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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, gryphons, changelings, dragons, kirin, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

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fisrt one for kirin supremacy!
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Which horse would you become given the choice out of any except your own oc?
flurry heart
>"Regain your humanity."
File: 2575617.png (2.39 MB, 3508x2480)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
This transformation would be soooo icoooonic!
And as a tone-deaf person I'd love to be able to sing
Pinkie Pie!
faggot janny
None, I would never. Impersonation and replacment is where I draw the line. But being a male clone while orginal is alive is good enough as long as race is unicorn/alicorn. No way in hell I will be downgrading from what hands offer.
Imagine if every pony was replaced with an Anon, but they all thought they were the only one, and were all trying their best to not get found out.
Soooooo. Male griffon.
Sound hilarious.
But what happened to the originals?
This sounds like the best potential comedy story we've ever had. Someone should write it (but not me)
They never existed in the first place in this world, Discord essentially just copy-pasted the existing physical world from his home (minus the real ponies) and created a pocket dimension where all of this is taking place for his own amusement.
>Discord's terrarium of pet bronies.
ngl, I'd live there happily.

Can I be a dragon?
The transformation idea itself is fine. I’d have participated if it wasn’t for the horrifying weird in between phase. I just want it to be a quick flash of light. Is that so wrong?
It's the exact opposite for me. I want to feel the process and revel in the change.
>Impersonation and replacment is where I draw the line.
Some of you take this too seriously, you aren't going to replace anyone, its just a fun idea, plus you can be a clone
It's like the people that hates non consent transformations.
File: 1704196314862915.png (765 KB, 771x1200)
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765 KB PNG
I have a scenario for you /ptfg/, say you were transformed into a pony of whichever gender you want. You're also transported to equestria. After years upon years you've fully integrated into your new life and have even started a family. One day while wandering the outskirts of your city a portal opens up and you see your family, cameras and several researchers looking at you. They tell you that they're here to rescue you and all that you have to do to escape is to willingly cross the portal. Apparently only a month has passed by on earth and the people there think that you're trapped in some horrid dimension.

How do you break the news that you want to stay? Keep in mind that due to the monumental nature of this encounter your words will live on in videos and literature for a long while still. The other humans cannot cross into your equestria, you do not have to worry about the CIA infiltrating your paradise.
- Anon, March 2024
>lauren faust goes to equestria along with all horsefuckers
>and is also turned into a pony
>Thank you, I'm ready to go back.
-Anon, April 2024
The thing is I would never let that happen, also I would be suprised if anybody noticed my disappearance at all besides bureaucracy.
why would you want to leave?
Go nirik on the spot, burn them all with a fireball
>Be Twilight.
>Be messing around in your laboratory with magic not meant for mortals to mess with.
>You're a mortal, so you probably shouldn't be doing this.
>But what's the worst that could happen?
>Suddenly, your experiment becomes unstable, and tears a hole in the universe.
>Okay, purple, don't panic.
>You got this.
>Just as you barely manage to start charging your horn, some kind of two-legged alien falls out of the hole with a scream.
>Okay. maybe you don't have this.
>Making a split-second decision, you start stabilizing the dimensional tear, as it looks like it's about to overload and rip the world in half.
>Deal with the alien later.
>It takes you a minute, but you manage to do it.
>Yay, crisis averted!
>No need to tell Celestia about this.
>Oh, right. The alien.
>Whoops. Slipped your mind.
>You examine its form.
>Since it arrived here, it appears to have...
>Burst into flames.
>It's flailing around, sparks of supercharged magic falling everywhere as its body is slowly disintegrating.
>Oh dear.
>It even sounds like a colt's voice.
>You attempt to scan one of its appendages, but the moment your magic makes contact with it, it violently atomizes in a burst of Primal magic, which washes over you.
>Freaking out, you wish for everything to stop so you can get a breather and analyze the situation.
>To your surprise, it works.
>Everything stops, including time itself.
>You blink as you try to understand what's happening.
>It takes you a little, until it clicks.
>Primal magic! The very essence of Creation!
>The existence of it was only theorized, and achmages attempted to purify even a drop of it for their entire lives.
>And you're SOAKED in it.
>You can ben time itself to your will!
>But how?
>The alien...

>Be Anon.
>Get sucked into a different universe.
>Your alien matter doesn't agree with this universe's materials, and it causes some kind of matter-antimatter reaction.
>Not having a good time.
>Kind of hurts a little.

>Be Twiggles again.
>Weigh your options.
>With this power, you could do.. Anything!
>But at what cost?
>The life of an innocent?
>No, you have to fix this.. Somehow.
>You can't send it back to its universe.
>It would die immediately, with how half-disintegrated it already is.
>And you don't even know how, or where!
>And if you touched it with magic, it'd just die completely anyway.
>Biting your lip, you make a choice.
>There's only one thing to do:
>Use the primal creation magic and create a vessel for the alien's soul, one that would be able to exist in Equestria.
>Unfortunately, you can't recreate its body from the brief glance.
>The body you're most familiar with is that of a unicorn: yours.
>But it sounded male...
>Your brother?
>It'd have to do.
>Focusing, you begin to weave...
>Bone by bone, organ by organ...
>As you reach out towards the alien, more and more of its matter gets disintegrated, fueling your spell
>You really hope it's not conscious for this...
>And with each burst of power, you replace that energy with Equestrian matter.
>Capturing its mind and soul without disintegrating them takes some temportal trickery and manipulation to acctually achieve.
>But you're fairly certain you managed to do it.
>Once you finally finish, an uncoscious unicorn lies before you.
>A tall, lean, but strong unicorn. Elegant and alluring even while its splayed out on the floor.
>Practically a paragon of unicorn beauty.
>Did you overdo it?
>Np, it's the least you could do after abducting and essentially killing it.
>No, not it. Him.
>You confirmed that was well when you looked back through time.
>As you study his features, you begin to get flushed.
>What's happening?
>Oh. Maybe you made him a little too pretty after all.
>Damn, those are some fine leg-
>Focus, Sparkle,
>You're going to have a lot of explaining to do...
>Both to him, and to others.
File: hoodiefillie.png (665 KB, 1071x1227)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
I've seen where it all ends with the endless tides of war. Leave me to this pastoral Nirvana, and hopefully you too shall join me one day here, under the light of Her Sun and the glow of Her Moon. Amacita Magicka Est.
File: _.png (22 KB, 600x900)
22 KB
Isn't that canon? Once you get a cutie mark you're a pony forever?
>Rainbow Dash
The problem with being into transforming into a pre-established character is picking a character to transform into. There are too many good choices.
>Anon is reconstructed with a comically oversized cock.
>Like, an obscenely large cock, so big it actively interferes in his day to day experiences.
>Twilight's face when she becomes the ire of the town for "hyper-sexualizing a traumatized colt".
>Twilight doesn't understand, this seems like a perfectly normal size for a stallionhood in all her horse anime books.

>Anon passes the fuck out every time he gets a boner.
>Absolutely everyone is upset with his situation: Twi can't ride him, mares are upset with her magicking a male into a pervert's vision of a colt, colts are upset with a potential threat to their cushy status-quo and Anon is upset with ever-mounting brain damage he gets every time he pops a stiffy and his brain starves for oxygen from not getting enough blood.
"For this job we're going to need you to be a real work horse, no complaining, long hours, bad pay. But in the end you get all the oats and carrots you can dream of."

"O-Oats and carrots you?" you reply. You have heard some military positions were worse than others, but all of that just for oats and carrots? Reluctantly, you decide whatever the outcome was, couldn't be worse than going back home with nothing to your name.

"Welcome to the stable recruit. From hence forth, your name is butterscotch and you'll be your group's mare. Take care, and please remember, you signed yourself up for this."

You didn't even have time to think before your form began to shift. Hands and feet slowly forming distinct white hooves, your once short buzz cut forming a long lustrous purple mane with an accompanying tail bursting from your flank.
You collapse, numb to pain with all new sensations brimming at your head, a horn sprouting seemingly from nothing, sparking with a blue magical glow. Your eyes transfixed on the recruiter staring down at you, watching with arms crossed, him being the last thing you see before your vision faded black.

Upon awakening, you find yourself in a stable, much like was mentioned, surrounding you were horses of various shapes and sizes, none paying you much attention as you tried to stand, finding 4 hooves were your only means of remaining up right. With a groan and shaky hoof in front of the other, you manage to wobble your way forward.
I'm too lazy to write more or proof read. Enjoy
File: FlurryHeartTF_ShowStyle.png (852 KB, 1700x1050)
852 KB
852 KB PNG
‘Tis a good day for you, Flurry Heart Anon!
Thank you!
That can certainly be arranged. Say friend, your hair’s looking a bit pink there – you feeling alright?
Oh, I certainly got a kick out of the reddit collective peanut gallery processing this after having seen it. I was surprised by how many people made the comparison to Animorphs, but I suppose I shouldn’t be.
I hope. I'm going to try to get mine tattooed on.
I am 73.6% sure there's been a green written about this, but it might be fun to see the idea expanded upon some more.
Same, sounds like fun. Even after we all figure out what's going on, and that we're all just impersonating these ponies, we'll probably have a good laugh about it and then go back to living our new lives as ponies before we inevitably fuck it up.
I love her, please make me a pony, draconemommy
File: image0.jpg (165 KB, 1079x1599)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>It was funny, you thought, that all this teasing about who’s body could do what always came back around to who’s body was more similar to a human one.
>You watched how Chad moved, and realized there wasn’t so much of a difference from when he was human at all.
>He used his claws just like he would have used his hands, and brought his paws up just like he would have done with his feet.
>He even curled the ends of his toes.
>Anonymous, who had been this the longest, still had some of the most human affectations of the three of you.
>You’d adopted a more equine stance, but the way she usually held her posture was practically like a human just crawling on their hands and knees sometimes.
>The drastic bodily changes didn’t seem to kill muscle memories, they just introduced new ones.
>What was more worrisome to you were the subtle shifts in moods and humours.
>But your gut told you that the three of you sitting here right now were perfectly human still.
>There was no change in...
>You stared up at the ceiling, reaching for a good word, and noted that you could actually look up at your horn the way you’d cross your eyes to look at your nose.
>Now that you thought about it, how come you didn’t notice your snout all the time even though it was so lo-
>You muttered suddenly, causing Chad to double take.
>Right, ‘character’, you mused, as you brought your gaze back to the fireplace.
>You hovered over your cup of tea and took another sip to punctuate the thought.
>After you were transformed, you kept on doing exactly what you would have done anyway and from the way Anonymous was acting, she’d been the same.
>The both of you had always pressed through everything so industriously.
>In hindsight, although your history with him was shorter, you could tell Chad was behaving just the way he always did before.
>You smiled warmly, thinking back to the moments you’d shared with him tonight.
>Then again, maybe you knew him a lot better now.
>Obsessively looking out for others, laughing all the while anything bad was happening to him, but snarling as soon as a friend’s back was against the wall.
>You turned to him almost on a whim and spoke,
“The situation is what’s different now, not the transformed people in it. You know?”
>Chad shook his head and laughed.
>”No, I don’t know. I do know that you think too much, just like Anonymous does.”
“Sure... Sure...”
>He had a point.
>But it also crossed your mind now, that the three of you were not exactly ‘average’.
>Anonymous in particular was one of the most wilful people you’d ever met, full of a very strange sort of motivation that only she really understood.
>Always procrastinating, yet overachieving in class.
>She’d debated a professor once, just to bruise her ego, knowing full well that professor would try and fail her for it.
>And as for Chad...
>You shifted in your blanket, and lifted your slender neck up to look at him.
>He was staring quietly at the fire, with his cup clutched between his claws, and his tail slowly tapping beside him.
“Hey Chad..?”
>You started.
>His gaze flicked to you, and his tail stopped mid tap before settling onto the cushion.
>He asked.
>Your head tilted a few degrees while you thought of how to better frame your question.
>The tilt was a habit from before you were transformed, but it did feel nice having your mane sway whenever you did it now.
>You could tell it looked beautiful too, this was the second time Chad’s eyes had followed the motion so raptly before he could catch himself.
>Smiling, you straightened your head out and finally asked,
“Is it true you were part of a paramilitary group?”
>To your surprise, Chad’s beak gaped open.
>After blinking half a dozen times, he asked,
>”Anonymous really told you about that?”
“Yeah, was she not supposed to tell anyone?”
>Chad looked like he didn’t know how to process that right away.
>He set his tea down quite quickly and broke eye contact with you, as he mulled it over with one of his hands pressed over his beak.
>This went on for maybe a minute or two, interrupted only by Chad’s pupils swiftly scanning your face once in a while.
>You watched carefully, kept your face neutral, and stayed patient.
>He was a very wary person after all, with some good and some bad reasons to be.
>After a deep sigh, Chad finally relented, and put on an uneasy looking smile before he spoke.
>”Well fuck. No, I never told her not to tell anyone, but obviously it’s something that just...”
>He held his breath, then shook his head, threw his claws up and finished.
>“It doesn’t matter. If she really trusts you that much then I have to. What did she tell you? What did you want to know about it?”
>You nodded and answered back,
“You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to. She just mentioned it in passing, told me that you left the group before going to university and that you were through with that stuff. It almost sounded like a joke at the time. So, I was just curious if it was true... Well really I...”
>Another pause as you gathered your thoughts from earlier.
>Chad seemed to relax quite a bit when you said he didn’t have to tell you anything.
>He rested confidently on his elbows while you continued.
“I was just thinking about the three of us, and how we’re all still basically the same after transforming. But I’ve noticed some subtle mental changes, so subtle they don’t really effect us in the end but...”
>Chad picked up the line of conversation right away.
>”But they’re there. I’ve got a prey drive now. I can still stop myself from pursuing, but...”
>Suddenly he was animated, and he gestured with his claws, banging a balled up fist of talons into his open hand.
>”Fucking BAM! It’s like a starter pistol. It’s an actual, physical reaction. Kneejerk reaction. Nothing else but sprinting and pouncing feels like the right thing to do when it happens.”
>The firelight was blazing red hot in his eyes, and a strange half smile, half grimace played around his beak.
>You thought Chad’s experience was quite a bit more visceral, but you could still sympathize from how you had felt galloping earlier.
>So you nodded, and continued.
“Yes. The effects seem like they can be ignored most of the time. But we’re all-”
>Your mood instantly flipped from concern to reluctantly amused and excessively exasperated.
>For the first time, you felt the urge to strike Chad with your hoof.
>Clearly, Anonymous didn’t beat him enough, you thought, as you glared into those squinted yellow eyes and at that smug sneer of his.
>Once Chad had finished snickering, you started over again.
“We’re all very wilful people.”
>Chad nodded and brought a claw up under his beak, looking thoughtful.
>Then he reached for his tea and took a sip.
>”You’re saying we’re the exception to the rule. Anonymous was talking about that earlier, how dead the ‘muggles’ reaction to this has been.”
>You flashed your eyes at him, feeling quite grave of a sudden.
“If more and more people really start transforming like this, the changes for them might not be so subtle. Especially down the line, when a lot of people around them have also been changed.”
>Chad’s smile was grim as he answered you.
>”Might be a little funnier to watch than wages infinitely approaching zero and GDP endlessly going up, at least.”
>You scoffed, and drank your tea.
>Your gaze passed over the fireplace.
>It had burned down some now, the wood inside was charred through, and red hot embers tumbled from its ends.
>The sky had clouded over, so that the only light was from the hearth; a strong, primitive and flickering orange glow that lit just the slice of the living room that you, Chad, and Anonymous occupied.
>You felt comfortably alone with your friends.
>Between you and Chad it was totally quiet for a time, the two of you just enjoyed the tea and the presence of each other while watching the fire progress.
>Eventually, you had reached the bottom of your cup.
>The flames were lapping at nothing but a pile of red hot coals again, and the light had dimmed by half.
>Chad looked almost like a statue, the faint firelight cast subtle shadows along his face, and glowed in the pits of his eyes.
>For some reason you felt inclined to press up against him, and he did not protest when you did.
>You slid into the crook between Chad’s hind end and the back of the couch, laying your head down across his ribs.
>He was so warm, almost hot even.
>Your tail batted under the blanket, automatically, and your ears flicked as if to knock away some dust.
>The two of you sighed in turn, settling deeper into the sofa while pondering the embers.
>Not thinking much about it, you turned your head, and pressed an ear against Chad’s side.
>His heartbeat wasn’t as loud as you were expecting.
>But it was so, so slow.
>Maybe 30 per minute?
>”...What are you doing?”
>You flicked your gaze up at Chad’s puzzled expression, as you tipped your head back upright and blinked.
>Instead of saying anything, you just smiled and let your weight rest on him some more, enjoying the heat.
>Chad’s eyes narrowed, and his beak peeked open a little, likely in disgust.
>In a dark, dramatic and hoarse murmur he cast a set of claws over his face and said,
>”Women... This is why... I’m incel...”
>You held it together for a full second before your face cracked and you laughed.
>Then you dug out a fore hoof from under your chest and pointed it at him while you hissed,
“Shut up! Shush!”
>Chad kept his face turned towards the hearth, but there was the dead giveaway of a smile around his beak.
>You fake scoffed and wedged yourself even tighter between him and the back of the couch.
>He really was just so warm, like a space heater.
>A big, fluffy...
>A tremendous yawn escaped your little muzzle.
>You were feeling pleased, but also nearly asleep, so you decided to pile another log on the fire to keep from nodding off.
>The intensity of thought needed to summon a hand from this far away, and pick something up with it accurately was decently high.
>You wouldn’t say it was exponentially harder or anything, but whatever logically seemed to be a more difficult feat physically, trended to being one magically.
>Nonetheless, you managed to get together enough focus to conjure a hand and get it done, between a few yawns.
>The log crackled and spat on the bed of red coals for a few seconds before you shut the door, and the draft, cutting out the sound.
>As you watched, it flashed into uproarious flame, lighting up the whole room again, and making your eyelids feel plenty lighter.
>Then you turned to look at Chad, satisfied with your horndiwork.
>Blank, white, shut lids stared back at you, and for a second you thought he was asleep.
>But it was just a long spell of resting his eyes, he blinked, and in a moment his crystal clear gaze was pointed at you again.
“About earlier,”
>You started.
“What did that gnome actually promise Anonymous again? I tried to piece together what the spell might have done, but none of it really made sense.”
>Chad nodded, and peered into the fire.
>His aspect was particularly soothing to look at just then, and for once you had the real sense that he had come to some reasonable terms with what had happened.
>He was relaxed, his arms crossed, his neck straight and his beak pointed true.
>After a while he answered,
>”Nothing. All he promised basically, was that the spell would ‘reverse the effects of PON-E’.”
>So that was it, that was what you had forgotten.
>It felt like a rock had been lifted from the pit of your stomach.
>You nodded and swept your mane aside, blinking slowly.
>You must have been subconsciously thinking this all along, because it fell from your mouth so easily,
“No one is turning back.”
>”Not until I kill him.”
>Chad added.
>The implications slogged through your mind at a tiring crawl, and you were so through with it you actually yawned, before you shared your thoughts with Chad.
“All the temporary transformations must have been reversed to be permanent.”
>He nodded and yawned back, before saying his own piece,
>”Now all the gnomes have to do is keep tainting medicine and food with PON-E until there isn’t even any humans to keep distribution up... Must be Rothschilds involved somehow, but I don’t get their angle...”
>Chad’s answer petered right out at the end into drowsy muttering, as he laid his head down on the arm rest.
>You shifted around until you were more comfortable under your blanket, tucking your legs in nicely, then you heaved a sigh and said,
“At least there isn’t a time limit on fixing things then. We can sleep. We should sleep...”
>Ahh, getting cozy had been a mistake, you thought.
>Chad was warm sure, but his ribs weren’t the most comfortable thing to rest your head against.
“Just... AAAaaaaaaahhhhh....”
>You yawned.
>Chad stared dully at you, barely clinging to consciousness.
“Don’t fall asleep yet.”
>With that, you struggled onto your fore legs, and stretched your nimble neck out as long as you could to reach the pillows you kept stuck behind the back of the sofa.
>You yanked one out with your mouth, then tossed it into Chad’s waiting claws, then you yanked another and dropped it beneath you, right over top of him.
>Most of a sentence made it out of your mouth before you yawned again and resigned yourself to slumber.
“Tomorrow... we should... gather... infor-maaaaaayyyyshuunnn... aaaa...”
>Your eyes crashed shut as you careened into the downy cushion below.

Done for tonite. This one was a pleasure to write in my evenings. Next update is going to be the start of a new chapter.
Thank ya, I wanted that transformation to be thrilling.

G'night /ptfg/.
many virtual huggles, anon!
Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine! Just having a party of one over here, heh...

also did I say blue eyes? I meant brownish-green, oops lol
I could only wish to be even more baby, this is perfect aaaaa~
You can be a mule
File: studyfilly.png (973 KB, 1484x1800)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
Cute pony in a dystopian world
File: 3029565.png (645 KB, 1608x1529)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
>You've come for me, have you?, You think I don't know what you're up to? You think I can't *remake* you? The power to ponify the world in my hooves, and you think you can do anything about it?
Ponify away
File: GEjP4ZUWwAAh-Za.webm (1.27 MB, 1200x1108)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB WEBM
Don't know if I'd use that word exactly, but thank you. Even in the uncertain darkness of the future, hopefully some hope can be found
Story of our lives, huh?
File: 1477258030708.png (111 KB, 750x800)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
File: _.png (292 KB, 908x912)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
File: _.gif (2.47 MB, 746x600)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB GIF
This is why you have to block ads. You don't want to misclick on something like that.
File: 3287274.png (140 KB, 695x781)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Where the fuck is the “sing your life away and become a pony in a single clic!” ad?
You get a call from Celestia on her toll free, dimensional reaching phone. She says you can pick three ponies to GTA protag switch between to live in Equestria. Which ones are you going with?
File: filly_reads3.png (577 KB, 1506x1797)
577 KB
577 KB PNG
Adorable filly, she's me every day
Switch as in possess? Celestia, Luna and sombra if he’s still alive
Just Celestia is fine.
then i do this sort of shit all around equestria
Enchanted hot spring permanently turns any who enter it into Pinkie Pie, and you get filled with the desire to lure other boys in and turn them into Pinkie too. You get to keep your memories, but your personality gets blended with Pinkie's and you can only remember your name as Pinkie Pie.
You lose your name? It's going to result in a "Too Many Daves" scenario.
>Fall into a spring and emerge as Rainbow Dash in an anthro version of Equestria
>Be stuck with her toned body and mannerisms
>I try navigating her life with the instincts I'm given and I'm shocked at just how easy it is
>Fall into her role and start thinking of myself as Rainbow Dash
>Thankfully I'm still attracted to women due to being a human man once and regularly masturbate while thinking of my hot griffin friend Gilda
>However, since I'm now Rainbow Dash I'm also into stallions and blush whenever I pass by Thunderlane during work
>This is my life now
where can I find this enchanted hot spring by any chance
File: 1698691024867438.png (548 KB, 1055x707)
548 KB
548 KB PNG
He said "anthro", not "lazily cobbled-together SFM model".
twolegs is twolegs
Any good non fetish-y stories exploring the effect of transformation?
It seems to me a lot of writers writing stories about transformation where the MC isn’t into it fail to do so well because either
They themselves are into transformation so it’s basically wish fulfillment for them
They’re writing it FOR people for whom it’s basically wish fulfillment

Way too often a character that’s supposed to not like the situation just goes “eh guess I’m a filly now” after like half a page of hating it.
Or they bitch and moan occasionally while being dressed up and pampered as the writer seems to get off on embarrassment and/or the humiliation.
Trust once lost is decent at balancing all these things, anything else like it that doesn’t suffer too badly from the prior mentioned ills?
the first half of five score, while the characters get used to it eventually they do struggle in the couple of days the transformation takes to complete. Cuddly doom, it mostly deals with the effect of the tf on those around you. Most stories where the show doesn't exist usually give a decent "woe is me, im horse" feel.
>mental changes
Thanks, but no thanks. Not a huge fan of the concept.
But yeah, pretty much “woe is me I’m horse” is what I’m looking for.
You got any Id be glad to read them.
No mental changes, no pet stuff, no humiliation fetish stuff.
I get that it’s a pretty tall order for this thread but anyone feel like spoonfeeding me I’d be happy
Four legs good!
Two legs better!
Why settle for two legs when you can have four?
File: 1622124.gif (27 KB, 610x753)
27 KB
fuck it, go sleipnir
I'd recommend Pandemic by ASGeek2012 which, now that I think about it, is quite possibly my favorite pony TF story. Top five for sure. I don't know if that's because the author writes as though he's never even been introduced to TF as a fetish or it's coincidence; all the same, that story is remarkably absent of the "typing with dick in hand" energy that pervades >90% of pony TF stories.

Many of the characters do come to enjoy living as ponies (even after the nefarious side of their transformation comes to light), so it may still fall into the narrative trap you're describing. With that said, it’s a progression that happens gradually and it feels reasonably “earned” & organic. The line between mental changes and character development is a hazy one, and that’s something they even grapple with in-universe as they undergo changes.

It’s a long story at 440k words, but it doesn’t have any major sections that I felt it should do without for the sake of brevity or quality. Plus, if you’re bothered by pony TF stories feeling fetishy, I’m confident the different vibe will be apparent relatively early.
File: 2429738.png (795 KB, 1280x720)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
Yeah, if you're looking for "people just trying to go about their everyday lives but as ponies" without any of the other things you've marked down, you're going to have very slim pickings here. Personally I read this stuff to get away from the trappings of everyday life.
After looking over a few dozen titles, there aren’t any lengthy (over 5000 words) PTFG stories that clearly meet all the criteria. Crunchtime & Peer Pressure by Woofr keep Keyboard Masher well grounded as someone trying to adapt to life on four hooves; that said, they lean into her thirst for dick. Whether you consider that to be fetishy is a question only you can answer. For normies outside the fandom it easily clears the bar, but if you’ve been exposed to all the weird shit that gets people off ‘round these parts, “horny horse” is vanilla by comparison.
Can you elaborate more on your opposition to Five Score stories? There are a lot of really great ones in which the opening chapters encapsulate getting by in a “woe is me, I’m horse” context, and almost universally it’s without mental changes or pet/humiliation stuff. Elements of these stories can always be linked back to a fetish somewhere, but there are some stories (Last Crusade, Prench Tale) that are quite far from it on the LinkedIn-to-DeviantArt “fetishy” spectrum.
I think you’ll have the best luck perusing FimFic, particularly their “Transformations” group. Something like Fine Print by Starscribe sounds like it’d be right up your alley. That’d probably hold true for a lot of Starscribe’s work. I like the Cool Story Bro, But It Needs More Ponies set of fics; those may be perfect now that I think about it.
File: chibee.png (178 KB, 606x636)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
what software do you use?
That's a completely valid way of becoming a pony. It has some advantages.
Thanks, I’ll definitively check it out!
I’ll admit I only checked out cuddly doom first because it was about 4 AM and I had to go to sleep hence my post about mental changes because that’s the tag I saw on pone.tf. I will definitively be checking out five score to give it a fair assessment later today.
As for the “thirst for dick” it’s not really my thing and kind of makes me write the fic off. It’s not like the visceral reaction I have to all things “mental changes” (I find the idea absolutely horrifying and not in a good way) but more just a “don’t like it” thing like anthro.
Will definitely be looking into those ones you mentioned at the end of your post though.
File: 20240125_152025~2.jpg (550 KB, 3448x1212)
550 KB
550 KB JPG
File: filly5.png (237 KB, 1092x779)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
>"So what did you want for Hearthswarming, Anon?"
>"Hearthswarming. Is there anything you wanted in particular?"
"No, no, what's Hearthswarming?"
>"Why it's the time of the year when-!"
>Twilight regales you with the wonders of the holiday, how a feat of equine generosity and kindness came to be celebrated each and every year.
"It's just fucking Christmas."
>Twilight blinks.
>"Hearthswarming is Hearthswarming, Ano-"
"It's just fucking Chrismas! You ponies weren't content stealing my dick, you had to steal my holly jollies too? You disgust me."
>Twilight scoffs, "Christmas sounds ridiculous. What does it even stand for? Knowing that (You) enjoy it, I bet it'd be about taking gifts rather than giving them."
"Screw you Purple! For this Christmas I want my cock back, so I can SHOVE IT RIGHT UP YOUR-"
>A lump of coal enveloped in a violet aura is shoved into your mouth.
This is how Cadence created Flurry Heart.
Me. Want to pony but have to work
Nice job, Anon. The other ponies should be taking an interest in the new mare soon.
File: 1689343195760805.png (46 KB, 432x474)
46 KB
>Anonfilly was a marine back on Earth.
>She joins the Junior Guard Brigade and quickly distinguishes herself as an excellent solider.
>If it weren't for her lower than average IQ and the whole crayon eating thing, she'd be fast tracked for officer school.
>Still, she's definitely going places.
>The front lines, but places.
Maybe the effect is reversed such that everyone is now ponies but there's a little pill that can turn you human for a day.
File: 3288463.jpg (83 KB, 564x789)
83 KB
File: 3288465.jpg (74 KB, 564x789)
74 KB
File: 3288466.jpg (64 KB, 564x789)
64 KB
>Anon pretty much gave up on sex for a decade or two when he ended up a little she in Equestria.
>Either he dated someone his own age physically and he'd be a twenty-some year old guy dating a pony in the single digits, or he dated someone his mental age and they go to jail.
>So yeah, just go celibate for a while and wait until things were a little less morally ambiguous.
>Shouldn't be that hard right?
>Wrong, since, out of everything that did get changed, his libido is still intact for some reason.
>She's been growing increasingly horny with no outlet.
>Anonfilly tells herself that she mustn't corrupt some poor filly or ruin a mare's life.
>She thinks she's in for years of torture, until Cozy comes along.
>An evil filly, already corrupt and slated for prison one way or another.
>After Cozy nearly drained magic from Equestria and almost killed Glim-glam from how the story was told, Anonfilly was intrigued.
>So much so that she practically begged Twilight to let her visit the other filly in Tartarus.
>No one knew where Anonfilly came from or the truth of what they were, so it wasn't hard to convince Twilight that, even if she did something bad, keeping a filly locked up around Tirek was cruel and unusual, and every pony needed some good company.
>Thus is Cozy's cage moved away from Tirek and Anon, going by Green, got to visit Cozy every other day.
>Twilight even figured making a real friend might help Cozy reform down the road.
>Green began the task of seducing her prey...
File: 1645868227074.png (35 KB, 800x800)
35 KB
>Twilight boops Anon
>head begins to crack
>Twilight starts apologizing, panicking, opening spellbooks and sending scrolls to get help
>Anon simply rests a hoof on her shoulder and smiles at her tears
>"Listen bookhorse, everything is going to be fiiiiigh-"
>the words are cut off as the filly's head caves in and the legs give out, cracking the body as the head collapses into broken pieces
>Twilight is frozen in shock, tears running down her face as the once-filly's body splits apart from the crack, revealing a healthy egg

>after 9 months of bittersweet sorrow, the egg hatches into a slightly younger Anonfilly
>immediately calls Twilight a bitch for cursing him with immortality in a filly body, cursed to only live for 6 years before turning into an egg to be reborn 6 years younger
“Yeah, my girlfriend watches My Little Pony. A bit gay but whatever.”
>A few days later
>Gf: “Ha! Who’s laughing now, little Ms Pony?”
>angry Daybreaker grumbling
"I still a few inches taller than you."
>"Ah, but my vindication makes me taller!"
"...whatever you say, honey."
>"Didn't you know my dear? Ego adds six inches"
"Wow, you must truly be a giant then."

"Daybreaker? My old name was Daybreaker?! How edgy was this pony?"
>"Eh. Pretty edgy."
"On a scale of 1-10? A solid 9."
>"Could be worse. Could be a walking Hot Topic ad."
File: n.png (817 KB, 6550x5000)
817 KB
817 KB PNG
I snapped my eyes open with a deep, deep breath and saw...

Well, I didn’t see much with all the lights off but I could tell I was snuggled into a cloud-nest-bed-thing. I had apparently wriggled deep into it and was still curled around my stuffed animal. Two soft and warm masses lay next to me, or well around me I guess.

My eyes slowly adapted to the minute amout of light in the room, somewhat revealing where I was. Wrapped around me was a slumbering Dash, holding me against her with her forelegs and wings. And wrapped around her was Soarin’s wings and hooves, making me the filling in their cuddle sandwich.

Must’ve had a bad dream or something and got carried to my ‘parents’’ bed.

Despite the infantilizing feeling of that thought, I couldn’t help but feel...content laying there. Part of me wanted to rage and get up since I was an adult. But the rest of me felt warm inside. Safe in the forelegs and wings of those that were older and cared about me.

I grumbled a little under my breath and closed my eyes, letting sleep once again overtake me.
I don't think Celestia would be going around making everyone a pony, but I feel like if you really wanted she would make you pass some sort of test to prove yourself.
File: 2015fillyhockeyincident.jpg (170 KB, 1024x1024)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
is Holly still around? Haven't seen any new drawings in a while.
File: maid.png (1.21 MB, 3453x1668)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Still in contact but she hasn't created pony content in a while.
>You become a pony but you're still on Earth
>By some miracle, you don't get taken for experiments, and you're hugely popular
>Make money from your fame, going on tours
>People get tired of you one day, and your money well is running dry
>Have to get a real job again
>But hey, at least you're a pony
still would give everything i own for the chance
File: SCAN0013`2.jpg (3.68 MB, 4394x3175)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG
File: HollyPetmareRev2.jpg (941 KB, 1621x2000)
941 KB
941 KB JPG
She'll return eventually and then leave again, feels almost prodigal in nature. This was her most recent drawing, I believe it was from around thanksgiving.
File: _.png (361 KB, 992x495)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
File: chillet.png (893 KB, 1555x1067)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
imagine the gross smell waking up to this
what does horse teata even smell like? most importantly, what does horse peenor smells like?
Bit of an update
>Something like Fine Print by Starscribe sounds like it’d be right up your alley.
Only a couple of chapters in and it’s already great.
Thanks for the recommendation
TF probably smells bad on its own.
Given all the weird changes that would take place, it would probably leave you smelling like an organic chemistry lab.
Glad to hear you've been enjoying it thus far! I kinda got the impression you're looking for a simple fun story, and that's a good one.
A lot of pony TF stories dive headlong into philosophy, ethics, morals, etc, but sometimes you just want to read a leisurely slice of life.
File: GASyVU5XkAA-p6x.jpg (302 KB, 4096x2056)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
>be anonfilly
>in case it wasn’t enough of a monkey’s paw to be sent to Equestria- but as a filly who can’t get any ponut
>you’re also a blank flank
>have to go to stupid fucking horse school because purple makes you
>silver poon and diamond shitara harp on you
>at least the cmc are as kyoot as they seem in the show
>shitara asks if you’re green from rolling in boogers
>you ask her when was the last time her parents hugged her
>she bursts into tears
>somehow your ass gets suspended
>purple decides to take you to visit auntie Celestia and auntie Luna
“It’s not a punishment, anon, I just think some time around the princesses will be good for you! They can set an example for how we behave in this world.”
>horseshit. You’re bored to tears in the castle.
>Celestia and Luna think you’re just soooo adorable and won’t stop patting your head
>ok maybe that’s not so bad
>but you make one little joke about bringing a pipe bomb in your luggage and now there’s royal guards following you room to room
>wanting a bit of privacy you sneak into a darkly lit wing of the castle
>stars on the ceilings
>door with a moon silhouette at the end
>luna’s room?
>pannty raid time.
>the moon princess’s room is messier than you’d expect.
>clothes on the floor, anime posters on the walls
>a laptop open to… is that… 4chan?
>look closer
>holy shit
>you didn’t even think it existed in Equestria
>moonmare is a fellow faggot
>immediately start browsing
>find a thread talking about anime
>someone whining about how her waifu was killed off last episode
>reply, “I couldn’t stop laughing the entire episode”
”what the fuck is wrong with you you heartless bastard!?”
>“I can’t help the fact that your waifu is shit”
>go back and forth for several posts
“You know what? BUCK. YOU.”
>“oh, you’re gonna buck me? You want to buck me?”
”buck yes I’m coming right to your house bucko. Give me your address I’ll buck you right in the ass”
>smile as a wicked idea hits you
>turn on webcam, take a selfie
>“You just said you were coming to a filly’s house to buck her. I’m contacting the fbi.”
>author’s note: fbi stands for Filly Bureau of Investigation
>“And they’re going to arrest you for foalaphelia.”
”no no no please please I was just joking please I’m a good pony I don’t have any job I can’t go to jail please I’ll miss the season finale”
>you’re dying of laughter, it worked better than expected
>suddenly from behind you
“I hope you’re having fun, anon.”
>Purple, Tia, and Moonmare are standing behind you, looking peeved. Purple speaks first.
“I can’t believe what I’m seeing- you’ve snuck off just to bully some poor pony! No wonder you were suspended!”
>you roll your eyes, tuning out her whining
>when suddenly they gasp
>all three are staring at your ass
>look at your ass only to find a cutie mark, glowing as it forms on your flank
“I… I can’t believe it… your special talent is… bullying?”
>Luna shakes her head
>”No, Twilight, her talent is more than just that. Her talent is about defending free speech, exchanging ideas with the whole of Equestria, and most important of all, being a massively retarded faggot.”

>Floorb pounds on her Roomate’s door.
“Taku, you can’t hide in your room forever.”
>she pushes the door open, with some difficulty due to the laundry piled up behind it
>find Taku shaking on her bed, covered in blankets and clutching her Touhoof dolls.
“Floorb. The fucking glowies are coming for me.”
This is still excellent, Meslam, keep it up!
I definitely don’t dislike elements like those you brought up, it’s just that I personally often have a hard time enjoying such fics for the previously mentioned reason and those are usually pretty bad offenders in that regard.
Got nothing against dark, tragic, sad etc stories
File: sketch1706435241332.png (656 KB, 1000x1000)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (61 KB, 540x720)
61 KB
I want to be a mare and have sex with mares
Which mares? Are mares who used to be human acceptable?
Ah just like she used to celebrate back on Earth
File: _.png (971 KB, 1109x1002)
971 KB
971 KB PNG
>”No, Twilight, her talent is more than just that. Her talent is about defending free speech, exchanging ideas with the whole of Equestria, and most important of all, being a massively retarded faggot.”
>“Floorb. The fucking glowies are coming for me.”
lmao, yeah decent little piece anon thanks.
Tf panel at mare fair?
File: chill_filly.png (755 KB, 1299x1080)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
comfy and nicepilled
>just bee yourself
I'd go/help present, could submit a powerpoint presentation if any of you autists want to help with it. I'm thinking we talk about important stories that originated here, thread inside jokes, etc. Maybe help improve our reputation among the rest of the board as more than just discord troons
File: _.png (747 KB, 2388x1668)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
>important stories that originated here.
>thread inside jokes,
I'd try to explain why somebody would wish to become a pony, even with the perceived downsides and how would a human turned pony fit into human society.
I'll gladly help you with the pw anon
File: _.png (117 KB, 1600x1200)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
File: SaffronMasalaTF_ShowStyle.png (791 KB, 1040x1170)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
Thank you very much, I’m glad you like it!
Brownish-green? That doesn’t seem right, I’m pretty sure you’ve always had blue eyes. Just like you’ve always had those pink hooves and that cerise mane of yours. You feeling alright?
I went relatively in-depth about my process a few years ago – https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37293863/#q37331274 – and though I now put more of an emphasis on drawing the forms myself (on top of flagrantly stolen vectors), it’s still a technically simple methodology that can be done with just about any painting software. Personally I use GIMP, but there are parallel dimension versions of myself doing this in Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Krita, etc without many differences or added difficulties.
“Oh no, I wasn’t pregnant that year. That was the year The Hay Burger opened their first location in the Crystal Empire and I kind of let myself go. You see, Flurry Heart isn’t like most foals.”
Beautiful as always. Have you ever done a Strawberry Sunrise or Nightglider tf? Both pegasi are prime "god I wish that was me" targets.
File: 4a1e64e51b4ec44b.png (2.51 MB, 1900x1315)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
It's good as always.
I also like how you constantly proves that there is nothing inpossible for you, so I have a very interesting request
How about to try...merpony tf! Half pony, half fish, and also I have one merpony mare that I really want to see drawn by your hand if it's possible
Oh, so this is where the Pinkie clones came from!
>biologically straight rainbow dash
This is somehow more egregious than anthroquestria.
Y-Yeah, I'm feeling perfectly fine, why'd you ask?

Amazing work by the way!
I can deal with anthro but you really need to break the bad habit of being attracted to other girls. Were I in that situation I'd nip that in the bud by going straight for Thunderlane.
This is fucked up, are you going to finish this story or should I?
File: samey_filly.png (84 KB, 634x611)
84 KB
Imagine the smell
This is hilarious anon, bless you writefag
I know right? only the most homoerotic of gays would want to sex mares
I should know, as the most hetero of horsefuckers, that the true straight action to take is to take stallion cock
>Against cute lesbian mares
Kill yourself, please
really did love the flurry heart, only thing i could ask for out of a TF is to be even smaller and more baby, fills my heart up with warmth aaaa
You should!
That's a spicy TF
This one is called Anu.

>There was an endless tape you had playing in the foggy depths of your head.
>It was a recording of every time your mother had called your name.
>”Anonymous.” ”Hey, Anonymous.” “Anon.” “~Good morning Anonymous!” “Anonymous!” “Anon...” “Anonymous?” “Good night, Anonymous.” “Eat up Anon!” “Oh, hello Anonymous!” “ANONYMOUS.”
>It all appeared to you in a grainy film view, projected on a wall you weren’t familiar with.
>You were still a pony, and you could feel your fur rubbing against the grain of the fuzz of the air mattress beneath you.
>The atmosphere was damp and smelled like sea-spray.
>From the one window in the tiny room you were in, up on the wall to your right, you could hear the sound of waves crashing nearby.
>Your mother’s changing faces reeled by, from smiling to grinning to laughing to crying to staring to-
>Suddenly the scene in the film shifted, melting away like a bad artifact in an old video file, into a shot of a streetlamp with a dozen moths fluttering around it.
>Then reality shifted as well and you duly assented, parsing the information in front of your mind’s eye, but processing it..?
>You were staring at the streetlamp, watching the moths flap around pointlessly, occasionally banging into the plastic casing of the light they’d never quite reach.
>Sighing, you put your hands in your pockets and started walking down the street, on two feet.
>Really, you were human again.
>Wearing jeans again, wearing a normal hoodie again.
>A short laugh, so short for the moment.
>Was it you who laughed?
>Wait, you weren’t you.
>You were a pony again.
>The neighbourhood was never yours from the beginning.
>Everything was in the wrong way, and in the wrong place again.
>Houses clustered together and piled on top of each other with sheets of corrugated metal and debris branching roofs one to the other.
>It was a sprawling favela.
>You saw yourself, as a pony, go flying off the roof of one bodega on a skateboard.
>She did a kickflip and promptly bit the dust when she landed on the pavement in front of you.
>But when you looked at her, she was fine.
>You stood there, and you stood there, staring back at yourself.
>Then to your right, you saw yourself again, human, male, standing there.
>He was staring at a streetlamp.
>Suddenly a your face burned with stinging pain.
>The scene changed to be replaced with another, and it was like twisting the lens of a kaleidoscope, all flash and colour.
>You were fighting in a pit of gravel and slate.
>Fighting a unicorn, with patches of scales in his fur, metal wings on his back and claws on his hooves.
>The rain was beating down on the both of you but he looked untouched.
>No, you were laying on a sofa.
>You could smell soap.
>The smell of ozone was strong in the air, and as if to punctuate it, a great bolt of lighting reached down from a thunderhead above and struck the unicorn’s wings.
>His fur was white, so white your fur could not be called white anymore, especially with how tarnished it had gotten in the mud and the rain.
>His scales and wings were of burnished brass.
>The fabric of the sofa was soft and nostalgic, it reminded you of days you thought you’d forgotten, when you were just 3 years old.
>You were kicking with all your might against the unicorn, going blow for blow, buck for buck, as he struck back and parried with his horn.
>Five times he nearly gored you on the end of it, and four times he cut just askance with his claws, tearing your flesh.
>The sun was shining through the window, on your face
>You blinked and everything was bright.
>Everything was okay.
>You were comfortably snuggled up in a fleece blanket, laying on a fat red sofa, with your head smushed into a pillow.
>Your memories of the journey through slumber that you’d only just quit moments ago, were quickly sifting their way out of your mind as you blinked and fidgeted.
>You just managed to hold on to the memory of that lonely room by the ocean, and started to recount it to yourself in your head to remember better.
>Then the crackling, spitting sound of bacon frying made your ears twitch and turn.
>There was also talking somewhere behind you, a familiar feminine contralto, and a stranger tone that answered it.
>You tried to lift yourself up, and that comforted feeling you had was washed away in a sea of vertigo.
>Your face fell back into the pillow, and you moaned feebly.
>Your head was like a cup of apple sauce, you felt like if you moved at all, you’d tip it over and just spill your brains everywhere.
>Without moving any part of yourself besides your eyes, you took in your surroundings, just now starting to associate them with your memories.
>Right, this was Aisling’s house.
>There was the fireplace, no fire in it now.
>The scorch marks on the floor, the open book on the coffee table, two empty cups beside it.
>Sunbeams speckled by dust gleamed through the window behind your head to land on the wood floor.
>Across from you, on the other side of the room, you could see the dinner table, with the window looking out on the back yard behind it.
>But you couldn’t see the kitchen, where everything was happening.
>”-et the bread? I do-”
>That was Aisling.
>”-en she wak-”
>Who was that?
>It was all still meaningless to you, the talking.
>A strange smile tugged at the edges of your lips, you could understand bacon, but not English.
>If you could just... shift...
>You slid your head up a few inches, and it made you feel like you were swimming upside-down in a turbulent surf, being battered by the tide.
>Your vision pulsed and wavered, before finally coming into focus again.
>With breathless blowing, you shifted the blonde strands of your mane out of your eyes.
>Over the counter, inside the kitchen, you could see a black unicorn standing on a wooden stepping stool in front of the stove.
>Her horn was glowing softly, maintaining a magic hand with a spatula in its grip.
>The metallic ribbon that was her tail bobbed left and right to the tune of her humming.
>Thank God she was fine.
>But for all her carefree joy, and all the comfortable things you were surrounded by, you felt totally numb and hollow.
>Where was Chad?
>The last thing you remembered before waking up just a minute ago was him stomping out of the fairy circle.
>Regrets only piled up from there; getting scared when the gnomes were pursuing, freezing up when they appeared, losing your head to your hobby while the gnomes surrounded you, giving in to Clapperleg’s demands with barely a fight...
>...Casting that spell, with the worst possible timing, right after Chad gave himself up to stop everything.
>Your breathing came faster and faster as you watched your, mercifully, living friend hum and cook.
>But you were still too weak to call out to her and ask about Chad.
>The logic that if Aisling was okay, he must be too, was dreadfully tempting, though you reeled at the thought of clinging to it, in case you were wrong.
>As you quietly agonized, Aisling flipped the whole panful of bacon onto a plate, her humming rising to a crescendo of actual singing with the motion.
>Then, deftly, she went about cracking and frying eggs next.
>The mare smiled and tossed her silvery mane as she looked behind her to flick off the boiling kettle, still not noticing that you were watching her.
>”Got the bread.”
>Your heart jumped in your chest, and your ears pinned themselves flat to your head as your disbelieving eyes stared at the horror that had just walked in.
>There was a giant talking bird in the kitchen.
>You could just see the head of it, like a massive hawk’s, over the top of the counter.
>The sharp yellow eyes on it may as well have been shooting lasers they looked so piercing.
>One ragged breath escaped your muzzle before you managed to stifle it, worried that the raptor might notice you were there.
>It had spoken to Aisling like it was nothing.
>And, like nothing, she turned her slender neck and answered,
>”Thanks. It’s almost ready. Maybe you should try and wake her up?”
>The bird somehow dumped the loaf of bread on the counter-top next to Aisling with its leg?
>Were you still dreaming?
>Without turning his head, the predator’s eye locked onto yours.
>Your heart was pounding so hard it hurt, as a crooked smirk forked across the hawk’s face.
>”Really, half past zero-dark-thirty and you’re only awake now?”
>Half past zero-dark-thirty, the code.
>‘Hurt, but still alive.’
>You gasped, and sobbed as all the horror was flushed away with relief.
>Chad, the hawk was Chad.
>Your barrel rose and fell abruptly from the harsh staccato of your breathing.
>You cried weakly.
>Tears were welling in your eyes and your fore legs were kicking desperately beneath the blanket.
>You wanted so much to fly off the sofa and tackle him, but you just couldn’t.
>Chad’s rictus smirk drooped, his eye, so sharp a moment ago, grew dull and nearly glassy.
>Slowly he stepped around the counter and you got a look at what he’d become.
>Front half of a hawk, back half of a lion.
>Grey, white, rust.
>He had the feathers of a ferruginous hawk.
>Everything besides his expression looked like it was shaped for the purpose of killing.
>Right now, you didn’t care.
“You’re... alive... thank... God...”
>You breathed out between great sobs.
>Chad’s talons scratched and clipped against the wood floor as he walked over to you.
>That was when the most unfathomable regret of all struck you.
>It was your fault he was like this, all of it was your fault.
>You sucked down air and tried to regain your composure, to apologize properly and promise to make amends.
>But before you could, Chad set a scaled hand on your head, and mussed up your mane.
>”Don’t apologize.”
>He was smiling.
>Aisling was smiling too, her chin resting on crossed hooves.
>Your face twisted up into a ball of regret, your lips pulled right back and you grimaced.
>You could taste your tears, dripping past your mouth.
>This wasn’t right, you didn’t deserve their smiling.
>All you could think of was what a coward you had been.
>You sniffed and rubbed some of the wet from your eyes with one hoof, only to cry more.
>A hoarse, bitter laugh broke past your mouth, and you choked,
“FUCK... you...”
>Aisling murmured.
>Chad just shook his head and sighed,
>”You were cornered, do you seriously think I’m going to blame you for that?”
>Your anger flashed hot and short like gunfire.
“If YOU were cornered, I KNOW you would blame yourself!”
>The stupid crying just wouldn’t stop, you could hardly breathe, and Chad wasn’t taking you seriously.
>Even around that beak, you could tell he had not been bothered by your outburst at all.
>Who could blame him?
>You looked ridiculous right now, just a snivelling little horse in a blanket.
>He’d probably saved your life and Aisling’s life twenty odd times while you literally just snoozed away.
>Fuck this.
“Fuck being a pony.”
>For the first time, your words seemed to have some impact on Chad, and he stepped back from you.
>Your eyes darted to Aisling.
>But she was gone to flip eggs or whatever.
“I’m so...”
>You breathed, and breathed, fighting back the sobs.
>Finally, with one great gasp, you managed to get some air in your lungs, and you wiped away the tears from your eyes.
>You grunted and tried to push yourself up on your hooves forcefully, ignoring the dizzy spell that struck.
>Chad reached out to stop you, to put you back on your side, but you slapped his claws away with a hoof before stumbling off the couch and onto the floor.
>You laid there in a pile, groaning, when a sudden and sharp pain cut your breath short.
Done for tonite. This one flowed out from my keyboard pretty nicely. I'll post the new paste later.
Thank you, I wanted to wrap it up with some levity.
Interesting speculation. Could be.
Will do. Thanks.

G'night /ptfg/.
Lets say hypthothetically, I wanted to do longform petfaggotry roleplay with someone. Is there any surefire way to find people to do this with? Asking for a friend.
So we could just submit a decent presentation plus some of the topics/activities of the panel? that's it?
File: PinkamenaTF_ShowStyle.png (637 KB, 1075x1100)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
>“Being a pretty pink pony sure suits you a lot better than being one of those boring ol’ humans! You’ve really outdone yourself!”
“Oh, they’re not so bad...”
>“Not so bad? Puh-lease! They're a buncha losers!”
“Oh, c'mon now. ‘Losers’ might be a little strong, dont'cha think?”
>“After the way they treated you? I say ‘losers’ isn't strong enough.”
“You know what? You’re right! I'm not gonna speak to them ever again. And I'm not gonna invite them to another party as long as I live! They don't deserve to be invited to my parties. If they want to attend, they’re going to have to do so as a pony too!”
>“You show ‘em!”
>“Yes, zat’s right!”
>“Such losers!”

Thank you very much! You have excellent taste in mares, Anon. I drew a TF with Strawberry Sunrise a bit ago; see https://ponerpics.org/images/2867222 for that one. Night Glider’s another top tier cutie that’s never had a TF drawn of her as far as I’m aware.
>drawn by your hand
Anon, I...
I mean, sure, I’d totally be up for the challenge! I might have to conceptualize a bit with this idea since there are a few ways I’ve seen mermaid TF done, and off the top of my head I don’t have a favorite approach in particular.
Thank you!
I messed up my (You) in my post from earlier – in case you didn’t already see, refer to post >>40780582.
what if i fucked her in the ass mid transformation?
what would happen?
Ever do a Tree Hugger TF?
You would be gay .
File: live_pinkamena_reaction.png (839 KB, 1080x797)
839 KB
839 KB PNG

Amazing work as always, Anon! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some boring humans to go deal with...
hmgngng gods i love tf too much, ah...
Curiosity's getting the better of me, thoughts ona tantabus transformation to complete the luna set? Mini-luna was beautiful and i love the others as they happened (nightmare my personal favorite of the set) but i feel like our little dream demon doesn't get enough love!
ShowStyle being an absolute legend again.
Based Moonie Chad
Could I trouble you with a request for a night glider tf then?
File: beesuits_are_for_pussies.png (216 KB, 1110x1057)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
File: 3291501.png (398 KB, 3023x3351)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
File: DronePonyCommv4.png (1.02 MB, 2560x1280)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
What kind of test?
if you could make flurry heart even more baby that'd be absolutely perfection, flurry hearts should be forever itty bitty
This is an unspeakable horror
Yeah, who would want to be Pinkie Pie?
but what about the horrific transformation into a bee filly?
File: large.png (1 MB, 1114x1024)
1 MB
All I can see here is ponified Dale Gribble smoking a cigarette watching his pony wife Anon get pegged by another mare in a hotel room that they just ordered pizza to for after.

It's great, more please.
>how would a human turned pony fit into human society.
And how would a human turned pony fit into pony society?
File: _.png (260 KB, 880x724)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
File: NeaDoe.png (131 KB, 3200x3500)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
sure, sounds good
File: Filly.jpg (95 KB, 1200x800)
95 KB
File: 1480382280426.png (214 KB, 1414x1000)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
How long would the average dude hold out as a filly before accepting horsecock? How long after that until she's a housewife?
8 years
File: _.png (328 KB, 1127x904)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
I'm confused as to whether Fluttershy is looking through a window or looking at a mural on the wall.
There's some... interesting perspective going on here.
Some people would pay good money to watch their fingers melt under the soft ultraviolet glow of a club bathroom. Sadly you didn't choose to lean on a sink, watching the bones in your hand being rendered to jelly as the skin of your fingers clung to each other, only for strands of flesh to connect them when you tried to force them apart with your other hand.

Maybe you weren’t watching your drink as closely as you should have been, but you don’t think you’ve even heard of a drug that could give a sensory experience quite like this. Thankfully you’d slipped away after beginning to feel something was wrong, into this dim secluded space of muffled bass and anti-needle light. Hoping the friends that invited you wouldn't be too worried.

For a second you considered that maybe you were having a particular seizure or something, until a few seconds of fumbling with the buttons of your camera brought forth a beam of pure light that cut through the tint of the room. The phone clattered to the sink and you held your affected appendage above it, creating a surreal reverse-shadow of truth, revealing the wave bubblegum pink that had consumed everything above your wrist.

With just a few moments of starting you realized the pink was still moving, causing you to instinctually pull your arm away from the light. Letting the pink fade away under the cover of the blacklight, with only the prickling of hairs on your arm marking the change marching along your skin. Realizing that you’d been touching yourself quite a bit with the bubblegum appendage you reached for your phone with your other hand, wincing at the new flashes of pink caught in the light and despairing as your fingers struggled to close around your phone, your heartbeat thumping in your ears competing with the distant sound of the bass. A careful attempt at picking up the phone would be fruitless, the glass brick slipping out of your grasp once more. It landed against the checkered tiles of the floor with a crack, only briefly highlighting a flash of pink across your face as it fell. Before the light flickered out entirely and returned the room entirely to its twisted hue.

After stumbling back you’d look down at what remained of your hands and realize that you needed to get help of some kind. Normally you'd be careful about not touching the handle for the bathroom door, but you would basically barrel through, not caring how much contact your body made with the surface as you forced your way back into the lights and noise of the club. The rhythmic thumping of the music once more overtaking the noise in your ears, the smell of people and party once more filling your lungs, bright spotlights tickling the edges of your vision. The sensation was enough to send a shiver down your spine, all the skin on your body prickling as you felt your ears physically perk up to an alien degree. Your teeth grit as the feeling of your fingers twitching returned you to reality.
You stumbled across the edge of the club, lamenting how much busier it suddenly felt, colors blurring and brightening as you went. Thankfully the building wasn't too large and the journey to the bar was relatively swift.

“Pink, huh?” Ryan, your friend since grade school, chuckled as you approached your seat. His jacket was unzipped, casually exposing the black wife-beater beneath.

The exclamation squeaked its way out of your mouth, almost painfully high pitch.

“He's asking what kind of fun you must have gotten up to in the bathroom.”
Andrew would pipe up from your other side, tapping a finished mug against the table with a harsh thud. He’d been hitting the hard cider bar since you had gotten there, the bar miraculously having his favorite brand. He was a bit more straightlaced, his nicely buttoned shirt matching nicely with the quality boots he always wore. Man was just a little bit of a Texasaboo, which is understandable considering he was born in Texas.

>A-about that, I'm not really feeling well.

“Bro gets laid in the club bathroom and suddenly wants to go ditch us.” Ryan would tease, bumping against your shoulder.

>I-i-it's not like that.

“Course it's not, Pink, we're just teasing you. First time takes alot out of anyone.” Andy would bounce off of Ryan, chuckling.

>It's not… and I'm not a…

“You should really wash that off your face though, it makes you look ridiculous.”
Andrew’s voice would soften as his eyes crossed to really start examining you through the cider goggles.

>I-I r-really got to go.
Realizing you probably shouldn’t let him get too close a look, you'd snatch your hoodie from your chair with a violent jerk, sliding it over your head clumsily as you stumbled away from the bar. A few disgruntled exclamations were muffled as they made their way to you through the pulsing, semi-transparent fabric of the hoodie, as you stumbled around in the rapidly growing warmth and claustrophobia of the cotton prison.

Eventually, even without the proper use of your hands your head would pop out of the hoodie. Poofy pink hair exploded out around you and drooped into your vision as you emerged. You shook your head, the long pink locks of hair bouncing around your head, joined by the flop of your larger ears.

“Pinkie Pie?”
“Pinkie Pie?” A pretty casually dressed guy, about your height with well taken-care of jet-black hair flashed you a smile as he asked again. You were uncomfortably close, it was a miracle you hadn’t bumped into him, really.

>”Wh-wha?” You let out an involuntary squeak.

“Yeah, that's the Pink one with the Pink Mane and blue eyes, right?”

>“I…uh… yeah?”

“Didn't realize there was another pony convention passing by.”

>“Y-yeah, j-just in town.”

“Well, your cosplay is very nice, miss.”

>“I'm- well, not-”
The words would melt in your mouth as his fingers made contact with the large ears protruding from your puffy mess of hair, pinching the soft, velvety material between his fingers.

“Damn, that's high quality. Although with eyes like yours it's no wonder you went with the pink one.”

>“Th-thank you?”

“Yeah, also pretty dedicated to dye and curl your hair like that.” He'd move to pet against the top of your head, making you suddenly realize just how close he was to you… of course you had inadvertently closed the distance first. A second glance would reveal the man himself had curled his hair just a bit to give it a wavey look.

>”I should really go… I was…”

“What, Pinkie Pie can’t stop for a quick dance? I'm heartbroken.” The man would laugh even as he frowned just a bit,

“W-Well, Maybe I can stay for a bit.” You relented after feeling a pang of distant guilt, looking around at the vibrant and happy dance floor.

The man reached out a hand, you matched it with a hoof concealed in the sleeve, which the man laughed off with a squeeze and a laugh, “Cosplayers are always about as quirky as they are cute, huh?
The man took the lead and you followed clumsily along. As you danced together you began to realize that you had to crane up your head to look at him, almost like you lost a few inches while you weren’t paying attention.

After a few minutes of awkward dancing, your slowly-more-coordinated movements became suddenly erratic as your feet cramped up, forcing you up onto your toes as the bones in your leg felt like lava, a hot, viscous liquid shifting beneath your skin. Your leg thickened and shortened as your ankle stretched back and up to keep your height relatively static.

The toes had stitched themselves together in your shoe, nails swelling Into a single mass as your middle toe grew to take the burden. With a few more shaky steps you'd lose your shoes. And a few more shakes of the leg would free you of the ill fitting socks, letting your freshly formed hooves make floor contact with a satisfying clack.

Having your hooves in direct contact with the floor left you feeling more stable, but more than that you felt a weird connection to the ground. It gave you a burst of confidence to take control of the dance.

You began to move more erratically, dragging the man along with you. The music began to truly move through you, causing a smile to break out across your face. It was like a burning was building deep inside of you, and outside of you, almost everywhere actually! It was kind of itchy, but in a really good way that drove you to keep moving and push it out. You moved, spun around and danced, before finally pulling the man close. You gave him a smile as you looked at the panic in his eyes, leaning into an impressively deep dip.


At the crescendo of the dip, a loud ripping noise came from your pants. In the frenzy of the dancing you hadn't noticed the widening of your hips, or the growth of a twitch of a tail that had been the final straw that shorn your pants

With a thud the man made contact with the floor, your hooves clopping loudly as you made a break once more for the bathroom. You rudely fumbled past a few women in the familiar-sickeningly blue light of the bathroom, dark gray and black tiles the only difference from the one you started in. Without much care for the surrounding bathroom you barreled into a stall.

Fumbling with your front-hooves against the buttons of your pants, you eventually realized that unbuttoning them wasn't going to happen. Luckily for you the redistribution of your body left you quite a bit more bottom heavy, so you simply plopped your butt on the floor and stretched your front hooves forward, causing the stretched pants to let out a satisfying pop, allowing them to fall to the floor with relief, giving you the opportunity to inspect the damage.
The hoodie hung limply on your chest, the feeling of your shirt rubbing against the fur of your thick pony barrel uncomfortable. To resolve this you simply slipped your arms- forelegs- out of the sleeves and pushed the simple shirt down, letting it slide out and fall to the floor. You didn’t even question it, instead returning your forelegs to the sleeves and gently sitting your front hooves on the tile, before pushing yourself up onto four unsteady legs. You looked up past your hoodie, feeling your neck stretch as you pushed your head back further than you used to be able too. A flash of color was visible on your side, in the space made by how your underwear was pushed down slightly by the dock of your poofy tail. Your hooves pulled it down the rest of the way, clearly exposing the bright trio of balloons that adorned your… well… flanks. Your thighs had thickened and your hips bent in such a way that made it obvious that you were made for quadrupedal motion. Genuinely, from the neck down you felt almost entirely pony.

You pushed open the stall door, illuminating you in the bright white light of the empty bathroom, glimmering off the pink and white floor tiles. You trotted up to the mirror on all four hooves(finding the way of walking weirdly easy despite never having done it before), examining yourself truly for what felt like the first time.

Your entire body was covered with a layer of pink, rubbing a hoof against the side of your cheek let you feel the movement of the fine coat of hairs that covered your body. You shifted your face, watching the half pony-half human head in the mirror, ears twitching at the edges of your poofy pink mane. As you watched your motions in the mirror you felt your nose ache, your head suddenly feeling claustrophobic as your teeth began to grow, pushing out against each other, you put both of your muzzles against your nose as you felt your head shift. The teeth pushed your face outwards, your jaw stretching out and pushing out your hooves as your head felt like it swelled in every direction. Air was sucked in through your broadening muzzle, flooding your lungs as you closed your eyes.

>a–a! achoo!
With a sneeze suddenly all the pressure in your head was gone. Slowly opening your eyes you'd blink for a few moments to adjust. Everything felt bigger, brighter, a little… further apart.

You blinked again, looking at yourself in the mirror once more.

“Huh…” You raised a hoof to touch the wide nose on the end of your snoot, ”Miss Pinkie Pie, I presume?”
The doors of the bathroom swung open with the typical dull scraping noise, followed by a sharp metal-on-tile clacking, with an accompanying dull thudding clack of something hard but organic on tile.

“Gosh Darned, where did that pony get off too.” A distantly familiar drawl would enter the room along with the sound.

“Knowing Pinkie probably not far… or maybe very far, she's… Pinkie like that.” The drawl was accompanied by a scratchy voice in reply, coming from a light blue, rainbow-maned horse that rounded the bend. An orange horse with a hat covering her blonde hair would follow.

“Oh- there you are, we were just done getting worried.”

“I wasn't worried, except for your pants. Those things were screaming for mercy all night.” The rainbow pony would giggle as she remembered how tightly the pants were hugging her friend’s flanks.

“Dash, be nice. Pinkie had a bit of a- clothing… uh… destruction… as Rarity probably wouldn't put it.” Applejack would chide her friend for laughing at what she thought was Pinkie

“We don't normally wear clothes.” Dash would reply bluntly.

“That doesn't change a thing.” The orange horse would shake her head.

Dash would trot over to you, placing a hoof over your shoulder, “At least the Hoodie looks nice, right Applejack?”

“Hah, of course. Pinkie can pull off just about anything though, I reckon.”

“Awwww, thanks gals.” The words flowed naturally out of your mouth as you pulled the two ponies into a hug, not caring that they were just far enough away that it was physically impossible. The proceeding conversation was probably the longest the two had gone without hearing Pinkie talk, so they both looked relieved when you spoke.

“It is as it is as it is.” Dash… Rainbow Dash as she returned the hug with a wide smile.

“You just had us a bit worried up and disappearing.” AJ would return the hug of both you and Dash, neither of you particularly minding the cold of her horseshoes due to the protective layers of fuzz.

The door would open again, a pony huffing audibly huffing as they clopped in to join you in the bathroom, a white and purple unicorn would stroll into the bathroom with her nose in the air before looking down at pinkie. “Pinkamina Pie, it was very impolite to drop me! I could have ruined my coiffure! Although... I guess I can’t help but respect a pony so upset at such a fashion faux pa.”

Rarity’s face would soften from a frown into a soft smile before she squealed, being pulled into the hug by an off-screen pink appendage, you somehow gaining another arm for a moment to quickly pull her in.

“Glad you ponies are all here!” You’d giggle, pulling them all close.

“Where else would we be darling?” Rarity would ask, weirdly casual about what is an objectively pretty weird situation.

“It’s a long story.” You'd reply.

"How long?" AJ would ask, confused by what that could possibly mean.

“Six posts.” Pinkie Pie, you, would giggle-snort, winking at the readers as the story came to a close.
god I wish that were me
//Pone Paste Archive Link: https://ponepaste.org/9720
//Google Drive Backup Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H2f5IC6JN3L3oIK7Y9cZa2Oz6PBU4q7JcjpLviIQjWQ
//Post Archive: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40756169/#40790590
//Random Ponk Request.
You're pretty good at second person writing! I always have trouble avoiding starting every sentence with "you"
File: Nox.png (674 KB, 2573x2500)
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674 KB PNG
That was pretty good. Loved it!
File: bug momma.png (896 KB, 1920x1080)
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896 KB PNG
File: _.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1693)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
File: 3293305.jpg (663 KB, 4096x1339)
663 KB
663 KB JPG
File: 20240203_110838~2.jpg (2.45 MB, 3748x2834)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
File: _.png (296 KB, 1600x1200)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
Thanks! Although I did use too many conditionals where I shouldn't, probably a leftover of too much tabletop. Also you can tell by the end I was much sloppier about starting sentences the same.
File: _.png (666 KB, 2031x1225)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
File: 1488255.png (399 KB, 900x980)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Very nicely done!
>Find a book in a seemingly ancient language no one has been able decipher for decades.
>Begin to study the lines and squiggles, something doesn't seem right, you're sure given enough time you can translate this, you've had harder work before after all.
>The more you compare languages to other ancients like Egyptian or Meso-American, the more you seem... To actually understand?
>You find yourself enthralled with the new knowledge, a whole world and whole society no one has ever heard of!
>You couldn't even stop yourself from reading, something just kept on dragging your eyes across from one word to the next until by the end of the book, you find yourself looking up from the pages.
>Another night studying well spent, you use your horn to turn off the light and bid your cute little dragon assistant Spike goodnight before trotting off to bed
>magical solution to every disease and injury
>humanity is the worst dissabilty
>becomes pony
I know their art isn't perfect, but Redpaladin & Furnaise's art has really been growing on me lately and I'm quite fond of how this collab came out.
If they work together more in the future, that's something I'll eagerly be keeping an eye out for.
File: 40003167.gif (189 KB, 555x532)
189 KB
189 KB GIF
>Me when I wake up and I'm still not a pegasus mare
File: 1926898.png (288 KB, 476x720)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
The RNG's been fucking brutal lately; sorry to hear you're still waiting too.
I got earth pony stallion three times in a row on Thursday-Saturday and finally woke up as an earth pony mare this morning so... progress, I guess?
File: _.jpg (69 KB, 1272x477)
69 KB
5 seconds. At least, that's me.
>Look what I made today mommy! It's mommy!
>becomes pony
>get to Equestria
>you have a kink both for tf and ponies
>everypony around is disturbed by your constant erect horsecock/wet pussy

How would you justify yourself?
>"I'm high on life!"
You know, I'm convinced that the prevalence of Anonfilly stories is partly due to forced tf wish fulfillment. Don't have to feel icky about wanting to be a filly if it's forced upon you against your will, right?
It is, in effect, a license to live out said fantasy without guilt as long as anon explicitly did not want to be turned into a filly. Not saying this applies to everyone, but it is definitely a draw for some.
plushie TF is based
god I wish i was a pony plushie, specially a cute lil filly like sweetiebelle or something
File: 3294274.png (569 KB, 2488x2212)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
File: _.gif (322 KB, 398x535)
322 KB
322 KB GIF
You're not wrong, anon, but is it really so icky to want to be a filly? It's not a fetish thing for most people, in my experience, especially if you ask the 'nonny thread. The vast majority of us didn't exactly have ideal childhoods, and getting a second chance to live as a filly is about as much as we could ask for.
Not to mention, from a logical standpoint, being introduced to Equestria as a filly/colt allows you to absorb the customs from an early age, and ponies will be more accepting and tolerant of your mistakes as you learn your place in the world.
me please!
File: FillyCarlos.png (414 KB, 1150x1000)
414 KB
414 KB PNG
File: GFg5GwFX0AADYZt.png (25 KB, 800x600)
25 KB
File: _.png (1.57 MB, 1445x1724)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
i wish i was a pony
Filly Carlos? That's an idea with horsepower!
File: _.png (13 KB, 682x749)
13 KB
File: _.png (102 KB, 901x546)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
File: _.gif (803 KB, 774x464)
803 KB
803 KB GIF
I love sign
do you make speedpaint videos?
File: _.png (674 KB, 855x1062)
674 KB
674 KB PNG
File: 2893751.png (584 KB, 1200x1200)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
>Alien hunter.
>I hunt down dangerous aliens like you and turn them into harmless fillies.
>We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
You have no idea the level of overly comedic, slapstick, adam-sandler-at-his-best nonsensical near-misses i've had to put up with in my attempts to find you. Zap me.
>Reflexively, you wrenched your body off of it’s side and turned your head to check the damage.
>The lead feathers of your right wing were bent almost all the way backwards against you, and just twitching the affected limb netted you fresh jolts of pain.
>Burning with frustration, you snapped,
>Chad simply sighed and shook his head as you struck out with your mouth to lay the feathers back as flat as you could.
>Then you jerked your wing up against your barrel, where it still throbbed harshly.
>Now, bracing yourself with short breaths, you planted your hooves on the boards and started the laborious process of standing up all over again, when a scaly yellow hand was lowered in front of your face.
>You looked up into Chad’s waiting face.
>Your eyes twitched over his sympathetic expression, as he started to say,
“I’m fine.”
>You replied curtly.
>Groaning and aching, you forced yourself to stand.
>With great pains, wobbling twigs for legs and nausea so bad you nearly threw up, you were finally on all fours and breathing hard.
>What even was this anyway?
>A magic hangover?
>Magic was such horseshit.
>Aisling and Chad were both standing in front of you now, with no expressions to be read on their faces.
>Out of everything, it hurt you the most to see them like that, because you knew it was your actions that had put them in this position.
>All the more, it made you feel like this was the right thing to do.
>You had to take responsibility first, even if that came across as callous or ungrateful.
>So, as gravely as you could manage, you sunk your head low into a bow and apologized.
“I’m sorry, please forgive me. I will help fix this.”
>For a minute neither of them responded, and you didn’t move, you just stared at the floor.
>All you could hear was your own heart, and the occasional spit of grease from the pan on the stove.
>It was kind of soothing on your magic hangover actually, like a recovery position.
>Suddenly your ears twitched to the sound of Chad’s claws scraping the floor, and the clopping of Aisling’s hooves soon after.
>You lifted your eyes, expecting to seem them walking up to you, maybe for some corny make-up group hug.
>...That you half-way wanted.
>But they had taken their seats at the dinner table instead, where Aisling already had breakfast all laid out.
>You blinked.
>And stared.
>Chad snipped off a section of toast with his beak, popped in a strip of bacon, sucked an egg yolk out from the white and chased it all down with most of his share of coffee before Aisling had hovered her fork over.
>Grunting approvingly, he reached over to pat and rub her hoof on the table while looking her up and down like they were some elderly couple.
>Aisling just rolled her eyes and laughed before digging into her eggs.
>”Hey, geek.”
>Chad’s voice snapped you back into yourself.
>He was hitting you with a baffled expression.
>As if it was the most obvious thing in the world, Chad jabbed a thumb talon out next to him, at another plate of food.
>”Breakfast come on, you need it.”
>Your heart sunk, you tucked one fore leg behind the other, and blood rushed to your face as your tail swayed left to right.
>You were in the rapid process of actually waking up, and the more your brain pumped, the stupider you felt.
>FUCK this was embarrassing now.
>It just hit you that you’d been a self-centred moron all morning.
>Refusing help, and insisting on apologizing while secretly waiting for your friends to just forgive you and make up right away anyhow?
>Chad rolled his eyes at your expression, then held his claw out at you as he shook his head, brashly imploring,
>”Don’t make this any weirder alright? We’re already two unicorns, a dozen gnomes, and a griffon away from normal. Let’s at least eat breakfast like it’s nothing.”
>Aisling just smiled at you a little wanly, her eyes glancing at your friend as he emoted.
>You bit your lip.
>You’d been desperately melodramatic, you realized, and now you could feel the secondhand embarrassment of your friends.
>Just... Relax, you thought.
>Nodding without speaking another word, you walked over and clumsily climbed into your seat, without Chad or Aisling offering you any assistance.
>You resolved yourself to just stay quiet and eat for now, get your energy up before you said anything else.
>But before your mouth reached the plate, Chad spoke again.
>”I don’t forgive you, because there’s nothing to forgive.”
>Your eyes flicked to him, watching him vigorously dab his toast into the yolk of his second egg.
>He snapped up a bite, and spoke around it with his eyes more intent on his bacon than you,
>”And obfiously ur gonna help stupid.”
>Aisling chimed in, and her eyes gleamed meaningfully at yours.
>”If anything, I have more to apologize for than you, but if we started now, we would be at it all day.”
>Chad stabbed his last strip of bacon with a talon.
>”Then there would be no time to kill that thing.”
>You sympathized immediately with the dark look in his eyes.
>For the first time all morning, there was something you could speak to with confidence, like a gleaming bit of gold you’d swept the sand and grit away from.
>The feeling was as if the fact had been revealed to you in your dreams last night, though you could sift what memories you had of them and know for certain it wasn’t.
>Calmly, you said,
“He’s not a gnome.”
>And punctuated it with a bite of egg.
>Aisling tilted her head from behind her hoisted mug, curiously, and her ears flopped to the side.
>Your griffon friend just paid rapt attention, crunching toast awkwardly with his beak.
>For the next moment, you took a bite of your toast while you formalized the explanation in your head.
>They both waited patiently, eating too, until finally you swallowed and continued.
“It’s the nickname that gave it away, Clapperleg. I got halfway to making the connection when he said it back then, but dropped it because uh...”
>You stuck your tongue out and set your head askance, staring at the floor while you thought of a good euphemism for “I was quizzing a gnome on what myths about his race were true while they had us surrounded”.
>Chad sighed and leaned back in his chair, drinking more coffee before he cleanly capped off your sentence.
>”You were busy.”
>With your mouth in a thin line, you nodded to him.
“Yeah. I was busy.”
>You took a deep breath and focused again, this next part was too important to fuck up.
>Looking straight at both of your friends, you continued.
“His real name is Cichol Gricenchos. They’re Fomorians, not gnomes.”
>Faint recognition was dawning in Aisling’s eyes, but there were wrinkles of doubt on her brow too.
>Chad just nodded.
>”How do we kill Fomorians? I tried steel and it worked pretty good.”
>For a moment, Aisling had opened her mouth and raised a hoof to cut in, but stopped and stared at Chad instead.
>The bird brain was leaning his chair way back on two legs in front of a clean plate and an empty cup of coffee.
>That arrogant smirk on his face made you feel like nothing had changed, at least not since the day he got duct tape off of your fore legs with olive oil.
>You grinned and laughed right at Chad, while he looked on, bemused.
>The unicorn at the end of the table let out a little giggle too.
>Peering at you, he asked.
>And eventually you packed your mirth in enough to answer.
“You got turned into a griffon by stepping out of a ring of mushrooms last night. You don’t even know what a Fomorian is. I... I may as well be talking Star Trek right now, and you’re just going to run in there and kill them anyway?”
>Chad shrugged.
>”As far as I’m concerned, you always are. I already know what I know, and what I don’t know I know you know.”
>Aisling and you just gaped.
>Letting his head fall back out of exasperation, Chad splayed out his arms and pointed his next remark right at you,
>”You remember what you said, back in high school, after that big fight.”
“...What. Not... not that ‘you hold the monopoly’ right?”
>You shook your head after you answered and started pecking at your eggs again, hardly believing that was even something you’d considered.
>...But the silence was ominous enough to make you look up.
>Chad was grinning.
>”I hold the monopoly on violence. Always liked the way you put it back then, nice vocabulary. ‘You hold the monopoly on violence, and you dispense with it judiciously.’”
>He quoted.
>The memory flashed through your head; you’d just gotten out of a schoolyard brawl with Chad at your side, not totally on the winning end of the scale.
>He was bummed out, wiping the blood out of his mouth, until you had put on a mocking, drama club kid voice and said something corny to lighten the mood.
“That was a jok....”
>In a disbelief so profound that you failed to keep talking, you watched as the bird brain in front of you held a set of claws to his chest and spoke again using that odd locution unique to him.
>”I trust that you can trust me to dispense the violence judiciously on your behalf.”
>Aisling was halfway to rubbing her face off with her hooves.
>You wanted desperately for him to just stop talking.
>Telling him anything ever was a mistake.
>Your tail was whipping the chair so hard it stung, and your cheeks were burning with blush.
>Sensing your discomfort, Chad broke things up with a chuckle full of bravado as he set his chair aright again and smacked you on the withers.
>But he felt the need to fire one last torpedo of a sentence at your ears as he reached over and stole your untouched bacon too.
>”You point. I shoot. I don’t care what Fomorians are really, but go ahead.”
>There was nothing you could do but physically cringe away while Chad crunched happily at the strip of meat.
>...Aisling was the first to break the silence, with a question pointed at you.
>”It’s a bit of a stretch to say they came all the way here don’t you think?”
>You gathered yourself, munched up some toast, and nodded.
“Yeah, but I really don’t see any other explanation. It all fits together way too well. Clapperleg is an actual word that has been used as a translation for Cichol’s epithet, Gricenchos.”
>Now you looked at Chad and asked him directly,
“He showed you his feet right?”
>And Chad nodded back, with some disgust lingering on his lips at the memory.
>”They were fucked.”
>Nodding, you turned your gaze back to Aisling, who was looking a little more convinced at this point.
“There’s another detail I haven’t really mentioned yet,”
>You started.
>But first you had to confirm your suspicions with Chad.
“You mentioned earlier that steel worked on them, does that mean you couldn’t hurt them without it?”
>Chad nodded and showed you his left hand bristling with sharp talons.
>”I stuck Clapperleg or Cichol or whatever with these and he didn’t even bleed. But before that I remembered something you said about fairies so I stabbed him in the chest with my knife and nearly killed him before he got away. Tore another one of them in half, no blood, still alive. The knife was definitely the only thing that could hurt them. Left it back there in one of their skulls.”
>Hearing that made you completely certain of your theory.
>You sipped some coffee and continued what you were going to say before, with your eyes on Aisling especially.
“I could hurt him, with my own body. He bled after that kick. No iron necessary. That’s what really confirms it for me, it must be my Celtic ancestry that allows me to do it.”
>Aisling murmured.
>Finally, Chad seemed curious, and looked to you inquiringly.
>You broke it down simply for him,
“Basically the Fomorians were this mythical race of subterranean slash deep sea people or creatures depending on how you interpret the writings. They were the original inhabitants of what we call Ireland now. Partholón was a man who came with group of settlers to the island, he was supposed to have killed Cichol, Clapperleg, and scattered the Fomorians. Although there are accounts that say Partholón only defeated him.”
>The griffon seemed satisfied, and walked away to get himself another cup of coffee.
>Aisling pushed her empty plate aside and leaned over the table far enough to have both of her fore legs on it, her tail idly swishing back and forth as she pressed you with another question.
>”So what do you think they’re doing looking like gnomes? Their methods with the verbal contracts were very specific.”
>You finished off your eggs and answered,
“If we think about it this way, now that the existence of these things is confirmed, we should assume that much of, if not all mythology is real in one way or another.”
>Pressing a hoof to her chin, Aisling laid into the table and thought for a minute.
>Then she said,
>”There are a lot of trickster spirits in myth after all... And the Fomorians were portrayed as being a kind of mix of different creatures. Maybe they can shape shift? And they just decided to look like gnomes for that encounter?”
>You shrugged.
“It probably doesn’t matter too much either way, but at least we won’t be surprised if they look different when we see them again.”
>Chad was back from the kitchen, with a fresh mug of hot coffee in his grasp.
>Speaking to the both of you he proposed,
>”Let’s turn on the fake news, see if Anon’s spell did anything noticeable.”
>You both nodded, and got up from your chairs.
>For a second you eyed your half full cup of coffee, regretful to leave it behind, when suddenly it was wrapped in a turquoise glow and floated off.
>Aisling gave you a smile, her horn glowing and both your mug and hers hovering by her.
>”Yeah, no problem. I should try to teach you how after this.”
>That lit a flame of excitement in your belly.
>You could cast spells now, it made you want to try it right away.
>For the moment though, you just sat down on the couch with your friends, in front of the TV and the empty fireplace.
>Chad was laying a bit like a sphinx, with his arms crossed over the arm rest beside him.
>His face was turned intelligently at you, like many birds of prey you’d seen before, and it felt a little uncanny knowing this was your friend.
>You sat up straight between his lion back half and Aisling.
>Passively, you turned your head back to peek out the window.
>It was bright and sunny outside, but probably still frigid, since the snow hadn’t melted down much at all.
>Aisling drew the curtains to keep the glare off the screen, obscuring your view, so you turned back around.
>With a quick spell, Aisling flicked the TV on.
There, done for now.
Good afternoon, /ptfg/.
ooo, very nice! Let's see what went down!
This calls for a party of pone
You suddenly lose consciousness and then you come to your senses as Princess Cadence. You open your eyes in the pink bedroom of the Crystal Castle, and the first thing you see is Shining's malicious snout above you, holding you by the reins. You don’t even have time to realize anything, you just feel the growing tension inside you that does not allow you to concentrate. And only you take all your will into a fist and collect your thoughts together as a new powerful jolt of feelings compresses your whole body, and at the same time a spray of liquid, directed inside you, as if extinguishing a fire in your tummy... The tension begins to subside, but your consciousness already refuses to work, and you gradually fall asleep, under the gentle Shining's whisper in your ear: "Congratulations on your wedding night, Darling." Before you finally go into the world of dreams, the image of Flurry Heart pops up before your eyes, and you can hear her infant cry in your mind...

The next morning, you open your eyes under the beige light from behind the curtains illuminating your bedroom. A tousled multi-colored mane falls before your eyes, remembering who you are now. Everything that happened yesterday instantly pops up in your head, causing your pupils to narrow and uplifting your soft pink coat. You quickly remove the hair covering your eyes with a hoof, and are about to jump out of bed, but then you find a strong Shining's hoof that imperiously hugs you around the waist...
I just want to wake up as a mare and settle into a new calmer life without the stresses of modern humanity. Not escapism would top just being a little horse eating oats with the sub beaming down in me.
File: anondone.png (116 KB, 720x339)
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116 KB PNG
File: _.png (366 KB, 1100x899)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Are there any stories where the pet pony gets abandoned and helpless?
>be shining.
>just informed that your wife was actually a horrifying bug creature thats been sapping your strength for the past celestia-knows-how-long, but fortunately your lil sis managed to save the real one.
>marriage ceremony can prooceed as planned, you're just so thankful that you have your special somepony back.
>fast forward to next morning.
>your wife informs you that she is in fact not your wife, but some sweaty neckbeard from another dimension trapped in her body, the literal morning after knocking her/him up.
poor fucker cant catch a break can he?
What happens if I sell my soul to become a pony?
>Be in Cadence's body the morning after Shining Armor flooded your womb
>Kinda gay
"Congratulations on your wedding night, Darling"
>Shining then reveals he's another Anon possesing Shining Armor
>Puts his horsecock down your throat
>Mega gay
>Suddenly Anonfilly pops into your room
That's 99% of people IRL.
Yes, but I want written greens.
Well, you evidently have a computer of some sort and apparently you can type. Then get to work.
File: large.jpg (231 KB, 1280x913)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
"Help, I've been turned into a neet mare in my room and I can't get out because my butt is too big"
I don't have writing skills, and I'm sure some of what I'm seeking already exists somewhere.
I don't have any writing talent, either, but that doesn't stop me. Give it a try.
This guy’s right >>40804854 I wrote that derpy tf thing a couple people like after waking up from an out of body experience, have never written anything else, you can do it
I was a pet pony, a long time ago. Before discord, before even ye olde skype chat days. Back on Rizon, I had something innocent and fun.
It was 9 years ago and I know he's not coming back, not after what happened.
But a part of me keeps hoping he'll return and we can play again in the sunlight.
What of its wxs?
Did you say the n word?
File: femanonbuzzer.png (191 KB, 908x438)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
I'd read it.
>Be "pet"
>Your "owner" wants to bathe you
>Sure whatever turns you on Anon
>He starts washing you, feels weirdly nice
>Almost like a spa day
>You close your eyes as he pours soapy water over you
>Scrub scrub scrub
>Suddenly you feel his hand slowly reach down
>You reach for his hand
>Your hooves can't quite grip him cause of the water
File: 1751765374117265452-.png (156 KB, 2400x2400)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
File: 1684642661189567.png (635 KB, 1516x915)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
I can understand a recently transformed moid being helpless and alone. But would the pegasisterhood really let an abandonded pet be left by the wayside?
File: smug nip filler.png (747 KB, 1500x775)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
File: black_eye_bee.png (76 KB, 650x700)
76 KB
File: 1690560731611742.jpg (183 KB, 1000x1000)
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lost master? iktf
File: anons_little_retard.png (128 KB, 712x794)
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128 KB PNG
God I wish that were me
Maybe some of the earlier ones, before society settled into global WXS supremacy. Records of who they used to be exist but there is nothing of the pony they became because they simply were lost.
File: 2815350.png (3.95 MB, 2000x2000)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB PNG
Does the pegasisterhood care about mares though? IIRC there was a tiny minority (like 1%) of the population that gets turned into mares. But the virus makes women become obsessed with and exclusively attracted to stallions (other humans are about as attractive as a toaster after infection). So the minority of mares might have a harder time of it.
I think there's still interest in mares, like how we have Anons who like stallions.
File: 863161.gif (53 KB, 800x450)
53 KB
My take on things.

WXS has a very low chance (~1%) of turning an infected human, man or woman, into a mare. Additionally, the pegasisterhood does have an injection that will turn someone into a mare but it's rarely used. Basically, only mentally female neets who failed at life are allowed to give up and become pets instead after an extensive vetting process.

Like WXS-infected women, mares can only reproduce with stallions (sorry boys), however the offspring wil always be a colt to ensure an overwhelming stallion majority. Nobody is born a mare, all of them having transformed into one.

Mares are generally less desired and are considered more a compliment to your pet stallion. Like women, mares become stallion-schizos, basically needing a male pony around or else they quickly become depressed. You're generally not allowed to own one unless you already have a stallion to keep her company.

However, they are much less pet-brained than a stallion, maybe halfway between a woman and a stallion on the scale due to their lack of a y-chromosome producing pet-inducing testosterone. Because of this they aren't completely incapable of living on their own. Despite being 1% of the pony population, mares make up 50% of the 'wild' pony population and the stallions who are wild are typically taking orders from one.
Actually, thinking about it. Since WXS just hangs out in your body forever and is passed down to the offspring in the womb, there should be a 1% chance your daughter will be born a filly.
File: patstallion.png (505 KB, 1000x3939)
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505 KB PNG
Lore accepted
File: 3qh2noiyncka1.jpg (107 KB, 640x568)
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107 KB JPG
>wxs discussion is BACK
File: sketch1707381791085.png (256 KB, 1259x1147)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Which would you people prefer? WXS or total global ponification?

File: IMG_0352.jpg (147 KB, 480x1180)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>Anon, out camping alone deep in your state's national forest when the WXS you contracted a week ago at Pegacon kicks in
>Spend 2 days extremely ill, miles away from cell signal or any help
>Wake up after a deep sleep as a pony, wander into the woods and survive on your own for almost a year, hiding from hikers and rangers
>Family has been trying to find you but they had no idea what you looked like anymore
>Presumed dead 10 months ago, the world has moved on without you
File: twilightinspace.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
>Going off the grid and living in the wilderness as a pony
Sign me the fuck up. I'm taking my horn and/or wings and fucking off to the Himalayas, Siberia or Antarctica(if my spells will allow me to thrive there). Actually, fuck the earth, if I become a Unicorn I'm building some kind of magical spaceship and going to seed pony life in some other galaxy.
Imagine having an ass as fat as cadence
File: 1704163824282.png (8 KB, 76x83)
8 KB
Thank you for the based bathwaterhero art.
My condolences. What name did you go by back then out of curiosity?
File: Infrontofthebookstore.png (210 KB, 400x438)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
Ah, but your interpetation of events will make for a good story, even if you're worried it's not going to be the star-studded diamond you'd thought it would be. Besides, the only way to get better at writing, is to... write!
hello, I was going through the pone.tf archive and noticed Buckett's story at https://pastebin.com/P3hFyJBK was taken down just yesterday
I wanted to let you know about the ded link or if there was anywhere else I could read it
that's all!
Never trust a website that changes its logo colors in support of [current news event]
File: 20240209_093949~3.jpg (1.97 MB, 3740x2818)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
What would you do with a big horse ass to call your own?
Shake it like a Polaroid picture
To what extent would you be ok with mental changes? What’s your opinion of them in general?
It depends, really, as long as it's something I can get behind? Can be a lot of fun in fiction, I like seeing characters try to reconcile the differences between their new and former self.
Actually, you shouldn't shake modern Polaroid pictures. They haven't needed to be shaken since the early 1970s with the development of the completely self-contained system that is still in use today.
Same things I normally do. I'm already a great big horse's ass.
I'm so glad that with AI I can finally make all the gender transformation and genderswapping shit that I could even want. It's just so nice to transform a mare into a stallion with big, heavy balls.
ai will never match the feeling of autistically blowing hundreds of dollars on your dream comm
At least I get the gambler's thrill of seeing if this prompt will be the one that checks all of my boxes. And for free.
ludopathy is bad anon
File: GFux5lHXAAABomJ.jpg (683 KB, 1920x1200)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
I'm not impressed until AI becomes all-knowing with instructions to turn humans into ponies.
File: give_bee.png (225 KB, 772x888)
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225 KB PNG
File: _.png (200 KB, 800x800)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
This but with turning ponies into griffons.
File: Untitled25_20240210154742.png (840 KB, 2703x3412)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
File: ESCdthOWkAEj_15.jpg (158 KB, 1200x1200)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Griffon envy is real.
File: IMG_20220413_235504.jpg (1.85 MB, 3488x3488)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
Griffon love, more like
File: 3246457.png (1.05 MB, 1697x1532)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
The next best thing to be sure. Though I don't know how you don't end up envying them.
is there anything else like cuddly doom? i really enjoyed it, especially since it didn't really delve into sex or whatever and the ponies seemed caring and nice - i also enjoyed the post apocalyptic vibes of it
File: 20240210_211728.jpg (65 KB, 900x950)
65 KB
File: IMG_0107.png (137 KB, 600x1000)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
What non pony character would you become if you had the option? (no kirin or stuff like that)
>it didn't really delve into sex or whatever and the ponies seemed caring and nice
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/359176/pandemic and https://www.fimfiction.net/story/415320/pandemic-aftermath also https://www.fimfiction.net/story/372321/brightly-lit and https://www.fimfiction.net/story/459642/brightly-lit-2-pharos
That part in pandemic aftermath where they say how one of the ponies who died at the school loved being a pony and always woke up thankful for their gift made me cry for real
Able to shapeshift into anything I want, blend into any society or hierarchy.
Has powerful magic which can rival even Celestia if I gather enough love.
The only unreformed changeling left, and I always liked the jagged black look better.
I can always try friendship at no risk to myself by using a disguise
File: 2714547.jpg (617 KB, 2986x2329)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
The choice is a little too obvious.
File: output2.gif (2.11 MB, 720x608)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB GIF
File: 2144238.png (598 KB, 1600x900)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
I apologize if you’ve addressed this before, but for someone who aggrandizes griffons around PTFG, why would you not also be a fan of hippogriffs – a creature that’s highly similar to griffons [in one of its forms] but also has the ability to TF into a secondary form?
Presumably it can’t be because of the archetypical griffon personality, since the TFed creature would just be you... short of any funky behavior-altering mental changes.
Do you value the paws and leonine tail enough that it’s worth passing on having a secondary aquatic form?
Hippogriffs are fine as a concept. But they look doofy in the show itself as both seaponies and hippogriffs. Not to mention blatant everycreaturism.
File: 1871392.png (758 KB, 1280x720)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
Y’know, “doofy” isn’t the word I would have used (it’s a word??), but I can see where you’re coming from.
Going by immediately apparent facial features, the beak on the hippogriffs looks odd to me as a swatch of slightly-darker... feathers? It’s the same color as the surrounding feathers on each characters rather than a consistent yellow tone, and doesn’t evoke the same imposing impression as the beaks on griffons. No to mention the way feathering is kinda superficially portrayed (No head feathers save for the ears? No chest fluff?).
I think the shoobedoo design is perfectly fine but I don’t doubt there are objections.
File: 2682686.png (112 KB, 600x600)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Pic related is the ideal hippogriff, I think. Griffon in front, pony in back though griffon tail is always better than pony tail in my opinion. I'm generally fine with sub-griffons. Their ability to combine with anything is part of the appeal. You can have so many differnt types and combinations.

But the ones in the show have weird faces. Like it's half of a muzzle and half of a beak? It's so awkward. I don't like their ears either, just feathers or gills or something? Their arms are also bad. Skinny and awkeard yet also shaggy fur that ends suddenly. It looks so wrong compared to griffon talons. Like you're not supposed to have fur their.

Then their hairstyle are always mohawks and never seem to work. Really I've never seen a show-griff OC that works.

DESU, I never cared much about griffons at first. Gilda isn't that great and Gallus also sucks. It was seeing a ton of awesome griffon OCs that put them above ponies as my favorite eventually. Hippogriff OCs didn't do it for me at any point.

As for seaponies, they do nothing for me. Being able to turn into one isn't any kind of pro. You could probably just get some magic water breathing thing no problem so it's not even useful.
How much Haberverse stuff is in Brightly Lit 2. I liked the first one but the description mentioned the retirement arc so I haven't read the sequel.
>griffon tail is always better than pony tail in my opinion

>half of a muzzle and half of a beak
I don’t think the shape is even all that different from the griffons’ beaks, but I do agree that something changed in the secret sauce between Season 1 and the 2017 movie that led the animators to a weird je ne sais quoi with those beaks. I’m fine with the ears and arms. Just “fine,” nothing more. The arms are probably meant to invoke the same ideas as draft horse feathering and their proportions seem justifiable to me.

I would check you for bashing on the design of the canon griffons despite holding the species in high regard; then again, I do the same thing with other species zebras in the show for which the canon characters don’t really do it, but there are some sick OCs out there.

Even if a griff were to obtain a magic breathing apparatus I don’t think they’d be able to swim for shit. But then again, when would that come into play? We seldom see the ponies swimming, and especially based on what we’ve seen of the griffons’ homeland, I can’t see them being inclined toward it. If it’s not something that you as a prospective TFee would value, then I also don’t see any inherent reason it’d be important.
File: dummygrissy.jpg (1.87 MB, 3488x3488)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
File: 000.jpg (31 KB, 660x574)
31 KB
you have a meeting in an hour but you personality tf into pinkie pie's
File: 3299584.png (470 KB, 3351x3023)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
File: _.png (1.46 MB, 1280x1004)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
even better.
File: small_b.png (159 KB, 670x575)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
not that anon, but I'd think the ability to swim would help griffons to dive deeper to get more fish like a falcon would which would bolster the amount of food they can provide their young.
Don't you griffons ever think about the practical applications of things that don't involve, you know... killing? Or taking bits from others?
Griffons have hand-talons for holding things, and they have paws for worshipping and pawjobs.
File: 3300378.png (146 KB, 960x1306)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
File: _.png (100 KB, 772x620)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Stay away from Zephyr. It really does get in your fucking head. I read it like... 5 years ago, and late at night, when I'm trying to sleep, I still wish and pray to wake up as a cute little pet with a Master that cares for and dotes on me. And I have a good career, a partner I adore, and a great life in general. I'd still give up every second of it to be the pet pone.
File: 2653456.png (490 KB, 1380x1020)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
I'm surprised no ones tried making a pony transformation analog horror series
File: ponk_window.png (18 KB, 181x175)
18 KB
I still think it's hilarious that story had Rainbow Dash jerking off to herself for years.
I actually got the book copy this year and I was fucking SHOCKED when they changed the year to 2024 (it took place in 2020 in the fic version)

hopefully no one here has a birthday on may 1st this year, right?
It's kind of hard to get into analog horror as a genre but I admire all of the effort put into it.

How would one go about that? Edited pictures, subtle video editing/practical effects, audio logs? Documenting a transformation sounds difficult without some more hard skills (as opposed to soft skills).
Do you think the next printing will bump it to 2028?
Keep the hope alive, friend.
nah they made it specifically so it takes place 5 years after the show ended; season 9 finale was in 2019, so five years later is 2024
You can't tell people not to read zephyr, they never listen. Besides I like having new pet friends to talk to.
I tried to make a short EAS scenario vid based on cuddly doom but lost interest, I feel like it’s the most fitting story due to being apocalypse-like and having the ponies hunting down humans
Don’t know, didn’t immediately read it after the first part bc I was scared it was going to scare me for a week like that part in pandemic where ||the crystal pony almost kills the unicorn kid who made those magic breakthroughs, didn’t even realize she tried killing him until a couple chapters later|| I don’t know why it affected me like it did but I felt the most horrific feeling of fear I can recall when I noticed that, I was reading/listening to the story on my way to work and every time I passed through the place I reached that part at my heart started to beat faster. 11/10 story, showed me true horror.
I was talking from an evolutionary stand point, but with flight and opposable talons, they could build structures and buildings very quickly.

We all get horse feels sometimes, Anon. It's very normal to want to be loved and held by your loved ones, even if they happen to be holding a leash attached to your collar
if show accurate anon is here, how about this obscure background filly?
File: EYzS-tBU8AA8I6x.jpg (343 KB, 1280x1760)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Did "Dave" even exist? Ego death is actually terrifying
-yingly hot you mean
I still can't understand ego death. If the transformed person is no longer in there, what was the point of it being a transformation in the first place? The characters reaction to the TF is like half the enjoyment for me.
They were ponies turned into humans. Dave was who Dash would be if she grew up as a human. They didn't suddenly forget the last quarter-century when they transformed back into ponies.
Yeah, Dave existed. Dave's fine. He/she isn't like an isekai protagonist, where it seems they displace whatever was there before. What happened to Dash/Dave was reincarnation, in the sense that it is usually fantasized about, without the total mindwipe.
The eyes look amazing in this one but this kind of tf pics always feel incomplete without an aftermath
The better question is did dash exist? She's the one who lost her memories, not dave.
Unconditional love and forgiveness is for all ponies. Not just pet ponies.

Yes even you Anon.

If ponies have a capacity for anything, it's love.
I'm the kind of person messed up in the head enough to think that ego death is hot, but even if you had a really extreme instance of it, say, in a Five Score sidefic, I don't think it's the right kind of ego death to be hot.
File: 4006146.png (449 KB, 1280x1760)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
>gets arrested at meeting for rape
Dave should have fought Dash for control
except dave and dash were one and the same, if anything dash was reclaiming her body
Dash of Humanity is already a story that exists, numbnuts
I thought his name was Dave not Don
what's the picture about?
>TF into the flat assed sister
>immediately gain crippling autism
wow I dont llike the brush he used for the fur growing in, looks like spots from some skin condition
>immediately gain crippling autism
So no mental changes then.
File: 917497.gif (1.9 MB, 503x444)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
Heh i just remembered the reason why there arent many derpy tf hypno files. Something about trying to impose metal conditions being fucked up. Imagine those files with a warning like "THIS FILE WILL DROP YOUR IQ BY 7 POINTS"
File: huh!.png (102 KB, 400x585)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
me irl
File: 4005425.png (57 KB, 256x256)
57 KB
god if only there was a colored version of this without the @everyone
File: 1707509500401065.jpg (54 KB, 666x500)
54 KB
Have fun going as a human to a place where doctors don't know how to treat you and the food can poison you.
A catbird can eat their food, so it can't be all that bad for a human to eat.

And the veterinarian we see is kind of cute, so I'm okay with that.
Are there any long mare tf stories where the mc becomes a female pegasus and ends up with a stallion? A story where the mc slowly gets used to his/her new body? If there aren't I might just have to write one myself...
File: _.png (29 KB, 1073x613)
29 KB
File: break.jpg (3.27 MB, 4020x2420)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB JPG
>The grainy recording of an infomercial appeared on the screen, and the scene was an older man spilling a glass of milk down his shirt.
>Your ears were pummelled with an exceedingly generic electric guitar riff, causing them to flip flat to your head, while on screen two boys were gunning each other down with foam dart blasters.
>While you watched Aisling tumble through the channels, you braced yourself mentally.
>The worst case was that any amount of PON-E was enough to be permanently transformed, and the dwarves had started putting it in food.
>You swallowed as the channels came and went; commercials and pre-recorded programs blaring for a second before giving out to the next number’s moment of white noise.
>Aisling was clearly searching for something live, and with how fast she was going one might have thought she was getting frantic, but her face hardly seemed to have lost any of that relaxed glow from breakfast.
>Now that you thought about it, her and Chad had been given a lot more time to process all of this...
>It made you wish that you had asked some pointed questions earlier, instead of sperging out about ‘blame’ and ‘responsibility’, but it was too late now.
>Whatever the outcome of the spell was, that was just it, the outcome.
>All you could do now was observe.
>Despite that, your thoughts still hurriedly rounded back to the possibilities, while your body fidgeted and fretted.
>You had to stop yourself from trying to bite one of your hooves like it was a fingernail.
>If the worst case was true, and it likely was, there would have been a sudden mass outbreak of transformations.
>And if not yet, then soon...
>You whispered, hardly audible over the insensate babble of an advertisement for a cereal brand.
>...The insidious option of a slow poisoning had just smuggled its way into your head.
>Although it was technically an even more horrific possibility than instant widespread transformation, it left you with the tempting possibility of deferring blame over time.
>But you quashed it right away.
>In that last moment before you had blanked out from the magic flooding through your brain, you’d seen real fear in Clapperleg, in Cichol’s eyes.
>The Fomorian’s gnomish contract deception had been clever and calculated on a surface level, but the more you poked and pulled at their nature, the more you saw the attack for what it was.
>A desperation play.
>This idea of a slow, drawn out extinction of mankind through PON-E tainting was just not possible.
>The Fomorians did not have that kind of time.
>You had no idea why they didn’t, but still you had no doubt.
>Before you could form a more concrete basis beyond that first gut feeling, Chad cut in, clicking his beak and pointing with his claw.
>”Go back one. That was the news, it was just on commercial.”
>Aisling nodded and acquiesced.
>It was the middle of some car advert.
>As the seconds ticked by, and the corny ‘uplifting’ piano in the ad plinged and plonged, your heart pumped faster and faster.
>You knew no matter what had happened your friends wouldn’t blame you, and that what Chad had said earlier was more than just.
>But your body just didn’t seem to believe it.
>Your ears rotated all about to the tiniest noises, your tail kept twitching and shivering almost violently, and your withers were tensed up as solid as rock.
>Suddenly, your sweater felt uncomfortably warm, and with a jolt you realized you were panicking.
>But you were so hopped up on adrenaline that even knowing you were was not enough to calm you down.
>In a motion about as smooth as grinding two millstones together, you turned your head to look at Aisling.
>Once again you were amazed at her constitution.
>She tipped her muzzle so deftly to drink from her cup of coffee, that only a single hair in her mane drifted over her eyes.
>And it seemed to just melt back into the molten silvery flow as she straightened out again.
>You had been half hoping for some encouraging words, but her gaze was fixed so raptly on the screen that she didn’t notice you looking at her.
>Somehow you couldn’t muster the energy to talk right now anyway, so you turned away.
>On screen, the featured SUV was coming over the top of a hill on a quiet highway through a coniferous forest.
>A man’s voice with a British accent extolled the virtues of the vehicle while your eyes wandered to the right.
>Chad seemed calm at first glance, and just as fixed on the TV as Aisling.
>Suddenly though, the sound of tearing fabric reached your ears, and the source was immediately obvious.
>Your griffon-friend’s talons were steadily puncturing the arm rest as his claws locked up.
>Aisling didn’t seem to notice.
>You motioned to let him know, but your voice never left your throat.
>The climax of the commercial was coming, it was the typical trope of the SUV coming to a full stop before hitting something.
>After the stunned, yet relieved face of the actress driving the car faded to a logo on a black background, your muscles all tensed up in anticipation.
>The screen had gone totally black, the final jingle of the ad had ended.
>Aisling and Chad and you were all leaned as far forward in your seats as you all could be without falling over.
>The screen flashed white for a moment, dazzling your eyes, before displaying the typical intro animation of the morning news segment.
>All three of you sighed loudly, and fell back into the couch.
>You lowered your head, as your anticipation turned into pent up frustration.
>To vent some of it off, you forced a second, longer, more lingering sigh from yourself while you stared holes into the floor.
>Suddenly, the recognizable jabber of a news person started up from the television and you snapped your head up as fast as you could.
>Your eyes locked onto the lit screen, and immediately your whole world gave out below you.
>Reality was impossibly more terrible than the worst thing you could have thought of.
>There was a newscaster babbling excitedly and nonsensically to the camera.
>She was a pony.
>A raspberry pink pony with a sandy blonde mane, and earmuffs pointlessly pressed to the sides of her head.
>Her speech was queer, full of strange turns of phrase that made everything she said completely unintelligible at first.
>But then your brain started to catch up, to process it properly.
>”-ut everypony is now wondering if the federal government is going to trot in or if they’re going to be delegating this relief effort to a particular somepony, like the minister of health, or if there’s any sort of plan at all. Earlier this morning the Prime Minister released a statement asking ponies to-”
>It was all ‘horsetalk’, that was the first word that came to your mind.
>Since you had been transformed, you had experienced instances where in your head you thought up replacement nouns, verbs and colloquialisms that weren’t real, but suited your new body better: everypony, on the other hoof, etc.
>You’d never said them out loud, except as a joke maybe.
>But this reporter was spitting them out like it was second nature, there was no put upon act or any indication of a joke in the tone of her voice at all.
>She was being completely serious.
>Behind her was some government office, surrounded by thousands of stampeding figures.
>They were all ponies.
>There wasn’t a single human in sight.
>Pegasi soared through the air all around, trash cans and other debris were floating up in magical lights before being flung limply at the walls of the besieged edifice by screaming and whinnying unicorns, normal ponies bucked and kicked and tumbled over each other in the snow and the mud.
>And everywhere, always, resounded the cacophony of clopping hooves.
>Aisling whispered beside you, her breath whispering like the wind.
>“They... reversed...”
>Taking PON-E will turn a human into a pony.
>“So... now-”
>Chad cut her off, and stifled your thoughts with a brief flare of hope.
>”This might just be a local thing. Switch to 33, then 48, then 56.”
>Aisling’s magical hand worked the remote in a fury, flicking through all the channel numbers Chad had rattled off in quick succession.
>A scene in Washington, ponies were stampeding up the steps of the Capitol Buil-
>Ten ponies were all bucking in unison, against the glass door of an Apple store on a cobbled street corner in Londo-
>Two unicorns were sat across from each other in a newsroom, while a video of ponies wrapped in blankets, all standing around in Moscow’s Red Squ-
>Back to the local news.
>The field outside the building had been thoroughly stomped into muck at this point, and a news anchor, a light green stallion with a slicked back teal mane, was commenting on the situation.
>”Yes well err... The PM has come out with another statement affirming that this is a nationwide issue affecting... Well, everypony. A general state of emergency has been declared-”
>Chad ripped out a fistful of the armrest and flung it at the television, while Aisling sighed and rubbed at her eyes with a hoof.
>You breathed out from your nostrils and tried not to boil over.
>But there was no doubt left, this was clearly not just a mass overdose.
>The rules had changed.

>NOT taking PON-E will turn a human into a pony.

>You were practically catatonic as you swiftly iterated through the full scope of the calamity, struck so dumb that your tongue actually lolled out of your gaping mouth.
>Every breath was a rugged struggle, but your heart and mind both raced frenetically.
>To begin with, your level of thinking had been far too shallow, rather than just making PON-E a more powerful drug, the gnomes had used the existence of PON-E to strike at the very nature of ‘humans existing’.
>Cichol had specifically said: ‘the effects of PON-E’.
>Effects, plural.
>It must be, that only one other thing had been reversed.
>Before, if a human overdosed on PON-E, they would turn into a pony permanently.
>So now, if a human overdosed on PON-E, they would turn into a pony temporarily.
>You, as a human, took one and temporarily turned into a pony.
>So you were going to turn back after 24 hours.
>You sucked down air.
>Then because you weren’t taking any PON-E, you would permanently turn into a pony.
>You blew it out
>Even in the spirit of the promise Cichol had made to you, as opposed to the literal words he’d said, it had been a half-truth.
>If you took two PON-E, you would ‘temporarily’ turn into a pony.
>So your transformation was now temporary, but at the same time, there was no escape.
>Aisling was permanently a pony, Chad wasn’t human anymore so none of this applied to him anyway, and nothing had really changed about you.
>You would have hands, for not even a noticeable moment, then lose your wings and horns, so that you couldn’t even have the snowball’s chance in hell of casting a reversal spell.
>It was over.
>Your heart sunk past your chest and into the floor, and your lungs went totally flat.
>Everything was black.
>You were falling, maybe thousands of feet through the air.
>”-nymous. Anonymous.”
>The falling feeling stopped, then burned away like fog in sunlight.
>Reality bled back in through your senses
>Claws pressed against your chest, a hoof rubbing against your shoulder.
>Piercing yellow eyes, and mirror-pool turquoises peered into yours.
>Chad’s fearsome beak creaked opened to whisper soft words into your steadily waking ears, as Aisling’s face swam out of view.
>”Let’s lie down okay? You need to breathe...”
>You blinked slowly, and inhaled, the air rasping it’s way through your dry throat.
>Strong arms and sharp claws guided you down onto your side, then gently they moved your legs in towards your body to make you more comfortable.
>Gradually you settled into a breathing rhythm again, your barrel rising and falling at a more natural rate.
>Your heart sort of hurt, it felt like it was beating too slow after all that rush a moment ago.
>Chad slumped over on the floor, but kept his head level with yours, still looking you straight in the eyes with his face pressed in close.
>Your gaze wandered over to where you’d seen the unicorn go.
>”You drooled over yourself, Aisling went to get some stuff to clean you up.”
>Like a magic spell, you could suddenly feel the dampness on your furry chest.
>The griffon whispered to you as quietly as he could, literally touching the inside of your ear with the tip of his beak.
>His downy neck brushed against the end of your nose as he spoke.
>”You stopped breathing there, was that the same feeling as when you woke up, or just panic?”
>After asking, Chad slowly brought his face back, and looked you straight in the eyes.
>Not with concern, or pity, but with plain ‘care’.
>The entire sequence had been so wonderfully honest and simple, that it made you want to cry so much, that you couldn’t cry at all.
>Chad’s gesture was like a beacon leading you back to consciousness and sanity.
>You croaked, and almost laughed.
>Your friend nodded his feathery head deliberately.
>”Uh-huh. I can uh... see why.”
>There was a sudden outburst of sound from the TV screen, some voices were raised in hollering, and the dull sound of flesh beating against flesh drummed away.
>Anyone else would have turned around to check the television behind them, but Chad reached for the remote and shut it off instead, without moving his face at all.
>You gasped out, then this time you actually managed to force out a laugh.
>Chad smiled and took a wet towel from Aisling.
>As he dabbed it against your messy fur, he answered,
>”I told ya that you have nothing to apologize for. You have to look out for yourself a little before you start trying to help other people you know.”
>A silver hoof gently rapped on Chad’s back, and you heard Aisling scoff,
>”That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, both of you are so stupid.”
>He didn’t seem to pay the comment much mind, besides a shrug and a bigger smile while he daubed away.
>Eventually satisfied with the cleaning, Chad handed the towel back to Aisling before pressing his beak up to your ear again to whisper like he did earlier.
>”That was a panic attack, I used to have them all the time. How do you feel?”
>Then his face was back in view, his eyes blinking just once.
>You pressed your lips together and nodded to show that you understood.
”Better... almost normal, just, tired.”
>Chad nodded, and without breaking eye contact with you, motioned with his claws behind your head.
>You heard the sound of blinds closing, and the room got much dimmer.
>Instantly you felt an extra degree more at ease.
>There was nothing to look at but Chad’s face, nothing to feel besides the sofa underneath you and nothing to hear besides your breathing, his breathing, and Aisling’s hooves clopping softly.
>”Let’s just relax.”

A day late, but I'm back. This one took some heavy editing to really get it together. G'morning /ptfg/.
Hope it lives up to your anticipation.
Those are the best parts about being a griffon though.
File: 2178713.png (522 KB, 2195x3187)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
Okay, spill the beans, what's your ideal Zephyr's Tale scenario? I know you've had fantasies, let's hear 'em.
A Master that speaks with German accent and I can call "Herr Kommandant" instead of Master.
Pet mare up in the mountains, with an intelligent and caring female owner who has a really comfy house with plenty of views. Somewhere where it really snows in the winter, and is somewhat cool and mild in the summer. One or two pet sisters, within driving distance of other pony friends, and plenty of kinky lesbian sex
This is also really hot
File: 3161306.png (2.64 MB, 1342x1790)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
Oh, this tf would make me SO happy.

>Good morning, sun
>No time to chat, I gotta run
>'Cause I've got places to be
>So much to do
>Excited, yes and nervous, too
>A change is starting with me

>I never worry 'bout upsetting carts, hardened hearts
>Or wonder "Will I belong?"

>I've heard it enough
>I'm callin' their bluff
>I'll never get lost in the grey
>There's something inside
>Burns bigger than pride
>Shines out of me, lighting the way!
File: beerfilly.jpg (21 KB, 269x531)
21 KB
I wish Zephyr's Tale was real
File: 2591918.png (188 KB, 598x584)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
Should pet ponies be allowed to vote?
File: 1707834052997417.png (1.32 MB, 1246x675)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
>portal opens directly in front of you to equestria
>you step into it
>you and all of your fellow /mlp/ posters are all turned into horses
>equestrian government decides youre all freaks and exports you all to an uninhabited forest region where you are expected to fend for yourselves

>how do you contribute to the team?
File: qt filler.png (1.79 MB, 1200x1500)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
Are we imprisoned in the place we're banished to?
It turns out that the mare I've been beating off to for the last 25 years was me
rainbow dash what are you doing on 4chan you're supposed to be at wonderbolts practice
Master, maybe a petmate. Preferably nonsexual. Somewhere rural.
of course not, small horses don't need to concern themselves with democracy
>consent to being a tax slave
par for the course, yes. emphatically, y e s.
if anything they should be encouraged to vote, and used in government advertisements as mascots to increase voter turnout
I don’t give a shit about any Blunder dolts anon
I'm telling Spitfire.
What kind of vetting process do you have to go through before you can have someone be your pet pony?

I'm assuming that in the WXS universe it'd be much easier to adopt a pony than it would be in one where ponification is a completely optional proceedure.
Definitely a sociopath/psychopath filter.
>go to first pony convention
>have so much fun
>fuck gotta leave the next day and go back to boring life
>stay up late thinking about all the nice times you had there
>eventually go to sleep
>wake up and notice you've become a pony
>you can't hoof open the door, but maybe your roommates will help you if they get back
Petponies have to pay taxes?


I'm out, this fetish is ruined for me.
I'm going to sleep
If I don't wake up tomorrow chained up as someone's pet pony in their basement, I will be pissed.
You don't pay taxes if you have no income.
More like SpitRoast
Literally me (Zephyr without the gender swap)
That stallion looks like he turns mares into stallions
File: _.png (26 KB, 666x577)
26 KB
If I go to the grocery store and buy a bag of peas & carrots for myself to have with dinner, I don't have to pay any sales tax.
But as soon as I go to the pet store next door and try to buy the same thing, suddenly the government insists that I have to pay up because it's "petpony" food. It's annoying.
I know these are tricks that every master learns early on, but I shouldn't be jumping through hoops to ensure my pega's coat is glossy, her wings are strong, and she's happy & well-fed.
I wish wxs was real
File: femanonride.png (40 KB, 1020x925)
40 KB
>4th annual PegaCon
>Of the 11,000-ish people attending, you saw only a few other guys, enough to count on your fingers
>It was getting progressively harder to not be a pony at this point
>Apartments were cautious to sign with a man because he could just disappear at the drop of a hat
>Even with a good credit score and a good downpayment, no bank would offer you a loan for the same reason
>Most of your clothes were old or things you snagged at thriftshops
>Couldn't even buy a t-shirt at Walmart anymore
>Luckily you worked at a small company that repaired construction vehicles, so you've been grandfathered in after it became harder to get hired
>Some of your wrench-turning was getting taken up by a unicorn who had a cutiemark for it and was allowed to have a job by his owner
>It kind of made you look like a dick if he was seen working on something because ponies shouldn't be forced to work
>Registration wasn't even over and you've been told you should go to the speed date panel countless times
>You've been introduced to several rando's friends who said they'd be looking for you there
>There were a lot of ponies around, if someone bought a ticket they got a free admission for their pony as well
>There was a lot of cosplaying ponies as well, if someone wasn't cosplaying herself, her pony was almost certainly dressed up
>These cons get bigger every year too
>Even after several hours, once you'd gotten your pass, you'd only seen a dozen or so men
>You checked the schedule and the speed adoption pet thing was tomorrow
>You could at least check that one out since there wasn't anything interesting during that hour
>There would be a sketchbook swap followed by that one 3D Fallout Equestria game finally being finished and having a panel where you could try it out
>There was also cosplay tips and merch advice in another area
>Immediately after the adoption hour there was some kind of panel in the same room about learning to live as a pony
>With how many times randoms you talked to suggested you check it out, you didn't think you'd be getting out of this
Voting implies citizenship or retention of your status as a member of society so no!
and that's a good thing
Please do it Anon
File: 1708079495399.png (181 KB, 794x1005)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
File: `23.png (38 KB, 500x375)
38 KB
Its simple anon, all you gotta do to turn into a mare is..
File: 691459.jpg (651 KB, 2497x2497)
651 KB
651 KB JPG
>It's pretty simple, really. Stallions don't WANT those rights. They want to feel like they're property. Having the ability to vote or own property makes them uncomfortable because it puts them too close to the level of women. It gives them way more responsibility than they can handle.
>Being cute and pleasing for a woman is about all a stallion can manage. Throwing all this other stuff at them hurts their little pet brains. That's why stallions are even more in favor of not being treated as equals than women are. We're just giving them what they want.
>trust me. You'll understand once you're a stallion.
File: 968550.jpg (1.26 MB, 1280x1280)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
>Let's think about this. The number of young men who have no sexual partners is like 30% and rising rapidly as is the number with zero friends. The male lonliness epedemic is real.
>Wanna know what that number is for stallions? Almost zero!
>That's right. A literal pet-brain is getting laid more than a big strong alpha male like you. It's not even close. Not only do they get more sex and almost all have a relationship but the average stallion has several friends while the average man has about zero.
>this really is the answer to the 'male lonliness epedemic'. We're trying to help you dudes.
She's right. Truthpilled, dare I say.
>ywn be invited to a party at a con and get dosed with Pon-E
File: 14.02.2024.png (173 KB, 1067x924)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
I was going to make a comment about the biggest stylistic sin here, but every time I look back at it, I notice something new that's just as bad as the countless other sins.
that stallion looks like he has gay stallion sex
>the black person becomes a white horse
holy fuck
File: 3303613.png (400 KB, 1080x895)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
that stallion looks like he is a big qt
File: bee_butt.png (152 KB, 1160x870)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
File: hyperdrama.png (22 KB, 300x300)
22 KB
>new justice album drops april 26 2024
>five score book version takes place in 2024
this implies that any of the five score characters could've canonically listened to hyperdrama before their 25th birthday
Megaman dropped January 7th
File: femanonbuzzer.png (158 KB, 908x438)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Spent Valentine's day playing with that stallionschizo ai bot.
if drinking mare milk turned you into a mare, would you be willing to do the same but for a stallion
File: _.png (332 KB, 1600x1200)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
>Anon hears that stallion milk turns you into a stallion.
>Gets some stallion "milk" and drinks it.
>Turns into a horsecock.

You can get milk from a stallion, but it takes some serious messing with their hormones. Getting "milk" from them is a lot easier. Not as difficult as finding a rooster's egg, but a lot of stress on the horse.
Anon turning into Clover from My Little Pony Tales because of her clover cutiemark
that's good luck!
File: 3304192.png (206 KB, 623x691)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
So good
Imagine turning into a pathetic version of pinkie pie
One question, many of you don't like the "reincarnate into Twiligh" thing because that would kill the original character, where is her "soul" now that you inhabit her body etc, but what if we talk about reincarnating into a character that doesn't exist in the canon but has her own story, i.e. imagine getting up as Twilight's sister.
Older or younger?

Growing up in the same household as an existing character? Sounds okay.
As metaphysically stupid as this may sound, why does the distinction between the canon vs non-canon source media make a difference when it comes to the character having a soul/the character being killed?
Twilight Sparkle is a fictional character created by Lauren Faust in 2010. Porchlight Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle’s sister, is a fictional character created by myself two minutes ago.
As far as I’m concerned, both have just as much of a soul that would be killed if I were to reincarnate as one of them.
The reason I presume the latter is justifiable is that I brought Porchlight Sparkle into existence and her soul would not exist if not for me, therefore I’m justified in claiming it for myself.
>The reason I presume the latter is justifiable is that I brought Porchlight Sparkle into existence and her soul would not exist if not for me, therefore I’m justified in claiming it for myself.
That's what I'm talking about, It's a scenario where that pony already has a life, a past, etc, but at the same time would not exist if it were not for you.
In that case, it sounds pretty straightforward for the majority of characters: the person effectively entitled to become them is the person that brought them into existence.
I could take Porchlight Sparkle’s place without it being a moral dilemma, and Lauren Faust could take Twilight Sparkle’s place (much as I doubt she’s interested in TF).
There are some weird grey areas. Do you have any thoughts on someone taking the place of G4 Applejack – or even crazier, Twilight Sparkle specifically as she appears in a fanfic such as Five Score?
Does Lauren Faust have a claim to the specific G4 iteration of Applejack? I guess it comes down to whether that Applejack’s soul is differentiated from earlier-gen Applejack. I’d say that it is.
Imagine NOT turning into a pathetic version of pinkie pie, wouldn't be me
File: _.jpg (111 KB, 1190x937)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: ZephyrCatch.png (437 KB, 1338x833)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
Her soul would just get transported into a new canon character
I really like this image. Her expression is perfect.
I view it as an alternate timeline/universe. In this timeline, Twilight's soul never has a chance to exist and you take its place, thus you're not responsible for her death. Stop moralfagging over the idea of becoming Twilight Sparkle and just enjoy your new purple hooves and fabulous secret powers, gosh.
The face of never going back
He's me
File: _.png (385 KB, 744x789)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (117 KB, 900x1800)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Finally, some g5 content. I'd love to become izzy Moonbow! I think I can withstand the schizzyphrenia
>IQ falls by 30 points
Brutal transformation
Turning into a kid will do that to you. Turning into a female just makes it worse.
jesus christ... is jesus christ...
I thought this guy’s shtick is that he’s one of the few TF artists who still works exclusively with traditional methods.
(Yes, I know the post above yours is coincidentally also traditional – SkywalkerGirl being the only other one I can think of off the top of my head.)
Seeing this art with digital colors and shading kinda bums me out. The copic marker fill was fucking soulful, and I’m really going to miss it if he’s done doing that.
File: _.jpg (311 KB, 2048x1533)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
File: _.jpg (427 KB, 750x875)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
File: 1559263533831.png (260 KB, 884x1051)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Nice ponytail and parted bangs, nice coat and mane color. Good pony to turn into!
File: think2.png (332 KB, 4650x4550)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
Your first look in the mirror after becoming a mare
Shouldn't I have pink hair in my view?
File: _.png (124 KB, 839x584)
124 KB
124 KB PNG

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