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File: Umbra P5.png (272 KB, 1000x1000)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
Endgame Edition

Previous Thread

Twisted Desires Pastebin (Be warned they are long)
Part 1: The Start http://pastebin.com/shurgbZ9
Part 9: The Finale https://pastebin.com/ETB69rER

>What is this? Another Rule 63 thread?
No, not really. This is a thread about Queen Umbra and her adventures with everyone's favorite human Anon!

>So a story thread then?
Yes! This is a story that takes place after the Reflections comic arc You know the one where Celestia loves that Sombra from the mirror universe where everyone good is evil and everyone evil is good. Before the last thread died, our heroes have entered the Alternate Equestria determined to bring Umbra home. Our heroes have made it to Canterlot only to find it ruined and inhabited by a resistance force of some kind. What has happened to this Equestria since their last visit and what dark secrets hide around each corner...?

>So it's just a thread for your story?
No of course not! Like always if you want to write something go ahead!
If not sit back and enjoy or talk about vidya games of your choice
Oof, turn away for a sec and it's gone
"Wait!" You shout as you run up to the barrier
>But as soon as you get close, it closes on you
>The barrier goes down as the armor units turn into dust
>"Anonymous!" Sombra says as him and the others finally arrive "Are you alright? Arthas told us the Ariadne attacked you."
"Alternate Ariadne." You tell him as you turn around "But yeah she showed up to test our skill. She just got away right now."
>Putting Rebellion on your back, you check in on your friends who are taking a breather
>"So much for the element of surprise." Arthas says
>"They knew we'd come through here." Sombra says "I wonder if they'll just allow us through the wastes."
"I'm sure they will." You tell them as you stand back up "Anonymous wants the honor of killing me all to himself, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a red carpet waiting for us."
>"Are you all right, my sunshine?" Celestia says as she comes up to you "We heard the explosions and assumed the worse was happening."
"Yeah I'm good." You tell her "I just didn't expect their Ariadne to the leader of The Queen's Shadow."
>That's going to make things more difficult now
>Fighting her felt like you were fighting all seven of them back home
"So how'd it go with the barracks?"
>"Everypony is subdued." Luna says "They will not be waking up for some time."
>Walking up to the gates, you grab the handles and pull them open
>The cold wind of the wastes fiercely blows through you and the others
>Looking back at your friends, you see they're all ready to go
"Let's get going. Once were in a bit, we can decided what we're going to do for the night."

Insomnia hit me like a bag of bricks so I was out of commission
>"How was my performance, mother?" Alternate Ariadne asks
>You are Umbra
>"You did excellent, Ariadne." Alternate Umbra says "Now I know what we are up against."
>She hugs her Ariadne
>"Now go get cleaned up and get some rest." She tells her "You've earned it."
>Alternate Ariadne looks towards you for a moment
>Ariadne is now hiding Cynthia while they hide behind you
>"I want another opportunity at The False King." She asks
>"Forget it." Alternate Anonymous says "If anyone is going to kill him, it's going to be me. You already had your fun with him."
>"You do not command me!" Alternate Ariadne fires back
>It's so odd watching the in fighting between these two
>"Okay you two, enough." Alternate Umbra says before the two implode "Ariadne, go do as I told you. We'll figure out tomorrow."
>Alternate Ariadne glares at Anonymous before heading through the portal
>"And as for you." Alternate Umbra says as she comes up to the barrier "Tomorrow might be the last day you see your husband alive. If he gets here of course. I hope you have your parting words for him all ready."
"That's what you think." You tell her "To me, tomorrow is the day it all comes crashing down on you both."
>"Defiant to the very end." Alternate Umbra says "I suppose we'll see what happens tomorrow. Come beloved, let us return to our warm bed."
>As they turn and leave through the portal, the portal closes behind them
>Leaving you to console the girls
Oh boy, I'm genuinely curious as to how this is gonna go
Damn insomnia. At least I wasn't out till four
Sorry for the delay. I'm just sluggish right now.
I really hope I can blow you all away with this.
File: rainy-night.jpg (50 KB, 800x533)
50 KB
>"L-Lady Umbra..." Ariadne weakly says
>Turning around, you see that her eyes are watering up
>Pulling her into your chest, you run your hoof down the back of her neck as she begins to let her tears out
"It's alright, Ariadne. It's alright..."
>"That can't be me!" She says through sobs
"That isn't you, Cynthia." You tell her "A sweet mare like yourself could never be so cold."
>"But she is me, Lady Umbra." Ariadne says "Everything abo-"
"Shush." You tell her "You two may look the same, but it's whats on the inside that matters. You could never end up like her."
>Ariadne's sobs seem to quiet down a little
>"She hurt Lance and Anon..." She says
"The both of them already know that you wouldn't do that to them." You tell her "And besides our stallions are strong, aren't they?"
>She weakly nods her head
"So we shouldn't worry. I bet Lance is even more motivated to rescue you now." You tell her
>Ariadne finally shows you a smile
>"So Lady Umbra, does that me we're going home tomorrow?" Cynthia asks
>You smile
"Yes Cynthia, we are." You tell him "Which means you girls should get some sleep. We need to be we rested for what happens tomorrow."
>Crawling into bed you and the girls nuzzle up together for bed
File: Cute Celly.jpg (11 KB, 160x315)
11 KB
"Eris? Do you know where Anonymous is?"
>You are Celestia
>After traveling through the harsh wastes for about an hour, you all decided that now would be a excellent time to set up camp
>After all, you didn't want to get separated from anypony in the wastes at this time of night
>That's why Eris had to put a collar around your bodies
>After Eris brought the house out, she made a few extra rooms
>Like a bath for you all to warm up in
>There was one for you and Luna
>And one for the boys
>Once everyone was settled in, Eris made the house invisible to the naked eye
>Anonymous's friends have already went to sleep as have Sombra and Luna
>The only ones remaining up are you, Arthas, Eris, and Anonymous
>And the last one seems to be missing
>"Yeah, he wanted me to make a room upstairs that just looks out to the snow." Eris says "Said he just needed to think."
"Thank you, Eris." You tell her with a smile "I'll go up and see how he's doing."
>Eris nods her head and teleports onto the couch as you head towards the stairs
Finally. A good nights rest.
One moment.
>Heading up stairs, you walk past a few room before finding a ladder at the end of the hall
>Floating up to the top, you find what looks like an attic
>In the center of the room is a large couch looking out at a large window
>Outside the window, you can see and hear the snowstorm raging outside
>The room is only lit up by a small lamp that doesn't provide much light, it might as well not even be on
>Walking around the couch, you spot Anonymous laying down with both hands behind his head
>He opens his eyes and looks up at you
>"What are you doing up here, Celly?" He asks
>He sounds distant
"I came up here looking for you." You tell him "When you didn't comeback after getting cleaned up I started to worry."
>"Oh. Sorry." Anonymous says before looking back to the window "I just needed some alone time."
"Can I sit down next to you?"
>Anonymous sits up and moves his legs over to an ottoman
>Sitting down next to him, you watch the storm raging outside
>Even if it is violent out there, it does feel relaxing to look at
>Glancing over at Anonymous, you watch as he twirls his sword into the floor
>All the while he just stares into the storm
>It's times like this where you wish you could read minds
>Something's obviously troubling him
>Occasionally he looks at his ring before letting out a sigh
>The storm outside only seems to keep getting worse and worse
"Are you alright, Anonymous?" You ask him "You're usually more chattier than this."
>He nods his head
>"Yeah, I'm just doing a little bit of thinking is all." He tells you "We're gonna arrive at the empire tomorrow. I'm just preparing myself for what'll happen at then end of all this."
>You look over to him
>Now you know what's bothering him
>You're not stupid
"What will happen?" You ask him "I want to know what you expect is going to happen tomorrow."
File: 1521819590143.gif (51 KB, 500x376)
51 KB
Gacha games are a curse
File: Sadlestia.png (227 KB, 456x494)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
>Anonymous stops twirling his blade
>"We're going to stop Anonymous and save Umbra." He tells you as he looks back to the storm "What else is there?"
"Why did you look away?"
>Anonymous doesn't answer you at first
"Anonymous, I was once your special somepony." You tell him "I know when you're hiding things from me."
>He finally looks back at you
>"Why couldn't you just stay downstairs?" Anonymous tell you in a quiet voice "Why couldn't you just leave me to my thought?"
"Because I care about you too much to leave you to these terrible thoughts!" You tell him "I know you want to stop Anonymous, but sacrificing yourself is not the way to do it."
>Anonymous shakes his head and looks out to the storm raging outside
"I thought we were done with this subject." You tell him "You promised me that you wouldn't think like that anymore."
File: 1527612257681.png (228 KB, 482x482)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Hot damn! Still wish it was a human tho
>no hooves
you are dead to me
File: 1524007976419.png (402 KB, 740x720)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
I meant the guy! Dammit Anon I complain about Anthro more!
Oh, yeah...disregard that. I love you
File: 70sIHpi.jpg (105 KB, 952x532)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Love you too, Anon
Okay time to stop goofing off
File: BOOP.png (236 KB, 622x329)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>You closes look down to the floor in silence
>If only Umbra was here
>With the both of you coming down on him, he'd listen
>"I'm sorry." He tells you "I know I promised you that I wouldn't do anything rash, but Celestia did you even see that village and Alternate Ariadne? Tomorrow isn't going to be an easy day."
>You look up at him
"Of course I did, we also saw that state that Canterlot was in." You tell him "I saw that we need to free this world from Anonymous's tyranny and that's something that can be done without you throwing your life away!"
>Anonymous flinches when you say that before he starts walking towards you
"You are not expendable, none of us are." You tell him "We all are going to stop them and we're going make it back home and-"
>Anonymous silences you with a boop to your nose
>He looks into your eyes and smiles
>"Listen." He says "I don't want to argue anymore. You're right, but if it comes down to me or Umbra or even both worlds, I'm going to do what's right."
>You stare into his eyes
>He always boops you when he tries to get his way
>And it worked every time
>He's not going to change his mind
>The best you can do now is get Umbra to help
"Why do you always have to be so stubborn?" You say with a smile
>"Because I have to be." He tells you "So much is riding on our victory tomorrow."
"This doesn't mean you won." You tell him "I'm not going to let you throw your life away."
>"Like I told you last time, I won't do it if I don't have to." He says "Maybe we will just bring him down easily."
>Gods you hope so
"Well now that that's over with, will you come to bed?" You asks "I-It's really cold and I could use some extra h-heat."
>Get a hold of yourself Celestia!
>You've been intimate with him multiple times!
>"In a minute." Anonymous says "I just want to look out this window some more."
"Very well." You tell him "Don't be too late."
>As you head back downstairs, you find somepony waiting for you
Okay I'm awake
"Dammit Celly." You tell yourself as you look out the window
>You are Anon
>Why'd she have to come up here?
>Every time she grills you about this you always feel terrible about what you plan on doing
>Especially when you have to lie to her
>"Anonymous." You hear Sombra call out as he jumps up the ladder
"Sombra?" You ask "What are you doing up here."
>"I heard you arguing with Celestia." He says as he walks around the couch "I was going to come up here earlier, but it seems to have ended."
>He looks back down
>"Celestia wants me to talk to you." He says "She told me everything."
"God dammit..."
>"So you plan to sacrifice yourself for us all?" Sombra asks "Why?"
"Sombra." You tell him "Don't you remember when we went to go see your parents? After Umbra was taken?"
File: 1512258039_giphy.gif (944 KB, 500x333)
944 KB
944 KB GIF
The day of departure...
>Looking back at the portal, you wonder what the first thing you should do is
>Obviously you should go to the hospital with Celestia and Sombra
>There's something more important that you have to do
>The cold wind blows past you as the snow begins to pick
>You clench your fist
>As the gate closes, you look at Sombra
"Hey Sombra."
>He looks over to you as does Celestia and Arthas
"Can we go see them?" You tell him "I... I have to tell them what happened to Umbra."
>Sombra stops and looks unsure about what you're asking
>"Anonymous, are you sure?" He asks
>No... God no
>But you have to
>You're shaking already and you're not even there yet
"They deserve to know what happened to their daughter."
>Celestia and Arthas finally get what you're talking about and look away
>"Very well." Sombra says "If you want to tell them, then I won't stop you. Let's go."
"Wait for us at the hospital." You tell Celestia "We'll be there in a bit."
>Celestia nods her head as you and Sombra head down the cold streets to The Icy Gem Cavern
File: Spoiler Image (689 KB, 540x960)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
>Walking into the bar, you quickly walk over to the Gates of Tartarus
>The pony at the front desk doesn't try to stop you
>They know what you've lost
>Coming up to the bar, you see Rodin smoking a cigar
>"I was wondering when you two were going to show." Rodin says
>"Then you know why we're here." Sombra says
>Rodin simply nods his head before pointing to the back
>Heading behind the counter, Rodin stops you
>"She's strong, Anon. She's beat me before." He tells you "She'll be fine for now, but you better hurry and save her."
>You nod your head before continuing to follow Sombra down the stairs
>Once you reach the basement, you stare at the portal that's already open
>"Are you sure about this?" Sombra asks
"Yeah." You tell him "They need to know."
>Sombra nods his head in agreement as you both step through the portal
>Coming out the other side, you find yourself in a chillier environment
>"Of course the weather is like this." Sombra says as you both start walking up the hill to your in laws house
>As you get closer and closer, your fear is starting to override your other feelings
>How are you supposed to tell them that you lost their daughter?
>Coming up to the door, Sombra looks back at you
>"Last chance." He says
>Shaking your head, he knocks on the door
>A moment later the door opens and there stands Mama Umbra
>"Anon, Sombra! What brings-" She says before she stops "What happened to you two?! Why do you look so beat up? Why do you also look depressed?"
>"Mother, Anonymous and I are here because there's something we need to tell you and father." Sombra says
>She continues to look at your beat up faces and bodies before looking around
>"W-Where's your sister?" She asks
And thus it shall continue
Dad is gonna blow a fucking gasket
Okay I'm back
I'm kinda blocked here
>You feel a tightness on your heart
>"Mother..." Sombra says while looking towards the floor "C-Can we come inside?"
>Even Sombra's starting to get nervous
>Mama Umbra lets you both in as she runs off to the kitchen
>"M-My love!" You hear her call out "Sombra and Anonymous are here! And something's wrong with Umbra!"
>"WHAT?!" You hear Papa Umbra shout
>His voice booms through the house
>"Go to the living room you two." She says "I'll get you both something warm to drink."
>As she enters the kitchen, Sombra looks over to you
>"Come." He says "And steel yourself for what might happen."
>Taking a seat in the living room, you can't stop shaking in fear
>You heard the tone in your father in laws voice
>It was that of a worried father
>Sombra continues keeping his eyes closed
>Mama Umbra comes back after a short while with two hot cups of coco
>And behind her, you can hear the loud hoofsteps behind her
>Looking behind her, you see Papa Umbra come stomping through the entry way
>"What happened to my princess?!"
File: 1520133892894.jpg (252 KB, 596x545)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
>You and Sombra finally muster up enough courage to look him in the eyes
>All you see is worry
>"What happened to you two?!" He asks "And where is my daughter!?"
>You and Sombra can't say anything
>The words are trapped in your throat, but you just can't get them out
>"Boys!" Papa Umbra says "What happened to Umbra!?"
>"F-Father..." Sombra says "We-!"
"She was taken!"
>Both your in laws turn to look at you
>"She was taken?" Mama Umbra asks "B-By who?!"
"By an alternate version of myself." You tell him "He's using her to get me to come to his world."
>In that moment Umbra's father grabs the small table in front of you before throwing it to the wall
>You feel your heart just drop
>He's right
>How could you just let her get taken like that?!
>"Beloved! Calm down!" Umbra's mother says standing in front of him "Shouting and throwing things like a child isn't going to bring our daughter back!"
>"How can you be so calm!?" He yells "They-"
>"Your sons tried their best to save her!" She says, cutting him off "Look at your Sombra's body and the both of their faces!"
>She's referring to the bandages on you both
>Umbra's father looks at you both before sitting down
>Umbra's mother sits right next to him
>"What happened, you two!?" He says "Tell us now!"
>Sombra opens his mouth, but you stop him
>You're the one that failed to save her
"Like I said, an alternate evil version of myself came and attacked us at my birthday party yesterday." You tell them "We were caught off guard and weren't prepared for a fight."
>You look at them
"He wants me to come to his world so that he could kill me and merge our worlds." You tell them "That's why he took Umbra."
>"We tried to save her. All of us." Sombra says "But he was too powerful and as Anonymous said, we were unprepared."
>"What is all this talk about merging worlds?" Mama Umbra says "And why does he want to kill you?"
>"Where did he even come from?" Papa Umbra says in a less angry tone
"It's a long story."

I couldn't find the right image so have this instead.
Sorry everyone, it was a busy day
File: Spoiler Image (343 KB, 637x358)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
>You had time so you ended up telling them everything
>Celestia and Alternate Sombra
>The worlds
>The mirror
"And that's everything."
>"Oh sweetie..." Mama Umbra says "I'm so sorry all that happened to you."
>"A wounded heart is a very difficult thing to heal." Papa Umbra says
"Don't feel too bad about it." You tell them "If not for that than I wouldn't have met Umbra."
>"We are preparing right now to leave." Sombra says "Anonymous just wanted to see you two to let you know of the situation."
>"I'm sorry I yelled at you both." Papa Umbra says "I just can't stand the thought of losing my baby girl."
>"So you two are going alone?" Mama Umbra asks
"No we have my friends, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, a spirit of chaos, and my wolf." You tell them "We have to keep from tipping the scales of balance too hard."
>You look over at Papa Umbra
"I-I'm sorry I let you down sir."

It rained like for five minutes in this dry city and the internet and cable shit the bed for hours. That's was one of the reasons I was gone
Trips show no worry
Is she a cellist?
She's a queen!
Okay give me an hour and I'll get going here
She's our queen. No thots other than Celestia

File: 1530379369614.gif (840 KB, 462x260)
840 KB
840 KB GIF
>Papa Umbra looks over at you before closing his eyes
>"You did let me down." He says "I entrusted my daughter to you and you let her get taken."
>You look down at your cup of coco
>"But..." He says "I know you will be the one to correct that mistake."
>You look up at him and smile
"Yeah. I will correct that mistake." You tell him "I'm going to bring her home."
>Both your in laws smile
>"We know you can do it, sweetie!" Mama Umbra says "Just like our daughter believes in you, so will we."
>Tears begin to form as you hand Sombra your cup
>You stand up
"I promise you, no matter what happens to me. I'm going to see that she's safe and sound." You tell them "And I swear to you both that I'm going to make that bastard pay for laying a hand on her!"
>Papa Umbra stands up
>"Do what you need to, son." He says "Rip that hand off if you can."
>"You better return too." Mama Umbra says "Umbra won't be the same without you there."
>Nodding your head, you look back to Sombra
"Let's get going."
Early morning boop

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