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File: 0678887600.png (865 KB, 925x807)
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what's your favourite air disaster?
i'm not sure there's a more surreal CVR transcript in aviation history.
File: g1rqz4f7clu71.jpg (826 KB, 2160x2700)
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File: NZ F901.webm (667 KB, 480x270)
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Air NZ flying a sightseeing plane into a mountain in Antarctica:
File: a6fd9bc457q81[1].jpg (227 KB, 1024x1236)
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the other kino usa crash
Anyone ever see Charlie Victor Foxtrot, the film where they did reenactments of famous aviation disasters from the CVR transcripts?

I don't even have an interest in aviation, but that shit had me white-knuckled and breathing heavy the entire time.
That jap pistol looks cool
>ruins an entire industry career path forever in your path
File: 1698912891148631.png (158 KB, 310x194)
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Concorde, no! Look out for the-! No! Noooo!
>Better pull up!
I will never forgive idiots like this for making it impossible to become a pilot today
File: 83736363 (2).png (82 KB, 249x408)
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The completely legit technical fault where the Egyptian Captain goes to the toilet and comes back to a shock.
'Pull with me, pull with me'
I think I'll push instead lmfao
File: brickedit.jpg (171 KB, 1395x935)
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File: a40.png (190 KB, 1300x1087)
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There can be only one
>brextard survives
MH17 which russians shot down and were posing on wreckedge and celebrating in news until someone told them it was a civil aircraft
Flight 593 Aeroflot.
This piece of shit ruined everything
Ooppss forgot pic
I felt a crash once. Grew up close to where swiss air 111 went down in Nova Scotia, and the impact shook our windows.

Calling that a favorite seems a bit macabre but that's the only experience I have with one.
File: IMG_20240308_221943.jpg (111 KB, 446x485)
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111 KB JPG
>The crash site was 8 kilometres (5 mi; 4 nmi) from shore
>and the impact shook our windows
Never ceases to amaze me.

>Let's just keep pulling back on the stick with the stick shaker going and engines at near idle speed.

I swear to god how some people become pilots is beyond me.
where it all went wrong
Idk man. 200,000kg going 550 kilometers an hour isn't a small amount of energy
did you ever go to the lobster restaurant the father of one of the victims set up near the crash site, their food looked pretty good in the documentary
I think that was "Charlie Victor Romeo"

Aeroflot Nord 821 is nice also
File: XB-70-No2-LastFlight.jpg (119 KB, 1368x956)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
yeah, it's the phonetic of CVR, I'm just retarded

I highly reccomend it. Like I said, I'm here for bikes, I don't give a shit about planes, but that was some of the most suspenseful shit I've ever seen. Had my heart racing.

File: cAU08JI.jpg (13 KB, 214x317)
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File: Sad Jimmy.jpg (23 KB, 566x391)
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my favourites are the depressing ones where people know they are going to die and they can't do anything about it
especially when they themselves caused the crash by being ignorant or silly
>especially when they themselves caused the crash by being ignorant or silly
Imagine getting caught on the CVR shittalking a pilot for doing that and then immediately proceeding to do so yourself.
File: germanwings crash.png (126 KB, 729x1920)
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126 KB PNG
le bains

I love how the flight attendant is barely giving a shit and only responds to seem nice
PLF 101 getting conveniently blown up over Smolensk and almost nobody giving a shit afterwards was morbidly amusing.
Iran Air 655, AKA when the U.S. Navy confused a civilian airliner for a fighter jet and shot it down.
twa800 also
For me, it's JAL123
Very haunting to listen to the cockpit recording. Toshiki Kadomatsu even made a song dedicated to it
File: 1509127957378.jpg (123 KB, 883x990)
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123 KB JPG
That is the most depressing slav retardation festival I've ever heard, against some really stiff competition.
>"sightseeing" flights to fucking antarctica
>changing coordinates at the last hour for no reason whatsoever
>sending unprepared men for a rescue mission there
what the actual FUCK is wrong with NZers?
All the captain had to do was to turn left or right and go around the storm but for whatever stupid macho reason he insisted on going above it
Better than insisting on going through it
>That's all guys! Fuck!
I've read enough
that's a colt
All of the lost Aircraft in NZ, there isn't many but the prospect of coming across a Corsair or Dragonfly wreck is fascinating to me.


There is also an Engine out of a German WW2 aircraft that was found on a mountainside which no one knows how it got there. That's just a story though as it was only ever seen once.
Japan airlines 123. It astounds me that they could only control the plane with the throttle.

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