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File: You were the best.webm (3.1 MB, 640x480)
3.1 MB
Howdy, partner!

What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories with the concept of an alicorn-ascended Princess Applejack trying to change a mismanaged Equestria for the better by humorously interacting with the other, quite lazy, princesses. Plus late night pink antics.

Not to mention a whole bunch of Changelings with nothing better to do but cause mischief.

The whole thing was set in motion by this gem:


>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."


Are you feeling creative? Try your hand at writing a story! No contribution is too small and we love having new folks around.

If you're more artistically inclined give a drawing or sketch a shot. Don't fret too much; it doesn't have to be fancy and we appreciate artwork a lot.

If that isn't your style either, writers always need feedback. So tell us what you liked - and what you didn't - to help us improve.

If you are unsure about anything, do not be afraid to ask. We will gladly bring you up-to-date or explain anything you feel is unclear.

Thread 369 is here, nice, and with it Rainbow Power for all!
1 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/15714689/
2 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/15809561/
3 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/15905493/
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366 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40495045
367 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40623606
368 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/40730260
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>Tia? Ah' gotta quick question.

"You absolutely positively cannot be thinking about anything of the sort right now."

>Nah, it'll be quick, it's about this here rainbow power. Been meaning to ask for a while.

"What? Why didn't you, then?"

>Wasn't a thing yet.


>Anyway Ah' just wanted to know, iffin' it could do this why didn't it do this instead of the Elements of Harmony? Why the necklace when ya' got super modes and instant wins?

"Because it only works once."

>Ha ha.


>Yer' serious.

"Oh yes, exactly one time, and never again. Even when we really really need it, it's not going to happen again. Just going to appear exactly once and poof, gone forever."


"I don't know, cosmically I think they just like seeing us all pretty up there."


"Can't possibly say this one's all my fault."

*Applejack looks to the sky.*

>Ya' could've solved so many problems and ya' didn't and now we only get the one and ITS ALL YER FAULT!

*Oh the wind, they hear the echoes of the words...*

*I knoowwwww*
File: 2902014.jpg (300 KB, 1634x2048)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Pinkie Preview Prophecies

>Applejack realizes that's the 69th one.
>Cadence gets the love sight and sees there's hope even for you.
>Pinkie feeds into everyone's chocolate addiction.
>DT encourages folks to get your girl a cannon. Bitches love cannons.
>Celestia debunks a sugar conspiracy.
>Luna is disgusted in your waifu choice.
>The Crusaders can't help falling in love...with the cuteness!
>What is love fanservice!
Oh myyyy
Now it’s “nice” just for this thread


“Oh wow! This is really something! Look at how my mane is glowing, and it’s like I can see all sorts of things now! It really brought out my inner sight! What did it do to you, chaser?”






“That seems right.”

>Faust DAMN we look cool!

"You equestria folks got real weird definitions of cool. Looks like I fell into a glitter slash cotton candy factory."

>I think you look amazing!


>And now you can punch things so hard they explode!

"...alright this is cool. PAUNCH."
>Lucky Strikes





>I might be a little traumatized because of what happened.



>Lily Valley

>The horror! The horror!

"But Lily, we can finally fight back! Sure, I know it was scary, but-"

>No, I mean this new form!

"...what? What's wrong with it?"

>I already spend over six hundred bits a month on my mane, it'll cost a fortune to maintain this one!




It was a good day

>This is highly impractical.

"I think you look good!"

>As an obnoxiously gaudy target, yes.

"Do you think I look gaudy?"

>No, of course not. It looks good on you, obviously.

"Aww, thanks, Jetty."

>It's just not good for stealth.

"Looks like it's good for punching bad guys, though. I think I can even do a pretty good job of it now!"

>As a last line of defense.

"Feels like a frontline thing-"

>Last. Line.

"Fine fine. You know I still gotta defend myself if someone sneaks by you, right?"

>We'll worry about that unlikely scenario if it ever happens.
This is like his dream

>I told you holding onto that thing was smart!

“I told you not to lose it several times! I wanted to keep it safe and study it!”

>Yeah well I told you the other thing so there.

“How did you lose it in the tree!?”

>Losing it and not telling anyone where your stash is are very different.


>Do not touch the cookies down there!
“I thought you liked sharing.”

>I don’t like being arrested

>Oh great, that punchy-ghost of yours got even stronger.

"I think you'd be happier, considering how Regalia's helped us not die so far.

>I'm just sayin' it's a bit of spotlight hog. You and funny boy over there get these showy powers, and I get super punches.

~You wanna trade?~

>Hel no! I like punching things! Just wish it was more spicy, you know?

~Ah. I get'cha. You wanna have punches that can vaporize clothes in an instant. Like playing strip poker, but without consent.~

>No I don't, you pecker-brained dolt.

"That would be a pretty useless ability, anyways, since all of our enemies are naked."

~Right, it would be pretty useless... My bad.~

>Don't act like THAT'S the main problem here.

~To be fair to Robin, these powers seem to be based on what we think of our Elements. If you switch up your mindset you could probably get something flashier.~


"In the meantime, Regalia Harmony will-"

~Seriously needs a better name.~

"The name is fine."



>Doesn't quite roll off the tongue, that.


"Ok, Delight, what would you call it? Regalia Requiem?"

~Oh, no no no. The reference is a little too on the nose. I'd go for something like Regalia Overture, so it's relevant but not referent, you know? Then you could call this version Overture Rainbow.~

"How's adding Rainbow different from just adding Harmony?"


>O-ver-ture Rainbow...

~She gets it! She gets it! Haha!~


"...Faust above, this may really be the end times...
>O-ver-ture Rainbow...

All right that was clever.

>Oooo lightning, should I rename myself zap or zip? Or zip zap?

“Can’t duck the timeline harder.”

>Was that intentional or-

“It’s all quacked up!”

>...it's beautiful.

"Yours comes with a cello? Seriously?"


Orchestral sounds resound across the battlefield, striking her foes as if they were dealt by the the mightiest of foes and casting them away from her noble sight! The mare stood with a symphony of music playing down her mane, each one matching the gentle glide of her bow, tears in her eyes at the beauty of it all.

"Man, that sucks, all I get is one vinyl record-"

WICKKA went the sound of the disk hanging in the air, before a sharp cut of air nearly sliced the nearest foe in half.




Somehow... they both fit.
Music hair is weirdly inspired


"Really!? Oh no!"



>When was I going to get the chance.

Now I’m imagining a campfire on her head

>Should we… attack?

“Shhhh! They go off trex rules, if you don’t move they can’t see you!”

>That doesn’t sound true.

“It better or we’re getting clapped.”
Bad news
I doubt they’re going to shoot someone still.
>Alright, here’s what we do…

Turns around

“Is this to get better range for an attack?”

Other Queen just keeps going

“… oh
Where’s she gonna go, Detroit?

>I'm honestly shocked you gave this to me. Can I be serious for a moment? Even I wouldn't give me stuff sometimes. I'm kind of a jerk, sometimes. Really a fuckup, most of the times. And I still get the rainbow super power? I mean, okay, not gonna argue with you, but I'm still SWEET MERCIFUL FUCK!




>Honey, are you seeing this-


'Me also have biggest gun!'

"Me happy for you!"

'Awww, I'm happy for you too, Buttercup!'

"But am you not healing because of science magic?"

'These are clearly healing bullets.'

With a TAKAKAKAKAKAKAK, she shot a Queen from the sky.

"...she am not look healed."

'I made it spin the other way, it healed in reverse.'

"Make sense! RAWWWW!"



>I have never been more turned on in my life.

>… me head doesn’t itch anymore…


Tears of joy stream down her face

>Alright I think we're actually screwed.

"We can take them."

>Look, we were doing REALLY good a second ago-

"Exactly case closed."

>But we've run into some snafus. First and foremost, the new powerups.

"Meh, we beat them powered up before."

>That brings us to the second snafu. I think the one who actually may have possibly slight mostly been the reason for our victory is uh... maybe dead? Unconscious? It was really vague. Point is she is not here to tell us with suggestions we can ignore on how to not suck which we totally don't!

"Meh, we don't need-"




>Who the fuck are you?


>You may be the most random ponies I've ever met.

~And I just one shot a Queen.~

>...fuck it I'm going to detrot.
Guess he’s still… notable?


>...Should not have powered us up.

"Yeah we were assholes."

>This is not deserved.

"Buuuuuut... still gonna use it."

>Well, duh, assholes.
>Fancy Pants

>You look ravishing, dear.

"As do you! A proper prince!"

>Oh pshaw, I'm nothing so noble. Not when a true royal stands among us!

"Quite the speech, she gave."

>Quite the mettle she proved.

"We shall have to remember to send a bouquet of celebration to her."

>That's a wonderful idea.

"Shall we give these brutes what for?'

>It is all they deserve. GRRAAHHHHH!


They're classy
Not losers
As she deserves
She’s finally respected
Now don’t mess it up.

>… we are almost afraid to move…

>We're not Chrysalis we can probably manage.

>Hey! We’ve been pretty good!

“Except for the ending.”

>You're supposed to be on my side!

“I don’t help bad habits”
That’s a strong relationship
It is important not to bolster toxic traits!

>So... this is what it's like to get an instant win.

"This is how they feel all the time!"

>So weird, right?



>I mean I'm not even trying and I'm just punching hard.

"It's so simple! Like pointing a necklace at someone and winning!"

>I finally know what it feels like to be one of the special ones.



>...we're going to feel hollow after all this, aren't we?
>I've tasted greatness and cannot return.

>Huh. What happens iffin' ya' already have powers? Does it just make them more powerful, partner?

"...it burns..."
>Is that bad?


>oh no

Across the battlefield, along the lines of enemy and foe alike, all eyes were held captive by the radiant box that sprouted from the corpse of Harmony. It drifted skyward, higher and higher, just as the stallion's thoughts drifted further and further back, driven by a single question:

/Is that what I felt?/

He recalled a sensation - a pulse of something indescribable - every time he'd put his hooves on Harmony's magnificent trunk. Could it have been that box this whole time? Growing within her core?

/Did you plan this.../

Was this moment something she predicted, just as it seemed she did the critical wound she first suffered when that changeling stabbed her?
Was every word she spoke perfectly plotted, engineered to drive them to the grand finale unfolding before their eyes?

Or was she just working with what she had like the rest of them?

Was she merely nudging them along the path she only believed would lead them to victory?
Were her actions just a reflection of who she genuinely was, not as some grand mastermind who's lived for centuries, but as an eccentric, emotionally-logical creature?

Was the box not just some last resort she had in wings, but a symbol of her own hopes? A seedling that finally blossomed - nurtured by the Friendship of those called to the battlefield? Those who Harmony pushed toward realizing the power they held within themselves?

/Did you? Harmony?/

He received no response.

But as the box opened and the full potential of the Elements washed over the battlefield, he swore he heard the twinkling of what sounded like her gentle laughter.

It felt pointless to say - too obvious to acknowledge.

But he'd never felt so strong, bolstered by the bedazzling might of what could only be called Rainbow Power.

The green jacket he'd worn had changed into a cloak fit for a captain, its sleeves wound by chains of golden nibs. His wings had grown and his feathers were deeply dyed an emerald color that shimmered like blades. And as those wings carried him through the sky, his mane and tail flowed behind him, dancing with the wind like wisps of crimson.

He was brimming with power and no Queen could stop the path he carved through the sky.


But he wasn't interested in them. His target was a drone - the one who lied some distance from the dull stump of Harmony.

>There you are.

He took aim and fired at her, wrapping her in a mass of gold cloth. From there, he continued to weave through the chaos of battle until he was close enough to dive at-



In a blink, he snatched the mare up in a magical harness.


Normally, he wouldn't stoop to kidnapping. It's kinda morally wrong and illegal or something. But he couldn't waste time. Not with his conscience nagging him.

Ally in tow, he left the peeved Secret Agent behind and carried her through the Queens.

"Delight! What's gotten into you?"

>I need your help.

"Someone needs healing already? I thought this super Harmony magic brought us all up to snuff!"

>Not all of us...

"Is it Discord? I can't see him anymore..."

>Fluttershy's probably got 'im.

"Then who?"

He didn't answer, but she got one when he finally set her down...


In front of the pale, brittle changeling. The cloth around her shimmered and shifted, lightly moved by the barely visible heaving of her chest.


Her brows furrowed, and he could only guess the conflict she felt. But he still asked her to heal the changeling. And when she rightly pointed out that she'd try to kill them again, he gave her a stalwart speech about mercy and threw in a reasoned argument for good measure.

>Uh... Er...

That was the "plan". But he didn't have a reason. The decision to help her wasn't born out of one. It wasn't even a "decision".

>I... She's-

"It's alright."

She smiled, lightly.

"You don't have to explain yourself."

With her hooves raised, magic flowed from her in a stream that gently washed over the changeling. He didn't know how long the process would take...

~...Haa... Ah...~

But it did seem to be taking.

[You know she wouldn't do the same for you.]

A simple statement, one that could easily be read as an accusation from the Obsidian Beast. Because it was.

>/Hah. She wouldn't leave anything left of me in the first place./

It was also an acknowledgement...

[And when she inevitably tries to kill you?]

A nod to what the pony was:

>/I'll probably just lie down and beg for mercy./

Foolish. Sentimental. And unwittingly driven to nurture his own sap-ling of Hope.

>No one must ever know I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing
50/50 Harmony takes care of it herself, she can be… vindictive
Would that even work with her essentially being a Devonia Battery for a bit? Obviously gotta try regardless, but Devonia's anti-Harmony to her core, since Au2 was pretty much a conduit for all that power to take down the Tree she should still be full of it.
Only one way to find out!
It very much is the thought that counts
Jetty gonna slap a bitch
Maybe she didn’t stick around, feeling like she wasn’t worthy
Or got wiped out in the attack.
Now he has to adopt her that the rule.

>I feel like that's not a rule.

"The term is technically law..."


"Yes yes all my faultl

>I want one.

"A... changeling?"


"A changeling, right?"



>Does this make us less special?


>...I'm weirdly okay with that.

"Ya' should be, it's cool."

>I admit... I didn't expect to be included.

It wasn't an outlandish idea by any stretch. Chrysalis had few experiences with the fabled Elements of Harmony's purest of magic, and mostly they had been a reminder of her folly. Now instead she was allowed to stand, her hair turned from moggy green locks to a raging inferno tempest. It's sickly color had been replaced with a much more vibrant green, not so different from a luscious field on a sunny day. Her hooves still sported their holes, but now each one looked much more similar to a heart and seemed filled to the brim with a loving magic that reached out for any who passed by. Most notably, her crown had turned into something majestic, sporting a much grander size so that it may cover her entire head and bejeweled with hearts that shimmered in the deepest ruby red.

"You should know better by now."

Even so, she wanted to claim the mare at her side was even more impressive. Her tri colored hair had turned into an aurora borealis of pinks and lavenders that flowed like the northern lights. Easily able to stand next to Celestia or Luna themselves, every bit as majestic, with gold and red traveling up her hooves as if they were stockings wrapped tightly around each one. Her face was positively sparkling, and only partially due to the stars that seemingly floated freely around her eyes. Her crown now shared much more resemblance to the Crystal Castle itself, had it not been for the half of the Crystal Heart perched at the peak. Both of them knew, without a second thought, to whom the other truly belonged.

They hoped, and prayed, they would see him again soon.

>Even so...

"Best not to dwell on such things, the battle has begun."

Sure enough, in the skies above the ponies of Equestria and their allies clashed with those who had been blessed by Devonia's rage. The tide that had been so harshly turned against them had turned once more, and for once in their favor.

>It has. Go and check on the children before you go. Then, we can get our revenge for that defeat.

Sharp, burning eyes cut to the foes who had nearly ended them mere minutes ago, who had cast them into a void they thought they might never escape.

"I had planned on it. Do not start that without me."

>Of course not.

"I'm serious. In the meantime, I believe you have something else that need be done."

Chrysalis's gaze cut to the side, where a brilliant glow covered another.

>Are you sure? The battle has just now gone in our favor.

"We both know it's what you truly wish to do. Go on."

With a swift kiss to the cheek and a smile, the Princess trotted off.

"Don't debate with yourself too long, else Applejack and Celestia will keep us from getting our licks in."

Despite the insistence, there was a bit of hesitation that lasted longer than she wished to admit, before the Changeling Queen finally gave in to her beating heart, and walked towards the trunk of the Tree of Harmony.

Where a kind heart struggled.

'Come on, come on...'

Chrysalis did not know the mare's name, though her agents had made notes that she was of particular importance to the constant irritation that was Jetset. She may admit that his every fear was valid and he was completely in the right to be dismissive of her, but that didn't mean she had to like it.

'Why isn't it working...'

Such things she could dwell on, another time. For now, the important part was the mare who held her hooves tightly to the chest of a far too small changeling, giving her all of her brilliant Rainbow Power with the singular goal of healing the grievous wounds.

Alas, such magic, though noble in intent, could do little to one who had been tainted by the Rage of Devonia. Such power had always been intended to be the antithesis to the very magic she was trying to use in vain, the only one that could annihilate all that the creator had made in her final rebellion. The same dark magic of a Changeling throne, capable of reducing even Chaos itself to nothingness, had flowed within her, and as such she could only wither away as all things living would in that foul presence.

>Step aside.

Honeyheart may have heard her, her ears swirling made that clear, but she did nothing of the sort. If anything, she pressed her hooves harder to the other's chests and focused her Rainbow Might even more.

'I don't care how you feel about her, my duty as a doctor says I need to do the best I can for her while I can. If you want to punish her, do so after I get her breathing under control. She's...'


The mare winced, but didn't deny it.

>It's alright.

The words came out soothing, calm and almost motherly. As used as she was to the crackling and screeching rage of the Queen, it was enough to shock her off guard and force her to look back just to confirm she hadn't been deceived by another. Only when she looked into those green eyes did she finally relent, and move aside.

>Thank you. Your efforts were kind, but I'm afraid this one...

Gently, she placed her hoof atop the changeling's chest.

>Is not someone that Harmony can help.

The small changeling jerked with a pained gasp, her body retching and twisting in agony as a darkness overtook her. Instantly, Honeyheart had gripped the limb, seeking to pull off the larger Queen by any means necessary to save her patient.

But the Queen, would not be moved.

>Little one...

She whispered into the smaller ear, so quiet that only they may hear.

>They will not help you.

The other hissed back in anger, her weak lips quivering as she tried to bare her fangs to her foe like a cornered animal. It came out as little more than a squeak.

>You can hear their voices in your mind even now, can you not? The whispers of the Hivemind live in you, brighter than any other who remain. Such is the cost of that magic poured into your soul.

Words tried in vain to form on her lips, only to come out as breathless hollow gasps of air.

>Listen to them, and hear...


She fought, she struggled, but only when the last of her strength left her and she could move no more did the nameless changeling finally do as she was told, whether she liked it or not

Tears began to roll down her eyes.

>I know, little one, I know...

She gurgled out something incomprehensible, but the Queen nodded as if she understood every word.

>They were never going to thank you. You would never earn their praise, and never know their respect. Their hearts are too proud, their minds too set in their own greatness. They would never admit a drone, of all things, would be grander than they were. That a drone was a better leader, a better changeling. Even if the truth were spoken to them through a spell that made it impossible to deny... you could not change their hearts, or their minds. That, I'm afraid... they could only do for themselves.

A kind smile crossed her face, a knowing one as she thought of an event long ago.


Her smile turned sad as she pondered that word.

>I suppose it's a mixture of our upbringing, and our own choices that we made when-

~Why are you helping them?~

That, she hadn't expected to hear. She hadn't expected to hear much of anything, really.

>Because they are my friends, of course.

But when the darkness beneath her hoof began to rise, called by the anger in her small heart, she started to understand.

~Don't you know what they would've done to you?~

>...I do.

~I don't think you do.~

She hissed, her hoof coming up to grab hold of the offending limb on her chest.

~Don't you know who I am?~

What had once been so weak it could not move, was now strong enough to fold back even a mighty Queen.

~I'm the one who watched you die, in another world.~

Though Honeyheart reeled back in shock, completely taken off guard by the implication, Chrysalis did not so much as blink. She had known since the moment she'd touched that chest.

She'd known who she was, in that world, and this one.

~I watched you fall that day to the very ponies you now seek to save. I admired you, looked up to you... truly loved you, as my Queen, and in the blink of an eye, you were gone. I lost you, I lost... so much that day. A-and now...~

The power was enough to start to send spiderwebs along the larger foreleg.

~Now I see you, working to save them, giving away a perfect world for them, I see the same glorious, powerful Queen I watched fall in battle praise the ones who would kill her hive! I see a pathetic, weak, disgusting-~

Every word stopped when a gentle hoof brought the other's head to her chest.

>I'm sorry.

Whatever she had left in her, it could not hold against a voice filled with a true apology.

>I'm so, so sorry, that I wasn't a good enough Queen, in your world.

She could not breathe, when teardrops rained on her head.


>It was my failure in all ways that lead you to this point. I was not strong enough to win in battle and grant you a world of power. I was not clever enough to make use of our skills to build a better life of our own. I was not humble enough to ask for aide when I truly needed it. I was not Queen enough.. to rule. She, I, were not worthy of your love, and your dedication.

She'd gone silent in a mixture of emotions so vast her short life could never have given her the tools to make use of them. A tornado of feelings mingling with disgust, shock, sadness, joy, validation, desecration, regret and completion. It was everything and nothing she'd ever wanted to hear.

>I have changed in this world, learned, lived, and loved. I finally understand how valuable each and every one of you are... you're not disposable, you're not worthless, you're not mere drones. We are a hive. That means something.

Once more, the hoof was allowed to be placed to her chest.

>I cannot be the one to take your hatred away. I know what I'm taking from you as it is. A world where everything went right for you, a world where you did not lose so much. You, who have already lived a life of regret and loss enough for a thousand lifetimes, should not be forced to give away another. I'm sorry, I wasn't Queen enough before, and am not capable still of giving you a life you can be proud of. I cannot take that pain away.

The changeling in her grasp screamed.

>I can only take this.

She thrashed, she fought with every scrap of power still left within her. The Rage of Devonia, the last flame of an eternal fire of hatred and rebellion born eons ago, the darkest power meant to reject all things magical in this world. The power of the Hivemind.

Only two beings in all of history could control this magic. The Queen of the First Hive Devonia...


And the Queen of the Final Hive, Chrysalis.

>But you deserve so much more.

With a swing of her hoof, she pulled that darkness from her body, the same way she had learned to control it all those years ago at the base of this very Tree. The Power of the Hivemind, the Rage of Devonia, lay in her hooves for only a moment.


Before it was cast away by the command of the once self proclaimed Greatest Queen. The hatred of another was gone. The rebellion to the ponies was gone. The regret and the darkness of Devonia, all had been taken away.

Sadly, much still remained. All of it, of the changeling's own.

>You should be able to heal her better now. Her body, at least.


True enough, once she'd snapped from her shocked stupor, the pony was able to amble forwards and place her hooves on the Changeling's chest once more. To her relief, this time, it seemed to take hold. Her body could be healed, in time.

~It's not fair...~

But her heart, her mind, was different. When the pony below looked up with questioning eyes, the Queen could only sadly shake her head in regret.

>That pain... isn't mine to heal. That wound is one I caused, in another life.

Her eyes turned to the sky and scanned the battlefield above. After a moment, she let out a single regretful breath.

'What's wrong?'

The Queen only shook her head, but the answer would come soon from the changeling down below.

~W-why didn't you help me?~

From one who had cried out with all their might for any who could hear the Hivemind to swoop to her aide and save her. A cry the elder Queen had let cast out without stifling or quieting it. A cry, that had gone unanswered. The Queens would not come to help her, not at the cost of facing someone like Chrysalis. Even now, even after all she'd done, it wasn't worth it to them.

She'd done her part, and could now be discarded like any other Drone.


Not even a certain Queen, who still had not moved from her place in the sky she'd been floating since the moment Chrysalis had defeated her.

~M-my... my q-qu... m-mommy...~

None of them had answered.

>Do as that adorable stallion asked. Heal her body as best you can.

The battle awaited, and the Queen must tend to her Hive.

>Her mind, and her heart... will have to wait.

The little changeling she left behind had lived many lives in her short time on this earth.

She prayed the next one, would finally be the happy one she deserved.
Fully realized as a Queen chrysalis is trippy
Did she just call Delight adorable?

She’s going into whitey withdrawal
Two we require hugs.

All of the hugs.
Goddamn she’s been through enough someone get her an ice cream cone
Maybe put something in it too.
Damn AU2 got the short end
Remember kids don’t be dicks
Don’t be a dick and don’t fuck
The universe
~Ya know it occurs to me that any kids I ever have are gonna be really messed up in some way~

~… imma have twenty, fuck the world
Her rebellious streak is a little more hardcore
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I have commissioned new art!
Version with text. "She turned us into killers!"
This is the ultimate version of this is fine.
Oh god it took me too long to realize what that was from, when I could’ve just read the filename
If anyone was gonna imagine shit it's Pinkie

>Soooo, paintball got out of hoof.

“Pinkie the fuck.”
Money well spent
>Tabble giving a boost

Best boyfriend
On the positive side, pink hides red rather well
Don’t stand in front of the barrel you dope


Magically summons microphone.

>Test test

Tap tap tap

>Attention changelings, I would like to inform you that I am now, officially, adorable. I have been granted this title by your Queen and it is now forever. Official.

Drops mic.

>I'm motherhugging adorable.
Reminder her only other contact was shoving him out of the way of getting pasted
Guess someone left an impression.


>Oh me oh my, this certainly is... something.

"You look wonderful, dear!"

>And you simply look ravishing.

"Oh, pshaw."

>No, literally, it looks like you will ravish them. With the non-sexy definition.

"Well... I mean, YOU can still find it that way."

>You have glowing fangs.

"Now we match!"

>I... am actually into this.

"There it is!"



>Who the actual fuck are you? I feel like I missed SO MUCH
It’s kind of funny pretty much only Delight and Two know her backstory
Not a big exposition one, she isn’t
Just a lot of rage
She’s cranky and needs a nap
~~~~~MINUTES LATER~~~~~~~

"And now here I am, being ignored."

>...So if we can go back to me not knowing your backstory that would be greeeeaaaaattt.
>Steam Gauge

>...did you get THICKER!?

"This is a cosmic joke and I'm not laughing."

>No yeah me neither... snkkkk

>So... this is what it's like to be important.

"Gotta say, I don't feel all that different."

>Maybe the whole importance thing was an unfair burden we put on our friend and was instead merely an end result of someone far more willing to give in to the magic of friendship than we were, thus creating a paradox where our own importance was only understated due to how overstated we created the concept.

"And now we're able to perceive our own failure in friendship due to a humble connection we made with one we thought unimportant but instead is the reason we're able to fight for our world rather than lie forgotten on the sidelines."

>Hrm... Screwloose? Anything to add?


>SA misses out on more friendship

>If I miss out on friendship because of you I will hurt you, somehow!

"You keep saying that and it never gets more true..."
>Oh yeah!?

"Yeah, you can't really hurt me-"

>Pink fluffy unicorns, dancing on rainbows!

>Pinkie argues with Celestia at the end
>Shes been dead a thousand years
wouldn’t it be twilight?



>Anyone else feelin like they’re glowing so bright it might cause cancer?

>M-Me neither.

>Looking good, Punchbug.

The changeling wasn't one to brag, and thus wouldn't be agreeing with the sentiment. Even so, she was quite honest, and also wasn't going to deny that any time soon.

Her helmet looked quite similar to the one Shining Armor once wore when he was captain of the guard, albeit with a distinctly Changeling flair. Furthermore, the tree combination fusion looked much more seamless, almost perfectly formed, now than it had before. Her golden locks radiated out the back of the helmet in a barely contained flow, and now each one of her forelegs was dotted with what seemed to be impact points radiating out from their tip. She could almost feel them pulse with an awesome power, and almost felt worried about what that power might bring should she truly unleash it. She would have to be careful, lest she splatter some unsavory bits across the battlefield.

"You're not looking so bad yourself. Quite... hot."

She laughed at that, looking up to the raging tempest above her head. She knew her name left a lot for puns, but she didn't think the embodiment of the Elements of Harmony itself would have that sense of humor.

>Bit early for the puns, isn't it?

"What puns?"

The pegasus blinked. The changeling smiled. She got a smile back.

>Well I'll be, someone's finally getting over her shyness.

The tough soldier let out a soft chuckle she could no longer hold inside.

"I'm not shy, I'm reserved. So, don't expect me to be openly joining in any raunchy jokes."

>A soldier not joining in raunchy jokes? Have you... met them?

"I'm a unique and special little soldier."

>Gonna be hard to deny that one.

"So, you'll have to accept that alas, you won't be hearing me spout those in my standup. But, in thanks..."

She planted a soft kiss on the yellow cheek.

"You get to hear the ones I don't share with the public."

Before she could react, the Changeling took to the sky, and to the battles.

>...You know, I've known these guys for years now...

With a smile, she rubbed her cheek.

>And they're still full of surprises.

Before she too joined in the fray.

>..you know, I know my hair was just a wig that looks like yours-

"IT WAS!?"

>But it's weird Harmony gave me a real one that also looks like yours?


>I mean it's exact.

"Now we can share tips on how to style it! Or we can use each other to test how it looks!"

>That's not fair, you make any style look good.

"Awww, you know you do too! Don't get down on yourself!"

>It's not bad to admit you look so much prettier than me, I'm good at other stuff too! We've all got our strengths!

"Oh, absolutely! Now we get to show them off, give them a whooping out there!"

>I will, Caddy!

"Alright I've gotta go check on the kids."

She leans over and gives a quick, but nice, kiss.

"Gotta go, love youuu!"

And leaves like she's heading to a nine to five.


A queen, sensing weakness, tackled her full bore. It didn't even make her twitch.


>You know, this is exactly what we needed. A nice dinner out with just us, enjoying the day, having a nice time...

"To whoever is trying to play hoofsie, it's doing absolutely nothing."

'...what? Why are you looking at me?"

~You are the closest.~

'And it still clearly couldn't be me because she's not going 'Ow! Some hoof hole hook just stabbed me!'

>She has a point there.

'I have many points, and I'm not just talking my legs, HAH!'

(Do we have the budget for this menu? The chocolate stuff went up like crazy.)

>There's a shortage, but it should be fine. Let's splurge a little! This is a day of loving and happy and love! Happy love!

"He said it! This is the best day ever, my day! Hearts and hooves day!"

~You know, it's weird you never had an adventure with Twilight on this day. Right? If I heard right, she had a fair bit, but none of them involved you. It's just something that should be obvious, staring right in the face, and yet it just never happened.~

"Ahahaha, I love being reminded of me getting left out of the one thing that would make sense to include me."

~I'm sorry! It's just, all these questions Applejack keeps throwing at me has me questioning every part of our world! Like, why aren't Changelings using this day more often? A changeling involved in this day just seems obvious! She's ruined my brain!~

'Shiny! Ruin her brain in other ways! Sexy ways!'

>That's completely-

~No no, she's onto something.~

{I have a brain punch if you need.}

"Please do not mind break the leader of a nation to make her less prone to notice things."

'Like that time her niece acted nuts?'

~One! Time!~

=Trust me, one time is all you need. Literally every Wonderbolt has a humiliating nickname from that one thing they did.=

"What was yours?"

'If I had to guess, Swallowfire.'

=How did you know?=

(...go onnnnnn.)

>I don't know if this is appropriate for the table.

~Shhhshs! I want to hear this!~

=Look, we all know how I got that name, so lets just be adults about this.=

'I absolutely have to hear this now!'

"No, no we really don't..."

'Who caught you?'

=The entire team...=


~Oh, that's regretful.

=Well it was hard to hide it, being up there in the air and all. Not like I could duck behind something.=

(...beg your pardon?)

~You're a daring one.~

=More like stupid. What's worse is I just chided someone for messing up like that not ten minutes before. Ten minutes!=

'Starting to think the Wonderbolts are more fun than I thought!'

=And there I go, cheering and whooping and hollering and WHOOP! Bug goes right down my throat and I swallow it, then bam, mid choke I take out a watch tower.=


"That makes more sense."



=Huh, expected more laughs and less... OH COME ON!=

"Well, the way you sounded."

=You're all the worst! Shining, you should have stopped them!=

'You knew!?'

>I was the captain of the guard, it would be pretty weird if I didn't hear about our air force captain smashing headfirst into a tower.


>Hey, your story to tell. I told them not to go further.

=Don't you do that whole being technically right thing, be right in a way that makes me feel like I'm still better somehow!=

"There's an art to that..."

>And it goes like, at least I remembered it.

=As opposed to...=

~Betrayal! Under the bus, he tosses me! How could you?~

>I meant Rainbow Dash...

"I didn't remember that event either, it wasn't a big deal."

=You're lucky all of you make me feel super happy.=

(Wait, how'd Forty Two learn about it? She didn't look surprised at all.)

{Oh, I heard about her nickname and immediately rushed to her for tips. Turns out I was mildly mislead and only got an amusing story out of it.}
'Beg your pardon?'

(Okay, I've got to know, what did you actually think it was? This has got to be the weirdest-)

{I thought she got caught giving fellatio and figured she could give tips.}

Everyone stares. Forty Two takes a sip of water, stone faced.

=Well at least she's honest.=



'She should've come to me! I could've given tips!'

~According to Shining you were terrible at that.~

'I didn't say they would be good tips! I was new at it!'

"Oh dear Faust the whole restaurant heard us..."

>H-heh... happy hearts and hooves day? Maybe we can get back to-

"Seriously! Enough with the hoofsie!"

~None of us are messing with you, Cadence. I can see Chrysalis's legs from here and nobody else is that immature.~


"Huh? Then what..."

She scooches back, and looks down.



"...was it possums or raccoons that can carry rabies?"


"Ah. I see.... AIEEEEEEEE"



"It's Hearts and Hooves day."


"Hearts. And. Hooves. I have lovers, with needs! They need their snuggle Shiny! They need their cuddles! They! Need! Chocolate!"


"You wouldn't know-"

“Autumn Blaze”

>Huh. Autumn? You know about these long things, right?

“I get a lot of them wrong, but I speak confidently!”

>Right yes, um… what’s hearts and hooves day?

“I can confidently state I dunno. Why?”

>I got a card for it this morning and I don’t know where it came from.

“What’s it say?”

>Better things in the horizon.

“Shouldn’t it be on the horizon?”

>Maybe it’s a pun?

“I know puns, that’s no pun of mine.”

>Huh… it also came with chocolate.

“Well shoot, Shine! Lead with that!”

>I suppose I can share… so should we question the giant glowing crack in the sky or-

“Doesn’t matter got chocolate.”

>Makes sense

>Finally, I get a chance to get this cooking done.

"You are making lunch?"

>Nah. This is for Hearts and Hooves.

"Ah. The pony day of mating rituals."

>That's... not totally wrong, but kids also celebrate it, so let's just call it a day of friendshipping.

"Ah. My research as told me much about friendshipping."

>Yes, friendshipping, as in friendship and not that other thing I totally don't read about in fanzines.

"So, you are not making these for a potential mate?"

>Or a current one?


>Ow! You could've at least rolled with it.

"I am not good at lying."

>Uh huh. But, no, I just make these and some cards to hoof out to pretty mares. It's practice for when I finally meet the right girl, you know?

"So, a potential mate."

>Again, not wrong. Just awkward... Don't tell anyone why I do it, though. I got a reputation of being cool and aloof to upkeep.

"I will keep your secret to my grave."

>You don't gotta go that far. It's more embarrassing than life-threatening.


>And the cookies are done! Once they col, you can have the first piece or two,

"Oooh... But I am not a pretty mare."

>The rules of friendshipping are flexible, buddy. If I wanna give you a cookie, I can give you a cookie.

Cookies are universal

>I didn’t forget this year!

“Me either!”

>”We got thoughtful gifts!”

>Oh shoot the world’s ending.

“Been a good run.”

>Ah' gotcha a Hearts and Hooves day card.


>Well ya' know... end of the world and all.

"Awww, darling, how sweet!"

>Yeah, yeah.

"I also got you chocolate covered strawberries, they're simply divine!"


"Kidding, they're apples."

>Oh, good, was about to ask for mah' card back.

"Oh, you're funny."


"H-ha. So, funny."

>Howdy, Princess.


>You were cooler with that than I thought you'd be.

"Thought Ah'd think you were makin' fun?"

>That or I was angling for something.

"Like another 10-year, paid vacation request Ah'll deny?"


He pulls out a bag tied to a card and offers it to her.

>Your heart.

And her eyes roll with a force strong enough to pull planets out of orbit.

>Speechless, I see. I knew I had the magic in me.

"Gonna have my hoof in ya pretty soon."

>Too appease your angry soul and avoid a hoof in my chest, I ask you to try my world-renowned Hearts and Hooves Cookies.

"You seriously think they're that good?"

>Well, my folks think they are, and I guess that's world enough for me.

It was a genuine response, casual and a bit wistful in its delivery.

"Heh. Fair enough."

>They're orange, by the way. I know you're the Princess of Apples and all that-

"Not my title, D."

>BUT I was hoping you'd be alright with the flavor I had in stock.

"Ah can handle a little deviation here and there. Thanks."

He nods, his eyes darting to the card he'd given her for a brief moment.

>Happy Hearts and Hooves, Princess.

"Happy Hearts and Hooves."

He takes his as she undoes the bag, allowing her to pop a cookie into her mouth.

>Mmm. Mmmm...

She looks to the card on her desk now. It looked hoofmade, at least done up using a blank card from a store, and had her name written on the front. She could only hazard a guess at what lied inside. Likely, it was jokey flirty quote.

Rolling her eyes pre-emptively, the mare flipped the card open and...



>Not bad.

>Well, well. Two atractive mares alone on Hearts and Hooves Day? Say it ain't so.

"Miles, I'm one line away from tossing you out a window again."

>I'll just-

"While you're bound and gagged."

>That'll make flying difficult, yeah. You wanna take a shot, Dazey?

~Nah. I'm just immune to your bullshit, now. S'what happens when you get over a virus.~


~Please. You've heard worse.~

"Are those bags for us?"

>They were. I dunno if you want stuff from a virus, though.

~Depends on if ya hid another trick in those cards, like last time.~

>No tricks. Just treats.



He hoofs them over to the two mares, who eye them suspiciously.

>Read 'em or leave 'em. At least you'll still have cookies.

"True. Food is one thing you're always straightforward about. Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, Delight."


>Thanks, Robin. Later Dazey.

He takes his leave.

~...Wanna read 'em?~

"Might as well. At most it'll be some annoying little joke we'll forget about in a month."

~That's a month of wasted headspace, though.~

"Pfft. It'll be fine."

They open the cards and...

"Huh... Haha."


~Happy Hearts and Hooves, ya dope.~

>Hello, Queen Chrysalis.

"Well, well, well! If isn't the little pony whose life I had to constantly save."

>A grand total of once.

"Not with the End of the World Tax applied."

>And that comes out to?

"Mmmmmmmmmm. Whatever I feel like at any given moment."

>That sounds fair.

"I know! HAH!"

>Well, I want to give you these-

"As a sign of your undying love for yours truly?"


"Hate to break it to you, little pony, but we've already got two pegasuses-"

>The plural is pegasi-

"In this little funtime group of ours and I'm pretty sure Timmy Top Hat is willing to kill you to keep it that way."

>I am completely fine with not being in... whatever you want to call that tangled web of relationships, and only want to give you these cookies and card.

"Wait. You're seriously giving me a gift but NOT trying to get with me? On Heart and Hooves Day?"

>Its also a day of just regular friendship.


>Do you want free food or not?

"Hrrrmmm... Gimme!"

Yoink! She snatches the bag of cookies and the card with it.

>Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, Queen Chrysalis.

"Sure, sure."

She watches him leave as she stuffs her mouth with some cookies.


She takes fiddles with the card, turning it over to examine the personalized touches, before opening it.


And smirking.

"Weird. But not terrible."


He takes a deep breath, preparing himself for what would be his last stop. Typical of a Day Guard, he'd never really been to Luna's wing of the castle. It wasn't somewhere most ponies had reason to go, if they weren't part of the Night Guard.

And his reason was just that he couldn't find her near the throne room.

>Princess Luna?

Luckily, he didn't have to go too far into the wing before he saw her out and about, looking over decorations in the hall.

"Hmm? Ah. Sebjek's +1."

>I know you know my name.

"What brings you here? If you're looking for Our sister, you're a long ways from the throne room."

>I was looking for you, Princess.

"If it's about a request for 10-years of paid vacation, Applejack has warned Us not to approve it."

>It's not-

"We wouldn't, anyways. 'Tis a foolish notion."

>That's fine, it was just a joke.


>Uh. I wanted to give you these.

"...Cookies and a card? On Hearts and Hooves Day?"

>That's kind of the main 'thing' about the day, yeah.

"Are thou... asking us to be your special somepony?"


"Oh! PHEW! We did not wish to shatter thine heart and ego to pieces by rejecting thee, so 'tis good to hear."

>She says, while taking a sledge hammer to my heart and ego...

"We apologize. It's just that We are not so easily won over, you see."

>I get it, Princess. But don't worry, it's just a gift of friendship.

"We see..."

>Happy Hearts and Hooves Day.

"Happy Hearts and Hooves Day..."

He takes his leave. She looks over the bag, but soon sets her attention on the card.

[To Princess Luna] is written on the front.

With her magic, she opens the card...


And sees an image of herself, drawn in a rough, yet elegant style with what appeared to be blue penciling. Within the image, she stood tall on her hindlegs, magic surging from her horn and a manner reminiscent of a roaring fire. So, drawn in by the main body of the artwork, the Princess only now noticed the message at the top, written in that same blue penciling:

[Thank You]

And she smiled.

"You're welcome, Delight."

>Love is such a curious thing, isn't it?

It was not the first time the stallion within the mind of the grandly powerful ruler was subject to such pondering, nor the first time he'd been forced to listen to every eye rolling supposition listed his way.

>About the only thing you and I can agree on is how unpredictable it is. It can turn a heart once hot into bitter cold. It can ignite one grown distant and aloof into a blazing star. It can make every day find meaning and a joy to awaken to, and steal the light from them just as easily and leave it darker than the distance between worlds.

The cosmic stallion's dark hoof trailed into the fabric of all things as he floated between all things. Worlds upon worlds passed by, eternities blinked away without a passing glance, all in the venue of following a single thread to lead him to a singular reality among the infinite. A singular connection, perceptible only to himself, that would lead him to the ultimate goal of the final protection of his control, for now and all of time beyond.

>Love can make you see things, no other may see. Surely we can agree on that much.

Images twinkled in his sight, playing before the trapped stallion in his consciousness like the reel of a film he could not turn away from. Visions of wonderful dinners, peaceful walks in the moonlight, laughter in bed, among a great many other activities therein as well. A time, and a world, where love filled his heart every day.

>Surely we can agree, this is something worth protecting.

It was a curious thing in his mind at that moment. As always, no words were spoken, nothing ever said from one technically dormant in a world between worlds, the only place separate enough to let him be used as a beacon and a tread at once. Even so, he swore he heard a curse from the void.

"Not for the cost."

The stallion slowed his traversal across the cosmos infinite, taking a moment to look back across all things to their point of origin. A changed world was left behind, there could be no question of that. It was not a world strictly intended to be as it was meant to, there was no denial from him on that matter.

>Things of great value often have a high cost to share.

He still held no regret in his voice, nor heart.

>I shall have to endeavor to request Chitania be kind to you in the life you will yet live in her world. A pity it cannot be as grand as my own, but in exchange for your aide and your use, it would be an insult not to ask her at the very least. Perhaps, you may keep a life with... with...

There was a beat, one that rippled through the reality he'd found himself in.

>...whoever you love, of course. For love is the greatest of powers.

He continued on as soon as it had passed.

>And for my loves...

He saw their faces, all of them, smiling, waiting to see him again.

>I would tear down the universe brick by brick.

Such sights took him so, he never heard the whisper in the endless void.

"...I would do even more..."
File: MLP Valentine 2024.png (1.19 MB, 1600x1200)
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1.19 MB PNG

Speaking of Dragon Ball...

On this episode Pretty Pink PonyZ!

It turns out that Majin Caddy's true essence was that of the Lovey-Dovey Core, allowing herself to manifest in a more peaceful form once it was removed from negative influence. Now (mostly) free of her inner marechild known as Kid Beau, she watches on with Pinkie Pie as Diamond Tiara, the Princess of all Tax Evaders, fights the majin menace alone!
Genuinely did not think I’d see a continuation of that
>the Princess of all Tax Evaders

Would not surprise me at all
>Destructive child from Cadence

Well she just shoots out a consistent type doesn’t she
>Hark, mine fellows in all things wondrous in life, I bring to thee the most glorious of gifts upon this shining day! For in this, the dawn of amore made manifest, we shalt share in the-


'Gimme! Gimme!"

~Trixie calls the big one!~

>Ahem. As we were saying-

"Niney look, it's got my face on it! Like money!"

>Yes, t'was a challenge to cut the still burning hot-


"Ih shtill tashtes like chawwkwat!"

>...because it is, it's still-

'I really must say, what an amazing sight do I behold! There's a green glow in this chocolate cauldron and it's not even cold!'

>Yes, figuring out how to make it green but not-
'And it's as delicious as can be! It tastes like fruit and great berry!'
>...Ahem. Yes, with the forging of-
~Hey! This gold isn't real!~

>T'was actual gold leaf...

~Oh... why's Trixie eating it, then? She can sell it!~


~Oh, who's Trixie kidding, she's never getting a chance like this again!

"Shankuuu Nineyyy!"

'Thanks indeed, my steed!"

~Trixie likesh ih!~


>Oh, yes. Well, of course, mine wish to show thee a wonderful gift can only come from-

"We goshu one too."

>Oh oh! My heart aflutter! Mine eyes shall finally lay upon-is this box half eaten!?

~Half shared.~


'We told you not to dig into that, it cost quite a lot for it and the hat!'

~Wait, we got him a hat?~

"You forgot the hat!?"

~Trixie thought that was for Zecora, she looks dapper with it.~

"Obviously Zecora looks slick like honey, but that was for Niney! You know he wanted that one with the little feather!"

~...the feather was supposed to stay on? Trixie used that.~


~Trixie wrote a card! It wasn't being mean this time, she just needed a pen!~

'So, put it back when you're done!'

~...okay, Trixie could have done that, orrr-~

"Niney, we're sorry, we should've known better than to let her hold it, but we really wanted someone to make up for crashing in your place constantly without paying."

~Trixie pays, in other ways! Show ways! Trixie gives him shows, for free! The tickets to those are horribly exorbitant, downright cruel even!~

"Oh dear Faust."

'Just, stay here and do not move from this spot. We're going to go get our things and then you'll be hot to trot. We've got more gifts than a half of a box, we swear! We'll be right back, so don't move and you'll know we care!'


"Come on!"

With that, the two dragged Trixie off with them as they departed.


(Ahem. Well, it seems someone's all alone on Hearts and Hooves day, a certain someone who gave me a lovely gift...)

His eyes shot over his shoulder, where Thirty Two was waiting, holding a chocolate map of the Morlocks new city in his mouth.

(Perhaps I should thank him with something in my mouth too...)

>I'll take the chocolate.


The fanciest box in the market was put in his hooves.

(You're lucky I had to help out Pommel with his gift for Daw and could only blow my money last minute. I had plans! Dousing your lower half in chocolate kind of plans!)

>That would be pretty hot.

(I certainly thought so!)

>I mean literally, the heat from the melting would-

(My point is, if you need a mare, well... I'm happy to be the mare-OH SHOOT! I'm late! I need to get into position!)

Without warning, he shapeshifted into what looked like a breezie mixed with a leprechaun, and picked up a basket of rose petals.

(Do not ask!)

He tore off, fast as lightning.

>...I have so many questions.


A card was waved in front of his face, held by a crystalline and partially real dark furred hoof.

{Happy Hearts and Hooves. Thanks for the gift.}

He turned to find the once very brief king of the Empire picking up a statue made of rock candy and an absurd amount of time spent chiseling. Time that was gone with a single bite of a familiar unicorn head.

{Tastes just like me. Probably.}

>Oh! Sombra, verily I did not expect-

{I'm obligated to participate in this under threat of judgement via pink horse. As such, I got a card with a gift inside.}

Sure enough, within the confines of the card were a collection of tickets, at least six by his count. All of them to a luxurious spa.

{Not as much effort as you, but I know you like hooficures.}

>I do!

{There, hearts and hooves obligation filled.}

>Oh... thou did not have to-

{And now that the gift thing is done...}

He leans in and whispers.

{I asked Cadence if she could give me a small stretch of time to be a king again. Real royalty, not just former, for just a little bit. Just long enough for a... checklist to be marked off.}


{Whenever you have time to spare, later, give me a heads up... and then I'll put my head down.}

With that, he stood up, and trotted off, humming to himself. Making sure to swish his tail as he went.

>...huh, I believe I may have to-

A whistling was heard.


~Trixie told you it would get us back faster-~

And fireworks went off when all three crashed into him.

It was the best hearts and hooves ever.
So silly but it fits just fine
DT! Fuse with Pinkie. It's the only way!

>Awww, thanks, sweetie!

The card in his hooves was not well put together, but the effort on display from the careful cutouts to the Rarity-appeasing color choices to ensure they perfectly matched the manes of all parties would have been enough to crumble the most curmudgeon of hearts, his soft little thing never stood a chance.

"Sissy helped! She did not at any point burn it, which is a pretty big deal for her."

>And I appreciate it my little uuuby wooby girl!

The infant giggled from the kisses, and hid her eyes burning with a need to set the card on fire. The time would come...

>Happy Hearts and Hooves day, you two!

"Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, Shiny!"


"Say, Shiny?"


"Do ya' think me and Sissy are ever gonna get Special Someponies, like you and Mommy special?"

He went quiet after that. Still smiling, but now staring off into space.


Little by little, blood began to pour out of his eye.

"...Now, sissy, this here is the Apple Family Tradition, which as an Applejack Ah'm allowed ta' talk about. It means the conversations over."


"Yeah it's funny but we can't overdo it."

Slight hiccup of a hospital visit aside it was a pretty nice Hearts and Hooves Day.

>Oh my! Giving me a Hearts and Hooves gift? Why, the scandal that will cross the land shall fill every ear far and wide!

"Uh huh."

>Really, I cannot stress enough how many ponies will talk. And what will they say! They know you were the captain of my guard, oh the stories they will tell! I can hear their whispers now, speaking of nights when you watched over me, only to slip into my room like a thief in the night, and take your pleasure from me with none the wiser. Why, it's the perfect cover, they shall cry, after all as my captain you always would be watching my back, it seems sometimes that including putting your hooves there as well!


>They're likely speaking now of Prima Noctis I must've requested on your wedding night, oh what a terrible weight I must've put upon you, in so many ways! I'm sure others hope and pray to hear I was at least generous in my kind!


>Oh the scandal! You must take those away-

"They're little cakes that are covered in chocolate."

>Right into my bedroom, this instant!

"Oh, but the scandal."

>Shining if those are what you say they are then I'm fully willing to let you do whatever you want with the half of me that isn't burying itself in chocolate covered cake.

"Angel food cake, with sprinkles."

>...I'm going to be honest, sex probably doesn't feel as good as this does right now.

>Sooo, Hearts and Hooves day.

"Oh yeah."

>Time for lots of... love.

"Hmmmhmm, lots of love."

>Love to be shared...

"And fill every heart."

>And it's just you, and me.

"You... and me..."

>Why don't we... take this to the bedroom.

"Oh ho, Shiny!... Carry me."




(Awww, mommy and Shiny are all tuckered out, plannin' parties for Lovey day sure is hard! Or... do ya' think the screamin' and bangin' they were doin' in the locked room for the last couple hours had anythin' to do with that or was that unrelated?
Perfect finish

They deserve a little little fun.
Weird emphasis there…
He’s good enough for the Princess of love!


"What? Can't blame that one on me, I didn't crack the universe that time!"

>I'm just confused, who broke the universe long enough for love stories?



"Yeah she reached the peak of her power yesterday and merged with Harmony so she could tap into the full potential of the Pink, which all Pink Ponies have, and she used it for lovey stories."

>...how do you know this!?

"Not the first time."

>Well, why didn't she use that power to stop you!?

"What's lovey about that?"

>Son of a BI


"...did you actually-"

>Shhhhhhh, Shiny got a card.


>Worth it.
So, Delight canonically sorta rizzed Luna?
Goes off Pink rules.

Which is to say only the Pinkie decides!

Don’t look at me for being late I had a date!


"Did that... happen?"

>Did what happen?


>Thou art staring.


>Thou cannot see into our soul.

"Useless ass harmony powers!"

>Robin! Dazey! Was yesterday real?!

"Uh? Yes?"

~That's kinda how time works.~

>No, I mean, did the events of yesterday happen.

"Again, yes."

~Again, time works like that.~

>The cards and cookies! Did I give them to you?!

"Miles... Did you hit your head?"

~Hit some 'cookies' is more like it.~

>~Hit some 'cookies' is more like it.~
More like lost his cookies am I right?

>Don't misuse the power of the Pink!

"I did it in the name of love!"

>Flying too close to the sun! FLYING TOO CLOSE!

She must accept the use of noble blood. Thus it is need
Love has needs!
Pink power is hers to command as well, you cannot control it

>Applejack! Applejack! I know you cannot lie!

"Had a whole arc about that not being true."

>So tell me, pear shaped mare, did Heart and Hooves Day not go by?

"Pear- GET! GET!"




He flies away.


She looks to her flanks, which are definitely not that big and shapely.

"...Dang it, Mom."


He swoops in, having found the last relevant mare from the past celebration of friendship and love.

>Queen Chrysalis!

~Guard guy whose name I don't know.~



>Yeah... I guess it didn't happen. It's not like you'd accept one from me.


But he flies away about as quickly.

~Weird... I guess that means I don't have to compliment him for the card. No sappy moments for me!~
Hey not his fault she got that TRUNK
~I wonder if he’s actually going to tell me his name, it’s super awkward…

>I'm not even trying to be rude, I'm not a mind reader!

"I told you my name."

>...Nu uh.

"Totally did."


"It's not that it never cropped up, you just forgot."

>N-no I didn't.



"I appreciate the compliment."

>There, so... uh...


>I'm bad with names!

>I don't feel any different.

"You're literally glowing with the everlasting power of the very concept of magic and are currently flying.'

>This is just tuesday to me.

>...I'm afraid I'm going to blow up the planet if I try to hard.

"Reasonable fear."
She can do another mega bomb with Sweet Note
I don’t know if they’ll be able to roll that time.

Everyone get the nuke.

>Don't worry, someone will hug you out of it if you go crazy and try to set the world on fire.

"I meant by accident."


"...what, ahhh, what were you referring to? It seemed specific."

>Never you mind and don't you judge meeee.
>Just have shiny hug you!

“He’s not here.”

>… shit you’re all doomed.
“But we have superpowers.”

>That will just make you kill things faster!

>Sister, be kind.




'I thought that wasn't her element?'

>I don't think that has anything to do with matters.



>Sister, they are broken, move on.


'...is this even laughter?'

>No, but I doubt there's an element of angry sexual frustration.


>...so, this is how our daughter doth feel.

"It tingles."



>...We should punch something.

"I wish to watch our children, longer."


"Now we may punch."

Take some pride in yo babies
"Husband, I fear I wish for another child seeing you like that."

>...I shall see to it that our daughter provides makeup, for when the battle is won.

More like repressed
Most you’re getting out of them.
Oh myyyyy
They are canonically freaks in the sack

>...you know they're going to do something freaky-


>I think they may have scarred us.
"Rainbow Dash"


"...Dashie still looks better than us."

>Right?! I was just thinking that!

"I mean sure, I like my sparkle hooves-"

>They look great on you, you really make them pop!

"Awww, thanks honey, your big old lightning bolts look so handsome too!"

>Gosh, I'm blushing.

"...what were we talking about, again?"

>I think we're supposed to punch things.

"Oh, okay!"

Without missing a beat, she turned and clocked a charging Queen right in the face.

>Good form, honey!

"Thanks, dear!"

It was gonna be a fun time.
Might wanna double-check those names...
I was about to say...
Whelp, I’m not living that one down and can’t delete it

If you need me I’ll be swinging from the nearest rafter


"I can fight, he has a monster slaying whip too!"

>Let me use it outside of the bedroom!

"Honey no they'll only turn people away!"
Imagine Vampire Killer rainbow powered!

>...You think my mom's finally proud of me, or do you think me joining their side made them hate me more?




>You're a goober.

"But a cute one!"

>Sure, in the same sense of a toddler bumping into things is cute.

"Whoa now, lets not mix up what you mean when you call me baby."

>You're weird.

"And you've got magic kung fu headbands! Which means.."

>...everybody was kung fu fighting!


"These kicks are fast as lightning!"
>42 gets to be proud of her protoge

>My little minipunchbug has finally earned her wings.

*Distant fwoosh*

>She did the teleport. I'm so proud.

"They're all grown up..."


"Don't cry."

>I'm gonna cry and you can't stop me.
Let her be a crybaby goddamn.
It’s called liquid pride
Liquid something alright

>I'm so proud.


"Hey! I figured out how to use my teleport momentum! Now I can punch harder from all directions!"


>…. I’m not gonna say I’m proud.


>But I’m gonna admit I couldn’t do that.
>A certain other Queen can’t say out loud she’s proud of frou frou junior
>Filthy Rich
"Spoiled Rich"


"You can say it."

>Say what?

"You don't have to pretend, Filthy. Everyone else who sees me is already thinking it."

>... They're probably just-

"Filthy, you're the only one who sees any part of me worth liking. It's fine."

>Now that's just not true!


>I'm sure there are others who-

"It's fine."

>...well, if nothing else, this proves there was always something there, doesn't it?


She looked down to her diamond sparkling hoof, nervously shifting on her other as her long glamorous hair flowed in the wind.

"...I suppose."

>Exactly! Now, shall we show these ruffians what happens when you mess with our little filly?

"You know... I would love that."


She could stop acting nice.
>She actually improved

>Dazey! Cousin!

"Still not used to that.."

>Look! Look!


>I'm actually hurting them now!

"Well, I'm happy for you."

~Hel yeah! Show 'em what you're made of, Kung Fu Bug!~

"Not as much as she is, but still happy."
>Supporting family

Love to see it.
>"Still not used to that.."
Does this mean 41 gets to go to the next family BBQ?
The fuck do they barbecue there!?
…. Interesting
Didn’t know they were cool like that.


"Just wanna let you know I'm healed."


"Completely and totally healed. And I have super-ultra magic now."


"So you can let me off your back-"

>Weirdo! Play me some theme music!




His magic poured forth, coming alive in a symphony of notes and sounds that all could see and hear. They sang a concert of guitars, violins, percussion and, most of all, aggressive trumpets fit for a schlocky action movie.


It matched her warpath perfectly.



Maybe riding her a little longer wouldn't be so bad.


"It's hard to look aloof when you're choking out a queen."

In turn, said Queen in his grasp gurgled the affirmative.

Choked out or no, she wasn't going to let a poser look good.


"Not really, wind pipe and all."

>I meant your inclusion in the Rainbow Power.

"Oh. Yeah, I guess?"

>I thought this was a pony's power.

"I guess we share."


"...you're annoyed changelings get included, aren't you?"

>We planted the darn thing why is the race who tried to wipe us out twice included!?

"There it is."


>See, she gets it!

"I think that was her swallowing her own vomit."

>An apt metaphor for this!


>Shut up, that's how.
Harmony don’t judge
Well, she does, but some of them are alright

>Some of you lings are fun
>Don't show up to the universe blink

She felt good.

Real good.

Damn good.


As she maneuvered through the sky, Queen after Queen fell to her punches - foes that once seemed as immovable as mountains, now dropped like sacks of potatoes with a smidgen of effort on her part.


It felt easy.

Maybe too easy.

But damn good.

>Enjoying the show, Timmy?

The stallion, who could do little except watch as the Punchbug walloped opponents that initially tried to swarm him, lets out a dry laugh.

"Not as much as you seem to like putting it on. I've never seen such a big smile."

She was, in fact, not smiling.


On the outside.

>You've never seen Two making malleys, then.

Again, he laughs.

"I guess you don't need my miraculous hugs anymore."

>I don't. But...

With the last of the closest Queens dealt with, she zips over to the stallion. Eyes locked, and mere inches away from each other, only a second passes before she wraps her forelegs around him.

"Oh! Oh..."

His own begin to rise, as if ready to reciprocate.


But she spins him around with her.


Using the momentum of their spin, the mare's right hindleg juts out-


And slams into the side of a charging Queen's head, sending her on a crash course to the earth below as the Punchbug releases him from her hold.

>They're always welcome. Just don't expect mine to heal you if you get hurt spacing out.

Briefly, he spares a glance at the Queen that nearly stabbed him in the back a moment ago. He doubt it would have hurt, but he guessed that's just dry humor on the mare's part.


FWOOSH! In a flash of fire, she disappears and leaves the stallion alone with the lingering sensation of her hug.

If it even was one.

She could have just been moving him out the way of that Queen's attack, if not because she thought it'd seriously hurt him, then as a courtesy of friendship.

"In that case she could have just warned me..."

He knew he was overthinking things, as it's not like she struck him as being totally adverse to doing so, but...

"...Forty Two, wouldn't just hug me for no reason, would she?"



Whipping around, he barely catches the fading embers of a FWOOSH from behind him.

"Why was she- Argh! Damn fireflight..."

Far from where he floated, he spied the flicker of her flames as she engaged another group of Queens. Now unbound from her once brittle form, she was free to use her beloved technique to her heart's content and dance around them in a ballet of punches and blood. Were it any other person, they might've looked rough and barbaric, if exciting to watch.

But her?

She looked good.

"...Damn good..."

>It's weird you guys think a being of friendship and togetherness cares what you look like...
This made me wonder if Harmony instantly fixes her nosebleed
of course not, it wouldn’t be funny.
I see she distributes her stats well.
Pink force is in there.
I mean technically, rainbow spectrum and all

Still gotta be the right color to access it.

The battlefield may as well have been a brisk road on a breezy fall day.

Few had the courage to charge the Princess, empowered as she was, and those that did found themselves at the receiving end of the sheer power of Love itself. Some were able to withstand it for a time, a few were even able to hold against her might for seconds more than expected. They were the impressive ones, indeed.

If it had been only her, perhaps they may even have posed a challenge. Sadly, as those Queens were quick to find out, she was not alone in such matters.

>Thank you, Teeny!

She waved like a fan in the crowd of the Wonderbolts as she watched one of the stronger Queens be carried off screaming into the distance, forced that way by a combination of raw power and even more raw fury from a point blank burst of laser from the horn of their rival. Eighteen barely even waved back before she challenged another, finally able to cut loose and really get her revenge for the shameful defeat from before. The Princess would not deny her such a thing, not when she had her own matters to attend to. And those matters were a fair distance away indeed, as they should be. She would've been quite vexed if they'd been nearby when Sunset had begun her march.

"Two! Pfpfpfp! Turn your head! Twist!"

Much as the stallion holding her seemed vexed by the long, flowing golden and red streaked hair going directly into his face.

'Sisssy! Sissy! Ppspspsp! Its in mah' mouth!'

Equally vexed was the duitiful elder sister, who staunchly held her grip to her sibling despite the storm flowing directly into her face. Though their mother had thought little about what changes might come with this newfound power, if someone so young could access it at all, even she found herself taken back by how strange her youngest's hair had become. It was like a blizzard itself in the colors of the aurora had sprouted from her head, flowing back far faster than anyone else she could spot. If manes like her aunt were a flowing river, Flurry Heart's was nothing less than a storm.

All of it going right into little Two's face.


>Two, you can let go.


At the sound of the comforting voice, the grip slipped, and the infant shot off like a rocket directly into the waiting grip of her mother. It was a testament to her stability that she was able to hide the fact it felt like she'd been hit by a cannonball at point blank range.


She did far better with the far more restrained child, though her hugs were twice as tight to make up for the lack of charge.

>I'm here, it's alright...

A shame that the moment could not last longer, she could have held them both for an eternity and it would feel cut short.

>...thank you for looking after them, Sunburst.

The stallion raised an eyebrow, scratching just beneath his red and orange streaked, star filled hair.

"It was like, five minutes."

>When you're a parent, you'll understand the joy of five minutes.



>Don't think too hard about it.

With her heart at ease, she looked down to the pair, both of them eagerly looking up to her as if to ask an unspoken question.

>Two, Flurry... you know you shouldn't.

She knew it, they knew it. But, at the same time, she knew that what they had seen may have left something behind. Witnessing her fall, her seeming end, likely would not be brushed away soon. Perhaps, just perhaps letting out those feelings could prove to help ease them before they festered. Or, it may make them even worse.

For a princess all about emotions, she found herself struggling on this one.

'S'okay, mommy.'

Thankfully, the ever empathic Two was on the case.

'Ah' know, and... yeah, Ah'm mad, Ah'm really mad, cause all the stuff they did. Ah' wanted ta' go over there and...'

Her hoof hit her other hoof with all the aplomb of two pillows hitting each other.

'...but Ah' know that ain't how we're s'posed ta' fight. That kinda stuff don't make stuff better. So! Iffin' it's okay with you, Ah'mma stick ta' what Ah' do best!'

She raised her hooves, and the princess swore she saw twin pompoms of energy light up in her hooves. It may have been a trick of the light, or may have been the grace of Harmony.

Regardless, it was adorable.

'Ah'mma just stick ta' cheerin' 'em on! You get out there and... please don't die.'

She was uncharacteristically serious, for a moment.

'Please. Please don't die. Ah'm... Ah'm really...'

A kiss upon her head, was all it took.

>I promise.

And the changeling smiled again.

>But, about your sister...

The little one was wiggling, her energy barely contained.

'Mommy, Ah' learned a whole lots with ya' gone. Had ta' babysit a bunches, don't like it at all! But wit that there babysittin' Ah' learned something.'

>Oh? What's that?

'Sometimes, ya' can just put sissy in a crib and let her sleep it off, and everythin's okay! Or...'


With a regretful sigh, she gestured for her to open her hooves. Reluctantly, she did.

'Or, sometimes ya' just gotta step back, keep an eye on her, direct her, and be there for her, while ya' just... let her boom it out.'

Such an idea seemed alien to her, it felt wrong, irresponsible.

'All ya' can really do... is be there for her.'

But, it was one that Two seemed certain of, with all her heart. If there was one lesson learned in all this mess she would agree on, the Princess did concede that said heart was seldom wrong. With a smile, beleaguered by the uncertainty in her heart, the princess had to accept the truth.

>...You'll help me contain her, so the wrong ones don't get caught up in it?

'O'course, mommy!'

She shared a look with Sunburst, who could only shrug and admit with just a look he doubted he could contain her.

>...Very well.

Her grip allowed the infant to slip free. With a squeal of glee, it came.

>Oh Dear.

Flurry Heart unleashed her storm.


They didn't know what hit them.

>… is that infant the actual harbinger of destruction?

“She does seem the type to cause the apocalypse, yes.”

>… are we the goodies?
>I'm just saying we're murder rapist bugs and even we aren't that scary.
Murder baby is the better of the two choices

>I figured he would have quit by now...

"That no-name pegasus?"


"Friend of yours?"

The stallion clicked his tongue, eyes narrowing in a thoughtful frown.

>Dunno... He did used to watch bootleg anime with me.

"Ah. So you were practically married."

>I wouldn't put it like that.

"I would. Because it's funny. And I need a bigger joke, or as many tiny ones, to laugh at than a cosmic level screwup happening because a random guy suddenly decided to just keep existing during an intense period of universal reality warping."

>Fair enough...

His frown deepened and, for a moment, she spared a glance to follow his line of sight.


In the distance, she saw the "no-name" pegasus flying about. He looked markedly different in appearance, but he was unmistakably the same thorn in her side that she'd come to loathe.


"Now, now, Flash. Don't go thinking you've got to go gut your old friend like a fish to impress me. I like you just fine."

Despite the situation, the stallion felt a heat rising to his cheeks.

>It's not like that.

"Uh huh. I'm just saying you don't have to got out of your way to kill him for me."

The smile she wore dropped as her magic surged. In a blink, she summoned a shimmering wall to block an outpour of power from the Princess of Magic herself.

"We've got bigger fish to fry."

One day, he'd have to ask her about these weird turn of phrases she liked using.

"And I'd like to tie up that loose thread myself."

>Fair enough.

But that could wait for after Chitania wins.
It's not
>What is taking Chitty so long anyway? Didn't she crack the sky?

"I'm sure she's mere seconds from victory. Mere... seconds..."


In the sky above, the highest being of all looked up from her newspaper with a raised eyebrow, staring at a massive Hivemind and Armor covered hoof that had punched into reality mere inches from her head.

~...Okay, so...~

Wiggle wiggle.

~I might be stuck.~

With a sigh, the grand mother of all creation went back to reading her paper.

(Freaking bugs.)

(Craig! They're in the walls, again!)
They’re in the goddamn walls!
Blart no!
You can’t stop him unless you went to nam
{What do you mean, again!?}

(just get the spray!)

You only get one shot at that, take it

>She booped me!



“I’m getting the magazine already…”
Random art question. Has there ever been an art commission of DT with a chainsaw? I feel like I wrote a story where TBDRLIATU turns into a chainsaw or had a chainsaw bayonet, but I can't seem to remember if I commissioned art for it.
It’s not on her page, pinkies or the artwork page, and I don’t recall seeing one, so probably never got made
There was a Twilight from lolipop chainsaw because Tara, but none for DT

>...So, how-

"Not the time to ask."

>I just feel like I really need to know for the wider-

"Not something you can replicate."

>You're sure?

"Assuming we don't choose to reborn the entire Changeling Queen's numbers."

>...so how will that work if we like, reset?

"I have no idea, so I'm enjoying being tall while I can."

>...are you taller than me?

"Oh look, more things to punch!"

>You better not be taller than me, it's all I have!
these threads are still going? I remember when they started back when I actually browsed this board
Yeah but we're in the "Final arc" so to say. Currently all the characters just got Rainbow Powers(Yes, all of them, including side powers) and are currently kicking the ass of the revived by God-Powered-Chitania Changeling Queens, while said GPC just cracked reality as she punches her way into heaven to throw down with Faust.
Only Changelings I even remember are 2 and 42
Well then you remember the best ones, but there are a fuckton of others.

Changeling Queens they're currently punching are different, those were just the end result of Useless Changeling Powers where we'd attribute weird ass real life bug stuff to Changeling Queens but make all their powers hilariously useless. They all were dead obviously but now they're not before they probably will go back to being dead.
Good news! She’s now best big sister and loving life, and occasionally is a tank!
I think I kinda remember 18 too. Tomboyish, right? I stopped coming around /mlp/ around the time season 5 was airing. I tried getting back into reading the stories once but between how many threads there's been and having to sift through the 70% of it that are just normal comments made it tedious. It'd be nice to have somewhere that was just a collection of all the stories but that'd be a lot of work for whoever did it
Okay, confirmed my next commission. Speaking of Art. I bought art!
This one has a background
>and having to sift through the 70% of it that are just normal comments made it tedious

There’s a paste bin at the bottom of the “tree” threads, it’s up to thread 100 and completely free of chatter. Good news with it, that’s Apple Crazy arc, which people really loved and gave Applejack a ton of new development. Maybe check it out, it gets crazy!
sweet. I'll check it out.
File: Lucy Outfit Doodle.png (245 KB, 888x892)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
She was also nice enough to give me a doodle. It's an alternative Lucy outfit I was considering
This can't be right, Pinkie never lied.
>It'd be nice to have somewhere that was just a collection of all the stories but that'd be a lot of work for whoever did it
Not all of them but 100 threads are here

At least enough to let you see if it’s worth keeping on. There’s also a timeline in the wiki if you still want the Cliffnotes
Fucking wicked
Uhhhh the previous art with her makes me… uncertain they are shadow monsters
Ahhhh, to experience the fungus arc for the first time… that was a goddamn rollercoaster
File: 86ad6h[1].png (748 KB, 1858x1080)
748 KB
748 KB PNG
>that'd be a lot of work for whoever did it

[ https://docs.google.com/document/d/18DKsNfneN6jDrla_NjTRXj2U8OAWNCxD20ozJQhbOsM/ ]
This is a collection of a bunch of Google Docs trying to do that. It's sporadic and slow work, but the last 100 or so threads have been documented with just the stories.

There's also a link to download all of the Pastebin stories, Thread 1 to 111, in the Doc.
Ho shit, well done good sir.
>but the last 100 or so threads have been documented with just the stories.
Shit, really!? Good man!


So that's why Pony of Shadows never showed up...
That was kind or scary, I’m not sure how she felt about it.
>Oh fuck no
>The face of determination
>Diamond Tiara


"Poppet! Looks like you got your power t-tooooo...is... is that your..."

Diamond Tiara held aloft her rocket launcher, which no longer sported the damage, nor seeming limitations, of its old form. Now it was adorned by the brightest of lightning streaks, charged so powerfully a rainbow core of seemingly endless light burned in the center of it all, and it seemed the tiny screen on the side now sported a smiling face, if one were to look at it in the exact angle and not an inch aside.

"Huh... so, you know you too are also..."

Indeed, the filly had gained her own Rainbow Power, and her pink form was now charged to the brim from the base of her electric, sharp looking hair to the bottom of her colorful explosion-imprinted looking hooves. Her muscles tensed, as if she could crack the world in half with a single swing.

She didn't care about any of that. All that mattered was that she could now scream to the entire world, what she'd wanted to for so long.


She would get to the explosions. But first, there was a rocket launcher to hug.


"...I'm never going to live this down..."
Is she infusing it or is she just… Alive?
Tabble is either the end result of her programming it so well it acts alive and is too enamored with the idea that she just plays along and pretends it’s responding to her, or she infused love magic which is a canonical power up into it so much it became alive like BBB.

Or it’s just a gag we will not let die.
Tabble is the best damn rocket launcher in all the universe. That is all you need to know.
File: 158649.jpg (177 KB, 1920x1080)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Side note. I asked her to use Pinkie's canonical fingers as a reference.
Jesus Christ how horrifying
I didn’t notice
I wish I didn’t know

>Yes, fear my power!



>Hey! Be afraid of the power, not the other thing!


>None of your business!
>Now it’s legal for us to get married!
She would’ve done it anyway.
Yes but now she can tax deducted.

"Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT!"

She moved, she weaved, she ran from the cacophony of visible sound. Only when she, and others who followed suit, were out of its range did the changeling take a moment to relax and think. From here, she could probably just focus on longer range attacks, maybe see out using mind control to-



Whipping around, the Queens and those near her looked to the earth pony that had definitely not startled them.

>Not a fan of classical music, huh?

They take a strategic step back, then a another as she slams her forehooves together, summoning a clover-like symbol before her.


The Queens charge their magic.

>I'm more of a sham-rock kind of gal.

And fire as she takes a swing at the symbol.


But they were too late.


Shattered by her punch, the shamrock unleashes a force of kinetic energy that blows the queens away, striking them at their core as if the very air had been rocked by an earthquake.


Well, at least she'll have time to think before she lands.

>That is such a weirdly specific power.


>I mean, are you a dentist?

"Well... yes, obviously, but I don't think that's related."

>How is that not related!?

~~~Seconds ago~

>You puny sparkles are nothing, to A QUEEN-


>AHHHHH! Yuh punsht oahht awww muh teeef!

"Oh dear, that's no good."

With a sparkling hoof, she touched the Queens chin, and in seconds her teeth had returned and her jaw, healed.

"That better?"

>That is such a weirdly specific power.


"I think that was just healing. Like, healing magic? We have that."

>Ohhhhhh. Well, then no matter! I shall-



"One of them healed wrong, it was impacted. We need to rearrange things."

She's still a doctor!
"Mourning Star"


"Be professional."


"Be professional!"

>You're so SPARKLY!

She did indeed look as if she'd been dunked into the night sky itself, her coat now filled with swirling blues and sparkling stars. She tried her very best to remain poised and controlled.

"...I feel sparkly."

She failed.

"Lets sparkle them UP."



The dragoness had no real explanation for what was happening. At least, no explanation that didn't just boil down to "because ponies".

All she knew was: everybody on her team is stronger now.

WAY stronger. And even more colorful.

She was, too.

Stronger, that is.

She couldn't actually see how she looked now. Hopefully she looked cool.


And not like the ponies. Not that they looked bad.

Just all pony cutesy and stuff. Which dragons don't like looking like.


Did Rochi look even cutesier now?


More importantly, she was strong! Strong enough to actually fight those Queens off!

And so was everyone else.


Which means there's even less use for her powers-

>Screw that!


She can't think like that.

What was it that Rochi said?

>...What does Hope mean to me...

Fingers curling and uncurling, she watched as the subtle glow of her own magic shifted as they moved.

>It's a feeling. Right?

But so is every other Element thing. What does it mean to her?

>...It's something that's always going. Always burning.

Her magic crackled.

>Like the sun. It burns so bright, reaches out so far...

Her magic expanded.

>That no matter where you are...

And curled with the balling of her fists.

>You can feel it!

Eyes locked on a group of Queens fighting ponies some distance away, the dragoness threw a punch - a massive, burning phantom of a fist that shimmered with a sapphire glow. Across the battlefield it traveled, until it finally struck the group and blew them away with the explosive might of a meteor impact.


Awestruck by her power, the dragoness didn't take notice of her aura, its shape in perfect mimicry of her body like a superimposed shadow.


An aura that grew and grew...


And reflected the phantom image of a giant, blue dragon.

>I have a Susanno.

>Your argument is invalid

>This is SO UNFAIR
CD Mostly for the armor and description of both sisters

From the heights the Tree of Harmony once reached, the Princess of the Night looked out across the battlefield. Before her eyes lied a glorious sight: that of her allies, transformed by a miraculous magic, beating back the once overwhelming force that was the army of Devonia.

She shared in the miracle as well, now adorned with a lighter mane of blue and armor to match.

A familiar armor - not quite the same as the one she'd worn so long ago, yet it still felt heavy on her form.


Even in this moment of triumph, her heart brimming with joy and relief, she felt the shackles left by the ghost of her past - one that inspired fear and loathing.

"I knew you could do it."

Adorned in her own armor of gold, with her mane taking on a more vibrant, pink hue, the eldest of the First Sisters settled by the younger's side.

>Truly? Even now We can scarcely believe this is not a dream, let alone one We deserve...

"Of course. And who better to see through such falsity than the Princess of Dreams herself?"

Gently, Celestia gives her a hip bump, and the armor Luna wore felt so much lighter.

"Take pride in what you've done, Lulu, for this is a reality that you helped to shape. So many of our little ponies and their friends from across the world have made this miracle possible. But it was your defiance that brought them here in the first place."

>Thank you, Sister. But We were not the first to defy Chitania's twisted reality.

"I know. Ultimately, the Tree itself is the one who provided us this chance. But I won't downplay your part."

>No, We mean We were not the first ones here. Called by Harmony. We were actually... fourth? We think.

Her sister blinked, brows knitting together.

"Really? Odd. Of all ponies in Equestria, I would think the Tree would call on you before anyone else."

>'Tis kind of you, though We would not have shared your certainty at the time.

"Oh, Luna... But if it wasn't you, I suppose the Tree must have summoned Captain Pommel or Mourning Star. They'd have the second-most reach in terms of allies to call on."

>'Twas not a Captain.

"Was it Blueblood? He's been working quite hard on the friendship angle, so maybe the Tree sensed that."

>'Twas not him.

"Then... Jetset? I know he's... complicated, but he's very Loyal, so-"

>'Twas Applejack's paper worker.

"Raven??? I love the girl, and I'm glad she stepped up so profoundly, but-"


"Oh. Well, she is more my paper worker than Applejack's, so-"

~Y'all gossiping about me over here?~

"We're discussing who showed up here first."

~So, you're talkin' about Luna? Congrats on rallying the troops, by the way. Damn good work ya did.~

>Thank thee, but We were not the first to answer the call of Harmony.

"We're trying to figure that out."

>Thou art. I already know-

~Guessin' you already mentioned the Captains, so Ah'mma guess it was Spike.~



>UGGH! 'Twas him!

She juts her hoof out, drawing the mares' attention to a point across the battlefield.


>The one with the red mane!



With a sigh, the Princess nods.



~You're foolin' right? Pullin' mah leg? Ah know one of y'all had to embody the Element of Laughter.~

>Technically, We think it was the Element of Hope then.

~The Element of WHAT?~

>'Tis a long story. Regardless, We speak the truth.


~Ah don't believe it... Delight, of all ponies, was the first one here? HOW?~

>We do not know how, but he was.


~Is that seriously all y'all got to say?!~

"You're wrong, Luna."


The elder fixed the younger with a frown.

"He isn't Applejack's paper worker..."

A frown that gave way to a mischievous smile.

"He's her secret agent-"

~Ah was hopin' you forgot that!~

"The one thing I get to lecture you on? Never!"

She had no idea what the two were talking about.


Yet she was glad - glad they could talk so freely in this moment, one filled with Hope and graced by Laughter.

Twenty nine found himself breathless in this moment. His cousin had once claimed he could see the beauty in things few others could, the things hidden beneath the surface. Things like the possibilities of a changeling hidden down in a dungeon, never to see the light again. Of a mayor terrified of her life who needed to whip back into shape. Of a trickster, and a charlatan, who only needed a moment to shine. It was his inner appreciation for the finer things that let him witness their potential.

>Thou art...

He needed no hidden skills, or magic of Harmony to see the beauty before him.


The other three of the group occasionally called "Ghostbusters" in jest were simply stunning in their transformations. The closest to him, the once eponymous mayor of Ponyville, had returned her mane to her natural pink coloration. It was now filled with twirls almost like those of a wizened judge, from the tip of the regal curls down to the gavel grown to the size of a mallet. Judgement was in her eyes, and she now had the power to make use of it.


Beside her, the sole Zebra of ponyville had gained accessories galore from the tip of her now quite tall and dangerous looking mohawk throughout her entire zigzagged twin colored coat. A staff bearing a crest he did not know, an outfit he barely recognized, and three necklaces of shimmering gold that seemed to be ever twisting like the rings of a planet.


Even the showmare had managed to dazzle with her new tall wizards hat and ever billowing cape. He could practically see the spells dancing on each of her forelegs, symbols and majesty unfolding in a thousand combinations he could scarcely follow, let alone understand. Her mane had come to look more akin to the pictures of Starswirl he'd seen in his travels, even though it still shimmered with the same tone it always had. The three of them together looked, felt, powerful.

"You don't look too bad yourself, Niney."

He didn't care much to look at himself in an uncharacteristic moment. For once, he didn't even notice his pristine looks and flawless chitin, and he hadn't even realized he now sported a classical ruff collar around his neck, and his chitin almost had a pattern akin to a classical suit. If one didn't look closely enough, they would swear he was a noble stepped out from the classical era of time itself.

'You look quite dashing in your new form. A pity this will not stay as the new norm.'

~Trixie has a new hat!~

None of them even blinked.

~...and Niney looks really good too.~

Not even when she shyly ducked her head underneath her hat.

>Thou hath mine thanks for the comments, though I shant compare mine visage to thine own beautiful one.

He gave a bow, and only when he reached up by instinct did he realize he'd summoned forth a Cavalier hat forth from the ether just to have something to press to his chest.

"Oh, you!"


She clearly didn't intend him to stop, but sadly, he found he had to. A Queen Changeling had come in screaming red hot and powered up to fight. He'd made his most dashing flourish as he rose up...


And sent her several feet beneath the earth with the prissiest of PRISSTOMP.

"Oh, wow! Pretty cool, Niney! My turn!"

She rolled at an incoming Queen, and her gavel had barely touched chitin before the Queen came to a sudden stop.


She didn't know where the voice came from or what it meant, but the Queen Changeling certainly didn't like what came next. The very hammer of judgement itself crashed into her, and she was gone. To where, even the earth pony did not know.

'I must say, I'm happy the Tree decided to let me join in the fun! But on that note, you my dear really should not have jumped the gun."

The one sneaking up behind her reconsidered, too late. When the Zebra turned around and laid her hoof upon the pointy black nose, a sea of green magic swirled around her, and it was as if she were assaulted by souls from the ether and carried away before she could fight back.


Trixie just shot a lot of lasers. She liked lasers.


She didn't need magic to be that loud. She was just excited. They knew better than to mess with that, she'd earned it

"So... are you going to try again?"

He knew what she meant right away, and it saddened him so that he could not give her the answer she sought.

>Alas, nay. Mine words did not reach her heart, and I've no desire to see her struck down. This beating heart is not strong enough to do it with mine own hooves.

A soft, gentle hoof from his striped companion laid on his shoulder in understanding. He leaned on it, as he often had in trying times.

'We understand, and we've no desire to see you darken your heart on something so foul. No need to worry, there is still plenty more to fight, don't throw in the towel.'

"She's right. I feel like if Harmony wanted her doomed, it would've just done it. That she's still walking around..."

Hope had felt quite distant throughout this battle. Now, with his power at it's peak, it had never shined brighter.

>Of course. There is still much to be done, all the same.

Abovehead, a certain greentipped pair of wings burst past them, the shockwave would've been enough to knock them down had they too not been as empowered as the pegasus in question.

>That student of mine! Be considerate, thine winds may ruffle their beautiful manes!

"Oh, you!... Say, I just realized, did you call him here first? He was here, wasn't he?"

'I did notice he was here when I had arrived, I thought at least he called you first. Though I figured there was a sane reason, I wouldn't assume the worst'

>T'was not I.


"Huh, what an odd choice. I thought I knew Luna pretty well, I didn't realize she liked him better than us. Maybe because he was a guard? She's like, always known him? Her picking him to help with the paperwork was weird."

>Hm? Oh, no, mine student was the first one here.

Both mares stopped, and looked him dead in the face.


"How... but... why?"


Trixie didn't care.

>T'was due to mine grand teaching, mine beautiful skills, mine truly-

"Real reason?"

>We did not ask but surely tis related to that whole part where his mind was cast into the depths of the Dreamscape, which is the only realm of magic disconnected from our own.

'Oh, okay. That way.'

"Wait, hold on... that's why he's here!?"

>Probably, we did not ask.

"But that would mean the only reason we're here is because you took him on as a dream student? You just... saved the world via proxy?"

>Well, more specifically because our teacher took us on as a student. If we knew nothing of dream magic, such an event could never have occured. And considering we didn't really deserve such a grace...

"But the only reason Luna took you on as a student was because Applejack made her feel like she was a bad teacher. Meaning if Applejack hadn't shown her up, she never would've resorted to the lowest one to prove herself!"

>Huh... then, tracing further back, does it not mean?

Somewhere, a feeling raced down a white spine.

>Well, what does thee know....

He turned with a smile and battered away two Queens, attacking at once. With the declaration fired off, the group lunged into the fray of battle.

>Tis all her fault.

CD because I can't remember if they talked about this. I looked but didn't see it but I might've just missed it. If they did, NC.
Full circle.

>Thou did never tell me how that happened.

"Did you meet the monkey? Say hi to the monkey."


Luna just accept shit worked out for once
can’t blame her ready for the next rugpull
I probably will come let the last.
But that’s when she gets punished.


>All my fuckups converged into a success!
File: princessaj1.png (535 KB, 600x789)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
hi princess aj bread, im sifting through my old hard drives and i found these half-comic-half-story things i drew of the first few greens. I drew them around 2019, and they're /bale/ tier, but i figured it's better to show them than let them collect dust forever. enjoy
Still brilliant all the same.
Cellys expressions in the rant are glorious
Oh hey I remember someone mentioning working on that
>The OP made real
Better for them to be preserved
Never gets old.

>You hear that? I fucked up so much it all worked out! Vindication!

"Ya' realize iffin' ya' didn't mess up at the start none of this happens and we just go on livin' our happy lives, right?"

>...well you got a makeover so shut up.

"Ah' do look dashing..."
Greetings and thank you from the future

Beware of bats and sniffles
God, that was from the before time. Long long ago.

>We are apparently the embodiment of Mission Failed Successfully.
>That face in the second pic

You feel her pain.
you are a gift anon

>Ah didn’t learn anything and saved the world. Sounds about right
She learned how to not be a jerk
… mostly
she’s fine.

>Being a jerk for the win!

>Should we... fight?

"I guess we should. I mean, you'll win though, you look really strong!"

>Aww, thanks Eyebuddy!

"I'm just being honest."

>Maybe we shouldn't fight?

"I mean, they'll get mad at you. I don't want them saying that you didn't contribute. I helped with the beam too."

>I know, but it feels mean.

"Well, it is what it is. Looking good, though. Looking good."

>Awww... you know what, maybe we can fake-




*Cloudchaser flies off*

>...well, now we don't have to fight, and nobody will think you're faking it!


>Right the direction or right, correct? Because..

"...Well, at least you don't have to hit me now."

>Bright sides!

"Downside is I now wish for the sweet release of death."

>I think about that a lot around her too, yeah.
Awww, that’s sad
Cloudchaser did it so friends didn’t fight.

She has only herself as an ally so it’s fine



>Ow... ahem.

She turns, and locks eyes with the one who struck her, wiping a streak of blood from her chin.

>Sister... we're supposed to be fighting the Queens.

Opposite of her, Flitter cackles.

"No... I'm fighting the evil of this world."


The world shook with their clash.
Our heroes!
They are chaotic, neutral at the best of times.
True but rarely evil.
I mean… depends on the definition
And also these two.
They’re heroes!

Not like, good ones, but someone is inspired
Technically they’re not making things worse


>Damn it! GET BACK!

She fired her magic, swung her hooves, anything she could manage against the ponies that targeted her.


But some attacks slipped through, battering her chitin like she's never experienced.


The Queen hadn't grown weaker. She could still feel the echoes of Devonia's rage, that lingering power which awakened her to strength she could only dream of.

>Why is this so difficult?!

Yet, this was all she could do to keep from getting overwhelmed by the ponies - lowly creatures she could have slaughtered with a yawn minutes ago. Hits that once felt like feathers tickling stone, were now like iron striking wood, dwindling her energy bit by bit-


Chunk by chunk...

She needed to get them away. She needed space to recover. She needed to use her prized technique:


The Infernal Roar!

From her mouth a burst of flame spewed forth, one so hot and dangerous that it could injure the user herself. If she hadn't mastered it. By the gift of Devonia's rage, her technique (which she definitely made up herself and didn't take from anyone else) no longer suffered its dangerous drawback.


And it was working as she hoped it would. Whether out of reflexive fear or the unwillingness to test whether their awful magic had made them fireproof, the ponies broke away from her. It wasn't much, but it was enough for her to beat a brave, strategic withdrawal.

>Damn it damn it damn it damn it

She needed to think. She needed to act. She needed to-



"Explain yourself!"

>For what?

"Stealing MY technique!"


"Don't play ignorant. I recognized that paltry breath of fire you were spewing. A poor imitation of MY Inferno Shout!"

>Imitation? That was MY Infernal Roar!

"See?! Even the name you came up with is a poor imitation!"

>I had it first!

"No, I did!"

>Well, there's only one way to prove that! A contest. A clash of flame! Whoever overwhelms the other's flame wins and is the original, because the original is always the best!


>On three!

>"ONE! TWO!"


The Queens froze, going stock-still for a moment, before they turned to the intruder of their conversation.

>Hey... Carabidae.

The Queen stared at them, her gaze flat, yet simmering.

"Err... We were just talking about you! And YOUR awesome technique!"

>Yeah! It's something I think we can all agree you're the best at and that's that!

"We're just imitators! Nowhere near half as good as you, but that's ok! Because imitation is flattery and-"




Set alight with little time to react, the Queens let out howls of pain until Carabidae relented. With her imitators now sporting charred and scorched chitin, the Queen let them be, satisfied with her display of dominance.

>...You think that we should have just used the damn technique as a team against the ponies instead of lying about who owns it?

"I'd say yes, but that would mean admitting I was acting stupid, so no."
I love that the ponies just watched it happen.

They were like "Never interrupt them while they're being stupid."

>...does that count as us winning, or-

"We didn't stop them so it counts."

>Huh... you know, part of me thought I wouldn't get included.

They felt heavy in his claws. Both of his weapons, so different from one another, but both glowing with an incredible power. In one claw, the weapon he'd come to rely on. Old trusty Charity, always there when he needed her, even if sometimes he felt it went a little too far. The other, his new wrench. A tool, made for fixing, building, creating, and occasionally beating someone over the head with a huge hunk of metal. Both of them, despite their specific nature, seemed versatile. They could be many things, or one very specific thing.

He felt that, sometimes.

>Guess I need to stop feeling bad for myself so much.

He spun the barrel of one and spun the weight of the other in the opposite claw, both of them sparkling with the new Rainbow Magic infused into them. He didn't want to brag, but he felt rather dashing with the green lightning bolts for spikes he'd gained in his transformation. It perfectly complimented the new stripes coming down his back that reached all the way to the tips of his claws. He looked, and felt, electric.


And that wasn't even the most distinct of changes.

>I just need to remind myself, they don't want me down.

Those went to the new weight sticking out his back.

>They want me to lift myself up.

With a single beat of his new wings, he took to the sky.

>I'll let you handle things this time, Applejack.

He did not look back to Sunset, or her companions, even once. He trusted his friends would handle things, this time.

>I've got work to do.

In the meantime, he had plenty to do. For instance.


Smacking the nearest shocked Queen right out of the sky.


Finally, things were looking up.
>I believe I can flyyyyyy
>Dont get mad I’m not that guyyyy
>Just because I can fly awaaayyyy
>Doesn’t mean I’m that craycrayyyy
>Spike is facing 8-12 years, Sweetie Belle insists it was just CMC shenanigans
>Magic guns galore

Glad to know Harmony is John Wick approved

>...Enjoy your, uh... things!... Man I wish I knew what those things were, but such a thing literally has never existed in my time before they put the elements back in me.
>So like... fingers crossed their friendship related.
>Doesn't know what a gun is
>Knows what fingers are

I'm onto youuuuuu
She knows what she knows. Nothing more
But she’s not telling it?
Who’s gonna make her?

>Good luck making me bitch I'm dead and also a tree

>...MY MANE!

"You look great, dude! It's so flowy and GASP! Those balls!"

>Holy Faust above, those are some balls!

"How am I even supposed to hold those balls!?"

>They do look very unwieldy, but you are an expert with them. I trust you!

"I dunno, that mane looks pretty good..."

>Ahhhh don't worry, you can aim better than that! You're all the way down there, how's it going to get my mane?

"I'm just saying, the range is longer than you think when it flies!"

>I'm pretty well acquainted.

"Right, right. Well... you ready?"

>Buddy... I'm always ready. Get them balls.




>His powerup is mane related

The one off joke that will not die.
That also describes the ambiguously gay duo
>So is anyone gonna stick my trunk back together?

>That really hurt...

>Stop distracting me being sexy!

“… how?”

>They’re making me imagine things!


>Shut up that’s how!
Look they know what they’re doing
or not, we’re never sure about that.
Nothing more than made it bullshit
Stupid sexy, talking people.
Do you want them to get fucking superglue?

>Don'cha worry sugar cube! Ah' got this! GROW!



>...ohhhh, right, guess ya' ain't a real tree then.


>Whoops. Well, any chance ya' can just move to the new growth?


>Ah'll see mah'self out.

*Sunset falls over laughing*
>Zephyr Breeze

>… really?

Looks down

Sees he has powers

>… REALLY!? I mean… have you met me?

Powers do not go away

>I’m like, you know… eh?

Still remains

>… sniffle

Tries not to cry

>I’ll do better

Cries a lot
>Mr Shy
"Mrs Shy:"

>...I suppose we should be in a support role? I don't feel much like battling with hooves.

"What am I supposed to do with this, then?"

>With what...

He turns, and find his wife, in addition to her newfound form dazzling with flowers flowing in her new longer mane and dotted with all the clouds of the sky, was also sporting a giant stick.

Not a special stick, mind. Just a really big, clublike stick. Like a cavepony might hold.

>Um... try swinging it?

"Oh, I suppose, but I don't think I'm much good with-"


"...dear, something has awakened in me.
She felt something alright
in the air.
Bloodlust or regular kind, there’s a big distinction.

>We have to do something! Quick we need a smarty! A smarty smarty! Which Queen do we know who's a smarty!?


>DAMN IT how are we losing this bad!?

"They literally got god powers!"


"And we were winning!"

>You... you're right! YOU'RE RIGHT! What we need... is a new god!


>All in favor of worshipping the concept of love say I!

"That's the pink pony and she don't like us"



"...did you just give me a rock?"

>A shiny rock!


>Soooo can we get blessings for a great harvest?

"A what?"

>I don't know I skimmed the book.

Holds up a paperback titled "How to make a cult"


>Fine, not like I don't have a dozen other deities running around!


>Nice hair, firestorm.

"Right back at'cha, Caddy Junior."

>...You think the Tree's got a sense of humor?

"Element of Laughter."

>Right, right.

~Wow! Wow!~

"I take it he just saw you like this?"

>Uh huh.

~Gorgeous! Gorgeous!~

"He is... just talking about you, right?"

>You really think he'd spare you?

"No, it's just-"

~Sexy! Beautiful!~

"The double-double was throwing me off, but now I know he's talking about us both."

>Hey, are you saying you're sexier or more beautiful than me?

"I'm saying he's saying one or the other."

~You both look great! Tan magnífica!~

"That's one way to get out of answering."


The pegasus mare looked him over.

Like so many others, his appearance had gone through significant changes.

Atop his head, the hat he wore seemed just a bit larger - its cloth band now sparkling brightly and his silver mane spilling out from beneath like rivers of moonlight. His precious cloak, black as midnight, had changed from its simple cloth weaving to something akin to a flock of raven feathers, giving the appearance of a giant set of wings. A set of runes shimmered along the cloak, all indecipherable to her with the exception of a lone one that resembled a golden star. And those gloves of his, those conduits of alchemical magic and tricks, had grown in number and changed to a form that resembled wings which were white as doves.

No longer did the stallion resemble the shady pegasus she had first seen him as.

>You don't look half bad yourself, Tiempo.

He was something more.


Something brighter.


He flew away, laughing without a care for the Queens he swatted out of the way.



>...Is something on my face?

The changeling's eyes were wide.

"He... He got to you?"


"He got to you?!"

>It was just a compliment!

"About his looks!"

>What's wrong with that?

"You HEH'd!"

>So? I HEH! Everyone HEHs sometimes!

"We both know HEH is just the first step! This stuff starts small, Spitfire! He got to you! Which means something happened! What was it?!"


Zippidy ZOOOOM!

The only iffy part is that doesn't seem like an 18 thing to say. That one feels more like a "prod the ship" kind of thing. Not egregious or anything, don't wanna seem like it's a major problem or something like that, but it's just a little off.

Much weirder is Spitfire's last line though. This one wouldn't have even have jumped out at me but we had a nearly same joke when she was starting to crush on Shining and Chrysalis called her out, and she just turned it around into a joke. I'll see if I can find it, god help me because... there's a lot... but that one's the sticky point.
I'll help a writefriend out.


The melody of the punches. They sang to her.

How glorious it was again to swing with all her might, and hear that satisfying crunch that wasn't the sound of her own chitin mingled with the ringing of regret of another visit to an overworked and overcaring doctor. Truly, this was the world she was supposed to be in, thrust into battle and destroying her foes one by one, the buffet of a grand battle was hers once more, and she would saver every bite.

At least until someone rammed into her.


"Forty Two!"

She wasn't going to be too down on herself about not blocking it, if anyone was fast enough to get past her defenses, it was the fastest mare alive enhanced by the grandest of rainbow powers.

>If you came for a compliment, I have two. You are very fast and very pretty.

"Yeah yeah you too, listen, I need your help!"

>I'm more of a puncher, but I will hold them and let you get a few licks in. Promise not to splatter them in my direction, I like my new mane.

"Not that! I did a Heh towards Tiempo, in front of Eighteen! Full on complimented his appearance!"


"And I kind of panicked!"

>That doesn't seem like you.

"It wouldn't be! When it was Chrysalis I was all "Heh, jealous"? and it was funny! But I thought about it when she started poking and I'm worried she thinks I like him! Like, like him, like him! And, you know!"

She gestures to herself, to Forty Two, and to several others across the battlefield. How she knew where they were, only the heart could tell.

"But I can't just not say he's doing good, I'm proud of him! He did a good thing and he doesn't look awful or anything! But did I overdo it? I dunno!"

>Did she... seem suspicious?

"Why do you think I panicked!?"


"Yeah! I don't wanna, you know! Send off weird signals! Especially because I just got Cadence back and I really really really want Shining back! I don't wanna call things off or anything, and I'm worried she, you know, is getting an impression since Shining is gone..."

>I see.

"So, what do I do here? Help a sister out!"

>This is more of a Cadence thing.

Spitfire stares, Forty Two stares back. Neither of them blinked, Queens took bets. Everyone lost.

>I'm just trying to be open and honest about my capabilities, I know what you mean and trust you, but this is clearly a you and Eighteen thing. Maybe a Tiempo thing too. I'm not exactly good at making things not look bad, I did that a lot.

"Come on, you have to have some advice!"

>Just say you're focusing on survival now.

"You think that'll work?"

>Absolutely not.

"Oh... then what will work?"

Forty Two brings her hoof to her chin and ponders. Deeply delving into her skills and knowledge in introspecting, seeking out the answers far and wide.

>Oh no look my soldiers are in need of emotional support. Best talk to someone else who didn't give themselves brain damage over this. Helping!

And vanished in a fwoosh.


"Did you just use my move on me!? Nobody uses my move on me but me! And Shining that one time! And Chrysalis that other time! And Dash that one time I pretend didn't happen! And... oh wow I screw myself over a lot, don't I?"

~Sounds like it.~

She turns and finds a Queen sitting in the sky with her, eating a bucket of popcorn.

~What? I like soap operas.~

"How do you know what that is!?"

~I've seen plays on sudsy stages.~

"...that cannot be where that term came from."

She looked around, finding a certain pink spot in the battlefield and considered her options.

"...so, any advice since you listened in?"

~FUCK ALL OF THEM! Just dirty sloppy sex, everywhere!~

She no longer considered asking Queens an option. But, out of respect, did not punch the Queen in question.

~Good luck with the orgy!~

She would come back to that later.
Wonderful! Issue retracted, Spitfire being worried others might think she’s replacing Shining is a valid worry. And maybe that’s why 18 got a little weird about it? She’s the second hardest on the likes Shiny scale
I always like when an anon posts something worth being canon but a little off so someone else just goes “I got this” and irons out the wrinkles.

Been there since thread 5
I think she'd be more worried Cadence might get that idea, since she wasn't around for so long. Eighteen would probably understand might even like it, more Shiny for her. but she knows how unsure Cadence was about the whole thing. Doubt she wants to be the one who made Caddy suddenly have second thoughts they'd reconsider and move on if one of them was out of the picture. Hence her not wanting to talk about it with Cadence.

Poor girl, she just liked his new outfit...

>Wait is the key to survival bad advice?


Is Caddy first or…
I don't think we count them for each other because they default win "Most likes the other one", I think Chrysalis takes up number 1 on both slots. Though admittedly, Forty Two might eek her out on the Caddy side, Forty Two really, REALLY likes Caddy.
I mean we at least know that 18 and 42 lean on either side of the Shiny/Caddy dichotomy. Chrysalis alternates. She thought about Shining when she said the big speech.

>Hey, Spike, you're good about sending out signals absolutely nobody interprets as sexual, even when they're direct compliments, how do you do it?

"...you realize Shining is like a brother to me, right?"

>Shining's the one who told me that.

"Ah. Well then all you have to do is be born without charisma."

>You're pretty charismatic, I just wanted to know how to make it non-sexual.

"...I know what you're doing, and I see through you, but I'm also going to embrace this tiny ember of hope."
I genuinely like that Spitfire and 42 kind of became this duo who always has each others backs, but I miss when that was 42 and 18. They used to be joined at the hip in the early threads
I mean they’re not dead, we can do more than that.



"Hey, Forty Two! Looking good!"

>Very much so back at you, very... Cadence?

"Yeah I'm noticing that. Though, to be fair, when I became a Queen it stuck on so maybe she thinks my wig is a part of me or something."

>Are these even wigs? Mine hasn't ever come off...

"I don't know! I've seen Two scratch hers like a dog!"

>Been a weird trip, hasn't it?


>I'm glad you got over the first impression of us bombing the threesome seduction attempt.

"That wasn't the first impression. First impression I ever got of you was coming out of the fight pit."

>Oh, yeah... mother was a complicated beast.

"Chrysalis was into it."

>Never got a chance to do it, though.

"Well, give her time, pretty sure she's going to end up with a whole Hive shortly after we get Shining back. And we are getting him back."

She insisted, her eyes going strangely hard.

>The only way "We're" getting him back is if you somehow manage to keep up with me, I'm very fast. Though, even I might come in dramatically at the tail end to deliver the final blow. Spitfire's even quicker, of course, it'll be hard to keep up before she gets to him.

Eighteen raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything.

>Something wrong?

"...I might be being slightly paranoid."

>You don't say.

"I do say! It's been hard, you know!? I'm happy Cadence is back, really super duper lovey dovey happy! Even for the other six too! But..."

A strong hoof laid on her shoulder.

>But something important is missing.


>And you're worried...

"...I know it's stupid."

>It's very stupid.

"I know! But.."

>Being stupid is fine sometimes.

"You're sure?"

>Eighteen, in all of our big, wide, crazy group, whatever else we have between us in addition... you're my best friend.

She hugged the mare. The other mare hugged back.


>And as your friend, I want to say... focus on breaking bones, and then get paranoid about a stallion trying to seduce you and replace the one you're gaga over in your group.

"Oh, alright..."

Abruptly, both turned and punch. Their combined powers are enough to send a shockwave across the battlefield.

"But if I have to reschedule again I'm gonna just crack the world and call it quits."

>That's fair.

>Hey, kiddo!

"Hey, Not-mom! Yer' really pretty!"

>Awww, thanks. You don't look so bad yourself!

"I've gots the sparkles!"

>You sure do, you sure do. So, what did you get up to while I was gone?

"Ah' turned inta' a tank."

>...like... like transformed into an actual metal tank with shapeshifting, or-

"Well, more like Ah' turned inta' a really big armored bug, who's gots a flamethrower cannon."


"Ah' did it so Ah' could beat another tank ta' save Sissy."

“Sissy punched a lady

>Stop stop I can only feel so happy


There it was, she supposed. The Queen had been holding onto doubts. Doubts, and she supposed, a little bit of hope that somewhere, somehow, her daughter was still doing her duty as a changeling. The lack of power, or rather, lack of magic she was willing to use against her, was key to holding onto this hope. Even when she joined with the others to defeat Devonia, she could admit that her station would have demanded it. But, sadly, there was little she, a master of convincing, could do to convince herself.


>...you look...

Her daughter now stood before her with eyes ablaze, strange crystals in oval shapes dancing around her striking almost mechanical looking coloration along her chitin. She didn't have a mane, but her hat had become enchanted, the little ticket in it now reading "Best Reporter" in it's newsy fashion. And of course, somehow, she'd managed to obtain a magical microphone, one with a ball of light at the top instead of the more standard receiver. There was no denying it now.

Her daughter had chosen her side.

>...you look good.


Her and her little robot companion. Who, inexplicably, was just as charged with rainbow energy. His mane, once solid, almost looked organic, and she could swear she finally saw his stoic face able to smile truly. He seemed so much more, well, alive with his shimmering skin and massive camera protruding from his chest. She could only imagine the resolution on that thing, and he was eager to point it.


Though some part of her was truly sad at the turn of events, some part of her was different.

"Yeah... I'm coming."

Some part of her felt...

>...go gettem, kid.


"Yeah... This is Ten with the Hive Gazette, reporting from you live at the final battle for our reality!"

She did her best to keep her smile as her daughter took into the air.

>...Don't get caught up in everyone else's story...

She only let the tears fall, when she was gone.

>If you do... you'll forget your own story.

There went the best reporter in the world.

>You'll always be on my front page.
>Rainbolt Red




~We have so many extra bits that do nothing but look SO COOL!~


>Alright everyone! You know what to do! RAINBOLTS!


>~We have so many extra bits that do nothing but look SO COOL!~
Yep, that's Sentai
Does this mean Harmony Prime would've gotten a powerup?
>Says she can't help
>Tries anyway
This is why 42 is the best Punchbug.
File: YunoDT.jpg (804 KB, 2400x1800)
804 KB
804 KB JPG
I bring art!

>I got you Spike! Don't you feel so protected?
Chainsaws shadow
>I'm so hard right now!

"I'm so scared!"
>Chainsaw Mare
>shadows just watching like “I thought we were the evil ones”
This thread is bloody boards 2.0. Just one schizophrenic wierdo postin badly written incomprehensible garbage read by nobody.
Write a real green or fuck off
>The bedazzling makes their insides sparkle
You know one fun part about these arts will always be finding out which anime PP anon is currently/recently was watching via osmosis.

Though I don't remember prime Tsuntsun having a chainsaw...
I thought this was chainsaw man for a second till I read the file name and noticed DT's dress underneath the splatter. Took a bit of looking, there's a LOT of yuno's, u kno?

Also obviously not gonna reply to it but that comment up there made me realize how fucking trippy it would be if we just out of nowhere started writing random greens in the weird regular style of the like Flutterape or something, just completely disconnected of anything like 370 threads in and it's a whole new bunch of one off stories that usually feature anon and like 90 percent of them just drop off after 2 posts never to be continued. Maybe a couple where AJ goes full Tyrant Apple. Be fuckin' wild man.
I’m imagining this is how they clean under the school
oh shit yeah, demon resolution.

The schoolteacher looked down to her sparkling hooves, each individual fleck looking like a flame that seemed in motion even while remaining still.

>...I'm genuinely shocked you're okay with me getting powers considering that whole school thing. Aren't I like, tainted by evil or something?

Despite her insistence, the powers did not go away.


So, she mashed her hooves together, and smiled.

>Time to take these Queens to school.

She almost lost the power because of the pun. Harmony was this close, and she would never know.
>Queen Culicidae
"Queen Madidus"

>I can't feel the left side of my face. You?

"I can't feel my anything!"

The two Queens leaned on each other. Not out of comradery or anything of the sort, more because they shared a purely coincidental mirroring of injuries on their left and right sides, respectively. One of them hit by a stray blow from the detonation of some kind of magical missile, and the other caught in the rampaging stomp of what appeared to be a magic dragon. Neither of them had managed to heal their wounds yet, which was made all the more unfortunate since neither had been the focus of the attacks. They didn't know if they should thank their now dead deity or be insulted.

>It's not just their bodies, even their blood type is different! I can't figure out what happened!

She punctuated her point by producing a proboscis.

"Yeah I never got that. We eat love, why do you have a-"

>Because blood is love!

"...is this a fetish thing?"

>Everything is a fetish thing!

"Right. Screw this, I'm going to the future."

>You can do that?! Take me with you!

"Mmmmm, not."

With a pop! The Queen at her side suddenly fell over, and Culicidae fell with her.

>Is... is this the start of the spell, or?

The other Queen did not stir.

>She gets to sleep through the finale
>Blood fetish

Worst Queen


"WOO! Rochi! Check this out! I'm HUGE!"

>Yep... very... very big.

"I've got all this power and I know exactly where to put it!"

>"Their/My face!"




>We said the same thing.

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