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What does this tell you about consumerism?
It's shit, actually 4chan memed you into believing this ((album)) is something of any importance.

Also, Ferraro was never good.
How many Ferraro albums have you heard?
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what does this tell you about the consumer supplier representation in the western's psyche permeation into micro-econosocio societal interaction
reminder the album is designed to be bad and people saying its good are the butt of the joke
this album is whatever but Live at Primavera Sound 2012 and iAsia are great
>fucked up the echoes
you were so close
I dunno, maybe about 10? I stopped after that, realizing I was just wasting my time on nothing.
Ok you're allowed to have this opinion now. I was just checking.
Thanks. There are just too many of them indeed. Btw, for ferrarofags I'd suggest checking out The Skaters' collaborator Spencer Clark.

Spencer Clark is the pioneer in Alien Flesh Classical
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Yep, I guess that's why I find him more appealing.
Cold, NYC Hell 3AM, Marble Surf, Edward Flex Presents: Hawaii, Rerex and iAsia want to have a word with you. And let's not forget Bodyguard - Silica Gel.
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Far Side Virtual is just a bunch of ringtones on steroids from the iPhoneâ„¢ era turned into an album. You could say that's some kind of musical still-life of the early-2010s.
But James' best work is the NYC Hell/Suki Girlz/Skid Row trilogy IMO. These albums really ring home if you often hang around in cities at night desu.
James Ferraro is the best artist of the 2010s. No one else managed to capture the zeitgeist of our current fucking weird era like him.
dude gobbunism lmao :DDD
>But James' best work is the NYC Hell/Suki Girlz/Skid Row trilogy
agreed. nyc hell is a classic
Same here. That and Cold are probably my favorite Ferraro releases. I like his earlier hypnagogic pop stuff too but there's something really special about Cold and NYC Hell for me. Also, the God of London EP is fantastic as well.

Speaking of NYC Hell 3AM does anyone know where I can find the JP edition bonus tracks? I used to have them but I lost them apparently. I can't find them fucking anywhere anymore.
Nevermind, found one.


>The Escalade



I loved this era of Ferraro.
he was on some yeezus shit right here
should have kept this in the final album
absolutely. all of those bonus tracks were amazing. mad I can't find a dl for them right now. also didn't NYC Hell 3AM come out before Yeezus? Pretty sure it did.
nah yeezus came out in june. nyc was october
I hope he will release a vocal version one day.
Oh, I am thinking of Cold. I guess you're right, there is a bit of Yeezus influence on it. But again, I feel that honestly comes from UnkleLuc with Sydney in Theory for the Wild EP.



Thanks for the link by the way.
I have to stretch my imagination a lot to find his music interesting.
This is the most Ferraresque album I can think of.
Great artist btw. Very much recc.
I recently found a poem by him and it kind of blew me away, dude's a modern soothsayer

whoa dude. thanks for that.
for real though is james schizo or what? he comes up with some off the wall shit.
i feel like james is just a byproduct of
coke + mental issues + mass consuming media
def a beast of an artist
I think that's just what growing up/being an artist in NYC does to you. that place is weird as fuck in the digital era.

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