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I don't get it
What don't you get?
Just sounds like some non-essential jazz. Why does everyone rave about this?
It isn't jazz at all though, jazz inspired doesn't mean jazz.
I like it because of the wide variety of instrumentation and song structure and the overall atmosphere of the record is really pleasant to me personally.
Definitely understand why people might not like it though, can be a bit aimless. Still one of my personal favorites.
Out of curiosity, have you listened to Millions Now Living Will Never Die?
Nah tnt is the only album I've listened to from tortoise. Is millions worth checking out?
That's what a tortoise looks like without its shell
If you didn't really care for TNT I probably wouldn't recommend it? Djed is probably the best track they've ever made, heavy Neu! influences. If that doesn't really sound that interesting you probably wouldn't be that into it.
TNT is pleasant but a bit aimless, Millions is ten times better.

Also fyi if TNT sounds like jazz to you then you might just be too new to music to be able to appreciate something like that. You may grow to appreciate it after you get more knowledge, or the opposite may happen.
I'm new to music lol but isn't tnt jazz inspired? I know it's not traditional jazz but the drums and some of the riffs sound somewhat jazz-esque
i don't get dubs
Yeah it's inspired by jazz, but only in a fairly superficial way. It's less jazz than a Canterbury Scene album and more like a a pastiche of krautrock, jazz and a bit of new wave. One of the reasons people like it is that it's got a very eclectic blend of influences, more so than I've listed here, so if you only hear one it may be a sign that you need to branch out more and get a wider palette. Maybe try listening to Future Days by Can if you haven't already heard it.
Listen to this when you're on a bus or a train. I put this on when I was on vacation in Japan, riding on the bullet train. Shit was MAGICAL.

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