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I'm in a bit of a downer period at the moment, and thinking up ways of existing away from everything and everyone is how I'm coping. I, theoretically, have years to learn how to camp, hunt, the ins and outs of safe travel, and all that good stuff. Hell, I'm not even thinking of ending up homeless, as buying a patch of land miles from anywhere (maybe with a well) and sticking a tent down before building a hut is a possibilty.

My biggest concern is rest. Every time I've ever been camping i've been uncomfortable as hell. Now, it was most likely inexperiance and youth, my standards for comfort have lowered in recent decades (I spent over a year living on a half-worn-through futon on a hardstone floor years back), but the one thing I really appreciate in life is climbing into warm sheets on a soft surface and going to sleep.

Can we have a thread exploring the ins and outs of sleeping/resting gear, maintaining it, keeping it dry/drying it out and the frequency of doing so, ect? How different weather has an effect (Northern Scotland is my ideal, as there is fuckign no-one in sections of it, but tis rainy, damp as fuck, and cold much of the year)?
Why don't you live in your current house, until you build a hut?
Rented by the parent I care for, with no rights to keep doing so after/if she passes. I would be out the door within two weeks. Thankfully I have family and friends I can bunk with in the short term while I pick and buy the land.

Having looked into tents and how damp they can get inside, and spent the night reading most of /out/, making drying them in winter a problem, I'd most likely actually build a big ass shed with a concrete base instead of a hut, insulate the walls, and call it a day. That way I can have an actual bed and fasten up a battery to an inverter for a heater and to charge my phone/tab.
Why charge a phone in a place w/o cell service or WiFi?
In theory most places do have some signal. Then again, maybe Scotland/Ireland have more black spots than I'm used to. But if you can get a signal at the least you can have a contract with data. Plus, kindle, music, ect.
I don’t think you’ve been out remotely, I go an hour east from a major city, and the mountains have no coverage. The deserts have massive dead spots, the real word has more dead spots than coverage areas despite what cell providers commercials would have you believe
I think we might be talking about different countries with vastly different distances between locations. For a start of I would need to travel probably a thousand or more miles to reach anything resembling a desert or a mountain. I'm in the UK, and in Scotland you can pretty much 'camp' where or whenever you want, as long as you want, as long as you don't do something retarded like camp on a village green. A lot of the land in Scotland and Ireland is extremely cheap because it's a decent drive from anything resembling a supermarket/big store, usually has no power lines for miles, no sewage or water pipes. Literally a chunk of land, a run down/ruined cottage that hasn't been changed since it was built in the ~1800s, and hopefully (it will be a requirment for me) a well for water.

However, most of the UK, Scotland, or Ireland has mobile phone coverage, due to tower placement. It would be something I'd look into, as the internet is one thing I really want to have access to, even if I can't get tv or a phone landline. If I have to I'll compromise what I buy to make sure I'm in the vicinity of a tower.

Plus, this is plans for the future, hopefully a decade or more away. I'm hoping there will be at least some improvements in a lot of these things before then.

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