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But ban legal gun owners from carrying on the subway and ban cars in the city, right?
1 dead, 5 hurt in shooting at Bronx subway station after fight breaks out on train: NYPD
By Jonathan Dienst, Ida Siegal and Tom Shea • Published 6 hours ago • Updated 1 hour ago

NBC Universal, Inc.
Gunfire erupted soon after, leaving one person dead and five injured on the elevated train platform, an NYPD spokesperson said, adding that the victims appeared to be teens. News 4’s Ida Siegal reports.

One person was killed and five others were hurt in a shooting at a Bronx subway station after a fight broke out on board a train and spilled out onto the platform, according to police.

The gunfire broke out around 4:30 p.m. at the Mt. Eden Avenue station along Jerome Avenue in the Mt. Eden neighborhood, law enforcement said. A fight broke out between two groups of teenagers on the northbound 4 train before arriving at the station, according to police.

At least one person took out a gun and fired while still on the train, police said. When the doors opened, more shots were fired on the platform, which is where each of the victims was struck — with innocent victims caught in the mix.

A 34-year-old man was left dead and five others were injured on the elevated train platform, police said. Witnesses saw a woman with a gunshot wound to her face.

Among the injured were two teenagers — a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy, according to police. A man and a woman in their 20s and a 71-year-old man were shot as well. Each of the injured victims was taken to the hospital, where they are expected to recover, according to police.

Cellphone video showed a first responder running while carrying one of the victims, who appeared to be teenage girl clearly injured, away from the station and to an ambulance.
Some of the victims were believed to be part of the groups that were involved in the altercation on the train, while others were bystanders.


More than half a foot of snow possible for NYC and rest of tri-state: Latest details here

Hour-by-hour forecast: timing out Tuesday's storm for the tri-state
No arrests had yet been made and the shooter was still on the run, a police spokesperson said. Police are looking for at least one person who took off running west on Mt. Eden Avenue. A senior police official said investigators are pulling video from cameras at the train station as part of their effort to identify a suspect or suspects.

"When detectives make an arrest — notice I said 'when,' because I’m very confident they will — there must be swift, immediate, strong consequences," said NYPD Chief of Transit Michael Kemper.

Thirteen shell casings were recovered at the scene.

"I was on the train just standing there and I heard six of them, gunshots," said witness Efrain Feliciano. "Then when I heard it I just ran downstairs. I heard one person screaming or something."

Service along the 4 line was delayed in both directions as a result. Police advised people to avoid the area of Jerome Avenue between Inwood Avenue and Townsend Avenue.

Copyright NBC New York
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What makes you think the shooters guns were not legally owned?
New York is a 3rd world country.
NYC currently has an unconstitutional law that bans the carry of a firearm an a bunch of places. one of which is the subway. There is no legal way for someone other than a cop to carry a gun on a subway so whoever it was was breaking the law.
when i was 16 the guy i was buying weed from offered to sell me some guns
i was just a normal suburban kid
people dont appreciate how easy it is for people to buybthem
There is already the fag selling you the gun was breaking no fewer than 5 laws.
>being in the business of selling guns without a license
>selling guns to a minor
>lying on a 4473 when it asks you if you are buying the gun to further drug trafficking
>straw purchase
>selling a gun to a weed addict
>lying on a 4473 when it asks if you plan on selling the gun to a weed addict
considering it is already super illegal, not sure what law you think would prevent it
>not sure what law you think would prevent it
the law which allowed that guy to make bulk weapon purchases legally in order to sell to Anon illegally
Wow, "Teens" sailed right over your pointy head, didn't it? You shouldn't have eaten all those paint chips as a kid. You're either an idiot or not American.
a. 90% chance the guns were straight up stolen.
b. there is no law that "allows" you to buy guns. You can buy guns because they are a basic human right. its the same thing as buying food
c. the feds get notified when you buy multiple handguns as once. they just don't do anything about it because the people doing the straw purchases are always black or hunter biden
Silence, groomer
>there is no law that "allows" you to buy guns.
Yes there is.
How did you get this confused?
I don't see anything there that says >people are allowed to buy guns
why don't you cite the actual part of the statute and post the text? We both know you can't because buying and owning guns is the default, because it is a basic human right. So it would make no sense for the law to say >you can do a basic human right
even the second amendment doesn't say "you can buy guns" it says guns are an individual right and the government cannot infringe upon that right.
I get why you are confused though. you aren't Americans and English isn't your first language and you have a micropenis
What's your solution then? Give everyone guns? So we have more shooting?
>You can buy guns because they are a basic human right.
HAHAHAHAHA ...look it's our resident gun schizo.
>You can buy guns because they are a basic human right.

i was really poor this one time and all i could avoid was a rifle and ammo, and i shot raccoons and rats and stray cats and pigeons and squirrels and other urban wildlife and took them back to my buddy's hobo camp and we fixed a some fine vittles! We added some dandelion greens and some queens anne lace roots(wild carrots) and we feasted til the gov. came and took away muh gun. Then I had to go on the welfare.
You might ask, ''What happen to your millions Jed?''
Durn Inflation and commie Government taxes.
At least now I is collection som' of that taxes I paid back in gittin' the welfare and food stamps.
Problem is I can't find me no squirrel in the local supermarket or food bank
>two groups of teenagers

Yeah, "teenagers"...

>No arrests had yet been made and the shooter was still on the run
>A senior police official said investigators are pulling video from cameras

And the public will never see pics of the suspects as that doesn't fit the narrative.
>Silence, groomer
Go back to Weibo, Chang. Your Engrish needs porishing
>the law which allowed that guy to make bulk weapon purchases legally in order to sell to Anon illegally

these guns used by "teens" are ALL stolen. They're NOT part of some bulk buying scheme, unless Biden and his FBI are arming these "teens" in the name of "equity"
get rid of gun free zones, federal stand your ground, federal constitutional carry. gun crime went down in ohio after constitutional carry
also ban rap music and neuter the poors when they are born like we neuter dogs or oxen so they won't be aggressive
amazing how you can't refute it and just seethe in every thread

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