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transcription edition.

Share your favorite transcriptions (for piano, organ etc.)


>General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/modern classical. Also contains a folder of live recordings/recitals by some outstanding performers.
>General Folder #2. is kill. rip Papillons
>General Folder #3. Mostly 20th century/modern with other assorted bits and pieces
>General Folder #4. Renaissance up to early/mid-20th century. Also contains a folder of Scarlatti sonate and another live recording/recital folder.
>General Folder #5. Renaissance up to late 19th century
>General Folder #6. Very eclectic mix
>General Folder #7. kill
>General Folder #8. The anon who made this loves the yellow piss of DG on his face. Also there's some other stuff in here.
>Renaissance Folder #1. Mass settings
>Renaissance Folder #2. Motets and madrigals (plus Leiden choirbooks)
>Debussy. There is an accompanying chart, available on request.
>Opera Folder. Contains recorded video productions of about 10 well-known operas, with a bias towards late Romantic
>Random assortment of books on music theory and composition, music history etc.
after all these years i finally relized guys, baroque music is shit
Starting with a gem.
A few more years and you'll realise music is shit.
>baroque music is shit
Any particular baroque pieces you've listened to and couldn't enjoy, anon ?
How do you feel about the fact that most recordings don't play the music in the intended temperaments?
It's manageable. Early and mid 20th century recordings come with the technical restrictions of their time (noise, contortions etc.) or have badly tuned pianos which is unfortunately the case with several soviet recordings.
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>tfw recognize modernism was the last high point of all artistic disciplines
>tfw fell for the meme that all art that isn't superficially attractive is bad
>actually realize that Debussy is a lot more tacky and devoid of genuine beauty than Schoenberg
>the real cancer is postmodernism that goes out of its way to be unmusical with concept pieces and the retarded idea that music (and visual art for that matter) should be text.

I am ascending guys.
shut up nerd
no u
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Has there ever been a worse album cover?
File: fucking watch it fag.jpg (84 KB, 646x500)
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Baroque music is so much fun to listen to. You're shit.
>>the real cancer is postmodernism that goes out of its way to be unmusical with concept pieces and the retarded idea that music (and visual art for that matter) should be text.
Honestly, I follow the local contemporary classical scene as much as possible, I go to as many performances as possible (which isn't difficult or expensive in this small euro country) and I barely ever come across actively deconstructive, conceptual music. The only times I saw them was at Ictus Ensemble's performance (where they were mostly legit interesting and fun) and some music students dicking around and having fun with a couple of Cage pieces. Most composers today realize that they won't make people rethink what music itself is so they just try to compose good shit instead.
Yeah people are starting to realize that postmodernism isn't really as interesting as everyone memed it to be. Unfortunately we have things like minimalism that are almost as bad now.
I don't feel like minimalism is very popular these days either, at least here in Europe.
So what are these pieces like typically? Also, what country?

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