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ITT: Plagiarists
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liam didn't plagiarise anything
gayest band in existence
ive never seen /r/music but i would assume its their favorite band
Don't Look Back At Anger's opening is just Imagine by John Lennon, so badly that when it came on the radio in a friend's car recently I was like "Imagiiiine" and everyone in the car was like no dude it's Oasis even though I'd heard both songs plenty of times.

The lyrics on Don't Look Back At Anger are fantastic though. And Oasis definitely is a band of high highs and low lows.
It's not cool to ike Coldplay anymore
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what did they steal

they're a lot gayer than average but parachutes and viva are good albums
>two similar chords are plagiarism
>so badly that when it came on the radio in a friend's car recently I was like "Imagiiiine"

Speaking of shit like this. I've heard so many Wonderwall mash ups that I can sing Wonderwall over basically any song. Sometimes I need to adjust the rhythm of pitch slightly but I can still communicate the original with a certain ease that borders on concerning. It's either the sign of a great band or a great meme
Maybe you just have poor pitch and think you can fit melodies into chord sequences that don't fit.
Ironically, Viva La Vida was stolen.
Go listen to Joe Satriani's "If I Could Fly" It's so blatant it's not even funny. Not only that but Johnny Buckland is known to be a huge Satriani fan.
Maybe you just like Oasis a little too much.
It's just C D G Em are you retarded?
Bob Dylan Kappa
If I liked Oasis that much, I wouldn't care your opinion on the pleb filter of their catalog

Nice try though
You fucking buffoon, go listen to the song... Not only is the chord progression taken but Joe's solo is literally spot-on to almost every lyric in the song.
Not him
But the melody though, are your ears retarded?
>go listen to the song
Self-evidence is not a valid argument. Try again
>Not only is the chord progression taken
Again, are you a fucking retard? It's the classic 50s chord sequence a million songs have.
>solo is literally spot-on to almost every lyric in the song.
Chart it out and prove it.
>But the melody though
What about it?
If you can't hear it then you don't deserve a chart lmao
I don't even listen to Oasis, you just seem really passionate about something so boring lol
>prove my argument for me
Not how it works
File: Quorthon2.jpg (113 KB, 661x768)
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I still love him though
Non sequitur

How's your own music career coming along?
File: 1343055337808.jpg (26 KB, 205x205)
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You tell me
Since you can't just look up a fucking video, I will admit though... Coldplay is the greatest and most original band of all time and I would love to join you in getting cum smeared all over my face by Chris Martin.
Oh yeah that's pretty close actually
OK I don't like Coldplay though
so they ripped off some garbage song and made it gold? good on them
Actually the dumbest argument ever.
"You're not oasis! fuckin got em bois xDD"
Joe Satriani won 15 grammys, Coldplay won 6
>Actually the dumbest argument ever.
How so?
How is me saying Oasis is boring a non-sequitur.Not only was my first reply to you "You like Oasis too much" but their popularity has nothing to do with their quality.
bro look at this



Oasis are huge John Lennon fans come on

Also Karma Police bridge is Sexy Sadie



Now you can't unhear it
>How is me saying Oasis is boring a non-sequitur
It didn't logically follow the conversation. How boring they are is not relevant. You could not properly refute the fact that if I *was* a huge Oasis fanboy it's likely I would be defending any number of their other songs instead of the most overplayed and superficial one.
>but their popularity has nothing to do with their quality.
Not really, wouldn't you think that they are popular because a large group of people think they are quality?
>bro look at this
See >>76283789

>Also Karma Police bridge is Sexy Sadie
But why should my opinion matter due to popularity? I thought you were too passionate about Oasis because your statement translated to anger and still kinda is and you backed yourself up with their popularity. If popularity made my music taste, I would be fucking banging out to Ariana Grande right now. Are you doing the same right now? Are you a fan of Ariana Grande too?
>But why should my opinion matter due to popularity?
What does popularity have anything to do with this?
>because your statement translated to anger
Which one?
>and you backed yourself up with their popularity
Quote me where I did this
>If popularity made my music taste
It does. Prove otherwise.
My 2nd favorite album is Science 1994 by Indian Summer. My first The Glow Pt.2. Both of those albums are almost unknown to the general public, especially Indian Summer as a whole. I don't do this to be indie or non-generic, they genuinely speak to me on many levels and their soft-loud dynamics and complex musical structure I just can't find anywhere else.
Popularity had to do with this when you asked me how my music career was going, implying that even if I did make music or not, it's plays would not only verify it's quality but even my own words or opinions. That's a very black and white way to look at music and I feel sorry for you.
>My 2nd favorite album is Science 1994 by Indian Summer.
That is a very popular emo album.
>My first The Glow Pt.2.
That is a very popular indie folk/lo-fi album

Are you retarded?

>Popularity had to do with this when you asked me how my music career was going
No, I was making a reference how musically illiterate you are. I don't care about popularity. You must though, since that's the first thing that popped into your head.
Your definition of popular and illiterate are really specific. I do not like these music for their popularity, and neither of those albums are remotely as big as Oasis. That is my point. If you can't grasp it, then I have nothing else to say since you must be having a bad day and you weren't hoping for a discussion from the start.
>I do not like these music for their popularity,
You only know of them due to their popularity, so you in fact do, but refuse to acknowledge it
>That is my point.
Which is why this is a non sequitor

Please stop discussing music, you are bad at it.

>you weren't hoping for a discussion from the start.
Except you've been shitposting form that start
Retards come in twos apparently.
>Go listen to Joe Satriani's "If I Could Fly" It's so blatant it's not even funny. Not only that but Johnny Buckland is known to be a huge Satriani fan.
Didn't know about this. Satriani's hook does sound a lot like the Viva la Vida melody. At first I was going to say it isn't really that big of a deal, but the more I thought about it the less I believed that. I mean that melody is a pretty big part of the song and it's basically the Satriani hook.

Seeing the other guy point out Karma Police's "this is what you'll get" part is Sexy Sadie also helped frame it differently. Coldplay's theft is significantly more of their song than Radiohead's theft.
Or maybe it's a tribute or an in-joke?
is that what autechre look like when they bother to shave?
who the hell is Satriani?
i don't even like coldplay but
>___ won more grammys, they must be better
are you autistic, musical awards are worthless let alone the fucking grammys
Bowie: Not by any means. More like a tasteful thief. The only art I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from. I do think that my plagiarism is effective. Why does an artist create, anyway? The way I see it, if you’re an inventor, you invent something that you hope people can use. I want art to be just as practical. Art can be a political reference, a sexual force, any force that you want, but it should be usable. What the hell do artists want? Museum pieces? The more I get ripped off, the more flattered I get. But I’ve caused a lot of discontent, because I’ve expressed my admiration for other artists by saying, ‘Yes, I’ll use that,’ or, ‘Yes, I took this from him and this from her.’ Mick Jagger, for example, is scared to walk into the same room as me even thinking any new idea. He knows I’ll snatch it.

TVU, Anette Peacock, Van der Graff Generator, CCR, Todd Rundgren, Eno (before the collaboration), etc. Life on Mars doesn't count though since it's an adaptation of Comme d'habitude that he evolved into (imo) something better
File: 1996 - Moseley Shoals.jpg (119 KB, 770x770)
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119 KB JPG
People who complain about Oasis being derivative clearly weren't around at the height of britpop

Oasis did at least have a melting pot of influences - it wasn't just straight ripping off T. Rex, Slade and The Beatles, they also took a lot of influence from baggy/madchester and even shoegaze and put it into this loud af alt-rock stew.

Compare that to the legions of bands that literally just got 5 minutes of fame by playing classic rock. The reason you've heard of Oasis and not bands like these is that like it or not, Oasis DID have their own sound.
Oasis are working class heroes
Slide Away > Columbia > Supersonic > Live Forever > Rock N Roll Star > Bring It On Down > Cigarettes & Alcohol > Shakermaker > Up in the Sky > Married with Children
>did not even rank Digsy's Dinner

Accurate list though
>listens to Stevie Wonder once
Green Day

I was listening to "Picture Book" by The Kinks and my roommate remarked how it sounded exactly like "Warning," so I compared the two and the base line is identical.

Also, whatever song they made that ripped off Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4". I dunno the name of the song and can't be arsed to look it up, but I'm sure some people know what I'm talking about here.
fucking hell do you have autism or something, just watched your entire argument with that anon and i havent seen such brute denseness since lurking on pol
you mean ITT: mad lads

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