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Music for Valentine's Day?
tfw no gf
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Shellac - Prayer to God
I'm going to have this as my official Valentine's Day post.
>Smashing Pumpkins - Soma
I always imagined it to be like an epic fantasy about a guy lost inside a void, grabbing on to the last stone of time to find his last true love. Perilous labyrinths approach his path until he gathers the pendants that unlock the door to her heart. Until, she becomes an evil sorceress, then into a demonic giant by the end, and he creates a sword made of her enchanted crystals and a shield stolen from her library. After he ventures into such a horrid journey to find her, he defeats his true love... to end up back into the heartless void again.
>Linkin Park - Valentine's Day
The song is one of the most sincere and heartfelt Linkin Park songs ever. The beginning part creates this perfect balance between a desolate melancholy and tranquil serenity, almost as if you wandered in a forest and witnessed the last of the leaves descend to the ground. Chester's lyric "and the heartless wind kept blowing" sends shivers down your spine like a spirit entering your body to hide inside your heart. And the ascent from the indie-inspired, minimalist riffs to the explosive Alt. Rock ending evokes such heavy emotions, from the cruelty of your loved one falling under the Earth to your hands evaporating into dust as you panic in desperation. It's a wonder why Minutes to Midnight wasn't as critically acclaimed as one of the best Alternative Rock albums of all time. Had it been released as their first single (and MTM as their first album), it would have been revered as an Art Rock/Alt Rock masterpiece.
>Big Time Rush - Boyfriend
It might be "plebby," but BTR always stroke me as a homage to, and gave me some sort of nostalgia for 90s boy bands. Such a wonderful time in my life, before I wound up here.
>RHCP - Love Rollercoaster
...Do I really need to explain?
stick it out anon, dont listen to anything too sad tomorrow. please
That's the gayest fucking pic I've ever seen.

Just put on Take Care and drink yourself into a stupor like anyone else with the sense to be ashamed they haven't found a mate and probably never will.
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hit the gym and start eating right
exercise feels like painkillers if you do it right
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What's the musical equivalent of Gone Girl?
Something that will make me feel happy about being single.
no it doesn't
You're doing it wrong then
no you just don't know what painkillers feel like
adrenaline acts like a light painkiller, when you get into the groove of a workout such as running or cycling, the start always sucks but when the adrenaline hits you ignore the "pain"
The endorphins released during/after a workout do make you feel better. Maybe not painkillers better but better

I need to get back in the gym because I'm becoming mental without that release
ok but it's nothing like opiates

i never said it doesn't make you feel good
The Sound of Silence
the saddest trumpet man
>implying opiates are the only painkillers
alternatively, for those who HAVE been in looooove beefooore
right because i'm sure he was talking about some fucking tylenol or something else nobody cares about
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>tfw never been in an actual relationship because im socially awkward and ugly as fuck
>besides, i'm never gonna succeed in life anyway
i should just end it shouldn't i

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