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File: image.jpg (503 KB, 1440x931)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
>What's this thread about?
We write, read and comment on stories about how Anon is somehow allowed into an all-girls school of magic (preferably witch school) but he's not able to ride a broom.
Originally it was related to Little Witch Academia, so that setting is
completely allowed.
>What does OP do?
Im the designated bump slave, I can't write or draw for shit.

>If a your bin isn't here, tell me!
(In progress...)


>How can headmistress even allow a boy like you to enroll here, you can't even ride a broom.

>Magic is harder for boys

>the classic: "boy in all girl school" (But with fucken witches n' shit)

Last thread: >>32800182
And the bump train has started
File: 1453573942036.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB GIF
>First post is a bump
and page 9 again
I was actually playing with the thought of writing for this thread, but not like this
File: image.jpg (92 KB, 960x540)
92 KB
A believing heart is your magic!
File: image.jpg (385 KB, 1100x1700)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
hopefully the rest of the writefriends come back soon
And friendship is magic therefor friendship is a believing heart.
File: image.jpg (596 KB, 1665x2046)
596 KB
596 KB JPG

>Our protagonists stood outside the beautiful crystal palace
>They had come up with a plan
>Which, to it's very core, was simple enough
>Nightmare Moon had finally returned
>How convenient, right?
>The group had a single goal in mind
>Not to kill Nightmare Moon, they didn't have the power after all
>But rather to stall her
>At least enough for her to meet with Anonymous
>Cadance had made sure everybody evacuated the building, from maids to guards and everything in between
>Someone refused to exit, nonetheless
>And that person was Anonymous himself
>He refused to leave, not without Lemon Zest whom was still unconscious
>No problem, all it's going to take is just some small-talk with Nightmare Moon until Anon decides to step outside
>So our heroes awaited patiently
>The inhabitants of the Crystal Empire peeked from outside their windows
>And a line of guards took a formation behind our group
>Although they were ordered to not interfere
>As Discord offered to be the one to do the talking
>Nightmare Moon had no intentions of destroying the Crystal Empire, yet
>She would, without a doubt, head for Canterlot first
>That's what Discord believed
>And in the current situation, where our heroes were about to come face to face with a queen of pure evil and grief, no one dared to differ
>It was early in the morning, yet the birds were not chirping
>It was time for the shops to open, yet they all remained closed
>And even at this time of the day, where normally the streets would be flooded with people
>Everyone remained sheltered
>Cadance thought about everything that could go wrong
>Flurry Heart thought about what Nightmare Moon would look like
>Sunburst was thinking about which spells he would have to use if everything went south
>So did Sunset Shimmer
>Applejack and Rainbow Dash were confident, and were ready to fight if necessary
>Rarity was worried for her friends, specially Fluttershy

>Since Fluttershy was taking cover behind her back, obviously anxious about what was about to go down
>And Pinkie Pie... well...
>Look, i know i'm supposed to be a narrator
>An omniscient one at that. But even *i* can't decipher Pinkie's thoughts
>Any who, one could feel the tension in the air
>It was so thick, you could've cut it with a knife
>And the ominous silence that drowned the streets was not helping
>But what definitely did not help to calm our characters, was the sudden footsteps that echoed and resonated through the empire
>Accompanied by the rustling of metal, as if someone wearing armor was approaching
>"Maybe it's one of the guards?" the group thought to themselves
>That couldn't be, you see, as the sounds originated from the palace itself
>Whomever it was, they were coming from the castle
>And as stated before, everyone but Anon and Lemon Zest had evacuated
>Everybody was quick to realize this
>And they were just as quick to realize what it meant
>Discord prepared himself
>"Hopefully there's no need for violence." he thought
>"If that were the case, everybody on this kingdom would perish."
>The thought have him shivers
>But he shrugged them off, there was no time to be scared nor intimidated
>Given the fact that a figure stepped through the entrance of the palace
>A feminine figure
>Her armor decorated by precious gems
>Her hair, the color of sapphire, blowing through the wind
>And the swords of the guards couldn't compare against the blade alone which she wielded
>Discord had heard many tales about her in battle
>Her dexterity was remarkable, to say the least
>Her stamina, infinite
>Her strength, inhuman
>She was merciless, without fear
>And she was driven merely by anger
>The mention of her name was enough to bring fear into the hearts of the olde guards of Canterlot
File: Spoiler Image (553 KB, 760x428)
553 KB
553 KB PNG

>Discord remembered that when she turned evil, a war broke short before Celestia vanished her
>Many guards had passed away in that war trying to defend their princess
>They just couldn't stop her
>It took Celestia no more than three days to vanish her sister
>But until then, chaos and carnage rained upon Canterlot
>During battle, the younger sister still referred to herself as "Luna"
>She wasn't the one who came up with the nickname that would later be used in the tales depicting her malicious acts
>If not the same guards who fought in battle
>And those who tasted the edge of her sword named her...
>The Doom Slaye--
>I mean Nightmare Moon, my bad

another weak update, but it's just to get some green going
come back soon, writefagging
>that image
Fuck you man, you owe me new sides.
i guess you could say your sides are doomed
File: Spoiler Image (19 KB, 274x182)
19 KB
I'll rip and tear you a new one if you keep making shitty puns
File: Spoiler Image (2.56 MB, 444x400)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB GIF
how about instead of making threats, you write a fucking green for the thread?
I guess ill give it a shot
File: 1516623639091.jpg (19 KB, 306x441)
19 KB
oh shit
Hey OP, next time it'd be nice if you put the names of the Writers OR the story titles above the pastes instead of just the plain link with no identifiers
File: image.jpg (253 KB, 1280x698)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
>be you
>anon e. Mous
>you are currently eating grass and dirt.
>"Really anon, you can't even hover!"
>the bitch currently chastising you is sunset shimmer, queen of cunt land.
"It's not my fault, that green rock is sexist!"
>"don't blame the stone for your failures, your just not fit to be a wizard."
>you get up and dust off your cloak, kicking your broom aside.
>why did the school even choose you to be here
>you got no magiks, no wizard bloodline, not even a fucken pet owl.
>you sit on a nearby bench, face in your hands.
>"well if your going to wallow in self pity, me and the girls must attend to our potion studies."
>sunset then walks off with her buds leaving you alone

Again, im a shit writer, don't sugar coat your critisisms
File: image.jpg (68 KB, 555x575)
68 KB
>you just sit there, thinking about what you could do to not be a shit wizard.
>and your hungry.
>you dig through you pockets...
>three bucks and a raisin
>and it's your turn to buy food for you and your dorm mates.
>fuck life, you don't get paid till next week
>Maybe you can just buy a bag of mini snickers and call it a day.
>"nah trixie hates snickers, how about those mini kit-kats?"
>huh, not a bad id-
>by instinct, you punch the offender
>she just leans out of the way and giggles
"Pinkie, you know I hate people sneaking up on me!"
>this bundle of joy is Pinkamena Diane Pie, pinkie for short. One of your roomies and part-time baker at a sweet shop.
>"I know but I just had to try out this cloaking spell I learned!"
"Well do it to someone else, im not in the mood for your shit."
>"Ooo, nony is maaad~ Did you mess up again, come on tellmetellmetellme!"
"YES, OK! I messed up again."
>you stand up and walk town, pinkie in tow.
>"don't sweat it anon you can do it, even derpy is having trouble with brooms."
"Yeah but she can actually fly on one, like an autistic child."
>"ugh im so sick of this rude and moody attitude of yours! You need to lighten up, lets go get some food!"
"Thanks, but it's my turn to buy the food, those kit-kats are sounding pretty good right now."
>"as much as I love that idea we need some real food, like a cheese cake or a pie."
>you and pinkie continue to talk about what to get as you head to town.
File: 1514947158475.jpg (48 KB, 387x420)
48 KB
imma keep it real with u, chief
that's not even that bad, i genuinely wanna see you write more. two posts in and i'm digging it
My God, it finally happened.
File: image.jpg (183 KB, 643x900)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
>after a buying some food and making a mental note to pay pinkie back, the two of you continued the convo
>"so, it was sunset who put you in a bad mood."
"Yea, real bitch that one. Acting all high and mighty."
>"she is one of the head mistresses star pupils, she kinda earned the right to be a brat."
"Sure... She's still a cunt."
>the two of you kept on chatting till you made it back to the dorms.
>you kick open the door to your room
"Sup biiiiiiitch!"
>"by merlins beard anon, why must you do that every time you come home. Trixie was trying to perfect her levetation spells!"
>this lovely lady is trixie lulamoon, part-time stage magician and trying to perfect her craft in real magic.
"Sorry , but we- I mean I got some food for us all!"
>remember to thank pinkie, again.
>"yep, anon bought us some chinese food!"
>"really! Did you by chance get t-"
"BBQ pork, I know whats up!"
>the three of you lay out the table and dig in, talking all the while.
>"anon, trixie heard from a friend that you ate, as she put it, shit."
>you cringe a bit and pick at your rice.
"Yeah, I tried to fly a broom again."
>"it's okay anon, no one can be a perfect and great as trixie."
"No its not, I've been in this school for four months and never even made my broom hover."
>"hey nony, at least your magiks is improving."
"Sure they are, all I can do is make my wand sparkle."
>"don't fret anon, as long as trixie is here you will be a fine wizard in no time!"
>you finish up your meal and decided to take a shower.
>yeah right
>you go to the bathroom with your case shower supplies and pull out a small mirror.
>taping it five times a image shows up of a small group of nude girls
>this little baby is magically connected to piece of gum you managed to stick in the girls showers.
>thank you magicallyimpared.com
>time to make some knuckle children.

Thats it for now, need some time think.
File: image.jpg (56 KB, 492x550)
56 KB

We have a pastebin now! Have fun!
File: 1512705120130.jpg (60 KB, 195x293)
60 KB
not bad at all
keep an eye out for grammar though, remember that "your" is used to describe something as a belonging (e.g. YOUR green is good). try to use "You're" or "You are" instead. (e.g. YOU'RE writing a pretty neat green.)
other than that, keep going
The "your" thing always gets me
File: dbf2zdbesgk11.jpg (76 KB, 954x954)
76 KB

>Remember that little forest you stayed at to help Trixie with her magic?
>Well, you're back
>This place really is... something
>You can't describe it, but the trees... the leafs blowing... the cold breeze
>The smell of nature
>It's comfy
>"...Anon? is everything okay?"
>Trixie speaks up, and she kinda breaks your train of thought
"...hm? what's up?"
>"You zoned out for a moment there."
"Oh, my bad. I was thinking about stuff."
>"Trixie can see that, but i'll ask again, is everything okay?"
"...yeah? why do you ask?"
>"You've been staring at Trixie for the past five minutes."
"Have i?"
>Trixie nods her head
>Well you'll be damned
>You probably look like a creep right now
>Though that wasn't your intention
>You really do have a lot on your mind...
>Like, for example, do you realize how awkward it's gonna be sharing a dorm with Wallflower now?
>Or for that matter, how awkward it's going to be tutoring the girl you have a crush on, when you already have a girlfriend?
>A girlfriend...
>That sounds kinda weird
>Are you dating Sour Sweet?
>You mean... you two just kinda had a one-night stand, right?
>But you like her...
>Does she like *you*, though?
>You haven't had the chance to ask her
>You woke up in the morning with a mean hangover
>And Sour Sweet was there, but she was quick to leave
>She said she had "something to take care of"
>Whatever that was
>So when you went out looking for her and you crossed Trixie... you didn't get to speak with her
>Trixie really wanted to continue with the lessons
>And you promised to help, so you couldn't say no
>"Nonny? are you there? you're zoning out again."
>Fuck, snap out of it, Anon
"Yeah sorry... don't mind me though. Let's just continue the lessons where we left off."
>"...actually... about that..."
>Trixie looks away while rubbing her arm
>"I didn't ask you to come with me for that..."
"Huh? what do you mean?"
>"Trixie wanted to talk with you about something."
"What's that?"
File: 023.jpg (69 KB, 665x787)
69 KB
>"There's been a rumor going around... about you."
"Ptfff, another rumor? people have been spreading those about me ever since i got here."
>"I know, but this one seemed a little off to me."
"...alright? so what is it?"
>"Were you with Sour Sweet last night? specifically at a bar?"
>Hold on, who the fuck saw you?
>Whatever, that's not such a big deal
>But why would Trixie call you out of Luna Nova for?
"That's true, yes."
>"But why?"
"Why what?"
>"Why would you hang around with her? Trixie thought you hated her..."
"Hated her? i never said i did... sure i disliked her, but when you get to know her, she can actually be pretty nice."
>"...i see..."
>What's up with her?
>With that tone of voice she seems... sad
"Are you okay Trixie?"
>"Yes, i'm fine. It's just that... do you remember, the first day you tutored Trixie, that i.. uh... k-kissed you?"
>You really don't want to talk about that
>But Trixie looks like something is really bothering her, so...
"Yeah, i remember that."
>"Good... i feel like we never really talked about it, did we?"
"No, we didn't."
>"I was hoping you'd bring it up eventually, but you never did..."
"Well, i didn't because i thought you told me it was an accident? that you just got caught up in the moment?"
>"Of course i got caught up in the moment, Trixie always gets caught up in the moment, but when i do... i don't just kiss anybody who's close by me..."
"...s-so you meant to do that?"
>"...i guess i did."
>"Anon, the rumor doesn't end there. There's a couple of witches that say they saw you and Sour Sweet lock yourselves in her dorm..."
"That's true as well."
>Trixie finally averts her gaze from the ground, and back to you
>If you wouldn't know any better, you'd say her eyes are getting a little misty
>But that could just be the breeze hitting her face
>"...are you two dating now?"
"...i don't know." you answer with a weak shrug
>"What? you don't know?"
File: Trixie by Chibicmps.jpg (84 KB, 774x1032)
84 KB
"Trixie, look, i'll be honest with you. I had-- HAVE a crush on you."
>Her eyes widen at that
"But i never had the courage to ask you out, since i was scared you'd... well, that you wouldn't feel the same. You're one of the only friends i have after all."
>"...A-anon i don't know what to..."
"Nah don't worry... just... just forget i said anything."
>Wow, you're such an idiot
>You spoke out of your ass there
>You've known her for, what, no more than two weeks?
>Puh-lease, only a dumbass like you would be capable of falling for someone so quick--
>"T-trixie has a c-crush on you as well!"
>"I... i share your feelings... that's what Trixie meant..."
>And then she stares off into the ground once again
>This is, uh...
>A nice change of events?
>Do something, dude!
>You can't just stand there like a moron!
>So you approach her slowly, until you're at arms length
>You can see Trixie looking at you through her pale blue hair
>Well... don't just stand there...
>You reach for her hands, and you hold them in yours
>This is going to be super fucking corny, but...
"Trixie... i... i really don't know if i'm actually dating Sour Sweet... we literally just started talking last night, so..."
>She looks right into your eyes
>Ouch shit, your heart
>It's melting
>Don't stop now!
"So... do you wanna give this whole thing a try?"
>"Y-you want to date Trixie...?"
>D'aww... you can't help but crack a smile at her
>You nod your head
"Yeah... let's do i--"
>"What the fuck is going on here?"
>U-uh, you recognize that voice!
>Your head snaps to your side, towards where Luna Nova is
>And besides you, two witches stand, looking directly at you
>One of them looks surprised
>That's Starlight
>But the other?
>Her current facial expression is that of confusion mixed with anger
>And that would be... Sour Sweet

don't you love teen dramas? this shit seems like something right off High School Musical
updated: https://pastebin.com/xBAWpHJe
What is a magicless human male doing in a witch academy? Besides lewd and comedy debaucheries.
in none of the greens we've had is anon magic less, he just can't ride a broom
but yeah it's mostly lewd and slice of life, besides some greens that actually have a plot
This is not the magicless Anon thread (RIP)
>A page 9 bump
will do a write tonight
almost died the past several days due to sick and not sleep and work
File: 1512704571475.jpg (30 KB, 427x300)
30 KB
take your time, just knowing that you're back is good enough
File: Spoiler Image (38 KB, 410x560)
38 KB
Might post more today after work. Have a funny while you wait.
File: violence.jpg (151 KB, 388x443)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>Someone actually died for that picture
You disgusting human being. I love it
File: 1513488153399.jpg (37 KB, 403x302)
37 KB
i've been working on something special lately
i agree with >>32910432 so i decided to make something like this myself
i made a pastebin containing /almost/ all of the green we've ever had, along with a short description of each story
so take a look at it, and tell me what you think
Good shit man, can I use it for the main bin
File: 1512604482121.png (622 KB, 698x656)
622 KB
622 KB PNG
i'd be honored, i mean that's what i made it for, so yeah
Updated the bin, im off to write
File: image.jpg (278 KB, 768x1024)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
>in the head mistresses office....
"luna, did we get any calls on the griffons I ordered for the cryptozoology class."
>"yes sister, it would be a month till they arrive."
>these two ladies are celestia and luna, the founders of solarnova. No one knows how old they are or where they even came from.
"good, one less thing to worry about. Could you pass me the student files, the M section in particular."
>"that boy again?"
>celestia nods as luna magically rummages through the files.
>"sister if it's fine to ask, why him? He shows no signs of improvement, just today he was seen falling face first in the courtyard trying to fly his broom again."
>luna then pulls out a file and levitates it to celestia
"I know luna, and I have my reasons for choosing him."
>"sister im serious, if this keeps up we will have to expel him."
>celestia groans softly and rubs her temples
"fine luna, we will give him three more months to prove that he is capable of basic spells. Happy?"
>"quite, but why do you have so much faith in him, at least tell me that."
>celestia looks at the photo attached to the file, a small forming in her face.
"I just do luna."
>"tch, im never going to get a straight answer from you am I?"
"nope. Now lets clean up here and buy some cake, my treat."
>"thank you sister, I'll go grab my things."
>luna then leaves the room to grab her lady things.
>celestia runs her thumb over the photo, her face softens more.
"he will be the next grand wizard, I just know it."
the plot thickens
File: image.jpg (367 KB, 1354x2846)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
>you wake up feeling like shit, turning your looking at the clock.
>Only one hour till class.
>you quietly get out of bed and grab your wand.
>with quiet strides you go over to trixies bed.
>ever so slowly you slide the tip of the wand up her nose
"This is gonna be fucken rad."
>you then focus with all your might and made a single spark appear.
>trixie jumps from bed falling face first on the rug.
"HAHAHA! Got ya good bitch!"
>"you little prick, trixie will KILL YOU!"
>the two of you have a tussle on the floor, and you manage pin her down by her wrists with the might of Zeus.
>you tower over her now, feeling like a real badass.
>trixie for some reason is red in the face and breathing kinda hard
>poor girl must be tired
>"please be gentle..."
"What, I couldn't hear ya?"
>"n-nothing idiot, get off me!"
>no third-person?
>you release trixie and she immediately runs to the bathroom.
>huh, weird...
>you look behind you to see pinkie still in bed staring at you with a disappointed look on her face.
"I know, I should've hit her with a gut punch."
>"you're an idiot anon, a rib kick is the way to go."
>you both laugh and get dressed for the day to come.
>after waiting for trixie, the three of you head to the dining hall.
"Im sorry about the wand thing trixie."
>"it's ok anon, but don't think trixie is letting you off scot-free."
>damn, please don't ask for things that need money
>"you w-will take trixie out for dinner next week."
"Sure trixie, anything for my bud!"
>"right, bud..."
"S-sour Sweet? w-what are you doing here?"
>"I was looking for you."
"But-- i-- uh..."
>You turn back to Trixie
>And honestly she doesn't look any happy to see Sour Sweet
>"What do you want? can't you see we're in the middle of something?"
>"Oh fuck off Trixie. I'm talking to Anon."
"Hey calm down, this isn't what it seem--"
>"No! Trixie is sick and tired of being walked over! you can't tell Trixie what to do!"
>"Are you still talking? are you deaf? i told you to shut up."
>"Listen here you!"
>"Girls... can we turn it down a little?"
>This is awkward
>Like, really awkward
>And Starlight doesn't seem any more comfortable
"Y-yeah... Sour Sweet i'm trying to tell you that--"
>"That what?! that the moment i turn my back you go off looking for other girls?!"
"Huh?! you don't understand! i'm trying to say--"
>"And what if he is?! Anon isn't your pet! he can do whatever he wants! and if he wants to date Trixie, that's his choice!"
"Trixie calm down, Jesus Christ--!"
>"UGH! How many times am i gonna have to tell you to shut up?!"
"Can you let me talk for a second?!"
>"No! i don't want to hear it! while i was off trying to apologize to everyone, you backstab me!"
>"Yeah! why do you think Starlight is here?! i wanted to apologize to everybody! and when i asked Starlight where Trixie was, she told me she was with you!"
"...i-- uh, that's amazing but please just let me explain!"
>"You have nothing to explain to her, Anon! her attempts at making ammends are transperent!"
>"Transperent?! what are you talking about?!"
>"You don't actually want to apologize to me! you're just trying to look good with Anon because we're his friends!"
>"How the fuck would you know?! can you read minds?!"
>"No, but Trixie knows you much better than Anonymous does!"
>"You don't know me! at all! so i'd suggest you stayed quiet!"
>"Or what?! what are you gonna do?!"
>"I'll fucking show you!"
>Sour Sweet reaches for her wand
File: 814.png (601 KB, 900x1274)
601 KB
601 KB PNG
>Sour Sweet reaches for her wand
>But Trixie, whom already had her wand in hand, is quicker to point it towards her
>Just why?
>Why does this happen to you?
>It's like everysingle time you're having a good time, you get fucked over
>And it's like nothing you do matters
>Why did you even tell Trixie how you felt?
>What did you thing was gonna happen?
>You don't even like Sour Sweet
>Or do you?
>Why are you... why are you dating her?
>This whole... "relationship" felt forced
>Maybe you... you needed something to ease your mind?
>Maybe you thought a girlfriend would fill that void?
>That void of not knowing who you are?
>Who are you fooling?
>You don't even like Trixie, do you?
>You don't want to choose between one or the other
>Not because you like either of them
>But because they both have their problems
>And choosing one, and leaving the other alone, wouldn't be good for their mental
>Again, not because you're their soulmate or anything
>But because...
>Does it ever happen to you that, while you're walking down the street, you see a group of people from the opposite sex staring at you?
>They don't laugh... or look at you weird
>They just stare at you.
>What are they thinking?
>Do they think you're pretty?
>Do they think you're ugly?
>Do they think your clothes are horrible?
>Maybe they're not thinking anything at all
>But Trixie and Sour Sweet
>Or any teenager for that matter, probably don't enjoy the thought of complete strangers thinking they're horrible
>No shit, nobody enjoys being judged, let alone by someone who doesn't know you. No matter your age
>Where are you going with this?
>This is completely unrelated to everything.
>You guess what you're trying to say is...
>It doesn't really matter, does it?
>You don't know
>You honestly don't know
>So you do what seemed right at the moment
>You walked away
>No goodbye, no nothing
>You really don't wanna be there
>"You cunt! i'll destroy--... Anon? where are you going?"
File: that's-very-wholesome.jpg (76 KB, 800x737)
76 KB
This is actually quite cushty, despite the grammar being a bit off and even that is just basic capitalisations and apostrophes. Good work, I like it.

Oh dear! A love triangle is a-forming! I like things with Trixie in it, and it warms my heart so to see her so innocent and soft...

If I can ask, is this story thread just two or three writefags just chattin' and writin' about a combination of Little Witch Academia, Saved by the Bell and Confessions of a Window Cleaner?
>"Anonymous! ugh, see?! you scared him away?"
>No she didn't
>You'd tell Trixie to shut the fuck up
>That girl can be so dense sometimes
>But that wouldn't be nice
>Just because you don't care, doesn't mean they don't either
>Care about what?
>I don't know, you tell me
>I am you, you're talking to yourself
>I always talk to myself
>"Anonymous?! get back here! you can't just bail out like this!"
>You zoned off, like you usually do
>By the time you took in your sorroundings, you realize you're standing at the door to your dorm
>Is Wallflower in?
>Does it make a difference if she is?
>You just really feel like taking a nap all of a sudden
>So you step in, without knocking
>The moment you set foot inside, a millon thoughts crossed your mind
>It was overwhelming
>What are you gonna tell Wallflower?
>How is she going to react?
>And many more among those lines
>All for nothing though, she's not here
>You lock the door behind you
>What now?
>You have a whole day ahead of you
>But you don't want to deal with that shit
>Understanding other people's feelings can be hard
>But how are you feeling?
>Did you hear that?
>Of course i did, i'm the one who asked

woah dude thats super deep bro woah dude were getting philosophical now bro oh ddude shiiiiiit
I didn't mean to interrupt. Sorry.
nice timing, don't worry it's okay
we used to have many writefags, not anymore though (check here: https://pastebin.com/gHPdgg4a) and no we haven't really discussed the anime much. but that's kinda the whole idea
File: it's-your-call.jpg (57 KB, 670x510)
57 KB
Cool, cool.
Even though I know jackshit about the anime, this is an interesting story thread I'll keep my eyes on. Who knows what'll happen from there...
Im trying.
File: 1517977419433.png (315 KB, 497x538)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Will post more
>writefag names don't correspond to pastebin names.
>cant tell if its worth reading a story in a bumpfest thread as I have no idea who's active or dead
should I bother?
aka >Writefagging
>promised to write on sunday
>forgot and went to bed instead
>got up and painted DnD minis yesterday
Fuck. I'll see what I can do today at work and tonight.
File: image.jpg (533 KB, 1530x1662)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
>the three of you made your way into the dining hall, food is floating around on large metal trays.
>"Come on Trixie! We gotta get to the waffles before they run out! Wanna get some nony?"
"Nah im fine. I'll just get some toast."
>"Your loss!"
>"But Trixie dosen't want waff-"
>Pinkie runs off, dragging Trixie with her. You watch as they fade into the crowd.
>You grab a piece of toast off a floating plate and get an empty table
>While eating you can't help but listen in on a conversation at a nearby table.
>"-they caught some guy trying to sneak into the school"
>"Really! Was he some kinda perv?"
>"Probably not, they said he was some old guy in a long cloak."
>"Gross!! An old perv!!"
>Old guy? Weir-
>"Sorry nony didn't mean to scare ya!"
>You turn to see Pinkie with a literal mountain of food.
"How are you not a fat ass?"
>"I dunno."
>looking over you see Trixie with some pancakes and peanut butter.
>you feel like bringing up what you heard but decide against it.
"Whats on the agenda today ladies?"
>"We haaave potion making today, after that is Dark Arts I think."
>Ooo, the fun stuff. Maybe you can finish th-
>"Well if it isn't Mr. Mous."
>This bitch again...
"Hey Sunset, what do ya want. Came to mock me more?"
>"As much as I want to, I can't."
"Why, ran outa insults or somthing."
>"Enough with the banter, im here because I was tasked to."
>"Yes. The head mistress wants me to tutor you in magic."
>Did hell just freeze over?
File: plot-twist.gif (401 KB, 300x182)
401 KB
401 KB GIF
>The head mistress wants me [Sunset] to tutor you in magic."
File: image.jpg (33 KB, 512x548)
33 KB
>You feel like the world has stopped, Trixie nearly chokes in her pancakes, and Pinkie doesn't seem to be listening.
>"What!! Why are you going to tutor him, Trixie is perfectly capable of helping him!"
>Woah. You never seen Trixie this pissed before.
>"Im sorry but this is between me and him, not some horrid street magician."
>o shit nigga dats to far.
>Trixie's eyes water as she pulls out her wand and launches a shockwave at Sunset, but she nonchalantly raises her wand dispelling the wave like nothing.
>"See, horrid. Now run along to class."
>Congratulations! Your bitch level has increased.
>Trixie tries to maintain her composure but runs off, tears flowing like a river. You stand up to go after her but was stopped by a hand on your shoulder.
>"Anon. We have some things to discuss."
"Not now asshole!"
>You shrug her off and run out of dining hall frantically looking for Trixie. After asking around you narrowed down where she might be. The dorm.
File: image.jpg (120 KB, 600x800)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>With the power of a thousand negros, you ran back to the dorms.
>When you get to the room you stop and think about what to say. You never done anything like this before.
>Persona, don't fail me now.
>You unlock the door and see Trixie curled up on her bed sobbing.
"Hey, ya alright?"
>Trixie jumps turning to you. Her eyes are red, nose runny.
>"Go away! Leave me alone!"
>no third person. This is bad.
"So that Sunset huh, what a bitch."
>"I said go away!"
>damn time to get serious!
>You sit on her bed and grab her hand.
>"H-hey! What are you doing!"
"Listen, you can't let her get to you like that. Thats just what she wants."
>"I know but... why did the Head choose her? Im just as good as that spoiled brat."
"I don't know why? Who said I was gonna listen to her Sunset, but that doesn't mean you can't help me too."
>you feel Trixie squeeze your hand a bit.
"Yeah! There are tons of things you can help me with. Potion making, studying, rune deciphering..."
>she squeezes harder.
>You close your eyes and continue counting off things.
>Something wet touches your cheek breaking you from your train of thought. You rub your cheek.
"Is the roof leaking or something? Anyway, when you feel better you know where to find me!"
>You pat her on the head and get up to leave but Trixie isn't letting go of your hand.
"Hey, I know your sad and everything but that doesn't mean im free from class."
>She looks at her hand and immediately lets go, hiding her face in her pillow.
"Welp. See ya bestie!"
>Giving her the finger guns you head out the door.
>"I love you..."
>What was that? Must be hearing things.
>smooth like silk
Dunno why its blank
Thick headed bois are the best.
>Forgot to remove the "her"
and what may your paste be?

File: 57f.png (106 KB, 355x470)
106 KB
106 KB PNG

>Goddamn it
>You've been rolling around in bed for...
>You don't actually know how long it's been, but
>But you just can't fall asleep
>It doens't make sense
>You felt so tired before...
>So why?
>This is fucking deppresing
>Not only that, but now you feel like an asshole for leaving the girls like that
>Couldn't help it, you just really needed to get away
>So maybe that's it...
>Maybe you weren't tired, you just wanted to run away
>Although you probably should've taken responsability
>You fucked up after all, didn't you?
>Not like it matters anyway
>Nothing matters
>It's funny how you're so worried about it
>Yet, in a years time, neither of those girls will remember you
>Or for that matter, no one at all will
>Maybe your family
>But even that doesn't matter, considering you don't remember who your family is
>As far as you know, you don't have one
>Maybe all of your relatives are dead
>And you were just a poor soul living on the streets...
>Maybe then, if that's the case, having Discord erase your memory wasn't that bad...?
>Nothing matters!
>And that's alright!
>Just think about it for a second
>And what if Trixie or Sour Sweet forget about you once they graduate?
>You should be glad you were able to spend time with them!
>And you should be glad that they enjoyed your company!
>Even if it was for two weeks in Trixie's case, and a single night for Sour Sweet!
>They enjoyed having you around to a point they thought fighting over you was worth it!
>And let me tell you, it definetly wasn't!
>You're trash
>You already knew that
>Hopefully they do now too
>And that's fine
>You hop off your bed
>And you step closer onto the bedroom's window
>Ah... look at that beatiful view
>There's a whole world out there, Anon
>And it's out to get you
>Bring it on then, you've made it this far
>And this far you've made it feeling miserable and sorry for yourself
>At least these last months you have
File: existential crisis.jpg (148 KB, 815x981)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>Let's look at it this way: what if before Discord erased your memories, you were famous? or a millionaire?
>That's of course a hypothetical scenario
>But if that were the case, what does it matter now?
>What did it even matter back then?
>Hell, you're just a small little boy in the middle of space
>Getting older, getting closer to your death
>You didn't just lose your memories
>You also lost all of your previous worries!
>You've got no one else to feel sorry for
>And that would explain why you felt sorry only for yourself
>Were you compensating?
>But now
>Now you want that to change
>You push the window open
>And a breeze of cold air hits your face
>It feels amazing, so you take a deep breath
>Previously, you'd love the cold breeze
>Because it was a form of pause button for life
>It was relaxing
>And it kept your mind off from your worries
>Not anymore, you say!
>That world is out to get you
>But not if you get to it first!
>You're done
>You're done being miserable!
>Step through that door, Anon!
>Look for those girls!
>You're gonna set the record straight!
>And after you do
>Either they'll accept your apology, or they'll never want to see you again
>Whatever happens, good for them!
>You're glad you were good enough for them!
>And the mere fact that they would actually see you as a fit lover makes you happy!
>It makes you feel like you're not half the shitty person you thought you were!
>Closing the window, you turn and head towards your dormitory's door
>You step outside, and shut the door behind you
"Get ready for me, Equestria! 'cause i'm coming in hot!"
>You hear the creek of a nearby door
>And a witch peeks her head from out her room
>She looks around, presumably looking for the source of the sound, which would be you
>And as her gaze lands upon you, she shouts back
>"Hey asshole! shut the fuck up! we're studying here!"
File: DkINbaCUwAAinbT.jpg (104 KB, 1024x818)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>D'aw, you can't help but smile
"Yes! fuck you too, friend!" you reply pointing a finger towards the girl with the gray-ish cyan hair
>And she rolls her eyes, before snoopin' back into her dorm
>Before you do anything stupid
>Keep in mind you miiight just be having a mood swing
>If that's the case, you love it!
>Because right now...
>You feel great
File: image.jpg (27 KB, 297x405)
27 KB
O shit
>As you walk down the hall you see a familiar bitch heading towards you.
>"Anon, how rude can one person be, walking off while I was speaking."
"Could say the same bacon."
>"I only spoke the truth anon, Nothing more."
"It's a miracle you even have friends with an attitude like that."
>She scoffs and waves her wand, a faint glow surrounding the two of you.
>Shit! You HATE warp spells... You fall face down in a orangish red room.
"URP!! *gulp* Oh fuck I barfed in mouth..."
>"Ugh, don't get any on my carpet. Get up so we can start."
>You wobble up on your feet and scowl at Sunset.
"So. What are we gonna do, read some books or somthing?"
>"No, I want to get this done quick so we are going to use a faster method."
"Good the sooner the better."
>"Quite. Now tell me, do you know how people jumpstart a car when it's out of power."
File: image.jpg (133 KB, 444x460)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>Wait what is she-
>"Well I'm essentially going to do that to you. Many witches and wizards used this method so don't worry you feeble mind about it."
>With that, Sunset waves her wand surrounding her room in a blue light.
"Wait why did you do that?"
>"Sound proofing. This will hurt."
"Oh fuck n-OOOOAAAAAAAA!!!!!"
>OH GOD THE PAIN!!! It feels like your body is an open wound with salt and lemon being blasted at you.
>"Don't worry anon! We only have to do five more sessions of this!"
>After five minutes of constant pain she finally stops. You fall down in a heap, foamy saliva pouring from your mouth.
>"I said not to get any on the carpet! And did you urinate yourself!"
>No shit sherlock
>"Here take this and leave, I have cleaning to do."
>Sunset throws a small pill near your face and sprays you with air freshener. With what strength you had left you swallowed the pill.
>The pain quickly became a dull pinch, and your exhaustion nearly disappeared.
"Magic pills huh, mom said not to take pills from strangers."
>"Best enchanted medicine money can buy. Now leave my sight."
>You waddle to the door and look back.
"Thanks, I guess.."
>She simply grunts in response as you leave the room.
>Im the designated bump slave, I can't write or draw for shit.
ironic, considering your green is already more entertaining than mine
Hello, which green itt can you recommend to someone who didn't watch LWA?
literally any, except for dianafag's
if i had to recommend one it'd be: https://pastebin.com/A3APzsdU
or just check the general pastebin
Poor Anon.
At least the pill wasn't a suppository.
File: bfz-19-angelic-gift.jpg (241 KB, 672x936)
241 KB
241 KB JPG

"Yeah, I'm okay. That was all in the past. And now there's an infinite number of worlds separating me from those days. I've got you guys now, so everything's gonna be fine from now on, right?"
>You smile at your friends, feeling the green mana flowing stronger, mixing with the white mana and filling you with a sense of interdependence and familiarity with them
>Tell you what, Applejack, how about I make it up to you? You want to fly?"
>"Well, I never was too good with a broom. Decent enough to move around but you're already about a better flyer than me to be honest. I'm much more at home on the ground."
"Fair enough, but I wasn't talking about flying on a broom."
>Applejack shakes her head at you and tips her hat up with a smile
>"If yer thinkin' about castin' another spell on me, I think I'll pass."
"Hm, fair enough. Any other takers?"
>Fluttershy takes her hand off your shoulder and steps in front of you
>"Um, if you're sure it's safe, I' like to be able to fly without a broom."
>"Fluttershy," says Sunset as she grab's Fluttershy's arm, "are you sure?"
>"Well, I trust him. He seems to be pretty good at this kind of magic."
"Alright then, here goes."
>You draw in the white mana from the plains and a green mana from the forest to help it along
>You cast your spell upon Fluttershy, and the glowing white mana takes the shape of a pair of wings
>As they manifest, you feel yet another spell enter your mind, this one with no image, yet simply the feeling of you being healed and you or someone else being shielded
>The mana solidifies and a great pair of angelic feathered wings roots itself on Fluttershy's back
>She jumps and shouts a bit, but upon realizing that they're harmless, she instead takes interest in the wings
>She then runs her hands along the bones and feathers and then flexes them a little to see how she can move them
>"Wow, this is amazing. Can I really fly with these?"
"You should be able to, though I can't guarantee how well it will work. Try just hovering above the ground at first."
>She gives a wings a few good flaps and lifts herself off the ground, dangling her feet in the air
>She gasps and "ooh"s and "ah"s at you and the rest of her friends with a look of sheer elation about her
>She twists around and even moves around a bit as she tests out her wings' capability
>After a while, she rises enough to be above all of your heads as she floats and flies about
>Never once does she look like any less than a child enjoying their favorite feeling in whole world, laughing and shouting the whole time
>You didn't know Fluttershy even could shout
>You could feel the power of the spell start to drain as soon as you cast it, and it seems it will soon reach its limit
"Fluttershy," you call out to her, "the spell is going to end soon, you may want to come down first."
>Hearing your call, she turns around and returns to the group looking a bit disappointed, but still happy at the experience she just received
>The wings dissipate back into mana, and return to the world seeking their home in the plains
>In the mean time, Fluttershy runs toward you and wraps you in a surprisingly strong hug
>"Oh, that was amazing! Thank you, Anonymous."
"Not a problem, Fluttershy."
>"Actually, darling, I see a bit of a problem," says Rarity as she pulls out a pair of mirrors
>"Take a look at this."
>You look in the mirror she holds behind Fluttershy while she looks into the other one reflecting the first
>The two of you gasp as it reveals two large tears in the back of her robe near her shoulder blades
"Uh, sorry about that, Fluttershy."
>"Oh, it's okay, I'm sure Rarity can fix it."
>"Oh, I can do you one better, darling. Do you plan on flying like that again?"
>"Oh absolutely. Any time I'm able to, that is."
>"Well it's settled then. I'll get right to work."
>Rarity draws her magic folding partition from her robe and disappears behind it with Fluttershy
>Accompanied by the sounds of elephants, monkeys, and an orchestral rendition of March of the Gladiators, the partition shakes and rumbles before collapsing back into Rarity's hand
>Fluttershy reappears as it does, looking much the same as before, at least from the front
>Rarity holds up the mirrors again, and you and Fluttershy can see two diamon-shaped holes hemmed in to the back of Fluttershy's robes, with a matching pair in her shirt underneath
>"Oh my," says Fluttershy, blushing deeply, "do you think it'll be okay to go around like this?"

Sorry for being MIA so long, and for cutting off like this, but there's a part i need to modify here. Anyway, I'll be on midnights again tomorrow night so I'll probably prepare about 15 more posts worth then.
really nice to have you back once again

>Well, where could the girls be?
>You trail along the school's ground looking for them
>And the plaza seemed like the most obvious place to check first
>Too bad the plaza is full of witches, simply just hanging around
>But a certain witch stands out
>Sitting on a single bench by herself, holding a book in her hands, you see Starlight
>So of course you approach her
"Starlight! my friend! how's it going?"
>"It's going-- Wait, Anon?"
"The one and only."
>"Uhhh, hey? how are you feeling?"
"I'm doing fantastic, never felt better in my life."
>"Really? you seemed pretty bummed out back there"
"Yeah don't mind that, i'm actually looking for Trixie and Sour Sweet. Have you seen them?"
>"Um, not really. After you left, i took my leave as well."
"Oh, and what were they doing before you left?"
>"They were still arguing, unfortunately."
"You didn't keep an eye on them?"
>"Why would i?"
"They seemed kinda agitated, ya' know?"
>"Trixie can be a little volatile sometimes, figuratively and literally."
"I can tell. You wanna help me look for them?"
"Yep, the least i could do is apologize."
>"Anon, you can't just do that."
"...come again?"
>Starlight sets her book besides her
>"Look, if they haven't killed each other yet, then you're gonna have to think outside the box."
"Why? i just want to apologize and forget about this."
>"Won't work."
"I heard you, but i'm asking why."
>"It's gonna seem way too forced. So you're going to have to think outside the box, you get me?"
"Define 'outside the box'."
>Starlight scoffs
>"You have to make this apology special, is that clear enough for you?"
"Ptfff, yeah, sure. What do you want me to do? fly a dragon around with a piece of paper tied to the back that says 'I'm sorry, Trixie'?"
>Why isn't she saying that's not what you're supposed to do
>Oh no

>A smirk forms on the corner of her lips
>it's subtle, but not enough for you to not notice it
"That was an example, i'm not doing that."
>"Hmph, well then. I guess Trixie is going to have to spend the rest of her years blaming herself for something that was your fault."
>Starlight reaches back for her book, and she buries her face on it
>Still, you can tell she's trying to hide that shit-eating grin behind the textbook
>Goddamn it, what if she's right?
"Does it... does it have to be a dragon...?"
>You walk back to the dorm avoiding as many people as possible. The teachers wont mind if you miss a day right?
>Finally making it back you peep inside to make sure your Trixie isn't there.
>All clear. You go inside and change out of your clothes, throwing your soiled pants in the trash. No one must know.
>You plop on your bed and think over what just happend.
>Five more "tutor" sessions and boom, you become a magic boi.
>You can't help but feel guilty. Isn't this like cheating? Then again you where forced to be in this school.
>Hell guys would kill to be in your position. A boy in an all girl school, it's like the plot in some shitty fanfiction.
>After an few hours of deep think you grab your wand, you might as well see what that charge did.
>You place an empty soda can on your desk and take a few steps back.
>Pointing your wand at it try to cast a basic levitation spell.
>You fall on your knees, tears of joy raining down as your stare towards the heavens.
>Your victory was cut short by the door clicking. You jump back into bed and grab a magazine off a shelf.
>"Heya nony! You got here early."
"Yea I had some tutor shit today."
>"Really who's tutoring you? Is it Twillight! No, is it Moondancer she's really smart!"
>Wait she was there though, she really didn't listen.
"Basic teacher student junk, nothin big."
>"Hmmmmm.... Ok! Have you seen Trixie, She wasn't at todays lecture."
>Should you tell her? Nah it must be to embarrassing for the poor girl.
"Probably practicing some trick, you know how she gets."
>"Yeah your probably right. Oh, by the way."
>Her face takes on a more serious tone but still smiling.
>"Where did you get that and WHY are you reading it?"
>You look at the magazine in your hand and your face begins to burn
>It's a mens fashion mag. Swimsuit edition. A picture of a buff wet chad in tight fitting swim briefs stares at you.
"I want to look LIKE these men, not AT them!"
everyone, actually...
i beg to differ
File: go to sleep.jpg (38 KB, 398x685)
38 KB
File: 1515712936186.gif (3.01 MB, 480x270)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB GIF
going to bed early and having a normal sleep schedule is overrated anyways
I live in Europe, it's practically night time now. But sleep is for the weak when coffee is available on tap...

Finally, Anonymous pissing himself has actually paid off! Nice tiny update.

It's either the dragon or fitting loudspeakers onto a Tranny van and declaring it to the whole town. Let's just hope it pays off in the end, we can't have Trixie's feelings hurt. Good post.

I'm kinda nice to this story thread so I might need to sit down and read your story. But I bet it's some good shit regardless.
hm, that wouldn't be a bad idea
I will update soonish
So, which writfags are still alive? I left for like a month or two so I may need some recommendations for news greens while I was away.
Dianafag and Gunch are both dead, but Writefagging and i are still here
so there's only three writefags alive, and the only new green we got is Whoaml's
>Dianafag and Gunch are both dead
Damn what a loss. I really liked what Diamafag had going on. Tell me about your story, I'm almost done catching up with other threads and I'll need more to read soon.
not much to tell
but i've been writing for three months now though, so chances are you know which story mine is, i just got a name recently is all
this one's my green: https://pastebin.com/xBAWpHJe
Strange, I don't remember your story. I remember Dfag, that guy who wanted to an hero himself, the dude with the bat, an anon who got transported from another world with a different type of magic and the anon who inheritance a mark from clover. Guess I was away for longer than I thought.
File: 1518904364341.png (42 KB, 255x240)
42 KB

>"Now listen, Anon, if we're going to do this, we're doing it right."
"Exactly, that's why i feel like i should just apology to Trixie like a normal human being--"
>"So, as i was saying, getting our hands on a dragon isn't going to be easy."
"Absolutely, that's why i feel like i should just--"
>"Say that one more time, i dare you. I double dare you, and i'll make sure you apologize to Trixie on a fucking hospital bed."
"....so...you were saying?"
>"That's more like it. Look, finding a dragon isn't going to be easy, let alone getting it to help us."
"So what's the plan?"
>"I know of a certain witch that specializes on domesticating wild creatures. Fluttershy."
"Cool, so let's go look for her then."
>"Yeeeaah... about that, here's the problem: she's on the other Anon's class."
"So she's not here?"
>"Sadly, worry not! i know of a friend of hers that can also help us!"
"Nice, but why even tell me about Fluttershy to begin with then?"
>"Do not question me."
>"So! let's get a move on!"
"Lead the way."
>Starlight stands from her seat, and with her book in hand she signals for you to follow
>Oh boy you don't like this
>A dragon? is this girl trying to get you killed?
>You mean, shit, you'd rather drive around a tranny van with loudspeakers before doing that shit
>But still... Starlight knows Trixie much better than you do
>So you trust she knows what's better for her
>Is it still too late to change her mind?
>Probably, since Starlight stops on her tracks as you approach a small group consisting of four witches
>You get a feeling she wants to do the talking herself
>And you're not gonna object to that
>Starlight clears her throat, catching the attention of the girls
>You don't recognize any of the witches
>One of them is rocking a puffy hair-do
>And you might make this comparison because you're hungry
>But her hair does /kinda/ resemble a cheeto
>Anyway, to her left is a younger looking witch with blue hair and a ponytail

>And to her right, a purple haired chick with pigtails
>Last one of the group is a girl wearing glasses, again, with purple hair accompanied by a single pink stripe
>Never seem them before as you said...
>"Can i help you?" speaks the cheeto girl
>"Hey Adagio! it's me, Starlight Glimmer!"
>"...hello there? do you need something?"
>"Actually, my friend over here does. He wanted to ask you for a favo--"
>"Hold on, aren't you Anonymous?" interrupts "Adagio" pointing a finger your way
"Um... yep, that's me."
>"Oh! you're the guy that's dating Sour Sweet!" chimes in the girl with the ponytails
>Goddamn it, of course they were going to bring that up

short update, more tonight
File: image.jpg (28 KB, 550x550)
28 KB
<a week later....>
>"Seriously Anon, how are not used to it yet?"
>You are currently spazzing out on the floor. This is only your third session and it still fucking hurts.
>"Aaaaand done. Good work Anon you didn't soil yourself this time."
>She throws you a pill and a gold star sticker. Fuck yes.
>You took the pill and put the sticker on your shirt.
>"Really? I thought you would tear it up."
"No way, gold stars are the shit!"
>As you walk out the door Sunset stops you.
>"Anon if you aren't busy would you-
"Nope. Got a date today."
"Nah, I just owe a friend a night out."
>Her face looks somewhat relieved for some reason.
>"Oh. Well I wish you a good night then Anon."
"Same to you bacon head."
>She slams the door in your face. Shrugging it off you head off to town to think of a good place for eats.
<The Dorm>
>Trixie is staring into her vanity. A dreamy look on her face as she fixes her makeup and Pinkie, eating some cheddar chips on her bed.
>"Why are you prettying yourself up for Trix?"
>"One, never call Trixie that.
Two, Trixie is getting ready for a her night out."
>Pinkie shoves a handful of chips in her mouth. "Oh ya, Amom Owsh you!"
>"Ugh, no manners..."
>Trixie puts her makeup aside and checks her clothes. A blue slightly frilly t-shirt and star patterned skirt with a pair of low heel mary janes.
>"Welp im gonna get a soda, bring me back something sweet!"
>Pinkie heads out the door. Almost immediately Trixie peps herself up.
>"Ok this is it, don't mess up. He will notice my feelings this time!"
>read "WhoamI"
>think to myself, "BONECRUSHER MUTHAFUCKA" every time

>"So... let me see if i understand... you want me to help you kidnap a dragon... so you can apologize to Trixie Lulamoon?"
"I wouldn't say 'kidnap', just borrow."
>"You can't 'borrow' animals, Anon. Let alone a dragon."
>You click your tongue
"I know, but... can't you just brainwash one? for like an hour or two? that's all we need."
>"Brainwash? that's not how it works."
"Didn't Fluttershy teach you how to domesticate wild animals?"
>"Yeah, if you were asking me to get you a dog or a cat, i could probably *maybe* help you. But not something like a dragon."
"Isn't it the same though?"
>"No it is not."
>"Look, even if i were willing to help, finding a dragon is easier said than done. They migrated from Equestria years ago..."
"I see... sorry to bother you then."
>Look at the bright side
>At least you won't be risking your life anymore just for an apology
>Still... why is it bothering you?
>You guess the flashy idea of getting a dragon kinda started to grow on you...
>"Actually." speaks up the girl with glasses "They still might be a way to find one."
>"What do you mean Twilight?" asks Adagio
>"Well, Anonymous did after all manage to summon a dragon at the talent show, remember?"
>"...huh...i guess that's true... but he never taught me how to do it."
>"Lucky for us, i asked him personally if he could teach me the spell he utilized."
"Hold on, so you know how to summon a dragon?"
>"Partially, yes. I just never actually tried the spell myself."
"We would be very grateful if you could try! and i could help in any way possible!"
>Twilight, you believe her name was? looks over to Adagio, who shrugs in response
>"Hey, if you want to give that spell a try, then i figure i could help as well."
>Oh shit, are you actually doing this?
>You weren't thinking about all the things that could go wrong before, but now you are
>Push those thoughts away, Anon!
>You gotta commit to this!
>Even if it mean risking your lif--
>"Wait, are you two actually considering helping this guy? we don't know him."
>"Oh Aria! always so gloomy!" The ponytail girl locks Aria in a hug and ruffles her hair "If the girls wanna help, i say let them!"
"Eh... she's right though."
>You turn back to Adagio and Twilight
"If you two aren't confident about this, then it's okay. I won't force you to do it."
>Adagio shrugs
>"Well... your whole plan did sound a little ridiculous at first, but... the idea of apologizing to a girl via the mean of kidnapping a dragon does sound romantic..."
>"I was thinking that too!" adds Twilight
>"Right?! i would die if a boy did that for me! so i'll help!"
>"I'm in as well!"
"Woah, really?"
>The girls give you a firm nod
>Welp, ya' ain't gonna question that line of reasoning
>After staying quiet for longer than you'd expect, Starlight finally speaks up
"That settles it then! let's catch ourselves a dragon!"

Pretty good man
might not update for a while, droped my phone in a pot of scalding water. im currently using a walmart phone kiosk to post this. see ya soon space cowboys. solwang your incharge till my return.
>solwang your incharge till my return.
handling a thread is too much of a responsibility for me
hell, once my roommate asked me to watch over her cat and next thing you know that fucker fell of a two-story apartment. told her it was an accident but i was just trying to test out if those things actually landed on their feet. fun fact: they do, but not when they land right on top of a spike fence.
anyway >Writefagging you're in charge now until Whoaml returns.
File: 1505542203205.jpg (34 KB, 512x512)
34 KB
You threw her cat out the window!?
>Thre cat out of window
Fucken rad dude
Have you considered the fact that you're a horrible human being?
Well i just got hit with the hardest form of karma possible
For some reason 4chan has stopped working on my laptop, i'm using my phone to post this
So i won't be able to update until further notice, >Writefagging now you seriously are in charge
He's still here, right?
Jesus Christ, the shit that goes on here when I turn my back.
I got this
>"Oh of course, darling. Remember when Pinkie was growing a tail and having it fall off constantly? She had a hole in the back of her shirt so it wasn't lifting her skirt up."
>"Oh yeah, I remember it. That was pretty funny."
>"Well I didn't think it was funny," says Pinkie, "I thought it was annoying."
>She pauses for a moment, and then snickers
>"Okay, it was pretty funny."
>They laugh together for a moment, but after they cease, an awkward silence ensues
>You decide to break it
"So, uh, back home I was trying to recreate artifacts that channel extra mana for a mage to use, and make them work with a non mana user such as myself."
>"Oh, and you want to try to recreate them here?" asks Twilight
"Indeed. Knowing now what I didn't back then, I think with some help I can make a runestone that would allow one to use aether to activate a temporary flow of mana into oneself."
>"Well that would be cool," says Rainbow Dash, "if you made one for Fluttershy she could fly like that whenever she wanted."
"Indeed, if she were taught the spell I used. Given my new telepathic abilities that shouldn't be too hard either."
>"You certainly are full of surprises," says Sunset, "how did you even know how to do that vine trick back then?"
"I don't know." you reply, "I felt the connection to the forest I awoke in, like it was sending out a ribbon that flowed in and out of me, and when I held onto it and let it grow, I just somehow knew how to cast it."
>"Wait," says Fluttershy now, looking surprised, "you said you felt a connection to the forest, like a ribbon that crosses the world and touches you?"
"Yeah, that's about how it feels."
>"Oh, well I was going to say, I've felt a connection like that to the forest I grew up in all my life, but no one ever believed me."
"Wait, hold on, really?"
>"Yes, it feels like the flow of magic, except warm and wild. I haven't told anyone in years because everyone made fun of me for being crazy."
File: plc-150-healing-leaves.jpg (292 KB, 672x936)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
"Well, I certainly know that feeling. But that said, look inside yourself and see if it's still there."
>"It is."
"Alright, have you ever tried to grab hold of it?"
>"No, I wasn't certain what is was, and I was afraid of what might happen if I played with it. So I just leave it alone and enjoy the warm feeling it gives me."
"Alright, well, see if you can hold onto it. Let it build up inside you, and then try to cast a spell. At first it'll feel a bit cold, weak, and distant afterward."
>She looks a little worried about this
"But don't worry, it'll regenerate eventually."
>"Are you sure?"
"Positive. Mages that use mana like me exist aplenty back home, even though none of them are planeswalkers. It works the same way for them, too."
>Fluttershy takes a deep breath and appears to enter a meditation state
>From where you stand, you can feel the mana building up inside her, and then she opens her eyes as green mana begins to form around Rainbow Dash
>The mana forms into a coating of leaves, which glow faintly before falling to the ground and dispersing back into mana
>Rainbow beings to feel around her body, rolls up her sleeves, and raises her shirt to expose her midriff
>"Whoa! My burns are gone! Well, some of them. But still, that's amazing!"
"Indeed it is. Congratulations, Fluttershy, you're a mage. Well, not that you weren't before, but you know what I mean."
>"I, oh, wow. WOW!"
>Once again Fluttershy surprises you with the volume and enthusiasm of her cheering
>You can tell she's even more excited about this than about the flying
"Well, we should probably inform Headmistress Celestia about this. But maybe we ought to wait until the mana returns so you can give her a demonstration."
>"That sounds like a wonderful idea, darling." says Rarity. "I'm sure she'll be delighted by this."
"And I'll set to work on an artifact that can allow her to use mana. If I can get it right, she'll be able to cast the same spell I used to give her her wings."
>"That sounds cool and all," says Rainbow, "but did you know I get mana from the plains now too, instead of just mountains?"
"Wait, really? Why didn't you tell us?"
>"I was going to, but then this whole thing with Applejack and Fluttershy happened, and I didn't want to take away from that."
>"Well how about that," says Applejack, "Rainbow Dash passing an opportunity to steal the spotlight? Never thought I'd see the day."
>"Hey! I don't always steal the spotlight."
>"Sure," says Twilight, "and you never show off on your broom, either."
>"Now listen here-"
"Ladies, please. We have more pressing matters to attend to. Fluttershy doesn't appear to be a planeswalker, and yet here she is casting spells from mana. You realize the implications, right?"
>"Wait, you're right." says Twilight. "This means that people who use land mana are native to this plane as well. If that's the case, the whole world's understanding of magic will be upended!"
"We need to inform the Headmistress as soon as possible. Fluttershy, you'll probably regenerate the mana on the way. We should head up now."
>She gives an affirmative nod and hands you her broom while she borrow's Applejack's
"I really should get myself one of these."
>You, Rainbow, Twilight, and Fluttershy head off toward the tower, aiming not for Celestia's personal balcony, but another school entrance in an adjacent tower
>It will still save a lot of walking versus taking the ground entrance
>You all make your way to Celestia's office where a woman greets you at a desk in a waiting room outside the main office
>You didn't see her before, yet you did notice the desk at which she sits
>She has blue skin and dark blue hair which seems to consist of a night sky in much the same way that Celestia's hair resembles a pastel rainbow disguised as hair
>"Chancellor Luna, we have pertinent information for Headmistriss Celestia, regarding the foreign type of magic."

>forgot my name like a retard
>"I see," she replies, give me a moment."
>She rises from her chair and enters Celestia's office, returning a moment later and holding the door open
>"You may enter."
>The four of you step inside the office to see Celestia patiently awaiting you
>"Anonymous, Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash. To what do I owe the pleasure?"
"We've discovered something interesting about Fluttershy, arbiter."
"Sorry, Headmistress. Force of habit. Anyway, you'll want to see this."
>Fluttershy steps forward and enters her calm state again
>However, she turns to Rainbow Dash and asks something quite surprising
>"Rainbow, I'd like you to shoot a lightning bolt at me. If you don't mind, that is."
>"What?!" shouts everyone, you included
>"Trust me. I'll be fine."
>"Well, alright, I trust you."
>Rainbow Dash conjures up a small arc of electricity in her hand, and with one final nod of confirmation from Fluttershy, she lets it loose toward her
>In that instant, Flutershy conjures the same covering of leaves, but this time on herself, before the lightning reaches her
>You expect them to dissipate it much like your vines; however, it instead hits Fluttershy square in the chest
>Everyone in the rooms gasps in shock, again, you included
>However, despite the lightning striking her, Fluttershy appears unfazed by it
>"When I first cast this spell, I realized it could be used not only to heal, but also to prevent getting hurt in the first place."
>Celestia bolts up from her seat, running around to Fluttershy
>"Are you alright, my dear student?"
>"I'm fine, headmistress. Like I said, this spell can prevent damage even from a spell that hits me.
>She twirls around to show that she's unmarked
>"I did feel tingly and my muscles contracted, but I didn't feel any pain, and I didn't get burned."
>"I see," says Celestia, "well I'm glad you're alright. Where did you learn such a spell? I didn't see you-"
>Her look of concern and questioning turns to one of of shock

And done for today
me likey
I unironically cant tell if its fluttershy, fleur or maybe even diamond diara
I only have hair color to go on
Hey guys quick update from the iphone kiosk. my phone will be fixed by next month. stay frosty.
Check the collar.
Will do buddy, you've served us well.

>It's show-time!
>You've got a felling this will go just as planned!
>Just to make sure though, let's review the plan
>Twilight is responsible for summoning the dragon
>Adagio is gonna make sure to tame the beast
>And you, Anon, are responsible for...
>What are you supposed to do again?
>You nudge Starlight with your elbow
"Ptsss, Starlight?" you whisper
>"Hm? what's up?"
"What's my role again?"
>"what's your role in what?"
"Yeah, like, what am i supposed to do?"
>"Oh, you're going to be the one flying the dragon of course."
"Ptffff, sure."
>"...i'm not kidding."
"Sure you're not."
>"Anon i've never been more serious in my life."
>You turn your head to face her
>You were expecting her to be smirking, she must be joking after all
>That deadpan stare is telling you otherwise
"Hold on, are you a hundred percent serious?"
"I never agreed to that though!"
>"Yes you did, this was your plan after all."
"No it wasn't! never in my right mind would i think of something like that! *you* proposed it!"
>"And *you* are the one who cheated on Trixie."
>"Must i remind you that you got yourself into this mess?"
"There's no need for that..."
>"Then keep your head down, and do it."
"Look, i was all about getting a dragon, but the moment you add *me* riding said dragon i have to step back."
>"What else did you think you were going to do then?"
"Oh i don't know, maybe watching from a safe distance?"
>"Jesus Christ, you're such a pussy."
"If not wanting to ride a fucking dragon means i'm a pussy, then sure! i'm the biggest pussy alive!"
>Starlight tries to hold in her laughter
>You're gonna kill this girl, if she doesn't get you killed first that is
>Someone behind you clears their throat
>And then you realize Starlight wasn't looking at you when she was holding her laughter, if not pass you
>damn it

>"Am i interrupting anything?" speaks Adagio
"U-uh... no?"
>"Good, just wanted to let you know we're all set. You guys ready?"
"No! we're not ready at all--!"
>"Yep! all good here! summon that dragon already!" Starlight shouts over you
>Adagio nods, and she looks over her shoulder with a thumbs up towards Twilight
"Hold the fuck on--!"
>"Nope! too late Anon!"
>Grabbing you by the collar of your shirt, Starlight drags you to Twilight
>Adagio follows close behind

this is all i wrote in four days lol
You ride that dragon, brah, like how Major Kong rode that A-bomb in Dr. Strangelove. And don't worry about writer's block, we all suffer from it.

How many girls are going to fall for this idiot of an Anon? The man's so dense, light bends around him. Nice writing nonetheless.

Interesting. I might keep my eye on this one. It'll be a more grounded approach to the subject, I presume?
>And don't worry about writer's block, we all suffer from it.
you a writefriend by any chance? just curious
Found my old tablet niggers, expect more green soon!
*SLAM* "Suuup Biiiiiiiitch!!"
>Trixie jumps and falls over.
>"ANON! I said to STOP doing that!!"
"Heh sorry Trixie forgot about th- heeey lookin good there!"
>"Really, I thought a change in look would be nice for tonight..."
>She fiddles with her hair, face turning a light pink.
"Welp, ready to head out. I found this awesome café in Canterlot!"
>"If course I'm ready, Trixie is always prepared."
>The two of you head out. You lead her to a flowery looking café called "Pretty Little Witches". Trixie looks a bit skeptical of the place.
"Dont worry, I came here before Trixie trust me the food is great but the service is BETTER!"
>"I never said that I didn't trust you it's just surprising you like a place as girly a this."
"Oh you'll see why I like it here!"
>You open the door and the smell of cake and coffee hits you hard
>"Hiiiiii master! Welcome back!~"
>A girl in a skimpy witch/maid outfit greeted the two of you.
"Hey Roseluck! Long time no see!"
>"Anon why did you bring me to a maid café."
>*gasp* Master! Why are you here with another woman! Don't you love me?"
>She gives you the all adorable puppy eyes, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.
"Oh it's not like that Rosey. I owe this one a good time, and whats a better place than here!"
>You give Roseluck a quick pat on the head and her smile perked back up.
>"Oh master, you always know what to say to make me happy!~"
>"okay trixie you can salvage this..."
"Huh? You say something Trixie?"
>"Nothing! Lets just get some seats."
"Way ahead of ya, a private booth for me a my bud here."
>"Of course master right away! Follow me please!"
>Roseluck leads you both to a secluded booth. Pink and red hearts with flowers literally everywhere.
>"Here are your menus and call me if you need any "help" with something!"
>She gives you a wink and magiks two menus in your hand. You pass one to Trixie who seems a bit upset.
"Thanks, we will!"
>Rose leaves the two of you alone, a cute upbeat song playing in the background.
"Well, pretty cool right! I come here every week for the lovecakes!"
>"Lovecakes.... Anon I thought we would go somewhere more, normal."
"Watcha mean normal! This is the most normal place in this magik town!"
>You take a sip of your complimentary hot chocolate with a heart shaped bendy straw.
>"But anon..."
>Just then, Roseluck comes back levitating a stack of sweet fucken lovecakes with your name written in whipped cream on top.
>"Only the best for my master!~"
>She then gives you kiss on the cheek.
"Heh heh, thanks Ro-"
>"Im going back to the dorm."
>Trixie gets up, face fully red and storms out the café.
>Maybe I should go after her, but my cakes. What to do...

Well, you decide!
someone putted a lot of time and effort into making those cakes, it would be a shame to leave them behind.
and plus spending the afternoon with qt Roseluck sounds good enough
File: you-serious-now.png (659 KB, 720x540)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
Upsetting poor Trixie really puts my spuds into a spin, even if he can't see the bloody obvious. My advice? Ram some lovecakes into your pocket, leave the money on the table and charge out after her because you don't leave your mates hanging.

I'm a writefag, yeah. I was one then I stopped ages ago but I started again recently.
Nowadays, I write for the "Alone in EqG-verse" thread.
File: image.jpg (55 KB, 568x454)
55 KB
>Fuck me man the cakes aren't going away anytime soon. You drop a ten and go after Trixie, she must've warped back cause you don't see her anywhere.
>After a mad dash you make it back to the dorm, Pinkie standing by the door.
>"Hey nony, Trixie ain't doin so hot."
"I know, im here to fix that. I think I fucked up."
>"Good luck bub. Im off to help the Cakes with the babies."
>Pinkie skips off as you head inside. You quietly let yourself in the room.
"Hey man are you alright? Did the place set you off or somthin?"
>You take a seat on her bed.
>She turns to you, tears welling up in her eyes. Shit you fucked up hard.
>"No Anon the café isn't the problem!"
"Oh. Is it the lovecakes, the size of em are overwhelming at first but if you just l-"
>Woah now little lady
"Well what is it, tell me. Friends look out for each other after all and you're my bestie."
>Her face somehow got even sadder than before as she turns to face you, tears falling down her face.
>" why are you so dense... WHY?!"
>She grabs the front of your shirt and cries into it. Why so emotional today. Wait.
>Period. It's got to be her period.
"That time of the month huh? Well im always here for ya pal!"
>"fuck it."
"What did yo-"
>You fall back on the bed with Trixie on top of you.
>A kiss on the lips. And a hard one at that. You feel all fuzzy and stuff now.
>She pulls away staring into your eyes, her face is fully flushed. She tightens her grip on your shirt and lays her head on your chest.
>"I love you Anon..."
>What do you say? Is she like into you or something, you don't know how you feel about it.
>"Ive been trying my hardest to hide these feelings thinking it was just some random crush, but as time passed my love for you kept getting stronger..."
>Oh god what do I do! Persona didn't prep me for this level of romance!
>"It feels good to let that out... C-can we cuddle?"
File: image.jpg (899 KB, 1804x2560)
899 KB
899 KB JPG
>The two of you just lay on the bed, Trixie nuzzling into you. You feel very uncomfortable, but little junior isn't.
>You try to move your dong under your waistband but Trixie immediately notices your movements.
>"Oh my! D-did Trixie do this?"
>She reaches towards your junk and you slap it away.
>Bad touch! Bad touch!
"HEY let slow down a bit here alright!"
>"R-right! It's too soon..."
>Phew... Crisis averted! She lets go and sits up, pulling her knees up to her chest.
>"Im so sorry, Trixie went to far. She never even asked how you felt about this."
>You just lay there gazing at the ceiling. Looking over you see her staring at you with a anxious look in her eyes.
>"So... Do you feel the same?"
>Fuck my life what the ever loving fuck do I say to THAT?!
>I don't wanna break her little heart.
>Calm down Anon, just go neutral with this.
"Well, lets just take this slowly ok? See how it goes."
>Nailed it! Now finish it!
>You pull Trixie back onto the bed and wrap an arm around her.
"I just wanna make sure this can work out ya know!"
>Her smile says it all, she squees and hugs you tight. You could get used to this.
>"Pinkie will be staying at the cakes to babysit. Can I sleep In your bed tonight?"
>You spent a long night with Trixie.
File: Di-3o4uVAAAWXkD.jpg (54 KB, 640x453)
54 KB
oh mama it's getting spicy

>"Spawn the fucken' thing already!"
>"Geez calm down, what's with the hurry?"
"No hurrys here haha take your time :)"
>Starlight covers your mouth with one hand
>"Oh Anon! you're so funny! always making jokes! Now do the spell, Twilight. Or else."
>"...sure?" answers a hesitant Twilight Sparkle
>"Now keep in mind she hasn't practiced this spell before, so this might or might not take a whil--"
>"It's okay!" reaffirms Starlight "Just take a deep breath!"
>What even is the spell anyways?
>You're about to find out it seems
>Twilight takes, as Starlight proposed, a deep breath
>She holds it in
>And as Twilight opens her mouth to speak she lets it all out
>"Boom goes the dynamite!"
>oh fuck off mate
>A small explosion
>Followed by a cloud of smoke
>And from behind the cloud, forms a silhouette
>The smoke dissipates
>Twilight watches in awe
>Adagio readies herself for her spell
>And Starlight can barely hold in her excitement as she hops in place
>Meanwhile you're getting really tired of her holding you
>So you pull her hand away, and spit on the floor
"Ew! don't do that shit again! i don't know where you hands have been!"
>"W-what?! what are you implying?! i wash them everyday!"
"Your hands smell like cheese! what are you on about?!"
>"Oh that's it you fucker!" Starlight says as she rolls up her sleeves
>"Look!" shouts Adagio
>The smoke clears from in front of you
>And standing behind it...
"I don't get it there's nothing."
>"Ugh, told you guys this might take a while..." Adagio rolls her eyes
>"Well just do it again then!"
"Yeah, no time to waste i guess. If you don't hurry up i'm gonna end up killing Starlight before you pull the spell off."
>"Keep talking shit, and i'll stick my wand so far up your ass..."
"Just get on with it, Twilight."
>She doesn't reply
>Instead she stands frozen in place
File: DlYjr1CUwAE090c.jpg (30 KB, 603x670)
30 KB

>Her gaze looking downwards
>Looking at the ground
>And in a small patch of grass, rests a creature
>A baby dragon...?
>"...hoLY SHIT IT WORKED!" Starlight screams in exciment
"Woah... first try..."
>"Ha! amazing! you did it Twi!" Speaks Adagio giving Twilight a pat on the back
>"...i-i really did didn't i?"
>"Yep yep yep!"
"Alright that's cool and all but don't get your hopes up. We needed a dragon that was... kinda, uh... older."
>Starlight, who had finally resorted to jumping up and down, snaps her head towards you
>With a predatory look...
>"What did you just say?"
>This girl doesn't scare you
>But hey one things for sure
>She might be cute, but she'll fight
>A-and you'd fight too!
>S-she doesn't scare you!
>But your parents taught you to never raise your hand at a woman!
>lmao what? we don't even know our parents
"nothing haha just a funny joke :)"
>"Thought so."
File: 1521911029263.jpg (75 KB, 586x439)
75 KB
And the plot moistens. I had a giggle with the "good touch, bad touch" book as well. Nice one, friend.

Did we just witness the birth of Spike by any chance? Good update anyway, matey.

Anyway, I have an idea for a story, I'm still working on it and I'll have it prepped and cooked soon.
I'll give fair warning, it'll be a radical departure of what has been before but I think it sticks to the core nature of the whole "Anon and Pones in Witch School" idea. If you do or don't like it, just tell me.
File: bump.jpg (9 KB, 275x183)
9 KB
File: dh778fdmson11.jpg (32 KB, 960x266)
32 KB
>Did we just witness the birth of Spike by any chance?
haha no silly that would be too predictable :)


>"D'awwww it's so cute!" Adagio holds her own cheeks
"It's something alright..."
>You stand in a circle, leaning forwards, around the baby dragon
>"Don't worry Anon!" Adagio gives you a friendly shove "I'm sure Trixie will love it!"
"I can imagine... but there's a problem..."
>"...he's not ours... we just took this baby away from his family..." adds Twilight, in a low tone of voice
>She read your mind
"That... this doesn't feel right..."
>Starlight and Adagio look at each other with worried expressions
>"I... didn't consider that..." answers Starlight
>"So what now...?"
>You avert your gazes towards the baby yet again
>It sleeps peacefully
>But it's ears shake, and with a yawn, the creature opens it's eyes
>First thing he sees, Twilight
>Can dragons smile?
>Because you swear he's grinning at Twilight like a dork
"Dragons bark?"
>"It's not a... uh... i wouldn't know actually..."
>Not so much of a smart-ass now, eh Starlight?
>It's stands in it's four legs, very much like a puppy
>And in baby steps (Literally) he makes it's way to Twilight's feet
>It lays down, right besides Twilight
>Adagio, Starlight and yourself exclaim in unison
>"I think it likes you!" Starlight looks up to Twilight
"Yeah! i think you should keep it!"
>"Yep! you'd make a great owner!"
>"G-guys he's not mine i can't just..."
"C'mon, he's already here. Why not keep him?"
>"Because.. you guys already know why..."
>"We get it Twi, but maybe if you kept him... it would be better for him?"
>"What sense does that make?"
>"Oh right! don't baby dragons have a high mortality rate?" Speaks Starlight with a finger hold up
>"Yes, the mothers usually don't look after their children for long... most of them abandon them on the nest."
"Hm, didn't know that..."
File: 8mcux8j74pn11.jpg (38 KB, 960x388)
38 KB

>"Of course you wouldn't" Starlight frowns "You fall asleep eight out of ten classes."
"Not now, cheese hands."
>She squints her eyes at you
>"So will you consider it, Twilight?" asks Adagio
>"...oh i really shouldn't..."
>The baby stretches on Twilight's feet, and lets out another yawn before resting his head on the grass
>"...ohmygod..." it's all Twilight can say
"Again, he seems comfortable with you. So?"
>"I guess it wouldn't hurt anybody..."
>You and the group exchange looks with a smile
>"So what are you naming it?" Adagio looks over to Twilight
>"n-name it...?"
>"Yeah, i guess it only makes sense to give it a name." adds Starlight
"Maybe that's going too quick, i know for one i wouldn't be able to come up with a name on the spo--"
>"Spike." interrupts Twilight
"Oh never mind then."
>"Spike huh?" Starlight lifts her hand to her chin "I like it." she nods
File: nihilistic-staring.png (148 KB, 300x300)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Another one...
Im here buddy
File: image.jpg (90 KB, 600x800)
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File: k9ogj8jh6c401.jpg (19 KB, 600x487)
19 KB

"That took way longer than it should've..."
>"Agreed." Starlight sighs "And i blame you for that."
"Fair enough."
>Short walk back to the academy with the girls
>The sun was already setting by then
>"Hey guys?" speaks Twilight, holding a sleeping Spike in her arms
"What's up?"
>"What are we going to do with Trixie?"
>"Just tell her Anon got a baby dragon for her."
>"...and we give it to her?"
"Nah you can keep it, he's yours. Trixie has a short attention span anyways."
>"AND she's very prone to getting caught up in the moment, she'll forget about Spike in about an hour or so."
>"So was this for nothing?" asks Adagio tilting her head
"Not really, let's just hope she appreciates the gesture."
>"Mhm, about that, where's Trixie?"
...i thought... you would know?"
>"Why would i know that? i'm not a psychic."
"Yeah perhaps, but you are her best friend."
>"I told you i left after you. No idea where she ran off to..."
>You stop at the entrance to Luna Nova
>The group notices and stops as well, looking back
>"Got a plan?"
>Oh boy
>You've wanted to say this line for so long...
>You can't help but smile at the thought of saying it...
"Alright gang, let's split u--!"
>"Let me stop you right there."
>Starlight stares at you with a dead-pan expression
"...uh, what's up?"
>"Don't finish that sentence."
"Finish what? let's split up ga--?"
>"Just please. You're already enough of a dork."
"Aw c'mon! Dagi and Twilight were into it, right?"
>You look over to them
>"...tch... you see..."
>"No, to be honest i don't even know what you were referencing."
>"Don't worry about it, it's about a cartoon."
"A VERY good cartoon at that."
>"First off: You're wrong. Second off: as far as we know, Trixie is in her dorm. No need to split up."
"Yeah but what if SHE ISN'T?"
>Starlight crosses her arms
>"You really are a dumbass."
>"He has a point though."
>"What?! no he doesn't!"

>"I guess there could be a slim chance that after... whatever Anon did, that Trixie might've ran off..."
>"Why would she do that?! no, actually, why are you two even fancying him?!"
"You know what they say, if you can't beat 'em."
>"Yeah but *i* can beat you."
"Let's vote then. Who wants to split up, raise their hands."
>Adagio raises her hand, Twilight follows
>"Aw c'mon!"
"Seems like it's one to three, cheese hands."
>"When i said beat you, i didn't mean it figuratively!" and she's back to rolling up her sleeves
"You wanna go, cunt?!"
>"For the love of-- you two are worse than my sisters."
"Not my fault! i just wanted to spice things up!"
>"I'll spice 'ya up! i'll spice you up real good!" shouts Starlight
"It would've been cool! Adagio could be... uh... Daphne! and Twilight, obviously, Velma!"
>"Who's that?" asks Dagi
"And then Spike's Scooby, and of course i'll be Fred! oh and you starlight could be shaggy, i guess."
>"...i'm going to look for Trixie."
"Starlight get your ass back here."
>"Make me."
>"C'mon Starlight, let's just get this over with."
>She takes a very deep breath
>"If i we do this, Anon, do you promise to stop wasting our time?"
"I didn't waste anybody's time..."
>"You could be apologizing to Trixie right now, BUT NOOOO, you want to roleplay as fucking Scoob--"
>You don't let her finish
>Instead you hover a hand in the air, and look over to Adagio and Twilight
>They catch up very quickly, and place their hands over yours
>So you look up to Starlight
"C'moooon, we're waitiiiing~"
>"...i recommend you sleep with an eye open tonight."
>And so, Starlight joins in
"Alright gang, let's split up!"
>And you throw your hands up to the sky

too many updates?
Hey all. I'm that Anon who bumps every once in a while and keep offering encouragement. I said yesterday, I have a story to tell.

I call it "The Daughters of Sulis."

>Tapping your foot and scan-reading the newspaper, you feel rather nervous.
>For the first time in ages as well.
>It's a job interview for something you're not too well versed in.
>Teaching Defense Against Dark Magic at one of the most pre-eminent witchcraft and wizardry schools in the country. It's like manna from heaven.
>Even if it's been years since you last practiced magic. Never mind taught it.
>'God, I'm dying for a cigarette...'
>Folding the paper up, you reach into your inner pocket and take out some nicotine gum.
>Unwrapping it and chewing on it, you feel the rush of chemicals ruining your brain.
>You quietly sigh as not to disturb the secretary, diligently writing up reports, memos and other such paperwork.
>Reaching for the newspaper, you scan around the room.
>A tall, dark wood-panelled room that carries a slight dank, musky smell, with cheap green carpet laying on the floor.
>Tall windows to overlook the well-manicured front lawns. Despite the late fall season, it still looks beautiful.
>The secretary sits in front of the windows, behind what looks like a cheap, flat-pack desk and wooden filing cabinets stand like sentries by either side of the windows.
>Sitting in somewhat comfortable chairs, you eye up the door. Presumably, it'll lead to your fate.
>The gum's going a bit stale actually so you reach into your jacket pocket for that wrapper again.
>Looking to the secretary to make sure she's not checking you out, you stick out your tongue to grab the gum.
>The door suddenly opens and out steps a tallish woman. She's wearing a dark blue blouse, a knee-length skirt and a long, black cloak. Her beautiful lengthy hair matches the blouse.
>You freeze up, startled by her sudden appearance.
>You briefly looks down to a clipboard in her arm.
>"Anonymous Cognito?"
>The gum slips off your tongue and onto your trousers.

"Yes, that's me."
>You grab the gum and squash into the wrapper.
>Standing up, you flick it into the waste bin by the desk and warmly take the woman's open hand.
>"I'm the deputy headmistress, Luna Artemis. Please, step this way."
"Thank you, Mrs Artemis."
>"Ms, please, Mr Cognito."
>You follow her though into a long room with a polished woodblock floor.
>It's a very long room with a Louis Quinze desk at the far end.
>Standing by the high-backed chair and looking to the windows is a tall, erect figure wearing one of those cloaks with a white, frilly blouse and a dark purple skirt under it.
>Subconsciously, you tighten you tie and smooth out your overcoat and you hope that gum hasn't stained your trousers.
"Headmistress Celestia Solaris?"
>You enquire, remaining on your feet as the deputy headmistress sits in a slightly smaller chair behind the desk.
>"Of course. My, my, you've done your research. Welcome to the Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy, Mr Cognito. Please, take a seat."
>She has a hawk-like face; longish but with a soft jaw. Her eyes are a piercing magenta and she stares penetratingly at you.
>She offers you her hand and you take it but her grip is so firm, your fingers would have suffered if you weren't prepared for it.
>You sit down, take off your satchel and lean it against your chair.
>"If you wish, you can take off your coat and hang it there." Ms Artemis says, pointing to the coat rack.
"I'd prefer to keep it on, if you don't mind. I'm feeling a chill, that's all."
>"We understand, Mr Cognito. Or may we call you Anonymous?" Ms Artemis asks.
"Anon or Anonymous. Whichever you prefer."
>You answer, slicking back your green hair.
>"Right, maybe you can begin by telling us about yourself." Ms Solaris begins.
"As you know, my name is Anonymous Cognito and for the last few years, I've been overseas in England, teaching at the Royston Vasey Institute of Magical Studies.

"Before that, I taught at the Coldwater Academy here in this country. It's another respected school for wizards."
>"Yes, we have received references from both schools." Ms Artemis begins, "we are surprised by the reference by Professor Chariot, Anonymous."
"Not only was she my boss at RVIMS but she was also my mentor when I was an apprentice wizard, one of the last ones, might I add, before the national scheme was mothballed."
>"We know, Anonymous." Ms Solaris interjects, "our academy here was a partner with the scheme, we even provided theory work for the apprentices."
>"The headmistress and I were also apprentice witches so I can understand your frustrations, Anonymous. Chariot must have taught you well to be a good wizard."
"Technically, I'm a warlock. Warlocks are magic males born from the witches' bloodline and I'm from the Bletchley bloodline. I think the first male born in what? 5, 6 generations?
>You stroke your already growing stubble.
"I can't remember what the female equal would be..."
>"Mages, I believe." Celestia answers, playing with her blouse's ruff.
"That's it. Sorry, I disgress, I didn't mean to bore you."
>"Don't worry, Anonymous, we wish to learn more about yourself." Ms Artemis admits, "it says in your resume that you had some work published."
"Yes, I did. I'll say that it wasn't published under my name though."
>You reach down into your satchel and pull out a folder.
>Moving the chair forwards and placing the folder on the desk, you pull out some papers.
"It was thought I was too inexperienced so it was published under Chariot's name with me under 'additional information'."
>You pass the papers to the duo and they read it intently.
>As they are distracted, you quickly reach under the desk to... scratch your leg.
>Yeah, let's go with that...
>"I'm surprised the Magical Lancet published them under her name, to be honest." Ms Solaris says disapprovingly, "considering her past. Those sexual misconduct allegations are hard to ignore..."

"Nothing was ever proved, Headmistress. Because that's what they were. Allegations."
>You firmly say as Ms Solaris just stares and raises an eyebrow.
>"I will have to say, Mr Cognito, that I do not approve of having male teachers here at an all-witches school. But needs must. The disappearance of Miss Harshwhinny has put the school under a considerable strain."
>"However." Ms Artemis interrupts her superior's rant, "these Lancet theses are most fascinating. Using magic to combat hippogriffs and griffins shows you have an intellect this academy needs."
>"And besides." Luna turns to the headmistress, "you are not the first man here."
>She turns back to you and divulges more information.
>"We have others, the school porter Mr House. Also, Mr Doodle who teaches history of magic and Mr Soarin, our resident broomstick flyer."
"Broomsticks. The one thing I could never handle. Thank goodness it was never compulsory on the apprenticeship scheme."
>"It's no wonder you started your career as a stage magician, is it then, Mr Cognito?"
>Ms Solaris jeers as an attempt to shake your confidence but you take it into your stride.
"I make no effort to hide my past as the Great Lorenz, the Magical Showman in Las Pegasus, headmistress. It's clearly there on my resume. "
>You rather smugly chatter about as she raises an eyebrow again.
"And surely, there's no real difference between entertaining tourists and teaching students. You're showing information for them to think on and process."
>Ms Solaris purses her lips a little as her deputy snorts.
>"I think that concludes our interview, Mr Cognito. We have other applicants to talk to and we'll let you know if you are successful. Sis.. err... Ms Artemis, would you kindly show our guest out?"
>"Of course, yes." She answers hesitantly.
>The pair of you stand and make your way across the length of the room.
>She opens the door and shows you out.
>"We'll be in touch." Luna says as she offers her hand.
>She offers you her hand.
File: 1520744374085.png (414 KB, 1650x2950)
414 KB
414 KB PNG

>He takes it and give you a warm shake.
>"Thank you for this opportunity, Ms Artemis. Good day."
>As he walks out of the empty office, you nod to Ravenna and close the door.
"Now, what was wrong with that one, Sister?"
>You are Luna and you shout at your sister, stood by the window.
>"I dunno. He seems too cocky, too arrogant. Someone ought to bring him down a level or two."
>She pulls out her wand and opens the window slightly. She points it at the opening door.
>Mr Cognito walk out and pulls out a small pack of something.
>"What's he doing?"
>You walk over to your sister and see Anonymous taps the pack and takes out a cigarette.
>As he lights it and takes a drag, you hear your sister snort dismissively and storms off.
>"Of course he smokes as well. He'll be a bad influence on the girls, I know it.
"He's the only candidate to apply though, Sister!"
>"Details, details. Harshwhinny will come back anyway, Lulu. It's only been a week."
"Her husband's having panic attacks and the local police have been crawling around. I don't think she is."
>You look rather nervous as Celestia looks at you sadly.
>"Look, Lulu. I know you like that man, okay? Ever since you read his resume and he knows Chariot, you've been starry-eyed ever since. Despite my judgment, I'll give him a trial period of six weeks. Or until Whinny comes back."
>She taps her wand on the table.
>"But if he puts a foot wrong, I'll throw him out of the school myself."
>Another tap to empathise her point.
"Thank you! I'll tell him myself later on then, yeah?"
>You almost squeal and your sister sits down and magically pick up a pen.
>"Of course, Lulu. Anything to make you happy." Celestia smiles as she 'writes' some memos.
File: 1535940743540.png (167 KB, 1112x1024)
167 KB
167 KB PNG

>Signing your name and handing the book back to the porter, you walk out the building and stop on the steps.
>Turning your head slightly, you notice those two staring at you through the windows. Judging you.
>'Give them something to watch.'
>You are Anonymous and you pull out a pack of cigarettes, you tap one out and light it.
>Taking a quick drag, you blow out a couple of smoke rings and walk off to your car.
>Tapping your cigarette before you climb in, you see they've moved away from the window.
>Starting it up, you drive up the gravel road to the iron gate. Pressing the button, they click open and you quickly peel off out of there.
>'Gives me the creeps, that school.'
>Driving back down the main road to Canterlot, you're coming up to that gas station you noted earlier.
>Pulling in and driving over that bell pusher they have, you see the attendant casually strolling out.
>"What do you want?"
"Full tank, please. Is there a phone here? My cell's ran out."
>"The pay-phone's around the back."
>He shouts as he grabs the pump hose.
>Putting out that cigarette and climbing out, you pat yourself down for that notebook in your overcoat pocket.
>'Phew, still in there.'
>Strolling and whistling, you look around to see if he's busy. Which he is, manhandling the hose into the filler hole.
>Finding the phone around the back, you run to it and ram some change into it.
>Taking the handset off and punching in the number, you take out the notebook and scan the numbers on the first page. A woman answers.
>"Bureau of Investigation, Trottingham field office. How can I direct your call?"
"Operations, please."
>"Clearance code?"
>You read the first code.
>"Please hold."
>After waiting for five seconds, a man answers.
"Special Agent Anonymous Lorenz checking in."
>"ID code?"
>You read the second code.
>"Thank you. Anything else?"
"I need to speak to Agent Coffee Klatch. Is he in?"
>"He is. Hold the line please"

>10 seconds later and Klatch's bored voice comes through the handset.
"Lorenz. The eagle has landed."
>"Okay. Its twitterings are making for interesting listening. You'll get the job, I hear."
"It's a good idea about the bug I put under the desk then."
>"Let's hope it'll yield something or we've wasted another warrant."
"I doubt that. They know something. Anyway, what's next?"
>You enquire as he yawns loudly.
>"Canterlot PD, they're next, they need to know what we're up to. I'm gonna set off and I'll meet you there in an hour."
"There's a diner by the train station, the Black Cauldron. I'll meet you there instead, there's much to discuss and I don't want to do it over the phone."
>"If you say so, Anon."
"Until then, Coffee."
>"Missing you already."
>He clicks off and you put the handset back.
>Slipping the notebook into your pocket, you dash back to the car and see the attendant waiting in his booth.
>"That'll be $34.76, please."
>You bellow but the attendant looks unfazed.
>"The tank was almost empty, boss, and you did say you wanted a full one."
>You sigh and take your wallet out.
"I'll need a receipt then."
>"You're the boss."
>'Why do I get that feeling I'm not?...'
>You think to yourself as you pass the money over.

The End. Well then. What do you think?
Thanks for reading, scrublords. If you enjoyed it or you absolutely hated it and want me to die, then tell me by giving me feedback.

I would put it my own pastebin but I don't know if this will gain traction. If you guys like it, I'll write up another part and put both into it. If you don't like it then I'll pull a Pontius Pilate and wash my hands of it and you can do with it what you will.
Im interested.
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 326x285)
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i liked it a lot, actually
though it's up to you if you wanna write another part. but if you do, i'll keep reading

Thanks guys, this means a lot. It means I can branch out and write for story threads that interest me, rather than just get pigeon-holed into that bloody Fingerbang Thread. I'm not throwing shade, it's just not my thing.

Like I said here >>32958540 , I'm FireWalk and I write for the "Alone in EqG-verse" thread. And in all fairness, I asked for feedback and encouragement because a writefag's need to write is informed by the reader's need to know and our own passion to craft. Because without either, what's the point?

Sorry for being philosophical for such a goofy story thread. It's just me rambling on. Thanks for the encouragement, guys, and I write up something soon. Let's rock!
Sorry for not updating, busy with some life shit at the moment.
File: image.jpg (179 KB, 1280x720)
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179 KB JPG
<celestia's office>
"Good, he's improving quiet nicely. It was a wise move to entrust him with you Sunset."
>"Thank you, I will strive to do even better."
>Celestia looks through some files, putting marks and whatnot on them as she goes, with Sunset sitting across from her drinking tea.
"So, is he behaving himself?"
>"Of course. He was very rowdy at first but he seems to see the position he is in."
"You told him."
>She gives Sunset a very stern stare causing her to tense up.
>"No! n-never have and never will! I apologize for not making myself clear."
"Good. It's best this way, don't want him to panic."
>Celestia floats a black box over to Sunset and opens it, revealing cards with strange marks.
>"Demon sigils... Why are you giving this to me?"
"It's for his training, don't worry I hand picked these one specifically for him."
>"I do not wish to be rude, but why demons?"
>Celestia looks over at the clock and sighs.
"I want to answer your question, but it's getting quite late. I wish to see results next week."
>"Yes headmistress, goodnight...."
>Just as Sunset leaves the room Celestia undoes her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders.
"Dodged a bullet there... We must hurry, they will come soon."
<Two weeks later...>
>"Get up Anon! Its time for that special training session!"
>Trixie is shaking you vigorously in hopes of waking you up. It works.
"Fiiiiine I'm up! Fuck me man, why does it have to be midnight?"
>"Who knows, but Trixie is going with you. She dosen't trust her with you."
>She hugs onto your side puffing her her cheeks out like a toddler. You never asked for this.
"Sure whatever, just don't try and start anything ok?"
>"Trixie isn't promising anything."
"Good enough, let's get goin then."
>Trixie grabbed onto your arm and waved her wand, sending the two of you in the middle if a forest.
>"Trixie dazzles the crowd yet again with her amazing warping spell!"
>"Don't be such a child Anon, you should be used to this by now."
"S-shut up! Why do I even put up with you..."
>"Because you love Trixie."
"Sure I do... Now where is that bacon head?"
>The two of you wander deeper into the woods until you come across a torch lit stone stage of sorts. Sunset is laying a card down
>"Good you made it. With "her" in tow as well, just get over here so we can begin."
>When you approach the stage you see a white substance surrounding the entire area.
"What are we doing Sunset?"
>"You will be killing a demon today, nothing to big."
"Cool beans. Now why the FUCK am I doing this!!!"
>"The headmistress herself told me to do this for you. You don't want to go against her wishes do you?"
>You grit your teeth and look over to Trixie who is just as shocked as you as she squeezes the shit out of your hand.
>"Well you two seem to be a bit close."
>Trixie pulls you closer, her face red and pissed as hell.
>"Y-yes we are!! And if you so much as touch him Trixie will turn your hair into silkworms!!"
"She isn't lying, I saw her do it once. Poor Carrot..."
>Sunset shrugs and gestures over to the stage. You pry Trixie off your arm and walk over.
>"This won't be to hard it's only one demon. I'll pull you out if things get to rough."
>She cuts her thumb and drips blood onto the card, it then begins to turn into a black/red bubbling sludge.
>"Good luck Anon, use everything I taught you."
>Sunset warps outside the weird white circle with Trixie.
>This will suck.
check the hat
Check the tag
Check the cleavage
File: DZTSpwfWkAIFqaE.jpg (54 KB, 993x730)
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who the fuck is that even supposed to be
a scorpdk!
daybreaker aka evil celestia from the royal problem episode
Really? I'm saving that. For science, obviously...
actually it's nightmare star which is evil celestia from the card game
пoхyй. This looks fun.

[Ten years before present day] At Home
>"Come on Anon, you'll never get anywhere in life if you cant even do basic magic."
>Your mother and father look on in dismay as you once again raise your arm to attempt to cast a simple breeze spell on a scrap of paper sitting peacefully and undisturbed on the family dinner table
>"Just relax and don't over think it. Magic is our families special talent after all."
>Dad is right.
>Magic has been a gift your family has had for generations, some family members have said its been in your blood since magic first existed
>no one in your family could possibly be born without it
>you stare down the scrap parchment with your arm extended and focus everything you have on it
"simple breeze!"

[Seven years before present day] At the school yard
>a small crowd of students have gathered to watch as you perform a magic show for your crush
>She had told you before how much she loved watching the magicians at her best friends birthday last year and it inspired you to try to impress her
"Alright. Now, take that card you have in your hand and show it to the rest of the crowd."
>with a smile you cover your eyes with your hand and look away so everyone is aware you cannot see the card she has on display
>"okay, now what?"
>at the sound of her cheery voice you turn back and uncover your eyes with a excited smile
"Alright memorize the card then put it back into the deck."
>she cautiously slides the card back in with the rest keeping her eyes on yours to see if you are watching it
>she needn't worry, you're too busy looking at her smile to bother with where the card went
>once she takes a small step back indicating shes placed it where she wants it you show the crowd the bottoms of the cards so they can see they are all different and unsorted
>you shuffle the cards while talking to everyone watching
"You all remember the card she had, right?"
>everyone nods or responds positively
>you finish shuffling the cards and you clap your hands covering the deck with your palms
>everyone looks closely at your hands as you lean in with a sly grin

>the news of your little magic show reached home before you even walked in the door
>at first, your parents were thrilled. The thought that their son had finally grew into his arcane potential, even if it was several years later than most, was enough to get them beyond excited.
>that is, until you told them what your 'magic show' was.
>"Really Anon, card tricks? Slight of Hand? that's performance tricks. It isn't even magic!"
>Dad visibly deflated and mother was juggling anger along with her disappointment at the news
>"you are Fourteen years old for Mana's sake, and the most I've seen you be able to do is the breeze spell from when you were young."
>She wipes a angry tear from her eye before leaving the room as your little sister Amnesia starts crying in her bedroom
"But Mom I-"
>You try to call out to her when Dad places a hand on your shoulder and kneels down
>"That's enough for now Anonymous."
"But she didn't even want to listen to what I had to say, Dad."
>he pats you on the shoulder and kneels down to your level with a soft smile
>"I'm sure she will want to hear about it later okay?"
>you sigh and give your father a hug
"Okay dad."
[Four years before present day] At home
>Today is your birthday. But not only that, today is the day that Amnesia's arcane abilities have come to light
>You're sitting on the porch with your grandmother as Mom and Dad are excitedly showing off Amnesia's magic prowess to the family
>you'd more or less started to grow out of the need for birthday attention, but seeing everyone get so excited for your little sister being able to use magic so easily.
>it hurts a little.
>Grandma had apparently picked up on this and her voice takes you away from your thoughts
>"You know, when I was a young girl there was this boy. He was tall and handsome but he always fumbled around when it came to his magic."
>Grandma must have been watching your reactions because when you turn towards her shes already looking at you with a smile
>"he had difficulty with even the most simple of spells. he couldn't levitate small objects, make water boil, and he couldn't even make a spark strong enough to start a fire."
>She pats your head
>"Do you know what he did Anon?"
>you shake your head no which also gets your grandmother to pull her hand away from your cheek a bit
>"He practiced. Every day and every night he put his heart and soul into it."
"and did he ever get better at using magic?"
>Grandma forces back a laugh and grin while sitting herself up in her chair
>"oh. No, not really."
>you slouch down in disappointment at your grandmothers words
"gee... thanks for the story Grandma. Really helped me out there."
>she covers he mouth and starts to laugh
>her laughs were always contagious and you feel yourself forming a small grin at the sound of it
>"well, at least, not without some help from Grandma."
File: download (1).jpg (205 KB, 1191x670)
205 KB
205 KB JPG

[present day] Grandmas House
>You're sitting in the center of a ritual circle as Grandma completes the last portion of it
>"Well, its been a long couple of years and I think you're ready for it now."
>You had been studying with grandma ever since she offered to help you at your birthday party some years ago
>every day you had been studying from the old tomes she and grandpa had collected over the years
>everything from agricultural magic to ritualistic Deamon Binding had crossed your gaze at one point or another
>and you had failed spectacularly at all of them.
>yes, including the Daemon Binding.
>You're just glad that Grandma knew enough about that to send the Pink Horrors back from whence they came without TOO MUCH fire damage to the garage.
"Are you sure about this Grandma-ma? I haven't seen this kind of ritual before, and with my spectacular record of failure-"
>Grandma takes a seat opposite of you, safely outside of the circle.
>"I'm sure this will be fine Anon. You see, this is how Grandpa was finally able to get his magic."
>Wait what?
"Was that story you told me really about Grandpa?"
>Grandma nods
>"Yes it was. And its guaranteed to work, but it comes with a small caveat~"
>She reaches out with her magic and the ritual circle begins to glow brightly and rise from the floor
"W-wait! Grandma- whats the caveat?!"
>the magic drowns out your voice as soon it envelops you in a bright blue light

end prologue
pretty dope, I'm interested
opa, i like it. digging the music as well
always nice to see someone give this prompt a try, and i'm very intrigued
Thanks I hope it will keep your interest the more I do.
File: image.jpg (33 KB, 326x499)
33 KB
>In a instant a demon emerged from the sludge grinning at you.
>"Who's the lucky lady who summoned me?"
>You tense up but stand your ground ready for anything. The demon looks around for something and then fixes its gaze at you.
>"Wait, did YOU summon me? This is a first, but I don't mind! Come at me pretty boy!"
>It flys towards as you fire a weak lighting spell, it stagers slightly but keeps going.
"Aw shit! Uhh f-freeze!"
>Small shards of ice fly from your wand, hitting the demon with little to no force at all. It closes in and grabs your free hand, digging its claws into your flesh.
>"You ain't no girl but you got the skin of one, this Incubus hit the jackpot!"
>Wait Incubus? Thats when you notice the large spike-like dong throbbing in your face. You begin to tear up a little.
>"Quiet you moron!, he can handle this."
>He throws you on the ground and grabs the hem of your pants. You try to scramble away but he keeps pulling you towards him.
>"I LOVE it when they fight!!"
>All your options are spent, all but one. You'll feel great shame but it must be done.
>You grab his dick and you squeeze and yank the shit out of it.
>You dodge the stream of nut flowing from his cock and pin him down.
"Never again..."
>You stab your wand into his ear and cast an ice spell, shards of ice piercing his skull.
>The demon goes limp and melts back into a black/red sludge then fades into dust.
He wanted it.
File: audible-gasp.jpg (61 KB, 1348x760)
61 KB
>A page nine bumpy-boos
File: Spoiler Image (530 KB, 507x401)
530 KB
530 KB GIF
Spoiler for lewdness
You sick fuck
File: Spoiler Image (411 KB, 300x400)
411 KB
411 KB GIF
lewd bump
Wonder if fappy would put us in a pts
File: concern.jpg (107 KB, 1000x1256)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>tfw you just accidentally deleted 4 posts worth of green and dont have a way to recover it.
I think I now know the pain of many a writefag before me.
>Captcha; Stop signs
>inb4 google docs
File: image.jpg (109 KB, 970x990)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>You curl up into a ball on the floor as your "girlfriend" and Sunset run over to you.
>"Well then, not what I expected but you did kill it so here."
>A gold star is placed on your cheek and she sprays you with disinfectant, you quietly sob.
>"Anon, you aren't hurt are you!"
>Trixie crouches beside you checking for injuries. Nothing physical, but mentally...
>"This is only the first step in your training Anon. Next week you will fight a stronger one so work on your offensive magik."
>Trixie tries to help you up but you decline and stand on your own.
"F-fine... But no more sex demons!"
>"Of course Anon, I'll just dispose of these lilim and succubus sigils an-"
"Scratch that! Hit me with all you got!"
>The three of you walk out of the forest and come to the schools front gate.
>"Miss Lulamoon, I must speak to Anon in private. Do you mind?"
>Trixie give her a cold stare
>"No, Trixie does not."
>Trixie warps away leaving the two of you alone. Sunset looks a bit anxious for some reason.
>"So Anon, you and Trixie are dating now it seems."
>Weird question. She must secretly like gossip, might as well humor her.
"Yes and no. We're, or rather I am just testing the waters so to speak."
>She lets out a sigh and small smille form on her face. Huh.
>"Ah I see. Just curious is all..."
"If thats all, im goin to bed."
>"W-wait! If you don't mind me asking p-perhaps we could go out for tea someday and chat..."
"Hmmm... Make it coffee and its a deal."
>"Splendid. Is sunday fine with you?"
>The two of you talk for awhile and you retire to the dorm.
>You got a long week ahead of you.

>"Any luck?"
>Asks Starlight, to which Twilight answers
>"Unfortunately no, i looked all over the place as well."
"I asked the elder witches to see if they knew where Trixie was, but i got nothing."
>"I don't get it... i checked the dorm too, but she's not there."
>"What now?"
"I guess we wait for Adag--"
>Nice timing
>Off in the distance you see a rushing Adagio
>She joins the group, and in between breaths she speaks
>"I... i know where Trixie is!"
>"Really? how?"
>"I asked... all of Trixie's class and..."
>The next minutes, Adagio explained the following:
>Seems like Trixie's class noticed she wasn't at her best
>So one of the girls, Sugarcoat you believe? told her about this club
>Apparently they told Trixie that when they're feeling down, a little partying always cheers them up
>"So... she's... at a party?"
>"I suppose, that's what Sugarcoat told me... the whole class left for the capital along with Trixie."
>"Oh no! knowing Trixie she'll probably burn the whole club down!"
"I don't get it... if the entire class went then... how did you--?"
>"Ask Sugarcoat? she's the only girl that didn't go."
"Did she tell you which club it is?"
>"The Pit."
"Pit? never heard of it."
>"It's one of those underground hipster clubs..."
"Oh... what's a hipster?"
>"I don't know, i just use it to describe douchebags."
>"Really? never thought of that one! hey Anon!"
"What do you want, Starlight."
>"You're a hipster."
"I know you are, but what am i--"
>"Guys, please. I've heard way too much about this club, and none of it was good." Adagio finally catches her breath
>"Can you two stop arguing for a second? anything could happen to her there..."
"It's getting dark... do you think we still have time?"
>"We'll never know if we don't go."
>You glare over to Starlight
>...and hesitantly stretch a hand towards her
"Just for now, truce?"
>Without hesitation, she gives you a firm shake.
"Woah... that was quick."
>"Trixie's my best friend, last thing i want is for her to get raped at an 'underground club'."
>"So? are we going?"
>"No doubt about it."
"You two don't have to come if you don't want to, that would be asking too much."
>"We don't mind!"
>"We've made it this far, we might as well keep going."
"well... we appreciate that."
>You turn to face the academy's entrance
>How weird...
>That's the first thought that crosses your mind
>Why did Trixie's class approach her all of a sudden?
>As far as you know, Starlight was her only friend
>Eh, but it really isn't that hard to believe
>Maybe they just genuinely wanted to cheer Trixie up
>But why take her to a club?
>That's what's bugging you...
>Still, going all the way over to the capital seems like too much
>It's like you just keep adding stuff to your to-do list
>You wonder if all of this is worth the trouble
>And you know what?
>It is
"Let's find Trixie."

we will never sleep, cause sleep is for the weak
File: deebly-goncerned2.jpg (194 KB, 1349x1012)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
What the hell is wrong with her neck? It's like she's part giraffe...
the deepest throat ever
File: step-aside-bitches.gif (496 KB, 500x281)
496 KB
496 KB GIF
Enough talk about cars, necks and lewd behaviour of hand-holding because, children, it's time for Jackanory.
Previously, >>32968124

This is written as a prequel, set before my previous first part so I hope that clears up any confusion.
The Daughters of Sulis
Part Zero - The Rooster Prince

4 days ago...

>As tinny music plays through the elevator's speaker, you shudder and shake, making your headache worse.
>'Why am I called back to HQ?'
>As the cart stop and the doors ding open, you step out and see your old boss, who offers you a big thumbs-up.
>You are Special Agent Anonymous Lorenz and with a winning smile, you give him the thumbs-up back.
"Ace! It's been too long! How are things!"
>"No thank you, I've already eaten. Come on, walk me to my office."
>Oh yeah, your old boss is also a bit deaf. Saying Ace Thruster is getting on a bit is an understatement.
>His face is pot-marked with slight wrinkles and his sandy-blonde hair shows signs of graying.
>But his upbeat attitude is always turned up to the max. Just like his old-fashioned hearing aid attached to his suit jacket.
>"Did you hear about Sharp Shooter? Or don't they tell you shit at the Farm?"
>Ace doesn't shout, he just talks loudly.
"No, I heard about him. Is he okay?"
>"He's still at the hospital. Perforated stomach ulcer, they say. You should have seen the office, Anon! It was like Deer Meadows in there! Blood everywhere!"
>You shudder at the thought at that old case.
>"It's a pity about your old partner, he goes into surgery tomorrow afternoon but the docs say he'll live!"
"Shooter's an old goat, of course he'll pull though. I don't think death will come to him so easily..."
>"Of course his wife is there with him, Anon. The hospital has very easy visiting hours."
>Sometimes, his misinterpretations does produce comedy gold.
"Anyway, why am I called up to Fillidelphia, Ace? Are my superiors not happy with my training of the newbies?"
"I bet you're wondering why you called up to the big city, rather than being out in the sticks at the Farm? I'll tell you in the office. Come on."
>He hurriedly walks into his office, bearing his new promotion on the door; "Regional Bureau Chief, North East Division, Ace Thruster"

>You walk in and charmingly smile to his buxom secretary.
>Sauntering into his proper office, you see another man in black sat by his desk, reading some case files.
>"Right, Anon, give the glad hand to your new partner, Agent Coffee Klatch. He cracked the Dusty Trails case, you know."
>You give him a firm handshake.
"Congratulations. I heard about that."
>He simply nods with a smile creasing his slightly tanned face.
>"Okay, to business then. Gentlemen, take your seats."
>You sit as Coffee puts the file onto the desk and Ace grabs it.
>"This is the reason why I called you up here." Ace booms, "there are some suspicious activity in the town of Canterlot and the local police are baffled."
>You take the file and quickly scan-read it.
"So, a missing teacher, a dead student and a beaten-up student. Sounds more like a police problem, not one for the Bureau. Why are we called in?"
>"I've spoken to them and it seems that the kid who got beaten up crossed state lines." Agent Klatch speaks up in a smooth Southern accent, "And that dead kid was found within a mile of the border. Who knows, maybe that teacher also crossed the boundary."
>"What links them all together is that they all attend that fancy magic school, Luna Nova." Ace puts in, "and the local PD hate touching that place. I'm not surprised, being ran by that freak show..."
>Ace realises he just put his foot into it.
>"Sorry, Anon, I didn't think..."
"None taken."
>"But the case has taken a ghoulish turn yesterday, though." Coffee breezes in to save the situation, "the two local detectives in charge of the case were killed in a traffic accident with a delivery truck."
>"Don't say 'accident', Klatch. Official vocab guidelines state we should say 'collision' because 'accident' implies no-one's to blame." Ace butts in as Coffee rolls his eyes.
"About this collision then, guys? Anything suspicious?"
>You question.

>Ace takes his glasses off to clean them with his tie.
>Coffee takes the initiative, "It's believed the driver fled the scene, probably a foreign national with no papers. It's a coincidence but Canterlot PD are definitely spooked by it."
"Are they checking out the hospitals and free clinics in the town?
>"I've been told that both hospitals and the clinics are on alert."
>Coffee looks a little uncomfortable and directs an awkward question to you.
>"I know it's garbage but is it possible... that the truck wasn't actually driven at all?"
"What do you mean? Remote controlled? Well, you know much drone technology has developed over the years..."
>You prattle on but Ace shuts you up with a swift move of his hand.
>"Anon, I think he more means was it controlled by magic?"
>You sigh.
"It's possible, you use a technomantic incantation to possess the vehicle but if I'm right, you have to be sat in the vehicle to do it and have some serious training, beyond that of mere schoolchildren. Any evidence of a driver?"
>"Fingerprints on the wheel and central console but nothing else." Coffee answers.
"So this Luna Nova angle, anything concrete or is it just bullshit?"
>Coffee coughs as Ace begins one of his famous theories.
>"Wanna know what I think? Well, this Harshwhinny character is gotta be responsible. In the majority of all homicide cases, the murdered knows their murderer. The teacher kills the kid, beats up the other one for witnessing it, and flees to Canada where she belongs."
>Both you and Coffee smile and chuckle.
"What was the murder weapon? Maple syrup?
>Coffee grins broadly as he flicks through the file.
>"Witness say that they heard funny noises in the woods around the school."
>"What kind of noises?" Ace enquires with his face going red.
>"They kept hearing repeated apologies." He laughs out.

>As the laughter peters out, you talk again.
"Okay, this Canada theory notwithstanding, anything else to tie them to the show?
>"Like I said." Klatch starts as he flicks through the casefile again, "her body was found in the woods that surround the school. The woods themselves are split in two, separated by a meadow. The school owns the lower part while the upper part is just common land."
"So, what's the point in all that?"
>You question as Coffee just deadpans.
>"The dead girl was found in the lower woods, hence the school angle, and it's believed that the other girl wandered through the meadow and the upper woods to the rail tracks and over the Two States Bridges where she was found."
"Who are the girls?"
>"The dead girl is called..." Coffee looks down to the file, "Lemon Zest. The other girl is called Sugarcoat, currently in a coma at Canterlot Mercy Hospital."
"Now, what about this missing teacher? This... Harshwhinny character? Is there anything solid to your theory, Ace?"
>You shout across the desk.
>"I wouldn't know anything about that, Anon, but tell you what I do know. This Winifred Harshwhinny wasn't a saint. Her husband sings her praises but the man's a spineless wimp, the type who would check for paper before he uses the toilet. And I don't think the teachers were that much honest, either."
>"Actually, sir." Coffee Klatch butts in, "don't you thinks a good to discuss what we talked about last night?"
>"Oh yes, good idea..."
>They both grin like the Cheshire Cat.
"Why do I get that feeling I don't like what you're gonna say..."
>"Ace tells me you're one of the best undercover agents he's had..." Coffee compliments you as Ace, once again, butts in.
>"Ever since you helped the Bureau bust open the mafias out in Las Pegasus, you've been invaluable to us. That's why I need you for this assignment. I need you to go undercover at the Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy."

>"Maybe they will open up more to one of their own." Coffee adds.
"What the hell do I know about teaching, guys?"
>You protest but neither of them are having it.
>"You've been teaching at the Bureau's Academy for the last 9 months and I know you taught magic so don't say otherwise, Anon." Ace says.
"Yes, I taught magic studies, sir. For one semester. At the West Las Pegasus Community College, not exactly Ivy League, is it?"
>"Details, Anonymous! Don't you worry about that, we'll just make up references and positions for you to make you seem more experienced then you are!"
>You sigh as Ace beams his winning smile.
"I'll get in touch with Shiny Chariot at the very least. My old mentor can help out and it'll be better coming from me to ask about this, rather than the Bureau."
>You stand up and walk over to another desk and make a cup of coffee.
"This pot fresh?"
>"Grab yourself a fresh cup of Good Morning America, Anon, and make us another two as well."
>You roll your eyes as you fill up some mugs and add cream to yours.
>"Can I ask this, Anon?"
>Ace booms a little louder.
>"How's your love life?"
>You choke on your drink and even Coffee does a double take.
"My what?"
>"Anonymous, I must ask such a question. I need to make sure all my agents are on top form, both in body and in mind."
"If you must know, my love life is functioning."
>You say brashly but Ace continues.
>"Also, because I think you need a wife with you. It makes you look less suspicious and maybe the women at the school could open up to her."
>"It's an excellent idea that works. Maybe we can have another agent with him, I'm sure we can find..."
>Coffee states as he places his mug on the case file, you jab your finger on it.
File: agent-twat-fbi.jpg (160 KB, 800x450)
160 KB
160 KB JPG

"No. If we're doing it, we're going to it my way."
>Coffee takes the mug off and it leaves an ugly ring.
>"I'm sorry, Anon, but I know what you're gonna say and I can't allow it! If there's two of you, the other needs to be an agent to back you up!"
>Ace shouts and you shake your head.
"They'll get suspicious if I'm married to a normie, Ace. It's got to be a witch."
>"I know some witches and wizard here in my division. Hell, even some psychics..."
"I know the perfect witch to help me out. Trust me, Ace, I know what I'm doing."
>Ace drums his fingers on the table as he thinks a way around it. But Coffee bravely steps in.
>"Might I offer a compromise? Anon brings in his witch but we give her some basic training to make sure she can handle herself."
"Trust me, Klatch, she can handle herself."
>"I don't know, Anon, I don't like it. I'm getting a bad feeling about it. And I mean Foaledo-bad."
>Ace observes and ends with sucking in through his teeth. Coffee then asks the obvious as he finishes his drink.
>"What happened in Foaledo?"
"We don't talk about Foaledo. And Ace, don't question my judgment like that."
>You say sternly as Ace backs off.
>"Okay, Agent Lorenz, we'll go with your plan but if it all goes to hell in a handcart, it'll be your neck on the line. Not mine."
"Thanks for the vote of confidence, chief..."
>You sarcastically muse on as you sip on the coffee.
>"No problem, Anonymous!"
>Ace gives you his trademark thumbs-up.
"Ugh. Well, if you guys serious about this."
>"We are, that's why you're going for a job interview there in three days time."
>Coffee rather smugly says.
"He's right, you know!"
>Ace boasts equally loudly.
"Well, excuse me, I have some important phone calls to make. Ace. Agent Klatch. Good day."
>And with that, you storm out of the office.
File: 1537935004261.png (584 KB, 2552x2743)
584 KB
584 KB PNG

>Taking a comb out of your inner pocket, you smooth back your hair.
"Agent Lorenz seems like a peculiar man."
>"I like the way his mind works, Klatch. He has his own MO."
>You nod.
>You're Agent Coffee Klatch and you leave your seat for another cup of Good Morning America.
"So who are these witches Special Agent Lorenz knows! This 'Chariot' character and the other one!"
>You pour a fresh cup and stand by the percolator. Ace stands and looks out of the window, to the cityscape outside.
>"Remember that I told you Agent Lorenz was a wizard? That Shiny Chariot witch was his mentor. She was one of the better mentors, he tells me. However, other apprentices made... colorful allegations against her. Abuse. Mentally and sexually. All crap, he says as well."
>You whistle.
"Holy shit, chief. Any truth to the claims?"
>"She fled the country. Is that proof enough?"
>You whistle again and drink your delicious namesake.
>"And that other witch?"
>You actually notice that Ace says that with some spite.
>'Must ask him what he means by that.'
>"She's actually Anonymous' old magic assistant. You know how the Bureau hired him?"
"Yeah, he was a stage magician out west, wasn't he?"
>Ace nods.
"Yep. We hired him to help bust open the mafias and their gambling rackets. We tried to get her as well. But she was a stubborn witch, would never help the likes of us."
"So will she help Anon now? He's an agent too."
>Ace looks rather bleak as he turns to face you.
>"I said that witch is stubborn so I'm skeptical if she'll help us with this case. If not, I know some agents who will."
"Get those names prepped and sent to me. You can reach me at the Trottingham field offices, chief!"
>Ace nods and gives you a thumbs-up.
>As you walk out, you realize something.
"Just one more thing, what's her name!"
>"Hmm? Oh, errm... Trixie, I think. Trixie Lulamoon."

The End
File: 1534348844332.png (384 KB, 1080x1080)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
Just breaking more background before I throw this story back into the present, so to speak.

So what do you think? My Anonymous is a little different to all of the others but I still think he fits, but if you think otherwise then tell me.
What are your thoughts and ideas?

This story has taken an awful turn, I can feel it in my waters. I hope it ends with the least amount of embarrassment.

Turns out this love triangle has some interesting angles to it. And no more sex demons, please. And I'm not just referring to the demon either...

Seems pretty cushty, matey Let's hope you continue with it.
>My Anonymous is a little different to all the others
Ironically enough, we already had a green where Anon goes undercover to Luna Nove as a federal agent
Too bad the guy who was writing it had other problems to take care of.
Still, it's a very interesting premise, you have my support.
Government spooks vs magical girls.
What's not to like?
[Chapter 1:One] First Impressions.

>The residual effects of the spell leave you in a daze, one that causes you to fall onto your back the moment you try to stand up from your original sitting position
>instead of the hardwood floor you assumed you would be colliding with you were met with the soft embrace of lush grass and soft dirt
>you're head is aching but the small amount of pain fades away as a voice calls out to you
>"Oh my, are you okay?"
>You open your eyes and spot a young woman with beautiful blue eyes looking down at you from above as her long pink hair blows gently in the breeze
>Her look of genuine concern for your well being is touching, as is her gently outstretched hand that you grasp as you rise from your seemingly rather awkward position on the ground.
"Yeah I'm perfectly fine. I think."
>You return to your feet with a smile, one that the girl softly returns while shrinking back into her bangs.
>Her voice is so quiet that you can barely understand her
>"I'm- I'm glad you're okay. But uh. Uhm..."
>You lean in a bit in an attempt to hear her clearly, but this only worsens the situation as she begins to blush a bit and retreat even further into herself, along with her voice becoming even quieter.
>At this point she's become quieter than a church mouse in a house full of hungry sleeping cats.
>Its honestly making you feel a little awkward.
>While the girl continues to mumble quietly to herself you start to take a gander at your current whereabouts
>You seem to have been transported somewhere by the Ritual Spell that Grandma had performed on you back in her study
>The grass you woke up in turned out to be a large entrance yard to a well maintained building made in the old European style.
>So to you it looks more or less like a, castle? Of some kind?
File: 1537439381244.png (1.97 MB, 1200x1200)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
>The walls are all well maintained and painted in a even coat of paint with a large Coat of Arms mounted over the main entrance as well as on small flags and banners higher up on the walls
>The more you look at it, the more you get that "This is a pretty prestigious and/or important historical landmark" vibe.
>Finally the girl breaks out of her little mumbling fit and she raises her voice up enough to be heard
>"I-I Uhm. I was just wondering, uh. C-can you let go of my hand please?"
>It is at this point you realize you haven't released your grip on this poor woman's hand
"OH! I'm sorry! I hadn't noticed."
>You feel your face turn red as you quickly let her hand free from your grasp
>Her hand returns to her side as she shuffles her feet slightly
>"Its okay. I'm sorry, I should have said something about it sooner."
>You don't really know what to say.
>OH! DUH! Introduce yourself you idiot.
"Uh, my name is Anonymous. Whats yours?"
>The girl once again returns to using her overly quiet voice
>And once again, you have issue hearing her clearly
"I'm sorry?"
>With a enough concentration you manage to make out the name "Flutter-sky"
"Its nice to meet you Fluttersky."
>More like Flutter-SHY am I right?
>Thank Gaia nobody heard that.
>"It's actually Flutter-"
"Hey, do you mind if I ask you a question?"
>Fluttersky jumps slightly at your unintended interruption
>"oh, okay. I don't know how much help I can be though."
>Considering she actually knows where she is, you highly doubt that she cant help you in some way.
>You give the location another glance as you ask the biggest question on your mind
"Where am I?"
>Fluttersky's reaction isn't exactly what you expected
>Her eyes are wide with shock as her hands cover her mouth stifling a gasp
>The two of you stare at one another in a brief silence before she speaks in a easily understandable volume.
>its easily the loudest you've heard her speak so far. So, that's progress right?
>"You don't know where you are?"
>You shake your head
"Uhm, No? I just arrived here though a cast Ritual Spell. I was told that it would help me with my magic."
>She slowly uncovers her mouth and calmly explains to you why she had the reaction she did.
>"That's how everyone gets here. The spell you cast will bring you here if you have enough potential magic ability to be taught"
>Oh really?! That's great news!
>That means you aren't going to be worthless when it comes to magic anymore right?!
>Before you can get too excited with yourself, she continues.
>"But I uh. I always thought its only supposed to be cast by, well..."
>She looks down to her hands as she plays with her fingers awkwardly
>Your curiosity drives the conversation on a bit further as you ask her
"supposed to be cast by?"
>"Its only supposed to be casted by girls. Specifically ones who have the same blood as a previous graduate or had been taught by one of the professors personally."
"Ooooh, but that doesn't make any sense."
>Habitually you reach up and scratch at your forehead
"If that's the case then why am I-"
>You tense up as a rather obvious realization comes over you.
>Fluttersky seems to notice, as when you tense up she also tenses slightly as well.
>You didn't cast the spell at all.
>In fact, you weren't even able to recognize it or take part in any portion, besides just sitting still in the center of the circle.
>This time its Fluttersky's turn to try to hear what you said.
>She leans in a bit to try and hear you clearly
"My Grandmother cast the spell that sent me here, and she told me not to touch anything while she did it. She must have known what she was doing then right?"
>The question is rhetorical, its unlikely this young woman would have any idea as to what your grandmothers intentions were.
>But if the spell can only be cast by a select few then surely this was intentional-
>Just as she is about to try and answer your rhetorical question you beat her to the punch causing her to let out a soft "Eeep!"
>Well grandma, If you went through all the effort of sending me to a special school of the magical arts you're not going to have done it in vain!
>The sudden shouting of her name causes yet another surprised "Eeep"
"Is this school still accepting student enrollments?"
>"I think so. I mean, that is, this years classes don't start until Monday and today is only Friday. So-"
>She may have intentionally left out the part about being a girl, but since she didn't point it out this time that must mean theres at least the possibility of entering.
>And the possibility of making your family proud of you like your little sister was able to is too tempting to pass up.
"Excellent! We should go to the sign up location, place, thing right now."
>Her face quickly turns to a blush as she begins to stammer a bit
>"W-w-we?! As in, the both of us? Together?"
"Of course."
>Oh, wait a minute, she might not even know where it is.
>She might have only been out here because she had just arrived before you
"I'm sorry, I didn't even ask if you had already enrolled. If you have could you should me the way?"
>Fluttersky glances around for a moment suddenly worried about the handful of people who might be watching from the entrance or from the other end of the yard
>"I uhm, N-no. I haven't enrolled yet. But I know where it is, I was on my way there just before you had 'appeared.'"
>Well, how lucky is that?
>Not only was she kind enough to stop and make sure a stranger was okay, but she did so while having her own priorities to deal with.
>And to top it all off, she's heading to the same place as you now find yourself needing to go!
>Oh shit, what if you're being a little too demanding of her?
>I mean how the hell would you react if someone woke up in front of you and started asking all kinds of questions?
>you must look like some kind of weirdo.
"Oh- I'm sorry-"
>you take a step back away from her trying to seem like less of a creep than you have been.
"I probably seem like a freak just suddenly pushing all this onto you like that."
>Her expression instantly changes from one of self consciousness to one of apology
>"Oh no-no-no! It's okay, If I was in your position id be a little confused as to whats happening too."
>Her formerly shy attitude had begun to slip into one of confidence and understanding
>"Yes, I can show you where to go. I am heading there myself after all."
>You cant help but smile
>Man, for the first time in a long time you actually feel optimistic about your chances at learning magic.
>Thanks Grandma, with that spell you cast, I may actually have a chance at making the family proud!


[End of Chapter 1:One]

if you have any input or suggestions please let me know. I don't Write greentexts very often anymore so iI'm sure my skills have slipped a bit since then.

Thanks I hope you enjoy it.
Shoot, forgot the pastebin for those who might want/need it.
File: Spoiler Image (191 KB, 554x445)
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191 KB GIF
more lewd
No complaints here mate, solid writing so far apart from some typos here and there, nothing serious
understood. I'll fix everything I can find and update the bin with the corrected version.
No lewd
Fly, my pretty! Fly to the top!
Fly you fools!
Will update soonish
File: bored-bmw.jpg (59 KB, 586x245)
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I would say take all the time you need to get it right but...

>A page nine bumpus-wumpus
File: streets.jpg (159 KB, 960x540)
159 KB
159 KB JPG

>The late night streets were cold, dark, and ominous. With your only source of light being that of the moon
>And the deeper you wondered into Canterlot's capital, the more that sense of dread in the back of your head grew
>It comes without saying, the girls were uncomfortable. Despite from, maybe, Starlight. You'd imagine this isn't her first rodeo in these parts of the town
>Let's not make it the last, okay?
>As you walked through the empty streets of a now sleeping city, strangers would gaze your way. That definitely got you out of your comfort zone
>Though you're not worried for yourself, if someone tries to jump you, you'll send them flying without thinking twice
>That "Rule" about how it's prohibited to use magic against normal people is bullshit
>Twilight and Adagio should consider doing the same, as if any of the elder witches were to find out about it if they did
>But that's it
>You're not worried for yourself, as much as you are for them
>You heard chit-chat coming from the girls, but it sounded like white noise to you
>No idea what they're talking about, should've payed attention
>Have you mentioned you hate small-talk?
>It's just a way of trying to make an already insufferable experience less awkward
>Yet in a situation like this, where all these shady men are staring at you like a five star meal served on a silver platter, maybe small-talk can distract and/or calm them
>Keep wary, you're not about to let anything happen to them
>Oh god did you seriously just say that, Jesus that's corny as fuck
>But you mean it from the bottom of your heart. Even if Twilight and Adagio came willingly, you feel responsible
>Anyhow, You snap back to reality as Adagio remarks:
>"Well guys... we're here. The Pit."
>The building itself is... unremarkable
>No signs, no security or bouncers, no line waiting outside, nothing.
>You understand this is one of those "top secret cool kidz" club, but even then this seems like a horrible way to run a business
>"Looks pretty shitty to me."
"Well i have no idea what you were expecting."
>"So do we..." Starlight looks back to Adagio over her shoulder "...just walk through the door, or...?"
>"Yeah, no one is going to stop you."
"If you don't mind me asking, Adagio, do we need to show our ID's to anyone?"
>"Not as far as i'm concerned."
>"That's not a good sign. You've got any idea what kind of people or criminals could hang around there?" Speaks Twilight, clearly off-putted from the idea
"It definitely seems like the perfect safe-house, if that's what you mean."
>"Be optimistic guys, we shouldn't think about the horrible people that must come to this place, if not rather about the horrible things they could do to Trixie." Starlight tries to lighten the mood, but fails miserably
>Twilight fakes a cough into her fist
"I don't think you understand the definition of 'optimistic'."
>"Alright, maybe i could've worded that better... what i meant was: that if we think about what they could or ARE doing to her right now, we would be more motivated to help...?"
>"Guys? you know what i mean?"
>"Let's just go in..."
>Starlight heads first into the entrance
>Obviously you follow close behind
>You stop in your tracks though, as you realize neither Adagio or Twilight are moving
>Yeah you imagine the idea of a literal rat nest mustn't be too pleasant for them
"You girls coming?"
>"...do we have to?" Adagio lowers her tone
"Not at all, you two can wait outside for us if you'd like."
"Well yeah, is there a problem with that?"
>"Not at all, if you don't count that group of guys over there." Adagio points her finger towards an alley across the street "'Cause it's not like they've been staring at us ever since we got here or anything."
"Just walk back to Luna Nova then."
>"Are you kidding me? us two? alone? in the middle of the night?"
"Oh for the love of-- if anyone tries to do anything, just use your magic. You're witches for God's sake."
>"We already left it very clear, Anon. We're not allowed to use magic against normal people. We'd get kicked out from the academy."
"But it's personal defense!"
>"The elder witches don't care. Hurt any non-magical user, in any way shape or form, and you're out. No questions asked."
"Fuckin' bullshit... well then just wait for us, we'll be back in a jiffy. Plus what's the worst that could happen out here?"
>"We could be mugged, or kidnapped, or murdered, or molested, or all of the above."
"You're so negative, you know that Dagi?"
>"Negative? i'm negative because i don't wanna end up dead in a ditch? in this shit-hole of all places?"
"Yeah maybe this isn't the prettiest place, but the people here seem friendly."
>Adagio breaths sharply through her teeth
>"...about that..." she rubs her arm
>"I don't really trust... you know... the people that hang around this part of the capital..."
"What does that even mean."
>"You know... their color..."
"Yeah, we're all colored. Like a coloring book, what's your point?"
>"You know what i mean..." Adagio looks away
"No i don't actually"
>"They're dar--... goddamn it, you know what i mean!"
"I do not--"
"Oh my god that's racist."
"The proper term is 'people of color'."
>"I-i'm not racist!"
"Are you sure?"
>"Yes you asshole!"
>"Look!" Starlight interrupts over Adagio's shout "If you two are so scared of being out here, just come with us!"
>"I-i'm not going in there! are you crazy?!" Twilight finally loses her cool
>"Then just stay out here! how is that so complicated?!"
>"It's not safe you moron!"
>"All you have to do is stand here and wait for us to come back! is that a hard concept for you to grasp?!"
>"Listen here you little shit--!"
"Can you three shut up?! just let me think of something!"
>At your out-burst, the group calms down, partially
>Twilight is still freaking out
>God damn-- why did you even let them come with you?
>It's too late now
>You said you were going to keep them safe...
>But how?
>You look around, for anything and everything that could help
>There's no royal guards, or any form of law enforcement to be seen
>And just to remind yourself: no bouncers either
>But there is someone...
>A single guy, standing by the entrance to the club, leaning on the wall
>Was he always there? if so, just now you've noticed him
>Of course you wouldn't bother looking at the guy twice
>...hm... but there's something about him
>A sort of... "aura"
>He catches your eyes
>Yet you can't quite put your finger on why...
>This is gonna sound crazy, but...
>Should you ask him to watch over the girls?
let's make this an "interactive update", just for fun
should Anon leave Adagio and Twilight all by themselves? or should he ask a stranger for help?
File: image.jpg (96 KB, 486x697)
96 KB
>You wake up feeling like shit. No class or work today so you decide to sleep in a little.
"Fucking hell man!"
>Opening your eyes to see Pinkie giggling her ass off as Trixie smothers you.
>"You two look soooooo cute together!~"
>You groan as you try and pry Trixie off you only making the situation worse as she is now rubbing cheeks with you. Rolling your eyes, you give up and pat her head.
"Well, whats with the wake up call?"
>"Trixie is just saying bye, she must prepare for her grand show tonight!"
"A show? Good for you, need help or somthin?"
>"Sadly no. She must do this by herself."
>For some reason your kinda bummed about that but shake it off.
>"Buuuuut I need help today nony!"
"With what, cakes and shit?"
>"Nope! Shopping for party supplies, you never know when you need to set up a party!"
>You nod and get up, and you hear more giggling.
"What? Is somthing wr-"
>Looking down you freeze up. You were wearing your Love Live boxers. Nico plastered all over them.
>"You have some shit taste nony, Honoka is top tier."
>Spaghetti. Spaghetti everywhere.
>After that awkward mess, you and Pinkie head off to town on her broom. You feel great shame in having to be in the bitch seat.
>The broom comes to a halt at a brightly colored store. Pinkie seems exited but you couldn't care less.
>"Now let's check the list! Balloons, streamers, favors, confetti...."
>You drone her out and took note of your surroundings. In a ally near the store you see a cloaked person staring at you.
>He notices and gestures for you to come over, being bored you decided to humor the guy.
"Yo Pinkie im gonna check out this shop over here real quick, ok?"
>She keeps reading aloud her list ignoring you so you just walk over to the guy.
"So what do ya wANT!"
>He pulls you deeper into the ally and pushes you against the wall.
>"You must leave the school as soon as you can, don't listen to that witch celestia!"
>"The demons, she will use you for tribute. Only a grand wizard can release the horde!"
>You get a better look at his face and see the flesh and bone on his face. You want to scream but can't.
>"If you must, use the demons to your advantage just. Don't. Listen to HER!"
>He shoves something in your pocket and phases into the shadows. You slide down the wall onto the floor, dumb founded.
"What the fuck was that..."
Always talk to strangers.
Be sure to ask him for some candy while you're at it.
I'm just getting back into writing. Criticism welcome. I got a series of one shots lines up whenever I get assed to type them out. First one.
>Be Anon your regular street magician. Due to a mistake in who your application got sent to you are the newest student at some magic school in a far off land.
>You’ve only pulled one trick so far. The old freeze a fly then warm it up in your hand. Celestia the head wizard freaked out. It’s been over a hundred years since resurrection magic was successfully used. Word spreads quickly.
>Your dorm mate, Mind rape Mcgee Starlight Glimglam shouts at you from the main hall.
>”Anon! You got a girl here with a dead animal.”
>Who the fuck brings a dead animal to someone’s door? Fluttershy, in hysterics. That’s whom.
>”Anon help please. I just found him like this. I heard you have resurrection magic. Please help me, I’ve had him since I was a child, I’m not ready for him to die yet.”
>She holds the dead rabbit up to your face. You place it aside and consol the crying girl.
“It’s alright, I can fix it. It’ll take a overnight though. Gotta do the mana ritual magic, you know?”
>You pat her head and close the door on her.

>”Anon why is there a rabbit in the trash?” you shrug.
“Where else does it go?”
>”Where did you get the rabbit?”
“Which one?” you pet the one on your chest.
“Pet store, he’s cute isn’t he? The dead one is Fluttershy’s childhood pet or something. If anyone asks I brought it back to life.”
>She rolls her eyes and walks away.
>A knock comes at the door. You open it to be greeted by Fluttershy.
>”Anon you did it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” She takes the rabbit from you and kisses it.
>Then she gives you a quick peck on the cheek and runs off.
>Be Anon, in Potions class.
>No clue what mandrake root is. Actually the only label you recognize is Erythroxylon coca.
>Instead of learning new things you just do what you know. You brought a bag of muggle supplies. Epsom salt, REDACTED, batteries, and a gatorade bottle. People are giving weird looks. They don’t know shit about muggle potions.
>You mix the ingredients and loosen the cap every few moments to stop the toxic gasses from exploding the bottle. You waft said towards the sirens table. Preppy fucking pricks.
>Adagio starts coughing and gets up from her seat. “What dreadful potion are you brewing muggle?”
>She leans down to get a good look. She sees the crystals beginning to form on the top layer.
>”What kind of potion is made of such pedestrian ingredients? Are those crystals? Anon, surely you aren’t that dumb. This is potions class not alchemy.”
“Fuck off cunt.”
>”Why I never. I will have you reprimanded for such insolence.” She storms off to get the teacher.
>While she’s gone you strain the crystals from the liquid and remove the chopped up battery parts.
>Two pairs of footsteps approach you from behind. “Gem’s Anon? This is potion’s class.” Professor Roseluck chimes. Adagio stand behind her looking incredibly smug.
“It’s a highly concentrated potion. Taken in a unique way.” You improvise a pipe out of a glass test tube and demonstrate how to smoke it before allowing the professor and Adagio to take a hit.
>A few minutes later the Profesor perks up.”The effects of this potion?”
“It produces euphoria, increases activity, and does away with the need for sleep.” you decide not to tell them about the paranoia or hallucinations that may be side effects on the way down.
>“This is actually good Anon. I feel good. I like your unique take on ingredients. I’m glad you do not let your birth hold you back. A+, I hope to see more from you in the future young Anon.”
>Adagio stomps off.
>Later that night. A knock on the door wakes you. It’s Adagio. Looking like she’s having a hard comedown. She’s got a pity nasty picking habit on her elbow.
>”Hey, Anon, got anymore of that potion?”
“Sure, but it’s tit for tat senpai.”
>”What do you want?” she huffs.
>you run a finger down the side of her cheek.
>At first she looks disgusted, but when you pull out the pipe and sack she softens, glances around to make sure no one is watching, and steps in.
So Anon made Adagio a crackhead, and then they exchange sex for drugs? oh man i'm getting flashbacks from college, only difference is that back then i was the one getting fucked.
figuratively of course, i'm talking about prices here. like why the fuck would you ask for $250, Kevin? what are you gonna do with that? buy a life-time supply of ramen noodles?
Any who, i think they're pretty neat. great job
>Anon introduces methamphetamine to the wizarding world.

Never mind becoming the next Harry Potter, become the next Walter White. Some nice one-shots, friend.

And the plot moistens again. This old man know more than he's letting on. Let's hope Anon isn't dumb enough to ignore it. Or! Is the old man selling him a fishy tale? Ooo! Intrigue!

Talk to the stranger. What's the worst that could happen? Also, if he offers you a lift home because he's a friend of your mothers, I would accept, it's quite the trek back, isn't it?
To be completely honest, having a real life-time supply of ramen noodles sounds amazing.
It'd be embarrassing if this was the wrong trip, but if it is. Oh well.
[Chapter 2:Two] Introductions.

>The two of you walk up to the establishments main entrance which is protected by a tall golden gate with a seal placed in the center where the two come together.
>The seal on the gate depict two magical beasts depicted as having the body of a horse reared up on their hind legs, each having an elongated horn on each of their heads and large wings extended as if they are about to jump up and take flight.
>It's pretty gorgeous looking really, but it makes you wonder how the gate is even supposed to open if there is a large ornate piece of metallic art sealing it up the way it is.
>While you're busy examining the complex system that is known as a front gate, Fluttersky walks right up to it.
>You just open your mouth to ask her how the two of you are supposed to set foot inside when you see her pull down slightly at the collar of her shirt exposing a bit of her chest to the gate.
>And to your surprise, a small mark begins to reveal itself on the back of her hand resembling something similar to a tattoo.
>The 'tattoo' for lack of a better term, is of three little blue and pink Butterflies moderately arranged into a triangle.
>You wonder what the mark is and what it could mean for a brief moment before the sound of moving metal however steals your attention
>The eyes of the creatures on the seal of the gate glow momentarily before the seal splits perfectly down the middle and the doors of the gate open up all on their own.
"Huh, wasn't expecting that. That's a pretty neat enchantment."
>You both walk through the gated area of the yard and up to a nicely roofed walking path that eventually leads you to one of the larger sub-buildings
>Setting aside the odd looks you are getting on your walk, you have taken note on three things.
>One, learning the layout of this place is going to be a bit of a challenge as there are no signs or maps yet that you can speak of.
>Two, everyone you pass by or come into view of so far is a female.
>And three, this school has a uniform dress code.
>Either that OR everyone just decided to wear the same thing today, including your new friend Fluttersky.
>They all have that same uniform that you've seen other, quote, "High Class" schools have.
>Black shoes, stockings in either white, gray, or black, a skirt (You're sure) of some arbitrary length, and a sweater or suit jacket with an undershirt of the wearers choice.
>You turn to Flutters as the two of you continue walking
>If you can imagine a person being able to walk upright, yet still seem to be shrunk into themselves? That would be how she looks walking next to you down the halls right now.
"You okay Fluttersky?"
>The sound of your voice has some slight effect as she somehow seems to stand a little bit taller at your words
>"Oh, yes I'm fine, and, uhm, it's actually Fluttershy..."
>Oh shit, are you serious? Have you been calling her the wrong name?
>Heh, well. I guess you were spot on with that joke before.
"O-Oh... I'm sorry. I thought you said it was Fluttersky before."
>She shakes her head and the two of you continue the walk in an awkward silence walking down several hallways until reaching a door.
>A door with a small sign on it.
>'Headmistress and Vice Chancellors Offices'
>You know... If you're a guy, and it turns out you're actually not supposed to be here at all, this is probably the last place you'd want to be.
>And this little realization is making you get a strong case of cold feet, even though up to this point you were near brimming with confidence and optimism.
>"So, are we going inside?"
>The now CORRECTLY named Fluttershy grabs the doorknob and opens the door to let you inside
>Inside, sitting at her desk is either the Headmistress or the Vice Chancellor.
>But by the way she is holding herself, with a regal and almost powerful posture and the foreboding darkly colored work space with various books and texts of lunar phases and ancient dark magics, you get the feeling she’s probably the head.
>"Hello, Vice Chancellor Luna. I'm here to confirm my third enrollment."
>The Vice Chancellor looks up from her papers with a half-smile, Like one of those the kind of smiles you put on to be polite despite being busy or preoccupied with something pressing
>"Ah yes, you're one of Twilight Sparkles friends are you not? Don't worry, your friends already stopped by and told my sister that you were-"
>Her eyes drift over to you for a moment but then calmly return to Fluttershy
>"-That you were already on your way here, everything should already be taken care of."
>Luna then leans back in her chair a bit and picks up a pen to point in your direction casually
>"And who is this? Is this the brother I once heard about?"
>'The brother'
>Why does that sound somewhat hostile to you?
>Ah well, better just get to it quickly like ripping off a Band-Aid.
"Uh no. I- mean no ma'am. I'm not her brother. We actually just met out front, by the gate."
>You reflexively point back over your shoulder despite not really remembering what direction the gate is actually in from your current location.
>"Ah, I see."
>She straightens herself back up and places her hands together on her desk while making solid eye contact with you
>"Then I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but I must ask. How did you get here?"
>Casually she points to her left with the pen.
>"Outside the gate that is."
>Her locked gaze is starting to get to you.
>You can feel any bit of confidence you once had buckle and break under the power of her unwavering attention
"W-Well I-"
File: 1508591979171.png (1.42 MB, 1024x1448)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
>What are you supposed to tell her?
>'Oh you know, my grandma decided to do me a solid and tactically insert me into an all-girls school using her magic to bypass whatever rules you had set up to keep boys out. Yeah, she's a real bro like that. Or just a comedian.'
>No matter how to try to word it in your head, that's always how it ends up sounding to you.
>You can feel yourself breaking into sweat, when Fluttershy decides to save you from this inner turmoil
>"He was sent here through the Ritual Spell. I don't think he knew what it was until he arrived here though, he seemed very curious about the place when he first woke up. He said he'd like to enroll here if it was possible, so I said I'd bring him to see you and Celestia about it."
>That was a good explanation Fluttershy. It's definitely better than anything that was currently coming to your mind.
>You already feel your chances getting a little bit better after that.
>The Vice Chancellor ponders the situation for a few moments, clicking her pen a couple of times in thought.
>In some ways, the Vice Chancellor is deciding your entire fate.
>Both as a possible magic user and by extension, your relationship with your family.
>She then gets up from her seat and comes to her full height.
>While she is only a little taller than you on her heels she may as well be towering above, as you can now feel yourself shrink a bit under the pressure of the situation.
>"I'll need to talk to my sister about this. Fluttershy, you are free to go if you wish, and Mr. - uh, I'm sorry I don't believe I caught your name?"
>You force out the name "Anonymous"
>"Ah, Mr. Anonymous if you could have a seat I'll call you back into my sister’s office in a moment."
>She motions to a chair in front of her desk before turning and walking through a door on the opposite end of the room from where you came in.
>Fluttershy says a quick goodbye, mentioning something about needing to thank her friends who had already spoke with the Headmistress on her behalf.
"Alright. Wish me luck okay?"
>She gives you a smile and a nod before leaving you alone in the office awaiting your fate.
>Seconds soon pass. Followed up quickly by minutes.
>There being no visible clock in the room, it’s hard to tell just how long you have been waiting for.
>And with nothing to do or focus on, your eyes begin to wander over the desk in front of you.
>The first thing you see is a book with all the phases of the moon listed in detail, along with its nearby star formations listed as constellations.
>Many of them you don't recognize, but the book clearly shows them as existing.
>You find yourself stepping around the back of the desk to look at the pages right side up without disturbing the tome's resting place.
>And the more you look at its contents the more interested you start to become.
>It feels as though the pages are turning themselves as you glance over the in depth imagery and detail of various depictions of the night sky
>It makes you feel like you are looking through the pages and out into the vastness of the great void beyond your home.
>The only way you could possibly describe the feeling of looking through the pages would be-
>"Mr. Anonymous."
>You snap yourself in the direction of the voice placing your hands behind your back, while the Vice Chancellor steps through the door
>Shit, that doesn't sound conspicuous at all.
>Luna looks at you standing behind her desk, expressionless.
>"If you're done reading through my books, my sister will see you now."
>You ashamedly walk yourself into the next room where an almost identical office is set up.
File: 1511719708340.png (689 KB, 701x1001)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
>Well that's not entirely true.
>This office has a large window overlooking the courtyard with a clear view of the sky.
>But other than that, and the different choice in literature and a few personal effects on her desk they seem pretty consistent.
>This time, you know for sure that you are standing before the Headmistress.
>And like her sister the Vice Chancellor she too gives off an aura of authority and regality, but it feels different in a way you can’t quite put your finger on.
>You don't feel as nervous as you did before, but that may have been your mind starting to control itself on its own...
>But you're not quite sure.
>Your buttocks finds its place in the chair in front of the desk and the woman gives you a quick look over.
>Her eyes seem warmer and softer than her sister's, but you sense the same firmness just beyond the surface
>"Hello Anonymous. My name is Celestia."

[End of Chapter 2:Two]



I don't have many images of humanized ponies, so hopefully the images of the girls with hooves don't throw anyone off too much. If you want to tell me what you think and where I can improve I'm all ears. I'd offer my two cents on current greens but I'm in the process of catching up on whats already been posted in the OP so I hope it doesn't come off as rude.

Pastebin will be updated shortly.
God damn it I just noticed a part I need to fix.

>when you see her pull down slightly at the collar of her shirt exposing a bit of her chest.
That should be pulling up he sleeve exposing a bit of her wrist. Will fix.
ITS TIME TO COOK! I'd actually like to see a """Alchemist""" story or have this occasionally expanded on in future one shots.
well i can only compliment your story so much before it comes off as transparent or forced, but i mean it when i say that i'm pretty invested in it so far, A+
and also i don't think anybody would really mind the pictures you used, so we're good there as well
File: image.jpg (43 KB, 500x400)
43 KB
>Questions. Thats all you have now as you slowly recover from the shit show that just happened.
>You get up and dust off your pants, digging into your pocket to see what he put in it you pull out a... Candy? A cute pink hard candy with frilly wrapping.
>What the fuck man! All that shit for a piece of candy! You angrily open it and pop it in your mouth, crazy bum...
>You walk back over to Pinkie who is still reading aloud her list and take your place next to her.
>"...candles, and pixie sticks! Got all that nony!"
"Yep, *crunch* let's do this shit."
>This won't take long.
>Three fucking HOURS of shopping... You begin to lose feeling in your legs as the two of you reach the register.
>You fall flat on your face and groan in utter agony.
"Can we go home now..."
>Pinkie kneels down to you and flicks you on the nose. Why Pinkie?
>"Don't be such a downer, want me to get you something!"
>You stare at her wide eyed.
"I want a polar pop!"
>"Really, those places are pretty bad even for me."
"No! They have big sodas and I need to fill out my ticket!"
>She giggles and pays for her stuff. You leave the store carrying large bags of party goods with renewed vigor at the thought of getting a cheap but delicious soda.
>Hell, you forgot what you were mad about earlier! Your chest feels kinda tingly tho...
Are you a psychic? I just wrote an alchemy class one while at work. Now I just gotta find the time to type it.

>Honestly, what would you gain from not asking him?
>You've said it before, he doesn't exactly look very trust-worthy
>The way you see it, he could perfectly be another criminal, that would explain why he's hanging by the club
>But if you leave the girls alone... then what's stopping the guy from mugging them himself?
>Best case scenario, he asks you to pay him to keep the girls safe
>Too bad you don't have much in your pockets...
>You reach into them to confirm your doubt
>You've got some change... and a piece of gum, that's about it
>Just ask him, dude. You're sure the girls aren't dumb enough to stand with their arms crossed if anybody would try to hurt them
>You step forward
>Starlight notices you, and asks "Where are you going?"
>You don't reply, you're too distracted thinking about what you're going to tell the guy
>He wears a jacket over his hoodie, has a messy beard, messy hair, and on top of that, a nose ring
>You're starting to re-consider... too late though, as you stand before him, he takes a quick puff off his cigarette and throws it away
>And now he's staring directly at you...
"Um.... h-hello, sir."
>Oh goddamn it, Sir? really?
>He leans against the wall, motionless
>Welp, he hasn't told you to fuck off yet, nor has he pulled out a shiv, so we're good so far
"This is going to sound strange, but my friends over there..." you point with a thumb over your shoulder to Dagi And Twilight "...they're a little scared of staying out here by themselves."
>Wordlessly, he nods. As if signaling you to continue
"And well, if you don't mind, would you be willing to watch over them? at least until i come back?"
>He doesn't speak
>Either he's deaf, thinks you're fucking with him, or perhaps he's considering it
>You wouldn't be able to tell, he hasn't moved since you approached him, so it's kinda hard to read him
>But eventually, to your surprise, he nods affirmatively
"Huh? you'll do it?"
"Oh, thank you mate! appreciate it!"
>"me teeth are fucked and me spanish is trash"
>His voice definitely doesn't fit his looks...
>What's with his accent...?
>Oh! he's Irish!
>That's why he caught your eye!
>Or at least you think he is...
"I like your accent."
>Might as well show some gratitude for bothering him
>"thank" he replies in a broken english
>You re-join the girls, along with... uh... you didn't get his name...
>Anyway, you'll ask him later
>You introduce him to Twilight and Adagio, then you explain you'll head inside the club with Starlight and how you'll be back in no time
>The girls give him an awkward (and almost forced) "Hi..."
>And before heading inside, you tell the girls
"Hey, one more thing, if Starlight or i aren't back in half an hour, come and fetch us."
>They nod
>Without any further time to waste, you follow Starlight into the club
>You step inside, and both of you are greeted by a very narrow staircase, heading downwards
>As if it wasn't enough, there's close to no lighting in this place
>Also worth noting, you don't hear any sort of music, from anywhere
>Maybe they closed up?
>The staircase reaches an end, by it's feet, a black door
>You look behind and up to Starlight, she stares back with a shrug
>Facing the door once again, you take a deep breath and prepare for the worst
"Here we go..."
File: 1407474854857.jpg (35 KB, 620x349)
35 KB
>You push open the door
>And the obnoxious sound of electronic music fills your ears, with loud beats and a meaty bass of course
>You've only heard this type of music once thanks to a chick from the Academy named Vinyl, and you already hate it
>The club's colorful light show also momentarily blinds you, but thankfully your eyes quickly adjust
>Starlight takes a stand close besides you, and while covering both of her ears she screams
>Even while shouting, it was still hard to make out what she said
>You read her lips, and to the best of your abilities try to guess what she says
>You face the dance floor
>Comes without saying that this place is absolutely filled to the brim
>The dance floor rests at the far left of the building, absolutely filled with people jumping up and down to the music
>To the far-right, is the bar. Which, in comparison to the rest of the place, is pretty much empty
>Behind the bartender rests, on top of a tall glass shelf, an array of exotic drinks and beverages
>The dance floor and Bar are separated by a small section with tables and such
>In the middle you can see around six or five stalls, on them sit men and women of all ages sharing drinks and laughing
>But there's no sign of Trixie...
>This place looks shitty from the outside, but goddamn did someone put money into it
>And they're definitely making profit
>Anyway, concentrate!
>You're here for Trixie!
>After scanning the club once or twice, you have to turn to Starlight and shake your head no
>Starlight looks away and frowns
>You guess she's thinking of a plan?
>Yeah, maybe you should've come up with a plan before-hand...
>Starlight taps your shoulder
"Sure!" you nod your head in case she can't hear you, considering she's back to covering her ears, it's most likely she can't
File: crowd.jpg (65 KB, 750x819)
65 KB
>Moving through the crowded underground shows itself to be pretty complicated
>You try your best to not bump into anyone, but while doing so you lose track of Starlight
>Please for the love of everything holy, let her be right behind you
>You peek over your shoulder
>And she's not here
"H-huh?! Starlight?!"
>You stop in your tracks, but no matter how hard you look, she's no where to be seen
"Fuck! where are you?!"
>You try to maintain still, but as the club shuffles, people bump and push you deeper onto the building
>Damn it! no point in looking for her, you won't be able to find her like this
>She's a big girl, she can take care of herself, just look for Trixie!
>No need for manners at this point, you move anyone and everything out of your way, and fortunately no one seems to care nor notice you
>Tonight you learned that you actually might be claustrophobic, because it's getting harder and harder to breath
>Though that could just be the smoke's fault...
>Hold on a second, smoke?
>The building isn't on fire, is it?
>Actually they might also have one, if not multiple, of those smoke machines here
>Ah! you're getting distracted again!
>You rush through the crowd
>And finally, after what seemed like a marathon, you reach the end
>You're covered in sweat, although you're not sure if all of it is yours...
"Fucking 'ell!"
>You have to take a deep breath after that, and run a hand through your scalp
>Now... who do you look for? Trixie or Starlight?
>Slowly, you look back to the border-line mosh pit taking place
>There's no way in hell you'll be going back into that shit-show
"Sorry not sorry Glimmer, you're on your own now" you speak to yourself... out loud...
>"I'M WHAT?"
"Ho! holy shit!"
>Well that's a... pleasant surprise?
>Starlight stands in front of you, hands still covering her ears
"N-nothing! let's just keep going!"
File: cosmonaut-keks.png (256 KB, 767x750)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Welcome to Canada, just don't expect a turkey dog in here...

In all fairness, if this doesn't end with you or Starlight interrupting some sort of orgy, something is very wrong indeed...

Don't worry, it's just all that stain of carrying Pinkie's crap. Small update is nice nonetheless.

Nice one, friend. It makes sense that the new boy meets the headmistress. Looking forward to more. I can't really make any snarky comments because yours is so straight-faced, I'm finding it difficult to poke fun at it. I'm trumped, well done.
We hit 300 boys!!!
the spartans still died in 3 days
I have returned at a good time I see
It happened boys, I'm so proud!
a little late but 'grats on 300
File: image.jpg (284 KB, 1250x1250)
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284 KB JPG
>After a quick pit stop, the two of you head back to the dorm.
>"Thanks again for helping me out today nony!"
"No prob, always happy to help."
>She then levitates her bags and makes them disappear. Cool, makes things easier for... Wait.
>This fucking bitch!
"You could've just used magik to do this! Why did y-"
>And like that she poofs away, you feel like such a chump right now. Fuck it, might as well go practice your magik.
>You stroll around until you eventually came across a good open place to train.
"Better than nothing. First up, target practice."
>After finishing your soda, you place the empty cup on a rock and take a few paces back.
"Kay, lets do some fire and l...ce..."
>You feel faint and all of a sudden pain, lots of pain.
>You collapse on your knees screaming in pain as a voice rattles your head.
>"Don't you feel it child? That rush of power! You know you want it, you took the oath after all."
>Wait oath? You didn't take a oa..!! Fuckin hell this hurts!
>"With that, the contract is sealed. My power is your power."
>You begin to cough up a bluish bile, digging your fingers in the dirt.
>"It's all you now. Goodbye."
>In an instant the pain stops, your mind goes completely black as you pass out.
>You wake up in a field covered vomit, you think. What were you doing here?
>Getting up you try your best to wipe of the weird puke off you.
"Shit... Im not even gonna question it. Im headin back."
>Heading back on the trail you stumble your way back to the dorm.
Thats fuckin cute.
Why are we celebrating 300 posts?
File: negan-laughing.jpg (18 KB, 251x324)
18 KB
Because why not?

Because it's our first time breaching that wall.
Give me a reason to get out of bed and write.
Because we get out of bed to read your work.
So we can stay alive
>Be Starlight Glimmer
>You got a new roommate today. A very cute one too. You can’t wait to slowly start a mutually beneficial relationship with her and lovingly hold hands.
>Currently she is putting on a little magic show for you and Anon. She heard Anon was a street magician too. Exciting news for both of them, Street magic is looked upon unfavorably so finding another one is rare.
>She wears this adorable wizard cap and cape. They are going to look really good on your floor.
>Oh look, she turned a teacup into a toad. You give some golf claps. Anon bursts out laughing. Ugh, you swear if he ruins this for you. You’ll turn him into a girl and hold his hand.
>”Do you dare mock the Great and Powerful Trixie?”
>Anon stops his laughing “My apologies Trixie, when you said street magician I got worried. I thought you did Magic, not Magic.”
>”Trixie does do Magic though.”
>”Yes, the great Trixie does.” Anon pats her cap and leaves for his room.
>Finally alone with her.
“Hey Trixie, want to stare at the tip of my wand for a sec?”
>you whip out your wand and point it at her.
“Rohypno Flunitrazepam” You utter the magic words.
>Her legs go wobbly and you have to catch her on the way down.
>”Starlight, Trixie doesn’t feel so good.” she speaks with a weary voice barely above a whisper.
“Shhh, shh, Cmon Trixie let’s go break in your new bed.”

Short one to warm up. Let me find my xannys for my anxiety and I type out one or two more.
File: drink it, now.png (156 KB, 512x512)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
>Rohypno Flunitrazepam
that's a solid 10 for me
I give this a Drink from Bill Cosby outta ten, friend.

Oh dear, Anon isn't feeling so funky fresh. With all them chanting voices and the weird vomit, I'm feeling queasy all of a sudden.

Because I want to read what you write. Duh...
File: image.jpg (882 KB, 3200x2300)
882 KB
882 KB JPG
File: 1531271020.png (166 KB, 263x386)
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166 KB PNG
In your heart
Ugh. Turning comedy into actual story is hard. Getting the pacing right is tricky and the premise alone isn't enough to carry it.
Is knowing cicada brood years more of a "anon predicts the future thing" or more of a "anon can call down biblical plagues"

Also who figured out brood years in olden times and did they ever abuse this magic power? Cause if I was a yankee in king authors court that would be the only useful 'spell' i know off the top of my head.
Then write for it anyways so it doesn't need to be bumped.
Fun concept right?
it's yah boy.

>”This is not my idea of a date Anon!” yells your human shaped welder, Sunlight Shimmer.
“Okay now just melt the metal extra thick around there so it drips down a bit. Don’t want it exploding now do we?”
>”Anon! You’re not even listening. What the hell are we making anyway?”
You give a deep sigh “You can stop now Sunny. It just needs to cool now.” You place it in the cooling pool and pop a squat.
>”What in the world was this whole charade?”
“I needed your powers to make dakka.”
>“So you asked me on a date!”
“Yep” It’s amazing what college aged girls will do for their crushes.
>”I never want to even see you again. You are truly reprehensible.” With that she stomps off.
>Eh, her loss she won’t get to see you test your gun. Well it’s not technically a gun. More of a shoulder mounted cannon that fires musket balls.
>Don’t judge! making a gun is hard when you don’t know how to make bullets. Much better to make a powder musket cannon hybrid.
>You take it out of the water and begin wiping it down with cosmoline.

>Be Shimmer. Not thinking about Anon that’s for sure. You’re just here at the summer sun celebration waiting for Professor Celestia to raise the sun. She’s supposed to raise the sun while standing in some high up balcony, but guess she’s a few minute late.
>The sky darkens and a blue woman in black robes takes the stage.
>”It is I, Nightmare moon, I have imprisoned my sister and I don’t remember the NMM off the top of my head, but putting in that I don't remember it is 4rth wall humor right?”
>As she finishes her terrifying speech you look around the room.
>Twilight and her friends have all gathered together and are booking it out of here. You turn to join them in fleeing when a loud Bang stuns everyone.
>You can’t hear anything except a loud EEEEEEEEE.
>You turn back towards the stage. Where once was black and blue mist circled Nightmare moon. Now only a cloud of white smoke creeps up behind her.
>She is clutching at a hole in her chest. She looks down at the blood on her. She reaches out an arm as to ask for help, but loses her balance and stumbles forward into the railing of the balcony. Her mommenton carries her over.
>Anon takes the stage waving the thing he made on your ‘date’.
>As your hearing returns all you can hear is him chanting.

>Be later
>”To you Anon, for stopping my sister, and inventing a new type of enchanted item I bestow upon you the Golden Unicorn. A sign of high prestidge.”
>”Thanks PC.”
>Celestia makes her way to you.
>”And to you Sunset Shimmer, for assisting Anon in bringing a brand new enchanted item powerful enough to stop my sister into the wizarding world. I bestow upon you a Silver Unicorn. I eagerly await to see what other enchanted items you two can bring into the world.”
>Anon gives you a smirk.
“Thank your Professor Celestia”
the Niel gaimon effect is real with this one.

I reread it 3 times, but soon as I press publish. Oh hey look "thank your princess"
<Celestia's & Luna's quarters>
"Is something wrong sister, you look quite pallid."
>Celestia is clutching the book she was reading to her chest, fear etched on her face.
>"Luna! Check the school for any abnormalities!"
"O-of course!"
>Luna rises from her arm chair and sways her wand, an aura of teal light and sparkles surrounds her.
"Nothing is out of the ordinary sister."
>"...good, good."
>Celestia mumbles something to herself and resumes her reading.
>Luna walks over to her with a concerned look on her face and lays a hand on her shoulder.
"Are you ok, be honest with me celly."
>Celeatia was taken aback by the use of her pet name.
>"I'm fine Luna. Lets just go b-"
>With her free hand Luna grabs her sisters chin and turns her head to face each other.
"Look me in the eyes and tell me. Is something wrong?"
>Celestia gives her a scowl and pushes her hand off.
>"Of course nothing is wrong, something felt off is all."
>They stare at each other in silence, Luna giving her sister a stern look.
*sigh* "Fine. I'll take your word for it."
>She then moves over to her arm chair and gathers her things.
"I shall retire early tonight, I have a meeting with the board. Goodnight sister."
>"To you as well sister..."
>Luna then leaves to her room and, almost immediately, Celestia's demeanor changes.
>"That faceless bastard, does he know what he has done! I should've killed him when I had the chance!"
>She runs her hands through her hair in frustration, her pupils mere pinpricks.
>"Calm down... I just need to find the one he gave it to, then kill them. Nothing must stop the horde from coming. Nothing."
>It was a cold night.
Fucking czech em.
Oh shit my digits
File: shitposting-loudly2.gif (295 KB, 600x490)
295 KB
295 KB GIF
Dear fuckers, if you read this part of my story then you'll make a great choice in life.

Sit down, readers, it's time for a story. Previously, >>32980485
Part Two - Black and Blue

>Seen on a street plan, Canterlot is a town going nowhere and driving round it, you get that same impression.
>Moving along the state road that takes you from the countryside into the town center, you briefly consider either driving through the suburbs of Greenhill or the slums of Lowtown, but you decide that driving direct is best so avoid the turn-offs and continue following the state road.
>It leads into the town anyway.
>The ancient center is comprised of old blocks and walls, harking to its past as a Colonial fort.
>The walls are stained with the grimes of ages, hadn't been cleaned for years.
>Shutters hung at drunken angles. Nowhere was there any sign of paint being used for a decade.
>Traffic everywhere, filling the streets, parked nose to tail on the sidewalks. Most bore signs of collisions - dented chassis, battered doors.
>You wonder if the suburbs were any better.
>'Sure, the robbers say their pleases and thank-yous...'
>After the best part of 30 minutes of wall-to-wall traffic, you reach that diner.
>Opposite the train station, a series of brown-bricked terraced buildings line the road. The businesses occupying them are what you expect for this small town; a grocery store, a thrift store, a electrical chain-shop and the diner itself.
>Taking up the two end buildings must be the offices of the local newspaper because painted on the upper-floor windows are the words "Canterlot" and "Times".
>While the offices are at one end of the dreary-looking building, the diner sits at the other end.
>You pull up in the train station parking lot and you wander across the road and into the eatery.
>"Well, howdy!" the elderly waitress proclaims, "welcome to the Black Cauldron. What can ah get ya, young'un?"
>She speaks in a calm country accent, not unlike Klatch's actually. Her wrinkled green face curls into a warm smile and you can't help but return it.
"Thank you, Miss, but I just want to browse the menu."
>"Take yer time, then."

>Taking a menu from a nearby table and quickly scan it and the room.
>Just a motley crew of local people. Some old, some young. Some in business attire, some in casual wear.
>"Well, young'un? Made yer mind up?"
"I'll have the bacon and eggs, please. Scrambled, if you can."
>She smiles.
>"Comin' right up, hon'. What do you want to drink?"
"Coffee, black, please."
>You say while sitting in a booth, facing the front window. Taking off your coat, you slip out the cigarettes and ask for an ashtray as one of the young waitresses hands you a mug and fills it up.
>"I'm sorry, sir, but we don't allow smoking here. We'd prefer it if you do it outside."
>Stuffing the cigarettes into a pocket, you grab the coffee and coat and walk out into the cold.
>Putting on your coat, you pop one into your mouth and try to light it.
>'Must be out of gas...'
>Looking around for any suspicious types, you quickly put out your trusty wand and quietly say.
>The tip of the cigarette glows and you take a sweet drag on it.
>"I thought you weren't allowed to do that in public."
>Turning around to the voice, you see it's Coffee Klatch, smirking like he's caught you in the cookie jar.
"I've perfected that trick over the years, Coffee. Hell, I can do it without the wand."
>"Really? I just assumed you could do magic with one."
"Only us special ones."
>You click your fingers, releasing some sparks.
>Taking the last drag on it, you drop it and stomp on the end.
"Come on, I'll order you something too. And no, they don't do wholemeal yogurts and dairy-free muffins."
>Coffee smirks again and walks in with you.
>"Well, howdy, friend. Welcome to the Black Cauldron. What can ah get ya?"
"He's my guest so he'll have the same as me, Miss...?"
>"Smith. Call me Granny though."
"Granny then. Put it on my bill please."

>"Righty, then."
>She waddles back into the kitchen as you two take your seats.
>Taking off your coats, you sip your drink as another waitress gives Coffee his drink.
>"Thank you." He compliments and he takes a sip.
>"Damn fine. Now that we're alone, maybe you can answer some questions. Like how does a wizard like you become an agent of the Bureau?"
>He grabs the sugar-shaker and pours some in.
"Wanna know my life story? Only if you tell me yours."
>He hesitates but he nods nonetheless.
"Well, as a famous man once said, 'I was born at a young age'. My mother was the witch but my father was a mechanic with the Air Force and we all lived at the big base over at Cloudsdale."
>You swill the coffee in mug as the waitress and meals arrive.
>"Here you are, two bacon and eggs. Toast will follow."
>"Some butter as well, please."
>Klatch asks and she nods.
>As she walks off, you dig into your food and continue with your story.
"I was a late bloomer with magic, and my mother wasn't exactly pleased. She became very distant as I grew up. I became an apprentice as a way to please her and I was successful. Very successful. But you know what my mother said to me when I finished the apprenticeship?"
>Klatch shakes his head with a mouthful of egg.
"How could of you finished third in your class? You're a Bletchley, you should have finished first."
>"Jeez, what a cow..."
>Klatch honestly mutters as the toast and butter arrives.
"Thanks. And I've said worst things about her. The only good thing she's done for me was give birth to me. When I was six, I tried to fly a broomstick and failed miserably, she grabbed the broom and beat me with it. I was lucky to have a good dad, he always did his best to look after me when she disowned me and divorced him."
>You take a small heap of eggs and spread them onto the toast and take a mouthful.

>"Sounds like she's a right mean one. Do you stay in contact with her?"
>He inquires as he slices up some bacon.
"No. The last I heard is that she lives on her family's private island with a fella half her age. "
>He smirks as he chews on another piece of bacon.
"So how about yourself then? I bet you must have had one of those mad Dixie matriarchs in charge."
>Another smirk.
>"I never really knew my parents, only ... fading memories. They died in a traffic collision when I was seven and I got sent to the deeper South to live with my aunt and uncle. Uncle Earl Grey and Aunt Darjeeling. He was a rural county sheriff in Winnemec. He taught me law and order and I became a deputy under him after school."
>He says as he finishes his lunch, pushing the plate away and grabbing the coffee.
>"I knew he was taking bribes from some Dixie mafia outfit operating in the county. Corruption in public office, even if it was my uncle, shouldn't be allowed. But guess what he says about it."
"What did he say?"
>You as you finish you finish your meal, placing the knife and fork on the plate.
>"It's not all white knights and heroes, kid. We've got to make decisions to maintain law and order. And if that means letting bad guys do bad things in the name of a greater good, then so be it."
>You whistle and sup on the last of the coffee.
"Wow. How did you take it?"
>"He's still the sheriff and I work for the Bureau now."
"He's not exactly wrong, is he?"
>Klatch just shrugs.
>"Maybe as a small county sheriff but not as an employee of the federal government..."
>He leaves that sentence hanging, just begging for you to put your foot right into it.
"You're right there, Klatch, corruption has no place in the bureau."
>Lifting your mug for a toast, he picks his up and gently taps yours.
File: video-game-reference-2.jpg (201 KB, 1024x1280)
201 KB
201 KB JPG

"Right, come on, it's time we're leaving."
>Slipping a twenty into one of the mugs, you and Klatch put your coats on and walk out.
"Are we going in separate cars?"
>"We're going in yours. I came by train."
>You harrumph.
"Clever man. Remember your expenses."
>He smirks again as the two of you cross the road and into the parking lot.
>Climbing into your car, you start it up as Klatch gets in.
>He whistles at the size of your SUV.
>"Can you even afford such a thing on your salary?"
"By wearing cheap-ass clothes, Coffee. Besides, I'd be very conspicuous driving around in a gray undercover cruiser ."
>"Well, that's true."
>Coffee agrees as you drive out of the train station and pull out, onto the main road.
"Now, where's the police station? Can you give me some directions?"
>Pulling his phone out and loading up a map app, he tells you where to go.
>Following his directions, you ponder on what was said in the interview.
"You know what's funny? That Solaris woman, she mentioned Harshwhinny but never the girls. Strange, isn't it?"
>"Not really." Coffee says, "it's not a smart thing to say during an interview, 'welcome to the Luna Nova magic school! Say! Wanna hear a good wheeze?' It doesn't look good, does it?"
"Yeah, you're right there, actually. Sounds pretty dumb."
>"You need to think as a teacher, Anon, not as a special agent. Well, for a week or two anyway."
>You nod as you spot the police station in the distance.
>The station itself is nothing more than a tall, Brutalist structure with an array of antennas and dishes on top.
>'Must be the headquarters.' You think.
>Pulling into the station's parking lot by some police cruisers, you find a spot and kill the engine.
>Stepping out, you say to Coffee, straightening his coat.
"Do you wanna do the talking? You're in charge, after all."

>"Of course, you'll say your bit and I'll say my mine. We'll see what the police have to say."
>He nod as you two enter the police station and hear the clatter of footsteps on the marble floors.
>"Yes, sirs? How can I help you two?"
>A cheery receptionist beams.
>"Hello." Klatch grins, "I'm Agent Coffee Klatch and he's Agent Anonymous Lorenz. We're from the Bureau of Investigation and we need to see the Chief of Detectives, Top Brass."
>"Okay, yah, you bet." She says in that Minnesota nice way.
>He looks back to you and grins.
>And he looks to the receptionist as she puts the phone down.
>"Okay, Chief Brass will see you guys now. Just go up those stairs and you'll find his office."
>"Thank you very much."
>"You bet. Have a swell day." She giggles.
>As you two walk up the stairs, you hear Coffee quietly boasts.
>"Still got it..."
"Quite the smooth talker."
>"Always been a sucker for that accent, Anon." He winks.
>At the top of the stairs, you find the office of the Chief of Detectives and you knock on the door. You note that all the blinds are closed behind the windows.
>"Come in." A gruff voice shouts.
>Opening up, you two step in and see that the Chief isn't alone in his office.
>Top Brass is a bald-headed, rotund-looking man in a rather loud brown suit. The other two detectives, you assume, stare blankly at the two intruders.
>The male detective in a sober black suit simply nods at you while the female detective in a dark blue pant-suit eyes to the two of you suspiciously.
>"Sorry I can't offer you two any seats. You are the boys from the Bureau?"
>"Yes, sir. This is Agent Anonymous Lorenz and I'm Agent Coffee Klatch, we spoke earlier on the phone."
>"Yes, I can never forget that accent, now can I?" He chuckles, "These two are Detectives Valiant Shields and Shining Armor. They'll be taking over the case from ... errm... Detectives Leads and Eye, of course."

"The Bureau would like to offer its condolences on the unfortunate passing, Chief Brass. Our boss says it's most distressing to lose any colleagues."
>You state, earning slight smiles from the police officers.
>"Thank you very much, Agent Lorenz." he praises, "now, which one of you is going undercover at the magic school."
"Me. I've already been interviewed by the academy's headmistress and now, I'm waiting for the results."
>You say as the female officer gives you a dubious look.
>"What happens if you don't get the job, if someone else gets it?"
>"He will. We've seen to that already." Coffee cuts in.
>"What about if they turn him down and hire no-one." Valiant interjects.
>"They can't." Coffee rebuttals, "they can't afford to considering it's already half-way through the semester."
>Both you and the other detective smirk at their argument.
>"Alright, cool it." Chief Brass appeals, "it' safe to assume that Agent Lorenz here will get in, then?"
>You and Agent Klatch nod.
>"And if he doesn't, you have a back-up plan?"
>"We take full control of the investigation and go on from there, sir." Coffee answer.
>Chief Brass looks confused.
>"I thought the Bureau was anyway."
>Coffee coughs and addresses him.
>"The Bureau is already busy in the area with cases of cross-state drug and stolen antiquity smugglings. Co-operation with the local police is key but if necessary..."
>"I get the idea, Agent Klatch. Speaking about the case, we believe we have some new evidence. Detective Armor, get out your computer."
>"Of course, Chief." Armor says as he reaches into a bag and pulls out a laptop and some papers.
>"This is the post-mortem report on the dead girl, Lemon Zest." He mentions as he hands the laptop to Valiant and the paperwork to you.
>Scan-reading it, you quickly find out that the cause of death was a knife-wound to the chest.
>But the body has two chest wounds...
"Can we see the coroner about this? I just have some questions..."

>"I'm sure this can answer them for you, Bureau boy."
>Detective Shields condescends as she boots the device up and inserts a memory card.
>Browsing through the documents, she finds the right video file and clicks on it.
>As you and Klatch lean in, the footage starts.
>It's a blurry mess but then a forest scene breaks through.
>It then focuses in onto a rather macabre visage.
>Several figures wearing white robes, carrying torches and marching into shot. In the center of a grassy clearing are two altars, one of stone and one of wood.
>A rather tinny drum beat plays through the speakers.
>The figures carrying torches stand aside as four hooded figures with masks carrying what can only be described as a body wrapped in bandages make their way to the stone altar.
>The body is placed onto the altar as another hooded form appears in a poof of smoke and to a rapturous applause. This one is different because it is wearing gold robes and wears a mask with some sort of headwear.
>This entity quietens the crowd, pulls out a dagger, walks to the altar and shouts something.
"Nam appositi! Nam messis! Nam sol et stellae!"
>The crowd chants backs.
"Sol et Stellae!"
"Nam Sulis!"
>The gold one shouts as it stabs the body. Two robes moves to shift the body onto the wooden altar and two torch bearers walk over and light the straw and barley around it. Cheers erupt as the gold one lifts its arms up in praise.
>Then a quiet, stuttery voice comes through the speakers.
"It...it's Latin. 'For magic, for the harvest, for the sun and stars. For Sulis.' Please, take this seriously! Please. Oh no!"
"Hey! What the hay do you think you're doing!"
>One of the robes looks at the camera and points accusingly.
"No! Leave me be!"
>The first voice shouts back as the camera goes all shaky and points to the ground. Shouts and screams are heard then the picture cuts out.
"What the fuck..."
>Is all you can say to the bizarre video.

>"What's this? Lemon Zest's final moments?" Coffee asks incredulously.
>"No, she would be alive and well for this. She wasn't burned and this was filmed on the 21 of June."
>Shields says as she points to the date-and-time stamp onscreen.
"That's the summer solstice. This must be some sort of ritual. Is paganism active in this region?"
>You inquire as Chief Brass contributes something valuable.
>"It must be practised at the Luna Nova academy. We found that stone altar while searching through the woods. Miss Lemon Zest was found not far from it as well."
"Maybe the sender wanted the police to be aware of ... whatever that is because they think it's related. Did you check out who sent it?"
>Valiant Shields scoffs at your simple question.
>"Who's the towhead? Of course we checked it out. Armor, show him."
>He nods as he pulls out more paperwork.
>"We found a partial print on the original memory card and we ran it through the database. We found that the sender had priors."
>Detective Armor says as you read the rapsheet. This "Moondancer" character has done nothing serious; just a couple of minor drug possessions.
"Who's Moondancer? Just a concerned citizen?"
>You inquire as you pass the papers to Klatch.
>"She's a whackjob in a town called Whitetail, out in the boondocks. She's wrapped too tight for Canterlot. Probably wrapped too tight of Whitetail."
>Detective Shields muses on.
>"If Moondancer sent the video, then surely she must have recorded it..."
>"Congratulations, we'll make a detective out of you yet."
>She sarcastically says as Klatch thinks out loud.
>"So what's her beef with the Academy then?" he says, ignoring her, "if you go out of your way to record their secrets, then you must have a motive."
"Maybe we should have a talk with her?"
>You ponder on but both Coffee Klatch and Top Brass shake their heads.

>"This sounds more like a local police issue." Klatch begins.
>"Besides, if she the local whacko, she'll go apeshit if two feds come knocking." Brass finishes.
>"Fine." Shields interrupts, "I'll ask the state troopers to check in on her; they've got a barracks up there."
>"No." Brass says, putting his hand up, "You two ask her about the video. Sort it out tomorrow morning, and I want to read it tomorrow afternoon."
>"Of course, sir. We'll get right under it." Shining Armor beams
>"That's the spirit, boy. If there's anything else to discuss, agents, I suggest we call it a day." Brass concludes the conversation by standing up and offer his hand to shake.
>Klatch grabs it and gives him a firm shake.
"Just one thing, Chief. Can we have a copy of that video?"
>You ask and Coffee agrees.
>"It makes for some interesting viewing."
>"Naturally. Here, take this." Shining Armor says as he unplugs the card from the laptop. "We've made back-ups."
>Klatch takes the card and makes his farewells to the others.
"Goodbye then. Thanks for the information."
>"Agent Lorenz, wait." Chief Brass says as he walks around the desk to meet you. "If you're going undercover, take this with you."
>He hands you a blue notebook, just like your own.
>"It has four phone numbers. My office and cell phone numbers and the contacts for Sergeant Spitfire, the commander of the nearby state police barracks. As Detective Shields said, they're based at Whitetail, close to the school."
>You slip the notebook into your inner pocket.
"Thanks, it'll come in handy."
>"I bet you won't need them but just in case. Good day, Agent Lorenz" He grins.
>You shake his hand, walk out and close the door. Going down the stairs, you see Klatch chatting up that real nice receptionist.
"Come on, Coffee, what would your wife say if she found out you're cheating on her?"
>The gal goes red and resumes her typing as Klatch spins around.
>"Anon, please!"

>You chuckle as you walk out. Holding the door for two officers entering, you look back and see him desperately fixing the situation.
>He strides out as you climb into your car.
>Stomping in and slamming the door, you can't help but laugh.
"Aww, is someone not getting enough at home?"
>"Shut up. I was lucky enough to save that."
>You snort again as you pull out of the parking lot and drive back to the train station.
"So who's the lucky one then?
>"She's called Ruby Glow and she's a fine-looking gal."
>He smirks and you comment.
"Oh yah, you bet. So, am I dropping you off at the station or what?"
>"Actually, I was hoping you would drive me back to Trottingham or is that too much to ask?"
>You mull on it.
>'Traffic's light going back and the motel's on the highway anyway...'
"Sure, why not? What are you planning? Some sort of expenses fiddle?"
>"No, of course not. I just didn't buy a return. That's all."
>Klatch retorts defiantly.
>Finding the right turn-off, you cruise onto the state road and head out of town.
>Sitting in silence, you point out your motel as you drive past it.
"That's where I'm staying. Winsome Falls Motel. A real flea-pit."
>He mumbles as he looks out his side of the car, towards the forests.

"Suppose the truckers must like it."
>You look at him as you grab a half-cigarette from the ash-tray and light it with a click of your fingers.
"For such a chatterbox, you sure are quiet in the car."
>"Can you crack open a window? You know, it's proven second-hand smoke is a carcino... you know, a cancer agent?"
>Looking back onto the road, you open your window a bit.
"Would it kill you to say something?"
>"I did."
"It's a fountain of conservation, man. Complaining at me for smoking. Look, I'm sitting here driving, the whole way back to Trottingham and I'm trying to chat. You know, keep our spirits up."
>He breaths in heavily and looks like he's regrets it, taking in your cigarette smoke.
>"I get bad migraines when I'm on long journeys in a car. And your cigarette doesn't help."
"Then have a nap."
>He doesn't answer, he just continues staring out the front window.
"Well, two can play at that game." You say, flicking the butt out of the window, "we'll see how you like it, smart guy."
>Coffee Klatch doesn't look bothered at all.
"Total silence..."

The End. For now...
File: 1524946539612.png (738 KB, 1065x3083)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
By reading this update, you cheeky scrublords, I'm giving away this Pastebin link to anyone who wants to click and read it. https://pastebin.com/BLZnyh2e

Now, I write my stories on a consistently inconsistent basis and I am sorry if people do think I don't write regularly enough like others here do, it's just the way I write.

Also, post you thoughts, comments and feedbacks and if you want to see this writefag make more useless tosh in another thread, read this >>32974710 in the "Alone in the EqG-verse" thread. If it rubs you up the right way, give it a read. If it doesn't, then don't. Do whatever the fuck you want.

Excellent. Is Celestia up to no good? It wouldn't surprise me. A solid effort, dude.

Ooo, this one definitely did me a good spook! Especially Nightmare Moon's horrifying speech, chilled me right down to the bone. Cushty work, buddy. Ever consider writing a full story?
>snapped Elder Wand
Harry but it back into Dumbledore's tomb
>Be Anon, by abusing the term ‘date’ you have secured some alone time with Twilight Sparkle. Celestia’s star pupil. People are oblivious in this world. What girl thinks that going to the library to discuss a theory you had is a date.
>Be Twilight Sparkle. So everything out there you’re super excited for this date. You already had a crush on Anon, he is the only student to have more Unicorn medals than you, he’s invented new types of potions and enchanted items. He’s pretty amazing. He’s cute too, minus the bald part, but while he is bald he is also bold. He just came up and asked you to meet him in the library for a date. So here we are, sitting in the library.
>Be Anon. You sit next to Twi on the library couch. This way your tendency to avoid eye contact will go unnoticed.
>”Hi Anon!”
“Hey Twi I wanted to talk to you about something.”
>”Anything Anon.”
“Is it just me or do people’s name and colors make it really easy to predict things about them?”
>”What do you mean?” she cocks her head to the side.
“Like your friend, Rainbow Dash. I’ve never met her, but from her name I know she does weather magic and is fast.”
>”Oh, that’s amazing Anon, you didn’t tell me you were clairvoyant.”
“A what? No it’s literally written in her name.”
>”Well to you it is, but to us non clairvoyants it’s hard to know someones magic without just asking them.”
“No, you’re smart, you can do it. Here.” You yell at the nearest person. Some girl in a striped shirt with green hair. “Hey you, cmere.”
>She walks over her arms crossed.
“What’s your name?”
“Okay now Twi, tell me based off her name and how she is green what her magic might be.”
>Twilight looks at her thought fully. “Wall magic?”
“No, she’s a fucking garden mage. She has flower in the name. Not only that but “wall flower” is an expression for someone whos is shy and unnoticeable. So she’s probably some weird shut in, am I right?” you turn to Wallflower.
>she nods. Then fades into the background not relevant to the story anymore.
>”Whoa, Anon that’s amazing.”
“How are you not seeing it, here let’s do this slowly. Okay, imagine Sunset Shimmer.”
“Her hair is what colors?”
>”Orange and red?”
“What else is orange and red?”
“And when a sunset shimmers it looks like What in the sky?
“So her powers would be?
“Yes! Now you get it, okay one more without the baby steps.”
>”Okay… Anon.”
“Trixie, her name sounds like….?”
>”Tricky, and she is probably a stage magician? She does tricks. Oh my Celestia, Anon, did you just teach me how to be clairvoyant? That’s unheard of. Thank you so much. The last person to be taught clairvoyant was over 1000 years ago.”
>She hugs you and gives you a peck on the cheek.
>”Sorry to cut this date short, but I must go tell Celestia!”
>"You didn't use your wand. does that mean you too are-"
"I don't believe so, Headmistress. Fluttershy didn't experience a planeswalkers spark igniting. I believe she's just a normal mana mage."
>"But, how is that possible? I thought one needed to be a planeswalker to draw mana from the lands."
"Not at all. I guess I didn't explain it very well, but non-planeswalker mages are quite common where I'm from. Sure, most people are neither planeswalkers nor mages, but mages still exist in abundance."
>"I see. But I wonder why I never noticed the flow of mana in Fluttershy before."
"I'm not sure either. Assuming you developed this spell after your dabbling in planar magic, it may be unintentionally tuned to only detect mana use in planeswalkers."
>"Well, that certainly is possible. I honestly barely know anything about mana, let alone planes. My knowledge of it is just a drop in an ocean."
"I'm more interested in the implications of this. Previously I thought there were no mana mages native to this plane, and it seems that's the general consensus here as well. But as rare as planeslwakers are, it's possible that mana mages are just as rare here while still existing."
>"Perhaps. I believe that while this is something notable, we should actually keep it under wraps for now until we all understand more about this."
"Very well."
>Another long silence ensues, while Rainbow Dash fiddles with her thumbs
>"So I mentioned I have, uh, 'white mana', you said? I managed to make a spell that hurls out lightning that also heals me at the same time."
>Her boastful declaration is coupled with a thumb pointed to her own chest and a self-affirming grin
"That sounds useful. You can keep shocking yourself without any burns." you say with a smirk
>"Hey," she says indignantly, "I don't burn myself any more. I've gotten the hang of it now."
>"If the three of you don't mind," Celestia says to the present company, Fluttershy excluded, "I'd like to work with Fluttershy in private."
>You, Twilight, and Rainbow nod your heads and turn to exit Celestia's tower
>"So, Anon," says Twilight, "would you like to join me for tutoring now?"
"Sure. I appreciate the help, by the way."
>"Oh, no worries."
>The two of you break of from the rest and head in the direction of the library
>But then you stop heading in the direction of the library and begin heading toward the dormitory wing
>Is she planing on bringing you to her room?
>You are not prepared for this
>The two of you step onto a large, winding staircase leading to the top floor
>The doors to the rooms on this level are separated by much more space than before, alluding to much larger living spaces
>Finally, the two of you reach the end of the hallway, at room #1
>Twilight taps her wand on the impressive wooden door and it springs open
>You enter behind her, still staying quiet and futilely trying to keep your palms dry with your robe
>"So, this is my room. What do you think?"
"I think that's a lot of books."
>Indeed, her room seems to be a small library unto itself
>Bookshelves line each wall, save for two spaces for a modest yet comfortable looking bed and a large study desk, currently strewn with papers
>"Yeah," says Twilight, "it's nice to have my own little library here. It definitely saves time on homework assignments."
"Indeed it would. Speaking of which, shall we get to it?"
>"Of course"
>She waves her wand and summons a second chair into existence at her desk, then whisks the papers away into a neat stack
>The two of you take your seats as she opens her copy of the history book to the correct chapter
>She also brings a spare notebook and quill to rest in front of you
>"So, Starswirl the bearded's motivations for banishment. Where do you want to start?"
"With Starswirl's motivations for the banishment."
>"Okay, so, I find it helps to put something down on paper and work from there. Just give a single sentence to answer my question: Why did Starswirl banish them?"
"Because they were a threat that needed to be neutralized?"
>"Good. Write that down."
>You dip the quill in an inkwell and jot down the sentence."
>"Now, why did Starswirl banish them rather than use another method of neutralization?"
"Because he thought banishment would be most effective?"
>You jot down that answer too.
>"And why would banishment be a more effective method than, say, destruction?"
>You ponder on this for a moment, until it hits you
"Starswirl knew about the necromancers in their ranks. With destruction a single mage who slipped through the cracks could, in theory undo all of it."
>You begin to jot down notes at a furious pace
"But banishment to another plane ensured that any remaining members hiding in secret wouldn't be able to raise the dead."
>You continue to write and write until your wrist gets sore
>But the more you write, the more you feel needs to be written
>Eventually, you've exhausted your retelling of events as you understand them
>Additions explain why the courses of action taken could be considered the correct ones
>Eventually you set the quill down and flex your wrist
>"Very good. Now we're going to circle around to the beginning. Why did Starswirl consider the Sons and Daughters of the Sirens a threat?"
>You lean back and groan, dreading the thought of having to write any more
>"Don't worry, this need only be a few sentences, even in your full essay. Just an introduction to get to the meat of things."
>"Exactly. Write." she says, pointing to the notebook
>You groan again, partially at her pun, while she simply watches in amusement
>You jot down a few sentences, and when you're done you sever the pages from their binding with magic and lay them down before you
>"Perfect, you should have enough there to compile into a full essay."
"So it would seem, and I owe it to you."
>"Oh, it was nothing. I just helped you along is all."
>You lean back in your chair and pop your back, still rubbing and flexing your wrist
"I feel like things might just work out well, given the kind of friends I have here."
>Twilight turns away and says to you
>"Yeah, you seem to get along with everyone pretty well. Like Sunset, and Fluttershy... and Rainbow Dash."
>You smirk, though Twilight thankfully can't see you
>But when she starts to turn back to you you quickly assume a neutral expression
"Yeah, the two of us had a little chat about that today."
>"Oh really? Like what?"
>Twilight leans toward you, appearing interested in hearing gossip about your budding relationship
"She basically said we should take things slow, and, uh, consider our options while we get to know each other better."
>Technically Dash didn't say anything about her doing that, but you assume she would feel the same way
>"Oh. Like, seeing other people too?"
"Yeah, something like that."
>"I see," she says, suddenly blushing and twiddling her thumbs, "is there anyone else you were, um, interested in? Like, dating, I mean."
>She nearly squeaks the last part, shrinking in as though impersonating Fluttershy
"Well, there is someone. Someone who was a big help with some classwork I was having trouble with."
>"Oh, really?" she asks, perking up in her seat with an anticipatory expression
"Indeed. Pinkie Pie was a huge help with alchemy class today. I'd have been lost without her."
>"Oh." she says simply, looking aside and slouching
>"I see."
>You let the silence brew until the perfect moment, and
"Hah!" you should with a grin, startling Twilight
"I'm kidding. Pinkie's nice and friendly, but she's a little too, eh, unpredictable."
>"And goofy?" asks Twilight with a laugh
"Yeah, that too. Not really my type."
>"So, does that mean-"
"Yes, Twilight. I was referring to you."
>"I see. Well, I too find you favorable. You're intelligent, kind, and really easy to talk to, which I can't say about any other guy I've taken notice of."
"Oh, you flatter me too much." you say with a wave of your hand
>"I mean it. And you're brave, too. The way you rushed off into the unknown and risked your life to save Dash, that was pretty amazing."
"Well, what was I supposed to do? Let her get eaten by a dragon? even for just a friend, or a complete stranger, I don't consider that an option."
>"I still think it was pretty amazing."
"I'm sure any of you guys would have done the same."
>You take Twilight's hand in yours, and gently caress it with your thumb
"So, would you like to be my, uh, courtship partner?"
>Twilight giggles so hard she snorts, which she then realizes and covers her face
>"Well, when you put it like that? Who could refuse?"
>The two of you look into each others eyes for a moment, before Twilight leans into you and wraps her arms around you in a warm embrace
>"I'd kiss you," she says leaning back into her own chair, "but I don't think now's a good time to disappear to another dimension."
"I think that only happens if it's on the lips." you say with a smile
>She nods, leans forward, and gives you a peck on the cheek
"Well, I should be going," you say looking at a wall clock above the desk, 'it's getting kind of late."
>"Are you sure you don't want to stay? At least for a little while?"
"Well, I suppose I could stay a while. School is off tomorrow so I can afford to sleep in."
>The two of you chat the night away, you talking about books, magic and historical events of Ravnica, Twilight doing the same for her world
>Eventually the clock strikes one in the morning and the two of you agree it's time to part ways
>You stand and Twilight shoes you to the door
>"I enjoyed our time together tonight, An'on'ymous."
"As did I."
>She reaches up and gives you a gentle kiss on the lips
>"Don't tell Rainbow Dash I did that."
"Of course, my lips are sealed."
>You make your way back down the hall and head for the empty boarding wing
>Eventually you reach your room, and with a tap of your wand, the door is opened
>You set your alarm for nine-thirty in the morning and drift off to sleep, thoughts of Twilight and Rainbow Dash conflicting in your head

Why yes, I AM going to just casually drop this in here like I haven't been suspiciously absent for over 2 weeks. Also, funny how this section unintentionally turned out to be an allegory for me writing this section except I didn't have a qt3.14 girl helping me along oh dear God I'm so lonely someone make it stop just please make the pain stop someone kill me so how's your day been going bros?
Its good to see ya back man, got a raise at the yoshinoya i work at
gee, i thought you had killed yourself, again. keep hanging in there friend. and the green is coming up very well
>keep hanging in there friend
Maybe a poor choice of words, all things considered...
that's the joke
File: image.jpg (76 KB, 640x398)
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>keep hanging in there friend
File: Spoiler Image (27 KB, 480x480)
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you kinda left him hanging there this morning
File: image.jpg (55 KB, 640x454)
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>You wipe the sweat on your forehead, you blow the smoke away from your face
>And even then, you can barely see a couple of feet in front of you
>The flashing lights, they allow you to see for only a couple of seconds
>To put it into perspective: Imagine being in an action movie, in a dark room full of bad guys, and the muzzle flash of their guns is the only light source
>Maybe that example was a little extreme, but you guess that's what it feels like
>Still, even for the second or two of visibility you have, you can't see any trace of Trixie, or for that matter, of any of her class mates
>But thank the God's above for what happened next
>The music slowed down, the flashing of the lights got slower
>Until the electronic beats had come to an end, and the club was filled by mere ambiance music
>And the once colorful lights, are replaced by a single white beam
>Seems like that rave is over, for now
>The patrons of the club leave the dance floor, one by one
>You've only got so much time left before the next mosh-pit begins, so you're on a timer basically
>With the single beam illuminating the underground, you can finally take in your surroundings
>...and still, no Trixie
>Before you stands a wall, a black, unremarkable wall
>You reached the end of the club
>Welp, you ran out of ideas
>Time to use your ace up the sleeve: Asking Starlight and hoping she can come off with something
>Noticing the loud music had come to an end, Glimmer lowers her hands from the side of her head
"Great! she's not here! now what?"
>"Don't ask me! it was your plan to come all the way over here!"
"First off: No it wasn't. Second off:... well there's no second, that's it."
>"So what? we just give up?"
"You tell me, i'm not planning on leaving this place without Trixie."
>"Well me neither! but--... uh... hey, i kinda just realized something."
"Spit it out."
>"You wouldn't happen to know who Trixie's classmates are, would you?"
"Not really, am i supposed to?"
>"No. After all, you're so oblivious i kinda half-expected that answer."
"How about you stop being an ass and you tell me what you have in mind?"
>"Ugh, look, i'm gonna make it quick: Sour Sweet and Trixie are in the same class."
"Interesting, is that all?"
>"How do you know see my point?"
"Sorry, i guess i'm just 'too oblivious'." you mock
>"For the love of--! What if Sour Sweet and her group of friends brought Trixie here on purpose?!"
"I don't know, does it matter if they did?"
>"Are you dumb? no, scratch that, of course you are. Look, maybe, JUST MAYBE, Sour Sweet wanted to get back at Trixie!"
"By bringing her down here?"
>That idea sounded far-fetched to you, at first
>But the more you think of it, you guess there's a possibility?
>Adagio did say that this club doesn't hold a good reputation
>So... so maybe... Starlight's right?
"It was Sour Sweet's idea... that two-faced bitch..."
>"Two-faced? she isn't exactly the one who cheated."
"I didn't cheat on her! i wasn't even *officially* dating Trixie before she found us!"
>"Whatever you say, player."
"Look, i'll take your theory into account, but maybe we should worry about that later? we still haven't found her."
>"Where else are we supposed to check? we just hit a dead end, literally." Starlight gestures towards the wall with an open palm
"...hm... you sure about that?"
>The more you look at it, the wall that is, you notice there's something... off about it
>A single spot seems to stand out, as if it where a crack on the wall itself
>It's a brick wall, and correct me if i'm wrong, those aren't supposed to reflect light, are they?
>This spot you mention, the beam of white light shines on it
>Which leads you to believe, there may be a door?
>Of course consider the following: It could just be a bathroom, for example
>But wouldn't it be marked as one if that were the case?
>It's worth a shot, you've gotta work with the little you got
>You walk towards it. Starlight, noticeably curious, follows your lead
>Turning the door knob proves it's not locked, but just in case, you slowly open it, just enough to make a gap big enough to see through
>Glimmer, using your back as support, leans in as well over your shoulder
"Won't you look at this."
>It's a back room, but due to it's size, you'd swear this could be a sort of VIP lounge area?
>It's very fancy, that's for sure
>Problem is, it seems empty
>There's no dance floor, no tables. There is a bar, but no bartender
>So you'd dismiss it, sure it's strange, but you've got no business scooping around here
>If it is VIP, you'll probably get kicked out for entering by security
>And well it's empty so what does it matter
>Yet in the distance, you can make out the faint sound of chattering and feminine laughter
>And you'll be damned if you don't recognize that laugh
>Whatever this place is, Trixie's here
>And she isn't alone
i'd apologize for not updating in a week, but lol who cares
updated: https://pastebin.com/xBAWpHJe
File: alright-then.gif (1.97 MB, 285x205)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB GIF
Intrigue! Suspense! Something fishy is going down in there. And I still hope is ends well for all concerned. We can't have poor Trixie embarrassed.

So, from what I can understand, Fluttershy now has similar abilities to An'on'ymous, yes? I might be wrong, I usually am. It's an interesting read nonetheless.
Sorry guys for not updating as often. Life shit sucks.
>The thought of Trixie being with someone else bothers you
>Not because you're jealous!
>You're just worried someone may try to take advantage of her!
>Yeah, that's it!
>So without any time to waste, you push the door open and storm inside
>Starlight falls forward, but manages to balance herself before falling face first into the floor
>"H-hey! where are you going?!"
>Can't bother to look back, you've got to get Trixie out of here
>Out of the corner of your eye, you see Starlight catching up to you, until she's walking by your side
>She didn't even bother to close the door behind her
>"Dude, i don't think we're supposed to be here!"
>"Why aren't you talki--?"
>You stop Starlight in her tracks by placing your arm in front of her
>Then you lift a finger with your free hand, as if to say "Do you hear that?"
>Then, right on cue, the silent room is briefly filled by the sound of giggling
>"...is that Trixie?"
>There's no reason to go along so silently, but you're not taking any risks at this point
>Like Starlight said, you doubt this area isn't off-limits, considering it might actually be a VIP area
>The both of you would get kicked out, without a doubt
>That's why you scan the room, in search of any sort of security or staff
>Yet there's no one here, the place seemed empty as you said
>You continue walking, still keeping an eye out for anything
>This room is of a considerable size, maybe not as big as the club itself, but without a group of people standing in your way, you manage to make to the other end rather quickly
>Then you see it
>By the far end of the room, there's a couch facing the wall, one of those sectional sofas
>And although the two persons resting on it aren't facing towards you, you can make out Trixie's pale blue hair
>Besides her, rests someone with blonde hair
>Whomever that person is, Trixie's leaning on him/her
>But let's be honest, it's probably a him
>Also note, that sectional sofa you mentioned is also facing another couch, one of those fancy Chesterfield sofas
>Don't ask how you know so much about couches
>On that Chesterfield, sit a group of four very bulky men
>All in black attire, and given by the ear-pieces they wear, that's probably the club's security
>Why are they here?
>Shouldn't they be... you know, guarding?
>Whatever, all that matters is: You found Trixie
>So let's get this over with
>You step forward, Starlight, who probably has no idea what to do now, watches you from a distance
>You come to the side of the sectional sofa, and ho and behold, that's indeed Trixie
>She leans and rests her head on this blonde's chest, and yes, it's a guy
>Still, he looks to be around your age, if not younger
>It takes the guards not much time to notice the company, a.k.a: You
>"Hey! what do you think you're doing here? this area is off-limits!" speaks one of the bulky guards
>The group of four stands, the guard whom speaked walking towards you
>At the ruckus, Trixie and the boy holding her look up to you
>And Trixie's face switches to an annoyed frown
>"Anon? ughhhh, what are YOU doing here?"
"I'm here to take you back to the academy."
>"What? excuuuse me? who do you think you are? my parents?"
"I'm your friend, and i was worried for you. Now get up, we're getting out of here."
>"Buzzkill..." she speaks, closing her eyes and laying her head back on the blonde's chest
>And talking about the blonde, he decides to finally speak up
>"Anon? is this the guy you were telling me about?" he asks Trixie, while fiddling with her hair
>You swear to God if he doesn't get his hands off from her...
>"Unfortunately..." she answers, with a tired tone
>Great, so they've been talking about you
>Ugh, you're not having this bullshit
>You'll carry Trixie out of here if you have
>So you step forward with the intend of picking her up
>You don't get far though, as you're pulled back by the collar of your shirt back to where you stood
"Augh! what the fuck!" you shout while rubbing your neck
>"You better step back, kid." speaks the same guard from before
>Now that they're close up, you realize just how much taller they stand
>They easily stand one or two heads taller than yourself
>"Hey calm down, Bulk." At the blonde's order, the guard steps back, arms crossed
>Just who is this kid?
>"Hey Anon."
>Turning your attention away from security, and into the blonde, you notice how he stares at you with a smirk
>"Listen, i'll give you a chance to do this the easy way. Walk away willingly, or they'll kick you out by force."
"How generous of you."
>"Of course, i'm a humble man after all. So humble in fact, that if you behave, i might even let you watch..."
"...excuse me?"
Idk why cuck shit makes me angry. This Anons motives make no sense either.
Ima fuck sour sweet. Oh no trixies mad better care. Oh no trixies not mad anymore why do i still care?

Inb4 orlando night club.
shit, didn't think this """plot""" would be hard to understand or that it wouldn't make sense. it made sense in my head
Fluttershy has always had the ability to use mana from the lands, she just didn't know it because she didn't know it, and was ridiculed. Therefore she never messed with it and just lind of let it be. At this point Anon and Rainbow Dash are the only ones who can actually hop dimensions (ie are Planeswalkers). In fact Fluttershy using land mana without being a planeswalker is unique for her world and a big plot point.
seems clear to me. Anon realized that, despite doing nothing wrong, Trixie is mad at him because she's a retarded teenage girl (a bit redundant, I know), and got worried about her. Now he's trying to rescue her from her own retardation and possible drug/magic related mind control.
>You finally made it back to the dorm after whatever the fuck happened.
>More or less you begin to feel better as you got back.
>As you go inside the smell of bomb ass food hits you hard.
>"Anon!! I was so worried about you!"
>She slams you to the floor quietly sobbing into your chest.
"Fucking hell Trix that hurt..."
>"I w-was gonna surprise you, *sniff* with food I made for us a-and you-"
>This is getting awkward fast. Gotta change the subject!
"Hey hey, im here aren't I?"
>You pet her head in a very non sexual manner to help calm her down.
"So what did you say about food?"
>At that, her smile immediately returns as she gestures to a pretty impressive spread.
>"Trixie wanted to do something special for you so she asked the Cakes if Trixie could use their kitchen."
>She begins to fidget and stares at the floor.
>"Trixie didn't use any magik to help her either. It's more... special that way."
>Wow. She did all that for a you? Your face feels all warm now.
"Heh... Thanks Trixie, it looks good!"
>You go sit on one of the pillows around the little table. Trixie pulls her pillow next to you and plops down.
>The two of you enjoy a nice quiet meal together. The food was actually awful despite the looks and smells, but you forced yourself to choke it down for her.
>You swear something moved in your stomach...
>After that "meal" you excuse yourself to the bathroom and fall next to the toilet.
"Fuck me... Tough it out man, you got this fa- ULP!!"
>You never felt so empty.
File: Spoiler Image (63 KB, 537x420)
63 KB
>You clean yourself up and go back out.
"Im back, sorry about thaaaAAAAA"
>Trixie is siting on your bed in nothing but her bra and panties looking all hot and bothered.
>"Do you feel it to Anon, that heat...~"
>She grinds her legs together, wet sounds are heard. Oh boy...
"What's up with you Trix? You seem... Off."
>"Aww. Trixie was sure she put aphrodisiac's in your food too."
>Good thing you threw it up but WHY?!?!?!
"Why would you DO THAT?!"
>"Trixie saw one of your Japanese comics and read that surprises like these spice up a relationship.~"
>She saunters to you and pushes you down onto your bed. Code red CODE RED!
"Yo um, let's not do anything we might regret later on yeah?"
>Trixie just giggles and climbs on top of you, your dick betraying you all the while.
>"I would never. I want you to be my first."
>H-her first!!! Your heart isn't ready for this level of unf!
>You know what. Fuck this!!! I earned this after all the shit I went through!
>You take on a serious face and flip Trixie onto her back and literally rip off her bra and panties, as you expected she's wetter than the atlantic.
>"Don't be to rough..."
>She moves her hands down and spreads open her pussy.
>You take the hint and unbuckle y-
>"Im baaaaaaack!"
>Pinkie burst through the door oblivious to the setting. The two of you freeze and stare at her.
>"I had the best day ever and now im gonna have the best night ever!"
>She digs in her drawer pulling out her pj's.
>"I got invited to a slumber party in Rarity's dorm! There's gonna be makeovers and gossip, ooo I can't wait any longer! See ya later!"
>With that she leaves... The mood is ruined. You look down at Trixie feels just as awkward.
"So wanna just-"
>"Go to bed? Yes."
>She moves off the bed and heads into the restroom, you just sit there.
>Fuck you Pinkie
>Not fucking her while you two angrily discuss Pinkie's intrusion
0/10 dropped like a bad indie game
I'm kidding post more
Das a gud trix
>His next move makes your heart ache, and your blood boil
>While the blonde fiddles her hair, with his free hand he reaches for Trixie's cleavage, groping her like a kid who's never seen a pair of tits in his life
>Not everything is lost though, as Trixie quickly reacts by slapping his hand away
>"H-hey! h-hold on a second! what are you doing?" Trixie leans away from him
>"Get your hands away from her, creep!" Starlight steps forward
>"Huh? And who's this?"
>"Starlight Glimmer! her best friend! and you better step the fuck back!"
>The blonde scoffs, shrugging off Starlight's threats
>"Great, there's always someone willing to ruin my night. Guards, do me a favor and get rid of them."
>Once again at his orders, security steps forward, ready for a fight
>"You think these roid-raged, limp dicked guards are gonna stop me from shoving my boot up your ass?!"
>This is getting out of control, real quick
>It's four against two, and you're in no position to fight, let alone without magic
>You find yourself placing a hand on Glimmer's shoulder
>She flinches at first, and you'd swear she was about to swing at you out of instinct, but she settles down as she faces you
"Starlight, i think you need to calm down..."
>"Are you kidding me?!"
"I don't think you're taking in the current situation, we're at a disadvantage here..."
>"And?! i'm a wizard, i'll do what i want!"
"You can't use magic, remember that. Do you want to get kicked out of Luna Nova?"
>"Kicked out?! that's what worries you?!"
"It's not that. If someone has to get laid off for using magic, then it's gotta be me. this was my fault after all."
>At your words, Glimmer takes a deep breath
>Her body practically deflates like a balloon
>You're mad as well, rest assured
>But goddamn did she get worked up all of a sudden
"Look, we can't fight back. We need to think of something else."
>"...no, we can't fight back with *magic*..."
"...what do you have in mind?"
>"Just look."
>In a swift yet quick motion, Starlight launches forward
>Once she's at arms length from the guard standing closest to you, she manages to hit him square in the jaw with such a strength, even his sunglasses take flight
>The tower of muscle gracefully falls to the ground, unconscious
"Holy shit."
>Is all you can say. It happened so quickly, and if you were in that guard's shoes, getting knocked out by a school girl half your size would be the last you'd expect
>"Who said i needed magic to fight, huh?!"
>"Jesus Christ! she's a crazy! keep her away from me!" shouts the blonde boy, holding Trixie in place
>"Ah! let go! you're hurting me--!"
>Trixie's shouts for aid are drowned, as the blonde places a hand over her mouth
>"Get rid of them! what do i pay you for?!"
>"You got it, boss!"
>As the trio of guards approaches, this time ready for anything, Starlight is forced to step backwards
>She returns to your side
"Where did you learn to do that?"
>"Personal Defense 101. I took my fair share of classes. And plus, i've been holding back the urge to kick your ass for a long while now."
"Oh... well at least you'll be able to take it off on them."
>"We'll see. By the way, i figure you know how to fight, right Anon?" asks Glimmer, while rolling up her sleeves
"...eh, i wager."
File: 1518662755112.jpg (188 KB, 700x1000)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
We've passed 400! Whoo!
File: 0j3aqs9b3mq11.jpg (72 KB, 960x906)
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i didn't even realize
congrats on 400 now, i guess
Considering this is the longest this story thread has ever been, I just thought it was appropriate.

If we just believe in it hard enough, we could hit the reply limit of 500, matey.
File: 1536055154103.jpg (387 KB, 630x1028)
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387 KB JPG
Tfw I have a whole story line written down, but no motivation to type it out.
Congrats friendo, you are number four-hundo
File: bouncers.gif (84 KB, 450x290)
84 KB

>The trio of guards take separate routes
>One of them slowly makes his way to cover your left, another guards does the same, covering your right side
>The last guard stays in the middle, approaching you, fists covering his face
>You instinctively walk backwards, you're not planning on running away, but you have never (as far as you remember) gotten in a fight before
>Let's hope muscle memory does the trick
>Starlight, who's standing by your side, seems ready for whatever they might throw her way
>You envy her confidence, to be honest
>The guard who stayed in middle of the rest launches a right hook your way
>Which seemed strange to you, considering there's still a lot of distance between you two, there's no way he would've been able to strike you
>Despite knowing this, you still flinched, like a sissy
>And once the guard starts chuckling, you realize what he's trying to do
>Motherfucker is trying to scare you
>He repeats this two more times, at this point he's trying to distract you from the two other guards surrounding you
>So you get the idea to play along...
>It's obvious he'll try to make you flinch at the very least one more time, before actually going for the hits
>So you tap Starlight's hip with your knuckles, below your waist, hoping she can understand your plan
>Without any sort of confirmation from her, you step forward, hoping the guards tries to feint you once again
>And, c'mon, these aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, so of course at your sudden movement the guard throws a quick blow
>He misses you by a hair, as you manage to duck below his fist just in the nick of time
>Now to initialize your plan...
>As soon as you duck, you make sure to give your girliest scream while covering your head
>You're gonna look so bad in front of Trixie... but if this works, it'll be worth it
>Your reaction gets another chuckle from the guard
>But the mockery is cut short, very short, as Starlight gives her most powerful kick right to his groin
File: vip.png (669 KB, 800x512)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
>The guard groans in pain, uncovering his face to grasp his genitals
>Now it's your turn, you quickly stand with a fist up to the air and using the momentum you strike his chin
>It fucking hurt to do that, but you'd guess it hurt him more, as he falls to the ground back first
>That punch alone wouldn't be enough to take him down, but as the guard fell, you're pretty sure you saw his head bounce on the floor
>Needless to say, this fight is now a two versus two
>Starlight steps back, keeping an eye out for the guard on your right
>She points with a finger towards him, warning you to stay wary
>You nod in response, she nods back. And then you place each of your backs against one another
>The guard Glimmer pointed out is pacing his sight between you, and the two guards on the floor
>His face scrunches in either anger or frustration, you can't tell
>What you CAN tell though, is the fact that now he's rushing towards you
>And you've got no idea how to react to that
>Is he gonna try to tackle you?!
>What do you do against that?! jump over him?!
>You're frozen in place as the guard runs with his arms forward, preparing to tackle you onto the ground
>At this point you're basically standing in place getting prepared for the hit, hoping you can take it
>Fuck that shit!
>He's coming in like a mad-man!
>Muscle memory takes place, as you see the most fit action at the moment to imitate the guard
>You rush, even despite not having nearly the same amount of momentum as him before you collide
>Thankfully thanks to his height, you manage to place yourself below him, ducking under his arms and stopping him in his tracks
>But now what?
>You'd go for the generic route, and try to strike his stomach repeatedly, hoping for the best
>That wouldn't work, you think in the heat of the moment, the guard's six-pack would protect him
>No homo
>So instead you place your head under his armpit
>Eugh! you can feel the back of your head getting wet because of his sweat!
>Don't pay attention to it, Anon! you'll take a shower after this i don't know!
>You place both of your hands on his side, and with every single ounce of strength your legs can muster, you lift the guard in the air, and throw him over your back
>That's all you can hear after he lands
>But it's not enough, you look over your shoulder and turn, the guard having landed on his ass
>And now he doesn't look very happy watching over his own shoulder back to you
>You'd swear you could see him blow smoke out of his nostrils...
>At least now you've got an advantage over him
>But hold on, where's Starlig--?
>Starlight takes use of the fact he's watching you, to kick him straight in the jaw
>She lifts her leg to the air, just like a ballerina
>And sets it back down, her boots landing right on the back of the guard's head, stomping it against the hardwood floor
"Damn! and where'd you learn to do THAT?"
>"Didn't i tell you? i took a couple of dancing classes myself!"
"Who would've know-- Hey! watch out!"
>It's too late!
>In the middle of your conversation, the guard who was previously covering your left sneaks on Starlight
>Placing his veiny arm around her neck, holding her in place
>"Let go of me!" Glimmer screams
"Let 'er go, cunt!"
>Well that was a smart thing to say, of course he'll let Starlight go just because you told him to
>"Step back, buddy! or i'll choke her out!"
>"Now here's what's about to happen, you're gonna leave through that door!"
"Fine! but let her go first!"
>"Nah! you can go, but i think we're gonna keep this one!" the guard smirks
"Don't make me do it, man..."
>"Do what? stop wasting my time! you got lucky with Bulk and the rest!"
>You got close to doing it without magic...
>That was the plan after all
>But you're not taking any chances
>You slowly reach for you back pocket
>You feel around, until your hand lands on your wand
>"Hold on Anon! don't do that!"
"I got it, Glimmer! don't worry!"
>What are the chances of you getting kicked out anyways?
>It's not like they've got witnesses... or security cameras...
>Fuck it, you didn't like that school anywa--
>"Move along, kid! or i'll take you out mysel-- w-woah! what the he--?!"
>The guard suddenly let's go of his grasp on Starlight
>And Glimmer doesn't waste any time to run away, back to your side
>You have no idea what's happening!
>But something-- No! *someone* is lifting the guard onto the air!
>"H-hey! who the hell is this?!" The blonde boy shouts, all while preventing Trixie from escaping by holding her in his arms
>You can't make out the figure who's holding the guard
>Whomever it is, he places his right hand under the guard's calf, and another on the back of his neck, providing a firm grip
>Then, as the figure lifts the guard over his head, you get a clear view of who it is
>"That guy?!"
>It's the same dude who you asked to watch over the girls!
>What's he doing here?! or rather, how did he find you?!
>Then, with such an ease like if he were throwing away a trash bag, he throws the guard across the room
>The guard screams mid-air, wailing his arms around, before flying over the couch Trixie rests at
>He lands on top of a coffee table which stood in between the two couches, breaking it on impact
>You've got no idea what to say to what you just saw, other than:
>"yer welcome."
>"Why are you here?" asks Starlight
>"yer told us to check on 'ya if yer didn't come back, didn't cha?"
"But how did you know we were here--?"
>"yer left the door open"
>"Right... that was my fault." answers Starlight
>"Oh my goodness! you people are mad!"
>The blondie stands from his seat, Trixie in hand
>"All of you are in enormous trouble! you've got no idea who you're messing with!"
"Let Trixie go, Romeo. It's over."
>"My name is not Romeo! don't try to make a fool out of me!"
>"You think we give a fuck what your name is?" speaks Starlight
>To which in response, the blondie scoffs
>"You haven't heard the last of Prince Blueblood!"
>He sees nothing better to do than to try to run away... along with Trixie
>"Just let go of me already! please!"
>"Blueblood", or whatever his name is, drags Trixie by her wrist, away from the couch and into the door that leads back to the club
>He runs past your irish friend, and you waste no time to pursue him
>Starlight and the irish follow your cue, chasing Blueblood out of the VIP area
>You can see him merge into the crowd in the dance floor
>Both the irish and Glimmer stop, not sure in what to do next
>But you're confident in your next move
>You run, and run, and run into the crowd
>Soon you realize, the light show had began once again, so had the smoke
>And the slow ambient music was being replaced by a more up-beat song
>Another rave was about to start
>That would only make it more difficult to find them...
>So you've only got so much time before Blueblood manages to run away, taking Trixie with him
>Honestly with all the commotion, you're not sure you'll be able to catch up
>But you know one thing, if you do catch up, you'll fuck him up
>...was that too edgy?
>Just go, man!
>You make your way through the crowd
>It's already difficult as it is, but of course as another song starts playing, everybody begins jumping up and down
>The club being filled with the sound of thumping
>This is, by far, the worst night of your life...
i love fight scenes, but i wouldn't be able to write a decent one even if my life depended on it
so some feedback would be very much appreciated, thanks
Just a quick bamp becausr I can't post what I want to post. Good job though, solwang
File: image.jpg (57 KB, 600x600)
57 KB
>posts are missing
Who snitched?
File: 1520706940402.png (271 KB, 604x566)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
It was YOU, wasn't it? You're working for them!I bet you're trying to scuttle us from the inside!

WhoamI? A saboteur, that's who!
File: image.jpg (29 KB, 314x326)
29 KB
That's just what a snitch would say!
I'm no supergrass! I bet you're up no good! I've got my eye on you, matey...

Nice drawing but they have long feet. You can go canoeing in one of their plimsolls.
File: dianafag.jpg (51 KB, 500x425)
51 KB
you just had to post Diana, didn't you? you just had to trigger my PTSD, didn't you?
damn i wonder where the guy is
>The next thing you remember is the ringing of your alarm
>You deactivate it and drag yourself out of bed
>After a quiet daily routine, you wonder if breakfast is served during off days
>If it is, you likely missed it
>You grab some biscuits from your desk and munch on them absentmindedly
>You know you have a meeting with Celestia this evening, but what to do in the mean time?
>Perhaps you'll see what your friends are up to
>You head out onto the field to find that they're nowhere around
>You do see a group of girls you recognize from alchemy class, so you decide to head over to them and strike up a conversation
>When they see you coming, one giggles and whispering something to another one
>The girl in question has blonde hair and pale yellow skin
>Her friend on her left that was doing the whispering has chocolate brown skin and green hair
>The last girl has slate off-white skin and beige hair
>She also appear to be missing her left arm just above the elbow
"Hi there," you say as you approach them, "I'm Antonon. I believe I saw you all in alchemy yesterday?"
>"Yeah," says the brown girl, "we remember seeing you there. I'm Oak Forest."
>She gestures to the yellow girl next to her
>"This is Pollen Haze, and this," she says, gesturing to the marble-looking girl, "is Venus."
"Nice to meet you all." you say, extending a hand
>The three of them in turn shake your hand, Pollen seeming a bit hesitant to do so
"I was just taking a stroll through the grounds and thought I should try to get acquainted with everyone. It seems I'll be living here from now on."
>"Well, it's nice to finally meet you in person," says Oak, "we've heard a lot about you from Pinkie. About how you're an alien and can do special alien magic."
>You can't help but laugh at this, for how incredibly Pinkie-ish it sounds
"An alien, huh? Only Pinkie could come up with something so ridiculous and off the mark, yet still perfectly accurate. I do believe we're the same species though."
>"So," says Pollen, "what was it like back home for you?"
>You go through your abbreviated speech, introducing them to the concept of the guilds of Ravnica, and recounting how you got here
>"So you're some kind of cosmic dimension-hopper? That's so cool." says Oak
"I don't know if you heard, but Rainbow Dash is the same way."
>"Oh yeah," says Pollen, "I hear the two of you are dating."
>You cough a bit and rub the back of your head nervously
"Uh, yeah, basically. I mean, we're like. Em, it's kind of hard to describe. I mean we definitely like each other but we kinda jumped into it so we're kind of taking it slow, and, uh, you know."
>"What a shame, too," says Oak, "a boy is admitted to the academy for the first time in fifty years and he's already taken."
"Well, like I said, it's uh, complicated. I guess you could say we're not exactly exclusive, but, I don't know. I'm just as new to all this as I am to this plane."
>"Ooh, is that right?" she asks, nudging Pollen
>"Stop it!" she yells back, pushing her friend away
>You crack a smile at the display, as even you can see what's going on here
"I take it these two have been teasing you about my presence here?"
>"Just me," says Oak, wrapping an arm around Pollen's shoulder, "Venus is the one keeping me in check."
>"Speaking of which," says Pollen, "a little help, here?"
>Venus walks around to Oak's other side and, with her single hand, lifts her up by the scruff of her shirt and deposits her on her other side
>Now Venus is between the other two girls
>"Thanks, V." says Pollen
>Venus simply nods to her and smiles to you
>"She doesn't talk much. But you should see what she can do with a wand."
"I'd ask if she can lift whole people with her magic but she seems capable of doing that without it."
>The other two giggle as girls do while Venus simply gives you a humored smile
>"Yeah," says Pollen, "she's so strong and tough, you'd think she was made of stone or something."
"You mean she's not?"
>They laugh more while Venus gives a quiet hum, and you bask in the admiration of your peers
"Well, I'd better see where all my friends went off to. I must admit that without them I'm much like a lost puppy."
>"And cute like one, too." says Oak, eyeing you up and down
>You blush and back away a few steps before turning and making a beeline for the school
>You hear two voices of laughter behind you as you walk away
>Overall, you think that that was successful
>You find Applejack strolling through the main hall of the school
"Ah, Applejack. Nice to see you. Where's everyone else?"
>"Oh, Hey there." she says turning to you with a single wave
>"The rest o' the girls went to town. I'd join 'em, but I got a mountain o' homework that needs doin'. I'm on my way to the library."
"I see. Would you like some assistance?"
>"Nah, I'm good. Just gotta get down to it is all. You should head into town too. The girls'll be there all day so you can find 'em 'round. Not too big of a town, after all."
>You think to yourself about going there, but one question pops into mind
"And how does one get to this town?"
>"Well, to get to Ponyville's only a 10 minute broom ride away. Y'all can get there in no time."
"True, but that poses one problem. I still don't own my own broom."
>"Hmm," she says putting a finger to her chin, "well that's fine, ain't it?"
>You raise an eyebrow and gesture for her to elaborate
>"That same spell you used on Fluttershy aught to work on you too, right? And she was up there for over ten minutes."
>You open your eyes in surprise, partly that the thought didn't occur to you and partly at the thought of you flying into town on angel wings
"I suppose it might work. Alright, I'll try it. Thanks Applejack. And if it doesn't work, I'll come back and see if I can help you with that homework after all."
>"Aw shucks, Anon. You take your day off enjoyin' yourself. Like I said, ain't nothin' to it but to do it."
"Very well. Good luck on that."
The fight scene was rather well-choreographed to be honest. Clear and somewhat concise with well-defined actions. And now we know the aristocracy are all perverts and are up to no good... And speaking as a Brit, there's nothing new there...

And some nice cozy chattings. Well, let's hope Ponyville will be as cozy as fuck for Anon and the girls. Good work.
File: delet akko2.jpg (30 KB, 512x411)
30 KB
>that writefag bin
>Synopsis: Anonymous has one simple goal in mind: To become a proper wizard. Too bad it won't be easy when you're the only male in an academy full of pretty girls.
Absolute wew lad

Not even close
ay cheers lad i fucking tried, cut me some slack
anyway i guess you're finally back
File: Spoiler Image (43 KB, 400x500)
43 KB
>A page nine blumpy.

I think all the writefags are engaging in a night of drink and debauchery. I'd expect nothing less from the Witch School writers anyway...
Im trying bud, writing is hard.
Don't panic, matey. I know writing is hard because my next part is currently a blank Word document with a blinking cursor on it. No Clippy! I don't need your help!
Whelp, no that the anniversary stream is about over, back to business as usual.
File: an.png (417 KB, 565x512)
417 KB
417 KB PNG

>You fall face first onto the floor
>That's what you get for rushing through a crowd like that
>You raise your head and rest your chin on the cold floor
>Goddamn, does this place have no sort of ventilation?
>You fell like you're about to get cooked inside here
>Anyhoo, where's Blueblood?
>You slide your face from side to side, catching a glimpse of the prince
>He's trying to pull the exit door, which leads to the staircase, all while battling to keep Trixie from running away
>Retard, that's a push door
>You pick and dust yourself off
>Slowly walking towards Blueblood
>Oh, you've got an idea, you gotta make this look cool
>You'll tap his shoulder and say something cool like "Yippee ki-yay motherfucker."
>Or maybe "You'll already dead."
>Yeah that's a cool one-liner
>Wait hold up, where did he go?
>Looks like it took him not too long to figure out all he had to do was push
>You'd rush to them, but you're just too exhausted
>You need to catch a breath... and maybe work out a little more
>So you rest your palms on your knees, and breath in and out
>Suddenly, from the staircase you hear a scream
>"Ah! what the hell is this?!"
>That's Blueblood, but at first you were convinced it was Trixie screaming
>"Get this damned dog off me!"
>Rushing down the stairs, Blueblood
frenetically shakes his leg, trying to fight something off
>"Get away from me you mutt! do you have any idea how much these trousers cost?!"
>He reaches the end of the stairs, still battling against whatever seems to be attacking him
>And you get a good look at whatever seems to be distressing Blueblood so much
>It's Spike!
>"Spike! no! get back here! bad do-- uh, dragon! bad dragon!" you can hear Twilight shout from the staircase
>And during all the commotion, you were able to catch your breath, how convenient
>You knew that dragon was a total bro the moment you laid eyes on him
File: spikeeeeee.png (299 KB, 588x720)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>While Blueblood rants about how he'll kill Spike if he messes up his expensive Gucci trousers or whatever, you manage to silently approach him
>He goes on and on about how much he fucking hates dogs, but his complaints fall on deaf ears, since it's an animal, it can't really understand you buddy
>After a short fight, Blueblood manages to fling Spike away by kicking the air
>But even then, Spike lands on his feet with no struggle
>"And stay away! or i'll mess you AND your owner up!"
>Time for the one-liner, Anon
>You tap his shoulder
>And Blueblood quickly looks over it
>"What?! what is it now?!"
>His angered face morphs into a shocked one at your sight
>Kinda forgot he was running away, didn't he?
>Wait, and you're forgetting the one-liner!
"Yippay key ay-- oh goddamn it!"
"N-nothing! i mean-- f-fuck you!"
>That's all you can come up with before hitting him with your hardest right hook
>Blueblood slides into the ground with his back against the wall
>And ow! goddamn did that hurt! you're going to need some ice after this one!
>You shake your open palm, maybe that'll help?
>"Anon?" speaks your nerdy friend, holding Spike in her arms
"Huh? oh, hey Twilight!"
>"What happened? are you okay?"
"Yep, never been better! uh, did you happen to see Trixie on your way down?"
>"Yeah... she's outside with Adagio. Where's Starlight by the way? and the irish guy?"
>"We're here!"
>After making their own may through the crowd, Starlight approaches the exit along with irish fella
>Yeah that's his name for now
>Starlight averts her gaze from Twilight, to Blueblood
>"So i guess you already took care of everything Anon."
"All in today's work"
>"yer hand's looking pretty swollen, 'ya good mate?"
>"What's up with that guy anyways?" Twilight asked, before her eyes opened wide "Did you guys get into a fight?!"
>"What? we don't gain anything from not telling her."
File: nerd.png (824 KB, 817x1950)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
>"Well... as long as you guys didn't use magic, i guess it's okay."
"Cool, 'cause we didn't. Unless these guns right here count as magic."
>You flex the noddles you have for arms
>"...okay then, can we leave?" adds Twilight
"Sure. Giddy up guys."
>You look down to Blueblood, passed out on the floor
"We're pretty much done here."
>Twilight climbs the stairs, with Spike still in hand
>Starlight follows, but before leaving, she looks back to you
>"One more thing Anon, you better give Trixie the apology of a life-time, because if we did all of this for nothing--"
"You'll punch my cunt in, i know. Don't worry, i'll take care of it."
>She resumes her trail, following Twilight
>And before leaving yourself, you turn to irish fella
"...so... what about you? you wanna come with? we could use the protection."
>"protection from what, mate?"
"I don't know... thugs?"
>Irish fella doesn't reply, but slowly he begins to chuckle
>"lad, all of ye were scared of thugs and what not, but all you did was judge a book by it's cover"
"Would you care to elaborate?"
>"don't ye think it's ironic? how the real bad guy here turned out to be royalteh?"
>He looks down to an unconscious Prince Blueblood
>Now it's your turn to chuckle
"I guess so... i'll see you around then, mate."
>"see 'ya lad."
>And so, you take your leave
>Climbing up the stairs, and outside. Where your witch friends await
>Twilight, Adagio and Starlight surround Trixie
>You can make out a faint muttering, but you can't quite tell what they're talking about
>Still, Trixie holds Spike in her arms, with a smile on her face
>You hate to interrupt, but...
"Hey gals."
>"Hey." Starlight is the first to answer "Are we ready to leave?"
"Yep, let's go now. I don't even know what time it is..."
>The group takes a long walk, most of it is silent
>And when it wasn't, it was just mere small-talk
>And you fucking hate small-talk, so you kept silent
>Still, you couldn't help but glance over Trixie once or twice
File: Alena Aenami.png (1.09 MB, 920x1000)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
>She even looked over her shoulder towards you
>At this, you decide to step up and just get this torture over
>You speed-up your pace, until you catch up with Trixie
"I guess we should talk, right?"
>"Of course, but Trixie would prefer if we did so at the academy... in private."
"...i...uh, Anon agrees?"
>She smiles at your dumb joke, and thank god she does
>The rest of the walk is silent
>At one point, once you reached the wide dirt trail that leads to Luna Nova, Adagio and Starlight started talking about something
>So at least there was background noise to keep the whole situation less awkward
>But even then, you couldn't help but look to your side, where Trixie was
>You looked at her, kinda just admiring her
>You probably looked like a creep
>But you just can't help it
>The moonlight shining down on her face
>Her silky pale blue hair slightly waving around with the wind
>You got so lost in her, you didn't even notice she was looking back
>She chuckled...
>You chuckled...
>And eventually you felt her hand creeping on yours
>You walked the rest of the trip hand in hand
i wanna make this the last update for a while, i should get writing about the other anon over at the crystal empire. so i'll see you later maybe
updated: https://pastebin.com/xBAWpHJe
>You sprint like a madman down the busy Canterlot streets. Your dumbass forgot you had plans with Sunset today.
>Eventually you get to the Coffee shop she told you about, peering inside you see a very sad Sunset alone at a booth.
>Damn. Time to flip it around, if you even can. You go inside and greet her with a smile.
"Sorry about that Bacon! I was caught up in on of uhhh Pinkes schemes!"
>She quickly wipes her eyes for some reason and give you a death glare. Fuck.
>"T-that doesn't excuse the fact that you're late! *sniff*"
>You take a seat across from her, time to shine!
"Hey I said I was sorry! You know what, this ones on me kay brah!"
>She looks away and tenses up, you pissed her off bad huh.
>"You better, and we will do Next week's session tomorrow as punishment."
"Cool with me. So, watcha gonna get?"
>The two of you place an order and engaged in some small talk about each other.
>Turns out the girl was forced into the school by her parents in order to continue their family line of prestigious witches. You feel like you got to know Sunset a little better now.
>"Thats enough about me. What was your life like before you came here?"
"It's nothin special, I used to live in..."
>You go into great detail as you tell her about your old home and other things.
"...mom gave me a letter that said I was selected to be a student here, and you know the rest."
>"Fascinating, and you never believed in magic?"
"Nope. I thought this was a normal academy until I saw girls flying around on... brooms."
>You forgot about your broom problem until now, and by the look on Sunsets face she must've remembered too.
>"Anon, I'm sor-"
"Don't. It's cool now really, who needs a flying broom when I got a friend like you."
>"F-friends... Really? With me?"
>She begins to fiddle with her hair.
"Why not! You may have been a real prick to me but that doesn't mean we can't be friends!"
>You notice the dessert menu and decide to give it a look over.
>"a real, genuine friend... but p-perhaps we can be more than..."
"Huh, didn't catch that. I was busy readin this."
>"NOTHING! I must be going n-now Anon. Thankyoufortoday!"
>She gets up and runs off as you look on puzzled. The barista gives you a disappointed look.
>"Kids these days..."
"I know right? Think you can hit me up with one of those coffee cakes!"
>You spent the rest of the day bulking up for tomorrow's training.
File: image.jpg (54 KB, 407x472)
54 KB
<Midnight, a forest clearing>
"Nothing to big today right?"
>"No, this one is quiet tame."
>You, sunset, and Trixie are back at the strange stone arena. You notice a familiar stain on the floor. Don't cry Anon.
>Sunset readies a card a few feet away from you and pulls out a pin.
>"Are you ready?"
"Ready as I'll ever be..."
>She nods, pricks her thumb and lets a drop of blood fall on the card then warps away, and like last time it bubbles up.
"Im ready this time! I think."
>The blackish red mass rises then pops to reveal a... Snowman?
>"Hee ho! Who called me!"
>It does a little jig as it looks around.
"You fuckin with me right?"
>It turns to you and waves, a big smile on it's face.
>"Hee-llo! Are you a good guy ho!"
"Y-yeah I guess... And you are?"
>"I'm Jack Frost! Everyone knows me-hee!"
>It waddles up to you and offers a hand.
>"Can we be friends?"
>No way! This is fuckin easy! You grab is hand and shake it.
"Sure man! Bros fo-"
>You pull your hand back and notice shards of ice stabbed deep into it.
>"Hee hee! Dummy dumb head!"
>This little shit is FUCKED now!
>You give the fucker a punt and whip out your wand. As it flys through the air it shoots large icicles at you.
>With godly precision you dodge them and launch small fire balls at it, but the prick just cancels them out with snow balls.
>It lands and skips around laughing and tossing more icicles. You weave around them but get nailed in the left shoulder by one.
>The force causes you to fall backwards and roll on your side, it didn't pierce you all the way but left a nasty wound.
>It begins to skip to you singing. You ready your wand and wait for an opening.
>"Hee ho hee, ho hee ho! A humans head is about to blow!"
>As it closes in you angle your wand at it. Come closer you little shit.
>NOW!! You shoot a fire ball at it's leg and it blows off in a spray of water. It squirms on the ground as you put you foot on it's head.
>"No-ho! Ple-hee-ase don't kill me mister!"
>You shove your wand in it's chest and it begins to wiggle frantically.
>"N-no stop!! I c-can hee-lp you! You have a d-different aura a-about ya than other humans ho!"
>This fucker is just stallin. Time to melt his ass!
>"Look, call me a-anytime ok!"
>It glows bright blue and turns into a blue card. What.
>You get over the shock and put your wand away to pick it up, it has a picture of it with some weird pentagram behind it.
>You quickly put the card in your cloak pocket as you hear Sunset and Trixie approaching. For some reason you wanna keep this to yourself.

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