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ambient, new age, drone, etc

boobs edition

what's some good late summer night ambient
the mono aware compilation on PAN was good, and so was air texture volume V
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post your ambient aoty

latest steve roach is called 'nostalgia for the future'
pretty cool name wonder if it's any good
probably not tho

hot boob
File: narkopop.jpg (2.15 MB, 3000x3000)
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Amazing album
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I have a weird relationship with this album. I played it while sitting in my car at 3am on new years while my friend hooked up with a girl he picked up at the club (I was the DD). His condoms were expired so he ended up getting chlamydia and can't have kids now. Can't listen without associating it with that

Would have to be my AOTYSF
how do I into drone
Jefre cantu-ledesma - love is a stream
Yellow swans - going places
eluvium - lambent material
Tim Hecker - Radio Amor

Phenomenal album. This is actually one of my top 3 albums of all time. Severely underrated.

I don't normally pimp my own stuff, but I released my first halfway-decent ambient track and I figured it was relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpdqZLd70_w Thought I'd see what you guys think.

Of the choices posted here so far, I'd have to say Narkopop is my favorite. I really haven't been listening to much new ambient this year, I've been focusing on a lot of old favorites, especially Stars of the Lid and (if you count them) Hammock. Speaking of Hammock, they have a new one coming out I think on the 25th.
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Oh wait, here's one I forgot. This one was fuckin good.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - "async"
File: a2670642903_10[1].jpg (136 KB, 1200x1200)
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odd nosdam - lif just came out and it's fantastic

he was the producer from cLOUDDEAD

File: IMG_2863.jpg (24 KB, 349x500)
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Underrated af around here

Anyone have any recs for more lush ambient, preferably with pianos?
from what I remember, I thought this was a bit underwhelming. I have to check it out again

I was really hoping that the new william basinski would be good but it was one of his worst releases imo

so far, my favorite ambient album would have to be jacaszek's kwiaty.
I just googled this and it seems like this was released in 2014.

but holy shit, now that's a name I haven't heard in years and honestly a name I wouldn't have remembered if I didn't see this post. I loved the hell out of "songs by the tumbled sea." listening to this now.

also, check out my album. contrapaasso.bandcamp.com. klexos is also on spotify.
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always stays with me

this isn't really summer though this is much more winter sorry op
bump I'm bored at work and want to talk about ambient music
$3.33 - DRAFT
Hans Otte - Das Buch der Klänge
Ralph van Raat - Complete Piano Music
Rachel Grimes - Book of Leaves
GERM - Keyboard Study 2 / Initiative (+Systèmes)

Most of this is minimalism but piano is in all of it
>Rachel Grimes - Book of Leaves
File: top_2017.jpg (204 KB, 840x360)
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These are my AOTYs so far. Pretty much all of them are ambient, maybe except emptyset.
File: music for church cleaners.jpg (753 KB, 1181x1188)
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Thank you very much
File: a1927963716_16.jpg (32 KB, 700x700)
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File: IMG_2868.jpg (518 KB, 808x808)
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I don't post this album to much since I don't want to shill it, but it's one of my only 10/10's. Lots of analogue synth, some guest features including Thom Yorke, Bibio, and Linda Perhacs.

Mark Pritchard - Under the Sun, for anyone curious

Nice picks, saved for later. What would you choose between Tereza, Terminus Drift, and Kwiaty?
Also a good pick. I'm reminded of Plinth - Music for Small Lighthouses even when they aren't related, besides the comfiness
File: jhator.jpg (122 KB, 610x604)
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anybody here listened to this? i was super impressed with it
File: a1767460837_5.jpg (125 KB, 700x700)
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Kwiaty > Terminus > Tereza.
Tereza is definitely the worst of the three. It has some very unique sounds but there are like two tracks (second track in particular) that go for that very disjointed and random-sounding Love Streams-like melody thing (Bijie Dream comes to mind) and they just don't work that well imo, Hecker did it much better. But other than that its a good and varied refreshing album.
Terminus is a weird one, but it doesn't have any misteps I think. And Kwiaty is just a pleasure to listen to, just like his previous one, Glimmer. Jacaszek should be much more appreciated than he is.
Be honest
is anyone better than Tim Hecker?
I've searched long and hard and nothing comes close
vladislav delay
Been searching for three years and the answer is a clear no. Hecker is the best at the thing he does.
There are other approaches to ambient music than his though (but his is my favorite one).
listening to Anima
this is pretty cool
doesn't make me feel like i'm falling backwards into an abyss like Tim does, but it has more melodic stimulation which is nice
For his particular style, nothing else comes close that I've heard. Feels a bit restrictive to call what he does ambient though, and as mentioned, there are other styles that people do just as well.

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