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File: 2887437.jpg (1.02 MB, 1536x1920)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Previous Thread: >>40814927

Welcome to Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls & Humanized Thread! Anything with >no hooves is welcome and encouraged here. If you like to write, draw, read, or critique the humanized versions of the ponies, then this is the thread for you.

Story List:

--Recent Writefags-- (pastebin.com can be swapped with poneb.in if necessary)

https://ponepaste.org/2937 (Luna)
https://ponepaste.org/9483 (Celestia, Luna, Wallflower)
https://ponepaste.org/3518 (Various)
https://ponepaste.org/9092 (All Four Pie Sisters)
https://ponepaste.org/9088 (Cadance)
https://ponepaste.org/7826 (Fluttershy)

https://ponepaste.org/9098 (SciTwi)
https://ponepaste.org/3985 (SciTwi)
https://ponepaste.org/7060 (SciTwi)

Magna Anon:
https://ponepaste.org/9460 (Fluttershy)
https://ponepaste.org/3235 (Rarity)
https://ponepaste.org/3940 (Pinkie)
https://ponepaste.org/4395 (RD)
https://ponepaste.org/4987 (Twilight)
https://ponepaste.org/6019 (Applejack)

https://ponepaste.org/9699 (Pinkie Pie)

https://ponepaste.org/8602 (Coco)

https://ponepaste.org/4863 (Celestia)
https://ponepaste.org/4864 (Mane 6)
https://ponepaste.org/4865 (Fluttershy)
https://ponepaste.org/9741 (Fluttershy)

--Less Recent Writefags-- (pastebin.com can be swapped with poneb.in if necessary)

PurpTrix: https://ponepaste.org/7160 (Twilight/Trixie)

Magicopia: https://ponepaste.org/user/Magi (Various)

https://ponepaste.org/8603 (Twilight)
https://ponepaste.org/8604 (Celestia)

SolAnon: https://ponepaste.org/6863 (Rarity)

https://ponepaste.org/4939 (Applejack)

https://ponepaste.org/3005 (AJ)

https://ponepaste.org/2619 (RD)

https://ponepaste.org/user/BetAnonTheSecond (Various story links)

https://pastebin.com/rnmM7QJk (Mane Seven)
https://pastebin.com/BFZq3W6t (Sunset Shimmer)

FiftyShadesofYellow: https://pastebin.com/x9BuyJQZ (Fluttershy)

Jade: https://pastebin.com/S9JWisFy (Fluttershy/Rarity/Dash)
https://pastebin.com/Aw0tfU9E (Fluttershy/Scitwi)

TerminusAnon: https://pastebin.com/ddNn3tjZ (Midnight/Twilight)

Lilith: https://pastebin.com/sPUtvkM7 (Mane Six: Space)

https://pastebin.com/6izpGbaV (Various)
https://pastebin.com/VJawJwMe (Various)
https://pastebin.com/jBBpfKdL (Various)

Archival Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/FingerbangingMLP
Thread Resources: http://derpy.me/b783H
FimFiction Group: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/204505/human-eqg-fingerbang
Applications: http://derpy.me/tQSuG
Discord: https://discord.gg/jXfKyJP
>How did this Humanized thread get started? What happened to Fingerbang?

The Humanized thread was created when the various humanized threads (including Fingerbang) on /mlp/ decided to merge. The rest is history. Quite literally as of now.
File: 1101245.jpg (2.62 MB, 2550x3300)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB JPG
>You’ve been sensing something sketchy ever since these two women on the beach started talking to you.
>You *are* flattered that they’re showing you a great deal of affection, but something feels too good to be true.
>And it sucks because the one with pink hair actually bothered listening to what you had to say about yourself.
>She had a kind of look in her eyes that left an undeniable impression on you.
>She put butterflies in your stomach, weakness in your knees, getting you bumbling and stuttering every time you tried to answer something she asked you about.
>Gotten you all clumsy, and you have no idea why or how she did what she did to you.
>It doesn’t feel real, as though something else is at play.
>You’ve felt like you’ve mad a very desired new friend, but your rational side is questioning their insistence on taking you back to the hotel they’re staying at.
>Even though your pressing infatuation, you can tell something peculiar is afoot.
>Her name is Candy, the one who metaphorically poked your heart a little.
>The other one, Chryssy, is making really unsubtle faces at you when she thinks you aren’t looking.
>She’s down bad, you can tell, or at least appears to be so.
>Whether or not that is intentional, you aren’t sure, which only adds to your suspicion.
>All you were doing was sitting along minding your own business and then these two came up and talked to you.
>But screw it, you don’t exactly mind it.
>Talking to strangers can end up being good for you, and these two seem nice.
>You do convince them to come to a restaurant with you so you can at least make a decision regarding whether or not they’re too sketchy to enter a locked and enclosed area with.
>The one with turquoise hair named Chryssy offers to foot the entire bill too, so that’s a plus.
>And with that, the three of you decided to go to a main street eatery just before entering the hotel building.
>You still do like where this is going, and you’re really REALLY hoping it might end up with some fun time after this little almost-date.
>Hell, you’re on vacation, and this would make this easily one of the better vacations you’ve ever had, definitely the best one you’ve had in years.
>The only thing you’re concerned about is this taking a Hostel-tier turn, from how sudden and enthusiastic these two are.
>Just because you’ve been feeling blue lately doesn’t suddenly mean you’re stupid.
>And the way Chryssy is gazing seemingly directly into your soul the whole time is making you fee a little uneasy.
>You can hear Candy almost silently tell her to stop doing that, and she seems like she only wants to do it more because it’s getting in the way of something Candy is trying to do.
>God damn why do these two have to be so hot? Their intentions ARE good, right?
>Finally run out the clock and make it out of the eatery, saying you have to go home and it’s late.
>You SHOULD be safe now, but some feeling is keeping you from walking far.
>What do you do?

He's already caught in their trap, he's being kept from walking far because he can't leave them now.
>Inb4 he gets the compulsion to go where they are and simply can't disobey it
Hot pic but
Also gonna point out it looks anthro, but cougar AJ in a green would be fantastic.
>Older AJ feeling the baby clock ticking and pressured by Granny that she wants to see AJ have kids before she dies
>Ensnares a young Anon to give her kids while conflicted and not wanting to look like a pervert
If you like the fictional girls in, uhh... *certain ages*, could someone update the Kemono entry for Uotapo's Pixiv Fanbox page?


Right now, the Apple Bloom stuff is missing.
I say go for it! The sleepover greens I've seen usually result in Anon getting with his waifu or Anon getting a harem, so I wouldn't worry about the originality of the concept.
You can real easily write the events of the sleepover to have the girl Anon's after warm up to him while having Anon warm up to the girl that's after him. Karaoke, truth or dare, movie, all sorts of fun scenarios to work with.
File: 1710979980130953.png (259 KB, 1217x1125)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
>>Inb4 he gets the compulsion to go where they are and simply can't disobey it
This sounds fun
nice op pic
I’d love karaoke
Nice digits
File: 1710785548012859.png (672 KB, 1920x2257)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
Chinese astrology-inspired lewd wear.
Go go go.
You started with cow girl (year of the ox).
Fug I had a recent dragon year one somewhere but I can't find it
I love microbikinis
File: 3289858.png (667 KB, 915x1711)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
lmao cute
Year of the bat is one of them right?
Busty cowgirl principals, but they decide that you (NNN) are overdue for a milking.
Anchor for the anon coloring the bottomless humanized Fluttershy.

(NSFW, obviously)

Requesting that this sketch of bottomless humanized Fluttershy is colored. Be sure to expose her genitals.

Reference for color and painting style (also NSFW):

And this is how the original artist would draw female genitals in the similar pose and from the similar angle. (WARNING: NSFW, anthro and hyper)

Or, if you want to finish it yourself, here is the incomplete painting (it too is NSFW):
File: 1711118429928045.png (1.94 MB, 1024x1024)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
1000 percent would
Imagine working as a male teacher in Crystal Prep high school, and the new principal's sudden change in demeanor also changed you after a personal discussion. Now, you can't help but look at all your female students in a sexual way, and they're doing the same to you too.
File: 1408846648974.jpg (147 KB, 819x1024)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
corruptable angel
Paradise but risk of getting fired
No, but chinese year of the rat can be construed as a bat.
Surprisingly beautiful for aislop
it's like it's learning
Close enough
It’s been I don’t know how many years, but I caught up with this general in desuarchives. Really happy to see Purp Trix finally came back and completed his story. An unexpected but welcome surprise, great job fren.
New nsfw thread
File: sunsetbeachbutt.png (583 KB, 682x700)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
Jesus, it's learning alright...learning what makes my dick hard
and the rest can't be here cuz christian board, but I posted it in the previous trash thread
These in particular make her look so yummy
File: i'm back.gif (555 KB, 220x165)
555 KB
555 KB GIF
You guys asked for it, and after over three years, it's happening

Life Flutters By continues TOMORROW
And there was much rejoicing.
*Knights waving their little banners* Yaaay....

Looking forward to seeing this project back on wheels. I'm really interested in finding out what direction you take things, as we've been practically hanging over a cliff since it went on hiatus.
File: 1711320538326.jpg (16 KB, 465x431)
16 KB
no fucking way, say wallah
It sure was a nice surprise
That new principal better keep Anon “sedated” before he goes ape mode
Based goth
God I love that edit
>Life Flutters By continues
I'll have to catch up. Good luck with the green, m8. I'll read it, love me flutters.
File: 1710632377314.png (602 KB, 600x1200)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
Ponk's honkers
File: 1674509914603957.png (861 KB, 896x1053)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
Ponkers, even.
File: 1674192647277561.png (1.39 MB, 648x1321)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
File: 1674223542665902.png (106 KB, 667x642)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
File: 1674227576306201.png (1.18 MB, 1700x2000)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
File: 1674278003158104.png (257 KB, 800x800)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
File: 1674306576398828.jpg (2.55 MB, 3508x2480)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
File: 1674322936763009.png (1.04 MB, 923x1094)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
File: 1674354741597187.jpg (1.03 MB, 1240x2000)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
File: ponktips.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1080)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
I support them (more than any bra could)
File: 1674398639234887.png (500 KB, 1349x1762)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
Not any more slop than at least half the fanart you see on Twitter.
>Punkie Pie
PREVIOUSLY ON "LIFE FLUTTERS BY": https://ponepaste.org/4865

>"So... I'll see you tomorrow?" Fluttershy asked as you slip your arms through the sleeves of your trusty jacket and fasten each button.
>"I-I mean for lunch, since... you know..."
"Yeah, of course!" You smile at her, quick to assuage her concerns.
"And besides, we can text later today and tomorrow." You remind her.
>"Yeah, that's true." Fluttershy agrees, with a hint of glumness in her tone.
>With the sun descending towards the horizon, the autumn chill is making its presence more known to you.
>Drawing further attention to Fluttershy's tank top and skirt.
>She doesn't seem very cold, but you'd like to think of yourself as a good boyfriend.
"Hey, you gonna be okay walking home like that?" You ask her.
>Your question snaps her out of whatever's troubling her, although you could guess what it is.
>"O-Oh, yes, it's not a far walk and I'm kind of used to cold weather..."
>You leer at her a bit, weighing up the pros and cons of lending her your jacket again.
>You're more sensitive to the cold than she is.
>And if you catch a cold, it'll put your kissing on hiatus.
>You decide instead to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and look into her eyes.
"Hey, it's only one day, it's gonna be alright."
>She gently smiles and leans into your touch.
>"I know, it's just... I'm sorry, I worry a lot about this kinda stuff..."
>"A-And it's not like I don't trust you to do a good job! I know you'll do great!"
"Hey, hey, it's okay, I understand."
>To be honest, you're a little worried too.
>It's gonna be a real lonely four hours after school tomorrow.
>But you can't let her know that, you've gotta be her rock.
"You're gonna have a great time at the game tomorrow, cheering on Rainbow with all your friends!"
>Her smile widens and she nods in agreement.
>"You're right, Anon." She softly replies.
"And you said something about Sugarcube Corner on Saturday?"
>"Oh, yeah!"
>You take another glance at the time.
>Of course time only goes by faster when you're with her.
"Well, I should be heading home soon." You glumly inform her.
>Fluttershy's smile fades slightly, but she nods understandingly.
>You quickly wrap your arm around her waist and pull her close.
"And no, I didn't forget this time~"
>You capture Fluttershy's lips in a brief but loving goodbye kiss.
>Her initial surprise quickly fades as her eyes slide shut as she savors the moment-long kiss.
>"You're making good progress~" She softly giggles.
>You bid your final farewell to her, and with one last lingering gaze at her, you exit the animal shelter.
>Making your way down the dimly-lit roads of Canterlot, you put on some music to provide some company on your walk home.
You going to be a lot of posts? I might update tonight too.
Probably not, don't worry

>Saying goodbye to Anon gets harder every time.
>As he disappears into the streets of the city, you suddenly feel much colder.
>Maybe it's time to start dressing for the season.
>You gather your belongings and take one last glance across the animal shelter's backyard to make sure nothing was out of place.
>Once you're satisfied, you make your way out through the front doors.
"Have a good night, Grace." You softly bid farewell to the nice receptionist.
>"You have a good night too, Fluttershy!" She replies, in a more upbeat mood.
>"Say, that Anon friend of yours has been a real help around here! Nice job hookin' him in." She remarks.
>You manage a soft smile and sound of agreement before leaving the building.
>On nights like this, you'd rather take in the sounds of the town than drown it out with music.
>Canterlot is so peaceful at night.
>Especially out here, further from downtown.
>The birds and squirrels and other critters can be heard, with some activity downtown in the distance.
>...You really shouldn't be so stressed about this.
>It's only one day, and Anon's proven himself to be completely capable of taking care of the animals.
>They've come to like him, too.
>And you promised Rainbow you'd be there for her tomorrow.
>...Anon's so sweet.
>Your fingers gently graze across your lips.
>You can still feel the warmth of his lips from your many kisses with him.
>His arms wrapped around you...
>That look in his eyes...
>...You just hope he won't be too lonely tomorrow.
>Or think less of you for not being there.
>He said he doesn't mind at all, but people can think things...
>Anon is different.
>You trust him.
>He'll have everything under control tomorrow.
>You stop walking and take a deep breath to calm your nerves.
>Then you feel your phone buzz in your skirt pocket.
>Rarity was so thoughtful when designing this for you.
>You fish out your phone and open to see what's the matter.
>It's from your friends' groupchat.
>They're all discussing the soccer game tomorrow.
>Rainbow's gonna be playing against Arlen High School tomorrow.
>You admittedly don't know much about sports, but from the way Rainbow's talking about them, they sound pretty tough.
>[If anyone can kick their butts it's you!] Pinkie encourages her.
>[I'd be feeling pretty scared if I was them!] Applejack adds.
>[Hell yeah! They might as well have lost already!] Rainbow boasts.
>[Be careful, that kinda attitude could make you confident] Twilight warns her.
>[Hey, my confidence is warranted!] Rainbow is quick to reply.
[We know, just be careful out there.] You chime in with a word of warning.
>A round of welcomes comes from the six in the group after you show up.
>[Still coming to the game tomorrow?] Rainbow is quick to ask.
[Yep!] You reply.
>[Nice!] Rainbow cheers.
>You remember you're still standing still on the sidewalk and the sun has vanished from the sky, so you continue making your way home.
Does anyone here know the sauce of this pic?
me getting my girlcock jerked off
>Every now and again you'd look down at your phone again to keep up with the conversation.
>The topic moved from the game tomorrow to Applejack's experience in Chemistry today.
>Sounds like Norman isn't the best lab partner.
>At least she didn't lose her eyebrows.
>Anon's close with Norman, you wonder if he's had any similar experiences with him.
>Before too long, you make it back home.
>Zephyr's nowhere to be seen, but the usual sound of chips crunching coming from his room means he's where he usually is.
>He graduated last year and says he's looking for a job, but sometimes you're not sure...
>He gets enough grief from dad about it, so you try not to press him about it too much.
>Mom and dad are out, Thursday nights are when they have their bowling league.
>It's nice that dad got into a hobby after his retirement.
>There's some leftover pasta for you to heat up, as is tradition.
>It's really on weekends that you get to have dinner with your family, with how much time you spend at the animal shelter.
>It can get a little lonely sometimes, but you have your friends.
>You sit down to eat dinner at the vacant dining room table.
>It's only after you start eating that you realize how hungry you are.
>It's not as tasty as it would be if were fresh, but it's still nice.
>After you finish your dinner, you carefully rinse off your dishes and silverware and place them in the dish washer.
>It's pretty full, so you press start on the dishwasher before making your way up to your room.
>It's just as you left it this morning, except Angel is awake now.
>There's an impatient look on his face when you enter.
"Oh, sorry Angel!" You hastily apologize to him, retrieving the treats from one of the drawers on your shelf.
>Angel's a little hesitant to accept your offering, but he relents and begins nibbling on the treat.
"If you promise to be on your best behavior tomorrow, I could take you with me to Rainbow's soccer game tomorrow." You whisper to Angel, cautious of Zephyr possibly overhearing you.
>Angel slightly perks up at the offer, then leers at you.
"I promise I'll remember to give you your meal at lunch." You solemnly swear to Angel.
>Angel's stubbornness resurfaces as he turns away with a huffy expression.
>You kneel down next to his cage, thinking of how to appease him.
>You know if you keep giving him treats to make him happy, it'll make him unhealthy.
>Not to mention it enables him.
>You glance around your room, trying to think of something.
"...We could spend some time at the park after the game?" You offer.
>He slowly peers over his little rabbit shoulder at you.
>A moment later, he agrees with a soft nod.
"Oh, good!" You softly cheer, taking the critter into your arms and holding him close.
>Angel's still not great with close content, but he's come a long way.
"Oh, by the way! I have a boyfriend now!" You excitedly inform Angel.
>His expression immediately shifts to become more suspicious of this news.
"Oh, you haven't met him yet! Because you were... in my backpack that day..." You trail off, feeling more guilty with each word.
>Angel's expression doesn't change.
"...B-But his name's Anon! He's such a sweetheart." You say to Angel, getting the conversation back on track.
>Angel isn't convinced.
"You'll get to meet him tomorrow at lunch! I'm sure you two will like each other."
>Angel squints even more.
"...Promise to be on your best behavior?"
>Angel shook his head.
>For such a small critter, he can be so frustrating sometimes.
"Come on, my other friends will be there, too. You like them!" You try to convince him.
>Angel seems to mull it over, but eventually agrees by sinking into your arms.
"That's the spirit!" You softly cheer.
>You carefully set Angel down on the carpeted floor to let him roam around a bit.
>You notice out of the corner of your eye that your trash can is full, so you take it in your arms and make your way downstairs.
>After dumping the contents into the garbage can in the garage, you make your way back up to the stairs to your room.
>...Except Zephyr's standing outside his room.
>...With a strange grin on his face.
>"So what's this about a boyfriend?" He teased you.
>Your face gets warmer as you suddenly lose the ability to come up with a response.
"N-None of your business!" You manage to stammer out.
>Before Zephyr could interrogate you any more on the matter, you vanish into your room.
>Once the door's sealed behind you, you hear him chuckling in the hallway before going back into his room.
>Ugh, sometimes he can be such a pain.
>Angel's minding his own business, nestled in a corner of your room.
>Luckily you don't have any homework to deal with tonight, just some reading assignments that you could probably do this weekend.
>You lie down on your bed and stare up at the ceiling as you realize how tired you are today.
>Which is weird, you didn't do anything super intense today.
>...Well, except with Anon...
>You close your eyes and reminisce on his hands travelling across your body.
>He's so... tender.
>Firm, yet gentle.
>Before you could sink into these savory memories, your mind presented memories of how you hitched up your skirt today.
>You're not sure what you were thinking, it was real chilly out.
>But... it was nice to have Anon look at you like that...
>You cover your face in embarrassment at the memory.
>If Rarity saw you like that, she'd be beside herself.
>You never thought you'd do something so... risque...
>But Anon...
>He makes you feel...
>You've never really been interested in boys or relationships before, Rainbow and the others were all the social life you needed.
>But Anon didn't come to you to ask you out.
>He just wanted an extracurricular activity, and maybe a friend.
>But that sneaky, sneaky Anon...
>He infected you with his friendly, kind, charming demeanor and...
>...Started a fire inside you.
>You feel even more ashamed of yourself when you remember what happened the last time you thought about Anon like this on your bed.
>He lent you his jacket to save you from complete humiliation, and you...
>...You defiled it.
>It was such a nice jacket, too...
>You cover your face with your hands in embarrassment.
>You can't believe how you acted that night.
>You never knew you could be such a pervert.
"Why did you have to sniff your jacket when I gave it back to you?" You mutter to yourself.
>You spent the rest of the day unable to think about anything else.
>It was so humiliating, what if he smelled... it?
>What would he think?
>What would Rainbow or Rarity or Twilight think?
>And the worst part is...
>When he sniffed his jacket...
>...It was really hot.
"This is all your fault, Anon..." You mumble.
>You slip out of your skirt.
"You turned me into a pervert..."
>But as if it were divine intervention, a text from Rainbow buzzed on your phone.
>Snapping you out of your trance, you sit straight up and fan yourself before checking the text.
>[Watcha up to now]
[Nothing, hbu?] You lied.
>[Ngl, a little stressed about tomorrow] Rainbow admitted.
>You sigh, feeling a pang of sympathy for your friend.
[You're gonna do great in the game tomorrow, I know it]
>Rainbow takes a moment to respond.
>[I know, I guess I'm just feeling the pressure now]
>[The first game sets the tone for the rest of the season, and all eyes are on me as the star player]
>[Plus, this is the last first game of the season of my high school career]
>[After this is college, and who knows what else from there]
>You sigh.
>Life after high school isn't something you like to think about.
>The future after graduation is so uncertain and kind of intimidating.
>You wish things didn't have to change, you're happy with your life as is.
>You wish you could just stay with the animal shelter.
>You shove your worried thoughts to the back of your mind, Rainbow needs your help.
[Whatever happens tomorrow, we all know you'll be amazing]
[You're the best soccer player I know, and we'll all be proud of you no matter if you win or lose]
[As for after high school...]
>You pause for a moment, trying to think of the best answer.
[...Stressing yourself over it now isn't gonna help. Just try to live in the moment]
>You wish you could so easily follow your own advice.
>A few moments later, Rainbow responds.
>[Thanks, Fluttershy. I'm really glad we're friends]
>You smile, feeling the warmth of your friendship with her.
[I'm really glad we're friends, too]
>You yawn soon after send the text, so you figure it's time to hit the hay.
>Tomorrow's gonna be a big day, after all.

That's it for tonight! Tune in tomorrow for more!
Glad you’re continuing this. Will get caught up when I can.
File: 1644278926934.png (283 KB, 684x1059)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Warning: NSFW

Could someone remove the remaining parts of clothing off this humanized Rarity, and apply some gravity to her breasts? The zero-gravity boobs are weird as fuck, you know.

But if redrawing the breasts is out of your capacity, or if you are busy right now, you can just remove that part first. Boobs with correct physics can wait, I guess.
Alright, just making sure I didn't get in your way. I'll just post the rest tomorrow since I kind of have to upload something elsewhere anyway. Welcome back, by the way.
>This just doesn’t make any sense, you should be home free by now.
>The two suspicious but attractive young ladies let you go without a single word of contention about it.
>You’re trying to make your way back down the street as the sky gets darker and darker but the further you get, the stronger the urge to turn around becomes.
>There was something about Chryssy, the way her eyes looked… kind of reminded you of that story you heard about this place that one time.
>Though you never really believed in any of that, but maybe something about her has something to do with where the superstition came from.
>Basically, the theme of that whole superstition you’ve heard about that one time had to do with a lack of free will that had been planted into the minds and souls of young men in order to lure them in for breeding.
>Or something like that, probably something less lewd-sounding than that.
>Didn’t really think much of it, which is another reason why you’re confused as to why you’re thinking so much of it now.
>Why DID it pop up in your brain like this so suddenly?
>You already miss Candy, wishing you could have stayed by her a little bit longer and talk out things about your life with her.
>Try to stop thinking about her and go back to getting home.
>You’ve only known Candy for a couple of hours at best and it already feels like you’ve known her for years.
>This reminds you of the part of a movie where the main character just met his love interest and he’s now trying to go about his day but can’t stop thinking about her.
>If love really is magic, then it’s some powerful stuff, more powerful than you’re able to handle.
>Your erection in your pants may have gone away for the moment, but the erection in your heart only rages on harder.
>Every corner you turn leads into a new block or path with a stronger backwards force that beckons you to turn around and return to the two women you just met at the beach today.
>You’re missing a great opportunity here, you just know it.
>And every step you take walking away from it like this feels like walking on broken glass.
>And this force against your own intentions only makes your intentions even stronger.
>This would be useful for a couple of other more strong-willed people, but NOT you.
>If you just built an entire huge sandcastle and it gets washed away into the sea as soon as you were getting ready to finish it, you’re not the type of person to immediately built it back up even better and on a higher up spot.
>That’s just not the type of person you are.
>You’re not forceful enough, but maybe someone you met IS that forceful.
>At some point, you had turned around and started walking the other way without even realizing you started doing so.
>It’s like your body itself started up a mutiny against your will and made you start walking in the direction you REALLY wanted to walk in but didn’t want to admit it to yourself.
>You continue to fight it, because there was something really odd about the way those two women were acting, but you can’t help but want to know more about them.
>Maybe they’re still waiting there for you, or just hanging around the area doing whatever, where you can return and get their attention.
>It almost feels like there’s so many eyes over your shoulders that you can’t even trust your own front door; namely the lock.
>There’s NO way this doesn’t feel like someone is following you, and there something that feels inside like nothing you can describe except a pink glow, except it’s not one you can see.
>It’s the creeping feeling that you’re being stalked, except it’s in a different flavor, a flavor that tastes so much better than you’d expect under normal conditions.
>You’re being watched and followed, you know it.
>Start to pick up your pace as you enter the less well-lit streets on the way to where you’ll be going to sleep tonight… if you make it through the door.
>And if ONLY you make it through the door.
>Then you can sleep.
>You must have passed your place, because you’re going right back to the more well-lit streets.
>The perfect excuse is that you don’t feel safe going to your place, but why is the first notion you get from that the notion that this is an excuse?
>There’s a pink glow following you, except you can’t see it, and it’s actually inside of you, so of course it’s going with you everywhere you go.
>And it’s getting so strong and bright that you’re losing control of where your legs are taking you.
>Something is begging you to go back to Candy and Chryssy, namely Candy, who has shown so much genuine affection for you, more than anyone else has in a long time.
>She’s so pretty too, and you never even got her number, you think, your mind is spinning so rapidly that you don’t even remember.
>But over the phone is not enough for you; it won’t bring you the same feeling you felt when in person with Candy.
>Is that the eatery you were just at?
>Something inside that anything less than meeting Candy in person again will not suffice.
>This was the perfect night for it,,, all the town lights lighting everything up just the right way…
>The way the sides of the buildings are lit up, the sounds of the cars driving by,,, the clouds in the sky…
>It’s like something right out of a movie, the setting becomes so beautiful just for you so you can have your beautiful moment of fate.
>How are you going to walk away from that?
>How could you possibly walk away?
>Run away?
>Hide away?
>From your own love sent after you so neither Candy nor Chryssy have to do much to pursue you?
>No idea why you’re thinking about it like that.
>Feel so animated and alive as your heart thumps all the way up to your ears; you can hear and feel your own pulse.
>Something’s gotten you feeling some type of way…
>Getting you all jittery and stupid, unable to control your legs, your clumsy feet or shaking knees.
>The need to see them again is overcoming you, like you’re in a video game and went too far off the map and are being forced back into completing the objective.
>The whole world itself is making you do this, every molecule in the open night air around you
>Something might as well be everywhere in the air at this point.
>Something sweet and beckoning, something that’s making you walk forwards towards virginity-suicide in an unidentifiable happening.
>You’re actively looking for Candy and Chryssy now, feeling an overwhelming, overpowering excitement make energy charge through your veins.
>What the hell is wrong with you right now?
>This only happens to characters on TV or in movies who are in love, not real life.
>Where is this jitteriness coming from?
>Your self-restraint steels itself and you get ready to high-tail it out of here, ready to force yourself if you have to.
>Even though your heart isn’t in it.
>Something’s terribly wrong with you; it’s never a good sign when you’re barely able to control your own body.
>The next block over never felt so far away, and your legs never felt so weak than now.
>Decide you’ll sit down for a few minutes and wait for this to go away.
>Surely it can’t be permanent.
>You wait in one of the outside lounge chairs as the vibrant patches of the otherwise dark nighttime scenery paint a picture around you.
>Shuffle around in your seat, feeling your heart beating in your throat as you look around for a familiar multi-colored hairdo.
>You have to calm your breathing down and get the sweat off of your brow.
>”Good evening, sir. How are we doing tonight?” A waitress walks up to you.
“Oh uh, sorry, I was just resting here for a few seconds, if that’s okay.”
>You stand up to leave anyway, as the still sane part of your brain has been begging you to do.
>”Oh there you are” Chimes a familiar voice.

>Your erection in your pants may have gone away for the moment, but the erection in your heart only rages on harder.

I never knew how badly I needed this hilarious line.
>You wake up from a (thankfully) dreamless slumber.
>Turning over, you glance at the clock on your nightstand.
>Today's the big day, you better get going.
>You crawl out of bed, grab some season-appropriate clothes, and hop into the shower.
>The hot water helps wake you up, but it also brings back some troubling thoughts from yesterday.
>Maybe Rainbow's concerns were justified.
>Admittedly, life after high school was something you avoided thinking about.
>You could get away with doing some basic courses at the local community college, but that'll only delay the problem.
>You weren't particularly great at any school subjects, so picking a major would be enough trouble.
>Plus everyone's schedule gets busier and harder to line up in college.
>Not to mention it's a completely new environment...
>You squirt some body soap onto your hand and scrub it onto your arms, but you keep worrying.
>Would you be able to stay in touch with Rainbow?
>Or Twilight?
>Or Rarity?
>Or Anon?
>You scrub your legs, but you can't scrub away these worries.
>Now you're feeling a little more worried about not being with Anon today.
>Gosh, you really don't want to be clingy, but...
>No, you can't worry about this now.
>You've gotta get ready soon.
>You rush through washing your hair before quickly stepping out of the shower.
>It doesn't take you super long to dry off, brush your hair and brush your teeth.
>Before long, you're dressed and ready to take on the day.
>Zephyr's still snoring in his room (as usual), but your parents are eating breakfast at the table.
>"Good morning, Fluttershy." Your mom greets you.
>"Good morning!" Your dad follows.
"Good morning, how was bowling last night?" You ask them, taking a couple fruits for breakfast.
>"Oh, we lost, but it was still a lot of fun!" Your dad sheepishly admits.
"Well, that's good to hear!"
>"Isn't the first soccer game of the season today?" Your mom asked as she read the morning news.
"Sure is! We're all gonna be rooting for Rainbow!"
>"Well, tell her we're rooting for her too!" Your mom requests.
"I'll be sure to! See you after the game!" You bid your parents farewell.
>Your hear them return the farewell before you close the door and head out to take on the day.
>Geez, it's real chilly out today.
>Autumn is in full swing.
>The sidewalk is decorated with a few fallen leaves, dancing across the pavement with the help of the occasional gust of wind.
>You're grateful you decided to wear a sweater and jeans today, you'd catch a cold in weather like this.
>But despite the temperature getting colder, it's still very peaceful.
>The brilliant colors of the sun rising in the distance always help you feel more empowered to deal with the school day.
>...But this isn't gonna last.
>If you end up going to some college far from home, the sunrise in the morning won't be the same.
>The sunlight won't dance through the leaves and branches of the trees you've known all your life.
>Some of those fancy colleges are in a big city, where there aren't as many trees or critters.
>It's making you homesick, just thinking about it.
>You look up at the sky again, and your worrying made the sunrise just a little less colorful.
>You sigh forlornly.
>"Hey, Flutters!" A familiar, comforting voice calls out to you.
>You spin around and spot Anon jogging to catch up to you from the street adjacent to yours.
>You try to shove your anxieties to the back of your mind, smiling as you wave back to him.
"Oh, hey, Anon!" You greet him in return.
>He must've been jogging a while to catch up with you, judging by how he's slightly panting as he catches up to you.
>"Sleep well?" He asks you.
>Don't think about how you were thinking about him last night.
>You nod, maybe a little too hastily.
"Oh, I wish I slept better. I'm just so excited for Rainbow's game today!"
>"I bet! Rainbow's a pretty incredible soccer player, from what I heard!" He responds as you two resume walking to school.
"You mean you've never gone to any of the games?"
>Anon shrugs, a sheepish expression on his face.
>"Well... no, I haven't. I've never been super into sports, and Norman's usually more interested in eating chips and playing video games than going to school events..." He admits.
>You nod understandingly.
>You doubt you'd have gone to many soccer games if you weren't friends with Rainbow.
>"Oh, by the way, I'm gonna have to wear the jacket for the foreseeable future due to weather concerns." Anon cheekily informs you.
>"I know, you prefer me without my jacket, but not wearing jackets in this weather is how you catch a cold. Or worse, brain hemorrhage."
>You can't help but snort-laugh at Anon's dumb joke.
"Oh, I think you'll be fine." You roll your eyes at him with a grin.
>He turns to you with an overly-pouty expression.
>The kind you thought only Rarity was capable of.
>"But Flutterssssssss, I could dieeeeeee."
"Hmm, I'm not sure, Rarity says a good boyfriend would be willing to die for his girlfriend." You tease him.
>He stifles a giggle and continues to leer at you.
>"I dunno, sounds like this Rarity might be a bad influence."
"But we've been friends for years! She'd never steer me wrong like that! And she knows a LOT about dating!" You playfully pout.
>"Yeah, well, I dunno, I consider myself pretty worldly, too." Anon humbly brags.
"Oh, really? Would you say you know as much about relationships as Rarity?"
>"I don't see how that's relevant." Anon bluntly replies.
>You two share a giggle.
>"Buuuuuut, I know enough to do this~" Anon teases.
>Before you could ask him what that would be, he leans over and plants a kiss on your forehead.
>The gesture is so sweet and cute you're too flustered to come up with any kind of response.
>Anon makes an incredibly smug sound, motivating you to gently punch his shoulder.
"That wasn't fair, you caught me off guard!" You pouted.
>"That was completely fair, you're just being a sore loser." Anon continued to bask in his little victory.
"I'll get you back for that, just you wait." You retort.
>You try to sound menacing, but between your voice and your still-red cheeks, this only makes him giggle more.
>It's only now that you notice that you've been holding hands with Anon all this time.
>Before you know it, you realize you've arrived at Canterlot High.
>Pinkie and Twilight, are standing by the horse statue with Rainbow, who eagerly waves you over.
>"'Hey, Fluttershy! Hey, Anon!" Rainbow eagerly greets you both.
>Your hands separate as you hurry over to your friends, Anon close behind.
"Good morning, Rainbow. How are you feeling about the game?" You ask her.
>"A flash of nervousness crosses her face before she beams with confidence.
>"Ready to go! Those Arlen chumps are just stalling for time, scheduling the game for the end of the day! You ask me, they should just come out and get their loss over with!"
>"We're really glad you can come with us to the game and not have to worry about the animals!" Twilight adds.
>You smile, nodding.
"Thanks, I'm really glad I can come, too. Anon's been a great help."
>"I'll say! We've never talked before, but you've been a super duper friend these past couple weeks!" Pinkie chipperly turns to Anon.
>You realize that he's standing subtly behind you with a slightly unsure look on his face.
>He still isn't super used to being around your friends.
>"Yeah, well, Fluttershy's been real great to me, I'm real lucky to have her around." Anon replied, somewhat awkwardly.
>What happened to that charisma he was using to mess you with a few minutes ago?
>But your cheeks get a little warmer at his flattery.
>Twilight and Pinkie respond with an "Awww" at his sweetness.
>Rainbow rolls her eyes in an exaggerated manner, but there's still a small smile on her face.
>Which ends up making him a little more flustered.
>"Y-Yeah, well, you all should be focusing more on the soccer game than our relationship." Anon tried to remind them, still a little flustered.
>"Hmmm, nah. Right now I'm having fun hazing you a bit." Rainbow retorted.
>"You GOTTA hang with us sometime! We gotta get to know you better!" Pinkie eagerly jumped in.
>Anon's a little intimidated by her offer, judging by the awkward smile on his face.
>You're unsure about this, too.
>"Ah, uh, I-I'm flattered, but I'd hate to intrude-"
>"Oh, don't worry! Any friend of Fluttershy's is a friend of ours!" Pinkie beams.
>"Isn't that right, girls?"
>Twilight and Rainbow share a vague look before turning back to Anon and Pinkie.
>"Uh, sure, but-" Twilight replies, but is cut off by Pinkie.
>"Well, there you go!" Pinkie assures Anon.
"Y-You know, Anon and I were actually kind of planning on having a little date at Sugarcube Corner tomorrow..." You speak up.
>"Oh, that's PERFECT! We get together there on Saturdays, too! You should totally come with!" Pinkie cheers.
>Poor Anon, he's no match for Pinkie when she gets like this.
"But shouldn't we ask Rarity and Applejack and Sunset if they're okay with him coming with us tomorrow? It's kind of rude to leave them out of the loop." You suggest.
>"Ooh, good idea!" Pinkie said, pulling out her phone.
>Her thumbs fly across the screen before your phone buzzes with a text message notification from Pinkie to the groupchat.
>[Heyyyyyy Fluttershy's bf Anon is gonna be joining us at SCC tomorrow!! Hope you don't mind!!]
>You sigh.
>You were really hoping for a nice date alone with Anon.
>Anon's looking a little more overwhelmed
>"Oh, cheer up, Anon! You don't have anything to worry about! We all like you!" Pinkie tried to reassure him.
>"Well, not as much as Fluttershy, that is~" She adds teasingly.
>"Pinkie!" Twilight scolds her as you and Anon get a little more flustered by the attention.
>"Good thing, too! 'Cause if any of us liked you as much as Fluttershy does, that would be super duper awkward!"
>"Alright, alright, you win." Anon relents with his hands up.
>"Oh, goodie! I've gotta show you all my favorites from the menu!" Pinkie cheers victoriously.
>"Whoopsie, gotta run! See you at lunch, girls and Nonny!" She skips off.
>Pinkie giving Anon a cute nickname like that leaves you with a weird feeling in your stomach.
>No, don't be like that.
>She's just being friendly.
>There's an awkward silence left after Pinkie left you four in the wake of her schedule change.
>"...You know, I'd understand if you didn't want me to join you all tomorrow." Anon weakly spoke up.
>"No, no, it's alright! I'm sorry about Pinkie, she can be... a lot sometimes." Twilight apologized.
>"More like a lot of the time." Rainbow muttered.
"I wouldn't worry about it, Anon. You've sat with us at lunch and you get along with all of us." You reassure him.
>"Just don't do anything stupid, 'cause AJ and I could kick your ass really easily." Rainbow warned him.
"Rainbow!" You scold her, noticing a worried look appear on Anon's face.
>"I'm just saying!"
>You feel Angel rustling around in your backpack.
"We should be getting to class soon."
>Rainbow, Anon, and Twilight check the time, followed by three different expressions of surprise.
>"Oh shoot, you're right." Anon said.
>"Well, see you all later!" Rainbow said before dashing off.
>"...Guess I'll see you all at lunch?" Anon asked.
>"You bet!" Twilight confirmed.
I like how the rest of the girls have warmed up to anon because they know Fluttershy likes and trusts him.
>Puffy inverted nipples still protruding through anyway
The guy’s me
Anchor for the full nude edit of two different Cogbrony pics.

Here are what I've been requesting, by the way.

1. Remove the top from Wallflower blush.

2. And merge the following images to remove all clothings and cowprint from both Sci-Twi and Fluttershy.

As always, if you need references for the way the artist draws nipples, switch your booru filter to either "Maximum Spoilers", "18+ R34", "Everything" or similar, and search for:
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I wonder what’s going on where the thread gets to page 10 in 2 and a half hours. That speed is very unlike the board these days.
>Greens are picking up again
Nice, will get to reading on the weekend
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Thanks, man. It's good to be back.

>"Alright, cool!" Anon replied more comfortably.
>Angel rustles again in your backpack.
>He must be getting restless.
"Why don't you two go on ahead, there's something I gotta take care of out here first." You speak up, removing your backpack from your shoulders.
>"Is everything alright?" Anon asks you.
>"Oh, don't worry, it's all fine." Rainbow speaks up, knowing what you're referring to.
>Anon points a confused expression between her and Twilight, who only responds with an awkward shrug.
>"...Well, alright." Anon relents, trusting you and your friends.
>"Anyway, I gotta talk with Norman about something, catch you later!" He says, making his way up the stairs.
"Wait!" You interject.
>Anon turns to face you, along with Twilight and Rainbow.
"...A-Aren't you forgetting something?" You ask, nervously glancing around to make sure there weren't any spectators.
>Anon thinks for a moment, then a mischievous look appears in his eye for the briefest moment.
>He tugs the waist of his jeans out, looks down, and fakes a shocked expression.
>"Uh oh."
>Rainbow cackles at his little joke.
"Anon!" You scold him, feeling a little flustered.
>"Kidding! Kidding!" He assures you while giggling.
>You put on your most stern face, but this doesn't stop him from gently lifting your chin and planting a chaste kiss on your lips.
>You try to keep a goofy smile from spreading across your lips, but you fail.
>"Better?" Anon asks.
"...Better." You grumpily admit, still blushing.
>Rainbow's eyes threaten to roll right out of her head, but Twilight appreciates the show of romance.
>"Okay, now I really gotta run. See you at lunch!" Anon waves goodbye as he hurries up the stairs.
>"I'll race you! Seeya, girls!" Rainbow yells over her shoulder as she sprints up the stairs after Anon.
>"You don't even know where I'm going!" Anon yells back to Rainbow as they both disappear behind the school's front doors.
>That leaves you with just Twilight.
>"...I'm not sure I get Anon's joke." She awkwardly mentions.
>Your cheeks flare up at the thought of explaining his little stunt.
"D-Don't worry about it, I just gotta let Angel out for a bit." You insist, kneeling down and setting your backpack on the right.
>"Oh, right! Catch you later!" Twilight waves goodbye, running up the stairs and inside Canterlot High.
>You glance around and assure that nobody else is around.
>You'll have to make this quick.
>You unzip your backpack and Angel hops right out onto the grass.
"You'll get to meet Anon at lunch today! You'll like him, I just know it!" You whisper to Angel, still cautious about anyone seeing you.
>Angel leers at you a bit.
"...Promise to be on your best behavior?" You ask him.
>He ignores you and goes back to nibbling on the grass.
>Angel looks up at you, seems to think about it for a moment, then nods before going back to eating.
"Oh, thank you!" You excitedly say, scooping him up into your arms for a hug.
>Angel's still a little rough with close contact like hugs, but he's come a long way.
>After a brief moment spent hugging, you check the time.
>You're five minutes late for class already.
"Come on, time to get going." You whisper to Angel before gently setting him inside your backpack.
>Once it's zipped up, you make your way inside the building.
>The hallways are mostly empty and your first class isn't far from the front entrance, which is nice.
>Your first class of the day is Drawing and Painting IV.
>It's a really nice way to start the day.
>Ms. Easel is so nice, too.
>She never interrogates you on being late when you're letting Angel roam a bit.
>You retrieve your sketchbook from your backpack and return to sketching the small setup of objects Ms. Easel has set up.
>You like to think of yourself as a pretty good artist, but it's always important to practice shading.
>It really brings a drawing to life.
>But while you're sketching, you glance around at the other students in the classroom.
>They're all focused on drawing from their own perspectives, but you can tell there's something different in the air today.
>Some students occasionally lean over and mumble something to each other, and you can tell what they're talking about.
>The soccer game.
>You can't help but feel a little nervous for Rainbow.
>You can't imagine what kind of pressure she's under right now.
>But she'll pull through.
>She's the school superstar for a reason.
>As much as you tried to assure yourself it'll all be alright, that seed of worry stays planted in your mind throughout the rest of the class period.
>Admittedly, you don't get as much done as you'd like.
>Before you know it, class is over.
>Next class: AP English.
>Twilight suggested you take it last year.
>She said it would help you prepare for college.
>It's pretty tough, but you've been keeping up with your readings, and your teacher appreciates your input in class.
>And Twilight is nice enough to help you study and understand the more complicated readings when she's available.
>Honestly, a lot of this class goes in one year and out the other.
>And you think the same true for your classmates.
>It's the darn soccer game again.
>Everyone knows this is Rainbow's last soccer game before she graduates.
>...Come to think of it, you're not sure why she's so worried about college.
>She's sure to get some kind of scholarship for her soccer skills.
>...If only your path to college and beyond was so clear.
>But then again, you don't know what's going on in her head.
>Maybe you'll ask her sometime.
>You curse yourself for your tendency to worry so much.
>Your third class of the day is Geology, but it all goes by in a haze.
>You can't stop worrying.
>About the game.
>About the animal shelter.
>About college.
>It's all so much to deal with at once.
>Your teacher's voice fades into indistinct mumbling.
>The words on the worksheet in front of you blur into various gray shapes.
>Can anyone else notice how worried you are?
>You dare not look up and check.
>Calm down.
>Think of something else.
>...What if Anon was being serious about not-
>Your leg brushes against your backpack on the floor.
>Maybe Angel could help you.
>Slowly, carefully, you nudge your backpack under your desk and between your legs.
>Nobody's paying attention to you.
>You hope.
>As slowly as you could manage, you unzip your backpack.
>You lean down and rest your chin on your desk.
>Thankfully you're sitting near the back of the classroom.
>Without breaking eye contact with the front of the classroom, you feel around the inside of your backpack and find Angel curled up inside.
>He was sleeping, you can tell from how he jumps slightly when you gently pet his fur.
>You wish you could apologize to him, but you'll have to remember to do that later.
>At least he doesn't seem to mind too much.
>You get into a rhythm petting him, each stroke making you feel a little better.
>It helps ground you in the moment.
>The soccer game and college can't hurt you here.
>The side effect of being calmed down is now you can hear clearly again.
>Your head shoots up from your desk upon hearing your name called out by Mr. Outcrop.
>"Are you feeling alright back there?"
>Half the class is looking at you now.
>You start to feel more anxious again.
"U-Uh, yeah, I just... didn't get enough sleep last night." You lie.
>Mr. Outcrop responds by chuckling softly.
>"Well, at least you don't think my class is boring." He softly jokes.
>This relieves some of the tension as the class turns back to the PowerPoint presentation on the board.
>You softly sigh in relief, sitting up straight.
>The lunch bell rings not too long after.
>You make sure to zip up your backpack to keep Angel safe before you get up and make your way to the cafeteria.
>The hallways are such a zoo at this time of day.
>Everyone's in such a hurry to get to lunch.
>And it always takes you longer to get to the cafeteria because you're never able to push through anyone to get there.
>If everyone just walked more calmly, we'd all get there faster.
>You can only hope Angel isn't getting to jostled around back there.
>Just keep walking, you'll make progress.
>You can almost see the lunch tables...
>Boy, it's getting so tight.
>You can barely breathe in between all these teenagers.
>Almost there...
>The crowd suddenly dissipates once you cross the threshold into the cafeteria.
>Yes! You made it!
>No time to cheer now, though.
>You've still gotta get lunch.
>At least the lunch line is more orderly.
>It doesn't take long for Granny Smith to hand you a tray of fresh fruits along with a chicken sandwich.
>You always make sure to thank her, she's so nice.
>Now that that's out of the way, you head for your usual lunch table.
>Twilight, Rainbow, Pinkie, Applejack, and Rarity are already there, but Sunset's nowhere to be seen.
>Anon still hasn't arrived, either.
>You look over to where his usual table is.
>Nope, just Flash and his bandmates sitting there.
>He just hasn't arrived yet.
>"Yoo-hoo! Fluttershy!" You hear Rarity call out to you.
>You snap back to your group of friends and sit down next to Rarity, with Rainbow across from you.
>"How's it been hangin'?" Rainbow asks you.
>You feel your breath hitch in your throat.
>You better answer soon.
"Oh, y'know, same old school stuff." You manage to answer.
>"Yep, 's a real shame we ain't bein' quizzed on the syllabus anymore." Applejack remarked before taking a bite from her sandwich.
>I can't focus on anything today! I'm just so excited for the big game later today!" Pinkie piped up.
>You knew Rainbow well enough to know when she tries to hide her nervousness.
>"The WHOLE school's gonna be there! And the other team's coming all the way from Texas!"
>Just then, a few other students passed by your table.
>"We're all rooting for you, Rainbow!" One of them encouraged her.
>"Yeah! Knock 'em dead!" The other added.
>The pressure on Rainbow is starting to build.
>Better distract.
"Say, where's Sunset?" You ask, trying to change the subject.
>"She's busy with a book report. She's gonna be spending lunch in the library today." Twilight was quick to answer.
>"Too bad, she's missing out on all the hype!" Pinkie added, steering the conversation back on track.
>Oh, brother.
>Before anything else about the game could be said, Rainbow shoots up from her seat and waves to someone behind you.
>"Yo, Anon! Over here!" She calls out.
>Maybe a little too loud.
>You, along with the other girls at the table, turn around to see Anon standing with Norman.
>Rainbow accidentally caused a few other students to turn towards Anon.
>He's clearly feeling awkward.
>Not helped by Norman giving him the side-eye.
>"Come on, sit down with us, dude! Fluttershy kept your seat warm!" Rainbow offered a little hastily.
>You kind of wish she didn't draw so much attention to you regarding Anon.
>"Uh... Okay!" Anon answered, slowly and carefully sitting down next to you.
>Norman rolled his eyes a bit and went to sit with Flash and his bandmates.
>Anon glances between you and the other girls, unsure of what to say or do.
>"Y'know, it's a shame you're in Strength Training. Seems to me your agility could use some work." She remarked, referring to their "race" earlier today.
>Anon gave her an amused look.
>"You were the only one who decided where the finish line was."
>"And you shoved me!"
>"Did not! It's not my fault you don't know how to put one foot in front of the other!"
>"At least being in Strength Training means I could probably beat you in arm wrestling." Anon remarked, picking up his apple.
>Rainbow got up from her chair.
>"Oh yeah?"
>She leaned across the table and offered her hand for the challenge.
>"Wanna prove it?"
>Anon's looking a little intimidated again.
>He considers his answer for a moment, looking between her hand, her smug face, and you.
>"...Well, later in the semester, sure!"
>Rainbow burst into a fit of laughter.
>"I'll hold you to it!"
>"Count me in!" Applejack eagerly chimed in from across the table.
>"Rainbow, Applejack, be nice to Fluttershy's boyfriend." Rarity instructed them, providing you and Anon with some relief.
>"Pfft, we were just messing with him!" Rainbow defended, backing off back into her chair to go back to her lunch.
>You feel Anon's hand brush against your own.
>Almost instinctively, you gently take his hand in yours.
>It's beneath the table, but you enjoy the tenderness of the moment.
>It kind of makes you wish you were more comfortable with PDA.
>"We all really appreciate you covering for Fluttershy at the animal shelter today." Twilight smiled at him.
>Anon gently smiled in return, still holding your hand.
>"It's really no big deal, I learned a lot from her, and I really like working with the animals. Fluttershy's been the best thing to happen to me in a long time." He said.
>Darn you, Anon.
>Now he's got you all flustered and gushy, too.
>As you try to hide your face in his firm yet comforting shoulder, you could sense the temperature change as the hearts of your friends melted around you.
>"You better keep that Prince Charming stuff under control if you wanna hang with us tomorrow." Rainbow muttered.
>"Don't worry, I will!" Anon is quick to respond.
lmao at Rainbow Dash always having to be like this
>Cards are actually sharp blades
File: GJXaG9-W0AAuGS_.jpg (101 KB, 784x948)
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101 KB JPG
Nice. I was actually just about to ask if it was possible for Anon to get a scene where he hangs out with the girls without Flutters around; I was interested to see how he'd do, seeing as he's a bit shy like she is. It's already kind of happening here though.
Page 8 ain't great
>"Say, you've never been to Sugarcube Corner, have you?" Pinkie interjected.
>Anon shrugged.
>"Nope, never been. I guess I was afraid being in there for too long would give me a cavity." He joked.
>Rarity stifled a giggle at his remark.
>You inch a little closer to him.
>"Well, that just means we're doing our jobs right!" Pinkie beamed.
>"Pinkie's family owns the place." Twilight quickly informed him.
>Anon nodded to himself, with an expression that read "That makes a lot of sense".
>"Anyway, we GOTTA find your super special favorite treat! Everyone has one!" Pinkie continued.
>"I dunno, I mean, I like vanilla milkshakes-" Anon said.
>"No, silly! It can't JUST be a milkshake! There's all sorts of toppings and goodies that make everyone's favorite unique!"
>"Gotcha, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed already." He lightly chuckled.
>"Don't worry, you'll be a natural at it, I'm sure!" Pinkie reassured him.
>She's really leaning towards Anon.
>You're really glad he's getting along with your friends, but he's clearly a little overwhelmed.
>Almost as if on cue, you felt Angel rustle around in your backpack.
>While Anon's talking with Pinkie and Twilight, you carefully reach down and place your backpack in your lap.
>Time to make an introduction.
"H-Hey, Anon..." You softly speak up, trying to not interrupt his conversation.
>"Hm?" He turns to you.
>"What's up, Flutters?"
>You gulp.
"I, uh... wanna introduce you to... someone."
>He raised an eyebrow at you, glancing around the lunch table for anyone you might be referring to.
>"Oooh! Anon's hasn't met Angel yet?" Pinkie excitedly asked.
>"Pinkie, shh!" Twilight quickly.
>"Wait, who's Angel?" Anon asked.
>You take a deep breath and slowly unzip your backpack.
>The moment your backpack is open, Angel's head pops out and looks around.
>The moment he sees Anon, his ears lower and he leers at him.
>"Oh!" Anon says, surprised.
>He lets out an awkward laugh, looking between you and Angel.
>"Act natural, don't let everyone know." Rainbow reminded him in a stern but hushed tone.
>Anon retracted his hand and straightened his back.
>"Right, sorry."
>Angel's head stretches out of your backpack to sniff his hand, and you sigh.
"Sometimes I bring Angel with me to school and the animal shelter. He's my only pet, and I don't want him to get lonely at home..." You say to him.
>Anon's focused on not moving his hand to help Angel feel safe sniffing him, but he looks up at you.
>"Your only pet, huh? The way you are with animals, I thought you'd have a small zoo at home." He gently jokes.
>You smile, but shake your head.
"No, my parents only let me have one pet. Angel's can be a real handful sometimes, though." You giggle.
>Angel turns away from Anon to shoot you a stern look.
>"Angel's kind of a secret of ours, and we trust you to not tell anyone about this." Twilight said to him.
>Anon raised the index, middle, and ring finger with his right arm at a 90 degree angle.
>"Scout's honor." He assured her.
>Twilight looked a little confused by his gesture, but was nonetheless pleased to see him agree.
>Angel either trusted Anon or wanted to inspect him further, as he jumped out of your backpack and onto his lap.
>Anon immediately froze up and looked to you, nonverbally communicating that he doesn't know what do to.
"...I think he likes you!" You reassure him.
>Anon nervously smiles, looking down on Angel.
>The two meet eyes, but it looks more like Angel is trying to stare down Anon.
>Please behave, Angel.
>"Anyway, uh, we've been talking about me a lot, how's everyone else's day going?" Anon asked the table.
>"I've been doing well!" Twilight answered.
>"Super-duper!" Pinkie said.
>"Ah can't complain." Applejack spoke up.
>"Quite well, thank you." Rarity replied.
"Oh, well... you know." You giggle, leaning closer into Anon.
>He gently smiles, leaning into you in return.
>Angel nestles in between you and him.
>Rainbow rolled her eyes shoved some more food in her mouth.
>"...I guess I know how your day's been going." Anon said to her.
>She looked up from her tray and leered at him.
>"What's that supposed to mean?"
>Anon shrunk back a bit, quickly looking to the rest of the table for support.
>"I- I mean, the big game. From what I heard, it's a pretty big deal," He clarified with a nervous tone.
>Rainbow loudly groaned and slumped down.
>"I know it's a big deal, everyone's been telling me."
>"Sorry..." Anon meekly apologized.
>Rainbow shook her head and look back at him.
>"It's alright, I guess I'm just feeling the pressure, is all."
>"Geez, I haven't seen you like this since you split your shorts in the long jump last year." Pinkie remarked with her usual chipper tone.
>A fierce blush immediately appeared on Rainbow's cheeks as she shot Pinkie a dirty look.
>"Tell everyone, why don't you!?" She snapped at her.
>"Sorry, sorry!" Pinkie hastily apologized.
>"So that IS what happened..." Anon muttered to himself.
>"Ya really have nothing to be worried about, Rainbow." Applejack assured her. "From what ah heard, the visitin' team ain't much when it comes to soccer."
>Rainbow rubbed her temple.
>"I know, but... It's the last first game of my career here." She admitted.
>A silence fell among the table, everyone understanding her anxiety.
>"I mean, who knows what'll happen when we're all in college? That's, like, a whole new world."
>You can feel your dread creep in again.
>It's so selfish of you to feel this way, especially now, but you can't help it.
>You squeeze Anon's hand tighter.
>Angel can tell you're getting stressed as Rainbow vents, so he curls up on your lap.
>"The way ah see it, where there's a will, there's a way. As long as ya got a plan to work through, it'll all work out in the end." Applejack advised her.
>"But that's the thing! Soccer's been kind of my whole thing, here! And those colleges are so picky when it comes to who gets a scholarship, I just..." Rainbow rambled.
>You summon the willpower to set your own worries aside and speak up.
"Hey, um... remember what we talked about last night?"
>Rainbow looks up at you.
"Is there anything you can do about the problem right now?"
>Rainbow shakes her head.
"Well, then, what's worrying gonna do?"
>She shrugs.
>"Nothing, I guess."
"Exactly. So maybe you could try... focusing on what's here, right now." You suggest.
>If only following your own advice was that easy.
>"Okay, uh..." Rainbow says, looking around.
>"I see... some birds outside."
"Good! What else do you see here?"
>Rainbow seems to ease up a bit.
>"There's some weird board game being played at that table over there." She notes, pointing to a table farther from you.
>You'd look over and see for yourself, but you've got more pressing matters at hand.
>"The janitor's carting those trash cans out to the dumpster." Rainbow adds.
>Oh yeah, Discord the janitor.
>He's a real character.
>"I also see your dorky boyfriend trying to pet Angel." Rainbow snickers.
>Anon retracts his hand and places it in his lap like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, making everyone at the table giggle a bit.
>Angel looks a little annoyed that he stopped petting.
"Feeling better?" You ask her.
>Rainbow gently sighs with a smile.
>"...A bit, yeah. Thanks, Flutters."
>You smile, comforted by having been able to help your oldest friend.
>"Oh, goodie!" Pinkie cheers.
>"You really shouldn't hold these kinds of worries inside, darling. You can always come to any of us if you need to talk." Rarity added with a concerned expression.
>"Absolutely! That's what friends are for, after all!" Twilight agreed.
>Anon looks like he wants to say something, but still isn't super comfortable around your friends.
>Maybe it's because this is his first time seeing Rainbow vulnerable like this.
>You squeeze his hand a bit, encouraging him to speak up.
>Anon looks back at you, sees the reassurance in your eyes, and sits up to speak.
>"...Hey, Rainbow?" He says.
>She turns to face him with a quizzical look.
>"I, uh... I might not know you as well as your other friends here, but I feel grateful for having the opportunity to get to know you better. You're a really cool, fun person to be around. I just... I dunno, I want to be able to help you if I can, and I know your friends feel the same. I know you're gonna go on to achieve greatness, and I know everyone here would be willing to help you as much as you need in order to get there."
>Anon's voice starts out kind of shaky and awkward, but then it smooths out as he gets more comfortable.
>"Besides, I can't imagine you'd need much help. The way people talk about your soccer skills, I'd be amazed if you aren't playing in the World Cup as soon as you graduate. You're gonna rule the world someday, I know it."
>Rainbow laughs at the idea, then gives Anon a more genuine smile.
>"...Thanks, dude." She said to him, in a slightly softer voice.
>There's that twinge inside you again.
>Are you...
>No, no, no, Anon's just being nice.
>He's just comforting Rainbow, just like you were.
>Anon's very caring, he's just being a good friend.
>And Rainbow would never-
>"Alright, Fluttershy, you picked a good one." Rainbow said to you, chuckling.
>You snap back to reality.
"Oh, yes! I'm very, very lucky to be able to call him my boyfriend. He's such a sweetheart." You answer, leaning close to him.
>"Okay, new rule for tomorrow: either of you start doing that schmultzy stuff, you pay the bill." Rainbow stated, returning to her usual tone of voice.
>This earns a round of laughter from everyone at the table, you and Anon included.
>"Okay, okay, I don't want us to become THAT couple." Anon chuckles.
>"You two are already showing some worrying signs." Rarity added, covering her mouth to hide her polite laughter.
"Haha, yeah..." You trail off, your cheeks feeling warmer.
>The rest of the lunch period goes by rather well.
>Anon's warming up to your friends, and they don't mind him being a part of their conversations.
>Even Angel has warmed up to Anon.
>And yet there's so many emotions stirring within you.
>Your worries about the future aren't exactly the same as Rainbow's, but a lot of them involve Anon.
>You don't know what kind of plans he has for the future.
>He's pretty smart, he could end up going to some fancy college.
>He could end up going to... wherever Twilight is from.
>If you two end up going to different colleges, he could end up with a completely different social scene.
>What if he meets another girl?
>One who's able to spend more time with him than you'd be able to?
>One who isn't so insecure about her friends being nice to him?
>What if he loses interest in you when you're not spending every day together?
>He'll be on his own at the animal shelter today, you hope it all goes well.
>Before you know it, the lunch bell rings.
>Meaning this is the last you'll see of Anon today.
>Everyone at the table says their goodbyes and gives Rainbow one last "good luck" before going their separate ways.
>Anon gets up to leave after saying goodbye to Pinkie, Twilight, and Rarity, but is stopped when he realizes you have his hand in a vice grip.
>"Everything okay, Flutters?" He asks you in that velvety voice of his.
>The kind of tone that makes your knees weak.
"...You sure you're gonna be okay on your own at the animal shelter?"
>He turns to face you and takes your other hand in his.
>"I'm completely sure, I had the best teacher I could ask for. You just focus on cheering on Rainbow at the game." Anon reassures you.
>There's more you want to say, you want to talk about what you're worried about, but time is running out before the next class.
>But you trust Anon.
>After a brief farewell kiss, you finally separate from Anon and hurry to your next class.
Honestly Rainbow Dash is one of my favorite characters to write, she's always fun

Thank you!

There's certainly something like that coming soon!

Thank you! I wanted to make sure Anon becoming friends with all seven of the girls needed to be earned

I hope you'll enjoy reading his green and mine!
Wre ready for more, Grey!
Can’t wait until the next part
Green isn't your color, Fluttershy.
good update
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193 KB JPG
>inb4 aislop
Don't worry, we don't seethe at ai in this thread.
We seethe at patreon artists instead.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
This is why ai ends up disappointing me, can't request someone drop the nude version from a patreon that never existed
Depends which artist is being seethed at. Some deserve it, some don't.
Not him but you can just generate your own nude version, right? Or use one of those de-clothing ai apps, the original image is ai anyway.
Based barbiefags.

Hmm... Patreon you say? Might be a good idea...
You making a patreon?
File: 1706646419203293.jpg (61 KB, 900x666)
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>As you make your way down the hall to the gymnasium, your mind lingers on how lunch went.
>You're feeling way less awkward around Fluttershy's friends, which is great.
>You really don't want to overstay your welcome with them.
>After all, too many friend groups were ruined by someone bringing their boyfriend or girlfriend with them everywhere.
>But if you were gonna become a more permanent part of their social circle, you'd appreciate it.
>...Probably more than you'd care to admit.
>Tomorrow's your chance to prove yourself to them.
>Tomorrow you get to prove yourself to six of the most popular girls in school that you can be their friend, and not just their friend's boyfriend.
>You'll be in unfamiliar territory, and you'll be outnumbered six to one.
>...Man, you're more stressed about this than you probably should be.
>It's just a casual hangout among friends, it's not like you're on trial.
>They already like you enough already, you survived lunch with them.
>Rainbow seems to be warming up to you, judging by her ribbing.
>And Pinkie, well, she's friends with everyone.
>You were afraid Rarity would be more incisive, but she's a lot more down-to-earth than you thought she would be.
>The way the guys in the locker room talk about her, you'd think she might as well be Aphrodite.
>According to them, asking her out might as well be social suicide.
>But you approached her as a friend, not as a potential boyfriend.
>Twilight and Applejack seem nice as well, but you don't know a ton about them, beyond that Applejack lives at the local farm and Twilight's some kind of exchange student.
>She's come a long way since last year.
>You've heard whispers that Sunset was arrested after whatever happened at last year's dance and was replaced with her twin sister.
>You should try to get to know her better.
>And the rest of them.
>Once you get to the locker room and change into your workout clothes, that feeling of dread returns from before.
>The same you felt when staring up at your ceiling while laying on your bed thinking about Fluttershy.
>You really don't feel like you deserve to be among them.
>They're all so friendly and outgoing and have tons of hobbies and have done a lot for Canterlot High.
>And then there's you.
>The weird, insecure nerd who spent most of his time alone in his bedroom playing first person shooters from the 90's.
>Your DAD had to tell you to get a life.
>You doubt Rainbow or Rarity had to deal with that.
>Maybe tomorrow is when the veil is lifted and those seven girls see that you're not what they saw you as.
>You'll be walking out of Sugarcube Corner with your tail between your legs and the haze of rejection and failure encompassing you.
>You can't lose what you have.
>You've gotta become the person Fluttershy sees you as.
>Strong, confident, everything a boyfriend should be.
>"Hey Anon, what's taking so long?" You hear Coach Soarin call out to you from just the other side of the locker room door.
"Nothing!" You call out to him, hastily pulling your shirt over your head and heading to the weight room.
>Pipsqueak's waiting for you by the bench, having already put 80 pounds of plates on the bar.
>"'Sup, Anon?" He asked you, raising his hand for a dap.
>You meet him halfway, shoving your anxieties back down.
"Not much, just workin' the grind." You answer in a relaxed tone.
>"Yeah, same here. You gonna be at the game?"
"Actually, no. I'm covering for Fluttershy at the animal shelter so she can support Rainbow Dash."
>Pipsqueak nods understandingly.
>"You think you're gonna make it to any of the games this semester? Rainbow's a force to be reckoned with on the field!"
>You shrug, moving behind the bench press setup.
"We'll see. Fluttershy's real close with Rainbow, I imagine she'll want to go to as many soccer games as possible. Besides, I'm not super into sports."
>Pipsqueak got himself situated on the bench, gripping the bar with all the strength he could muster.
>He clenches his jaw and nods.
>Pipsqueak lifts the bar up off the rack and carefully lowers it down to his chest.
>The poor guy's skin and bones, even this much weight has his arms shaking a bit.
>You stand at the ready with your arms situated at each end in case you need to lift it up off of him.
>That's happened more than once, but Pipsqueak's a real trooper.
>You can't help but admire his determination.
>It takes him longer than most to complete ten reps, and his arms are threatening to give by the time he sets it back on the rack.
"Nice job, man." You congratulate him, setting his plates back on the rack.
>"Heh... ain't nothing to it!" He chokes out, rubbing his arms.
>He goes to get a drink of water and recover enough strength to be an effective spotter.
>While he's out, you place 150 pounds worth of plates on the bar.
>This'll be your warm-up today.
>It'll help you get stronger quicker.
>You lay down on the bench after wiping it down, leaving you with a moment to stir on your earlier worries.
>You glance at your arms.
>No noticeable progress yet.
>But that'll change soon, surely.
>By the time Pipsqueak comes back, you're ready to go.
>"Phew, just going right in today, huh?" Pipsqueak asks you.
"You know it, man." You answer, gripping the bar.
>He shuffles behind you and readies his arms.
>Lifting the bar up takes a little more effort than you were prepared for, but it's nothing you can't handle.
>Lowering the bar down to your chest puts you at more risk of dropping it, but you can't let that happen.
>Pain is weakness leaving the body.
>Be strong.
>You lift the bar up.
>And then you lower it.
>Then you lift it again.
>Then you lower it again.
>This process becomes more strenuous with each rep, but you grit your teeth and keep going.
>Pipsqueak starts to look worried.
>But you do it.
>Ten reps completed, you sit up and rub out the soreness in your arms.
>Pipsqueak looks like he wants to say something, but refrains.
>"Hey, Anon!" A voice speaks from behind you.
>You turn around and realize it's Hoops, Score, and Dumb-bell standing behind you and Pipsqueak.
>This isn't gonna end well.
>"You two look pretty tired, you look like you could use a better spotter." Score remarks, a grin on his face.
>"Yeah, you come with me, you guys stay with Anon." Dumb-bell informed Pipsqueak, leaving you with Score and Hoops.
>Pipsqueak wants to protest this change, but is shoved to the other side of the weight room by his new spotter.
>Hoops and Score loom over you, making you stand up to level the playing field.
"What's this about?" You ask the two problem students in an annoyed tone.
>"Word on the street's that you're Fluttercry's boyfriend." Score whispered to you with a shit-eating grin.
>The way he says that awful name makes your stomach turn.
>You feel your body tense up with agitation, but you try to keep this emotion hidden to avoid escalating the situation.
"...So?" You answer.
>Great response, Anon.
>"I get you're desperate for some pussy but you could REALLY do better than her." Score said to you in a faux-advisory tone.
"What? No, it's not like that."
>"Oh, yeah?" Score grinned.
>Hoops is getting closer to you.
"No, I didn't even approach her with the intent of going out. I needed something to do after school, and the animal shelter was looking for volunteers."
>Both of them snicker at your answer.
>"She at least put out yet?" Hoops asked you.
>"As if, she'd probably run off crying if he put a hand on her thigh."
>Your face is getting warmer.
"That's none of your business."
>This earns a round of loud, obnoxious laughter from the two.
>"Hey, this isn't a hang-out class." Coach Soarin said to the three of you.
>"Yes, sir." Hoops responded, in an incredibly fake formal tone.
>Coach Soarin raises an eyebrow at the three of you, but turns back to his clipboard.
>"So, what, you turn her down or something?" Score prodded further.
>"Yeah, like, why put up with all her crybaby shit if you're not gonna get your dick wet?" Hoops added.
>Coach Soarin must have something really enthralling on that clipboard of his to not be hearing them.
"Why do you guys care so much?"
>"We see you putting in all that effort lifting weights and shit, we'd hate to see you go all soft and flabby for Fluttercry." Hoops was quick to answer.
>"I dunno man, if he's not in it for the pussy he might be a lost cause." Score snickered to Hoops like you weren't there.
>You groan and go back to the plates, now that your arms aren't as sore anymore.
"Look, we're wasting class time. I imagine you two aren't far from suspension, so I'd hate to see either of you get in more trouble with Coach Soarin or Vice Principal Luna."
>"Oh, what, you're gonna tell on us?" Score grinned.
>You ignore his question, putting 175 pounds on the bar.
"From what I've seen, you don't need any help getting their attention." You dryly retort.
>"Anon's right, we don't want lover-boy here to miss out on any time spent being Fluttercry's tissue dispenser." Score wryly said to Hoops.
>All you could do was funnel your agitation into the bar.
>The two jerks hovering above you positioned themselves at either end of the bar.
>You don't even wait for them to ask if you're ready, you just hoist the bar up and begin your reps.
>Turns out, you haven't recovered from your earlier session as much as you thought you did.
>Your arms threaten to give out almost immediately.
>Hoops and Score must have noticed this, judging by their smug expression.
>They're keeping their hands on the bar, but just barely.
>You stomach your struggling and keep lifting up and down, albeit very slowly.
>It takes an incredible amount of effort to keep your arms from shaking, or from showing any kind of weakness.
>Hoops and Score are having enough fun watching you struggle, you don't need to give them more material.
>"Y'know, if he's putting up with Fluttercry without even trying to fuck her, you think Nonny here even LIKES girls?" Hoops grinned to Score.
>You feel your blood getting hotter.
>It has to be showing on your face now.
>"Ooh, good point. He HAS been hanging around with her friends, from what I heard." Score added.
>Only two more reps.
>Tune them out.
>Focus on the bar.
>Pain is weakness leaving the body.
>Slowly, arduously, the bar is raised up.
>"Shit, if that's true, it might be too late to help our dear friend Anon." Hissed Score.
>The bar is lowered.
>A little quicker than you wanted it to.
>You stop it from hitting your chest, no thanks to Score or Hoops.
>One last rep, come on.
>You can do this.
>Raise the bar.
>You take a deep breath and summon all your remaining strength to lift it upwards.
>But you don't make much progress.
>Your arms are beginning to shake.
>"Come on, fairy." Hoops muttered to you.
>"Can't you at least PRETEND to be a man?"
>Ignore them.
>Lift the bar.
>Complete the rep.
>You stretch your arms up.
>Your arms shake even more and manage to barely raise it an inch.
>"Ugh, this is just sad." Hoops remarked.
>"Yeah, I'm starting to feel bad him." Score agreed.
>With their assistance, you raise the bar and set it back on the rack.
>You don't say anything as you sit up from the bench and wipe the sweat from your forehead.
>"Why don't you take five, champ?" Hoops mockingly asked you, smacking you on the back with a little too much force.
>"You don't wanna hurt those dainty little wrists of yours, do you?"
>"Or chip a nail."
>You look over to Pipsqueak and Dumb-bell.
>Pipsqueak's getting the same treatment from what you can tell, with Dumb-bell helping him just enough to keep the bar from falling on his chest, but not so much that he isn't struggling.
>Coach Soarin is nowhere to be seen, he must be talking with Coach Spitfire about something.
>You don't need to get a teacher involved.
>You can fight your own battles.
>You go to get a drink of water from the water fountain.
>Despite how cold the water is that comes out of the spout, it doesn't cool you off at all.
>You're still fuming about what just happened.
>Those assholes had complete power over you.
>They kept prodding you and insulting you and Fluttershy, and kept the bar down on you.
>All you could do was sit there and take it.
>You've never felt so weak before.
>If you were stronger, you could stand up for yourself and Fluttershy.
>A good boyfriend wouldn't let Hoops and Score do what they did.
>Once you come up from the water fountain for air, you notice your hand is shaking a bit.
>On one side you've got Hoops, Score, and Dumb-bell, and on the other hand there's Fluttershy's friends ready to judge you for how worthy you are of dating their friend.
>...You've never felt so weak before.
>Ever since you realized you had feelings for Fluttershy, you've been way more vulnerable.
>It's a feeling you're not used to.
>At least when you just had Norman and your PC games, you were secure.
>But now you're more open to be hurt than you've ever been in your life.
>It's... scary.
>All you have to look forward to today is maintaining an animal shelter by yourself.
>Fluttershy appreciates you covering for her, you're sure of that.
>No, don't be like that.
>You'll have the animals to keep you company.
>They'll appreciate your attention and care.
>If Fluttershy can manage that place by herself, so can you.
>"Hey, Anon..." You hear Pipsqueak's voice behind you.
>You finally release the water fountain's button and turn around to face him.
"Hey, Pipsqueak..."
>There's an awkward silence between you two for a moment.
"...Dumb-bell didn't rough you up too bad, did he?" You ask.
>Pipsqueak shook his head.
>"No, he was just being a jerk." Pipsqueak assured you.
>"...How are you doing?"
>You hesitate from answering, still feeling the sting of their mocking.
"...I'm fine." You bluntly answer.
>Pipsqueak gives you a concerned look.
>"You sure? I could get Coach Soarin involved-"
"Hey, I said I'm fine. Sticks and stones, right?"
>Pipsqueak doesn't look super satisfied with your answer, but decided against pressing the issue further.
"Oh, sorry." You say, stepping out of the way of the water fountain.
>"Thanks." Pipsqueak said, going in for a lengthy drink of water.
>Soon after, Coach Soarin comes out of the gymnasium's office and sees you and Pipsqueak.
>"Looks like you two've been pumping some serious iron, huh?" He remarked with an encouraging grin.
"Yeah." You bluntly respond before Pipsqueak could squeal.
>"Well, not too much class time left, make good use of it." Coach Soarin advised you two before going back into the weight room.
>You two share a look of mutual understanding before going back in.
>You admittedly waste the last bit of class time doing as little work as possible.
>You're still very sore from your earlier session, and you suspect Pipsqueak's dealing with worse pain.
>>You admittedly waste the last bit of class time doing as little work as possible.
Heh, don't we all.
Great update m8
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That pinkie is staring into my soul
File: image0-3.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
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>"Love me, Nonny!"
>A mercifully short amount of time later, Coach Soarin calls for everyone to pack it in and get dressed for the last class of the day.
>Hoops, Dumb-bell, and Score walk past you and Pipsqueak to get to the locker room.
>As they walk, Score speaks quietly enough for Coach Soaring to hear, but just loud enough for you to hear:
>"I'd stay away from him in the locker room."
>All you could do was glare at them as they walked out.
>"Come on, let's just go." Pipsqueak advised you.
>You didn't respond, you just got up and walked out.
>You don't waste any time getting dressed.
>Dumb-bell shoves past you as you leave.
>You don't even bother paying attention in Chemistry class.
>The teacher's words go in one ear and out the other.
>Balancing chemical equations might as well be an alien language.
>And you'll find the homework answers online anyway.
>All you're capable of doing right now is keep stewing on what happened.
>You're sure your lab partner can tell something is up with you, but she doesn't prod.
>Those assholes walked all over you.
>And you let them.
>They had fun humiliating you in there.
>Reminding you of how weak you are.
>A real man would've been able to stand up to a schoolyard bully.
>And so would a good boyfriend.
>Come to think of it, a part of you is kind of glad you'll be alone at the animal shelter.
>You don't want Fluttershy to see you like this.
>You'll rest up this weekend, and next week you're pushing yourself even further.
>The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
>For now.
>Big Mac's built like a brick shithouse, you've gotta be capable of getting there.
>If only you started sooner.
>You're snapped out of your storm of emotions by the sound of the last bell of the day.
>Everyone else is just as eager to get out of here as you are, judging by how they fly out of their chairs to the door.
>The teacher's barely capable of making the weekend homework assignment heard before the mass of students pushes its way out of the classroom.
>You stuff your folder back into your backpack and leave the classroom.
>In the hallway, you notice everyone else is moving in the opposite direction to you.
>First soccer game of the season has some serious hype behind it.
>Some students even have the school colors painted on their face.
>Electricity is in the air.
>And Rainbow Dash is the lightning rod.
>Meanwhile, you're a rubber glove.
>Right now there's only one thing you're worried about.
>Doing a good job at the animal shelter for Fluttershy.
>You wait by the classroom door for the crowd to die down before you attempt swimming upstream.
>This takes a little longer than you thought it would.
>There's a lot more students at this school than you thought.
>But before too long, you're able to walk down the hall without running into the entire student body.
>...It's a little lonely.
>You have to admit, it's a strange feeling to walk out the front doors of Canterlot High and not see Fluttershy waiting by the statue.
>Even though it's only been almost two weeks since you started volunteer, Fluttershy waiting for you is something you got used to.
>Looking around, you don't see anyone else in front of the school or even on the street.
>All you see is downtown Canterlot in the distance and the sun beginning to set.
>But behind you, you can hear the students of both Canterlot High and Arlen High building the hype before the game starts.
>You don't envy Rainbow and her teammates.
>You doubt those Arlen kids came all the way here from Texas to lose.
>...But your job isn't to worry about team morale.
>Those dogs aren't gonna wash their own kennels.
>At least your anger's somewhat subsided.
>You turn back to the school.
"Knock 'em dead, Rainbow." You quietly wish her luck.
>With a sigh, you begin trudging your way down to Paws 2 Paws.
>You spend so much time at home in your bedroom, you never really appreciated Canterlot.
>But this town has a lot of charm to it.
>Lots of mom and pop business lining main street.
>People are generally friendly.
>...If only you realized it sooner.
>A pang hits your chest as you realize how little time you have left, slowing your walking speed a bit.
>This is your last year here.
>After this, it's college and then the real world.
>You could've spent your high school or even your middle school years getting to know people more.
>Spreading your wings.
>...You could've met Fluttershy earlier.
>The walk to the animal shelter is way lonelier without Fluttershy here to make conversation or lightly flirt with.
>You're a loser.
>Dad was right.
>You wasted your youth.
>You keep walking to the animal shelter, but with your head hanging low.
>Now you're really glad Fluttershy isn't here to see you like this.
>Your hand keeps grazing over your right pocket, where you're keeping your phone.
>You keep hoping for a buzz or some kind of notification.
>Fluttershy might want to ask you one last time if you're okay to run things by yourself.
>Norman might send you some stupid meme.
>Even Flash might have something to say.
>But you keep walking, and your phone remains silent.
>Each time you reach for your phone, it's another sting of loneliness.
>After an arduously long walk, you finally arrive at Paws 2 Paws.
>You walk through the front doors of the animal shelter and see Grace sitting behind the front desk as usual.
"Hey, Grace." You greet her, trying to hide the glumness in your tone.
>"Hey, Anon." She smiled at you, then raised an eyebrow when she saw you were alone.
>"Fluttershy couldn't make it today?"
"She's cheering on her friend at the soccer game today. I promised I'd cover for her."
>"Well, that was very nice of you." She smiled.
>You shrug.
"Eh, I'm just being a good friend." You reply with a humble smile.
>"Sure, but those can be in real short order these days."
>You nod in agreement.
"Well, I'll be in the back. Holler if you need me."
>"Can do!" She beamed, turning back to her decade-old PC.
>With a final nod her way, you push your way through the doors.
>It's a sort of eerie feeling, being here by yourself.
>Yesterday you had Fluttershy give you a practice run, but you always knew she was hiding just behind the door.
>But now, you're really alone here.
>Just you and the dogs.
>No time to sulk, time to get to work.
>You unlatch each cage and let all the dogs out to run free in the backyard.
>You can tell they're all wondering where Fluttershy is.
>They're a little more apprehensive today.
>Dixie especially is more hesitant about getting close to you.
>As if you needed another reminder that you're here on your own.
>But you let them all out to the backyard so they can get their exercise.
>Of course, Dixie's the last one to get out.
>Once you're alone in the dog kennel room, you set your jacket aside and grab the cleaning equipment.
>Time to get to work.
>With your trust pair of gloves and the dynamic duo Disinfectant and Rag, you make short work of all the gross stuff remaining in each kennel.
>Drool, hair, and other lovely substances.
>Not enough to make your stomach turn, though.
>You've got an iron stomach and an iron will.
>After about half an hour, the kennels are as good as new.
>It takes you a bit longer than it usually does, thanks to how sore your arms are.
>But you aren't gonna complain about that.
>...You need to get some air.
>You glance around the dog kennels one last time to make sure they're all as clean as can be.
>You can't leave anything in a bad state for Fluttershy to discover on Tuesday.
>But yes, you did a good job cleaning.
>You grab your jacket and your backpack and step outside to where the dogs are running around and getting exercise.
>The brisk fall wind is rusting through the grass and trees just beyond the old metal fence.
>You set your backpack aside and just sit with your back to the animal shelter building.
>You watch the dogs run around and play with each other.
>They're so content with what they have.
>Even though their days are spent in those cramped kennels, without a home to call their own.
>But they have each other.
>They're a family.
>The sun sinks lower in the sky.
>It's completely silent beyond the animal shelter.
>To think that just on the other side of town, there's a high-stakes soccer game being played...
>A game that everyone except you is attending.
>...Should you text Fluttershy?
>Just to make sure everything's going well.
>Or to ask how the game's going.
>Well, the game probably just started.
>There probably haven't been any scores made yet.
>Is your chest feeling tighter?
>You glance around at the dogs.
>Some of them are starting to get tired out.
>You can't focus on your homework.
>You've got all weekend to do that, anyway.
>Or most of your weekend.
>You don't know how long you'll be with Fluttershy's friends tomorrow.
>You notice your palms are getting sweatier.
>You check the time.
>Fluttershy lets them run around until 4.
>God, you're so restless.
>Your palms are getting sweatier.
>Is this really because Fluttershy isn't here with you.
>You're stronger than that.
>You need to be.
>Some of the dogs are getting tired.
>They're laying down at various spots across the field.
>Dixie's resting in a spot with sunshine peeking through the clouds.
>Your hand grazes your phone again.
>...Should you text her?
>What would she think?
>...She's fine.
>You're fine.
>4:00 PM finally arrives.
>Who let the dogs in?
>You did, that's who.
"Alright, everybody in!" You call out to the herd of dogs strewn throughout the field.
>A handful of them comply and slowly make their way back inside, but there's more than a few stragglers.
>Some of them are content lying on the grass.
>You imagine you would be too, if your only other option was a kennel.
"Come on, you all gotta go back in, it's gonna get cold out." You try to convince them, ushering them back towards the building.
>No response.
>You don't have that amazing ability to talk to animals that Fluttershy seems to have.
>Maybe someday.
"Alright, come on." You groan as you hoist up one of the Great Danes to get it going.
>It takes a bit longer than you'd like, but eventually all the dogs are back inside.
>Dixie, of course, takes the longest.
>You have to chase her around for a little bit.
>The sun threatens to touch the horizon, giving you an idea of how little sunlight is left.
>After you chase Dixie into a corner, you stare her down for a bit.
>You can tell she's threatening to make another break for it if you try to lunge.
>Time to shift tactics.
>You kneel down and open your arms.
"Look, you don't like me, and I don't like you. But I made a promise to Fluttershy that I would take care of you. You care about her, right?"
>Dixie seems to lower her guard a bit.
"Well, I do. I care about her a lot. And deep down... I care about you."
>You sigh at how ridiculous this is.
"I get you were dealt a shit hand from life, but I really want to make sure you're doing the best you can. It's safe inside, you've got food and warmth and stuff in there."
>Strangely, Dixie seems to be understanding you.
"One day you're gonna have a home of your own, and I want to make sure your future owners get to enjoy all the companionship you can provide."
"So... Please."
>You stand back to give Dixie a little space.
"...Do you wanna go inside?"
>Dixie sits back, eyeing you carefully.
>You can't fully discern what she's feeling.
>It starts to get a little chilly.
>This is ridiculous.
>And yet, miraculously, Dixie comes to you.
>She walks up to you, allowing you to scoop her into your arms.
>You feel your heart warm at her expression of trust towards you.
"That's the spirit. Come on, I got your kennel nice and clean for you."
>You carefully carry Dixie back inside the building and lock the door behind you.
>After you carefully set Dixie back in her kennel, you let out a satisfied sigh at your work.
"Good girl." You say to her appreciatively.
>Next up, the cats.
>After checking that each kennel was secured and each food and water bowl was filled up, you move from the dog house to the pussy parlor.
>You can't ever let Fluttershy know about that nickname.
>The cats are thankfully less active, so getting all of them from their kennels to the play room isn't much work at all.
>Closing the door behind the cats once they're all in the play room, you take a look at the work ahead of you.
>The cats are, however, somehow more disgusting than the dogs.
>They get hair EVERYWHERE.
>On the floor.
>On the table and cabinets.
>All over the kennels.
>You look up, and somehow there's cat hair in the ceiling.
>Well, you're gonna go above and beyond.
>Once again setting your jacket and backpack aside, you get to work cleaning out the kennels and clearing out all the cat hair.
>The dynamic duo Sanitizing Spray and Cleaning Wipes make a shocking return, swooping in to free this animal shelter from uncleanliness.
>There's more than a few hairballs in the kennels, each less fun to deal with than the last.
>But the mechanical process of wiping down the kennels gives you little to distract from how quiet it is in here.
>...SHOULD you text Fluttershy?
>The moment the question re-enters your mind, the more uneasy you become.
>Since when did you become so needy?
>You really hate this new feeling.
>You got by perfectly fine for those years without needing anyone by your side constantly.
>...One text shouldn't hurt.
>It's fine to check in, anyway.
>She's probably wondering how you're doing.
>You pull out your phone and send a quick text message to Fluttershy.
[How's the game going?]
>There you go, now all you need to do is wait.
>And clean, obviously.
>So you return to wiping down the kennels and cleaning out the various sickly substances.
>...Man, waiting sucks.
>Every couple minutes you glance down at your phone.
>But there's never a response when you check.
>And each time you see this, you feel more uneasy.
>Is everything okay, over there?
>It has to be.
>It's just a soccer game.
>She's with her friends.
>Focus on your work, Anon.
>Everything's fine.
>Looking in the play room, you see the cats are pretty much done playing around.
>They're all just lounging around, sleeping on the various platforms and stuff.
"Okay, time's up, time for you all to go back to your regular beds." You inform the cats as you open the door for them.
>Some of the cats perk up and quickly return to the kennel room.
>Others are intent on continuing to sleep on the play equipment.
"Come on, you can sleep in your own beds." You persuade the cats, gently pushing them towards the kennel room.
>They give you a very annoyed look in return, but relent and gracefully hop down and move to the other room.
>Now it's time to herd the cats.
>...Has Fluttershy texted back yet?
>You quickly check your phone.
>...Should you text again?
>Maybe if you play it natural, you could just send another quick, casual message.
>But should you?
>...You'll think about it.
>The cats help you get them all back into their proper kennel with how they all seemed to know which one was theirs.
>The cats are making a good argument for being smarter than dogs.
>Although the dogs might have more heart.
>Maybe this is a debate to have with Fluttershy.
>She'd probably avoid taking any strong stances on the matter.
>...Come to think of it, none of the cats really came up to you today.
>Maybe they knew something was different with their usual caretaker being gone.
>They could smell her absence.
>...You check your phone again.
>No response.
>Maybe you should text her again.
>Just a quick, casual message.
>But what?
>You stare at the message app, contemplating what to say.
>You have to put a lot of effort into trying to look like you're not putting in any effort.
[How's Rainbow doing?]
>That'll work.
>You hit send and wait for the message to be delivered before you stick your phone back in your pocket.
>Now you wait.
>...Waiting still sucks.
>Third and final stop: the fun-sized animals.
>Though, in your opinion, ALL the animals at this animal shelter are fun-sized.
>At least you don't have to let the mice out, just carefully add more food and water.
>The little mice give you space to let you work, but you can tell they're a little more nervous than they were yesterday.
>You can tell they're moving around their multi-colored maze of tubes with less enthusiasm compared to before.
>Man, everyone here misses Fluttershy.
>You just don't have the magic touch she does.
>...Why do you miss her so much?
>It's only for today, and you're seeing her tomorrow.
>And yet...
>This place seems incomplete without her.
>Her soft voice, her gentle touch.
>God, when did you become so sappy?
>Your anxiety's getting worse.
>You don't even know why you're so worried.
>...Yes, you do.
>You're afraid that time spent apart will add up to her losing interest in you.
>To provide a supporting argument to this dread, you remember all the times one of your friends gradually stopped talking to you in middle school and your earlier years in high school.
>But Fluttershy wouldn't do that.
>...You hope, at least.
>You really, really hope.
>Once the mice are all fed, you toss the empty bottle of alkaline water in the recycle bin and replace the mouse food with the rabbit food.
>Fluttershy's favorites.
>You check your phone again.
>No response.
>You firmly place your phone face-down on the counter and turn your attention to the rabbits.
>You go through the same process feeding them that you memorized from your past days here.
>Each rabbit gets their food bowl filled with the highest quality food and the most alkaline of water.
>Water shouldn't be acidic, anyway.
>Very unhealthy.
>With each rabbit fed, you gently offer your hand for them to sniff and possibly nuzzle.
>But you don't receive much reciprocation.
>Guess they're just extra tired today.
>...Or they miss Fluttershy.
>You pick up your phone and send her a quick text.
[All done here!]
>There, she'll like to hear that.
>You check over everything in the room.
>All the animals are fed, and you even took the time to wipe down the counters and other such surfaces.
>Your gaze turns to the door she burst out of yesterday.
>You can't ignore the secret wish from within you that she would surprise you with a similar stunt today.
>But there was nothing today.
>Just you and the quiet noises of the critters minding their own business.
"Well... See you all later." You bid farewell to the small critters.
>You grab your jacket and backpack and make your way back out to the reception area.
>"Done for the day?" Grace asked you, looking up from her computer.
"Yeah, just about." You answer, trying to sound less lonely.
>"Well, that's super! Have a nice weekend!"
>You offer her a weak smile and nod.
"Yeah, you have a nice weekend, too."
>You sling your backpack over your shoulder and exit the animal shelter.
>By yourself.
Fluttershy has something special Anon needs
The animals missing Fluttershy at the same time was a nice touch. Good update m8
Page 9 ain't fine
Damn, nice. Still pretty easy to tell it's AI but not bad at all.
>Canterlot is so much darker today.
>That's a side effect of the winter season approaching.
>The street lights lining the road offer you some guidance back home, without them it would be close to pitch black outside.
>The pavement beneath you is as familiar as it always is, now with some leaves idly scattered across the sidewalk and road.
>The breeze passing through the road is much colder than it was earlier, biting at the exposed skin on your face and neck.
>Stuffing your hands into your jacket pocket only does so much to warm you up.
>You ultimately decide against putting some music on to make your walk home more entertaining, you're kind of not in the mood right now.
>The only sounds outside of your own footsteps are that of the fall breeze and some small animals in the trees and grass.
>The game has to be over by now, right?
>You try to look in the general direction of Canterlot High to see if you can spot any large sources of light or anything indicating activity.
>The silhouette of Canterlot High is just barely visible in the distance, but outside the lingering light the sun left behind as it clock out at the end of its shift, there was nothing else in that direction.
>You check your phone again.
>No new notifications.
>Every time you see that, it stings even more.
>You've texted her three times already.
>Could she have missed all three?
>Maybe it was a really intense game.
>...Maybe something happened.
>No, stop it, Anon.
>Don't think like that.
>It's all fine.
>You're fine.
>Fluttershy's fine.
>Everything's fine.
>...If only you could believe that.
>That seed of worry that was planted within you is growing.
>It's spreading its branches all throughout your stomach.
>It's reaching your arms and your legs.
>Your legs feel weaker and your feet are a little sweaty.
>Your arms are still feeling very sore.
>You stop walking, lean on a street light, and take a deep breath.
>Anon, you need to stop worrying so much.
>Worrying isn't attractive.
>Good, strong boyfriends don't spiral into panic if their girlfriend goes a couple hours without responding.
>She has a life outside of you.
>She's got friends and hobbies and stuff.
>...You don't.
>Norman and Flash have friends of their own outside of you.
>Friends they hang out with more, both in and out of school.
>You slide down to the ground, sinking into your emotions.
>A very small part of you wishes you never crept out of your comfort zone in your room.
>You were happier then.
>Back then you weren't so aware of your flaws.
>As wonderful as Fluttershy is, dating her put your shortcomings as a person in the spotlight.
>You're a part of Fluttershy's world.
>...But Fluttershy is your world.
>The gets darker, reminding you that you need to get home soon.
>You don't like the cold, anyway.
>You stand up and keep walking down the sidewalk.
>Home isn't too far from here.
>Walking the path back to your house is almost muscle memory at this point.
>A walk like this should be peaceful, but the worry weed is still inside you, intertwining its stalk and branches along your bones, nerves, and blood vessels.
>Your stuff your hands into the pockets of your jeans.
>By now you're focused almost entirely on being right there when Fluttershy texts back.
>Just so you can know she's alright.
>Everything will be alright.
>Your anxiety has you walking on autopilot across your front lawn and through your front door.
>The lights in the living room are off, but the TV is playing some movie from the 70's.
>You're too tired and anxious to stay and try to decipher which one it is.
>On the couch in front of the TV is your mom and dad, who turn to face you after you walk in.
>"Hey, welcome back." Your dad greets you with a hint of tiredness in his voice.
"Hey, dad. Hey, mom." You greet the two in return.
>"How's the animal shelter?" Your mom asks you.
>You shrug, trying to avoid visibly conveying the emotions that have been swirling within you and growing for the past couple hours like a thunderstorm.
"Same as ever. Not much changes there."
>"That's too bad, it would be nice if all those animals found a home." Your mom remarks.
>You think on that for a moment.
>It might be a little late for a pet in your household.
>You'll have to dorm for college soon, and you'll be expected to move out soon after.
"...Yeah, that would be nice." You eventually answer.
>"Say, I heard there was some big soccer game at Canterlot High today, you manage to catch any of that?" Your dad asks you.
>You shake your head.
"Volunteer work at the animal shelter means certain responsibilities, and those responsibilities can get in the way of stuff like that."
>Your dad grins at your answer.
>"That's the work ethic I want to see! Look at you, becoming a stand-up citizen!" He says to you with pride in his voice.
>"Your dad and I are very proud of you for the work you've put in at the animal shelter." You mom happily adds.
>You have to admit, their words do lift your spirits more than a little bit.
"...Thank you, that means a lot." You say to them with a soft smile.
>"There's some dinner for you on the counter, you can just heat it up." Your mom offers.
>After a moment of contemplating the dinner, you shake your head.
>Strangely, you don't feel very hungry.
"...No thanks, maybe tomorrow."
>"Well, don't go hungry, now." Your mom advises you.
>Your dad's already turned back to the movie with his arm around your mom's shoulder.
>Seeing that adds another twist to the branch growing inside you.
"I won't, don't worry." You reply, making your way up the stairs.
tangentially related
this video is now exactly ten years old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iEO6RG7gAM
>But before you vanish back into your room for the night, you remember your plans for tomorrow.
"Oh, by the way, I'll be hanging out with some friends in town tomorrow in the afternoon." You call out to your parents from up the stairs.
>"Sounds good!" Your mom replies from the living room.
>You take a few more steps up the stairs before you're stopped again.
>"You okay, Anon?" Your dad asks you.
>You stop walking and turn to face the living room.
>The weed's tendrils coil even tighter.
"...Yeah, why?" You lie.
>"You just... seem a little off."
"No, no, I'm just tired, is all." You excuse yourself.
>"Well then, get some sleep."
"I'll be sure to. Goodnight."
>You hear your parents say goodnight in return before you escape into your room and seal the door behind you.
>The computer that's stolen many of your leisure hours doesn't even appear in your peripheral vision.
>You flop down onto your bed and check your phone for the fiftieth time in the past hour.
>No response.
>You sigh.
>The atmosphere feels heavier.
>It's pushing you down into your mattress.
>You're real worried.
>There's no escaping this feeling.
>You're texting Fluttershy again.
>You're losing the ability to care about looking desperate or insecure.
>As long as she's alright.
[How's it going?]
>You toss your phone onto your nightstand and stare up at the ceiling.
>What time is it?
>The clock on your nightstand says 8:21 PM.
>It feels way later.
>All you can do is stare up at the ceiling and let your head get clouded with worry.
>She's usually not like this.
>She's never taken this long to respond.
>Maybe something happened.
>Merely letting this thought into your head creates a hole in the dam, allowing a torrent of dreadful thoughts to cloud your consciousness.
>It's almost too much.
>The room gets darker around you.
>You hear the blood flowing through your ears.
>You're more aware of you blink and breathe.
>But then your phone buzzes.
>You snap upright and your hand flies to your phone.
>One new text notification.
>From Fluttershy.
I don't like the idea of YouTube videos uploaded when I was in middle school becoming a decade old

>You don't waste any time opening the messages app and reading her response.
>[Hey Anon!]
>[We're doing rly good!]
>[Rainbow won!!]
>You sink back into your bed, feeling the tendrils of the dread plant inside you release your innards from its python-like grip and wither away.
>She's okay.
>It's all okay.
>New messages from her come in.
>[I'm rly rly sorry I didn't respond sooner!!]
>[The game was so intense and the girls and I went over to Rainbow's house to celebrate for a bit after]
>She was just busy.
>You should have known.
>There was no reason to get so worried.
>Occam's razor should have been keeping you straight.
>Each exhale releases more and more tension from your body.
>[I'm rly glad to hear everything at the animal shelter went well!!]
>[I'm proud of u!]
>God, you feel humiliated.
>Even though nobody was around to see your shame.
>How could you let yourself get so twisted up like this?
>Of course nothing major would happen.
>It was always gonna be way more likely that she just got busy with her friends than if something horrible happened.
>Your arms fall to your side and you go back to staring up at the ceiling.
>You seriously doubt Flash was like this when he first started dating Twilight.
>He's got it all figured out.
>Norman's all laid back and go-with-the-flow, you couldn't imagine him getting worked up like this.
>God, you're such a loser.
>Hoops and Score were right.
>You're weak.
>Your arms feel even more sore as that revelation sinks in.
>Your phone buzzes in your hand again.
>It's a text from Fluttershy.
>Shit, you haven't responded to her yet.
[Sorry! I was in the shower!] You lie.
>She doesn't need to know about your emotional turmoil.
[That's awesome! I knew Rainbow had it in her!] You reply regarding the soccer game.
[But I bet it was ur cheering that made the difference]
>Fluttershy texts back soon after.
>[LOL maybe]
>You can see her typing for a few moments before she follows up.
>[Thank you for covering for me at the animal shelter today]
>[It really means a lot]
>You smile, feeling a tear slide down your cheek.
[Of course, Flutters]
[I'm always here for you, no matter what]
>Her response is an emoji with hearts floating around it.
>It really warms your wounded little heart.
[I should be getting to bed soon, see you at SCC tomorrow!]
>[See you then!]
>With that final text sent, you let yourself drift off into the comforting embrace of sleep.
File: 1670729459357.gif (1.26 MB, 314x480)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
Fluttershy is just too freaking cute and she just can't help it
No one can disprove this
Cute And Sexy
made for snugglefucking
>The gets darker, remind you that you need to get home soon.
You left out 'sky' here.
Flutters is such a sweetheart
File: full.jpg (68 KB, 627x885)
68 KB
Very true!

>You left out 'sky' here.
Yeah, noticed that right after hitting submit. It's fixed in the ponepaste
The truth
>You wake up the next day to the sun streaming through your window and the birds chirping outside.
>Ah, Saturdays.
>Proof that God loves us.
>An entire day where you're not expected to go to school or work.
>For now, at least.
>College stuff can wait, though.
>Today you've got a hot date with Fluttershy.
>But this bicycle has eight wheels on it, each one belonging to another one of her friends.
>Hopefully they'll be your friends as well.
>But... they're all so different from you.
>You don't know how Fluttershy does it, from a surface level she has nothing in common with them.
>They only rarely are able to help out at Paws 2 Paws, and she doesn't have a lot of time outside of that to do with their hobbies.
>Then again, they've known each other since Freshman year.
>Except for Sunset.
>You don't know any specifics, but apparently they've been through some serious stuff together.
>The Fall Formal, the battle of the bands, the Friendship Games, Camp Everfree...
>It's as Toa Jaller once said.
>"Danger is the anvil on which trust is forged."
>Maybe you'll end up in one of those allegedly crazy situations that seem to crop up all the time.
>Hopefully not.
>The less dangerous things happen, the better.
>You turn over in your bed and check the time.
>9:51 AM.
>You better get yourself decent for Sugarcube Corner.
>First on the agenda after crawling out of bed: bathing.
>That doesn't take too long, you rinse yourself off, apply body soap, shampoo, and conditioner while the water is still hot.
>Flash managed to convince you to spend a little extra to get shampoo and conditioner separately, as opposed to the 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 bottle.
>A shame, having less stuff like that to worry about made your mornings/evenings go by so much quicker.
>...But you can't argue with the results.
>Maybe that was the secret ingredient to getting Fluttershy into you.
>If that's the case, you can't ever let Flash know that.
>He'd never let you hear the end of it.
>You bathe yourself with more vigor than usual.
>You've got seven girls you need to impress today.
>Seven times the usual amount of girls in your life.
>You end up spending half an hour in the shower, but it's all worth it by the end.
>Back in your room, you're facing off against the next item on your to-do list: find something to wear.
>...This ends up being a little more difficult than you expect it to be.
>Your usual go-to getup for school was a pair of jeans and the first t-shirt your hand reaches for.
>And that's pretty much all you've got in your dresser.
>But you're in unfamiliar territory today.
>Sugarcube Corner's a pretty casual place from what you heard, but you've gotta dress to impress.
>The situation gets intense enough for you to result to checking your closet.
>There's some promising stuff in here, like a decent long-sleeve shirt and black jeans.
>It might contrast against how colorful everyone else will be, but it's a step up.
>While you're figuring out what to wear, you hear your phone buzz on your nightstand.
>You check it and see a new text from Fluttershy.
>You gently smile seeing her greeting.
[Gm!] You're quick to reply.
>[Did u sleep well?]
[Sure did lol]
[Those dogs rly tired me out]
>[They sure can be a handful!]
>[U ready for SCC today?]
>You look down and see you're still figuring out what to cover your top half with.
[Almost, gotta find a shirt to wear]
>You watch as Fluttershy types for several moments.
>Eventually she responds.
>[Good idea lol]
>You laugh to yourself, imagining what kind of first and second draft that text had.
>You look over at the closet again.
>At least it's easy to figure out what to wear when it comes to socks and underwear.
>There's a button-down shirt you haven't worn in a while that matches your black jeans well enough.
>Trying it on, it's a little tight, but it's functional.
>Just after you're done getting dressed, Fluttershy sends you another text message.
>[Wanna walk to SCC together?]
[Ofc! Meet at the same spot at 10:45?]
>[Yay! See u then!]
[See u soon!]
>Now that you're all dressed, you take a moment to check out your appearance in the mirror.
>You clean up nice, Anon.
>The colors of your jeans and shirt match nicely.
>Maybe you should put more effort into your appearance.
>You imagine it can't be easy for Flash to keep his hair looking like that.
>And you're sure Fluttershy and her friends would appreciate it.
>You'll think on it.
>Hey, you've got just enough time for a quick breakfast.
>You grab your phone and zip downstairs to the kitchen.
>Better not fill yourself up, you can't imagine you'll be eating light at Sugarcube Corner.
>You better balance out the industrial amount of sugar in your future with some healthy eating.
>An apple, an orange, and two bananas should be enough to do the trick.
>"Heading out already?" Your mom asks you from the dining room table, with a cup of coffee in one hand and her phone with the news app open in the other.
"Yeah, the sooner, the better, right?" You answer after swallowing a mouthful of orange slices.
>"You think you'll be back for dinner?"
"I'm sure I will be, this is only a hangout for lunch."
>"That's good."
>A moment passes as you eat more of your breakfast and your mom takes another sip of her coffee.
>"Your dad said something about you're seeing a girl now?"
>You almost choke on the chunk of apple in your mouth.
"Yeah, well, uh, right now we're just friends, is all."
>You decide against telling your mom you're dating now.
>That's a matter best left for when you're not kind pressed for time.
>Your mom nods understandingly, much to your relief.
>"Is it the girl you had over for studying last week?"
>You awkwardly nod.
"Yeah, her name's Fluttershy."
>"She seems nice, you should have her over more often."
>You gently chuckle.
"Yeah, well, we'll see."
>Silence returns to the kitchen area as both of you return to what you were doing.
>Before too long, you're done with your breakfast and head to grab your jacket off the coatrack.
>...But then you hesitate.
>It isn't SUPER chilly today, and you're wearing a longsleeve.
>Your fingers rest on the fabric of the varsity jacket Antonymous gave you so many years ago.
>It's carried you through all your middle school and high school years.
>You draw your hand back and leave your varsity jacket on the coatrack.
>You don't need it today.
"See you later!" You call out to your mom as you head out the door.
>"See you later!" Your mom called back to you before you closed the door behind you.
>Standing outside, you get a better sense of the weather today.
>It's definitely cooling off as winter approaches, but the lack of a breeze and clouds in the sky make it warmer than it otherwise would be.
>...It's definitely been a long time since you left the house before noon on a Saturday of your own accord.
>Canterlot's definitely less lively than it is during the week.
>There's a couple people out doing yardwork like trimming hedges or mowing the lawn with a push mower, but it looks like everyone else is still their homes.
>A couple kids ride past your house on their bikes.
>It's nice to see the youth of today are still out there getting their exercise.
>There's all this neat stuff you're just now seeing in town, now that you've left your shell.
>...The emotions you dealt with last night come back to haunt you.
>That really was pathetic, what you went through.
>There was no reason to be so anxious about what was happening at the game.
>Of course it was all okay.
>At least you think you did a decent job hiding your worries when you texted her.
>You can't let Fluttershy or anyone else know about that.
>Insecurity is super unattractive in a guy, you're socially competent enough to know that.
>What you need to do is get stronger.
>That's what matters most.
>Now's not the time to mope about your flaws, you've gotta meet Fluttershy soon.
>It doesn't take long to get to the intersection of Striker and Drake, Canterlot isn't a very big town.
>You're a couple minutes ahead of schedule, so you idly scroll through the latest news on your phone.
>Updates on some movies and games you're looking forward to.
>Some internet celebrity drama you couldn't be paid to care about.
>A photo of Jupiter from NASA's getting a bunch of attention.
>None of it is super exciting, and yet you keep scrolling.
>It kills the time well enough, and it keeps you from worrying too much about...
>...Various things.
>Gotta love that brain rot.
>Thinking is such a burden, anyway.
>But before you could engage in some thoughtful, in-depth discussion with like-minded individuals regarding the quality of a highly anticipated remake of a horror game from 20 years ago, your eyes are covered by an unseen assailant.
>The hands covering your eyes are far too gentle to pose any kind of threat, so you immediately know who's behind this.
>...This, being you.
>"Guess who!" A familiar voice giggled mischeviously.
>Playing along, you let your lip quiver a bit.
>A fit of laughter escapes her lips as she smacks your shoulder.
>But with her strength, it more closely resembles a tap on the shoulder you'd use to get someone's attention.
>"No, silly!" Fluttershy corrects you, uncovering your eyes and hopping in front of you.
>You feign surprise upon seeing your girlfriend reveal herself.
"Oh, hey, Flutters! How long have you been here?"
>"I followed you all the way from your house." She answers with a cheeky grin.
>She doesn't have the chops to deliver the joke believably, but she's being adorable, so you allow it.
>You widen your eyes in fake shock.
"Uh... How much did you see?"
>"Oh, I saw a lot~" Fluttershy teases you, her hands behind her back.
>You cross your arms and frown at her, playing along.
"Well, now I know to keep my bedroom windows shuttered..."
>Fluttershy giggles at your joke, which makes you gently laugh in return.
>"Dressing to impress, huh?" Fluttershy remarks.
>You smile and shrug.
"It's the first time in..."
>You stop to think about how long it's been since you socialized like this.
"...Doesn't matter, I just wanted to be my most decent for the hangout today."
>Fluttershy giggles at your answer.
>Her laughter is music to your ears.
>You don't know enough about music to compare her to a specific musician, but she's way better for you than any of them.
>"You're overthinking this, Anon. It's just hanging out together, nothing you should be worrying about like this."
>You wave off her reply.
"I'm not worried!"
>Fluttershy raises an eyebrow at you.
>Then she leans closer to you.
>...She's getting through to you.
"Okay, fine, maybe I was... a little worried. But only a tiny bit!"
>She steps back and takes on a more concerned demeanor.
>"Anon, my friends already like you. You really don't need to impress them."
"I know, I know, I just... it's new to me, is all."
>Fluttershy gives you a gentle smile and rubs your cheek reassuringly.
>"Believe me, I know. I used to be the same way. But the girls, Rainbow, Rarity, Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie, even Sunset, they're all really nice and helpful. Just focus on being the "you" that wanted to volunteer at Paws 2 Paws."
>Something like that's a bit easier said than done, but it's not like you're going in for a job interview or to request a favor from a mob boss.
>You've met the girls before, and Sugarcube Corner's supposed to be a great place.
>Don't do what you did yesterday, don't panic.
>It's all gonna be fine.
>You let your shoulders sink and you nod.
"...Okay, that's what I'll do."
>You look Fluttershy in her concerned eyes and gently smile.
"...Thank you, Flutters."
>She smiles at seeing your worries fade.
>"You're welcome, Anon."
>Fluttershy glances around a bit before placing a chase kiss on your cheek.
>It's silly to admit, but this small gesture makes you smile a little wider and gently blush.
>"Feeling better?"
>You're about to nod, but then you step back and put a finger to your chin.
"Hmm... I'm not sure. Maybe if you try that again?"
>Fluttershy rolls her eyes, but her goofy grin betrays her true emotions.
>With a gentle blush dusted across her cheeks, she planted another kiss on your other cheek.
>Her kiss is go gentle, yet so filled with love.
>It's like being kissed by an angel.
>That time, you nod relentingly.
"Okay, yeah, NOW I'm feeling better."
>"Well, now we know for sure." Fluttershy plays along with a smile.
>But then something crosses her mind, and she adopts a more smug expression.
>"But... I'm afraid they come at a price~" She teases you.
>Before Fluttershy could string you along any further, you beat her to the punch.
>You pull her in by her waist and capture her lips in a brief but passionate kiss.
>Her eyes widen in surprise before they slowly slide shut as she sinks into your embrace.
>When you pull away from the kiss, Fluttershy looks like she's out of breath.
>She's still leaning on you with her hands on your shoulders and with one foot lifted behind her.
>God, she's adorable.
"Does that cover the bill~?" You teasingly ask her.
>Fluttershy softly exhales and nods.
>"U-Uh huh."
>Anon, you Casanova, you.
"Well, we should be heading to Sugarcube Corner right about now."
>You gently take Fluttershy's hand in yours.
"Care to lead the way?"
>Now fully recovered from your moment of fiery passion, she intertwines her fingers with yours and gives you a nod.
>"I'd love to."
fit busty dashie
File: 2658095.png (190 KB, 1480x640)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
Do they have to pay taxes like actual humans?

Secondary: Who do you think in the EqGverse is most likely to commit tax evasion and get away with it?
File: 1683184573665843.jpg (296 KB, 1248x1824)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Bonus pantsu shot:
Page won’t load
File: 1680725715772043.jpg (235 KB, 1024x1024)
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235 KB JPG
Works on my machine™
Im on safari
File: 1698062993868739.png (1.39 MB, 832x1216)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
My condolences.
I like to believe tax bullshit doesn’t exist there like it does here. People seem happier there so it makes sense.
File: 1708454566591064.gif (441 KB, 222x250)
441 KB
441 KB GIF
>connection has timed out
Is someone DDoSing catbox right now?
File: 1705360099957840.png (1.41 MB, 832x1216)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Works fine for me. But have alt link, anyway:
>"I followed you all the way from your house." She answers with a cheeky grin.
holy kek, I actually loled when I read that
love Flutters in this
Safari anon here, can see it now.
Very nice, thank you.
File: 1711230970919.jpg (115 KB, 832x1216)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>Image in the post is ai
>image in link looks like legit art from what I can tell
Are half of your pics ai and the other half not ai? Just asking out of curiosity.
File: 3196613.jpg (313 KB, 1746x2200)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
>When you get to walking towards downtown Canterlot hand-in-hand with your girlfriend Fluttershy, the brisk air vanishes from your reality.
>All that's on your mind is Fluttershy.
>The upbeat way she walks, the way she glows in the sunlight, the way her arm swings as you two walk.
>It's like the world gets a little darker when you're looking at her.
>When she turns her eyes from the path ahead to face you, she gives you a dreamy smile and gently squeezes your hand.
>You swear, if she keeps going with this, your heart's gonna explode.
>"I hope you didn't miss me too much yesterday." She gently remarks.
>That comment slams the brakes on the good mood you were in, bringing you crashing back down to your emotional turmoil yesterday.
>You did miss her.
>A lot.
>But she can't know that.
>It would make you look bad.
>You maintain your smile and shake your head.
>Shoot, that might have been an overcorrection.
>Shift gears, now.
"...Well, maybe a little." You grin at her.
>Fluttershy's expression was a little difficult to read, but she seemed satisfied with your answer.
>Phew, crisis averted.
"Actually, I think the animals missed you yesterday. They seemed less lively and social when I was feeding and cleaning."
>Her expression fell slightly upon hearing your update on them.
>"Oh no, that's no good..." She says, looking towards the ground.
>Damn, maybe you shouldn't have said that.
>She's gonna feel worse about not going yesterday.
"But- But I'm sure they'll warm up to me soon! I've actually made progress with Dixie yesterday!"
>Fluttershy's expression lifts, restoring light to the world.
>"Oh, that's wonderful! They'll come to trust you, I just know it!"
"Yeah! So if you ever need a night off to spend with your friends, I'll be ready to fly solo!"
>A little part of you twinges as you say that.
>You already know you're allowing the dread plant to grow within you and wrap its branches around every fiber of your being.
>But you can't let it win.
>The only way out is through.
>Besides, the grateful smile on Fluttershy's face is all the reward you need.
>"Is something wrong, Anon?"
>Her voice snaps you back to the present.
"N-No, I was just think about the homework I've gotta do over the weekend." You cover up.
>Lying to Fluttershy feels like something that adds an extra year to your time in Purgatory every time you do it, but it's for a noble cause.
>That cause being a good boyfriend.
>Fluttershy nods in understanding.
>"Oh, I know. It can be a real hassle..." She sighs.
>"Twilight is really smart, though. She's great for helping with homework!"
"Twilight sounds like the type to do her friends' homework for fun." You remark.
>Fluttershy gently giggles.
>"You sure could say that! I'm sure she'd be willing to help you out if you're ever stuck!" She offers.
"Oh, I dunno, I'd hate to impose." You humbly decline.
>Fluttershy frowns at you a little bit.
>"Anon, I'm sure she wouldn't mind."
>You stop yourself and nod relentingly.
"I know, it's just... I'm still getting used to them being a part of my life. But I am really grateful I've gotten to know your friends better, honest."
>Fluttershy's expression falls after you respond.
>"I'm sorry, I just... I dunno, I don't wanna see you isolate yourself because of what other people might think of you."
>Hearing Fluttershy apologize to you makes your heart break a little.
>Why would you do that to her, Anon?
>She takes both your hands and looks up at you.
>"You're a funny, caring, wonderful guy. I know you're worried about intruding in on my friend group when you're just dating one of us, but I'm sure once you spend more time with them, you'll be a true-blue friend in their eyes in no time."
>Fluttershy's words of encouragement are better self esteem aid than anything else in the world.
>A loving smile spreads across your face as her encouragement infects you, dissipating your doubts.
"You really think so?"
>"I know so! Pinkie already likes you!"
"That's not a fair example, Pinkie likes everyone." You remind her with a grin.
>"That's not true! Remember the Dazzlings?"
>You pause to think back on who these Dazzlings could be.
>You vaguely remember that they're a group of three girls that sang in the battle of the bands last year.
>The same battle of the bands that you skipped out on to stay home and force yourself through The Plutonia Experiment.
"...Yeah, vaguely." You answer.
>"Well, Pinkie doesn't like them. They were such jerks! Oh, and the Shadowbolts from Crystal Prep at last year's Friendship Games! They were just awful!"
>You have to admit, Fluttershy is real cute when she's frustrated like this.
"Okay, okay, point taken." You relent, smiling.
>Fluttershy takes a moment to compose herself after thinking about those awful people she's dealt with in the past.
>Well, she won't have to deal with them again if you have anything to say about it.
"I guess I just felt thrown into the deep end when Pinkie invited me without asking any of your other friends if it was okay first."
>Fluttershy sighs understandingly.
>"Well, Pinkie is a good judge of character. If she thinks you're trustworthy enough to spend time with us, then we'll trust her!" She assured you.
"Do... you trust her faith in me?" You cheekily ask her.
>Fluttershy grins and rolls her eyes.
>"Of course I do, silly."
"Oh, well, that's a relief!"
>You two share a light laugh.
>"Feeling better?"
>You smile and nod.
"...Yes, I am. Thank you, hon."
>Her cheeks fill with a light red color in response to your new pet name.
>"W-Well, we should get going. We don't want our friends to be waiting on us!" Fluttershy reminds you.
>Twilight, Pinkie, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity, and Sunset: your friends.
>You could get used to that.
>You turn back towards the sidewalk leading to downtown Canterlot, your hand fastened with hers.
"Good point, let's keep going!"
>When you two finally reach downtown, there's a lot more life on the streets.
>People are walking dogs, families are out, couples are out on dates.
>The buildings, too, they're all so colorful and designed with a lot of life to them.
>The architect must've been having a really good day when they designed these buildings.
>You swear, it all looks like everyone's about to break into song, it's so lively and upbeat.
>The cynic in you wants to see it all as fake or an act.
>But the Fluttershy's Boyfriend side of you is more willing to take it in at face value.
>Canterlot's a nice town with nice people in it.
>As the streets got busier, you looked over at Fluttershy, expecting her to slip her hand out of yours as she usually did.
>But instead, she grips your hand just as tightly.
>"I wanna get more comfortable being seen with you like this."
>Her eyes widen a bit as she realized what that sounded like.
>"W-W-What I meant was-"
"Don't worry, I know what you meant."
>Fluttershy relaxes her shoulders as you continue walking on.
>Unsurprisingly, neither of you turn many heads.
>You and Fluttershy are hardly the first pick for prom king and queen, and there's a good amount of other couples out and about.
>Plus, all you two were doing was holding hands, that hardly counts as PDA.
>But it is really nice to see Fluttershy feel more comfortable with being in a relationship in front of other people.
"I'm proud of you, Flutters. You've made a lot of progress opening up like this." You say to her as you two walk together.
>Fluttershy giggles and looks down, trying to hide her blush.
>"T-Thank you..."
"...You know, I don't think I've ever really been down here before."
>Fluttershy turns to you with a shocked expression.
>You shrug.
"Guess I never had a reason to."
>"Anon, there's so many great things to do here! I gotta show you around sometime!" Fluttershy endearingly insists.
"Okay, what's good around here?"
>Fluttershy's eyes light up at your question before she spins around to point out all her recommended spots.
>"There's a smoothie bar down the street from here that makes the best smoothies! Do you like smoothies?"
"Well, sure, I haven't had one in a while though."
>"Well, we're changing that, for sure! Oh! Over there is Rarity's boutique!" Fluttershy excitedly points to a fancy looking building down the parallel street.
"Wait, Rarity has her own boutique?"
>"Kind of! Her family lives in the upstairs level, but they let her use the shop area on the ground floor for her seamstress business!"
>You stare in amazement at the boutique.
>To think Rarity has a place of business for her side hustle.
"That's seriously impressive."
>"Oh, I know! She has so many clients, she really needs the space. Sometimes I worry she works herself too much..."
"Well, I'm such a charitable person, I'd love to volunteer to help, but my schedule's pretty filled up these days." You joke.
>Fluttershy gently laughs at your remark.
>She then turns back around and points out all sorts of other great places in town.
>There's a music shop, an Italian restaurant, a sushi bar, even a small arcade.
>"Rainbow sometimes likes to stop by there and make sure her high scores are still in the arcade machines. I have to make sure I'm with her when she stops by, because if she sees she's been bumped down to second place, she'll spend all night trying to reclaim her throne." Fluttershy said, with an ounce of annoyance in her voice.
"Sounds like that's gotten her into trouble before." You note.
>Fluttershy sighs and nods.
>"One time she stayed there so late getting the high score that she overslept and missed her Algebra quiz. She's lucky the teacher let her retake it for partial credit."
>You nod along.
>You may or may not have had a brush with the same situation.
>But you've been more hyped for that new DOOM game than any other game you've played, you deserved it.
>Before Fluttershy could show you around some more, a familiar face catches the both of you by surprise.
>"Anon? Fluttershy?" Ms. Cheerilee says to you, stepping out from a nearby shop with a shopping bag on her arm.
>You feel a chill run down your spine upon seeing her.
>Teacher's aren't supposed to exist outside their natural habitat: the school.
>"Oh, good morning, Ms. Cheerilee!" Fluttershy happily greets her.
>"You two up to anything this Saturday, if you mind me asking?" Your history teacher politely asks you, stepping out of the way of the foot traffic.
"Oh, not much. Just getting out and hanging out with friends." You answer with a shrug.
>"That's nice! Too many students spend all their free time at home, it's such a shame." Ms. Cheerilee glumly remarks.
"Hah, yeah, such a shame..." You awkwardly reply, feeling a little targeted.
>"What are you up to, if you don't mind me asking?" Fluttershy politely asks Ms. Cheerilee.
>"Oh, nothing much, just some grocery shopping." Ms. Cheerilee answers.
>She looks like she's gonna elaborate on what her grocery shopping entails, but then she looks down and sees you and Fluttershy holding hands.
>"Oh, my apologies, I'll let you two lovebirds go on your way! See you on Monday!" Ms. Cheerilee giggled, hurrying on her way.
>Leaving you and Fluttershy much more flustered, but still holding hands.
>You're not looking forward to her class on Monday.
>You two stay stuck in an awkward silence as the people of Canterlot move around you to get on their way.
>"So, uh... Sugarcube Corner's right over there..." Fluttershy manages to stammer out through her fierce blush, pointing to a very distinct looking building at the intersection ahead of you.
>It looks exactly what you expected it to look like.
>So vibrant, so lively, so welcoming.
>Through the windows you can see a bustling mass of people sitting at tables and waiting in line at the counter.
>Even from across the street you can detect the faint scent of sugar and various toppings and flavors waft over to you, tempting you forward.
File: image0-4.jpg (61 KB, 1200x900)
61 KB
File: 1683511418149780.png (1.35 MB, 832x1216)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
>ibn4 turing test passed
Both ai generated.
>>Teacher's aren't supposed to exist outside their natural habitat: the school
Awful lot of true things popping up here
Good update
Busty Twi
>Both ai generated.
Damn, that's impressive.
I sure hope not. Also is smuttyhorse still around?
File: 877631.png (162 KB, 694x1162)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
File: 1698122062337973.jpg (2.19 MB, 3410x1920)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB JPG
I'm still here, there's been very little time recently to do a lot of green between irl responsibilities and other projects I've been doing on Derpibooru and FimFic. But I can promise you more's on the way, and I'm going to post it soon. Take this post as an indicator that I'm still around and stuff is on the way.
As for right now, I recently started publishing my RD green to FimFic, doing a complete rewrite of it from the ground up with the story itself going noticeably differently, and doing so in prose format. But once I'm done with that for at least the time being, there'll be more green here immediately after.
But yeah, I'm definitely not dead. Expect more by the start of the weekend for sure. 100%.
Are you still drawing porn for your smutfics?
File: 1634752645211.jpg (1.39 MB, 1377x2039)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Nice. Can’t wait for the zombie one.
>Everyone over here waiting for Grey
>I'm over here waiting for MagnaAnon to come back and continue Single Players
Why is life so cruelhouse?
I like how her left bikini top cup being slipped up implies the magic strings are about to strip her naked and probably fuck her
That's hot
He's coming back, he's writing a Pokemon story. Having two Fluttershy stories at the same time would be tits though.
Don't worry, I'm still around. Been focusing most of my attention of getting that other story finished. I've got three chapters left to go, and it should all be completed within the next few weeks. I'll jump back into Single Players after that.

Besides, I wouldn't want to step on Cosmic's toes by having another Shy story going up at the same time as theirs. If there was a way to coordinate the overall progress, maybe it'd be a little easier...
Wait. Grey is Paco?
Magna’s the one writing a Pokémon story. Also, what?
Ignore it, it’s poorly packaged bait.
An /mlp/ and /vp/ crossposter.
Turned 24 today. Will post more later tonight.

Appreciate the thought, man. Maybe while you share updates on your 'shy story I could write a quick one-shot I had in mind for Applejack
Happy birthday!
Get off my lawn.
Happy anniversary of escaping the womb. Lulz.

But yeah, if you have a one-shot in mind, by all means go for it. I betcha the EQG AJ would appreciate extra content on their end, too.
File: 2451735.png (219 KB, 1160x2190)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
I don't know, Anon. Could have been an honest mistake.
>Derpy has grey skin and wears outfits that show a lot of it
I could have gotten them confused too. Anyone could!
Based Derpy
>You glance around the intersection you're standing by and notice there's an alley in between two of the buildings on your side of the street.
>From a glance, it doesn't look too dirty or sketchy.
>This gives you an idea.
"Hey, Flutters..."
>She turns to you, still a little rosy in the cheeks from that awkward encounter.
"You remember Rainbow's warning about us being all cutesy today, right?"
>Fluttershy stifles a giggle, then nods.
>"Of course, why?"
"Well, I noticed a pretty secluded spot on the way here, in case you wanna get anything out of your system~"
>Her cheeks darken a tiny bit, glancing around.
>"Well... That is pretty tempting..." She mutters almost silently.
>You glance around to the path to the small alley.
>Foot traffic isn't terribly dense, but walking down there with Fluttershy would definitely raise the eyebrows of those who happened to be looking in your direction.
>"...Okay. But only a little bit! We don't want to get... carried away..." She quietly insists, still flustered.
>You really should've thought about getting there before offering.
>Oh well, lie in the bed you made.
>Except this bed also has Fluttershy in it.
>So it's the best bed you've ever made.
"This way~" You say, gently leading her by the hand down the street.
>You can sense the apprehension in her grip, but she continues to walk by you.
>After checking both ways to make sure neither of you had an audience, you quickly dart between the two pastel-colored buildings with your girlfriend.
>This is probably the cleanest alley you've ever been in.
>No trash lying around, no dumpsters to ruin the mood, just some back entrance doors for each business housed in each building.
>...This was probably a bad idea.
>What were you thinking, inviting her into an alley with you?
>Think of the implications, Anon!
>You turn to face Fluttershy, feeling a wave of guilt crash over you.
"Hey, Fluttershy..."
>You loosen your grip on her hand.
"I'm really sorry if this is making you uncomfortable, I'd understand if you-"
>Fluttershy gently holds both your hands together and looks into your eyes.
>"Anon, I said yes. I know you'd never do anything... untoward." She reassures you.
>Sounds like some of Rarity's vocabulary is rubbing off onto her.
"Yeah, true..."
>She leans closer to you.
>"Friends keep their promises~"
>You gently laugh, relieving yourself of some stress.
>After triple-checking to make sure you two really were alone, you gently place your hands on Fluttershy's waist and pull her close to you.
>Her hands rest on your shoulder as she stares deep into your eyes.
>You could get lost in those eyes of hers.
>Her gentle yet warm breath on your skin entices you further.
>Her lips gently purse, anticipating your affection.
>You've wasted enough time.
>You lean down and unite Fluttershy's lips with yours.
>The moment contact is made, Fluttershy melts in your arms like chocolate left out in the summer sun.
>Her angelic voice carries a gentle sigh of contentment as her arms wrap around your neck.
>Her body presses against you, gently forcing you back.
>You're not gonna let her have all the fun.
>You gently wrap your arms around her a little tighter, savoring the softness of her body.
>A finger of yours flirts its way under her shirt, gently teasing her back.
>Fluttershy shudders as you make contact with her back, separating from the kiss only briefly before going back in.
>She's feeling frisky today.
>Well, you're not gonna let her needs go unattended to.
>You test the waters a bit and prod her lips just a little bit with your tongue.
>It might be a little risky, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
>Fluttershy reacts like she's been waiting for you to do that.
>She opens her mouth just enough to introduce her tongue with yours.
>French kissing is still a little awkward for you.
>You're still in the process of getting used to more than one tongue existing in your mouth at a time.
>It's only in times like this that you realize how weird tongues are.
>At least it's Fluttershy's.
>The only other tongue you allow in your mouth.
>You're dragged out of these aimless thoughts when you feel Fluttershy's hands begin to slide down your shirt from your neck.
>"Hey, there you- Oops! Sorry!"
>You and Fluttershy practically fly apart as the voice of Sunset Shimmer calls out to you from the end of the alley.
>It's impossible to tell who's blushing more: You, Fluttershy, or Sunset.
>A suffocatingly awkward silence fills the alley, with each of you exchanging awkward glances.
>...Guess you've gotta be the one to do it.
"...Good to see you, Sunset."
>"Heh, yeah, good to see you, Anon..." Sunset awkwardly replies, avoiding direct eye contact.
>"...A-And you too, Fluttershy."
>Fluttershy's face is as red as a beet and she's staring directly at the ground.
>The only response she can muster is an embarrassed "Mm-hm..."
>Sunset awkwardly laughs, turning back to you.
>"Do you two, uh... need a minute?"
>You quickly shake your head, trying to regain your composure.
"No, no, we're fine, just, uh... yeah, we're alright."
>"Mm... Mm-hm..." Fluttershy mumbled, still staring at the ground.
>Another awkward moment of silence passes.
"...Say, is anyone else here?" You ask Sunset.
>"Oh, yeah! Pinkie's pretty much always at Sugarcube Corner, and I just saw Rarity, Twilight, and Rainbow go in!" Sunset was quick to answer, moving on from the awkward moment.
"That's great! Wanna head in?" You ask Fluttershy.
>Fluttershy takes a deep breath and manages to muster the strength to look up and face you and Sunset."
>"...Yes." She quietly answers, still very flustered.
>"Great! Let's get moving!" Sunset beams, spinning around to head back to main street.
"Sunset, hold on a minute!" You call out to her.
>She turns to face you with a quizzical expression.
>"What is it?"
>You shuffle closer to her, Fluttershy close behind you.
"Do you mind, like, not telling the others about..."
>You glance back at Fluttershy, then back to Sunset.
>Sunset gently laughs and nods.
>"Not at all, Anon."
>She goes to head back onto main street, then turns back to you two with a teasing expression.
>"You two make a really cute couple~"
>Sunset casually strolls back on the street, leaving you and Fluttershy standing there, flustered again.
>After the moment passes, you reach out and gently take her hand.
"Come on, let's not keep your- ah, OUR friends waiting." You correct yourself.
>Fluttershy gently smiles and grips your hand a little tighter.
>One walk down the sidewalk and two road-crossings later, you and your girlfriend are standing directly in front of the doors to Sugarcube Corner.
>It's a little intimidating, how busy it is inside.
>You can practically taste the lingering sugar in the air.
>And just behind those doors are six of Fluttershy's friends.
>"...Are you okay?" Fluttershy gently asks you.
>You hastily nod, holding the door open for her.
"Yeah, just thinking about... stuff."
>Fluttershy raises an eyebrow, but shrugs it off and walks inside.
>You follow her inside the building.
>Once the door shuts behind you, you're immediately met with a wave of sugary-sweet air.
>Glancing around the busy dessert bar, you can't find a single tray, bowl, or glass that's holding anything even vaguely healthy.
>You swear, there's more sugar in the atmosphere in here than oxygen.
>You almost have to cough in response.
>If you spend too long in this place, your teeth will dissolve in your mouth.
>"Fluttershy! Nonny! You're here!" Pinkie calls out to you from across the room, waving excitedly for your attention.
>As you smile and wave at her in return, you notice she's wearing what looks like her uniform for working here: a blue skirt outfit with a black and white apron.
>Sitting at the table right beside her is Sunset, Twilight, Rainbow, and Rarity, each of whom look happy to see the two of you.
>Pinkie bounds over to you and Fluttershy and pulls the both of you into a big hug.
>A hug that almost crushes you.
>Man, Pinkie's stronger than she looks.
>"Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh, it's so great to see you two again! How's it been hanging!" She excitedly asks you two.
>"Oh, you know, same old, same old." Fluttershy answers in a more casual tone.
"Pinkie, you saw us yesterday. Heck, you've seen Fluttershy like twelve hours ago." You try to remind her.
>"I know, but a TON can happen from one night to another! Like when you two first met! Or when you two started dating!" Pinkie answered.
>Glancing over her shoulder, you can see Rainbow make an exaggeratedly annoyed expression while Twilight talks with Rarity and Sunset.
>"Plus you had to manage the animal shelter all by yourself! That had to have been exciting!" Pinkie adds.
>You really don't like being reminded about last night.
>You force a smile and nod.
"Yeah, you could say that-"
>"Wait, you can tell me all about it once you've got your tasty treat! Come on!" Pinkie interrupts you, taking you by the wrist and dragging you through the crowded maze of fully occupied tables to the one that Fluttershy's friends were sitting at.
>Fluttershy followed closely behind you, somehow able to keep up with Pinkie.
>Maybe it's an acquired skill.
>You'll have to learn that.
>"Sit down and get comfortable! AJ should be here soon!" Pinkie pushed you, sitting you down between her and Fluttershy.
>"Lookie, check out the menu! See what looks good!" Pinkie ordered as she shoved the laminated menu right in front of your eyes.
>The longer you spend with Pinkie, the more your head hurts.
>At least she means well.
"Uh... Okay..."
>You carefully take the menu and give it a cursory glance.
>...Man, you didn't think this many desserts existed in the world.
>Ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes of all kinds.
>Massive lists of flavors and toppings and extra goodies.
>Eight year old you would've seen this place as heaven.
>But eighteen year old you is pretty overwhelmed.
>Pinkie's jumped into a conversation with Fluttershy, leaving you alone to deal with the matter at hand.
>Maybe you'll find some inspiration elsewhere in the store.
>You glance around and try to find something on the other tables that looks good.
>...That doesn't help much.
>So many people, so many conversations.
>So many paths converging here.
>Seems like people from all walks of life in Canterlot use Sugarcube Corner as neutral territory in this great battlefield of life.
>It's pretty inspiring.
>Canterlot sure is a nice little town.
>...A milkshake sounds nice.
>You return to the menu, now focused on the milkshake section.
>This only does so much to alleviate your choice paralysis.
>Let's see...
>Cookies and cream is always a solid choice.
>Gotta have whipped cream with that, too.
>...And hot fudge.
>And sprinkles.
>...Fuck it, you're getting gummy bears and M&M's on top of it all.
>You earned it.
>Even if it'll mean the world's worst trip to the dentist in a couple months.
>You set your menu down on the table, and as if she was waiting for that to happen, Pinkie snaps out of her conversation with Pinkie and turns to you.
>"Ooh, didja pick something! I bet it was something super duper delicious!" She beamed.
"Uh, yeah, I sure hope so!" You answer.
>"Well, don't tell me yet! Once AJ gets here, we'll all order together!"
>The table's a little cramped, having to accommodate eight people.
>Being squeezed between Fluttershy and Pinkie, and seeing Twilight, Rarity, Sunset, and Rainbow so packed together only served to make you feel that much more out of place.
I love the idea of being cramped together with these soft pretty girls that’s one thing
Hi, I once requested a nude edit of Sunset Shimmer (and got it delivered) here.

I have moved (back) to the /trash/ Edit Thread since then in order to request further edits, including naturally sagged breast while maintaining the same size (among others), and recently got one.


While I could notice some changes, the editor there failed to make her breast not to defy the gravity.

So I'd like to request here that Sunset Shimmer is given a naturally sagged breast.

You can remove the background or give a new one, if you have no idea how to deal with it.
Charliexe and Iojknmiojknm deserve to get fucked over by ai.
Pshyzo and Khyle deserve to be protected from ai.
The nuances deserve to be acknowledged.
I love my equestria girls
File: GKWgmqRaIAAfy0P.png (1.06 MB, 1123x823)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Which artists would you say are half and half?
File: 3183040.png (218 KB, 368x478)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Trixie a cute.
>You take another look at what you're wearing.
>Black jeans, dark colored button down shirt.
>Everyone else is dressed so colorfully.
>Rainbow, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity, Twilight, Sunset, it's like they specifically coordinate their color palate to be more vibrant and lively.
>Rarity most likely does.
>You glance around at everyone else in Sugarcube Corner.
>It's like someone spilled an armful of paint cans on the ground.
>Everyone here is dressed so vibrantly, they all look so friendly and outgoing.
>You stick out like a sore thumb.
>...Letting this idea linger makes your stomach twist.
>The tendrils of that awful plant are beginning to grow again.
>It's almost like you don't belong here.
>You can't imagine it was difficult for any of these people to get out and socialize.
>You softly exhale through your nose, sinking into your chair and looking out the window behind Twilight and Rarity.
>Everyone here's wrapped up in their own conversations, leaving you the third (or seventh) wheel.
>You weren't really surprised, these girls have known each other for years.
>Even though you're dating Fluttershy, you've really only known her for two weeks.
>A more outgoing person would find an opportunity to make an addition to the conversation, but between the speed at which everyone talked, and the nature of their conversations, you're unable to.
>You just kind of sit there as conversations happen around you.
>Just then, Pinkie leapt up and waved to someone behind you.
>"Heya, AJ! We're over here!" She announced to the newcomer.
>You turn slightly to see Applejack having just arrived.
>"Heya, Pinkie." Applejack replied with a smile, waving hello to everyone else at the table.
>Including you.
>"Come on over! We're just getting started!" Pinkie hastily invited her, ushering Applejack to her chair between her and Rainbow.
>It's a little awkward for her to get settled in with an extra person at the table.
>That person being you.
>It doesn't help that you're the widest one at the table.
>Inadvertently making you feel less welcome.
>You sigh again.
>Don't dwell on this feeling, Anon.
>Don't make them regret inviting you.
>Pinkie pops up and makes her way around the table with a notepad, getting everyone's drinks.
>You take another look at the menu to make sure you know what you're getting.
>Not that it helps much, the menu is just as massive as it was a few moments ago.
>"Soooo watcha getting, Nonny?" Pinkie says to you, closer to you than you were expecting.
>You jump a little bit in surprise, trying to remember what you decided on.
"Uh... I was thinking a, uh... cookies and cream milkshake with whipped cream... hot fudge, sprinkles, gummy bears, and... uh... I dunno, M&M's." You meekly answer.
>"Ooooooh! Good choice! Back in a jiffy!" She beamed, bouncing through the restaurant and disappearing behind the kitchen doors.
>That could've gone better.
>"Looks like Fluttershy's rubbing off on you." Rainbow remarked, earning some giggles from everyone at the table.
>You manage a chuckle, but it did touch a sore spot.
>Not that you'd let them know that.
>You don't want to be a bad guest and ruin the mood.
>"Say, where's that jacket you're always wearing?" Applejack asked you, noticing your change in wardrobe.
>"Yeah, didja lose it or something?" Rainbow asked you.
>You shake your head.
"Nah, I just decided to try something new today. Since it's a kind of special occasion and all."
>"It's really not a big occasion, we're just hanging out." Sunset reminded you.
"Yeah, well, I dunno, it's kind of an occasion for me. I don't really get... invited to things." You answer with a slight chuckle.
>"That's terrible! Sounds like you need better friends!" Twilight interjected with a concerned tone.
>You feel Fluttershy's hand gently take yours under the table.
>Shoot, you shouldn't have said that.
"It's not a big deal, I manage!" You insist, trying to backtrack.
>"Anon, you don't have to "manage" not having friends that invite you to things." Twilight reminds you.
>You sigh, waving off their concerns.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything."
>Twilight, Fluttershy, Sunset, and Applejack give you a confused look.
>"Why are you sorry?" Twilight asks you.
>Everyone's giving you mixed, concerned looks.
>Fluttershy's hand holds yours a little tighter.
>This isn't going well.
>"Oooooorder up!" Pinkie's voice rings out from behind you.
>Before you know it, Pinkie darts around the table with everyone's drinks, placing each drink in front of the girls with incredible speed.
>It's admittedly pretty impressive.
>Your incredibly indulgent milkshake slides in front of you, confronting you with the reality of your decision making.
>Everyone makes sure to thank pinkie for their drink, so you pipe up as well.
"Thank you, Pinkie. That was way quicker than I thought it would be." You say to her.
>"No problemo, Anonymo! Nobody whips up a tasty treat faster than me!" Pinkie beams, squeezing back between you and Rarity.
>"So what were you all talking about?" Pinkie asks the group.
"Rainbow was just wondering why I wasn't wearing my varsity jacket." You quickly answer before Twilight or Fluttershy could tell her about your unfortunate social life.
>"Oh yeah! I knew something was different about you today!" Pinkie realized.
>You can't tell how serious she's being.
>Twilight and Sunset exchange a glance before turning back to you, and out of the corner of your eye you see Fluttershy giving you a concerned look.
"Yeah, well, I wanted to try a new look today. Shake things up a bit, you know?"
>"I, for one, commend your decision to put more effort into your appearance. Too few guys at school know how far just a little personal grooming will take them." Rarity compliments you.
>You smile and shrug.
"Thanks, Rarity. It's something I'll for sure keep in mind."
>Rarity smiles to herself, satisfied that she could convince a guy to actually take care of himself.
>"What is it with you and that jacket, anyway? Seems like you've worn that thing every day." Applejack asked you.
>All eyes are on you.
>There's no worming your way out of this.
>You sigh, letting your shoulders sink a bit.
>Time to be honest.
"It's just... it was a gift from my cousin. He gave it to me when he graduated from NYU, right before I went into high school."
>You're taking a real risk opening yourself up like this, but this is the second time you've been cornered about this, and you don't want to lie to these nice girls.
"...My cousin was really cool. He was the star of his high school's swim team, so much that he was practically drowning in scholarship offers." You gently chuckle.
"Not just that, he was... pretty much everyone's best friend. He was always super outgoing and friendly and had time for everyone..."
>You glance across the table to find an array of concerned, caring expressions.
"He was..."
>You stop yourself from saying "He was everything I'm not".
"...He was great."
>You feel Fluttershy's thumb gently stroke your palm as you talk, silently encouraging you.
>Pinkie's leaning toward you on your other side.
"I just..."
>You look at the seven faces paying attention to you from across the table.
>You didn't really know them two weeks ago.
>And yet...
>...You trust them.
>You trust Fluttershy.
>And you trust her friends.
>You've gotten this far.
>Time to be honest.
"...I dunno, I guess I was hoping that... some of his greatness would rub off onto me..."
>God, saying that was painful.
>You stomach the urge to cringe down into your chair.
>"Awwwww!" Pinkie says, wrapping her arms around you and ensnares you in a surprisingly powerful hug.
>As if you weren't squeezed together already.
>Fluttershy expresses her care by taking both of your hands in hers.
>"You don't have to worry about that! It's YOU we like hanging out with, not that cousin of yours!" Pinkie reminded you.
>"Pinkie's right, you shouldn't feel like you have to impress your friends." Twilight added with a caring yet mentor-like tone.
>All this attention's starting to get embarrassing.
>At least nobody else is paying attention to you outside this table.
"I know, it's just..."
>What Twilight said sticks with you.
"...Do you see me as a friend?"
>"Of course we do, silly!" Pinkie is quick to answer, squeezing you tighter.
>"Yeah!" Twilight adds.
>"Sure, I do!" Applejack follows.
>"I would say so." Rarity informs you.
>"Yeah, why wouldn't we?" Sunset asks you.
>"Any friend of Fluttershy's is a friend of ours!" Rainbow announces.
>Man, these girls.
>If Sugarcube Corner isn't giving you a cavity, these seven will.
>What did you do to deserve these...
>"Hey, you didn't answer Anon's question!" Rainbow teased Fluttershy, who you now noticed was sitting an inch closer to you.
>She giggles softly, saying "Well, you all already know my answer."
>"But Nonny might want to hear you say it! Don't you?" Pinkie goaded you, nudging your shoulder.
>You feel your cheeks warm up a bit at the attention.
"Uh, well-"
>"Oh, Fluttershy, it's just a simple yes or no question!" Rarity piled on with a sly grin.
>Fluttershy could only manage a few awkward giggles in return.
>You look over at Sunset.
>The incredibly cheeky look on her face says it all.
>"I'm not sure... I could get in trouble with Rainbow for breaking that promise." Fluttershy spoke up, shooting a cheeky look in her direction.
>Rainbow, in response, made sure everyone could see her roll her eyes.
>"Fiiiiiiine. I'm pardoning you from punishment for your next sentence. But only one sentence!" She insisted, barely capable of hiding her smile.
>Fluttershy beamed at being given permission to express herself.
>"Well, in that case..."
>She turned to face you with a goofy grin.
>"...I see you as a very good friend." She finally answers.
>"Yippee!" Pinkie cheered.
>Sunset hid her giggling behind her hand.
>"And I only gave Fluttershy permission to get all mushy, not you!" Rainbow reminded you, pointing her finger at you for emphasis.
>She must've been able to tell you were about to say something to your dear girlfriend.
>Now's not the time, anyway.
>"It's kind of a shame yer such a sweetheart, Anon. Rainbow here was really lookin' forward to givin' you the 'If you ever hurt Fluttershy' speech." Applejack snickered.
"Oh, yeah?" You ask, turning to Rainbow with a raised eyebrow and a grin.
>Rainbow's facade fades as she awkwardly chuckles.
>"Yeah, well, it was only a 'just in case' kinda thing..."
>"It was the only time I've ever seen her work on more than one draft of something she's written." Twilight giggles.
>Everyone at the table shares a good laugh, but you notice Fluttershy shooting Rainbow a very stern look.
>You didn't think she was capable of expressing an emotion like that.
>"You need to apologize to Anon." Fluttershy informed Rainbow.
>"Come on, I never actually said it to him!" Rainbow defended herself.
>Fluttershy crossed her arms.
"Fluttershy, it's fine-" You try to speak up.
>"Apologize to Anon for not trusting him." Fluttershy repeated.
>Rainbow wanted to protest some more, but looking around the table made her realize that she wasn't gonna get any support.
>She groaned, then turned to face you.
>"...I'm sorry for not trusting you to be a good boyfriend." She relented.
>Fluttershy immediately returned to her more happy, peaceful demeanor.
>"Thank you, Rainbow."
>"Come on, let's all dig in! These drinks aren't gonna drink themselves!" Pinkie reminded everyone shortly before diving into her own, massively loaded milkshake.
>Damn, she's right.
>Some of the ice cream is starting to melt and dribble down the side of your drink's glass.
>You take the glass in your hand and swallow a mouthful of the milkshake with the straw.
>...You think you just ascended to a higher plane of existence.
>Your milkshake has a flavor that's beyond sweet.
>You've never had such creamy ice cream before.
>Especially not ice cream that's mixed so well with the milk.
>The cold ice cream mixed with the warm fudge dripping down to the bottom of the glass created a taste that could only be compared to Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night.
>It all swirls together, mixing in such a beautiful way that you didn't think was possible, overcoming the strong contrast.
>And the whipped cream, too.
>It's so smooth and soft.
>The sprinkles, the gummy bears, the M&M's.
>This isn't any dessert.
>This is proof that God loves you.
>If you were to die right now, you'd die a very happy man.
>You couldn't think of anything more worthy of being your last meal on this mortal plane.
>You're brought back down to the material plane by Sunset trying to get your attention.
"Huh?" You ask as your head snaps back up to face the group.
>A round of giggles is shared among the girls.
>This time last year, something like that would've been what finally pushed you to start tying that noose.
>"You liking your milkshake?" She teasingly asked.
>You nod while taking another sip of the treat.
"I am! It's really, really good! It's the best milkshake I've ever had! Pinkie, you're an incredible chef!" You answer after swallowing the milkshake in your mouth.
>"Aww, thank you, Nonny!" Pinkie swooned, flattered by your praise.
>Fluttershy's hand found its way back into yours.
>You turn to her with a smile, tenderly holding her hand.
"Thank you for introducing me to your friends, they're all great! I just wish I could've gotten to know all of you sooner."
>"We could say the same to you, Anon!" Applejack spoke up before Fluttershy could respond to your expression of gratitude, wiping some residue milk from her upper lip.
>"Indeed, you've proven yourself to be quite the gentleman." Rarity added after gingerly sipping from her more modest drink.
>You're not sure, but Fluttershy's grip might have gotten a little tighter.
>"...You're welcome, Anon." She said to you with a soft tone.
We'll see if I upload more tomorrow, I've got a fairly busy afternoon and evening with my girlfriend and weekly Dino D-Day sessions.
On Sunday I'll either work on a personal project or write that Applejack oneshot I've had in mind so MagnaAnon can update Single Players.
Sounds good. Nice update too. Anons interactions with the mane seven are really fun to read.
Shame about the whole poor thing.
You ready yet, Grey?
You disappoint us.
File: buns.jpg (78 KB, 1541x1000)
78 KB
I want to nom those buns
Yes. One second.
Yes I am. Most recent was also the RD one. Writing and lack of free time kept me from drawing a lot at all, but I'm going to be able to manage.
It’s also funny watching someone imply that poster isn’t spiteful about me clowning on him years ago. Fun fact, I’m not the Derpyposter either but I would gladly join in with him. I’ve done it before.
I missed these posts last time.
What I think is happening is this:
There's already people stockpiling his stuff, and they've been doing so for a loooooong time, except they know shit might hit the fan if they release it all now and then mess up their chances to save future better art of his from being hidden away forever, so they're waiting until he peters out all the way regarding drawing mlp stuff then will leak everything at the end in a massive tidal wave of unnecessarily paywalled fanart.
Though, there's no way to confirm for certain this is the case. But it's what I suspect.
File: 1621066723286.png (561 KB, 1050x768)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
>The silhouettes of the distant roofs against the darkening sky are starting to become impossible to make out.
>Every attempt you make to walk the other way is absorbed by the sight of Candy walking towards you.
>You watch her soft jiggling cleavage beckon you to stay in place as she closes in on you.
>”I’ve been meaning to ask you if you wanted to come back with us really quick?” She asks. “Only for a moment.”
>Make every attempt to look her in the eyes instead of her chest before she catches you leering her.
>Try to tell her that you just got lost on the way back to your place, but remember that you don’t want them thinking you’re trying to get back to where your own bed is, so they don’t figure out how to get to you say, tomorrow or something.
>A little voice in your head sounded the alarm about this.
>You have absolutely NO reason to be following these two back to their hotel room once again, after having successfully declined the first time.
>They had no reason to ask you to follow them back to it again.
>Yet despite the obvious suspiciousness of this, you’re willingly walking between them.
>With a funny tight feeling in the front of your shorts building back up again.
>You don’t even know what they’re saying about why they want to you come back with them “really quickly”.
>You know it’s not true, whatever they’re saying. It’s only a made-up excuse.
>You’re all outside of the building again, and your brain is screaming at you that you’re getting kidnapped but have no control over your body somehow.
>That pink glow in your heart is stronger than ever, and thoughts about holding Candy’s hand flood into your mind and drown out any plans to make up a reason to rush back like you forgot the oven was on or something like that.
>Chryssy seems to have noticed the bulge in your pants by now that refuses to go away.
>”So uh… you’ve been her for a while?” Candy nervously tries to start up a conversation.
>She really does sound like she’s trying to keep this non-sexual, but she sees your increasingly erect bulge too, and caught you looking down at her chest multiple times but didn’t say anything.
>Candy’s probably trying to hold it together just as much as you are, but is also probably failing just as hard as you are to do so.
>Her bikini top may be modest, but it’s still not enough to cover up her entire cleavage, as is the case with most bikini tops designed like this on a woman with breasts her size, C cup or higher.
>Start to subtly squirm around as another person down the hall is seen walking by, just within earshot of your cries for help that are too unavailable for you to belt out.
>Chryssy lightly shoves you into the hotel room from behind, making you accidentally bump into Candy from behind.
File: 1642238540853.png (2.68 MB, 1674x1549)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
>She just plays it off as the two of you being clumsy and playful.
>”Oop, I’m sorry!” She giggles as you apologize as well.
>You begin holding onto her from behind in a hug you didn’t know you were delivering, mind getting dizzy with a very sweet scent emitting from her lustrous locks of hair in front of your face.
>Hear Chrysalis giggle maniacally behind you.
>The door must have been locked five times over by now, rendering escape impossible even without you being paralyzed into this room with these two dangerous women.
>Candy stumbles around with you hugging her from behind.
>Your arms and hands stay crossed over Candy’s bare midriff with the sensation of her smooth skin’s touch saying more to you than her words ever could.
>”I guess we’re both a bit clumsy tonight.” She breathes, trying to continue casual conversation but feeling your erect pecker hotdogging her between her soft buns…
“Y-yeah…” You shiver, trying your best to somehow hope your now full erection subsides despite having stiffly risen up against Candy’s buttcheeks through the clothing.
>Chryssy watches you both struggle to keep this sudden date casual… up against one another.
>Any other situation would have seen the way your hands are caressing Candy’s warm soft flat tummy as “inappropriate”.
>Candy’s bellybutton your fingers feel themselves brushing past is slightly pushing out against them more frequently as her breath quickens.
>”S-so… tell m-me about, ngh, yourself~” Candy feels and watches your crossed forearms push up against the underside of her bikini’s breasts.
>Gently pushing both of them upward.
>Candy lets out a reluctantly aroused sigh when your rogue hands reach and grope her soft boobies through her modest bikini top without you even commanding them to…
>She forgets how to speak coherently and loses the ability to use her silver-tongues words to woo you into a platonic love for her and her empathetic care for you.
>But that’s no longer necessary anyway.
>After spinning around to face her date, Candy can see in your eyes that she has your rapidly beating heart pinned down with the counter far past ten…
>Perhaps made you fall in love with her in record time.
>Unrelenting shocks of some kind of indescribable feeling ravage your body as Candy embraces you back, with the undershooting intention of you two simply holding one another gently for a while and getting lost in eachother’s eyes.
>Feeling Candy’s arms wrap around you makes you shudder like a hopeless idiot for her, your world becoming a cushion-walled prison of mushiness all around you.
>Candy can see the hope of wholesome romantic love glimmer in your eyes as you continuously fall for her, not even sure of what her goal of intentionally sparking this was supposed to be anyway.
File: 1534388602930.png (447 KB, 1024x1548)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
>But the tip of your fully erect cock now pushes its way onto Candy’s soft puffy-vulva crotch with nothing in the way but your pitched tent and Candy’s clingy little bikini bottoms.
>Love is un-ignore-ably on your mind, but wrestling with it is lust… and all your body can think about is SEX~
>As your love struck hands now grope your new crush Candy’s soft, barely dressed busty chest from the front with your erect tent trying to poke its way through to between Candy’s sweet soft vulva lips inside of her clingy bikini bottoms, all your mind can think about is SEX~
>”T-tell… me… ab…out… y-our self~” Reluctantly horny Candy fruitlessly makes a slurring attempt to continue the casual romantic date smalltalk through her skyrocketing arousal.
>As you begin instinctively dry-humping Candy, you realize that your once-planned escape is impossible; it always was.
>Meanwhile, Chryssy is ready to show Candy just how blind and stupid her plans really were, and instead force what she sees as the actual natural conclusion to all this.
>As you now rest your hands upon Candy’s mostly bare wide hips, encouraging her to enticingly swing them side to side in nothing but her sexy bikini, you feel Chryssy’s finger jut onto your lower back then swiftly run up the length of your spine all the way to the back of your neck.
>You wildly shudder in response to this, then feel the back of your shirt fall open with the sides slipping off of your shoulders.
>H-… how did she do that?
>Candy’s reluctantly horny eyes widen and light up in a flare of hungry lust while she watches Chryssy quickly dismantle your shirt and unveil your decently slimfit muscles to her.
>She panics a little in response to her lust for you, making a futile attempt to escape her own flickering arousal for you with uneven stumbles and jolts of her curvy hips trying to break free of your hold she can’t help but welcome.
>Even though Candy’s bikini is reasonably modest in this instant, it can’t stop her big soft boobs from alluringly swaying to her clumsy steps.
>Candy’s modest bikini top is still revealing enough to unavoidably show her yummy cleavage as her busty soft boobies slightly jiggle to her jolting around.
>Candy didn’t even realize her hands were helping Chryssy guide your cut-open shirt down your slightly toned arms.
>Now like you, all she is able think about is SEX~
>Candy’s face deeply blushes a bright red as she gazes at you.
>Really deeply.
>You don’t realize why until you look down and see your throbbing fully erect cock and swinging ballsack all the way out in the open as your dismantled remainder of your clothing weakly gets pulled open by Chryssy’s perverted hands.
File: IMG_0481.png (754 KB, 915x1000)
754 KB
754 KB PNG
>Candy tries to mouth something like trying to warn you of your cock slipping out on your date together, but her quivering lips and tied up tongue only allow horny sighs and groans to gently erupt from her rapidly breathing lungs.
>Candy clumsily stumbles around aimlessly, unintentionally making her busty, soft yummy boobs jiggle and wobble side to side in her modest yet cleavage revealing bikini top~
>Candy shudders uncontrollably…
>Her wide open eyes hungrily stare down at your stiff erect member as she continues to heavily blush and starts to drool a little.
>Chryssy walks around to behind Candy.
>Candy knows it’s her turn to strip now~
>”Tell… me… about yourself…~” Candy groans.
“Take off your bikini top.” You unknowingly begin to stroke your shaft to Candy’s inevitable state of undress…
>Candy bites her lip and shudders some more, feeling Chryssy’s nimble fingers dancing along her smooth bare back underneath her soft lustrous hair.
>Your eyes keep your gaze set on Candy’s sexy jiggling cleavage.
>Candy feels Chryssy’s hands pull the strings of the tied back of her bikini top, pulling the end until the loop is gone, successfully untying the back of Candy’s lewd bikini top before she fully realizes.
>Candy’s bikini top is forced to become less and less modest as it loosens around her sexy body…
>Chryssy pulls the side-tie strings of Candy's clingy bikini bottoms in the same way and forces everything else to loosen and start to fall away~
>Watch Candy nervously cross her arms, mushing her soft yummy boobies together trying to hold her decreasingly modest bikini top together against Chryssy’s will.
>Horny and embarrassed, Candy struggles to keep her undone bikini together in front of you as she stammers trying to revive the date smalltalk but can’t stop staring at your erect cock you're stroking to her…
>Candy shivers and continues to drool a little at it, soon watching a drop of precum form at your tip.
>You watch your sexy crush Candy slowly capitulate and surrender to her overwhelming lust for you and your cock.
>Candy lids her horny eyes and barely even tries anymore to keep her sexy perky nipples from slipping out from her falling bikini top.
>Her loose undone bikini bottoms flip down away from her smooth crotch and expose her softly pinching vulva lips leaking a clear bit of sexual fluids.
>All of Candy’s hope to retain her romantic date as she wanted to prove to Chryssy it could be, is no more… drowned out by her primal lust, her unpreventable beautiful nakedness, and her unstoppable sexual urges that are reciprocated by your own…
File: 1639864367401.jpg (749 KB, 800x1279)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
>Candy hyperventilates in the throes of her overpowering horny arousal…
>”T-t… t-tell m-”
>You cut her off with a deep kiss on the lips, and pull her over to yourself, completely losing control.
>Firmly grab and hold on to Candy’s naked round jiggling buttcheeks as you press the leaking tip of your erect cock up against her bare soft crotch and push your way between Candy’s sweet supple vulva lips…
>She gets a look in her eyes that not only desperately wants your stiff throbbing length to drive deeper and deeper, but also recognizes this feeling from the past as Chryssy giggles while nibbling on her ear and licking the side of her neck.
>”Y-yes…~” Candy unintentionally blurts as she feels your erect cock drive deep into her enveloping pussy.
>You and Chryssy both lift Candy up together between you.
>Thrust your cock in and out of Candy with your hips shifting into persistent humping mode…
>”Yes… yes, yes, YES, YES! YES YES!” Candy curls her toes and throws her head back.
>Candy receives a horny rewarding kiss on the lips from Chryssy while you plow her into leglocking you.
>Candy has surrendered completely to the… unstoppable horny…
>Her love powers rejoice and thoroughly mix with her gushing sexual arousal that only intensifies to each wet plap she receives from you in the lust-driven, horny-powered grip of her horny leglock~
>The open and untied bikini falls to the hotel room floor one piece at a time only a few wet plaps apart…
>You and Chryssy take turns tongue kissing Candy, sharing her tasty and arousing saliva then soon tasting eachother’s saliva in it.
>The potency of Chrysalis’s venom saliva made its way into your mouth through Candy’s saliva, infecting you into plowing Candy’s stuffed nethers harder than you ever knew you could!
>Your thrusts become heavier and at first more spaced out, prompting Candy to tighten her horny lust-powered leglock onto you even harder~!
>Chryssy and Candy share a deep, long tongue kiss with Candy visibly starting to swallow a little bit while you feel your body reach ejaculation and your erect cock and swinging balls start to turbulently nut…
>Deep up inside of Candy~!
>The three of you slept in the following morning.
>And then slept in half of the following afternoon.
>The mental task to go back to your own place and keep certain people from getting in is completely extinct from your mind.
>You lie in bed, staring up at the ceiling wondering where these two have been all your life, listening to cars on the bright searing hot street go by as Chryssy gets up and stares out the window.
>She stitched the back of your shirt back together, but she’s the one wearing it now, having told you its hers now.
>But also stated that she’ll maybe let you have it back if you can earn it, through how well you can “show her a fun night” as soon as it’s evening again and you’re recharged for her turn.
>Chryssy stretches her arms up with a yawn, showing you that your shirt is the ONLY thing she is wearing at all as you let lost in the sight of her soft beautiful naked ass greeting you.
>Candy meanwhile snuggles up to you under the covers, stroking the side of your head and nuzzling her face into your neck.
>”I’m… sorry if that was sudden.” She solemnly apologizes in a soft voice. “There’s a lot of complicated dimensions to love in life.”
>She knew she would have to have this talk in order to justify how and why things went down the way they did.
>A lot of people try to rationalize it any way thy can, finding out how not to conflate love and lust and instead establish how one is simply part of the other sometimes in certain contexts.
>Candy’s pleading eyes look up at you as she tells you that sex is a way people sometimes express true love, and that she’s been familiar with this for a while.
>She doesn’t want you to brush this off as a one night stand just because Chryssy forced it to become one, she wants to believe that there was something meaningful in what you and her talked about before it inevitably happened.
>You’re hesitant to say a lot back, not really knowing how to approach what she’s trying to get across to you, not even sure if she herself knows what to say next.
>It all sounds like she’s trying to justify this as an actual form of true love and empathy by simultaneously conflating love and lust but also differing them when it’s convenient for her point.
>After a while, Candy knows this too, and it shows in the growing sadness in her eyes as she realizes she might have been wrong all along, and that Chryssy’s lust-dominant approach proved to be more effective.
>”We can spend the day together tomorrow.” Candy promises. “All three of us. You said you would love someone to hang out with, we can do that after all of the… this… is out of our systems. Then you’ll see!”
>You smile at her warmly.
“I see already.” You tell her. “I think both of you are right.”
>A flash of hope crosses Candy’s eyes.
>You have no idea what the fuck just actually happened to you in the past 24 hours.
>You thought you were going to suddenly wake up in a bathtub full of ice after they lured you in.
>There’s something else going on that hasn’t reared its head to you yet, there’s no way it was just sex.
>You can sense it.
I’m going to be adding a lot more lore and characters to this universe soon. It may start in the next update, because I want to write a lot more to this than just sex scenes. And I have a lot of ideas in store.
That's coming up too. Gonna try to make it a little bit like that Halloween comic if you know what I mean.
>Chrysalis is next
>inb4 really kinky fetish
File: 2742354.jpg (711 KB, 2894x4093)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
>I’m not the Derpyposter either but I would gladly join in with him. I’ve done it before.
I’ll go and call it now in case he links to his own bait post in another thread with no context to stir shit there
Wouldn’t be the first time someone tried that
Ponk’s outfits really heat those buns up huh
Hey, my girlfriend is where I got a lot of inspiration for how to write Life Flutters By
She's also kinda into pony stuff and considers herself most similar to Twilight
>has a gf
Reading dropped.
She sounds adorable
Is Twilight also her favorite?
duality of man
File: 3333596.png (392 KB, 1950x1660)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
cute tomboyish oc slut ready for a beachside gangbang
me in the middle
ooh what's her name?
I think so! Pony stuff doesn't come up a lot in our convos, but she follows one or two artists in the fandom.
She doesn't know about my power level
Have you considered showing it to her?
That's never happening. She doesn't need to know I'm on /mlp/'s Fingerbang General hall of fame
I did tell her that I was pretty down bad for Principal Celestia
>down bad for principal Celestia
based and same
File: Losing It.png (382 KB, 496x470)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
Wait just a damn minute. You have a gf and you're still consuming porn? What's wrong with you?
Between her dorming in college with a roommate and both of us still living in our parent's places, we don't get a lot of opportunities to be alone and intimate
I plan to move out by the end of the year, and she'll move in with me once she graduates and gets a job, so things'll speed up from there
Principal Breastia
File: fs_sketch.jpg (1.15 MB, 5918x8390)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I'm something of a drawfag these days
More writefagging tomorrow
Better quality: https://files.catbox.moe/741554.png
>chair clattering
That’s the good flutter butter
The ones with visible nipples and vulva, please?
I like Pinkie in this. You're pretty good at writing all the main girls, honestly.
Makes me wonder which one Norman is gonna try to hook up with later, lel.
I love tig ass bitties
i want to dress up like this and get gangbanged raw by fingerbang studs
File: 1698593921073595.png (1.34 MB, 832x1216)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Praise The Moon.
It's okay I praised the sun in our sister thread Canterslut >>40982421
File: 1693857362999794.png (1.38 MB, 5654x9000)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
>Stop right there criminal scum!
>From there, the mood at the table eases up a little.
>Mainly for you.
>As the various sugary drinks are drunk, the eight of you at the table split off into various casual conversations.
>School, part-time work, hobbies, current events, that kind of stuff.
>Really, the only things you have going on in your life outside of school is Fluttershy and 20-year-old video games, so you generally don't have a lot to contribute.
>But you do pipe up when you can.
>It's a slightly painful process, you have to stomach the feeling that you're interrupting or butting in.
>But Fluttershy and her friends have made it very clear that they don't mind you being here, and you have no reason to believe they'd lie to you.
>You're able to fill what would be awkward silences with large sips from your incredibly indulgent milkshake.
>Despite how much you drink from it, it never seems to run any lower on thick, creamy fluids.
>Pinkie must be working some kind of black magic in that kitchen back there.
>Every now and again thoughts of your upcoming dental appointment float to the top of your mind, but you shove them right back down and go back to how good this milkshake is.
>Fluttershy's hand remains fastened to yours, which occasionally makes drinking a little difficult.
>First world problems.
>"So Anon, where'd you cousin go to college, anyway?" Twilight asked you, drawing you from your aimless train of thought
>You swallow the milkshake in your mouth and take a breath before answering.
"Oh, NYU."
>"That sounds exciting, attending college in New York City!" Twilight replied.
"Yeah, it was either that or Miskatonic University up in Arkham. Guess it was the idea of living in the big city that won him over."
>"I don't think I could manage that. Everyone's in such a hurry, I'd probably get trampled on the first day." Fluttershy said.
>You nod in agreement.
>Having to live there sounds like your personal Hell.
>"What about you, Anon? You figure out where you're going to college yet?"
>You freeze up a bit, holding your milkshake glass firm in your hand.
>You honestly don't have a strong answer for that.
>You clear your throat before answering.
"Uh... I kinda figure I'll knock out the required courses for a business degree or something at the local community college before going somewhere."
>Twilight nods understandingly.
>"Well, you don't wanna put off thinking about your future. This kind of stuff can really sneak up on you."
"Yeah, I know..."
>Fluttershy shifts in her chair next to you.
>She's staring down at her smaller glass and idly twirling her spoon in the glass.
>"Everything okay, Flutters?" Rainbow asks her.
>Fluttershy snaps up to face Rainbow, then hastily nods.
>"Oh, yes! Just... thinking about Zephyr. He can be such a headache sometimes..."
>Rainbow, Applejack, and Rarity groan at the mention at the sound of Zephyr's name.
>Whoever he is.
>"Ugh, don't remind me." Rarity muttered, focusing her emotions on her straw.
"Who's Zephyr?" You ask Fluttershy.
>A look of realization crosses her face as she remembers she never introduced you.
>"Oh, Zephyr Wind, he's... my brother." She answers, mumbling at the end.
>Huh, you never knew Fluttershy had any siblings.
>From the reactions of the girls around you, he doesn't sound like any kind of model citizen.
"Ah, I gotcha. You don't have to say anything else about him if you-"
>"He's a lazy slob." Rainbow mutters.
>"He's not that bad! He's just... sluggish." Fluttershy interjects, hesitating to find the least rude way of rephrasing Rainbow's description of him.
>"Come on, you don't have to defend him, all he does is laze around his room and mooch off you and your parents." Applejack reminded her.
>That sounds familiar.
>A quick glance around the table shows that all the girls are annoyed by Zephyr's tendencies.
>Pinkie crossed her arms as her face soured.
>"He even skipped out on his own surprise birthday party! How rude can you be?" She huffed.
>Your gaze falls back down to your glass.
>If your dad didn't give you that talking-to a couple weeks ago, you'd be on the same boat as this Zephyr guy.
>...Even though you were on the same boat as him until just recently.
>You're on a better boat now.
>One with Fluttershy on it.
"...Hey, how can you skip out on a surprise party? Isn't the idea that you don't know about it the whole point?" You realize, asking Pinkie.
>"He showed up, he just ate some snacks and went back into his room." Sunset answered, grumbling.
"Oh, I see..."
>The conversations turn away from Fluttershy's lazy brother and back to more lighthearted topics, your mind lingers on Zephyr and yourself.
>If you only just recently became a more social, outgoing person, you can't really say you came a long way.
>Within the past month, you were the kind of person to stay up until 2 AM playing DOOM WADs.
>It was only occasionally that you'd hang out with Norman or Flash and his band.
>Plus it was too early in the school year to see any meaningful progress from Strength Training.
>You flex your arm under the table to see for sure.
>...Nope, you're still the same Anon you were three weeks ago.
>Hoops and Score's words from yesterday haunt your consciousness for a brief moment.
>You nervously glance around to the girls at the table.
>They're all friendly and welcoming, but you're not sure if they like you for who you are, or who they think you are.
>Fluttershy, especially.
>All this is too good to be true, anyway.
>Spending your Saturday with seven of the most popular girls at school?
>This isn't the life of Anonymous.
>It's gotta come crashing down sooner or later.
>...Unless you get stronger.
>The rest of the hangout goes by without many surprises.
>Pinkie ensures there aren't no surprises.
>You offhandedly mention you used to read Daring Do in Freshman year and accidentally end up trapped in a conversation with an excited Rainbow Dash.
>You're only barely able to keep up with what she's saying and what she's talking about.
>But from what she rambles about, a lot's happened in the books since you stopped reading them.
>Maybe you should get back into Daring Do to have some more common ground with Rainbow.
>She's a real cool friend to have.
>Fluttershy seems happy you two are getting along, when you manage to tear yourself free of Rainbow's verbal assault to steal a glance at your girlfriend.
>You'll leave out the fact that Daring Do was who you busted your first nut to.
>Some things, you'll take to your grave.
>But eventually, you accomplish the impossible and actually finish the milkshake.
>Having done this might cost you the ability to eat food ever again, though.
>You can only slump back in your chair and regret every decision in your life that lead you to thinking this was a good idea.
>"You gonna make it, Anon?" Rainbow snickered.
>You can only manage a groan in response, earning a round of light laughter from the girls at the table.
>"Don't worry, you'll recover from this, I'm sure!" Fluttershy assures you, patting your hand.
>As if you didn't have enough sweeness.
"Pinkie, if this kills me, you stay away from my funeral." You jokingly warn her.
>"Oh, Nonny, of course I won't!" Pinkie replies with a giggle.
>"Sorry to bring down the mood, but I should probably be headin' out soon. Big Mac gets grumpy if I ain't there to help out with the chores." Applejack informs the table.
>"WAIT! Nonny only has Fluttershy's phone number!" Pinkie realized, almost shooting out of her chair.
>You give her an awkward glance.
>"Nonny, gimme your phone! You gotta stay in contact with us!" Pinkie ordered you.
>Oh man, this is more than you signed up for.
>The five other girls at the table look at you expectantly.
>You look to Fluttershy.
>She nods at you with a reassuring smile.
>You shakily exhale, drawing your phone with the same uneasiness you would use to present a bag of weed after being cornered by your parents.
>You're only barely able to open the contacts app before Pinkie snatches your phone out of your hand and fills in a new contact with "pinkie pie!!!!!!!!!" and her phone number.
>You can only watch with a few drops of nervous sweat manifesting on your forehead as your phone is passed from Pinkie to Applejack, then to Sunset, then to Twilight, then to Rainbow, and then finally to Rarity.
>As this slow, orderly game of hot potato plays out, you lean forward in your chair, watching your phone pass hands like a lioness eyeing up a gazelle on the prairie.
>You're just waiting for one of them to make a incisive joke in response to Norman texting you something dumb or your mom texting you something embarrassing.
>Miraculously, you survive the entire ring-around-the-phonesy without disaster striking.
>But just as Rarity finishes entering her phone number, a cheeky grin appears on Rainbow's face.
>Before Rarity could delicately hand your phone back to you, Rainbow swiftly intercepts it.
>"Say, while we're at it, wanna go through Anon's photo album-"
"Okay, that's it, time's up!" You leap in, snatching it out of her hand and securing it back in your pocket.
>Rainbow almost falls back in her chair cackling as you try to recover from that near-death experience.
>"Don't worry, she was just messing with you." Fluttershy reassures you.
>You sigh, relieving yourself of some stress, and smiling along.
"Oh, I know. She knows better than to mess with me." You grin at Rainbow.
>Rainbow raises an eyebrow and leans closer to you.
>"You know, you still owe me an arm-wrestling match, lover-boy." She reminds you.
>Damn you, Rainbow.
>You win this round.
>Clinging onto what's left of your dignity, you sink back into your chair to the soundtrack of Rainbow's smug chuckling.
>"Alright, alright, I really should be goin' now. See y'all on Monday!" Applejack said to the table as she got up from her chair.
>You joined the other six girls in waving goodbye to her.
>Applejack returned the smile and wave to everyone at the table, including you.
>But not in a flirty, into-you way, in a friendly way.
>It was so casual, like you were always in her friend group.
>It's a nice feeling.
>...You just make sure you deserve that feeling.
Applejack's departure lead to everyone else excusing themselves to return to their day.
>Rarity had to get back to a custom dress she was making.
>Twilight's got a ton of studying on her plate, you're pretty sure she's taking nothing but AP courses.
>Rainbow will be going with her, Twilight managed to convince her to study for a test next week.
>Pinkie's still working today, she's gotta get back to serving the other customers at Sugarcube Corner.
>Sunset... doesn't say much.
>Leaving you and Fluttershy with just homework on the agenda.
>But as everyone gets up from their chairs, something occurs to you.
"Wait, don't I have to pay? I had a lot of milkshake..." You ask Pinkie.
>"Of course not, silly! Business is going so well, mom and dad don't mind if my friends have a free drink once a week!" She answers.
>Damn, having friends pays off.
>You should've tried socializing earlier.
"Well, geez, thank you!" You say to her.
>"No problemo, Anonymo! Thanks for stopping by today! You should TOTALLY hang with us more often!"
"Really?" You ask, tossing an unsure glance to her friends.
>"Well, yeah! We gave you our phone numbers, dummy!" Pinkie reminds you.
>"...Why do you keep glancing at me like that?" Rarity asks you, noticing your glancing around.
>You feel a little flustered.
"I dunno, I just wanna make sure I meet your standards!"
>This earns a giggle from Rarity.
>"Oh, darling, you worry too much. You've already proven yourself to be a fine friend."
>Fluttershy, still holding your hand, shoots you the kind of gentle "I told you so" expression only she could be capable of.
>You gently chuckle and relent.
"Good point, I just felt a little weird coming here after Pinkie invited me without asking any of you first."
>The group leers at Pinkie a little bit, who guiltily giggles.
>"What can I say? I know how to pick 'em!" She says.
>"So now, you SURE you got it down that we like having you as a friend?" Sunset jokingly interrogates you.
"Alright, alright, you girls win." You chuckle.
>Fluttershy beams with pride at the progress you've made, gently squeezing your hand.
>"I really must be going now, see you all on Monday!" Rarity bid everyone farewell, heading across the street to her home/boutique.
>"Rainbow and I should really be going. That test isn't gonna study for itself!" Twilight beamed as Rainbow rolled her eyes.
>As Twilight and Rainbow head off, Pinkie heads back into Sugarcube Corner with Sunset after giving you and Fluttershy a great big goodbye hug.
>Wonder what that's about.
>But just before Sunset heads back inside, she turns around and shoots you and Fluttershy a sly wink.
>And then, it was only Fluttershy with you on the sidewalk.
>You two share a moment standing there and holding hands.
>"...I'm really glad you came today." Fluttershy eventually spoke up.
>You turn to her and smile.
"I'm really glad I came, too. Your friends are great!"
>Fluttershy sighs happily, looking up at the sky.
>It's only early afternoon, but the sky still looks incredible.
>It's not as chilly as yesterday, and there are barely any clouds in the sky.
"I wish we could spend the day together, but I really shouldn't keep putting off my homework." You say apologetically to your girlfriend.
>Her expression falls slightly, but she understands.
>"I know, I should do my homework, too..."
>You realize you should get to doing that, but you really don't want to separate from her.
>Judging by the way Fluttershy's holding your hand, she doesn't want to either.
"...Wanna hold hands for the walk home?"
>Her expression lifts and she gives you a soft but loving smile.
>"I would love to."
>You give her a goofy smile in return, and the two of you set off.
>It doesn't take long for the hustle and bustle of downtown Canterlot to disappear behind you two as you return to the suburban part of town.
>Only the birds and squirrels accompany you two as you enjoy each other's company in silence.
>Nothing really needed to be said, your simple display of affection was all that was needed.
>But this nice walk has to come to an end, and that end is at the intersection of Striker and Drake.
>Both of you linger at the road sign, still holding hands.
>The silence lingered, but it was infected by the uncomfortable reality.
>"...I'll text you later, once I'm done with homework!" Fluttershy assures you, trying to hiding the shakiness in her voice.
>You nod, trying to hide your pre-emptive loneliness.
"Okay, I'll text you, too!"
>It's a painful process, but you two separate your hands from each other.
>Your body knows how much you don't want to leave her, your fingers try to cling onto whatever body warmth Fluttershy had in her hand.
>Your hands fall to your side.
>It just got a lot colder all of a sudden.
>Fluttershy's jaw stiffens and her eyes dart around, looking like she's trying to figure out what to say.
>"...Hey, you don't have to sit with us on Monday, but... I would really appreciate it if you did..." She admits.
>"A-And the girls would like it if you sat with us, too!"
>You give her a small smile and nod.
"...I would really like that."
>God, this shouldn't sting so much.
>You'll see her again on Monday, and you'll be able to text her later today and tomorrow.
>But Fluttershy's beautiful face should never be sad.
>You'd walk barefoot through Hell to make sure Fluttershy would never have to be sad again.
>As pathetic as it sounds, Fluttershy made you realize how empty your life is without her.
>Norman has his own life outside of school and doesn't always text back right away, and you really only talk to Flash at lunch, and only sometimes.
>Fluttershy stretches out her arms, beckoning you for a hug.
>And you're not one to let her down.
>You wrap your arms around her, enveloping your girlfriend in the biggest hug you could manage.
>Fluttershy wraps her arms around your shoulders as tight as she can as she buries her face in your chest.
>After the moment passes, your eyes meet hers, freezing the world around you.
>Nothing needed to be said, both of you went in for a brief, but loving kiss.
>The warmth that vanished when your hand left hers returned, but only for a brief moment.
>It wasn't exciting like your earlier kiss, but it was just as meaningful.
>Your hands rest on her elbows, gently holding her close to you.
>But with a content sigh, you eventually separate from Fluttershy.
>You can't delay this anymore.
"...See you on Monday." You bid her farewell.
>Fluttershy gives you a gentle smile.
>"...See you on Monday." She says to you.
>Both of you finally find it within you to turn around and walk home.
Good update
File: 1711220030760365.png (1.34 MB, 832x1216)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
They make the would go round and my dick go up
And I guess they make my hands fuck up when typing too damn.
File: 1701227184694763.png (586 KB, 1024x1024)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
God that artstyle makes everything so hot
File: 1689670972666753.png (683 KB, 1024x1024)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
It kinda does.
I wish I wasnt so attracted to feet. I feel so ashamed walking around with a semi after seeing some crudly drawn toes on an canterslut. Fucking damn it.
Pretty fly for an ai
File: large.jpg (148 KB, 1280x960)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>The next three weeks were really nice.
>During the day you'd have lunch with the girls, and you would spend time after school at Paws 2 Paws with Anon.
>Anon would sit with you and the girls about half the time, the other half he'd have lunch with Norman, Flash, and his bandmates.
>It's only fair, he has his own friends, and you get to have him all to yourself after school.
>Sometimes Flash has lunch at your table to sit with Twilight.
>She would never admit it, but you're pretty sure Rarity prefers spending time with Anon over Flash.
>He'd also come with you to Sugarcube Corner on Saturdays when his dad doesn't make him help with household chores.
>It's really nice to see him get along so well with your friends.
>The way he talks to Rainbow and Pinkie, you'd think he knew them as long as you have.
>It was admittedly a little surprising to see how fast Rarity and Applejack warmed up to him.
>Your friends stopped seeing Anon as just your boyfriend and now see him as their friend.
>It's kind of depressing.
>Anon's so nice and caring and lovely, you wish they could've seen that sooner.
>That you could've seen that sooner.
>And as selfish as it sounds, you'd prefer having Anon all to yourself.
>Seeing the girls get so friendly with him still makes you a little uneasy at times.
>You know why he'd like talking to them at lunch or Sugarcube Corner, he doesn't get to spend as much time with them as he does with you.
>It's just... sometimes it kinda seems like he would get along better with Rainbow.
>They share interests and their personalities mesh really well.
>Not that you don't trust Rainbow to steal him from you or Anon to cheat on you.
>You just sometimes worry that... he could do better than you.
>But those worries don't come up a lot.
>At the animal shelter, you two make the most of your time together.
>Taking care of the animals is so much easier now with him around and fully in the groove.
>The animals have really warmed up to him, too.
>Getting the animal care out of the way quicker leaves more time for... intimate stuff.
>Sometimes you two make out while hidden away from prying eyes, and other times you two just cuddle under the shade of the nearby forest and enjoy how peaceful it is.
>Anon's so affectionate.
>He's like a big teddy bear.
>There's so much love in his cuddles and kisses,
>But sometimes when he meets you by the statue to head to the animal shelter, he's in kind of a grumpy mood.
>You try not to pry, you trust him to tell you if something's bothering him.
>But... sometimes it really does seem like something's on his mind.
>Every time you try to ask him, it kind of vanishes and he assures you everything's alright.
>Hoops and his friends don't bully you anymore, either.
>Rainbow must've given them a piece of her mind.
>You don't want to pry, the less those jerks are in your life, the better.
>It's a little crazy to think that for the first time in your life, you'll have a date for the school dance.
>Anon's off to a bit of a late start this morning, so you're walking to school by yourself.
>He assured you he wouldn't be far behind over text.
>This week's been surprisingly warm, it's supposed to be the last of the summer warmth before autumn really sets in.
>It doesn't take long to reach school, where you spot Pinkie bouncing excitedly as she tells Twilight and Rarity something.
>Before you could even wonder what the topic could be, Pinkie spots you and bounds over to you.
>"Fluttershy! Omigosh omigosh omigosh, your plan worked!" She excitedly informs you.
>Your head spins for a moment as what she said fully processes.
"W-What do you mean, 'my plan'?"
>"Waiting for my Prince Charming to fall into my arms! You know, what happened with you and Nonny!"
"That isn't exactly what happe-"
>You stop yourself as you realize what you're talking about.
"...You have a boyfriend now?"
>Pinkie nods so rapidly you're almost afraid her head will pop right off.
>"Sure do! His name's Cheese Sandwich! We met at Sugarcube Corner right after we got done hanging out on Saturday! He was looking for a part-time job, and it turns out we've got a TON in common!"
>Cheese Sandwich...
>The name is vaguely familiar.
>He must've been in the school's bake-off last year.
"That's great! I'm so happy for you!" You excitedly congratulate Pinkie.
>She squeals in delight and wraps her arms around you.
>"I can't wait for you all to meet him! He's so funny and charming and helpful! He'll get along with Nonny, for sure!"
>Pinkie then steps back and looks around.
>"Say, where is Nonny? Aren't you two supposed to be attached at the hip?"
>You hide your blush by shaking your head.
"H-He's running a little behind today, he'll be here soon though."
>"Oh, goodie!"
"So have you spent time with him since-"
>"Hold that thought, I gotta tell Rainbow and AJ!" Pinkie interrupts you, bounding off towards them.
>Now that you're freed from that conversation, you go to say hi to Twilight and Rarity.
>"Good morning, Fluttershy!" Twilight greets you.
"Good morning, girls!"
>"Looks like you heard the good news." Rarity remarks, nodding towards Pinkie.
>You glance back at Pinkie, who's currently talking the ears off Rainbow and Applejack about her new boyfriend.
"Yeah, he sounds like a great guy."
>"He's gotta be, if he can keep up with Pinkie like that." Twilight giggled.
>"Truthfully, I almost dread meeting him. If he's anything like Pinkie, we could be in real trouble." Rarity joked with her hand covering her mouth.
>"I'm sure he'll be alright! We just gotta get used to him, that's all!" Twilight reassured you two.
>You smile and nod in agreement.
>Rarity composes herself again.
>"If nothing else, it looks like you two are starting to have some serious competition for Canterlot's cutest couple." Rarity giggled.
>Twilight smiles and rolls her eyes.
>"Oh, please, it's not a competition."
>"Good thing, too. If it were, Fluttershy would have a strong lead on you." Rarity slyly remarked.
>Before you could express your embarrassment or Twilight could react with indignation at her joke, the first bell of the day rings.
>"Ugh, well, see you girls at lunch!" Twilight waves goodbye to you two as she makes her way up the stairs and into the building.
>You wave goodbye to her and Rarity as the three of you part ways.
>Pinkie darts inside the school building, more eager to take on the day.
>You didn't think it was possible for her to be more giddy, but this Cheese Sandwich really brought her to a new level.
>Rainbow and Applejack have to take a moment to recover from Pinkie's breaking news, but wave good morning to you as they follow her into school.
>But just before you could head inside, you hear a familiar voice call out to you from behind you.
>"Hey! Hold on a sec!"
>You turn around to see Anon running towards the school with all his might.
>He's no Rainbow Dash, but he has heart.
>Once he reaches the stairway, he stops to hunch over and catch his breath.
>You can't help but giggle at the sight.
"You okay, Anon?"
>He raises his index finger, asking you to wait a second as he pants heavily like one of the bulldogs at the shelter after they've been running around.
>Eventually, he nods and stands up straight.
>"I think so. I haven't had to run like that since the mile in Sophomore year." He chuckles.
"Well, I'd love to stay and chat some more, but I really gotta get to class."
>Anon hastily nods.
>"Yeah, right, just wanted to give you this first."
>Before you could ask what he wanted to give you, he stuck out his index and middle finger, kissed them, and pressed those fingers against your forehead, giving you an indirect kiss.
>You can't help but giggle at how cute the gesture is.
>You wish you could stay and return the favor, but Anon hurries up the stairs.
>"Gotta get going, Ms. Harshwhinny's a real jerk about tardiness. See you at lunch!"
>You're only barely able to wave goodbye to him before he awkwardly spins around to rush inside.
>He accidentally bumps into one of the punk-ish students, who give him an irritated look.
>"Sorry!" Anon hastily apologizes to him before hurrying to class.
>You're glad he didn't see you giggle at his display.
>Anon's a real dork.
>But he's your dork.
>The morning classes go by smoothly.
>Honestly, you can't focus on the teachers or worksheets too much today.
>It's Friday.
>You've got the animal shelter with Anon after school today and Sugarcube Corner tomorrow.
>It's all you can think about.
>It's the best part of your week.
>For those hours, you're far away from school or homework or the mean students.
>Just you and your closest friends.
>Lunch arrives before too long, thank goodness.
>Making your way to the lunch room is always the hardest part.
>The way everyone rushes to the cafeteria, it's like they've been starving for days.
>You just try to keep your head low and avoid bumping into anyone .
>You don't want to draw any unwanted attention to yourself in a time like this.
>But this time, you do.
"Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't-"
>Before you could finish apologizing, you realize who you bumped into.
>You feel your blood run cold and your legs get weaker.
>The way she towers over you and leers at you makes you feel so small and defenseless.
>The last time you ran into her, you weren't wearing anything to cover your panties.
>But standing here in the hallway makes you feel like you're in your underwear again.
>Your eyes dart around, trying to find an escape route.
>But the hallway is too densely packed.
>You're trapped here with Gilda.
>"...Heard you're Anon's girlfriend now." Gilda stated in an unimpressed tone.
>Oh, no.
>You really don't want Anon to have to deal with Gilda.
>You've heard Gilda's way more aggressive with the guys she bullies.
>But she already knows you two are dating, and if you lie about not dating him, it could start a nasty rumor that would really hurt him.
>What would Anon think if he heard you said you weren't dating?
>Your only option is to meekly nod.
"...U-Uh huh..."
>What's Gilda gonna do to you?
>You feel your lip begin to quiver.
>Please don't cry.
>Not here.
>Not now.
>Gilda looks you up and down with squinted eyes.
>"...Hm." She mutters before turning around and walking back into the crowd.
>You're left standing there, your fear replaced with confusion.
>She normally doesn't let you off that easily.
>But you don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth.
>You take a deep breath to recompose yourself and and hurry to the cafeteria.
Where can I find more of your stuff? I know it’s ai but I’m just curious if you’re archiving or putting it somewhere.
>Thankfully, it doesn't take long for you to get your lunch from the lunch line.
>Granny Smith is so nice, Applejack's got a wonderful grandma.
>You make sure to thank her every time she gives you your tray.
>Rainbow spots you and waves you over to your usual spot at your usual lunch table.
>Rainbow saved you a seat next to her, where Twilight, Sunset, Rarity, and Applejack
>Pinkie's standing up at her seat, scanning the cafeteria like a lighthouse.
>"She's just lookin' for Cheese, she'll make sure we know when he gets here." Applejack informs you as you sit down before taking a bite of her mashed potatoes.
"I'd sure like to meet him, Pinkie sure made him sound like a great guy."
>"Yeah, she's been making him sound like that all morning." Rainbow muttered under her breath.
>"Now now, we promised we'd make an effort to give Cheese Sandwich a fair first impression." Rarity reminded her, delicately eating her lunch.
>"I know, I know..." Rainbow replied, returning to her lunch.
>Pinkie doesn't seem to notice or care about Rainbow's words, she's too focused on spotting Cheese Sandwich.
>As Sunset talks to Twilight and Rarity about their day and Rainbow and Applejack air their grievances about their algebra teacher, you glance over your shoulder to see if Anon's here.
>Normally you wouldn't be anxious like this, but after that run-in with Gilda...
>Sure enough, you spot Anon at the other side of the lunch room, talking with Norman about something.
>It doesn't look like Gilda got to him, he looks unharmed from what you could tell.
>You gently sigh in relief and go back to lunch.
>He should be safe from her here, in this public space with lots of witnesses.
>Gilda only attacks when her prey is isolated.
>You turn back to the table to rejoin the conversation, but Pinkie jumps up and points to a corner of the cafeteria.
>"There he is!" She announces, sprinting from her seat.
>The six of you still at the table turn to see Pinkie leap into the arms of a tall, lanky guy with poofy brown hair.
>He catches Pinkie in his arms and spins around as the two giggle and nuzzle each other closely.
>Looks like that's Cheese Sandwich.
>Their not-so little display catches the attention of pretty much everyone in the lunch room, including Discord the janitor.
>He grumbles something to himself before going back to mopping.
>Once Pinkie's back on the ground, she takes her companion by the hand and hastily ushers him over to your table.
>"Girls, this is my boyfriend, Cheese Sandwich!" She proudly introduces him, nuzzling him close.
>Everyone at the table says a polite greeting to him, who smiles and waves back.
>"Well, hello, everyone! It sure is nice to meet you all!" Cheese Sandwich happily replies.
>"So... you really just met Pinkie this past Saturday?" Sunset asked him.
>Both he and Pinkie nod.
>"Sure did! I don't normally believe in love at first sight, but Pinkie here sure made a convincing argument!" Cheese chuckled, earning a round of giggles from Pinkie.
>"Pinkie, remember the rule I put in place for Fluttershy and Anon." Rainbow reminded her.
>"Oh, that reminds me!" Pinkie realized, looking around the cafeteria.
>"Yoo-hoo! Nonny! C'mere, c'mere!" She yelled to him, hastily waving him over.
>Anon's drawn from his conversation with Norman and is drawn to your table by Pinkie's sheer force of will.
>"Uh, what's up, Pinkie?" He asks her.
>"You haven't met Cheese Sandwich, have you?" She asked him.
>"Well, actually-"
>"This is Cheese Sandwich! We're dating now!"
>Anon looks between her and Cheese Sandwich, then turns to face him and awkwardly laughs.
>"...Uh, nice to see you again!" Anon says to him.
>"It sure is! How've you been doing?" Cheese asks him.
>"Wait, you two know each other?" Pinkie asked both of them, her eyes darting between the two.
>"Heck yeah, we do! We were in the same group for our final project in Biology last year!" Cheese answers with pride.
>"Woah, that's super cool!" Pinkie giddily replied.
>Geez, you can barely keep up with the speed of the conversation.
>Anon looks like he's having trouble, and he's IN the conversation.
>"Yep! Anon did most of the writing, he was too squeamish for the dissection." Cheese quickly added.
>"Hey, uh, let's not talk about this during lunch." Anon awkwardly spoke up.
>You could barely hear Rarity mutter "Thank you." under her breath as she poked at her ham.
>"Ooh, good point, I gotta get back to the Home Ec lab!" Cheese realized.
>"I'll walk you there! Don't wanna get lost!" Pinkie quickly offered.
>"We sure don't! I'll be working at Sugarcube Corner tomorrow, so I can to you more then!" Cheese said before he and Pinkie rush back into the hallway.
>There's a bit of an awkward silence left at the table as the two recent lovebirds leave.
>Twilight's the first to speak up.
>"...See? He is nice!"
>"Yep, you could say that again." Applejack agreed.
"It's almost like he and Pinkie were made for each other." You note, taking a small bite from your apple.
>"I would say I'm just glad Pinkie is happy, but she generally is anyway. Now she's more so!" Sunset giggled.
>There's some murmuring of agreement throughout the table.
>Anon's still standing beside your lunch table likehe forgot his cue.
>"Oh, Anon, sit down, sit down!" Rarity ushered him, motioning to a spot next to you and across from her.
>"Oh, right!" He remembers, sitting down next to you.
>"How's it been hanging?" Rainbow asked him, seemingly eager to move on from Pinkie and Cheese's display.
>Anon shrugged as he took a bite from his apple.
>"Eh, same old, same old."
>You gently sigh in relief.
>Gilda hasn't done anything to him yet.
"So... Another exciting weekend ahead of us! Paws 2 Paws tonight and Sugarcube Corner tomorrow!" You speak up, trying to ignore your worries about that bully.
>Anon sucks in air through his teeth and makes an apologetic face.
>"I'm sorry, I'm kinda booked out for tomorrow. Norman and I have been meaning to continue our Venture Bros. marathon."
Cheese Sandwich strikes again.
File: 1683400331508037.png (1.43 MB, 832x1216)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Why, on my patreon, of course!
jk, I don't upload it anywhere else
That’s fair
File: full.png (2.28 MB, 1200x1600)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
Holy shit this brought me back
RIP Princess Molestia
never forget what they took away from you
The fandom sure was great during that era
Princess Molestia was a special gift to the horsefuckers
File: 1571609624998.jpg (35 KB, 516x600)
35 KB
Touched up the line art, I feel it wasn't dark enough before
File: image0-6.jpg (233 KB, 1260x2048)
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233 KB JPG
Unf, nice work.
I like nudist Fluttershy
I’d be fine being in either of their positions
>“Sister, bear witness for I have achieved a date!”
“Oh? and who’s the lucky guy?”
>Celestia and her futa cock proceed to get rode by Luna
Will continue Life Flutters By tomorrow, doing some art stuff at the moment
Damn, having two hobbies sucks
what art stuff?
Drawing an OC of mine for an art trend on twitter
Might share it here when I'm done
I've also been tossing around ideas for a few greens
>One-shot with Applejack
>Super self-indulgent story about Anon being invited to the girls' sleepover
>Wheelchair-bound Anon gets the symbiote
You've brought up the one shot with AJ before. I'm interested now.

>Anon being invited to the girls' sleepover
I feel like these kinds of stories never get finished. I'm convinced they are all cursed.

>Wheelchair-bound Anon gets the symbiote
What, like, Venom? Don't know about that one, lel.
>You've brought up the one shot with AJ before. I'm interested now.
I might write that one when I want to take a break from Life Flutters By. I always underestimate how much I end up writing for this lol

>I feel like these kinds of stories never get finished. I'm convinced they are all cursed.
That's something I think about too. This kind of story could end up growing beyond what I expect it to and I don't want to leave you guys hanging again

>What, like, Venom? Don't know about that one, lel.
Yeah, that one's admittedly unlikely to happen. It's mainly the result of MLP infecting my brain again and thinking "wouldn't it be cool to tear shit up as Venom" lol
Her aquamarine eyeliner sticks out like a sore thumb against the rest of her color palette. Why did they design her like this?!
File: image0-10.jpg (165 KB, 1666x2048)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Nude edit or GTFO!
Good luck
Yeah that’s one thing I wish they didn’t do
That is one hot outfit
can you make some sexy wallflower?
File: 1688441485789347.png (1.15 MB, 832x1216)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
File: seeded.png (1.67 MB, 1356x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
i wanna make her my baby mama so bad.
File: Applebloom.png (773 KB, 684x806)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
This is honestly really amazing.
I can't believe we live in a time where someone can request sexy wallflower and get TWELVE admittedly passable pics less than 2 hours later.
If someone manually drew ONE pic looking like this just less than 2 hours after a request, I'd still have been legitimately impressed at that speed to quality ratio.
I hate to say it but once it becomes absolutely indistinguishable from real art, AI art is gonna be a total game changer.
You can barely trust anything anymore.
>Immediately, a pang of guilt hit you.
>Of course, Anon has friends of his own besides you and the girls.
>He should get to spend time with them.
>It was rude of you to think he'd always be available to hang out.
>Come to think of it, Anon hasn't spent a ton of time with Norman recently.
>That's probably because of you and the others.
>You try to hide your guilt and turn back to your lunch.
"It's alright." You meekly answer.
>Anon gives you a concerned look.
>Oh, no, please don't offer to change your schedule for me, Anon.
>That'll only make you feel worse about this.
>"You sure?" He asks you, his voice softened.
>You quickly nod.
"Y-Yeah, I'm sure."
>That didn't convince him at all.
>"...Well, I've actually got something in mind for Sunday." Anon informs you.
>You turn back to face him.
"...You do?"
>Anon nods with a smile.
>"Sure do! I'll tell you about it at the animal shelter, it's a surprise."
"Okay!" You reply, feeling better.
>You still feel a little guilty, just not as much.
>It's selfish of you to feel like this, anyway.
>Anon's covered for you at the animal shelter a few times now, he had to work there all by himself so you could help your friends.
>He's never asked you to cover for him.
>...You've been kind of selfish lately, haven't you?
>As you nibble at the lunch that Granny Smith graciously prepared for you, you dwell on your realization.
>Anon's been so wonderful to you.
>He spends as much of his free time as possible with you, and you just assumed that would always be the case.
>You think back to how you felt when he go to know Rainbow and Rarity better.
>You were... jealous.
>It's about time you admit it, you were jealous that the girls also liked spending time with him.
>Maybe it was how you only had him at the animal shelter with you.
>You got used to being the only girl he spent time with.
>You glance back over at Anon and see he's having a fun conversation with Rainbow.
>You can't exactly follow what they're talking about, but they're both laughing and making jokes.
>You quietly sigh and turn back to your lunch.
>It's awful to think.
>You would never dare admit it.
>...You wish you could keep Anon all to yourself.
>"Say, Fluttershy, how's Angel been doing lately?" Sunset asks you, drawing you out of your swirl of emotions.
>Your heads snaps up to face her as you try to shove those awful feelings back down inside you.
"Oh, uh, he's doing well! He can be so difficult sometimes, but he's coming around!" You answer.
>"That's great! It'd be great if the school allowed animals here. Sure would make Geometry easier to stomach!" Sunset giggled.
>You smile and giggle.
"I don't think many pets in town are trained well enough to sit still in class." You remind her.
>Sunset shrugs.
>"That sounds like the teacher's problem."
>"I'm afraid I'll have to agree with Fluttershy here. Can't be affordin' to have any distractions from makin' sure my notes are good." Applejack chimed in.
>"As nice as it would be to bring Spike with me to school, it wouldn't be very easy to do well with all those cats and dogs running around." Twilight spoke up.
>"Senioritis can have such a terrible impact on far too many decent students." She added.
>Now we're all talking about graduation again.
>Just as you started feeling better.
>You shrink down a bit, feeling your anxieties weigh down on your shoulders.
>But if you stay quiet for too long, they'll think something is wrong.
>You really don't want to be the center of attention for something like this.
>Especially not here in the cafeteria.
"It is important to pay attention in classes..." You say to Sunset, breaking your silence.
>Sunset shrugs as she takes another drink from her milk.
>"School's not ALL that. Plenty of people have been successful without graduating from high school. As long as you put the work in, it'll all work out in the end." Sunset assures you and Applejack.
>You wish you could be as easygoing about this stuff as her.
>Maybe it's because of all she's done.
>When you've lived her life, graduating from high school must seem like such a non-issue.
>"That doesn't mean you should slack off in class." Applejack gently chides her.
>"I'm not saying I'll completely give up on classes! It's just that if, for whatever reason, classes don't... work out, it's not the end of the world!" Sunset defended herself.
>"Sunset does have a point." Twilight agreed. "Good things come to those who work hard for it!"
>You glance over at Rainbow, remembering her earlier worries she shared with you.
>It doesn't look like she's paying attention, or doesn't care as much anymore.
>Maybe the soccer game gave her the confidence she needed to believe she's good enough for a scholarship.
>"Well, except if you're Pinkie. She stumbled into a relationship with Cheese Sandwich two days ago." Sunset giggled.
>Has it been too long since you said something?
>Rarity hasn't said much, but she's been focused on her lunch.
>She always eats the slowest.
>That's the price to pay for being so lady-like.
>...You should probably say something.
"That's bound to happen if you're as outgoing and friendly as her." You speak up.
>"I dunno, didn't something similar happen between you and Anon?" Sunset objects.
>Anon turns to Sunset upon hearing his name.
"W-Well, not really, we didn't IMMEDIATELY start dating..." You meekly defend yourself.
>"You're right, it only took you two a week and a half." Rainbow remarked.
>"Hey, I can't help the effect I have on people." Anon slung back with a grin.
>"Oh, no? Then how come I'm immune to 'the effect you have on people'?" Rainbow retorted.
>"You just haven't spent enough time with me. If I decided to answer my life calling and be the school waterboy, you'd be head over heels for me." Anon teased Rainbow.
>Rainbow, Applejack, and Sunset burst out laughing at Anon's joke claim.
>"Yeah, sure, whatever you say, lover-boy." Rainbow snickered.
>...But you can't ignore the possibility that he's right.
>The girls pretty much looked past him before he started volunteering with you.
>Not that they looked down on him or anything, they just... didn't notice him.
>...And neither did you.
>You only noticed him because he was the only person who wanted to help out at the animal shelter.
>If he decided to join the chess club or be the Principal's Assistant, you never would have learned how wonderful he could be.
>But if he decided to help out at Sweet Apple Acres or manage the school's sports equipment, Rainbow or Applejack would've gotten to know him like you got to.
>You noticed how he talks to Rainbow.
>They're so lively together.
>Anon got back into reading Daring Do so he could have something to talk about with her.
>...Come to think of it, you don't have a ton in common with Anon.
>You've played some video games, but you're not as into them as he is.
>And he likes more intense games.
>You looked up DOOM since he mentioned he likes those games.
>You don't think you could ever play those games.
>They're so violent and scary.
>He likes horror and action movies, too.
>You can count on one hand the amount of "horror" movies you've seen.
>The conversation around you fades out as you slowly pick at your lunch.
>...Does Anon really like you because of who you are?
>Or does he like you because you're the first girl to show interest in him?
>He has mentioned he's lived a pretty lonely life up until a month ago.
>What if the more time he spends with your friends, the less interested he becomes in you?
>What if Anon realizes he can do better than you?
>Rarity is so pretty, and Rainbow gets along with him really well.
>Applejack is much more confident than you, and Sunset has really come a long way since the Fall Formal last year.
>And none of them would be worrying this much about Anon not staying attracted to them...
>"You okay, Flutters?" You heard Anon ask you.
>"Yeah, you've been really quiet." Twilight noticed.
>Suddenly, all eyes at the table are on you.
>Your feelings are getting harder to ignore.
>You can't say what you're feeling?
>How could you?
>You'd be saying you don't trust Anon or your friends to trust your relationship.
"I-I'm sorry, I've just been thinking about what your surprise could be." You lie to Anon.
>You hate lying.
>Especially to your friends.
>But... now isn't the time for complete honesty.
"You know, since you've never teased me with anything like this before."
>Anon shrugs, trying to hide a grin.
>"Well, you'll know about it later today, so try to not agonize over it too much." He reminded you.
>Everyone at the table seems satisfied with your answer.
>Seems like the lie worked.
>You feel sick.
>You don't ever want to lie to your friends again.
>"I do hope you'll be dressed properly for whatever it is you have in mind, Anon. Fluttershy deserves you at your most presentable." Rarity spoke up.
>"Don't worry, I've got that under control." Anon assured Rarity.
>Judging by her expression, Rarity wasn't assured.
>"Forgive me for my lack of faith, but it seems to me you don't have the most... expansive wardrobe." Rarity noted.
>"I dunno, I've got what I need in my closet." Anon defended himself.
>"You've cycled through the same five shirts every week for the past month."
>"It's called efficiency."
>Rarity groaned, eating some more of her lunch.
>"Besides, I don't want to be wearing my Sunday best when cleaning out the dog kennels." Anon added.
>"One of these days, I'm taking you clothes shopping." Rarity declared.
>Oh, dear.
>You look to Anon, who doesn't seem to understand what that entails.
>Rarity's a great friend, but her shopping trips can end up taking literally all day.
>Just thinking about her last shopping with you makes you exhausted.
>You two met in downtown Canterlot at 9 AM and you didn't get home until 10:30 PM.
>At least she was nice enough to cover lunch and dinner.
>You look to your other side, and Rainbow looks like she just heard Rarity threaten Anon.
>Anon, ignorant of what this entails, takes a moment to study Rarity's expression to see if she was being serious.
>Upon realizing she was, he shrugged and smiled.
>"Well... Sure, that sounds nice!" He replies.
>"It's not. Fake an injury." Rainbow interjects.
>"Rainbow!" Rarity scolds her.
>Anon's looking confused now.
>"One shopping trip with Rarity is gonna take years off your life." Rainbow warned him.
>"I merely want to ensure that Fluttershy's boyfriend is the best young man he can be!" Rarity defended herself.
"Uh... I actually like Anon the way he is..." You softly speak up, trying to wedge your way between their words.
>Anon gives you a grateful smile, deeply flattered by your words.
>"Oh, believe me, I understand, darling. I just think that Anon could stand to take better care of himself." Rarity clarified.
>You frown a bit.
"There's nothing wrong with Anon's appearance."
>Rarity starts to look uncomfortable, turning to Anon.
>"I-I'm sure you understand, a proper skin care, hair care, cologne, and wardrobe can do wonders for a young man's appearance." She tried to persuade him.
>Anon nods, seeing her point.
>You glance down.
>You're holding his hand pretty tight.
>"Yeah, I know, I just... never had a reason to dress up all fancy outside of Church." Anon admitted.
>"You don't need a reason to take care of your appearance! Being your most handsome self is its own reward!" Rarity insisted.
"He's already handsome..." You try to interject.
>Rarity turns back to you, thrown off her groove a bit.
>"Fluttershy, surely-"
"Anon doesn't need to impress me. I trust that whatever he has planned for Sunday, he'll be dressed appropriately." You insist.
>Rarity sputters, trying to figure out how to approach the matter in a tasteful manner.
>You glance up at Anon.
>He's a little uneasy at how tense things have become.
>...You went a little too far.
>Rarity was only trying to be nice to him.
>You sigh.
"...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so confrontational, I just think-"
>"Oh, no, no, no, I completely understand! I would never try to change Anon! I just want Anon to be the best Anon he can be!" Rarity is quick to apologize.
>You're not entirely sure about her bringing her argument back at the end of her apology, but it's not worth making a fuss about.
>"It's okay, I'm flattered, really! I would... love to go on that shopping trip." Anon insisted.
>You could tell he's a little nervous about what that will actually entail, but he wants to be nice.
>Rainbow could tell as well.
>"Besides, I don't feel comfortable lying to you. If I really wanted to get out of it, I'd pick a fight with Big Mac and get a real injury." Anon joked.
>This help lighten some of the lingering tension.
>Applejack, Rainbow, and Rarity shared good-hearted laughter at his joke.
>Twilight and Sunset were wrapped up in their own conversation.
>Pinkie's still gone, she must be helping Cheese Sandwich with whatever's going on in the Home Economics lab.
>"You're welcome to accompany us, Fluttershy. I'm sure a second opinion will prove invaluable." Rarity offered.
>You look between her and Anon.
>Part of you wants to say yes.
>Just so you can be close with Anon.
>A whole day that he spends with just Rarity...
>A shameful part of yourself wants make sure nothing happens between them.
>Even though you wholeheartedly trust Rarity and Anon.
>You have no reason to not trust them.
>They would never do anything... scandalous behind your back.
>You know that.
>There's the possibility Anon realizes Rarity is prettier than you...
>You can't let that possibility infect your mind.
>You shake your head, maybe a little too hard.
"No, that's alright! I trust you...'ll make good choices!" You answer, correcting yourself at the last moment.
>Rarity raises an eyebrow, but Anon seems happy with your answer.
"And... I admit, I would like to see him dressed up all fancy." You giggle.
>"Oh, I already have a few ideas!" Rarity beamed.
>A flash of dread briefly appeared on Anon's face as the two of you giggled.
>...You really overreacted earlier.
>But Rarity was so nice, she forgave you so easily.
>You're lucky to have such great friends.
I want Fluttershy to lie to me and cutely feel bad about it
>The lunch bell rings, informing the student body that it's time to get back to the classrooms.
>You stand up to throw away the remains of your lunch and head to class, but you freeze up.
>What if you run into Gilda again?
>You flash back to when she cornered you in the hall earlier.
>You felt so small.
>So weak.
>Why did she want to know that you're dating Anon?
>What was she planning?
>You take a deep breath and place your tray with the others.
>Whatever happens, you have Rainbow to help you.
>She knows how to deal with Gilda.
>But before you could make your way to class, you're stopped by a tap on your shoulder.
>You turn around and see Twilight, Sunset, and Anon giving you a concerned look.
>"Hey, are you sure you're okay, Fluttershy?" Twilight asked you.
>"Yeah, you seemed really off today." Sunset added.
>Oh, no, not this again.
>You glance around and see the cafeteria is emptying.
>Sunset must've realized she was cornering you, so she took an awkward step back.
>You gulp.
>Anon doesn't look like he knows exactly what to say, he's kind of standing behind Twilight and Sunset.
"...I just... I don't know, it's a little complicated right now. I'd like to... fully work through what I'm feeling before I talk about it... I-If that's okay with you..."
>"Of course it is!" Twilight assured you.
>"We're always here for you if you ever wanna talk about what you're going through." Sunset assured you.
>Anon nods in agreement.
"Th-Thanks, girls..." You say.
>Your eyes widen as you remember Anon's part of the group now.
"Uh, w-what I meant, is, y-you know..." You stammer out, feeling your cheeks flare up to match how flustered you are.
>The three gently giggle.
>"Don't worry, I know what you meant." Anon assured you.
>You exhale the tension that built up in your chest.
>"Well, I better get going! There might not be any dogs in my next class, but the work's gotta get done!" Sunset spoke up.
>You gently giggle at her joke.
"I should get to class, too. See you all later!" You head over to the hall, waving goodbye to the three.
>The sound of the three saying goodbye to you makes for a nice chorus as you depart the cafeteria.
>But out of the corner of your eye, you see Flash Sentry duck into the cafeteria to give Twilight a quick hug before they leave for class.
>Sunset isn't around to see Flash spin her around in their hug as Twilight giggled in delight, thank goodness.
>That was one ugly breakup.
>Anon isn't there either.
>It usually isn't like Twilight to risk being late for class, but Flash makes her really happy.
>Love makes people do crazy things.
>...You should know.
I don’t think ai art is gonna do much on a societal scale
ai videos on the other hand…
>That bikini
Never been a fan of mlp stuff showing up in eqg. Implies that there's an in universe show that has characters with the same names and color schemes as in universe characters. Wouldn't at least one of them take notice of this show that seems to take the likeness of various people in their presumably unremarkable city?
This is humanized FiM Celestia.
File: cheer.jpg (96 KB, 1080x1527)
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It isn't a proper green until Rarity offers to make one of the characters an outfit.
Kidding. A shopping trip actually sounds like a more refreshing idea, honestly. I can't think of a lot of greens where it happens. Kinda hoping Rainbow gets roped into it somehow, just so she can provide color commentary the whole time, lel
>It isn't a proper green until Rarity offers to make one of the characters an outfit.
Rarity dragging Rainbow along for the shopping trip actually helps me set up something I have in mind for those two later
need her
I remembered a brief time when this thread went crazy over Pinkie riding a pogo stick. What happened?
Two greens were written about two years ago and that kind of satisfied everyone's fill.
There haven't been any animations made yet so there could still be that.
File: 3341342.jpg (193 KB, 1080x1344)
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193 KB JPG
a shortstack Hootershy is fine too.
I want to see Hootershy give a pogo stick a go
Will she wear a bouncy skirt as well?
Only if Anon asks nicely
>E-Excuse me sir!
>Could I interest y-you in uhm, a s-standing...blowjob?
File: 1658197839912660.png (991 KB, 750x1160)
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991 KB PNG
I really can't believe there isn't more humanized or b&nthro shortstack art of ponies. People go crazy for their Midna and their goblins; I always thought ponies could fit a similar niche quite easily as a fantasy species that boasts "Little" in their name. Alas.
File: 3314825.jpg (253 KB, 1500x1942)
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253 KB JPG
Wat do?
I help collect all her fliers without molesting her
collect the nude version
>Flash forward to the end of the day.
>The final bell rings, marking the end of the school week and the beginning of the weekend.
>As you stand by the horse statue at the front of the school, your mind lingers back to what you were feeling at lunch.
>You get Anon all to yourself for at least three hours after school four days a week, that should be plenty.
>If you don't get these feelings under control, it could cause some real trouble with Anon or the girls.
>You trust Anon to not cheat on you, and you trust the girls to not sabotage your relationship.
>Besides, Anon has something in mind for Sunday.
>...He's taking a little longer today.
>...Oh, no.
>Did Gilda get to him?
>You step away from the statue and try to peer past the front doors of the school, trying to find him.
>With each second that passes, you get more worried.
>What was Gilda going to do?
>Why did she want to know about you and Anon?
>You really hope she doesn't bully him.
>Or worse...
>But before your mind could wander to worse places, you manage to glimpse Anon in between the remaining students.
>Your worries wash away in an instant when you see he's unharmed.
"Anon! Over here!" You try to call out to him.
>But you're not very good at making your voice heard in crowds.
>It's only after he emerges from the crowd that he sees you.
>...There's that sadness in his eyes again.
>His head is hanging low like he's trying to make his way through the crowd without being seen.
>Seeing him like that makes your heart sink.
>DID Gilda get to him?
>You feel more hesitant to greet him so cheerfully after seeing him like this.
>How do you handle this?
>You've never had to help Anon like this before.
>But when he sees you, his expression lifts a little.
>He's trying to hide it.
"...Hi, Anon." You softly greet him.
>He manages to make a smile appear on his face when you greet him.
>"...Hey, Flutters." He softly says to you.
>But it's not the caring kind of softness.
>It's the kind of softness that comes from someone who's been beaten down.
>You hate seeing him like this, you have to say something.
"...Did you see Gilda today?"
>Anon looks a little confused by your question.
>"What? No, I haven't seen her all day."
>You gently sigh in relief.
>Thank goodness.
>"Why do you ask?"
"Uh... I just heard she was getting into trouble with some other people today. I wanted to make sure you were alright."
>You lied to Anon again.
>But it's for a good cause.
>You don't want him to worry about Gilda.
>But he believes your lie.
>Which makes you feel worse.
>"Well, I'm alright, don't worry. I'm just... feeling a little sore after Strength Training today." Anon answered.
>You're not sure if Anon is telling the truth.
>But getting upset about that or prodding further would make you a hypocrite, so you leave it at that.
"...Ready to get going?" You ask him.
>Anon smiles at you.
>"I'm always ready for the animal shelter."
>The walk to Paws 2 Paws always makes for a nice antidote to the day's troubles.
>Gilda and Hoops and all the other bullies seem so far away out here.
>Especially with Anon here with you.
>By now, holding hands is instinct for you two.
>Your hand fits so perfectly in his.
>Your fingers feel so snug when intertwined with his.
>Anon's hand feels representative of him as a whole.
>Firm, yet soft.
>Strong, yet gentle.
>And so warm...
>You wonder what it would feel like to have his body pressed against yours...
>"What about you? You have an alright day?" Anon asked you, snapping you out of your increasingly dirty thoughts.
"Huh? Oh, um, y-yes. Pretty uneventful day, really..."
>"Well, that's good!"
>You can't keep doing this.
>You have to tell Anon what's on your mind.
>Anon turns to you, looking concerned.
>You sigh and stop walking.
"...I ran into Gilda today..."
>Anon looks more worried, like you were afraid he would.
"B-But she didn't do anything! She just kinda... asked if we were dating, is all." You hastily assure him.
>"...Is that really all that happened?" Anon asks you.
>You sigh, nodding.
"Y-Yes, she kind of... cornered me and asked if we were dating. I said yes, and then she left..."
>You feel Anon grip your hand a little tighter.
>"Well... I'm really glad she wasn't mean to you." Anon finally answers.
>His glum expression from before returned.
>This was a mistake.
>Now Anon's worried about you.
>A powerful wave of shame washes over you.
>Your lips start to tremble.
>"...Are you okay, Flutters?" Anon gently asked you.
>You could only bury your face in his chest just before your tears could trail down your cheeks.
>Anon freezes up for a moment as you gently sob into his shirt.
>You try to vocalize apologies, but your blubbering turns your words into mush.
>Anon gently hugs you to help, slowly rubbing your back as you quietly weep.
>Today is going horribly.
>It isn't fair to dump all your emotions on him like this.
>And you're staining his shirt with your tears.
>Anon wouldn't want to be seen with Fluttercry.
>After a few moments of silence filled only by your soft crying, you pull away from him and wipe the tears from your cheeks.
"I-I'm s-s-sorry..." You manage to blubber out.
>"What do you mean? Sorry for what?" Anon asks you.
>You sniff before answering.
"I'm s-sorry for... l-lying to you about today."
>Saying that out loud really hits you with how awful you've been.
>Anon should be able to trust you to tell him the truth.
>You can feel another wave of tears coming as you shakily inhale.
>"Hey, come on, it's not a big deal..." Anon tries to assure you.
"N-No, it's not! I should never have lied to you! A good girlfriend shouldn't lie to her boyfriend!" You insist.
>Your eyes have to be all puffy right now.
>You must look so pathetic.
>"...Was this what was bothering you at lunch today?"
>You gently nod.
>"Flutters, it's really not a big deal. I get that you just didn't want me to worry." Anon reminds you.
>Before you could respond, Anon continues.
>"But the thing is... I'm always gonna worry about you. Because I care about you, and you mean a lot to me."
>"You can always tell me when something's bothering you. I'll always be here to catch you when you fall."
>You've calmed down a little bit, wiping the last of the remaining tears from your eyes.
>You look up at him, you lip still gently trembling.
>Anon sticks out his pinkie finger.
>"Pinkie promise."
>This makes a goofy smile appear on your face.
>You stick out your pinkie finger and intertwine it with his.
>"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."
>You two gently giggle as you release your pinkie finger from his.
>"Feeling better?" Anon asks you.
>You smile and nod more eagerly.
"Sure am! I don't have to worry about Gilda or Hoops with you around." You giggle.
>For the briefest moment, Anon looks worried about something.
>But this moment passes as soon as it appeared, his expression goes back to the kind, supportive look you love so much.
"Thank you, Anon." You sigh dreamily.
>"Oh, Flutters, you don't have to thank me for being supportive." He assures you.
>But then he gives you a cheeky look.
>"Buuuuuut, there is a way you could REALLY show your gratitude~" Anon teases you.
>You get an idea of your own.
"Okay~" You play along, leaning close to him.
>But as Anon's eyes slide shut and he purses his lips, you give him a joking pat on the shoulder.
"Thanks for being such a great friend!" You cheekily say to him.
>Anon's eyes open and he gives you a very unimpressed look.
>You can't help but giggle at how he looks.
>"Okay, just for that, I'm waiting until the end of the day to tell you what I've got in mind for Sunday." Anon said.
>You giggle at his joke threat.
"Aw, no! I'm sorry! Is there any way I could make it better?" You ask him in a faux-begging tone.
>Anon puts a finger to his chin as he pretends to think deeply.
>"Hmm, I'm not sure, I'll have to think about it..."
>You quickly lean forward and plant a kiss on his lips.
>This catches Anon off guard, drawing him out of his fake pondering.
>"I've thought it about it." He states.
>You lean forward with joke anticipation.
>You throw your head back and over-exaggeratedly sigh.
"I said I was sorry!"
>"Sorry, some things can't be forgiven. You'll have to survive the next few hours to hear what I've got planned, but I have faith in you!"
>You look up at him, barely hiding your grin.
"...You really mean it?"
>Anon takes both your hands and intertwines your fingers with his.
>"...No, not really. I wrote a will in your name yesterday."
>You burst out laughing.
>Anon's so great at making you feel better.
>Gilda seems so far away now.
"Really, it's you who might not survive today. Do you remember what today is?" You ask him.
>"...Oh, we're washing the dogs today!" Anon answers.
"That's right! Hope you're ready to get wet and smelly!"
>"I've been ready all day!" Anon assured you.
"Well, we'll see about that." You giggle.
>As you lead Anon back to the animal shelter, you sigh happily.
>You're really lucky to have him.
>Stories and jokes are exchanged between you two as the sounds of Canterlot fade behind you.
>Your fingers stay firmly locked with his the whole time.
>To think, you met him only just last month, and you feel like you've known him all your life.
>Now that you've been volunteering with Anon, you're not sure how you could've gone this far walking alone.
>But better late than never.
>When you two arrive at the shelter, Grace looks up and greets you with a smile.
>"Good afternoon, Fluttershy, Anon!" She says to you two.
"Good afternoon!" You cheerfully say to her.
>"How've things been here?" Anon asks her.
>"Oh, same old, same old. A few people came in here today and adopted Dexter and Harold!"
"Oh, that's wonderful!" You cheered.
>"Yeah! It's great that they finally have homes of their own!" Anon agreed.
>"Well, I won't hold you two up, have fun back there!" Grace wished the two of you before returning to her work.
>Without any further delay, the two of you head into the back to get to work.
>Today's gonna be messy.
Oh jeez I gotta get caught up on this green, been away too long.
>When the two of you get to the back room where the dog kennels are, you feel a little saddened by how many dogs are still here.
>A handful of animals were adopted since Anon started volunteering with you, but there's still far too many animals here without a home.
>At least they have you and Anon to care for them and make them feel loved.
>That's exactly what you're gonna do.
>The first thing you and Anon do is let the dogs out of their kennels so they can get their exercise,
>Not only is it good for their health, it tires them out so they aren't all over the place while you're trying to get them cleaned up.
>While they're enjoying the cool autumn weather, Anon gets to work cleaning out the kennels while you prepare the soaps and tub to wash the dogs in.
>When that's all done, you marvel at how soon all that came together.
>It normally would've taken you over an hour to clean out the kennels and get the wash tub ready.
>But with Anon's pair of helping hands, you two got done in a little over half an hour.
>Especially since his taller body makes it easier for him to clean the hard to reach areas in the upper kennels.
>You two have enough time afterwards to sit outside together and watch the dogs run and play.
>As silly as it sounds, the two of you sitting on the back porch watching the dogs enjoy the outdoors makes you feel like an old married couple.
>It's so peaceful, the way you're gently holding hands and simply enjoying being with each other.
>As fun as it is to feel Anon's hands explore your body as you passionately kiss, sometimes you like to just stop and smell the roses.
>Nothing is said between you two, but nothing really needs to be said.
>Rarity would probably tease you for thinking about marriage so soon with a relationship, but you have a truly deep, meaningful bond with Anon.
>You don't need to spend years with him to know he's special.
>Anon's holding your hand a little delicately.
>He did say he was feeling sore after his Strength Training class today, you want to be mindful of that.
>You really hope that's all that's troubling him.
>"Well, it's about that time." Anon declared after glancing at the time.
"Yep, we better get started." You say, standing up along with him.
>With a call to the dogs, the whole pack makes their way back inside, clearly having exhausted most of their energy.
"Last chance to back out." You teasingly remind Anon.
>Anon waves off your faux-concern.
>"I never surrender." He assures you.
"Well, we'll see about that. They would never admit it, but Rainbow and Applejack both try to avoid having to clean the dogs when they can help." You inform Anon.
>As you allow the door to shut behind you and hide a mischievous grin on your face, you were just able to make out some of Anon's confidence falter.
>"Wait, really?"
>By the time you two have washed half the dogs, Anon looks like he might not make it to Sunday.
>Some of the dogs had some real fight left in them.
>They got him entirely soaked in soap water mixed with dog slobber and strands of dog hair, despite wearing an apron to keep him clean.
>His hair's a mess.
>You gave him the nicer gloves since it was his first time washing the dogs, but it doesn't seem to help much.
>And some of the dogs get so slippery when they're soaked.
>At least the story of chasing a German Shepherd around the room would make for a funny story later down the line.
>It's not like the dogs don't trust him, he's come a long way with them.
>You imagine it's something like they're giving him a rough time because they know he's new to this.
>Thank goodness you're here to help him.
>You dread to imagine what Anon would have to deal with if you were out supporting Rainbow at one of her soccer games.
>Right now, Anon's finishing up scrubbing one of the Yorkshire Terriers.
>No matter how much she tries to wiggle out of his grasp, Anon remains determined.
>"Okay, just one last rinse..." Anon mutters to the troublesome dog before washing the bath water over it one last time.
>"Alright, now you're good to get dried up!" Anon excitedly told the small dog, carefully handing her off to you.
"Okay, careful, now..." You say to her, wrapping her tightly in one of the unused towels.
>As soon as the Yorkshire Terrier is passed to you from Anon, she calms down and lets herself gets dried off.
>You hear Anon mutter something about favoritism under his breath before wrangling Dixie for her bath time.
>You grin to yourself as you gently rub the dog dry.
"You can let me know if you want to switch places, I don't mind." You offer Anon as you finish drying off your little friend.
>"I know what this looks like, but I'm built to last. This is nothing I can't handle." He tries to persuade you.
>You glance at his shirt and pants.
>They're clinging to his body now they're soaked in soapy water.
>Showing off his physique rather nicely.
>...Anon has a nice body.
>He's not built like the football players at school, but there's a good balance of firmness and softness to his body.
>Just the way you like it.
>...But wearing wet clothes is gonna make his walk home colder.
"I know, it's just that I don't want you to get too wet. It's gonna be awfully cold when the sun goes down...
>Anon glances down at himself, a look of realization coming over him.
>"...Yeah, good point." He agrees, standing up and wringing out his gloves.
>He carefully sets Dixie back down on the counter by the sink and removes his apron.
>"You won't be so lucky next time." He jokingly warns Dixie.
>Drying off the animals turns out to much easier for him.
>The dogs get the last of the fight out of their system after you wash them, and they like being all nice and warm and dry .
>Plus, the dogs don't put up as much of a fight when you clean them.
>You and Anon make one heck of a team.
>Thankfully, the rest of the day isn't so difficult.
>The kitties, mice, and rabbits don't need to be bathed, so you and Anon give them the usual cleaning and food/water refilling.
>This leaves you two with a bit of time to sit together on the front steps of the animal shelter before it's time to head home.
>The crickets in Canterlot have gotten quieter as the weather gets colder.
>It's been getting dark sooner lately.
"Hey, Anon..."
>He turns to face you.
>"Yeah, Flutters?"
"...What do you have planned for Sunday?"
>A smile crosses his face.
>"Well... I've been thinking lately... we've never been on a real date, have we?"
"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. I've always enjoyed our time together here." You assure him.
>"Yeah, I know, but..."
>Anon chuckles to himself.
>"I'm sorry, I just... When I spent all my Fall Formal and Prom nights at home by myself, I'd get... real lonely..."
>He takes a moment to collect himself.
>"Last year, especially, I spent Prom night staring up at the ceiling in my bedroom, thinking 'If I had a girlfriend, I'd make her feel so loved. I'd take her out on all sorts of cutesy, romantic dates, I'd hold her and kiss her and do everything I can to make her feel like the luckiest girl in the world'..."
>Anon's getting a little emotional.
>He turns away and wipes away a few tears that were accumulating under his eyes and took a deep breath.
>The moment's getting to you as well.
>You rub his shoulder comfortingly, which he appreciates.
>"So... That's what I want to do for you." He says, turning back to you with a renewed smile.
>"This Sunday, I want to take you out on a really nice date. I found this great picnic spot in the woods outside town, I found all sorts of ideas for food online, I've been checking the weather every day praying Sunday won't get rained out..."
>You know where this is going, but a few tears of happiness still manage to escape your tear ducts.
>"So... Sunday, I want to take you out on a picnic. Just the two of us. I'll get everything, you just gotta bring your cute self." Anon finally reveals.
"Oh, Anon..." You say in a dreamy tone, wrapping your arms around him.
"That sounds so lovely~"
>A joyful smile spreads across Anon's face as he eagerly returns your hug.
>From the way he holds you, you can tell he's been waiting for a moment like this for years.
>He's hugging you like he's afraid you'll disappear into thin air.
>...You realize you're holding him in the same way.
>You feel your heart swelling within you, it's only now that you realized how much you've wanted this.
>You share this moment with Anon for a few moments, but it's still far too short.
>"Oh, and you can bring Angel if you want! That's the only plus-one I'll allow." Anon was quick to remind you.
>You giggle and nod.
"Thank you, I'm sure he'll appreciate coming along."
>Unfortunately, both of you have to go home soon.
>But after you say goodbye, you skip home with a new pep in your step.
>You can't wait for Sunday.
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Love me flutters
Simple as
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can we get some pregnant wallflower?
Jesus christ Ai has gotten 2gud4me what a perfect Flutters
got a new eqg thread for trash.

>Flutters runs off crying
>You get in trouble with principal Celestia for making Fluttershy feel ugly and unsexable
Flutters is such a sweetheart. I hope her date goes well.
But I have a feeling something is gonna go wrong, lel...
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About time there was another
It’s been a minute
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What's a good abrev for humanized? Next time, please add a rule against zoophilia.
>Saturday went by pretty much as usual.
>You really did worry too much about Anon being able to make it to Sugarcube Corner.
>You had a great time with the girls.
>You just wish Anon could've seen how Rarity swooned when you told her about his plans for Sunday.
>It's very reassuring that Rarity likes Anon, she's a very good judge of character.
>Anon really didn't need to be intimidated by her at first.
>Flash stopped by to say hi to Twilight, but he didn't stay long.
>That band of his sure practices a lot.
>Cheese Sandwich couldn't stay with the table long, he was on the job.
>But Pinkie made sure to savor every moment the two could share.
>If Rainbow thought you and Anon were a bit much with the PDA, she discovered Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich were way worse about it.
>They were kissing and being all cutesy whenever they could spare a moment to be close to each other.
>It did you make you feel kind of bad about the relationship stuff you did with Anon when he's sitting with you and the girls.
>You two don't do much, really all you two do is hold hands beneath the table, but it's not fair to bring your relationship into a space that's meant for friends.
>If you ended up creating a rift between you and any of your friends because of your relationship with Anon, you'd never forgive yourself.
>You're really glad Rainbow gets along with Anon so well, but you're not sure how she'd get along with Cheese Sandwich.
>You really hope he doesn't annoy her.
>But that didn't happen yesterday.
>You talked about all sorts of things: school, hobbies, the upcoming dance, the weather, and so on.
>Applejack's been busy with a surprisingly big harvest this year.
>You really admire her strength, it can't be easy working on the farm as much
>You also brought Angel with you, who thankfully behaved himself while in your bag.
>Pinkie lets you bring him in, but she hasn't really told her parents that she lets you do that, so you have to be sneaky about giving treats to Angel.
>After the girls parted ways from Sugarcube Corner, you texted Anon a bit to see how he's enjoying his day with Norman.
>He had a great time watching that Venture Brothers show with his friend.
>Out of curiosity, you looked up a trailer for the show online to see what it's like.
>...It doesn't seem like something you'd enjoy.
>Anon sure does like shows and games that are really intense...
>The humor is pretty crass, too...
>You never would have thought Anon would like this kind of stuff, he's always so nice with you and the girls.
>But you shouldn't judge, you have your secret interests, too.
>It's not like he's making you watch it.
>You're not worried about that, though.
>After an agonizingly long wait for Zephyr to be done using the shower the following morning, you're ready for your date with Anon.
>You had an incredibly long video call with Rarity last night to decide what you should wear today.
>She made you go through your entire closet and every drawer in your dresser to help make the decision.
>Rarity even insisted on helping you decide which bra and panties to wear, despite your reluctance.
>"You never know, darling~" Were her exact words.
>But at the end of it all, you're really happy with the outfit she picked out for you.
>A light fleece jacket to go with a nice button down shirt and a skirt that went down past your knees.
>...And a light pink bra with matching panties...
>But just before you head out, you look back at Angel's little cage in the corner of your room.
>He'd be stuck in here all day, and Anon did say you could bring him...
>You walk away from your bedroom door and kneel down beside Angel, who had just woken up.
"Hey there, do you wanna come with me on my date with Anon today?"
>Angel leered at you a bit.
>He must not like how "date" sounds.
"Oh, come on, you know Anon! He's nice!" You try to persuade him.
>Angel relents a little bit, hopping closer to you.
"He told me you could come if you wanted to, I bet he brought some really tasty treats for you!"
>This gets his attention.
>Angel's ears perk up at the prospect of getting treats.
"Plus we're going on a picnic! You'll be able to run around and enjoy the last of the nice weather before it gets cold!"
>You open the door to his cage and present your backpack to him, beckoning him to hop in and come with you.
>After a brief moment considering your offer, Angel eagerly hops out of his cage and nestles himself in your backpack.
"Yay! We're gonna have a great time today, just you wait and see!" You quietly promise him.
>After ensuring he's comfortable in your backpack, you carefully zip it up and head out of your bedroom.
>When you make your way downstairs, your parents are enjoying last night's Jeopardy recording while Zephyr is still eating breakfast or lunch in the dining room.
"I'm heading out to spend time with some friends for a while, I'll be back later!" You inform your family.
>Rarity also helped you come up with how to describe your date with Anon to your parents without saying it's a date.
>"Have fun, dear!" Your mom wished you from the couch.
"Thank you!" You say to her in return before heading to the door.
>Just before you leave your house, you spot Zephyr peering at you from the dining room table with a knowing look on his face.
>He remembers you talking about having a boyfriend.
>He likely won't tell mom and dad, but he could still be a pain about it in some way.
>You can already him saying something like "I won't tell mom and dad about your boyfriend if you do the dishes tonight."
>You shouldn't worry about that now.
>You've got a date to get to.
>You shut the door behind you and get to walking to the forest clearing Anon told you about.
My Little Human - /mlh/
>It's such a nice day out.
>The weather's not super cold, only slightly chilly.
>But you're dressed for the weather, so the crisp air is nice and refreshing.
>It's also nice how the forest path isn't far from your home.
>It is a little farther for Anon, though.
>Just then, your phone buzzes with a new text message from him.
>[Gonna be a little late!]
>You gently smile, appreciating his heads-up.
[No worries! Take ur time! :)] You text him back.
>As you keep walking, you think back to how Anon was when he first told you about his date plans.
>Today means a lot to him.
>He went through all the trouble of picking out food to make, getting all the groceries he needed, and getting everything ready for the picnic in between homework and hanging out with Norman.
>You really hope he doesn't overwork himself.
>Or stress himself out trying to make sure everything's perfect.
>You would hate to see him crushed by something out of his control ruining the picnic today after all the work he put in.
>...Now you're worrying about that, too.
>You've never been out on a date before.
>You don't know how to act on a date.
>Rarity gave you some tips last night, but that can only take you so far.
>A million "what ifs" fill your mind.
>What if one of the bullies from school see you two together?
>What if you do something to make him feel uncomfortable?
>What if you accidentally ruin your first date?
>...Oh, dear.
>You keep walking towards the forest path through a cloud of dread.
>You almost wish you had Rarity or Rainbow here with you to help guide you through your first date.
>Rainbow wouldn't know as much about dating as Rarity, but she always knows how to help you out.
>...That's a ridiculous idea.
>Bringing one of your friends to third-wheel with you?
>You can't help but giggle at the idea.
>You're making a way bigger deal out of this than you need to.
>It's just a nice picnic with Anon, it's nothing that warrants this much stress.
>Everything will be fine, you're sure of it.
>...You just hope Anon is sure of it, too.
You still there, Grey? We're ready for more!
>It doesn't take you much longer to reach the forest path on the outskirts of town.
>You glance around, trying to find Anon.
>He isn't here, but he did say he was gonna be late.
>You lean on the wooden fence nearby and text Rarity again.
[Anon should be here soon, he said he'd be running a little late.] You inform her.
>It doesn't take Rarity long to respond.
>[I know what you're thinking, but trust me, it's more than likely no big deal.]
>You gently chuckle.
[Ik, ik]
>[It's normal to be nervous on a first date!]
>[Remember what Twilight once said: "The simplest explanation is often the best explanation"]
>You remember when she said that to you.
>You were worried about why you haven't gotten your report card for the fall semester back in Freshman year.
>Turns out it was because there was too much snow on the road, and they had to delay mail delivery for a day.
>You felt really silly for thinking your parents got to it first and were preparing to punish you for having gotten a bad grade on your finals.
>[At least Anon told you he would be late]
>[Far too many guys at school lack the decency to do even that]
>You could sense the bitterness in her texts.
>Poor Rarity's dealt with so many bad dates.
>It's not fair that she's got a bit of a reputation as having high standards, some guys can be real jerks.
>[I apologize, I shouldn't dwell on my own past]
>[You're gonna have a wonderful date, I just know it!]
>You smile gratefully at her text.
[Thank you <3] You text back.
>Just then, you spot Anon running down the road towards you with a cooler and blanket in tow.
[Gotta go now, ttyl!] You quickly text Rarity before putting your phone away.
>Once Anon gets to you, he takes a moment to catch his breath.
>He must've been running a lot to get here.
>You take this time to get a look at what Anon chose to wear for today.
>He's wearing jeans, but they look nicer than what he usually wears.
>Anon's also wearing a light jacket, but it looks pretty new.
>You suspect he went clothes shopping recently.
>"Phew... I'm really sorry, Flutters. Getting all the food stuff together took a little longer than I thought it would." Anon said with an awkward chuckle.
>You smile and wave off his concerns.
"It's no problem, Anon. I really appreciate all the effort you went through for today."
>"Of course, it's what you deserve! Plus, now I know how to better budget for my time for our future dates!" Anon assured you.
>You gently giggle, but you detect a hint of worry in his voice.
>"...You look lovely, Flutters." He said to you in a softer tone.
"Aw, thank you, Nonny! You look rather handsome today, yourself." You giggle, using the nickname Pinkie gave him.
>His cheeks flush a little, helped by the cool air.
>"Well, ready to get going?" Anon asks you.
>You gently intertwine your fingers with the fingers on Anon's hand that aren't holding the cooler and blanet.
"I sure am!"
>The walk through the forest is lovely.
>The trees help break up the breeze, meaning it doesn't feel as cold anymore.
>There's still some small critters out and about, probably foraging the nuts and berries they could find before they have to go into hibernation.
>Leaves have been falling from the trees, painting the ground around the trail a beautiful array of autumnal hues.
>And Anon's hand is so warm, you don't mind the chilly weather so much.
>But this scenery ends soon as Anon guides you to the clearing he had in mind for the picnic, and it's beautiful,
>A small patch of green grass sits free and clear in the center of a ring of trees, allowing the sun's rays to beam down and bathe those in the clearing in its warmth.
>There's a small family of blue jays nested on one of the nearby trees, and a chipmunk scurries away from the clearing with acorns in tow.
>It's so picturesque.
>"Thank goodness nobody beat us here." Anon remarked with a smile.
"It's wonderful, Anon." You sigh happily.
>Anon turns to you with pride in his eyes, clearly relieved that it's all going well so far.
>"I'll get us set up here..." He says to you, hurrying forward and carefully setting the blanket down on the grass.
>He has a little trouble getting it to stay nice and flat with the gentle breeze blowing at the edges.
>You kneel down on the opposite end of the blanket and help him get it nice and stretched out.
>"Thanks, Flutters." Anon says to you with a sheepish chuckle.
>Once you two get settled on the blanket, Anon sets the cooler in between you two and opens it up.
>"Okay, I've made BLT sandwiches on croissant bread, sliced apples, oranges, and pears, I've got some tomato soup in a couple thermoses, vitamin water, and a big bag of chips to share." Anon proudly informed you, presenting each food item before you as he said each one.
>You're very impressed by all the food he brought, he made some great choices.
"Oh, wow, Anon, this is wonderful! This must have been a lot of work!" You congratulate him, making him beam with pride.
>"It was nothing, really. I had all the time I needed because most of this stuff was already in our fridge or pantry." He tried to humbly downplay your praise.
"Don't undersell yourself, you put a lot of effort into making all of this, you should be proud!"
>"Yeah, well, you're worth going the extra mile for." Anon smiles at you.
>You feel your cheeks warm up at his cheesy compliment.
>"Oh, by the way, you can feel free to skip the chips or BLT if you're vegetarian or vegan or whatever else, I'm sorry I didn't ask about your dietary preferences earlier!" Anon hastily clarified, looking a little worried again.
"Oh, no, it's alright! I don't have any kind of special diet like that!" You assure him.
>His slight worry turns to surprise.
>"I-I mean, no offense, I just kinda thought that since, you know, since you care for animals so much..."
"Don't worry, I understand! You're actually not the first person to think that." You gently remark.
>Rainbow, Applejack, and Pinkie thought you were vegetarian when you first met them in Freshman year.
"The thing is, there's all sorts of different proteins and nutrients you need from different food sources, including meat and dairy. Plus it's important for the animal food chain to ensure that there's a proper balance of predators and prey in the wild." You clarify.
"But when I help with grocery shopping, I always make sure to get animal products from cruelty-free sources. It's important to make sure that the sources of our food lived the best life they could live. To think of all those cages and factory farms..."
>You try to not think about the horrible conditions those chickens and cows have to live in.
>It's so heartbreaking.
>Anon nods in understanding.
>"Yeah, that makes sense. Well, I'm sure these sandwiches were made with the best food sources possible!"
"That's a relief." You giggle.
"Oh, but have you heard they're making plant-based meats? I'm really excited to see what that's like! If we could get our essential nutrients without any animal suffering at all, that would be great!" You gush.
>You can't exactly describe the look that appears on Anon's face, but it quickly vanishes as he gives you an enthusiastic smile.
>"Well, I'm gonna be honest, I've never really thought about trying that stuff for myself... But I'd be willing to try it with you!"
>You smile at him in return.
>Applejack's not so sure about plant-based meats, but you're sure she'll come around.
>Then you remember your plus-one.
"I also brought Angel with me!" You inform Anon, presenting your backpack and unzipping the main pouch to allow Angel to enjoy the fresh air.
>"Oh, nice!" Anon softly cheered before digging back through the cooler.
>"I ran out to the pet shop last night to get some rabbit treats for him, I hope he likes these ones!"
>When Anon shows you the box of rabbit treats he brought, you know which one it is.
>It's one of the more expensive brands they have at the pet shop.
>You usually don't get these for Angel unless you get some extra money for your birthday or Christmas.
>It makes you feel a little guilty, seeing Anon spend more than he needed to for your sake.
>But you don't want to make him feel bad about that, so you give him a grateful smile.
"These are Angel's favorites! How'd you know?" You teasingly interrogate him.
>"A voice in my sink told me which kind of treats to get. Norman thinks it's weird, but it's been a great help in the past." Anon jokingly answers.
>As you two share some light laughter, Angel pops out of your backpack and sniffs at the box of rabbit treats.
>He knows it's the fancy kind, so he starts gnawing at the cardboard box.
"Angel, no! That's very unhealthy!" You lightly scold Angel, gently pulling him away.
>Angel shoots you a dirty look as Anon opens the box up and presents one of the treats.
>"Don't worry, here you go, big guy!" Anon gently says to Angel as he shows him the treat.
>Angel leaps up into the air and snatches the treat right out of his hand.
>You were hoping Angel would be a little more polite, but he curls up in the corner of the blanket and gnaws on his treat.
>"You know, you take the box of treats home with you after the picnic." Anon let you know.
"Oh, I couldn't ask that of you!" You insist.
>"Why not? It's not like I've got rabbits of my own. Outside the animal shelter, at least."
>You remember you shouldn't make a big deal out of this, so you gently nod and accept his kindness.
"...Thank you, Anon."
>"It's no big deal, really." He assures you.
>From there, the picnic is lovely.
>Anon did a great job preparing all the food for you.
>The tomato soup was especially delicious, he said his mom advised him on what seasonings to add to the soup.
>"If it was up to me, I probably would've just microwaved it straight out of the can." Anon joked in a self-deprecating manner.
>He's so proud of the fruits of his labor.
>There's a light in his eyes when he talks about the process he went through preparing each food item he prepared.
>Granted, the story of how he got the chips wasn't very exciting, but Anon told the story with passion.
>Angel would come pester Anon for more treats as soon as he was done with the treat he was already given.
>Anon would always look to you before giving anything to Angel, deferring to your expertise.
>You don't want to spoil Angel, but today is a special day, so you let Angel have more treats.
>He'll have to exercise more to ensure he stays healthy, though.
>Anon even told you about why he likes that Venture Brothers show.
>His cousin introduced it to him when they hid in a spare bedroom at a family reunion in seventh grade.
>He also really appreciated how much heart the show could have, behind the crude humor.
>Anon speaks with such enthusiasm and passion, if he keeps it up, he could sell you on watching it at some point in the future.
>...Even though he admitted it probably isn't your speed.
>Feeling more comfortable in this peaceful environment with him, you talk more about why you love Sailor Moon.
"It may be cheesy, but I've always liked the positivity and friendship between the main characters in the show. They're so fun and really helped me open up to making friends as a Freshman."
"I've always had a weakness for stories about love and positivity triumphing over evil."
"And the outfits, they're so cute and they look fun to wear!"
"...I'd never be seen wearing it, though. I don't have that kind of confidence." You sheepishly giggle.
>Anon pouts over-exaggeratedly at that, making you laugh.
>"Well, that sounds like a great time! I'd love to watch it with you in the future, if you'd like!"
>A goofy smile spreads across your face as you eagerly nod.
"I'd really like that~"
>"Well, I'm gonna take the trash out to the trash can at the trail entrance. Figure I should get that out of the way so we can enjoy sitting here together." Anon stated, standing up with the gathered trash.
"Okay! Don't take too long, I might get lonely." You jokingly remind him.
>"Oh, you won't be too lonely. Angel, keep an eye on her while I'm gone, but no funny stuff, got it?" Anon turned to Angel with a grin.
>Angel was focused on finishing his treat and didn't pay Anon any mind.
>Anon, undeterred, gave you a small wave goodbye as he headed back down the trail towards the entrance.
>This leaves you time to really appreciate the scenery.
>In the distance could be heard some other people enjoying picnics or camping trips of their own.
>As much as you'd prefer to be completely alone with Anon, it warms your heart to know there are other people appreciating the nature in their backyard.
>But as you kneel by the edge of the blanket and enjoy the silence, Angel sneaks up behind you with schemes of his own.
>Without you even knowing, he nibbles on the hem of your skirt.
>You only realize he's doing this when you stand up to stretch.
>Angel's grip on your skirt ends up dragging your skirt down to your ankles.
>Leaving you standing in the middle of the clearing with nothing to cover your specially-chosen panties.
>You freeze for a moment as you feel your cheeks flush a deep red, in shock of what happened.
>When you can finally bring yourself to move, you stumble backwards out of your skirt and land on your rear.
>Angel still has your skirt.
"A-Angel, would you mind? I r-really need that." You shakily try to convince him.
>As you reach for your skirt, Angel hops backward with your skirt.
"Angel, please, now isn't the time to be naughty." You say in a more stern tone.
>Angel retorts by scurrying down the forest path with your skirt.
>Leaving you on the blanket in your panties.
"Angel!" You call out to him before clamping your hands over your mouth.
>The last thing you need is to draw attention to yourself.
>This can't be happening.
>How could Angel do this to you?
>You gave him all those treats and he steals your skirt?
>Your eyes dart around, paranoid that someone could see you like this.
>What if one of the neighborhood families see you like this?
>What if one of the bullies from school see you like this?
>What if Anon sees you like this?
>This is the second time you've lost your skirt around him.
>He wouldn't want to be seen dating someone so prone to making a fool of themselves.
>With your legs shaking, you stand up and tug your shirt down to hide your panties.
>What do you do?
>If you just wait here, you risk losing track of where Angel took your skirt.
>Not to mention you'd be a sitting duck for anyone who sees you in this wide-open clearing.
>The sounds of some of the other picnickers seem to be getting closer.
>You have no choice.
>As painful and embarrassing as it could be...
>...You have to go find Angel and get your skirt back.
I've been writing a lot more Bros With Benefits https://www.fimfiction.net/story/554727/bros-with-benefits , outside of pulling lots of stunts with tax chaos and other irl things lately. I will be able to get a lot out in the next few days. If Cosmic is updating when I come back, I'll wait until he's done. Here's a quick informal thing I made for the Celestia I'll put out there. Keep an eye out for it.
Speaking of, based Angel.
This is getting spicy
Sounds great!
File: 1692945393926302.png (1.13 MB, 1024x1024)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
>a skirt chase to briefly interrupt the comfy EqG romance
Ooo, nice
She has such bad luck sometimes
I recommend asking on >>>/trash/64905552 for that kind of fetish. That board seems more accepting of it, unsurprisingly.
what if i said "pretty please"?

already browsing that one.
File: lestia.png (685 KB, 784x951)
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685 KB PNG
I like you.
File: uqe9ew.png (184 KB, 524x276)
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184 KB PNG
maybe this two can kiss then?
I'm gonna be honest, I'm not gonna be done updating this for a while. There's still a bunch of stuff I have planned for this green and I always end up writing more than I think I will.
You just let me know when your schedule clears up and I'll take a break from uploading for a week or so to let you have the floor.
>Man, today's been going great.
>The first date of your life is going real smoothly.
>The food you prepared turned out great, Fluttershy loved all of it.
>Maybe you should get into cooking more often.
>It's a good skill to have, and a surefire way to get a girl to like you.
>Or ensure a girl continues liking you.
>Maybe some of the guys at Canterlot would have better luck with girls if they tried cooking.
>Seems to have worked for Cheese Sandwich.
>But your date today wasn't completely smooth sailing.
>You risked blowing the first impression by being late, but she understood your reasoning.
>When Fluttershy brought up how she looked up the Venture Bros., you were deathly scared that it would've been a dealbreaker.
>You shouldn't have carelessly brought it up with Fluttershy and her- your friends.
>But with some crafty wordsmithing, you managed to assure Fluttershy that you didn't like the show because you're some kind of asshole who's into gore and sex jokes.
>You didn't even have to lie to do that!
>And truthfully you don't have a ton of interest in Sailor Moon, but you're sure watching it with her will enhance the whole experience.
>You even impressed Fluttershy with your choice in rabbit treats for little Angel.
>The cashier at the pet shop was right, the higher the price, the higher the quality.
>Somehow, against all odds, you planned a date that's going really well.
>You finally managed to fulfill that promise you made to yourself.
>You're really gonna be the best boyfriend Fluttershy could ask for.
>Which you'll get right back to once you've thrown away the trash.
>It doesn't take long for you to get back to the entrance, easily locating the trash can.
>One swift, environmentally-friendly motion later, you've parted ways with the sandwich bags and plastic spoons you've known so briefly.
>Better get going, every second spent here is a second not spent showing Fluttershy with compliments or kisses or other forms of affection.
>But as you turn around to head back up the trail, Angel emerges from the forest, carrying some kind of green fabric with him.
"Oh, hey there, big guy. Does Fluttershy know you're here? What's that you've got there?" You ask the small rabbit, as if he could understand you.
>Instead of answering your question, Angel drops the large piece of green fabric at your feet and scurried back down the trail.
>Angel sure is independent.
>Curious, you pick up the green fabric to inspect it closer.
>Why would Angel bring this to you?
>As you hold it in your hand, it looks a lot like...
>Is it really...?
>...It's Fluttershy's skirt.
>Whatever this means, it means you should get back to Fluttershy fast.
>Holding her skirt securely in your hands, you hurry down the forest path back to the picnic spot to make sure she's okay.
>You trample over leaves and branches as you race down the forest path.
>Your mind fills with countless terrible possibilities on what could have happened.
>But you're running so fast that you barely have time to dwell on these thoughts before arriving at the clearing.
>The blanket's empty, save for Angel curled up by the box of rabbit treats you brought.
>She left her phone on the blanket, too.
>You start to get really worried.
>Where is Fluttershy?
>What happened to her?
>You eyes dart around in all directions, trying to find some kind of indicator of what happened to her.
>But then, on the other side of the clearing, you spot something.
>It only appeared very briefly, but you knew what it was.
>It was Fluttershy darting behind the trees.
>Without any pants.
>You sigh in relief.
>Fluttershy's okay.
>...Relatively speaking.
>But how did she lose her sk-
>You turn to Angel, who helped himself to another treat.
"Angel." You say to him, getting his attention.
"Did you steal Fluttershy's skirt?"
>Angel didn't give you a verbal answer.
>Instead, he gave you an expression you'd dare to describe as smug before returning to his treat.
>You groan at him.
>How could he do this to her?
>Fluttershy never did anything to deserve this kind of embarrassment.
>You'll figure out how to punish the little demon later.
>Right now, you've gotta help your girlfriend get her skirt back.
>...But how?
>If you just stand here in the middle of the clearing and call out for her, it'll just draw more attention to her from the other people out here.
>Since she's running around in her panties, you can't imagine she'd appreciate that.
>The best course of action is to try to find Fluttershy and letting her know you're there once you're close to her.
>But not SO close that you scare her.
>Enough planning, time's a-wasting.
>You take Fluttershy's phone and store it safely in your pocket before turning to Angel with a sour look.
"I'll deal with you later." You growl at Angel before heading off to the section of forest where Fluttershy hid.
>You fold her skirt nice and neat and keep it held under your arm to protect it from any branches or dirt or anything else that could damage it.
>As you cross the tree line past the clearing, you take a deep breath.
>This date's on hold.
>It's hero time.
>That was really close.
>Someone almost saw you without your skirt.
>At least, you think they almost saw you.
>You didn't stay to see how much of you they saw.
>You stop running once you're sure you're hidden from anyone who could've spotted you.
>Leaning against a large tree, you take a moment to catch your breath and get your heart under control.
>Only to leap away from the tree when you realize that isn't a good idea.
>You run your hand across the rear of your panties, checking every inch of cotton.
>...No rips.
>Thank goodness, that's the last thing you need right now.
>You crouch down, covering your face in shame.
>Your cheeks are so warm.
>Why did this have to happen to you?
>Was Angel trying to humiliate you in front of Anon?
>Why would he do that?
>You only barely escaped being seen without your skirt by the entire school just last month, and now this...
>You don't even know if you want Anon to find you.
>He'd leap to help you out of this embarrassing situation, you're sure of that.
>But... You can't bear for him to see you like this.
>...Rainbow's never been put in this kind of embarrassing situation.
>She split her shorts during the long jump last year, but only a couple people noticed that.
>...She wouldn't cry when admitting her worries to her boyfriend, either...
>Rainbow would probably be less exhausting as a girlfriend than you...
>You're snapped out of your depressive spiral when you hear some branches rustling behind you.
>You spin around like a startled deer with your eyes wide open.
>It sounds like it's getting closer.
>It could be a deer or some other forest critter, but you don't want to risk staying here being wrong.
>You clumsily start running deeper into the woods, away from whatever's making that noise.
>It's lucky that you're not missing your shoes, otherwise navigating through the dense forestry would be far more difficult.
>Your shoes aren't really made for hiking, though.
>Your feet would slip on puddles and smooth rocks because of how hastily you're running to a more secluded space.
>Once you're far enough away, you hide behind a large tree and peer out from behind it to try to see if anything, or anyone, followed you.
>You carefully search the space in between the trees, looking for anything that could look like anyone.
>But... there wasn't anything.
>You shakily exhale.
>Nobody's around.
>You need to find Angel and your skirt.
>Angel can't have gone far.
>He probably went back to the picnic blanket, that's where all his treats are.
>...But it'll have to be a careful route back to the picnic blanket.
>You can't go straight back the route you came from, it's too likely that you'll get spotted in your panties.
>You'll have to take the long way back.
>...Which also makes it more likely you'll get spotted...
>There's rustling in the trees again.
>You hide behind the tree, peering out just enough to see what's causing the noise.
>It's a person.
>That's all you see before ducking behind cover again.
>You seal your mouth tight and try to hide your panties with your shirt, praying they didn't see you.
>It seems like they're out on a hike, but this is pretty far out from any hiking trail in this forest.
>Could they be... looking for you?
>Did they see you?
>Your cheeks flush even deeper red at the possibility of having been caught.
>Whoever it is, you can't let them see you.
>You listen carefully to their walking.
>It's so tense.
>You feel so exposed.
>Your heart is racing.
>They're walking past the tree you're hiding behind.
>It's a very delicate process, but you carefully step around the opposite side of the tree at the same speed they're walking.
>You really wish you could focus more on making sure each step is silent, but you can't afford to waste any time.
>But what little noise you make doesn't seem to alert whoever it is, they keep walking down the direction they were heading.
>You heave a heavy sigh, relieving yourself of some of the tension.
>That was far too close for comfort.
>But they're gone now.
>The coast is clear.
>You march back on up the small hill back in the direction of the picnic blanket.
>...That is, if your panties didn't get caught on the tree.
>A small hitch in the bark stretches out your underwear as you try to walk away.
>Your underwear snaps back into place, but you stand frozen.
>An even deeper blush covers your cheeks.
>You stand there, holding your breath, dreading that the mystery person heard that.
>...But they just keep walking.
>You don't want to check the backside of your underwear.
>You don't want to have your worst fear confirmed.
>...But you have to.
>Your hand slowly drifts to your backside, checking your panties for any rips.
>...Your shaking fingers sense the cotton fraying into a small hole on your backside.
>Oh, no.
>Man, Fluttershy's surprisingly difficult to find.
>Granted, there's a lot of woods for her to possibly be in.
>But she never seemed athletic enough to move through these woods so quickly, or hide so well amid the deep greens and browns of the trees and leaves.
>It must be the fear of getting caught giving her the Adrenalin.
>You can't say you blame her.
>It was strange, you felt like you were getting so close to her when you walked by that large tree.
>But when you turned around, nothing.
>There was some rustling in the branches in the direction you came from, but it couldn't have been caused by anything larger than a squirrel.
>You grip Fluttershy's skirt even tighter.
>You really hope wherever she is, nothing else happens to her.
>...But you really have no idea on how to find her.
>All these trees look the same.
>But getting lost in the woods wouldn't help anyone.
>You have to keep moving.
>...You pick a direction and head that way.
>You're no master tracker, that's the best you'll have to do.
>After a few minutes of light trailblazing, you come across a small campsite.
>It looks like a Cub Scout troop wrapping up their camping trip for the weekend.
>Some of the little kids aren't pulling their weight packing up the tents, but overall it seems like a nice outing for everyone involved.
>"Excuse me, are you looking for something?" A male voice says to you from behind.
>You jump a bit, even more startled by the pre-existing tension of trying to find your girlfriend.
>You turn around and see a friendly looking park ranger looking at you.
>Think of something!
"Uh, no, just, uh... t-taking a hike. Enjoying the weather, appreciating nature, that kinda stuff." You awkwardly answer.
>This seems to convince the park ranger, who smiles at your answer.
>"Well, I'm glad to hear it! More kids your age should spend their free time appreciating the great outdoors."
>You can't stay to talk, you have to find Fluttershy.
"Yeah, I wish so, too. Hey, I should be going-"
>"What's that you've got there, under your arm?" The park ranger asks you.
>A chill runs down your spine as you realize they noticed Fluttershy's skirt.
>You can't let him know that's what this is.
"Oh, this? J-Just... Uh... A bit of tent tarp that someone left lying around. It's a shame how people can disrespect nature like this..."
>The park ranger sighs, nodding.
>"If only that was the worst thing people left lying around..."
>You try to step away from the park ranger and return to your search.
>"I could take that off your hands for you." The park ranger offered.
"No! That-That's fine, you don't need to worry about it, I'll handle it!" You're quick to answer.
>The park ranger raises an eyebrow at you.
>"You sure?"
"I sure am! Figured you've got enough going on as is, I'll get rid of this for you!"
>"It's really no trouble, there's a dumpster right over here-"
"I insist, really!"
>The more you protest, the more suspicious the park ranger becomes.
>"...What's your name, young man?" The park ranger leered at you.
>You gulp.
>This is getting bad.
"...Black Dynamite, sir." You lie.
>"What's in the cloth, Black Dynamite?" He asks you with a suspicious tone.
"Nothing, honest!" You insist.
>He isn't very convinced.
>"Show me, then."
>You can't.
>If he sees it's a skirt, he'll have even more questions for you.
>Questions you really don't want to answer.
"...It's personal." You try to cover up.
>"How's some litter tarp personal?"
>That failed.
>"Son, if you're hiding anything illegal in there, you need to let me know now before you get into bigger trouble later." The park ranger warned you.
>This is getting worse by the second, you need to do something.
"Alright, alright, it's really just some blunts my friends- Oh, shit! Fire!" You cry out, pointing to the campsite behind the park ranger.
>The moment he buys your lie and spins around to see for himself, you bolt for the woods.
>"Hey, get back here!" He yelled to you, running after you.
>You're firing on all cylinders as you desperately sprint for cover in the woods.
>That was a terrible idea.
>It bought you a three-second head start on the park ranger, and you don't know how far that'll carry you.
>You clutch Fluttershy's skirt tightly in your hands, serving as a reminder for why you can't slow down.
>You can hear the park ranger yelling at you as he chases you.
>He's gaining ground.
>You can't panic.
>You're on a mission.
>You dive down a hill leading to a creek and duck behind a large boulder just before ducking behind a boulder.
>The park ranger stops running to survey the area, trying to find you.
>Your mind races with possibilities on how to escape this situation.
>Should you try to dodge around him, or wait him out?
>Your hand is forced you hear the park ranger make his way towards your boulder.
>Oh, God, what do you do?
>You messed up, big time.
>If you're caught, you'll get in a ton of trouble with the park authorities.
>Leaving Fluttershy in an even worse position.
>The steps get closer.
>You silently pray for mercy to any deity willing to listen.
>But then, the steps stop.
>As your heart runs a mile a minute, you hear the park ranger sigh.
>"Kids these days..." He groans before he marches back up the hill towards the campsite.
>You sit there in shock for a few moments, taking in what just happened.
>That was close.
>Way too close.
>You're never doing something as stupid as that ever again.
>You gently rub your thumbs on Fluttershy's skirt, which you're gripping like a security blanket.
>That park ranger's surely radioed to the other rangers on duty about you, if you run into any park rangers, you'll be in a world of trouble.
>You need to find Fluttershy.
File: 1713257263582227.png (485 KB, 1100x618)
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485 KB PNG
Forgot to do this slight adjustment to the teaser edit for the Celestia sex zombie story I'm going to post soon.
I see. Well I'm too caught up typing more prose right now, so I won't be able to have the green out until Thursday morning/afternoon. It just crossed over midnight into Wednesday for me.
Also, I feel so bad for poor Flutters here. I hope she's close by.
That skirt is a devil. It's time to buy Flutters some pants, or something that's more dependable.
Maybe she can try on some of Rainbow's gyms shorts sometime. unf
I think Celestia should be showing a LOT more cleavage.
File: 1699861850359014.png (1.14 MB, 1024x1024)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Y-you too...

Well, I guess they could... but I don't want to bother with regional prompter
File: 1711220030760365.png (1.29 MB, 832x1216)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
she wouldn't mind!

kiss her! kiss her! kiss her!
File: 1701026166610714.png (1.07 MB, 1024x1024)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
O-okay... h-here goes...
This is how Her and Sunset should've made up and become friends
and then much tribing happened.
File: image0-1.png (338 KB, 706x1000)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
She'd look cute with big ol titties under her sweater that she can't hide.
>You're stuck in a really big problem.
>You're standing behind a medium size boulder with your hands covering your slightly exposed rear end.
>You need to get back to the picnic blanket, you're sure Angel is back there by now.
>If you move too slowly, you're at a higher risk of seeing you run through the woods in your panties.
>...Which are now slightly ripped in the seat.
>But if you move too quickly, you'll end up making the rip bigger.
>Your cheeks have to be scarlet right right now.
>Your face is warmer than it's ever been before.
>If Rarity could see you now, she would be horrified.
>You feel a pang of guilt when you remember she helped you pick this outfit.
>There's no way you're letting her know about this.
>She'd feel horrible about unknowingly setting you up for disaster.
>You wish you could just curl up on the ground and wake up in your nice, warm, safe bed.
>But you already checked.
>This isn't any kind of dream.
>You're really here.
>In your underwear.
>In the middle of the forest.
>Far from any kind of help.
>You don't dare sink to the ground, you're far too paranoid about your panties getting caught on something again.
>So you just awkwardly kneel close to the ground to try to remain hidden.
>And to think, this date was going so well.
>You loved getting to know Anon better, and he put a ton of work into getting all the food ready.
>You were really opening up to him about your interests.
>And you went and lost your skirt.
>Angel is gonna be in really big trouble when you get back.
>There's no way you're gonna let him steal your skirt like this.
>The sound of yelling not too far from you draws you back to reality.
>You can't be sure but it sounds like...
>Oh, dear, he's looking for you.
>You can't be too sure, but you think he yelled something about a fire.
>There's another man yelling in same direction you heard Anon.
>Fear seizes your heart.
>As if today couldn't get worse, now there's a fire spreading somewhere.
>Guess that settles it.
>You need to hurry back.
>You scramble back to your feet and clumsily run through the woods, back to the picnic site.
>You barely care about being seen right now.
>Anon's nearby and he said something about a fire.
>You're wheezing as you sprint through the trees and shrubbery of the forest.
>Your jacket keeps getting lightly caught on branches and bushes.
>...So do your panties.
>With each tree you sprint past, another needle of anxiety is jammed through your mind at the thought of damaging your underwear even more.
>But if you're fast enough, you won't have to worry about that.
>You'll have your skirt back in no time.
>Your shame will be covered soon.
>You have to believe that.
>But running like this makes you feel even more exposed.
>The brisk autumn breeze grazing past your exposed thighs constantly remind you that you're missing your skirt.
>Plus the gentle breeze passing through the small rip on your backside.
>At least, you really hope it's still a small rip.
>This all feels so perverted, running around in public like this.
>You feel so... sensitive.
>Like the air nibbling at your skin has a bit more bite to it.
>The brief rays of sunlight that break through the treeline bathe your exposed legs in even more warmth.
>Sometimes, when you brush against a softer surface like moss, the sensation spreads goosebumps across your body.
>All this embarrasses you even more.
>It feels like the trees themselves are watching you from above.
>Looking down on you running in shame.
>Judging you.
>You feel so small.
>But you don't have time for this.
>You stumble over a small tree root sticking out of the ground and end up tumbling down a small hill.
>Rolling down this decline gets you covered in dirt as you try to steady yourself.
>...And tugs down your panties halfway past your rear end...
>As if your cheeks could get any more red.
>You hastily tug your underwear back up, but you accidentally use too much force on the failing fabric.
>A small ripping sound comes from your failing panties. making your heart freeze in terror.
>Please, no.
>You brush your shaking hand across your panties to assess the damage.
>The rip is even bigger now.
>The waistband is ripped a little, too.
>If that rips any more, it won't be able to stay on your waist.
>You'd be naked from the waist down.
>Anon, wherever he is...
>...You pray he doesn't find you.
>You try adjusting your damaged panties, but upon hearing the barely audible sound of them ripping slightly more, your hands fly away from your waist.
>They sag on your hips a little, revealing more of your backside.
>Your hands are shaking.
>You're almost hyperventilating.
>Your heart's running at a mile a minute.
>You're close to panicking.
>At this rate, you'll have to make your way home naked.
>Like that awful, awful nightmare you had a month ago.
>You can't let that become a reality.
>If anyone sees you like this, you'll die of embarrassment.
>You clench your fists and take a deep breath.
>No, you're not going to let that happen.
>You're going to find Angel, get your skirt back, and have a wonderful date with your lovely, caring, never-saw-you-humiliate-yourself-more-than-once boyfriend.
>You stand straight up and survey the trees around you.
>You're not far from the picnic site.
>If you stuff your fear of being seen like this back down to your stomach and begin your march back to the clearing.
>...Strange, you haven't seen, heard, or even smelled anything about a fire since you started running.
>What was Anon talking about back there?
>Did you mishear him?
>You'll worry about that later.
>If there is no fire, that's some weight off your shoulder.
>You can afford to move more carefully through the woods.
>Thank goodness, you should be able to avoid more rips that way.
>It's a careful process, making your way through the forest, but you get into the groove.
>You feel even more exposed than you did before, with your panties being more ripped and not fitting as nicely, but you feel more confident you won't be spotted.
>You even make sure your steps are silent, just in case.
>When you're calmed down from your earlier crisis (and after you gently tug your panties back up), you take a moment to enjoy the scenery.
>It's so peaceful out here.
>Just you and the beauty of the natural world.
>So far from prying eyes or any kind of disturbance.
>Far from Anon, too...
>You DON'T want Anon seeing you like this, remember?
>You don't want him to see your shame.
>...But you don't KNOW he'll be ashamed if he sees you...
>He could see you, your body so exposed, and be drawn to you...
>You shove those dirty thoughts to the back of your mind and continue making your way towards the picnic blanket.
>It may have taken you what felt like hours, and your panties are close to being in tatters, but at long last, you made it.
>You've finally reached the clearing.
>The picnic blanket and cooler are still there, seemingly untouched.
>And nestled on the blanket, nibbling on another treat, you see him.
>But your skirt's nowhere to be seen.
>Your agitation at the small rabbit boils to your surface after everything you had to go through.
>Angel's clearly had far too many treats, he's lazily lying on his back and doesn't even notice you marching up to him.
"Angel!" You sternly say to him.
>Angel snaps out of his lazy trance and jumps up when he hears you.
"What did you do with my skirt?" You question him with a frown.
>The small white rabbit glances around uncertainly.
"Look at what you made me go through!" You cry out, motioning to the barely-intact clothing on your lower half.
>You have to tug your panties back up your waist to keep them from sagging too low, but you're too steamed to worry about that right now.
>Instead of answering in any helpful manner, Angel darts off into the woods behind him.
"Angel!" You yell out to him.
>He's not getting away from you this time.
>You sprint after your naughty pet, back into the woods.
>At least you're far from any prying eyes.
>Angel's white fur sticks out in the forest, making it very easy for you to keep track of him.
>You run after him at a speed you're pretty sure you've never gone before.
>But this is way more more important than the mile run at school.
>You stop noticing how your lungs are burning and your legs are sore.
>You're so close to saving your dignity and this date.
>Angel's taking you to where your skirt is.
>He has to be.
>Your pursuit chases Angel into a hollowed out log by a creek.
>He squeezes through the fallen tree quite easily, but you aren't gonna fit so well.
>Kneeling down on the dirt, you try to peer in through the log.
>Angel's waiting for you on the far end of the log, on top of a light green surface of some kind.
>It's difficult to see, it could just be some moss.
>...But it could also be your skirt.
>You can't afford to doubt yourself.
>You'll have to reach in there and grab Angel and whatever he's sitting on.
>...But that would mean making yourself very, very exposed...
>Your finger grazes the edge of the hole ripped in the seat of your panties.
>It's even bigger now.
>It's like like your underwear has a window showing off your butt.
>The rip in your waistband is deeper than it was before.
>Any more stress and it'll rip completely.
>...But you have no choice.
>You carefully look around you to make sure you're completely alone.
>Your cheeks glow a fierce red at the thought of what you're about to do.
>You sit up, take a deep breath, and stick your head and arms inside the log.
>You're gonna get Angel and your skirt.
>...You really hope.
>God, those movies made living life on the run look like too much fun.
>You're on the run from PARK RANGERS and it feels like the feds have helicopters flying overhead trying to find you.
>You can practically feel the searchlights beaming down on you, ready to drag you kicking and screaming into the wrath of the law.
>All this because they think you have some weed on you.
>Is weed even legal in this state?
>Norman would know.
>That'll have to wait, right now you need to focus on sprinting through the woods as fast as you can.
>Away from that park ranger and his buddies and towards Fluttershy.
>...Ideally, after the park rangers lose track of you.
>You don't even know where you're running to.
>You've lost track of where you are.
>All these trees look the same.
>You could either be running away from their search radius, or right into their waiting claws.
>Your new jacket's getting all dirty and a little torn up.
>You bought it yesterday, too.
>Oh well, that's the cost of crime.
>After sprinting for a few minutes, you hide beside a small hill to catch your breath.
>You wheeze in and out, trying to catch your breath and restore your stamina.
>...Man, you probably would've done better on the mile run if you imagined you were running from the law.
>You had to have covered some impressive distance.
>...This is your fault, isn't it?
>Taking out the trash wasn't something that needed to be done immediately, you could have stayed with Fluttershy and ensured Angel didn't steal her skirt.
>You sink down against the hill, feeling a wave of guilt wash over you.
>What kind of boyfriend would let this kind of thing happen?
>Fluttershy needs to trust your ability to protect her.
>Not just from Hoops or Gilda or some other asshole at school, but from any kind of malevolent force that would wish her harm.
>This is never going to happen again.
>You'll make sure of that.
>You'll be strong enough to be the perfect boyfriend.
>You have to be.
>Glancing around to get your bearings, you spot a familiar sight through the trees before you.
>After summoning the strength to get back onto your feet and investigate the sight a little further.
>It's the trail!
>You recognize it from when you walked with Fluttershy to the picnic spot, and when you took the trash out to the communal trash can in the parking lot.
>You're close to the picnic site!
>"Angel!" You hear a strikingly familiar voice cry out up the trail.
>It's Fluttershy!
>You've never heard her yell like that before, but you recognize that voice anywhere.
>You check the skirt you've been protecting in your hands.
>It's so spotless, it might as well be fresh off the rack.
>Time to swoop in and save the day.
>You sprint up the trail, holding Fluttershy's skirt like a football.
>And the clearing is the end zone.
>You make it to the clearing in a flash and frantically look around for where your girlfriend could be.
>The picnic blanket is exactly the same, although the box of rabbit treats looks a little emptier than you remember it being...
>You hear some branches rustling off to your right.
>Like a deer, your head snaps to the direction of the sound.
>In between the trees and just beyond the greenery, you spot a very familiar body dash into the foliage.
>This time you're not wasting a second.
>You need to save Fluttershy from public humiliation.
>You sprint after her into the woods.
>She had a good head start on you and she's moving surprisingly fast, but you can hear her moving through the trees.
>You're getting closer.
>You keep running.
>But then the noise you're following stops.
>You skid to a halt, looking around.
>If she stopped, she has to be close.
>Fluttershy has to be hiding behind a tree or something.
>Oh, God, did you scare her off?
>Chasing after her when she's in her underwear?
>How stupid could you be?
>Way to go, Best Boyfriend Ever.
>You groan, feeling like a real asshole.
>You're supposed to be the person she feels safe around.
>That means not chasing after her when she's so vulnerable, no matter how noble your intentions.
>Great first date, Anonymous.
>With a depressed sigh, you slowly make your way down the small incline you're standing on to look around for Fluttershy.
>You really hope she'll forgive you for this huge mess you've gotten her into.
>You really hope you can salvage some of this date.
>With her skirt firmly in hand, you march on.
>You trudge through the faintly damp grass and dirt, looking for anything vaguely Fluttershy-shaped.
>There's a creek nearby, maybe she's washing some of the dirt off herself.
>It's worth a look.
>You walk along the edge of the creek, keeping an eye out for Fluttershy.
>The water in the creek looks so crisp and refreshing, for a moment you contemplate pausing for a moment to consider splashing some on your face to refresh yourself a little.
>You shoo away the thought, you'll refresh yourself later.
>You'll smack yourself for thinking so selfishly tonight once Fluttershy gets home.
>Further up the stream, you spot something.
>It's a log, but something's stick out of it at the end.
>Could it be...?
>You make your way towards the log and confirm your suspicions.
>It's Fluttershy.
>Your heart lifts once you finally see her clearly.
>...chest deep inside the log, trying to get at whatever's in there.
>And her panties are in real bad shape...
>Not only is there a huge rip in the seat of her underwear that reveals a good amount of her butt, they're also sagging down her hips quite a bit.
>Your cheeks heat up at the sight as you respectfully avert your gaze.
>You feel even worse for her now.
>If you stayed with her on the picnic blanket, she wouldn't be so exposed like this.
>You don't even want to imagine what kind of ordeal this sweet girl had to suffer through to get her skirt back.
>"Come on, Angel, come here right now." You hear Fluttershy say within the log, unintentionally wiggling her butt with the effort.
>She doesn't know you're here yet.
>Thank God.
>You can salvage this, at least a little.
>But... how do you let her know that you've found her?
>You'll freak her out if you're looming right over.
>Acting carelessly like this when you went to chase her was bad enough.
>You'll have to be really careful.
>Slowly, carefully, you take a few steps back from Fluttershy.
>You can hear Fluttershy mutter things to Angel from within the log.
>Even without hearing her clearly, you've never heard her this irritated before.
>Someone else could see her like this, and she'd be completely humiliated.
>You need to do something soon.
>...But what?
>How do you open?
>What do you say?
>Come on, just act natural.
"...Uh, h-hey, Flutters." You awkwardly speak up.
>"Anon!" Fluttershy cries out from within the log.
>She's in such a scramble to get out of the log and face you that she bumps her head on the inside of the log.
>Once Fluttershy frees herself and spins around to face you, you look away, feeling even more flustered.
>The most awkward silence of your life suffocates you as you look at the ground like a scolded child.
>You found Fluttershy with her underwear in tatters and her butt sticking in the air, you want to spare some of her dignity.
>She doesn't make a sound either.
>Eventually, you find the strength to look up at Fluttershy.
>She's tugging her shirt down to cover her panties with all her might, her face as red as an apple.
>You can tell she's trying to hide it by looking down at the ground, but she's on the verge of tears.
>Unfolding your arms, you slowly present her neatly-folded skirt.
"I, uh... found your skirt..."