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Democrats run damage control. Biden makes fiery speech "I know what I'm doing" -- concludes it by referring to Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as the president of Mexico. Earlier this week he publicly claimed he recently spoke to deceased foreign politicians Helmut Kohl and François Mitterrand
Democrats work on damage control after Biden’s fiery surprise speech

Democrats and their allies were shaping a damage control response on Friday to a hastily organized White House press call the night before that appeared to fall short in its mission to reassure voters about Joe Biden’s mental acuity after it was harshly questioned in a prosecutor’s report about his having kept classified documents at the end of his vice-presidency

Biden already said that his interview with the special counsel Robert Hur last October – in which he was reported to have forgotten the year his son Beau died and precisely when he had been vice-president – came in the days straight after Hamas attacked southern Israel, when Biden was preoccupied with the US response.

Hur’s report concluded on Thursday that Biden would not face criminal charges in the case, despite “willfully” retaining and disclosing classified material, which he would not be open to as a sitting president anyway but also would not be warranted even if he was no longer president.

But Hur then went on to describe at length how he found the US president’s memory to be failing, prompting anger from Biden and, in the following hours and into Friday, Democrats and aides to come to his defense.

Robert Hur stated that the 81-year-old president’s recall was “significantly limited”, and that Hur would not bring charges over classified documents in part because jurors would see the US president not as a willful criminal but as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”.
“The way that the president’s demeanor in that report was characterized could not be more wrong on the facts and clearly politically motivated,” Kamala Harris told MSNBC on Friday.

The vice-president slammed claims of Biden’s failing mental acuity made in the 388-pages report as “gratuitous, inaccurate and inappropriate”.

Tommy Vietor, a former Obama administration staffer, wrote on X that the prosecutor’s comments were “just a rightwing hit job from within Biden’s own DOJ. Wild.”

On MSNBC, which often previews the Democratic party line, the host Joe Scarborough addressed the conclusions by the special counsel that the president’s recall was “significantly limited” and he would not bring charges over classified documents in part because jurors would see Biden as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”, not a criminal.

“So bizarre,” Scarborough said. “Why in the world would [Hur] put his neurological assessment of Joe Biden in his report, and why would [US attorney general] Merrick Garland release garbage like that in a justice department report?”

Dan Goldman, the Democratic congressman from New York, told the station that he did not have “any concerns” about Biden’s age or ability. “Remember, the job of the president is to guide our country. It is not to be a cheerleader for the United States. It is to govern our country,” he said.

Scarborough added: “It sure sounds like James Comey in 2016 when he couldn’t indict Hillary Clinton legally so he indicted her politically.”

The long-shot Democratic primary challenger Dean Phillips, who is campaigning against Biden, said Hur’s report had “all but handed the 2024 election to Donald Trump”.

“The report simply affirms what most Americans already know, that the President cannot continue to serve as our Commander-in-Chief beyond his term ending January 20, 2025,” Phillips said in a statement.
Behind closed doors, some Democrats expressed mounting concerns about a re-election narrative that focuses on Biden’s age. “It’s a nightmare,” a Democratic House member reportedly told NBC News. “It weakens President Biden electorally, and Donald Trump would be a disaster and an authoritarian.”

“For Democrats, we’re in a grim situation,” the anonymous source reportedly added.

Biden hit back at Hur’s characterization of his mental condition during a surprise press conference at the White House on Thursday evening. The president maintained that his memory was “just fine” and in a tense exchange said “I know what the hell I’m doing” and that remarks about his memory had “no place in this report”.

“My memory is fine,” Biden said. “Take a look at what I’ve done since I’ve become president.”

“For any extraneous commentary, they don’t know what they’re talking about,” he added. “It has no place in this report.”

At the end of the interview, he referred to Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, as the “president of Mexico” in a response to a reporter’s query about the current situation in the Middle East. The error came after two other public gaffes this week in which Biden claimed to have spoken recently with two long-dead European leaders, Germany’s Helmut Kohl and France’s François Mitterrand.

Polling has consistently shown that concerns about Biden’s age are seen as his greatest political liability in a rematch with Donald Trump.

A poll by NBC News last month found that 76% of voters had major or moderate concerns when asked whether Biden has “the necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term”. Asked the same question about the 77-year-old Trump, 48% said they had major or moderate concerns.
>“My memory is fine,” Biden said. “Take a look at what I’ve done since I’ve become president.”
Shit. He doesn't even remember Bidenflation.
Only Magafags seem to
The conspiracy runs deep
tRump still thinks he's POTUS
>Just the other day, I was with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the president of Mexico, and we had invited over Helmut Kohl and François Mitterrand to go out bicycling for some ice cream.
>See? I know what I'm doing, damn it. Where's Jill? It's time for my pudding
RNC talking point: Please elect Trump before he goes to prison or we will all lose our jobs.
DNC talking points: DRUMPF! Russia! Gibs Ukraine money plz. Don't say gay is not ok! What do we want, Open borders, When do we want it, Now!
Drumpf is the reason Biden will be easily re-elected. If the RNC went with someone younger and competent, they would win.
I'm hoping
1. All the retards the media drove to the polls realized, via Bidenflation, they are retarded and stay home.
2. Dems finally cool it with the voter fraud.
I know number 2 is a lot to ask, but "fair elections" doesn't mean "rigged to shit".
It's very obvious Biden is running out of gas, 45 is likely going to jail. BOTH parties have a hella weak B-Team. What do you all think? Nikki H. VS. Kamela?
I personally think if you're a third party, now is your best chance. BUT, you'd have to reach out and earn the vote of the 40% who have been put off by the political system.
These old fucks are just banking on the votes they think they own because of the other sides guy.
>"if you don't vote for me this old fart will win, you don't want that now do ya?"
We got reasonable options here, you just gotta dig for those gems because they are hidden intentionally by any main stream coverage.
Anyone who disagrees are just lost suckling on the narative they've been feeding you.
Peace, Love, Understanding, Solidarity~
Captcha: 88NT
So Biden was actually storing classified documents maliciously?
The investigation did conclude he knowingly and willingly transferred classified information to unauthorized individuals.

It just concluded it would be difficult to convince a jury of this given his clear mental incompetence
What's wrong with The Guardian? I thought they were on the same page as CNN, MSM, AP and all the others.
Is an article that isn't 100% pro Dem-Biden even possible on a non-"extreme right" publication?
Honestly it's hard not to report on this. The DoJ stated the president is so senile that they would have trouble convincing a jury that Biden knew what he was doing when he was breaking the law.

Kinda funny. Previous DoJ was like "you can't charge a sitting president" and current DoJ is like "the president is too senile to be responsible for his actions"
I await the day you're 100% banned from our internet
Why are you like this, boomer?
are those are actually photos of joe's garage? dude lives like a slob
Total Treadmill Death.
The last one appears to be photos of is classified document closet, not his garage
When you listen to reporters and outlets talk about elections and campaigns, what do they talk about most? They don’t talk about votes much, but they talk about money a great deal. And they rate candidates based on how much money they bring to the campaign. Why? Well we must ask ourselves, What is that money spent on? That money is spent on media and on commercials. So it’s the media talking about money that goes to the media, and they become the medium through which people hear the ideas, or at least the projections of the political candidates.

Break free brothers.. Find the answers..

History is repeating itself, every Empire has it's fall.

Truth, Justice and Love~
Midwit. There's no escaping money influence. Even if we went back to caveman living, we would want to know who's got the most rocks to trade, because someone always has some influence over others.
Democrats should have considered this before they stole Bernie's nomination
Don't care, still voting for Joe Biden
>being this programmed
>being this much of a edgelord
Looks like we got another victim with redpill syndrome.
>If the RNC went with someone younger and competent, they would win.
this is debatable, Trump base is > RNC
Trump needs to be dead or resign from politics for anyone but Trump to win a general on the R ticket
>midwit, edgelord
Is the only way you all know how communicate solely based in internet lingo? Sounds like someone should probably go outside once in awhile..
Where exactly do you think you are right now?
You mean Trumpflation
>i am on internet board, i must only speak in the ways of which the community does
>i am not programmed
You are only logically allowed to pick one of these options.

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