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What are some essential Hip Hop albums

Been getting into Hip Hop
Listened to 36 chambers and illamatic what next
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Painting Pictures
I really enjoy "Lyfestylez ov da Poor and Dangerous" by Big L. I think it's pretty important, but many would not say it's essential.
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>oh yay, another essentials hip hop thread, if only we had a sticky full of charts or other hip hop threads already
>oh yay another bitchy anon, who only complains and doesn't contribute
Try the other wu tang albums from that period, Tical, 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, Only Built For Cuban Linx, Liquid Swords, and Iron Man are all fantastic. Each album expands upon different elements of 36 chambers, but they all have distinctive styles of their own. 1993-1996 RZA is my favorite hip hop producer by a longshot.

The sticky is full of charts about hip hop essentials and there's already a related thread below this one, stop spamming threads about the same topic
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I didn't listen to kendrick for years cos I assumed he was trash but holy fuck is this a good album, been listening to it on repeat for like a month now
Liquid Swords if you really liked 36 Chambers >>72876272 if you really liked Illmatic
A Tribe Called Quest or >>72876309 if you're looking for something a lie different.
Also general reccs
>solo wu albums (GZA liquid swords and ODB nigga please for sure)
>Geto Boys
>earl sweatshirt
>chance the rapper
>gambino (idk about this one but a lot of people like him)
>danny brown
>j cole (controversial but 4 your eyez only is a legit album)
>death grips
it's his only album that lives up to its hype though. TPAB and DAMN were only good when comparing them to other mainstream hip hop albums.
Liquid Swords
MBDTF, College Dropout
Midnight Marauders and other ATCQ albums
Mystic Stylez
Yeah I'm with you on that, after all the hype TPAB was disappointing and DAMN just isn't up to scratch at all
Honestly, just listen to everything by:

Jay Z
and Kanye

Once you're done with that, who ever had the best feature in your opinion, listen to all of their stuff, rinse and repeat

All of these people naming their favorite rappers are whack
Kendrick is one of the greatest rappers ever
File: paulsboutique.jpg (13 KB, 225x225)
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i enjoyed DAMN a lot for about 2 weeks, then i felt like o never wanted to listen to it again. what is this feeling?
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File: East coast shit.jpg (800 KB, 444x1332)
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In the vein of illmatic and 36 chambers, more east coast 90s boombap
Sample song from each album accordingly
Besides what's already been mentioned I really really liked these lately:
>Lil Wayne - Carter 3
>Lil Wayne - Carter 2
>Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon: The End of Day
>Denzel Curry - Imperial
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File: flat,800x800,070,f.jpg (95 KB, 800x797)
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All of these.
File: 51sne9Cls0L.jpg (41 KB, 500x500)
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kanye sucks
wtf i hate kanye now!
Look for the producers first and then the rappers

Dan the Automator
Prince Paul
Diamond D
Large Professor
DJ Premier
The Alchemist
Beat Junkies

This are the basics. Happy search my frin
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1.19 MB JPG
File: 2000sHop.jpg (1.14 MB, 1862x1624)
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1.14 MB JPG
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File: Life after death.jpg (287 KB, 1269x1053)
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This is his best album (imo)
I think they are both equally fantastic but at the same time I feel as if Biggie never really reached his full potential as an artist. Ready to Die had those [imo] pretty awful skits and Life After Death had some features I'm not a fan of.

He is my favorite lyricist in rap so it makes me sad he didn't make a completely flawless masterpiece like so many other legendary artists did before they died.
File: Summertime '06.jpg (184 KB, 1000x1000)
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good pick. I feel this album is pretty underrated.
Listen to Liquid Swords right now
If you're a spic, listen to Big Pun- Capital Punishment
Jay Z - the blueprint
Kanye west - college dropout
Watch the Throne
2pac - all eyes on me
The fugees - the score
Eminem - slim shady lp
Kendrick Lamar - good kid maad city

That's some basic shit to get you started. I'm sure they've been mentioned multiple times already but that's because you should listen to them faggit
File: 0004289529_10[1].jpg (173 KB, 1200x1200)
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UK Boom Bap
Twinz is still hard as nails

File: 1482548013750.jpg (34 KB, 500x374)
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>Essential Kanye
The College Dropout
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

>Also good
808s and Heartbreak
Late Registration

>If you want...

>Just don't
The Life of Pablo
Watch the Throne
You clearly haven't even listened to WTT if you're putting it that low and MBDTF up that high. It's one of his best albums imo. Yeezus and Pablo should also be swapped.
File: Reasonable_Doubt_New.jpg (31 KB, 300x300)
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This is nearly as good as Illmatic and better than 36 Chambers. It's weird how /mu/ doesn't seem to hold it in high regard, most other publications list it as the clear #2 behind Illmatic. In some ways it's even better.
I agree desu. I don't understand why you autists love him so much.
>Yeezus above TLOP
mate yeezus is absolute garbage
Graduation and Late Reg are superior to 808s in every way
>nearly as good as Illmatic
>better than 36 chambers
File: a3757003123_10.jpg (215 KB, 900x900)
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somebody already mentioned Black Milk in those image grids but i've been listening to Popular Demand
listen to all Flacco Bey, one of the unsung greats
best album in this thread
very good

just listen to these albums OP
Not essential, but comfy as fuck.
This. Definitely.

I'd also recommend trying Black Star and the Ecstatic.

Mos Def doesn't get mentioned on here much, which is strange since The Ecstatic is strongly influence by Madvillainy and was produced in part by Madlib.
pic related
Eminem's early stuff
Gang Starr - Moment of Truth
Outkast - Aquemini
Deltron 3030
Big L - Lifetylez ov da Poor and Dangerous
File: CaptainMurphyDuality.jpg (21 KB, 316x316)
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One of the greatest albums production wise imo

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