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this has to be motor doping.
I hate to meme this hard but convince me otherwise.
File: damage.jpg (92 KB, 1114x649)
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she's spinning.
out of the saddle.
on the turn she made a really bizarre tactical decision to come up to the wheel of her opponent and give up momentum until the most effortless explosion of relative velocity occurs...Trott puts some 24 meters on the American rider over roughly 93 meters...spinning out of the saddle...
I look at her knees and I shake my head.
File: meme_omnium.jpg (463 KB, 1088x1836)
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Spinning out of the saddle happens all the time. I don't ride track bikes, is that not something they do? Also action begins at the 14 minute mark.
Lmao what, nothing about this was strange at all, it's clear that the USA rider is destroyed, plus by overtaking on the outside the Brit gets that slingshot effect from the track, it's done all the time
And about the spinning out of the saddle... go watch some Netherlands team pursuit riders, it's fucking insane
She's a lot lighter than the other riders which helps with acceleration. Lighter weight means she's also got more energy left at the end to sprint with.
This is a great explanation.

What happens in the race seems like they're in totally different leagues though...if Trott had such energy left through natural efficiency I don't feel like there would have been that moment she spends behind Hammer's wheel.

Hammer rides out of the saddle for the initial acceleration and by all appearances judges that she's reached close to the peak of her gear so returns to the seated position where she can spin with greater efficiency.

What happens in the race is that the lighter weight which would only have an advantage in the initial acceleration seems to carry the opposite benefit that we would infer...allowing Trott to reach a much greater maximum speed.

I was giving her the benefit of the doubt that she had at least prepared slightly for the race of her lifetime and had the elasticity to provide some final kick towards the very end.
The inability to kick or perform to the line is a sign of total amateurism.
It's the relative acceleration compared to the curve they followed up until that point that alarms me.
The only way that would be possible without cheating is if she shifted a gear somehow.
But it is a singlespeed track bike.
Trott weighs 115 and Hammer weighs 130+
The extra weight could only benefit Hammer that far into the push.

And to say contradict the notion that you must be a twig to have endurance, Steve Prefontaine weighed 139 pounds at 5'9" and competed in footraces as long as 10 kilometers and as short as the mile.
Prefontaine BMI: 20.5
Hammer BMI: 21
Trott BMI: 19.7
Usain Bolt BMI: 24.5

Clearly there is some sort of correlation between BMI and ability to sprint XD
>that moment she spends behind Hammer's wheel
That's perfectly normal - a big part of track racing is how the riders jockey for position, trying to force their opponent to ride first and take the aerodynamic penalty until they get close enough to the line to launch their max effort
you can't benefit from a 1 second draft imho
she did it towards the middle of the acceleration iirc. if it was a lap she sat on the wheel then :/ maybe your point stands.
to get any benefit from aero you need to be going faster for further.

the affect you're describing is a false conflation of simply taking longer to accelerate and accelerating further which makes sense because if you're a track cyclist without much endurance or if you lack a very nuanced understanding of the economies at play in your riding, you can accelerate too hard and get burnt out.
it is also very possible to overtake on the outside coming out of a turn. if you're high on the bank and it ramps downwards out of a turn you can fry your opponent with the gradient advantage.
while technically this could benefit you at any stage of the turn it wouldn't as useful if you would hold out until you're exiting the bank.

while Trott passes on the outside coming out of the turn she isn't high on the bank at all.

quite an acceleration is needed to cut into the line of a serious competitor without fouling.
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File: fancybear_asthma.jpg (145 KB, 693x844)
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I posted this thread because I was watching this video on YouTube a few years ago and it just stood at to me as being impossible.
if you've ever watched a GT you've seen professionals covering hundreds of kilometers finish within a fraction of an inch of each other.
you'd expect a much tighter margin in such a short event.
Why do Anglo’s (Brits and Yanks) always cheat so much? Why don’t they have any honour?
File: trout.jpg (52 KB, 776x1034)
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Please stop replying singlehandedly to this thread. There are other more pressing matters at hand than the outcome of a sprint race which only >you have been able to "definitely" prove is a farce. Focus your energies somewhere productive. You are 11 out of the 16 replies to this thread. Let it go.
it's a slow board friend, if you don't like my analysis pls at least try to reply to the content of my posts rather than the quantity.
nothing odd here
you need to watch more cycling
>you can't benefit from a 1 second draft imho
Yes you can, on a track. Aero makes a ridiculously huge difference in track racing, much more so than road.
There was also no point for the other rider to try to close the gap after she had lost. Once the great Britain rider had got that gap and the American rider new she couldn't respond she just gave up
>you can't benefit from a 1 second draft imho

You can if you use it to spin out your top (in this case ONLY) gear so that you're spinning 180 when you leave the aero envelope.

but tbqh every cyclist on that track was and is cheating in every way they think they can get away with. Pro cycling events are a colossal joke.

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