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File: gay ass nigga.jpg (106 KB, 1200x630)
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>be me
>in helicopter
>engine fails
>fall to my death with no hope for survival

>be me
>in Airbus A320
>engine fails 20 minutes after takeoff
>check map in pfd
>suitable airport within 10 miles
>has enough alt to glide to the airport
>what is autorotation

Not that it's all that comforting.
>be you
>shitpost on 4chan
>never fly a shit
my only beef against helicopters is their range, I like their skycrane ability but holy fuck are they fuel consuming whores that go slow as hell.
Honorable mention: hot air balloons. Never will I ever.
trucks vs. forklifts
Helicopters should only permitted in emergency and military service 2bh, and maybe also in rural areas in general. The god-awful noise they produce in urban areas is completely unwarranted just for shuttling rich people around above everyone else's traffic jams.
Buy a $15k Cessna, make air traffic jams.
>be gyroplane
>helicopters laugh at you
>airplanes laugh at you
>nobody to party with

such is life
File: Airflow_in_auto-2.jpg (91 KB, 367x467)
91 KB
Assuming the gearbox and engine doesn't explode, autorotation will allow a helicopter to safely come back down to the ground.
dunno, they're easily the fastest growing light aviation vehicle.

i dont see how

ultralight plane kits in the 5-20k range are extremely common

gyroplanes are either 5k gokart frames with a rotor or 60k fiberglass eggshells surrounding a 5k gokart frame
Helicopters are the thinking man's aviation vehicle.
this is true. thinking men are often the most suicidal.
gyroplanes fly like they have a permanent parachute attached, but without being dragged away at the slightest gust. even on a 5k gokart frame you can crash into rocks and walk away fine.

im not raggin on gyros as a concept, im a fan. i think theyre pretty neat and id love to add on certification for them

but everytime i think about it i hit two brick walls

1. gyro cfis are like super fucking rare (at least in the usa)

2. you cant rent them anywhere so you'd have to buy your own. then back to the rant on how they seem massively overpriced for what you get, when you could get a decent used airplane for the same price
I don't think you need cfi to get a rating on a type. Granted you already have a rotor craft license, it should be very straightforward.
i only have a fixed wing private, id still need dual instruction time in a rotorcraft

not really interested in private helicopter, nobody rents them for solo flight where i live
Wauchula, FL has a shit ton of them for some reason. I'd check there for a potential CFI and just do it on a vacation. That part of the state is cheap as heck, diggity. Go do it and let us know how strange it is.
File: MEG2XH[1].jpg (14 KB, 280x248)
14 KB
>people in the 80s were flying homemade tipjet helicopters

did people back then have a lot of balls or were they really bored
fuck that's beyond suicide and balls of steel tier. I'd say people back then were both
wiki says 3 madlads were flying those in 1998

and 6 were flying these
Ramjets at the blade tips were actually quite promising. E.g no torque to counteract with a tail rotor and overall simplicity of design.
Yeah anon I am a helicopter avionics engineer and I personally hate the things. So all of the oil rig guys that fly on them too. I'll post pics later.

[spoiler] most people get crushed by the gearbox on impact [/spoiler]

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