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I think they're incredible. Can't believe it took me this long to find them.


Best modern goth duo. While they have a throwback feel, they don't sound like a mashup of circle jerking to The Cure and Joy Division with Siouxsie or the Sisters thrown in but instead expand upon the old sound with new innovation, unlike other gothic rock and dark wave artists out there.
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thanks for saying something
i'm so glad i found them
Been listening for a few years now since their first album, they're unique from everyone else and I firmly believe them to be at the foreguard of modern gothic innovation. I count myself lucky in being able to discover them relatively early in their career and even luckier to be seeing them live in coming time.
how'd you come across them?
I just found them on weirdo music forever's instagram
I have GOT to move to California I swear to God
I heard their stuff on a local college radio and looked around. Eventually I discovered them as I lurk on the goth subreddit because that's only place with a collective of goths that isn't full of pervs and dispossessed children with active discussion. There a few bloggers belonging to the belfry network where there's blogposts and podcasts made covering different topics of goth culture including music. There, I read a post titled "Best Goth Albums of 2015" and found their video for "Unknown to The I" and was hooked ever since.
Thank you!
I saw them open for King Dude and was pleasantly surprised - was expecting another cheesy neofolk act like him (although I do love King Dude)

since then, I've gotten more and more into them, but I don't see them as particularly innovative as other people in this thread seem to
I saw them live and what you said is the exact impression I got from them. Generic modern goth with vaporwave motifs thrown in. It's tumblr bullshit from LA.

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