, guess what they did? Made it more like Taro, which was proven success and a hit with the kids.
Look I'm just going off information I see on the wiki, it's not like I know where I can find the source for any of this crap
But it all seems to line up. If Taro was so successful, why did they want the followup show to do something completely different? If the Leo becoming more like Taro worked, why did the franchise die for several years after Leo (also were they even really trying to be like Taro given that Leo's final arc kills off almost every recurring character and has some darker episodes like the Nova one or the one where Leo just gets sawed into pieces?)

And for that matter, again, Taro itself was not consistent either, it also had a bunch of out place darker episodes
But Leo is NOT completely different from Taro, it's closest to it than any series before.The attack team is barebones, only Dan and Gen mattered. Just like they keep changing in Taro and you don't even get to know them. The vehicles are all silly looking and look more like something out of a Carnival parade rather than a weapon. The uniforms are ridiculous just like in Taro. A lot of episodes are based on fairy tales. Also, the reason Taro didn't show up was because they modified his costume to make Seven as the original suit was gone.

That wasn't even because Seven was popular, it's because the actor refused to come back to play any character that WASN'T Dan Moroboshi. That's why you see Hayata playing someone else in one episode and why Dan's personality is so different. It wasn't meant to be Dan, sports anime like Kyojin no Hoshi were popular and they wanted to make a show with a similar tone, so it was never trying to capture early Ultra tone, it was trying to be something completely new.

And I never said going back to Taro worked, I just said they tried because it worked in the past but it was too late. Why the fuck do you think Tsuburaya keeps bringing Taro back!? Because he's the most popular Ultra after Seven, that's why!
>The attack team is barebones
but that wasn't true of Taro. I can still remember the names of the guys in Taro. Taro at least tried to have episodes focusing on the team members. All the showa teams change members around, but none of them were like Leo in how there was a new MAC member practically every time someone other than Dan and Gen mattered

>The vehicles are all silly looking and look more like something out of a Carnival parade rather than a weapon
I think they were literally just repainted from Taro, at least the car one. Seemed like a budget issue

>The uniforms are ridiculous just like in Taro
The uniforms in every fucking showa Ultra except Ultraseven are ridiculous. Still, MAC's weren't quite as deliberately retarded as ZAT's; there's just zero ways to take the ZAT helmet seriously in any context

>Why the fuck do you think Tsuburaya keeps bringing Taro back
Personally I think it's because Kotaro's actor won't return so unlike the others, they have an excuse to bring him back without showing his human form (same reason Zoffy makes a lot of cameos). I think it's totally possible that people have came to love Taro after the fact, it just doesn't seem to have been successful when it aired.
>remembering his first episode failure
>a line going to the third generation
>grumpy tough love actually had a hint for that week
>that pic
Yeah I would have teared up too
>pic is after he ate even the wooden skewers at the work barbecue
He sounds like a lovable dork
Also I hope my anons don't fight
Original MSG, first time.
Also Dunbine and Galient
King Ohger and KR Gotchard too.
File: Blushing Athrun.png (781 KB, 867x605)
781 KB
781 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (1.73 MB, 1920x1080)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
Sorry wait, why did I get a (You)
Thank you crab-san
File: Ultrasensei.png (1.1 MB, 1038x784)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Yeah, it was like an actual Leo episode, at least from the good parts of Leo
Leo would fight a monster, lose, Dan put would put him through hellish training, and he'd come back, unleash a new move and win. But it also had the interesting parts of Mebius (unique to the show, the team is already aware of Mirai's true identity so they're there supporting him the whole time) to help it feel fresh

The Ultraman 80 episode also got me a bit misty eyed
>80's human form, Takeshi Yamato, got a job as a teacher and the early episodes focus on his class
>you never see Takeshi teach his class again after episode 13 and there's no explanation
>Mebius actually fills the plothole: 80 thought kaiju formed from negative human emotions and tried to be a teacher so kids wouldn't grow up with negativity
>But no matter how much he taught, kaiju kept appearing, so he was forced to quit being a teacher and fight as Ultraman full time
>Some of his old students never forgot him
>The school he used to teach is being torn down
>Before it is, the old class decides to have a reunion
>Monster appears during the reunion
>Mebius and 80 show up to fight it, take it out quickly
>Realize afterwards that it wasn't negative emotions called forth the monster, but the feelings of the class wanting to see their teacher one last time
>80 returns to human form and goes to join the reunion and apologize for disappearing on the class, 25 years later

The show's other returning Ultras weren't so emotional, unfortunately. Anyway, I'm watching Tiga next, curious to see if it's as poor as you remember.
>they're there supporting him the whole time
Where is my "please... you don't have to do this alone, please rely on us more" moment
>he had a reason for his teaching, it was to stop the kaiju and protect humanity
>they really really wanted to see their teacher again
Man... ;_;
>curious to see if it's as poor as you remember.
It's probably not. Although maybe toggle the dub if you have it and see if that's why it was silly.
>silly, and dumbass dub
>muscle and spandex
>started off as a toku parody, no less
I have no idea why I picked up Ultimate Muscle the way I did. (Is the upcoming anime /m/? Aside from "used to be an Ultraman parody", I don't know if it does. Not sure if I saw threads for it on /m/ or /a/)
Personally I think it's because Kotaro's actor won't return so unlike the others, they have an excuse to bring him back without showing his human form (same reason Zoffy makes a lot of cameos). I think it's totally possible that people have came to love Taro after the fact, it just doesn't seem to have been successful when it aired.
Explain now why Taro got a movie of his own in the 1980s. Showing his childhood and how it firmly established the Ultra universe canon with the first depiction of the Land of Light. Also, the highest rating Leo ever got was the average rating for Taro, it was huge drop in ratings, that combined to the oil crisis is what killed the series for a while. But when they made Ultraman Story in 1984, Leo and 80 were barely acknowledged. They went back 2 series to give the spotlight to a “failure” of a series according to you.
The first paragraph here was supposed to be in green text, but 4chan is not letting me delete it for whatever reason
Not that anon you were talking with before...

>(also were they even really trying to be like Taro given that Leo's final arc kills off almost every recurring character

That's just for the big transition episode though. Afterwards they generally even avoid mentioning them all outside of a couple of times (which often results in Gen being treated like he was just a civilian, not a member of a defense force when he investigates the later monsters).

>Explain now why Taro got a movie of his own in the 1980s. Showing his childhood and how it firmly established the Ultra universe canon with the first depiction of the Land of Light.

That movie was half recap though, not an actual full movie. Note also that the movie was written specifically to retcon Taro's backstory, allowing him to exist without an actor, so they could use him with just a cheap VA. No way they'd have done that and gotten away with it if were a series people actually loved. But then Ultraman Story Taro completely superseded tv show Taro.

The Land of Light was shown in both Taro and Leo too though.

Anyway, Ultraman Taro was a drop in a ratings from previous series (22% average for Returns, 18 for Ace, 17 for Taro then 10 for Leo), but Leo was an even bigger drop in ratings coming from Taro, thus the attempt to make things more Taro-like later in the show. Because at that point they -wish- they had Taro's numbers. Obviously in the end it was too little, too late and Ultraman was just dead on tv for years.
>Where is my "please... you don't have to do this alone, please rely on us more" moment
moment, he says, as if there's only one

Tiga started off pretty interesting. Ultraman seems to not be an alien in this timeline, but rather a construct developed by a precursor civilization. Also he can turn himself either completely red or completely blue and I'm not sure what doing either accomplishes but I got a lot left to watch

It did well in reruns, maybe, I don't know. Obviously this stuff was made quite a bit later than the original show
Also Taro is pretty much the only showa Ultra to drop any lore whatsoever. It's definitely the one I'd go with as the basis of a new story
You seem to be taking this very personally and strawmanning me. I never said Leo or 80 were popular or that I liked them. Taro is better than both.
Aside from Kaworu, Gaara (dubbed), the weirdo from Fate Zero, Psycho Pass buddy, Cavendish (manga), I don't recognize most of these characters...
Not as evident in Seed, but he has a very young and soothing voice, here's to his long health
>as if there's only one
I need it...
>precursor civ
>red or blue
I swear I was told something something about how it's purple, but something about the quality makes it look like blue. And they're different forms for better uhhhh specialization?
Red is for strength and purple for speed/aerial, while the regular form is balanced, according to >>>wikipedia
>4Kids' adaptation served as a parody of the original Ultraman series' English adaptation
>The dub included tongue-in-cheek dialogue, which changed the personalities for some characters such as Captain Iruma, who was changed from a smart, level-headed individual to an airhead.
>Erica Schroeder (who voiced Rena) claimed that part of the reason for Ultraman Tiga's limited success in the U.S. was due to 4Kids' indecision whether to satirize the show or make it serious.
This explains so fucking much
Hiroya Ishimaru is not exactly a cheap voice actor, you know, he was the OG Koji Kabuto and the official voice of Jackie Chan to this day, and that was when he was at the peak of it popularity.

And yes, Ace had better ratings than Taro, mosly being carried over from Return. But no way in hell he was ever more popular than Taro, especially with children. It suffered several retcons which never happened in Taro and that's because it wasn't selling merchandise. The Super Beasts sold remarkably poorly and Taro recovered those losses by focusing on the Ultra Brothers for their Soft Vinyl line. It was one of the best fiscal years for the Ultra series. The ZAT vehicles sold really too. Taro was a hit for everyone except the adult fans, but that wasn't the target demographic anyway.
File: 1665034927885734.gif (479 KB, 220x168)
479 KB
479 KB GIF
Wanted to see the Jet Pilder, but I must fulfill the Seed Oath, which at least finally got me to a wonderful moment, picrel. Seems like we're getting the GM equivalents soon, from the requested data and preview, even though they look like Gundams... not everything has to be a Gundam! Maybe I'm just sleepy, but I think it would be fine for sales if they just showed how cool some supporting mechs can be, even if they don't have the iconic :<< face
>SD World kits are in abundance, but literally (figuratively) every character is some spiky and overdesigned Gundam
Give me the Sima Yi Nightingale and other fun and scary uniques, I even appreciate the desert dog things in Seed, just from the novelty of the "flat wheels good on sand, we put a lot of thought into this" in-universe idea
Wait no, I didn't see the other parts of this gif! They just reused the capn footage... Also I see Flay joins the bridge crew, which I guess is better than her going psychotic in a mobile suit
File: Posing.png (1 MB, 867x583)
1 MB
File: file.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
>Z was out of commission for the ENTIRE episode, the predictable "last-minute Pilder rescue" did NOT occur
>Sayaka and Boss did ok enough to get praised by Koji while they were resting
>Brocken seethes gloriously
>Gorgon's kikaijus are consistently a bit more rude, rebellious, and arrogant than Dr Hell's
>victory goes to Misato (and Shiro) planting killer landmines and Koji baiting the kikaiju like a field commander, just as the episode promised
Disappointed yet amazed that we didn't see the Jet Pilder... which has full-on rockets instead of the fans! I thought for sure it would just be the regular Hover Pilder + side-jets to make it faster. I'll befriend the Jet Pilder maybe tomorrow...

It being a trio of goobers and a new all-female trio gave me Tri-Star vibes, switched around to the good side, but they could just be test pilots for all I know.
>>Gorgon's kikaijus are consistently a bit more rude, rebellious, and arrogant than Dr Hell's
I don't even remember him sending any out, but either how can you tell the difference when they don't even speak?

Also I'm shocked at Tiga receiving a 4kids dub, I'm like 8 episodes in and almost every episode has had someone dying so far, not to mention tackling complex subjects like divorce and irreconcilable culture clash
It is really good though. Aside from the very stiff early CG flight scenes anyway, it's a gorgeous looking show. And the writing's on point, with fast-paced, dense episodes. Feel like I can't blink or I'll miss an important detail
I dug up the email address I used for my Singapore PSN account, so now I'm replaying SRW VXT while I wait on FF7 Rebirth. I'm halfway through V's second-to-last stage, I'll move on to X after I beat it.
Finished Tsubasa Chronicle yesterday, great stuff overall even if it is unfinished. Also watched Mars Attacks for the first time in two decades. Mostly excellent, pacing was slow as hell though. And yes, Mars Attacks is indeed /m/ related. It had a toy robot and the best James Bond actor.
Just finished a low budget horror movie from 1982 called Nightbeast. Good, but not great, the editing and video quality were inconsistent and it had an unnecessary sex scene, but the first half was action packed and the pacing was fast.
Zeorymer. Toshihiko Seki's voice acting in that OVA is i/m/peccable
Not /m/ retard.

I just got done watching my blue submarine no6 laserdiscs and never saw the creators eye making of video thing at the end of the final episode before.
I love plesant surprises.
40 episodes into L-Gaim. Really enjoying the plot so far and the fight with Full Flat was total K I N O. I feel though I've kind of lost sight of the message though. I still feel it's going for a focus on issues with men and their "masculinity" with Daba's youthful bravado, his ambition, and him stepping up to taking responsibility to lead the rebels, along with the fact that it's a prelude to Zeta, which shares some themes about gender relations and manhood (I also understood that show far better upon rewatch). I suppose part of it has to do with some of the statements about "loneliness" which kind of befuddle me. Is Daba going at it "alone" because he's afraid of stepping up to podium so to speak? The subs on youtube have been a little wonky so far so that could explain some of it.
I also really wish this gets a BD remaster at some point. Some really lovely mecha animation underneath all the deep frying.
Fuck off tourist.
Started playing G Generation Genesis. It's my first G Generation game and I'm surprised by how different it actually is from SRW. Things like having multiple levels to a battle, putting together custom squads, capturing enemy suits to use, being able to deploy SFS, and warships taking up so much space on a map make it pretty unique.
I already got spoiled on the Amandara = Posaydal reveal but wow the entire Full Flat arc has been really riveting.
>I don't even remember him sending any out, but either how can you tell the difference when they don't even speak?
They're under Ashura or Brocken's command and they bully or disobey them, whereas we've generally only seen them do that under Dr Hell's command for his amusement, or it's otherwise something of note or given prior mention, like the proud 1v1 sniper or the peaceful spartan/tribal. The weird tailed monster scares the shit out of Ashura and the deer thing just ignores Brocken's orders about attacking the undefended lab and instead got baited by Koji's heli and tank. Maybe I'm just overthinking it, but I'm just giving the show the charity it's due.
>everyone dying
I could not tell you what happened in the dub, maybe we got "hey look their parachutes (only the speaker in sight, the plane and pilots unseen), they're okay!" lines every time.
A bit impressed about the other stuff, esp for a kids' show. I mean, death is hard enough, I don't know what to do about those other things either.
>pretty and fast-paced
Maybe I'll give Tiga another chance.. some day...
Going to watch Seed's final episode after finishing Zeorymer or watching some other TV anime.
File: Yuuta cry.png (845 KB, 1920x962)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
>Maybe I'm just overthinking it
Nah, it's totally in-character. All of Dr. Hell's generals do like screwing with each other after all, even if Gorgon isn't technically one of them. You gotta wonder if Dr. Hell doesn't regret using more than one at a time.

>maybe we got "hey look their parachutes (only the speaker in sight, the plane and pilots unseen), they're okay!" lines every time.
Its usually been the oneoff characters that are the focus of the episode that die, not random faceless pilots. And a lot of them have died in ways that seem nearly impossible to censor, for example
>episode about a ship returning home from space
>kaiju attacks
>Families of the ship's crew somehow see the crewmember that was part of their family even though the ship hasn't returned yet
>Team gets message that seems to originate from the kaiju
>crewmember says ship was attacked and assimilated by the kaiju on its way home
>They managed to project their consciousness to say goodbye to their families, but the kaiju is erasing them
>Tiga is losing the fight with the kaiju, but team figures that since the kaiju absorbed the ship, they can upload family photos of the crew members to the ship's computer
>brings crew's consciousness back long enough to slow the kaiju and let Tiga destroy it
>team salutes crew's brave sacrifice
>later episode has the daughter of a crew member, still says he's dead

Out of all the Ultras I've watched, Tiga would be the biggest pain in the ass for 4kids to do their usual hackjob, but I guess it's all that was available to compete with Power Rangers at the time. I can see how it would be hard to appreciate as a kid. The titular Ultra is pretty plain in terms of powers and doesn't get any upgrades. You really have to understand scene composition and visual artistry to enjoy it. Check out this fight scene to see what I mean.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNyc1B892rw&t=1000 (timestamped)
"Plain" can still be breathtaking with the right direction
>All of Dr. Hell's generals do like screwing with each other after all, even if Gorgon isn't technically one of them. You gotta wonder if Dr. Hell doesn't regret using more than one at a time.
>make them cooperate and they still bicker
>have them operate separately and they still try to one-up each other
>alternate between them and you get the standard failure, but the unused one antagonizes the loser of the week
Really backfired on Dr Hell
>check Korean DVD titles because bored
>Baron Ashura dies before Pygman shows up
This sucks ass...
>nearly impossible to censor
>kaiju didn't just kill them, it's tragic assimilation
>this was relevant enough for them to help Tiga kill the kaiju and mercy-kill them
1) That's depressing, 2) Wiki did mention that each ep was 1-2 min shorter, maybe they just removed these segments and filled it up with stock footage? But that would be insane... and I don't think they did the Power Rangers thing of replacing nips with western casts.. I think?
>compete with Power Rangers
Was Power Rangers not on Fox? No idea who was airing it in Canada, I never watched Power Rangers...
>You really have to understand scene composition and visual artistry to enjoy it.
Sir I am a retard whose closest friends are strangers on the internet
That being said, the suspense is absolutely palpable, it feels like Ultraman is about to fucking die in this battle, or it's otherwise a crucially decisive one.
>Was Power Rangers not on Fox
idk but the time period lines up, and I know it was Saban that did PR, not 4kids. Saban also tried to do western versions of Kamen Rider and Gridman, but they failed too. I guess it was 4kids that grabbed Ultraman

>it feels like Ultraman is about to fucking die in this battle, or it's otherwise a crucially decisive one.
Neither was the case; they rest of the episode was just the team going on a flower viewing picnic (albeit the ominous statue shots were throughout). I think they just really wanted an excuse for an artistic fight scene like that. Practically the entire show is littered with filmmaking porn, hell there's even an episode where they travel back in time to meet Eiji Tsuburya while he's shooting the original Ultraman

Also I literally just finished the show a moment ago. Ending was a little corny, but damn, what an impressive show it was. I prefer Blazar, but Tiga's the best Ultra I've seen so far.
File: Kira knees.jpg (164 KB, 856x1244)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
File: tomino quote.png (1.03 MB, 1062x1332)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Just finished Harlock, the music was beautiful but the show dragged a bit towards the end.
NTA but Gorgon's kikaiju tended to have actual organic-looking parts, Greek letters in their names, and were overall more powerful than normal Kikaiju.
Watched two eps of Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger with my friend, who found it enticing because everyone's a king, and my friend doesn't like/want to watch Code Geass but
>good guy usurper MC who likes theatrics and wants to topple evil uses-everyone-as-tools king, pretends to be a bad guy
>the execution of himself has been cancelled
>every ep hooks you for the next one
I am getting a lot of Geass vibes for some reason

Was Saban the Israeli- yeah the Digimon guys
And no yeah, I figured it wasn't a life-or-death fight, but it felt that way due to the way the scene was. I don't really get Art, but I still enjoyed it...
>meet the original Ultraman director
That's actually really really really cute
>finished the show
That's actually really really really fast
>Tiga's the best Ultra I've seen so far.
I'm so mad but I'm not even surprised. Thanks, 4kids!
Pottery... I should pay more attention to the ED again
A bit worried how they're related to the battle beasts, considering they're alive and sometimes-willing people afaik, and these look somewhat organic as well. Excited to get acquainted with the Mycenae, still a bit confused how Dr Hell's already just aware that they exist...
King-Ohger is like Geass, huh? My toku fan brother did say he was really liking it along with previous sentai, Donbrothers, to the point he found them almost overstimulating
Interesting to hear that. I saw someone post a chart lately about the sales of the big three; apparently Sentai's been dropping off hard since it's not really appealing to children anymore, Ultra has been going up and is making as much as Sentai used to (even though it seems to have been mired in nostalgia lately) and Kamen Rider is about the same
I mean, part of my friend's enthusiasm was how apparently very popular it is, but I have to pop in the sentai threads around the finale and ask "did it shit the bed at the end y/n please no spoilers"
Dork name... but yeah, the mechs don't look jarringly 2D cgi or dorky 3D costumes but look rather nice, albeit slightly overdetailed, and the asymmetry and 50 types of bugs isn't really bothersome once you're into it.
>can already combine on its own, but a bonus if you have more pilots and are on their land
>probably some gigagod if it's fully piloted
>apparently Sentai's been dropping off hard since it's not really appealing to children anymore
I was promised political intrigue and was bestowed it since episode 1, exciting to say the least. If it's consistently reminding me of Geass, could even wrangle my friend into it... unlikely but here's hoping.
>Ultra's been doing really great
That's surprising, I thought Sentai (timeless, big in the west too, ergo too big to fail) was the big one alongside Kamen Rider... they even have crossover movies together, didn't think that it was just KR trying to help out dying Sentai
File: Sentai Sales.jpg (154 KB, 959x716)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
What the hell happened after 2014... 12 to 7-8ish and plummeting to 5ish is so sudden
Seems like they still haven't recovered from the pandemic. Ouch
File: file.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
>jet pilder ep teases Southern Cross Knives
>we get the freeze beam out of nowhere at the end of the ep, but this is just to put out Boss Borot's fire (a-and it freezes it and Nuke/Mucha, Boss wakes up sneezing and confused)
>it's not even next ep
>we get this dork attack next ep
I was pleasantly surprised how good the "simply hold rockets to fly" moment was, but I am having difficulty believing that this will be anything unsilly

I was ready to dislike this song but it's actually pretty fun and maybe even fitting. But I haven't even gotten to this ED yet...
I watched like half a Mazinger ep before running late to church, since Seed seemed more dense to watch mid-bagel, and finished this ep now, I'm not neglecting Seed...
River, original ver. Seed's 2nd ED song, isn't in the HD Remaster for some reason.
I literally don't understand
File: Kiras and Murrues.jpg (97 KB, 856x960)
97 KB
Remaster version does a lot of changes in the visual and audio department. A bit like how LOGH does its own redrawings
LOGH's remaster seemed consistently fine iirc... although I think my version might have had things mixed together, since I swear everyone looked endearingly like shit early on.
Kira looks worse on the top-right but the right (presumably remastered) looks better. Capn Murrue always looks fine...
Also what's this about the remaster taking someone ten years
Wow the uh, the original looks really bad...
>Flay happily welcoming Kira back with a big hug
Man... ;_;
>get a new opening
>it's mostly a recap episode and a report about the Strike
Not very exciting...
File: file.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1080)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Either I drop this show or drop a colony
>new opening
>thought from the preview that Flay getting mad would be something annoying or unreasonable
>d-don't fully understand what's happening, but I feel like I get it as well
She makes me confused but not really upset
>Kira's siblings with someone, possibly Athrun(?)
This better not be some Chosen One bullshit

It's ok... I've found ED1 consistently nice though (since it hasn't stopped), we got a very sad instrumental one this ep
Also uh, what is the precise penalty for failing Seedquest, Digimanon was considering a Savers challenge, I don't- I don't know which shows I should or shouldn't be watching
> Digimanon was considering a Savers challenge
That one was made under the assumption that we'd start right away. Since we didn't, forget about it. The con is still on March 9 though, I encourage you to try and catch up before then
File: file.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
>Seed ep exploits my weakness of "thing changes in time to the music" with the new rendition of the ED, where it reiterates like in the OP how great friends Kira and Athrun are
>Cutie Honey looks pretty regardless of hair colour, but exploits my weakness of blondes by having her mainly be blonde
maybe things will be ok
Oh... I'm sorry...
>I encourage you to try and catch up before then
I am under Batsu: >>22476305
File: Honey greeting me.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Cutie Honey felt like it started weak, but it might be because I read the manga (that didn't get a proper conclusive ending iirc?), but the fight scenes are among the best I've seen so far, so hopefully that, the opening, and this gigaqt onee-san carry the show. And maybe underrated 70s show plot? I trust Uncle Nagai...
>I am under Batsu
Seems like a lost cause given the relative paces at play, but good luck I guess, if it's really that important that the other anon reads ZERO
Since he seems to also be the one making all the Mazinger webms, I get the feeling he would have done it regardless if you hadn't agreed to the silly game
File: Tetsuya hero.jpg (2.4 MB, 4207x1200)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
>it's really that important that the other anon reads ZERO
It is
>he seems to also be the one making all the Mazinger webms
He is
>I get the feeling he would have done it regardless if you hadn't agreed to the silly game
He probably would
>Seems like a lost cause
It is
But I gotta
File: me and my country.webm (3.88 MB, 1440x1080)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB WEBM
Ultraman Gaia hitting pretty hard so far
Watching: Evangelion for the first time in over a decade
Reading: Panzer! Tank warfare 1939 - 1945
Buying: Parts for my project car that I pretend is a mech when I drive
Playing: Front Mission 1st remake

I'm unapologetically a nostalgia driven oldfag
File: file.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
2 eps into Cutie Honey and already I want to be her boywife, she's too powerful
I-I can't. Venus is way WAY too powerful, especially with those lethal shoulders.
Watched the first two Puppet Master movies, first was slow paced and kind of meh while the second was just okay with plenty of camp even though the ending was dumb. 24 eps into Twelve Kingdoms and it is slow paced with a lot of corner cutting in the animation department. As for /m/ stuff is Gunparade March worth getting into?
>Gunparade March
Well there's a name nobody ever brings up even here.
Kill yourself already.
This isn't your blog nigger, keep it /m/ or keep it shut.
>Baron Ashura (female) also voiced Fire Claw
>only noticed when she was foiled and also pissed
Heh. Some things never change

>Kill yourself already.
Still too many things to watch
Puppet Master is /m/ though? They are living tiny machines after all.
Completes L-Gaim
Very contrived ending but very kino.
File: file.png (106 KB, 394x367)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Finished reading God Mazinger. I liked a lot of it, God Mazinger's probably one of the most powerful Mazingers apart from Zero, and I can see its influences on Zero. But of course several character arcs and plotpoints just never get resolved, and the ending's a bit disappointing, or at least unexpected compared to how things were going. It wasn't a bad ending, just not what I wanted.
Whereas the anime OP is jarringly calm... I'm not sure if the story/ending is the same though
File: file.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
>there's an explanation of how Dr Hell knows about Gorgon and co, rather than just seeing them on the local news
>there's an actual strategy in mind for upgrading the Jet Scrander to include the dinky but promising Southern Cross Knives, which takes actual time to work on
>Ashura and Brocken are seen hanging out, and seem like they're more cooperative with each other after Gorgon's appearance and his bullying
>not a single fucking word of complaint or bickerment while they're working together, even though Ashura is just on missile duty
>Gorgon can also fly apparently
A consistent masterpiece... albeit I still think the Giant Swing Rocket Punch is a bit silly.
>have to stand perfectly still to use it to boot
Evidently someone liked the Giant Swing Punch since it ended up being Mazinger's strongest move in a few SRW games
Good thing too since it's a more long ranged move than most of Mazinger's arsenal

I swear he did it for a Dynamic Pro Special too. I get that it's his most upgraded attack, like
>Rocket Punch Vanilla
>the one with the brace that got used literally once
>Iron Cutters
>Super Windmill Giga Punch that only(?) kids would do alongside Mazinger
Whereas I don't think any other attack was noted to have given an upgrade beyond periodic overhauls and ostensibly part of general improvements. So I do see the logic behind "this is probably one of his most powerful attacks" (how often do you end up personifying super robots?)
Tangential, but it'd be neat if Mazinger doesn't have the scrander when you have it in ground mode in SRW. I like the scranders and scramble dashes, but I don't want to see it like, all the time. I want to appreciate the regular form too!
>this is one of Mazinger's few long-ranged moves
Aside from photonic/freeze beams, it seems like that might be its only long-range attack. Drill and punch missiles and the knives? I honestly haven't tracked precisely how far the ranges have been..
File: Otome Sky Battle.jpg (3.01 MB, 2919x2137)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
Finished reading Mazinger Otome, a bit more serious than Robot Girls Z. Has way more fanservice for both robots and oppai and has a nice final battle and ending. Not sure what some of the designs are based on, although I really like their version of the Great Booster.
Maybe Zero had the right idea, maybe Mazinger should go on forever.
>when you have it in ground mode in SRW
I mean it's not even really an upgrade. There's no new hardware involved. It's just Mazinger swinging its arms
Also the Photon Power Beam is only really long range in SRW if it's the Shin Mazinger version. Otherwise it's the same 1-3P that most of Mazinger's other moves are (and all of them run off the melee stat despite all of the moves in question being either projectiles or beams except for, like, Scrander Cutter). Mazinger Z's never been much of a sniper. That's one weakness Dr. Hell never thought to exploit, I suppose.
File: Jenova M9 fly.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Ok now this is what I'm talking about!
Reminds me to resume W... wait, does it never have its scrander? Or was this recorded solely on ground mode? I know Z2's Shin would surely have its scrander

>I mean it's not even really an upgrade. There's no new hardware involved. It's just Mazinger swinging its arms
But but anon they said they were working on a new upgrade
>everything is 1-3 range and all melee
I mean, you could say the rocket punch is melee, but definitely not like, photon power beam or breast fire... Rust hurricane??
>Mazinger Z's never been much of a sniper. That's one weakness Dr. Hell never thought to exploit, I suppose.
Uhhh he did it once! Just once, a proud sniper kikaiju that Dr Hell was just- completely fine with deploying the way he was? His sense of "I want a fair 1v1 duel" honour is possibly what made him lose, but it made him a memorable foe to me and Koji. On the bright side for Dr Hell, Koji+co still haven't figured out that he has a frontline base where the missiles are from
>sorted 1290 Mazinger pics out of 2316, so it doesn't take ten years for the folder to load
How do you people do it
Mazinger Z never uses a scrander in the Mazinkaiser OVA, and therefore neither do any appearances of OVA Mazinger Z in SRW
It's particularly painful in SRW L, where you spend 3/4 of the game with a flightless Mazinger, but the payoff is that Mazinkaiser is easily the most overpowered robot in the game, making Gaiking the Great, Dancouga Nova Max God, Godannar and even Linebarrel look like jokes
I mean, that doesn't mean we have to stick to accuracy if we know with great certainty that it still has similar stuff in its universe...
>Great's wings don't go the other way in Infinity for some reason, and therefore neither does its kits and figures
>we still (thankfully) get his Great Booster for some reason in 30 and Metal Build, even though it never showed up afaik
>you spend 3/4 of the game with a flightless Mazinger
I mean, how does- ok it at least does okay in water, right? Since the Toei one got upgrades and it probably has that in the OVA as well (undepicted)? I'm glad Kaiser's doing alright for itself though.
>the implication that Gaiking is super strong
I should maybe give the original show for Gaiking and Jeeg a chance, especially since the remakes have been enjoyable.
No, Gaiking the Great is something you'd expect to be strong, and it is, but actually using it is a massive nerf in practice. Pretty much every single Gaiking unit can combo attack with either Gaiking, Raiking or Vulking, but of course, doing the GtG combination removes all three of them from the field, leaving every other Gaiking unit without a good way of dealing damage (except the Stinger and Daiku Maryu, who can still combo with each other). Even without that, you still do more damage attacking with three robots (Gaiking, Raiking and Vulking) than you do with one (GtG)

Mazinkaiser doesn't have any of these problems and is still stronger than GtG on top of that. They even buffed the Mazinpower ability to reduce the damage it receives by 25% in addition to making your weapons deal 25% more damage as usual. The favoritism is actually insane. They technically copied a lot of the animations from J and W but gave them all the biggest facelift they possibly could and also came up with a new version of Mazin Kenzan just for the game even though they could have just reused the one from W (and they probably should have, the L one sounds worse). Great Mazinger got an all new sprite. Even Boss Borot is at his most powerful in L. It's the actual Age of Fatso game
The only puzzling things are that Kaiser doesn't have Kaiser Nova and a few combos with Great even though it did have those in W. Double Burning Fire is still around at least, and it's the strongest move in the game that isn't a oneshot move
File: Age of Boss.png (18 KB, 256x384)
18 KB
Wait, there's THREE kings? That combine?? Woah... I mean, if the three are pretty strong on their own (Gaiking's at least Great Mazinger level, Vulking looked pretty strong too), then a "proper" combination of them would be like, game-breakingly insane. Like, yeah some of these games let you solo maps with your favourite, but this would be like, "can solo 2-4 bosses" tier, so maybe it'd be too broken. Unless Kaiser's unapologetically like that, then that's just favouritism

>the "Kaiser's the immovable object and Shin Getter is the unstoppable force" Castle of Iron gets a plus 25% to defense
I'm glad Mazin's getting lots of love though, it's the grampa series we should appreciate.
>Great got good treatment
>Boss is actually very usable hopefully
Aw, I wish they gave a few combos, a combo with Great sounds lovely, didn't know SRW had those. I wonder how strong the OVA's new Great is compared to Kaiser, even if we take the movie as a follow-up, I don't think there's good 1:1 comparable moments, since we see Great holding off powerful enemies on his own as well. Maybe it's better to leave the comparison ambiguous.
>Double Burning Fire is ... the strongest move in the game that isn't a oneshot move
This is actually really great. I have SD Great and Kaiser standing around politely, that gives them something new to do today!
File: Rider Sales.jpg (141 KB, 975x589)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Kamen Rider's side of the sales too.
That was like forty weeks ago anon
>a dip happens at 2014 as well
>the dip at 2020 is like, half the dip compared to 2014
What happened..
>Reminds me to resume W... wait, does it never have its scrander?

To be fair, you only use Mazinger Z for two and half stages or so in W, unless you do the secret to unlock it for the rest of the game.

People generally hate SRW K, but I ended up really enjoying using Mazinger Z in it. The Daisharin Rocket Punch was it's mid-game upgrade and ended up making it a good sniper unit in the final stages.
>Wait, there's THREE kings? That combine??
You didn't know this? I thought you had only like 12 episodes of LoDM left, and I was absolutely certain they'd already showed off everything I talked about by that point. Anyway, yes, as I said, the combined form, Gaiking the Great, is quite strong and has absolutely beautiful animations (literally every single one of its 5 moves has a dynamic kill) and a banger Akira Kushida song to go with it (SRW version as a teaser https://youtu.be/5RbdqDcHz_o), but its nowhere near strong enough to make up for all that you lose by using it.

>I wonder how strong the OVA's new Great is compared to Kaiser
Going off the game stats, they are about the same, as you'd expect. Maybe Great's a smidge weaker, but it's not really noticeable

A combination of Yokai Watch fever overshadowing Rider among Japanese kids and Drive's toyline attempting to return to just 3 basic forms before the upgrades.
>only two stages unless you do a secret
>the wheelbarrow punch was the mid-game upgrade
Yes but I'm now limited to the Go Nagai Super Robot Trilogy of Mazinger Z, Cutie Honey, Gundam Seed, and Sailor Moon. I saw the Fire Gaiking's thing and vaguely recall the doctor and preview maybe mentioned a third one, but I don't think I saw what it looked like yet. The theme is very heroic and "you're just in time!" though!
>every move has a dynamic kill, but less special
That reminds me, in terms of math, it seems more ENcost effective to use the weaker attacks (since you're running out of EN if you're bad at the game like me), so I don't end up using a lot of the more powerful moves for my favourites that I'm trying to level. I have way more favourites than I started SRW with though, so that's nice.
>Emperor was just slightly more powerful than Kaiser in V (iirc)
>Great and Kaiser are about the same if it's just them
This is lovely, this is really lovely news!

>Yokai Watch
I haven't seen this strange but adorable thing- wait no, this is the series that's responsible for the word not being spelled youkai in the west! Forever! Fuck Yokai Watch!
>going back to "just" 3 ruined sales
>implies that the 43 million modes and transformations was something that was good for sales and views
Didn't the old Kamen Riders just have 1-2 riders with 0 new forms.. wait, is that why there seems to be a bunch of Ultraman forms too?
The 2020 Rider, Saber, was dealing with Kimetsu no Yaiba and the Corona Virus iirc.
>Didn't the old Kamen Riders just have 1-2 riders with 0 new forms..

You can see sales jump a lot when they increase the number of forms during W and OOO.

And if you mean the even older Showa series, note that they used to advertise past Riders as part of the new toylines, although this at some point ended up forcing them to do crossovers even against their will. Producer Shirakura often criticizes that due to how they were forced to add the past Riders to RX's final arc, describing it as a big failure of Toei's management at the time.

>wait, is that why there seems to be a bunch of Ultraman forms too?

Yeah, form changes and collectibles with powers of past heroes (look at the boost Zi-O got for Rider, Decade also would have been a boost compared to past shows if it weren't for being shorter) have been done pretty much every year after Ultraman's rebirth, aside from the newest series, Blazar, in order to grow sales.
Just watched Puppet Master 3, easily better than the first two.
And now Puppet Master 4! Best of the four so far (side not but this series has weird continuity errors). Also this one is the most /m/, literally robots with laser gun hands and a Frankenstein puppet zapping a demon. Weird how it feels like Power Rangers a year before Power Rangers aired on TV.
Not /m/ fuck off.
It very much is /m/, these movies have killer robots since movie 2. Mecha are puppets in a sense so at the very least they are /m/ adjacent.
>these movies have killer robots since movie 2
>since movie 2

>Watched the first two Puppet Master movies

Fuck off now, tourist.
>Mecha are puppets
No. Fuck off this isn't your blog.
I mean why is the dip in 2014 worse than the one from a global plague (and Demon Slayer apparently)
I don't want forty forms, I just want a cool friend to like without having to get all six hundred variations...
>the crossovers were mandated things rather than fun inclusions
Well... did they end up being fun at least? Or does it feel like watching corporate mandates
>aside from Blazar
Its colours make my wrists and neck itchy and I hope it gets a new form just so I don't have to look at blood veins for an entire show...
How many posts on this board are about waifus and the gay drama within shows that are only tangentially/m/ related at best? The answer is lots and none of you sniveling dorks would say shit if this film series was Japanese.
Cry about it, Puppet Master anon did nothing wrong.
File: mpv-shot0011.jpg (138 KB, 1440x1080)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
I watched Angel Cop and it was fucking great. Again, all I heard beforehand was that it is awful schlock but to me it was fucking great. I don't understand the prevailing opinion on the wider anime internet discussion on stuff like this and M.D. Geist at all
Characters from /m/ shows are still /m/ you fucking newfag. Get the fuck out of my board blogposter, find some friends if you want to talk about the shitty movies you watch.
I'm not the guy posting about Puppet Master and I've been here longer than you.
Sure you have, pandemic tourist.
File: Zhth2kb.jpg (188 KB, 1000x879)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Seething harder double nigger
>mommy mommy look I'm an oldfag look!
Go back tourist.
File deleted.
>movie with robots that fire lasers are not /m/
Did I jump timelines?
File: Gotchard & his upgrades.jpg (1.56 MB, 4696x800)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
The current Rider and his upgrades and this is not including his basic form changes.
Anyone play the Front Mission 1st remake? I just started it last week. It's fun as hell but I don't remember the wanzers being so shitty, like enemies one shotting off limbs and accuracy being so horrible. It makes the fights drag a bit.
You're shitting up the thread now worse than anyone. If you didn't like that guy's post just hide it and move on. This isn't reddit where you get to cry to the mods like a faggot. Go back.
You're not the real furry poster, imitator.
>ask whether I like Grendizer, because I've only read the manga but I want to get his kit, but only if I like him
>have it rightly pointed out that this is retarded and I probably like him already, get his figure while still on Z
>consider Infinitism Jeeg, as opposed to Kaiser or Dragon, but only saw Kotetsushin Jeeg
Is Steel Jeeg good? (Is the Infinitism good?) I can't pick it up yet, but I don't know if it'll be on par with Mazinger+co

Ski mask, Brave, an actually cooler ski mask, b-bee? A UFO bee???, lovely knight, uhhhh, David Bowie ski mask...
I have mixed feelings about these
File: GaoGaiGotchGar.jpg (181 KB, 843x1272)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
>Anyone play the Front Mission 1st remake?
I bought it and nearly immediately regretted it. Not sure if me having played the original SNES translated game made it worse but the "remake" is not only jank but ugly too. I might have given FM2 remake a chance but between them using machine translation and having the same jank battle animations as FM1R I'm skipping it. Shame as having to use a txt to play the original PSX game of FM2 isn't my favorite but I'd rather deal with that then touch these "remakes" again.
You still on this dilemma? Fuck off.
File: IMG_20191017_011831.jpg (47 KB, 640x480)
47 KB
I finally finished reading the original Marvel comics run of Transformers (US+UK save for Earthforce, which I will also get around to later) and really enjoyed it.
I was wondering though, if either ReGeneration One or the '84: Secrets and Lies miniseries are worth reading?
I've heard the former is love-or-hate-it while the latter is supposedly well-received, but I dunno the details about either much, really.
I've already read Generation 2 before, but I already decided I'm gonna reread it now that I've got the original run under my belt proper (plus Alignment, which I never read).

Sidenote but how are the UK stories considered noncanon in G2/RG1/'84? Bc it seemed very clear to me that basically everything from the UK stories was made retroactively canon in the US series after Furman took them over, and I don't quite remember anything in G2 necessarily *contradicting* anything (besides Another Time & Place, but I just regard that as an alt ending much the same as G2 and RG1. Not too big a fan of it anyway, felt a bit unsubstantial imo)...
That sounds about right- wait did you make that or did it already exist
Nonono sir, I ended up getting Grendizer, I was pretty set on Getter dragon, but Korean reviews actually showed a bit more leg movement/range than western reviews, so he's a contender back on the table...
The UK run is great, might be worth reading Reg-
>if either ReGeneration One or the '84: Secrets and Lies miniseries are worth reading?
They are both absolutely great to read, especially after you read G2. They're sequels and prequels technically to the US run, but Furman introduces UK concepts and UK is superior anyway due to its great extra stories, so you haven't made any mistakes, just watch out for a few discrepancies.
>he asks about US vs UK canon
I should read entire posts before replying, instead of treating it like a conversation... You just have to forget a handful of UK-only details if it comes up, but it's going to be rare/minor, like, I think guys like Impactor come up anyway. I really really liked RG1 but some people really don't, but UK+RG1 is my favourite. It's Furman using more of his same favourites, so if his favourites are your favourites, you're in for a good time. That and the ending wasn't everyone's cup of tea. Be sure to start 80.5 to get that intro/setup first.
Uhhh Secrets/Lies is a prequel iirc, quite a few characters who didn't show up in Marvel get some attention, so you're in for a treat unless like, you really like four certain C-listers
Very very excited that someone's reading Marvel/etc, I'm looking forward to how you find RG1 (there's a reason I'm suggesting G2 first though)
File: Star Gotchard form.jpg (1.84 MB, 2731x4096)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
Just an edit of pic related
>I should read entire posts before replying, instead of treating it like a conversation...
No need to apologize for being excited to talk about something, lmao. It's all good haha
>You just have to forget a handful of UK-only details if it comes up, but it's going to be rare/minor
>I really really liked RG1 but some people really don't, but UK+RG1 is my favourite.
Okay, I'll keep that in mind then, yea. Most people I've seen were either very negative or "eh it's hit or miss" about RG1, so will be curious to hear whatcha like about it too (one thing spoiled preemptively to me was that ppl didn't like Scorponok being more like his IDW incarnation despite it being a Marvel sequel? But idk much else specific beyond maybe "it was too long" for some). I'll be sure to go in with an open mind for sure, though! Again I already read G2 last year before the main comic lol, but I remember enjoying it when I skimmed through (was readin IDW then and was antsy to see the "original" vision for Jhiaxus lol).
>Very very excited that someone's reading Marvel/etc
Thanks, I'll try ta remember to post my thoughts here, then!
Yeah, I've been a TF fan ever since the first two Bay films and TFA hooked me as a kid, but dropped off in the early 2010s, when I disliked the mopey-grimdark aesthetic TF3, TFP and seemingly WfC+FoC were taking +being drawn away when a certain other colorful Hasbro property gained sudden popularity then..., and I didn't get back into TF til the Bumblebee movie.
Afterwards I got increasingly frustrated because, while learning to appreciate WfC+FoC and realizing they were a lot more bombastic/lighthearted than advertised, I was still very unsatisfied with basically everything else TF had done since I left. Which's led me down a rabbit hole of more and more older TF media, until now I've taken the task of basically consuming every TF story ever made lol. Have ran into tons of hidden gems already, so I'm super excited to keep going.
Standout TF highlights to me so far have been:
>how much the comedy in the G1 toon held up
>how much consistently entertaining Car Robots was
>how unfairly disrespected Micron Legend and Super Link really are, despite being two of the most ambitious, original, and mature TF stories I've yet seen
>how Rescue Bots somehow managed to be surprisingly charming
>that the Bay films stole villains by Furman and made them lamer, twice. Technically thrice if you count Lockdown, considering his Death's Head lineage.
Currently watching BW Neo and enjoying it much more than II, planning to finally do JPG1 after. Might also rewatch BW after reading literally everything Marvel, considering how much inspiration it took from the comic.
Oh yeah, for Marvel specifically, main things that struck me were how much I ended up liking Xaaron and Scorponok. I really liked Scorponok's crazy IDW self, so I totally didn't expect Marvel to give him a fitting redemption and actually make him sympathetic at the last stretch, he was great. And Xaaron was just great all around, like that guy actually got shit done, he was cool. Fuck Alpha Trion bro, the hell has he ever done? Why's he deserve to be brought back every reboot? His beard sucks too, only Unicron pulls off metal facial hair. Guess Xaaron's too based for modern TF, what a shame...
Amazing, thank you!
Yeah, Scorponok's a bit more of a scientist even though you never see him doing that in Marvel. I really liked the guy in Marvel, I'll say that there's a Reason why he's a bit different: it's his original head, remember how those were left with the Nebulans? Zarak became a better person, but Scorponok just got science knowledge b-but is still just an ass.
>too long
It's just 20 issues with like, I think 4 or 5 arcs. I'll say IDW had its good and bad moments, without opening any cans of worms. I still like Roberts overall, just because his 300-something page Eugenesis was an enjoyable read. It's set in the TF UK timeline, albeit the fanfic timeline of him and his pals, but I don't think you'd have trouble getting into it. It was good enough for me to still have a high opinion of him, if that's convincing enough praise.
Anyway, Jhiaxus is hella cool in G2 (and his fun toy's relatively cheap, around deluxe prices on amazon.com and .ca, trying to come up with a Getter-related backstory for him to fight my Mazingers, since he's ugly and has bat wings..)
>got into it from Bay and TFA
Very very interesting that people got into the franchise through Bayformers, I knew it would happen some day. It was Beast Wars and later G1 and Japanese G1 for me, although I should have tried to enjoy RID/UT instead of being a weird "I never saw G1 airing but I was told it's better" contrarian.
Ha ha I hope it's Ghostbusters
Beast Wars and the Japanese ones (II and Neo) might be fun. I assume/hope you've seen plenty of G1, BW is set with an ambiguous cartoon/comic backstory, I know a later Concept was intended to have Swarm origins that they never got to mention.
Ok never mind you've seen a lot! I thought it was a new task, not one well underway.
G1's not Mazinger tier but has its moments and spotlights. Was supposed to get through Car Robots but I think I only watched 2 episodes... I've heard adults praise Rescue Bots pretty highly, Prime was also fairly highly praised... Micron/Armada's praised, both subs and dubs, but I thought the general consensus was that Energon/Superlink was just bad. I didn't notice bad animation as a kid, but I do remember when begrudgingly watching, that I liked and felt bad for Scorponok and Alpha Q, not really sure why.
>hate the dumb and long toy commercial transformations, "it should be like G1"
>enjoy Brave way later on, appreciate the beauty of these sequences, realize it'd be very fun to transform your toy alongside the show
I should have given them a chance...
I swear the first three movies were just G1 multi-parter plots. The Ultimate Doom or something was a "bring Cybertron to Earth" plan iirc.
>was given Break and Dead End as a kid
>can only look at the different boxset pairings and wanting Big Convoy and Magmatron
>waited like, twenty or more years for Neo subs
>ended up dropping BW2 for some reason, coincidentally after the Mexicans showed up
I-I think it was a bit too slow for me back then. Oh but yeah, the Vok were supposed to have Swarm origins but they couldn't put that in in time.
>likes the untransforming D-lister Xaaron
Yes!!! I really really really liked Xaaron a lot. Same with Marvel Scorponok, the poor guy. Tempted to view him as best Decepticon leader if only for that lil moment. Straxus and Shockwave are pretty fucking metal, but Scorponok is friend. And yeah, I know Impactor's pretty popular, but I'm team Xaaron, he's a fun guy.
A3 did uhhhhhhh godcomputer? I mean, both of them ended up giving up their lives in god-related ways. I guess that's actually odd that happened twice
Have an ancient childhood bonus:
Hmmm I wonder if I'm having a better time with it because I had limited experience with the original game.
File: file.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
I wish I was good at video ripping and editing
>we'll drop the Mazinger onto the Institute along with the Ghoul
>you can build another Ghoul right
>Dr Hell will be mad I beg of you
>ok fine, just the Mazinger
Gorgon is such a fucking asshole, I was looking forward to liking him in Great, but I'm enjoying the new dynamic of Dr Hell and buddies being relatively helpless and have to suck up to this horrible monster. I'm sure he has his own problems to deal with in Great
Maybe. I know not everyone has a stomach for older games either but FM1 held up pretty well. It still had issues that the Remake could have solved though. Instead, the Remake to me just feels like a worse, shitter version of the same game. You could say what you want about remakes like the Resident Evil ones or Dead Space but those games were able to at least enhance and streamline. Shiny graphics with tighter gameplay is what the standard for a remake should be. the Front Mission remakes just feel like an inferior version of the same games. I'd rather have a remake that tries and fails with ideas than just failing and not improving on any of the flaws of the original. And FM2 I would have been the most leniant with since it's a game that never got released in the west officially. But the FM2 Remake doesn't even implement the battle animations of the PSX game, how can I trust it to at all improve the original when it has battle animation more akin to the prior fucking game. It just reeks of laziness and Front Mission deserves much better.
File: Front Mission--Mechs.png (105 KB, 685x496)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
They caught some flack about machine translation on Twitter, IIRC, so I think they'll fix that at least. Aside from that I agree with you, the original FM1 animations were great sprite-era work but the remake ones are pretty clunky or lifeless feeling. Still, aside from that the core of the gameplay is there and they have some extra maps and things I don't think I've ever seen before so that makes it worth it for me.
Tatsuya Ishii's other songs are quite snazzy.
I admire this guy's weird style, I wish I cared enough about clothing or going outside to dress like a crazy person, but in a cool way
The outfit he wears in this video is pretty classy
File: you groove you lose.gif (410 KB, 226x200)
410 KB
410 KB GIF
These songs are pretty fuckin groovy anon, thanks for posting them. I'm gonna check out more of Ishii when I can.
He does! Reminds me of David Bowie a bit, but he had a LOT of outfits. The song sounds familiar too. Thank you for these neat songs!
Oh yeah, most early-20s fans like me would usually cite either TFA, TFP, or IDW as what made them fans, but what we basically all have in common is Bay got us first hooked lol. Personally love the first two despite their issues, I can't help but respect how brazen and in-your-face it is with its immature personality. TF3 tried taking itself a bit more seriously and I couldn't get into it, but I get how others do. And yeah, besides The Fallen being well you know, Sentinel's characterization in TF3 was basically wholly ripped from Nova Prime.
Wait did it actually have a comeback in the early2010s, or was that a joke lmao? Anyways nah, but I'm sure you can tell what it really was :2

I tried getting into Prime several times til finally finishing it last year, and I dunno, Starscream and Knock-Out are definitely the highlights, but the show itself was really boring. It wanted to be Bay and TFA, but didnt excel at doing either, and really has no identity of its own, i feel. Whichs sad when imo, TFs biggest appeal is that as a franchise, it constantly reinvented itself so drastically every time it did. It used to be really bold.
Rescue Bots is clearly a toddler show that looks like PBS Kids, but the writing saves it, with characters not feeling "edged down" or anything; they can be snarky fucks lmao and I can see them acting exactly the same if they were in any other story. It had a good mix in S1 of G1ish sillier plots, and treating rescue operations with a surprising amount of tension and seriousness, but it starts leaning towards the former way more in later seasons. I'd love to see the characters show up again in shows/comics, it sold me on them. But yeah, you it def flew under the radar overall, especially when, yknow.. early 2010s, Hasbro cartoon with puppet animation, mature/adult protagonists, and child-friendly morals? It... definitely got overshadowed. :u
BWII was just underwhelming to me, it relied heavily on every stereotypical comedy anime trope of the era and I never vibed with any of them (Scuba rocks tho), and its art/animation was very poor. Im early into Neo but it seems to be an improvement in every regard so far, the chars are much more entertaining and likeable, despite mostly being "schoolkids".
Car Robots just fucking rocked lmao. It feels like the ultimate culmination of what II/Neo were doing, the action and comedy is at its most refined here and at a really fast pace. The ending may've been a bit too short imo, but I adored every second of the show.
It was my first time watching the UT last year and SL was a fantastic continuation to ML imo, and I loved new chars like Roadbuster & Kicker, + yeah deffo Scorp & Alpha Q. Problem is besides yea dated CG, both shows had some of the most terribly rushed dubs of all time. Armada leveled out near the end but was still overall too basic and missed the point of many character arcs IMO, but Energon was so bad it was outright incomprehensible, leading to it getting a terrible reputation on that alone. Plus both dubs also had terrible sound mixing and unfinished animation, so :P
Only actual criticism I'll give of ML+SL is that they're 30-ep stories forced to be 52. ML has exactly 20 eps of filler front-loaded at the start, while SL has its 20 padded at the end. They're both still p serialized shows so i wouldn't skip em entirely, but def abuse the right arrow key liberally or FF, lol. Oh and MLs kids suck bad, but it makes up for it imo.
Also try Armada's PS2 game, it kicks ass.
IDW gets too bad a rap imo, i blame most its shortcomings on the company than the writers. Tho I def like Roche, Roberts, and Scott leagues more than Barber, who prolly got spread too thin by bein an editor to write his own run well...

With the new comic line, I hope Hasbro gives us og's like Straxus and Xaaron yeah, lol. I have Jhiaxus and Tarn, n they're both two of my faves.
>tfw late-20s, and older anime women are just regular women now, apart from people like C.C. who are like, 400
IDW was 2005 iirc (around the time I started going on 4chan, come to think of it...) and Bay was '07? I remember seeing and asking for Spotlight: Shockwave which I still have, saw Stormbringer and Infiltration get advertised, but I think I stopped partway through those, only picking it back up in 2013, I went on /co/ at the uni library and someone was storytiming MTMTE and RID (DJD intro, Prowl Bombshell reveal iirc) which was exciting. Was excited with TF3's trailer since I thought Sentinel was Rodimus, but starting 3 I didn't really get to see them in theaters. Think I saw everything after 2 on tv except for 4. I remember liking Nova Prime back in the day, not so much now.
The IDW comics for it was fun, but I was just being obtuse. I mean, I HOPE the characters in this other thing have two legs.
Never had an inclination to watch/finish it, so I couldn't tell you. I know there's a Smokescreen that's basically a Rodimus, but I started zoning out once they started shilling Bees at you. But yeah, Rescue Bots I've heard parents say that it was actually fun being forced to watch it with your kid. The toys seem a bit too simplistic, although I think a mainline Chase is out.
It was neat that everyone had a unique characterization and accent, it wasn't as grating as I thought it'd be, but they're sort of just... there. Scuba was definitely the highlight, but I want to see Big Convoy warm up to his dumbasses..Knowing the gist of Car Robots, it seems like a good format. Similar to BW2 of initial and later antag groups, but with the benefit of some poor baddie you can't help but root for. Don't remember the characters or dynamics in UT other than my continuous hatred for humans (idk why) and Ironhide being annoying. I remember liking Kicker though, somehow. I guess because he actually did some action stuff?
I don't think I can run a PS2 emulator, but I'd recommend Transformers: Devastation if you haven't played it yet. It feels like a multi-parter G1 episode. Never got the hang of Grimlock and Wheeljack, but Prime, Bee, and Sideswipe out of all people were very fun to play. I have fond memories of racing Megatron or Motormaster and simply opting to beat the living shit out of them every time.
>Roberts made Drift a likable character
>Scott made Windblade and Starscream likable characters
They should have treated Roberts like they do people on jury duty, of just cutting him off from consulting social media, but I still regard him highly and fondly, even if I have a lot of problems with later MTMTE and LL. Got an issue and a script signed by him
>tfw the very very slow IDW2 run was supposed to give us a damaged Straxus
Seeing the other ongoing in the current line (it's about feuding ayys, but you see other fun TF-related bits), they're not afraid to touch the cosmic world already, so maybe they'll touch on other cities or colonies and not just the A-listers, hopefully. I missed Tarn, unfortunately, but it was really neat that he got a figure. I did get myself a tiny Rung though. Still not sure what to say his altmode is in my toy world.
>hooks you for the next one
Oh yeah, I was way too old for RB and only first watched it a few months ago, but I love the new mainline Chase. He's like, the only post-2007 TF character design that Legacy hasn't totally screwed up lmao; dude literally just looks like himself, and that's the end of it, unlike w/e the hell they're doing with Animated and Prime. Leaks say we're getting a Heatwave next year too, so I'm excited for that.
>Missed Tarn sadly
I was only lucky enough to get him on backorder after months, but he was worth it. Early next year there's leaked listings for a big reprint wave of the rarer figures like Tarn and Cosmos, tho!

Yeah, "Ironhide"/Roadbuster was awful in the dub, but in the orig he comes off as very charming honestly, even if an over-eager dope. His big faceoff with Scorponok around midway in the series had me unironically hyped, when he finally got to use his stupid clunky floodlights in a clever way and got a chance to have his little badass moment, similar to how we got to see Hot Shot mature and get his solo badass moment near ML's end.
Dunno what kinda PC you've got, but the Armada game emulated fine just running on my Deck; if you're using the latest PCSX2 nightly, you should prolly be fine too. I have Devastation but haven't beaten it yet, it's actually my first HacknSlash so I'm poor at remembering combos and etc, but I'm slowly getting better and having tons of fun doing the exact same as what you described, lmfao.
Still oughta read IDW2, didnt get far. But yeah i think Barber started out well and had potential, but the pacing n execution of his stories quickly went more n more unsatisfying and halfcooked. They sound good from a wiki summary, but in practice they're a painful slog, but i again don't hold it TOO against him.
Skybound's looking up, I felt it was more of the same but the latest issue finally let the protags have some major wins, so I'm more invested now lol. Also hopin they touch on more than just 80s toon chars, yeah....
Yeah, that's the next- we still haven't watched this ep yet, how did you know... think the preview also hinted that she's not just a spoiled princess, there's a reason why she's like that.
Seems like everyone's secretly a good person, aside from the initial red king whose protag status got usurped.
Been zoning in and out for Legacy, but I'll see if Chase goes on sale. I saw the reprint news for Tarn so here's hoping. With Hasbro prices going up and me being a neet, it's getting more expensive, model kits are becoming more of a priority for me these days, although I'll still grab the occasional core class on sale.
>Ironhide's a bit better in the dub, and with a better name
Alright, fair enough.
>Hot Shot mature
I think Energon or Cybertron had some "geez, was I really like that" about the new kid appeal character, which was cute. And I was told not to be too optimistic about running Sony games on my toaster, but I'll look into it again. Barber was really good at piecing together all the loose and varying ends from various writers into one coherent continuity... but then it felt like things just shat the bed after. Haven't been keeping up as regularly as I should or was used to, but it's been alright so far. Optimus really feels like the proper moral team dad + war hero with a heavy weight on his shoulders.
You said two eps, so I presumed you were on episode 3.
Yeah but that was a week ago, maybe I watched more and just never posted about it, you don't know that...
You're welcome. Been recently listening to these songs after finishing Seed this month. Figured I would give Ishii's other songs a shot since River is a nostalgic song for me in the 2000s.
>RIVER is second ending of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.
>it's not in the remaster apparently
I guess it was familiar because you linked it before. I wish I just watched Seed/Destiny when it was airing like a normal person.

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