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File: rth.jpg (31 KB, 636x358)
31 KB
>notice my speed is going down
>im actually struggling to pass road bike freds
>shit im getting out of shape
>speeds keeps going down, have to give 100& to hit 40km\h
>one day i finally that feel the front wheel is funny
>front hub was basicallly not even spinning anymore and actively brakig the wheel
>espheres arent broken
>fuck it, just clean the grease off and pour chain oil on it
>go from 0 to 50 faster than a bugatti now

Its like i bought a pair of ultra light garbon meme wheels, shit wont stop spinning. Always seemed stupid for me to use fucking grease, pretty sure now people only use that shit becuse they are lazy. I'll be using oil on the front wheel from now on, doesnt take even 5 minutes to apply it.
nice blog faggot
t. fred that got overtaken by me
Imagine being this clueless about your bike
I can hear it squeak and creak from here
Nig you cant hear shit when you are going over 40km\h all the damn time. And my bike is dead silent even the wheel was like that, i only really noticed it when i tried to acelerate from a total stoppage and the front wheel clearly was fighting me
File: MGTOW.jpg (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
By the information in your own story, you are the fred.
I think your bike is in shit condition
Sealed or loose bearings? I imagine you can only oil loose bearings. My cartridge bearings are fucked. Is it worth buying my own bearing press or should I just bring them to the shop?

Pic unrelated
Excluding crappy hubs that don't have effective seals, there's not much difference between loose and cartridge bearings - they both work fine. Cartridge are preferable because when they wear out they don't destroy machined races - but loose bearings are fine if you're not bothered by needing to do occasional maintenance. Not that you have a choice in most cases, because hubs/headsets/bbs are only designed for one or the other.

Whether you need a proper press or can rig your own DIY solution for cheap depends on the part in question.
File: 1523557259720.jpg (45 KB, 401x500)
45 KB
The wheelsets I beat the shit out of both have cartridge bearings. One has novatec hubs and the other origin8. Dunno the size the cartridges.

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