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The Boeing scandal(s) just convinces me that America needs high-speed rail.

Boeing prioritized financebros over engineers and got what was coming. Airplane manufacturers can't be trusted, airlines OBVIOUSLY can't be trusted. Americans need more options.
this is a problem of profit and regulation, specific neither to a particular company nor form of transport. people die on trains as well. put train infrastructure in the hands of capitalists reaping massive profits and allow them to self-regulate and trains will crash and people will die.
Agree. The answer is nationalisation. Though I will also agree with OP that America needs high speed rail.
It should just be that any transportation option that becomes important enough to a country's functioning should be nationalised.
The whole thing is a ploy by Big Rail to get HSR funding
I don't think Amtracking Boeing would be a good idea unless there was complete dismissal given to all the staff and the assets split in a style a-la the Bell Telephone System breakup (and look where that led to today with AT&T and the the like).

I think the best solution would be to cut Boeing any favoritism by bringing in legislation which holds the FAA to a higher level responsibility in airline safety within individual airlines and airplane manufacturers to adhere to a standard that at least Airbus and others agree is rigorous enough (Boeing could pout about it). Ideally records and inspections would be publicly available, and interaction would be akin to the FDA and foot plants (not ideal! but better!)

After that, use the power of tax incentives, prizes, etc. to companies that meet the requirements in producing airworthy aircraft that pursue some non-spurious end. Don't expect most to go anywhere - the point is to basic light a fire under Boeing's ass until either they "innovate" to what everyone actually expected of them, or lose out as new, legitimate market competitors rise out of the flames.
i wouldn't necessarily argue for nationalization. the repubs have been systematically destroying the ability of the federal government to do much of anything for so long now in an effort to prove their argument that government fucks everything up that there probably isn't sufficient capacity to manage such a thing. and that's aside from its complete political impossibility at the moment. better oversight and regulation of the industry would probably go a long way if done properly. even though increasing regulation is generally a nearly impossible sell in congress these days, to the extent that congress can do anything at all, now is a golden opportunity, while boeing is skulking around with their tail between their legs. but unless the fuckups continue, the public will forget about all of this pretty quickly.

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